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The space Pirate Mandrake Had been a Fugitive for ages,destroying many civilizations In his time,Now he has set his sights on Earth More specifically,New York He releaed his blood thristy sentinels on to the city reaking havoc on everything in sight.Driving people underground to avoid his monsterous onslaught. At the climax of the attack a group of gifted individuals band togather to confront Mandrake

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The huge battle cruiser orbited the 3rd rock from the sun,He stood on the deck of the ship glancing at the blue rock,a small crack appeared in the corner of his mouth,it was a sinister smile.He glanced at the red button on his watch,he pushed it and he received a Transition from a person from inside the carrier. SSSIR THE SENTINELS ARE READY.  Mandrake looked aimlessly around the vacuum and then he focused his eyes on New York city,with a population of 8,274,527 people it made for the perfect place to start his terror. The city covered 468.9 square miles Which means the whole city he could have,as his mini empire. He walked into the pressure lock doors with his cape following closely behind them, He moved in and took a took a seat,He switched the moniter to The sentinels he had prepared,They had one objective perform an ethnic cleansing on the city of New York;The ethnic they were supposed to wipe out was the human race.

Mandrake leaned back in his Chair as the scientist activated the Man destroying robots.There thrusters powered up and and there eye socket's flashed red and with the force of a rocket the flew out of the contaiment part of the ship and flew towards earth.Mandrake smiled as his army of Metal soilders Rained down upon the earth's atmosphere.He switched his montitor and saw the huge red beast standing in the city.people were running and some were even just standing around looking as if a parade was going on.Madrake gritted his teeth smiling Manaiiclly and pressed the attack button, Soon the red monsters began to move around, and commence attack.Mandrake sat in space smiling and watching closely.

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The red light flashed on The metal structure began to move around like a Human,The robot did a retna scan on the area 468.9 sq miles of human living space, it opend it's hands exposing it's plams to the humans and soon a huge flash occured Followed by an explosion.The attack had began.The sentinenals spread throughout the city of New York with the Commander, (the one directly commanded by mandrake) in center city.The spread out and dissected New York. The commander sentinel marked with the number xd001 fired upon the george washington bridge. The explosion was huge sending hundreads of people to there deaths.Within Hours the military and the nation guard had arrived and proved to be useless against the metal alloy of the sentinels. They turned New York into a Warzone, cutting off all routes to New jersey and New York state. The had the New yorkers running every where utter chaos was unleashed on them.

The main sentinel had taken out the water filtering plant,Making the Humans drinking water undrinkabl,because it would come directly from the hudson bay.Broadway,Yonker,Brooklyn,Harlem,Times square Madison square garden;All fell at the might of the sentinels. After a few hours people had went into hiding while the huge titans ran rampant in the city. The Main sentinel flew up and landed and Giants stadium, His eyes flashed red  he opened his rocket cannons and fired  on the stadium doing this as a symbol of the falling of New York. Looking around the ghost town that was now New York city population 0. Buildings were toppled,streets destoyed cars turned over and even dead animals.Helicopters flew around the city from New Jersey,They were the eyes to the rest of the world at what just happened.

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Sha was using the bathroom she had a bad case of the BG's She seemed relaxed until the light in the bathroom flickered off,She couldn't believe she didn't have any light.She created a small light ray from her fingers and lit the bathroom up,She used the toilet paper and then washed her hands.As she turned to open the door a huge explosion occurred and shook the bathroom knocking sha to the floor. She struggle to get to her feet and opened the door.What she saw mistfyed her There was a huge whole in the 17th floor of the bank of america building she was in. She walked to the edge where she came face to face with a red monster,She was so much in shock she didnt see the gigantic hand being brought back across the left side, It smacked Sha out of the building and down to the street floor where her back hit first breaking the concrete.She leaned over to her side and saw a pair of purple boots,Soon they were in her side and knocked her clear across the street with her side hitting a street sign.She screamed in pain,As she looked at the enemy who appeared to a giant robot, She quickly got to her feet ready to fight,that is until she was hit by a blast in her back that knocked her into a local New York deli, She broke the glass on the window and came to a rolling stop.She got up as a piece of roast fell from her head.

She glanced up and saw there where more robots,which gave her the thought of a premediatated attack.She flew with her arms extended trying to spear one of the senteninals to the ground , but another one blindsided her with a kick from the left.The force knocked her into another building back outside to the streets.She was bloody and beaten,her clothes were tatterred.She crawled over to the open man hole and climbed down inside it.She didnt even bother to climb down the shaft she just fell and landed in a bunch of sewer juice.Shhe had taken alot of damage, she just zoned out in the sewer and lost consciness. After about an hour she was awakened by the sound of rats, she struggled to get on her feet,while gripping the digusting hair as the water began to fall from it.

She walked in the east direction towards the only train platform,she would rest there until she could figure out what the heck is going on.She looked down for a second and when she looked up she walked into the back of a women.OH I'M SORRY! sha said until she relized that half of manhattan was in the sewers system.They looked at Sha as she looked back at them.Finally Someone who sha had guessed was the leader of this particular groupcame down to greet her.WELL COME TO NEW NEW YORK! sha looked at him like he was stupid,people where going to die if they didnt get food and drinkable water.Sha couldnt talk the injuries she had suffered from the beast were near fatal she fell and was caught by the man,the last thing Sha heared was MY NAME IS KENDEL.He placed her on a bench and left her in the care of a certifyed nurse.

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Pulling her jacket close, Prima walked along the high class shops and small boutiques.  The large window's held displays of wonder.   As usual the hustle and bustle of New York was taking place.  She had just bought a new loft in NY near the Tribeca Area.  Prima loved the fast past at which the city moved.  Leasurily walking down the street something caught her eye. Stopping at the window, Prima was greeted with the glittering of jewlery.  Her eyes widened as she passes one of her weekness's.  She had already bought a good amount of stuff and didnt need to add to the tab.  Turning her attention back to the Window Display, she turned her face into a half grimace.   "Oh what will one peek hurt, I just want to look, " she assured herself as she quickly entered Tiffany & Co. 

Over the course of time a couple minutes turned into some hours.  She laughed and joke with the worker, who was obviously only nice because she was paid off commission.  As the time passes Prima remembered her promise, getting up to leave she walked towards the door.   As she placed her hand on the door, she cought the glint of a most beautiful necklace.  The worker smiled and walked up behind her.  Ohh i see you saw our newest addition.  Picking it up she wrapped it around Prima's neck.  It was a most beautiful 3 pendent tear drop necklace.  It looked and felt wonderful to have on.   Looking at her time she realized she needed to get going.  Gingerly taking the necklace she turned to the lady.  I'll Take it, Wrapped please.  Ahh wonderful oozed the worker as she rung up and wrapped the jewelry.  Reluctantly handing over her card, Prima ran out the shop.  She needed to get to her apartment soon, She needed to start on her work and go watch her primetime show's.  Briskly walking down the street, She was yet again distracted by her biggest weakness, An ice cream vendor.  Buying her some ice cream she contintued on her walk.  Running down the stairs of the subway entrance she took out her cell phone.  She called her boyfriend.  she liked to call him at least once a day, but she usually did it earlier. 

Settling in her seat she looked at the window as she continued on her with her conversation.  "Yes I'm sorry for calling you so late, I got a new neck.........er i mean late work, hehe."  She had been on the subway for a good 5 minutes, when she heard an amazing crash.  It sounded like an explosion and chaos was defianitly errupting  above ground.  "UHH sweetie ill call you back love you bye" prima rushed out as she hung up the phone.  "I'm sorry folks we have a slight delay remain calm and in your seats,"  droned form the speakers as the subway car came to a stop.  Grabbing her bags, Prima walked to the door. 

Turning to the driver she shouted "PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR"  Prima was impatient and didnt like to wait and or not know whats going on.  "NO STAY IN YOUR SEAT" shouted the driver at her in a most disrespecful tone.  Turning around Prima looked at her like she was crazy.  "EXUSE ME, BUT I DONT THINK YOUR TALKING TO ME YOU STU..." but the look on the driver's face was one of non comprehension.   "I dont have time for this, " Prima mumbled as she took her hand out and effortlessly moved the door.  Causing it to slightly bend.  Walking out side of the subway cart, she ran to the nearest stair case leading her above ground.  What she was greeted with can only be described as , Chaos.  People were running and screaming.  all the disruption and destruction caused PRima to take a while to see what was going on.  Before she could move, The problem greeted her.  Looking straight across she saw a pair of what looked to be large pair of legs.  Looking up she was greeted with a huge well a huge THING. Flying up to the top of a near sky scraper, she looked at her surrounding. There seemed to be an almost robotic force reaking havoc and killing people. 

She didnt know what was going on but it was something all right.  Cursing under her breath she placed her bags down on top of the building,  "DANGIT i will be back for you guys" she said to her wonderful shopping finds as she free falled of the building.  Throwing her hands in front of her she began to fly just before she hit the concrete, only to be kicked by one of the robot's.  Falling to the pavement she looked up.  A large foot was coming down at her face rather quickly.  Rolling to the side she bounced up, it was obvious this was gonna take more than one person to deal with.  

 Running down the street, she looked around her.  A girl seemed to be flying in the air.  But she was having a hard time of it.  She looked to be falling, but Prima lost sight of her as a robot thingy stepped in her line of vision.   Pushing past him, she caught ther girl, going down ito the sewer.  Running Prima too, jumped down, the splash of the dirty water reaching her knees.  "OH WOW THIS IS GOING ON THE LIST OF GROSS MOMENTS" she screamed as her clothes became penetrated with the water.    running down the sewer, it was obious she was not the only one in here.  She turned down many corridor's looking for the girl who appeared to have power's.  If she could find someone who could help this situation with their power's there's a possibiltiy they might have knowledge.  

Walking Prima saw the girl, With what looked to be a nurse.  It seemed as if her attacker had mangaed to subdue her quite easily.  Walking behind the nurse, she watched her tend to the passed out girl.  The nurse had little supplies and what was really needed was some serious medical attention.  Prima was wary of the whole situation, gently pushing the nurse aside she placed her hands on the girls head.  Focusing her energy onto the girl, she began to send corrective energy to the damaged cells. Repairing them and restoring them.  PRima was no madgical healing person, so while yes the girl was technically healed,s he was going to still have pain and side effects.  taking her hands off the girls head, she looked down at her, hoping that her powers were of some help, the girl was needed and would no know use being laid out in a sewer. 

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A white wolf silently walked the back alleys of New York nightfall was coming and the sentinels were out in full force and if they spotted the wandering beast then this wolf would surely be put down. The wolf had been walking this place for hours and he could feel his legs becoming weaker, hunting for scraps of food and drinking from dirty puddles of water. His stomach began to rumble from being so hungry, shit scraps of meat were not enough and if he didnt eat soon then he would be an easy target. The sounds of large metallic footsteps were nearby as the humming of the robotic sentinels were getting ever closer and then there search lights could be seen coming ever closer. The wolf began to shake from the cold and being scared of the loud noises in which was aproaching. The wolf began to back up slowly crying for help but no answer was coming. A large foot of metal could be seen and in any moment the wolf would be caught. The sentinel came into view and shone its large bright light down the alley and scanned for any sign of life, after a few minutes the sentinel went on its way.

The wolf was nowhere to be seen with the type of technology that the sentinels had then spotting the wolf shouldnt be a problem. All the way up to the heavens the wolf stood at the edge of one of New Yorks many scyscrapers how he got there was unkown but looking down upon New York not a living soul insight all were much further below away from the night sky and away from any danger. The wolf howled under the pale moonlight his city had been taking and there was nothing he could do, in mid howl the wolf began to change shift if you will and taking its place kneeling over the edge of the building was a boy 18 years of age, slick black hair and fully clothed unlike the nakedness of before. Urban got to his feet and as he did every bone in his body cracked from being in his wolf form for so long. He looked human now but still kept an anmial like posture and had sharp teeth long nails and wolf like eyes. Looking down upon New York Urban became furious they had taking over his city and he was in a rage. The wind blew and rustled his hair then it brushed his hood as he raised it above his head.

Urban began to snarl just like he does when he is a wolf angry at an enemy trying to attack him, his eyes glanced over New York and he looked over at all the sentinels there lights shone and lit up new York just as good as the sun itself. Urban wondered why they were attcking and who was behind it, no sentinel attacks without a master there is alway someone bigger pulling the strings behind the scenes. Urban would need to find out who was behind this but first he would need some help to regain new York. Then it happened when he needed its help the city replied closing his eyes and tilting his head to the moon the city began to speak as it guided urban telling him that there was people who could help him in the sewers. A helicopter recording the events was nearby and by a force unkown Urban began to move making his way down the fireescape before the chopper could see him. Making his way down the metal was chilled to the touch. The climb down lasted what seemed like a age. Urban got down and began to make his way round looking for a manhole.

Urban was moving slowly his wolf like senses keeping him alert to the smells and sounds around him but his main guide was the city itself. He was in a crouching like position somewhere in between man and beast. urban was moving but could feel the urge coming along, taking a seat on a back alley step he rolled up his sleeve and tied a belt to his arm, it was tight but felt good to his skin. Then with a few deep breaths he removed the needel and stuck it in his arm as the drugs coursed through his veins. The rush was immense better than sex his breathng got ever so heavy as he closed his eyes from the hit "OH F*CK" Urban shouted out not caring if the sentinels heard him, untying the belt he tucked it away through away the needle and rolling down his sleeve he went on his way. Urban was a hero but he was hero with a drug addiction. Urban began to walk on a high, he felt like he was on top of the world and that nothing could tocuh him. Walking he began to spin around and sway with the wind, nothing looked the same the world was filled with bright colours and he was dancing with elves and other such creatures.

A smile of brightness like the sun stayed on his face his eyes blood shot. Urban only managed to move because of the cities guideness. Urban began to whistle as he skipped merrily along and finally he made his way to a mahole cover. Opening it up he made his way down as he stopped down he turned back to the white wolf. How this happened was unkown maybe the drugs did this but whenever he woke up he always forgot most of what happened. The wolf began to walk down the sewers, everyone looked at in anger and the wolf was to weak to growl back. After 5 minutes the wolf fell over and its eyes drifted to darkness.

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Stephanie Ardor stood in front of a kindergarten class of Hunter College Elementary School, for the gifted, in New York. She was asked to come speak to the children about recycling, and everything was going just peachy. Nova was able to keep her cool with the children, because truth be told... she couldn't stand kids. They annoyed her, and would ask too many questions, even during her speaking. Even after her presentation she was dumb enough to ask what other questions the children may have. Almost in unison they rose their hands high into the air. Nova's jaw almost dropped. 'This is going to be a long day...' she thought to herself. She soon found out the children in this school were already smart; heck some could even easily be smarter than her. But she did her best to answer the questions for them.

"Ok,um. you little girl in the front." Nova said with a smile, pointing to a little blond.

The girls put down her hand and smiled as she asked. "Why is the word "abbreviation" so long?" She continued to smile.

Nova stood there for a moment as she thought she just heard the wrong questions. 'What the hell?' she thought to herself as she blinked a few times. "Well um... to demonstrate need for them!" Nova replied back as she quickly said. "Next Questions from you little boy!" she pointed at a little boy with black curly hair.

The little boy had a confused look on his face as he lowered his hand and softly spoke. "If a stealth bomber crashes in a forest is there a sound?"

Nova stood stunned again. Was she hearing right? "Um... sure, if anyone is around to hear it." She said rubbing the back of her head. "Um... you little girl!" She said pointing to a red head.

She then lowered her hand and scrunched her nose as she asked her question.
"What do you do when a endangered animal eats endangered plants?"

Nova paused... she had no idea were these kids were coming up with these questions, what happened to kids asking 'How is it like to fly?' or 'Whats the heaviest thing you can lift?!' ooohhh no, Nova HAD to come to a school where kids were actually SMART way to go nova... way... to... go.... "Um... smile?" Nova said with a smile as she quickly turned to another little boy with long brown hair. "You, and please make it good."

The little boy stood up as he pushed back his glasses and took a deep breath. "Is there another word for synonym?"

Steph laughed. "Is there another word for...." She paused for a moment. 'is there?' she then turned to the teacher who gave her a quick nod and showed her a dictionary. Nova then looked back and smiled. "Yes, check your thesaurus." She then took a step back. "Ok one more questions, from...." she looked around to find a little girl sitting by herself. "you!" she smiled.

Unaware to Stephanie just outside the school about five miles away a massive battle was going on with giant robots, and unknown to her, they were about to make there way to the school she was at.

"And that's what happened when a mommy and daddy fall in love." Nova said with a smile on her face as she clapped her hands together. The group of children looked back at her with their jaws dropped as well as the teachers. She looked around for a moment. "What? She asked!" Nova pointed at the little girl. Just then the school building began to rumble. "What the heck?!" Nova blurted out.

"OOOHHHHH SHE SAID A BAD WORD!" the entire class said at the same time.

Nova sighed as she turned back to the class. "Heck isnt a bad word, something like... $@!*, see $@!* is a bad word, and you should never say $@!* for anything." She smiled until she realized what she did. "$@!*! NO DONT SAY $@!*, $@!* I SAID IT AGAIN! NO WAIT, $@!* DONT SAY$@!*, $@!* DID IT AGAIN!" Nova yelled out as she kicked the wall only to make a hole. "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Just then the school alarm went off.

'All students and faculty members please make your way to the building's safe corridors, I repeat all students and faculty members please make your way to the buildings safe corridors.'

Nova's head shot over to the teachers, "Take the students, and I'll figure out what's going on." Nova said as the teacher nods her head and began to get the children ready, that is until a massive robotic head faced the window of the room. Nova looked at it in amazement, it had to be one HUGE robot because Stephanie was on the 17th floor. Just then its red eyes began to glow as the laser within them, were getting ready to fire.

Nova quickly looked over to the students and teacher.
"Get down, NOW!" she yelled out as she turned back to the robot and yelled out in anger, suddenly her body became engulfed in red and yellow flames, the fire that surround her body made a crackling sound from the oxygen around her body and before anyone said another word Nova few out of the building threw the window. She crashed threw the glass of the building with ease as she pulled back her flaming, mechanical fist. She yelled out as she shot her fist forward, smashing it into the face of the robot.

As her fist made contact the metallic face collapsed inside as it lost its balance and began to fall down, its lasers that were charging in its eyes shot out, hitting Nova right in the chest but completely missing the school because of the angle at which it was falling. Nova's body flew into the air, spiraling from the blast. It took her only a couple of seconds to regain control as she shook her head. What the hell was going on? She looked around the city to see massive robots marching around the city, killing people at random and destroying buildings for the heck of it. She then looked down for a moment and saw a robot picking up a bus filled with people inside ready to blast it with its laser eyes.

"Oh I dont think so!" Nova said as she powered up once more and flew with all of her might towards the robot, when she was in range she shot out a massive wave of fire at it, and upon contact with the robot the head melted down into nothing, causing the robot to panic as it dropped the bus. Nova cursed to herself as she quickly flew downward, praying to catch the bus of people in time. She could feel the air whistle past her ears as she barley made it pass the bus and flew under it, grunting as she blasted her fire downward, trying to cause, both her and the bus to slow down. As she came to the ground her feet were planted upon the street, but the force at which they were coming down caused her to have to bend her knees, and try to stand her ground, the cement began to crack under her as she grunted and slowly began to set bus down in front of her. As she did she sighed in relief as she ripped open the door and yelled at the people.

"If you know what's good for you, GO!" she yelled out only to be kicked by a massive purple metal foot. Nova crashed into about four buildings until she finally stopped. She groaned in pain as she looked up to see yet another robot standing over her, her fire was out because of the force of her crash. It lowed its foot over her, ready to smash her like a bug. Nova grit her teeth as she quickly pushed herself up from the ground and rushed out of the way, a shockwave quickly followed as its foot hit the ground. Nova looked at  the foot and stuck her hands out, right then her hands began to glow as fire sparked from then and shot out at the foot she ran around the entire foot as she welded it to the ground. Nova laughed as she then fired herself up once more and flew upward, starting from the midsection of the robot she flew, crashing threw its metal all the way till she made it through the head, as soon as she made her way back out threw the other end the robot exploded, bursting into millions of tiny pieces. Nova laughed as she felt hands wrap around her body.

"Wha-?!" she yelled out as she felt the grip of two hands squeeze at her. Nova struggled to breath as she looked up at the robotic monster. Its eyes glowing at her, her fire was still on, and was slowly causing the hands to melt, but not fast enough. As soon as she powered up the hands complete melted off but she was too slow to move out of the way of the blast, it smashed into her body, causing her to smash into the ground and threw the streets, into the sewers. Her body slashed through the water as it evaporated it at the same time, her fire completely out once more as she groaned and laid on the ground for a moment, she held her head as she turned over to her side, cough up some blood. 'Internal damage... just... peachy...'she thought to herself as she forced herself up from the ground, she looked up to see the hole she made and the robot that she was just fighting walking passed it. Nova was ready to back out and go after it, until she heard some voices. Nova quickly shift her body to side and yelled out. "WHOS THERE?!" She lit up again as she used her infrared vision. To her surprise there were thousands of beings inside the sewers.

"Holy cow..." she spoke as she took a few steps forward, her body a little jacked up from the blasts of the robots. The skin from her left eyebrow down to her jaw missing, reveling her metallic structure underneath as her cloths were partly torn up as well. Turning off her fire she walked pass by the people, looking upon them one by one, children, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, police officers, even the high class all stood in the sewers. Nova then took a couple of steps back.

"OK, does ANYONE know what the heck is going on here and is there ANYONE in charge around here?" she asked as she stood there for a moment waiting to see if anyone would respond.

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Elektra ran through the alleyways of Hell's Kitchen, she was on the hunt, and her prey was on the run...no one could ever escape her, well, that may not be true, but no one ever had yet. As Elektra ran it was as if the world around her did not exist, it faded from her vision, she could not see it, all she saw was the prey, the fleeing prey. She had started the chase nearly an hour ago and still he ran, some sort of superhuman stamina, as for her, she ran because she willed herself to run. Suddenly her senses were overcome with tons of sensations as she abruptly stopped and found herself flying in the opposite direction she had been headed, at that moment her eyes snapped back into focus as she sailed through the air and she saw something, some mammoth machine, had swatted her aside like a fly.

She than glanced at the man, still fleeing, taking advantage of Elektra's momentary setback, and then her back smashed into the concrete building she had been thrown at and she crashed to the ground, her blood slowly pooling over the sidewalk. But Elektra got to her feet and simply started to run, once again, once she got it in her mind to do something, she couldn't be stopped. Fleet of foot, it was not long before she was hot on the man's tail once again, but this time she kept her eyes open for her surroundings, should anything out of the ordinary happen...she would be ready. However, she need not worry anymore, it was time for the strike, withdrawing one of her deadly sai she threw it with all her strength at the man but as the hilt lost contact with her fingers, the shockwave from a blast by the Sentinels sent her careening into the store on the edge of the sidewalk, setting the sai off course and through a glass window.

Swearing under her breath, once again she got up, a few broken ribs easily noticed by the excruciating pain, "You know...you guys are really starting to piss me off..." she muttered as she took off, and then she saw her chance, the man thought Elektra would take a while to get to her feet and had stopped at a manhole cover so he could head into the sewers, obviously he had never stumbled across one of the most deadly assassins in existence. Foolishly the man tore off the cover in haste, his back turned to her and he prepared to clamber down into the depths of sewage, alas, he was not quick enough to save his life, he did enter the manhole, but he did so with a sai burrowed in his back.

A smile touched Elektra's lips, another criminal mastermind brought to justice...she sped to the manhole, ignorant of the pain as broken bones grinded on one another and blood soaked her clothes, good thing she always wore red. Smoothly jumping into the sewers she alighted upon the back of the man who had fallen lifeleslly in and removed the sai from his back, now to gather its twin she thought when suddenly massive explosions were heard and she could simply watch as some large rubble landed upon the road...covering up her only exit, "Damn those robots..." she spoke, slowly fading to blackness.

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Izzy puled her jacket tight around her and lifted the hood tucking her long plait down the back, her shock of bloond hair hidden under the hood. The men following her smiled to themselves as they watched her walk, their thoughts not on conversation they quickened their pace as she ducked around a corner. Just as the men got to the corner a pair of pale hand shot out and grabbed them both slamming them up against the wall. Before they could blink their throats were slashed and blood poured down their shirts. The steel grey eyes of their killer held no feeling simply pain. A gutteral sound escaped the mens lips as they hit the ground wiht a gentle thud, Izzy wiped her knife off on her jacket and stepped over the bodies to rifle through their wallets. Izzy had been tracking these men for some time as they had been praying on College girls and were known to the police for brutal sexual attacks and a couple of murders. Izzy liked to take the law into her own hands and she handled them with the ease of her training.

Throwing their wallets down after clearing out the cash she walked away down the side of the building releasing her hair from the hood she managed to blend into the crowd of students milling around the college. She knew she had to move fast it would not be long before the bodies were found and she needed to dissapear.

The Assasin strolled at a gentle pace through the crowds and smiled at the other students showing her ease and care, though her eyes showed none of the smile. The pain Izzy had dealt with and the life she led did nothing to give her hope of a better world, even though she searched so hard for something to give her joy. Just as she slipped around anther building she spun around as a piercing scream roared over the campus then at the second she spun a massive metal thing appeared in front of her. Backflipping away from the creature she whipped out her guns and began to fire on them, the ping ping of bullets shredded the body of the one in front of her and it hit the ground, just as it did another one appeared behind it and she fired on that one as well. It took massive amounts of her bullets to get at these creatures and she knew she would have to move and fast, the robots began to shoot beams of lazer out of their eyes buring up two of the students standing near her she swung around and ran up the nearest building whipping out her hand clamps and pulling herself up the wall she could hear the screams and windows shattering below her. Landing on the roof she looked up and could see pods with the robots landing all around the place. Ducking under a roof top vent she slipped into the vent with a loud clang, crawling along the vent she opened the first grate and dropped down onto a startled employee..

GET OUT NOW Izzy screamed at the worker as she ran through the building searchign for some way out of this mess.
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Izaac walked beside his flying falcon daemon, Zoria, towards the end of the woods. It was the late Cretaceous era, the last era of Dinosaurs. They had, once again, travelled in time to observe the things they've always wanted to see. Before him was a large plain. The sky was mostly without clouds, and he could see a couple of unidentified Pterosaurs flyingpast the plain and into the woods. The view was beautiful and Izaac would not have wanted to miss this for anything. After walking a couple of meters from the woods a small group of Velociraptors ran towards him. Granted, they were hungry...and curious about this...unusual lifeform who standed upwards, lacked scales and wore clothes. Izaac did become a bit nervous, but it wasn't worse than that he could just scare them away with any of his powers. He concentrated on the magical symbol of Fire and Light so he could send a beam of concentrated light in the direction of the Velociraptors. It wouldn't kill or hurt them, just scare them away. Izaac did take notice that even though research in the present have led researches to believe that Velociraptors may have had feathers, this was not the case. They were all covered in scales, although some of the scales somewhat resembled feathers in shape.

It didn't take many seconds after he had scared away the Velociraptors until he could sense something happening...usually when his ESP worked, whatever the event would be, it'd be seconds away. But this...was different. It felt like it was millions of years away instead of seconds. Yet...it felt urgent. Heh, it must be one of the time travel side effects. He opened a portal looking like a glowing, slow vortex, by concentrating on the symbol of Air. He jumped through it as Zoria flew through, on the other side of the portal he closed it and took a look at the city, standing on the ground.

His ESP was buzzing more than before, now working somewhat better. But he didn't need ESP to see that something was terribly wrong. He made a shocked face as he saw Sentinels - gigantic hunter robots - running rampant in the city. "HOLY ---" He shouted (surprisingly), but stopped himself. Why draw their attention to me? But it was too late. One of the Sentinels had already picked up the energy signature given off by the time portal. The Sentinel set its sights on Izaac and was about to stomp on him, but Izaac reacted quickly and visualized the symbol of Water and Ice. As soon as that was done about one second later, he froze the Sentinel's foot and shattered it completely with shadow constructs before it reached the ground (or Izaac, for that matter). With the foot destroyed, the Sentinel was tripping against Izaac instead. Wow, this is sooo much better. Izaac created several meters-wide pillars of ice on the ground. While it wouldn't stop the falling Sentinel, it would slow it down, providing the edge people (including Izaac) needed to run away before being crushed. It went as planned, the Sentinel fell on the pillars, the pillars broke, but not until everybody below it had ran away. Zoria spoke, telepathically. You know, this had been really cool if we knew people weren't gonna die. Izaac just rolled his eyes at that comment and ran off to make sure the Sentinel really was down. It was still moving. "Oh well then..." He visualized the symbol of Fire and Light once again and through that, gaining control of electricity, and then he absorbed all electricity left in the Sentinel, then he shattered its skull with a beam of concentrated light, heat and electricity. "One down...about a thousand left..." he said, with his eyes twitching a bit at the same time.

A Sentinel falling is of course not something that other Sentinels wouldn't notice, so Izaac knew at least two other Sentinels would be there in no time. And he was right, as he finished thinking of a new strategy two Sentinels walked towards him on the street. With a sneer on his face, he said "Here we go again..."

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The bright lights, sounds of horns honking and people yelling profane words at one another this was truely New York, NeVann walked the streets seeing the sights while sighing and shaking his head. God now I remember why I hate this city, he thought to himself. He decided to tag along with Nova who was asked to speak at an elementary, and well she was doing that he figured he would go wander around for a bit before meeting up at the Radio City Music Hall for their date. Vann had been waiting a while for this the two haven't had time to go out in while and he even manage to get the last two tickets to see Distrubed and Staind. Passing store after store he felt a rumble in his stomach, knowing this city was famous for its hotdogs he looked for a vinder. Walking a few blocks he finally found one, Yo let me get a hotdog with the works. As the vinder was perparing his dog Vann was bumped to the side by a fat middle aged man "Hey I'm walking here punk!" Vann slid his sunglasses down and looked at the man, What? you ran into me. The man just gave him the figer and kept walking, adjusting his glasses Vann went to his pocket to take out his wallet to pay for the hotdog when he felt something hit and slide down his chest. He looked down to his hotdog heading for the ground, reaching out his hand he caught it and placed it on the counter. Geez now I have to buy a new shirt, and I'm sending you the dry cleaning bill, he said while grabbing some napkins and then looking up he noticed the vinder's face had become flushed like he had seen a ghost or something.

Removing his glasses he waved his hand infornt of the mans face while whislting, Hey, hey you hear me, wait what are you looking at? With his shaking hand the vinder point right as the ground shook, a earthquake on the east coast he thought to himself as he put back on his glasses and turned his attention to where the vinder was pointing to see a huge purple robot. The ninja quickly srung into action darting towards the robot yell as he passed people, Run! dont just stand there looking stupid run! The masses finnally snapped out of shock they were in and started running and screaming as Sentinel drew near. It's eyes filled with a surge of energy the glew red as it fired a laser hit the ground causeing pavement and cars to go flying, the explosion sent Vann sailing backwards into a car. Unforgiven sound of bending metal rang in his ears as shards of glass fly pass his face leaving a few cuts along it. Standing up he placed hand into is chest pocket and pulled out his cell phone and started dailing, it just rang before he got a voicemail message.

Hey Steph it's Vann, I guess your still doing the guest speaker thing. But I'm sorry but our date has o be put on hold, something just came up... while I should say three big pruple robotic things came up.  I dont know whats going on but just in case something big is up I think Sha and Prima are in the city aswell so give them a call or something. Well I gotta go love you and talk to you later.

Vann placed his phone back into his pocket and rolled up his sleeves reviling a srcoll on each wrist, he then rushed at the three mechanical beings.  Swiping his hand over one the scrolls and was engulfed in smoke, the tip of a sword emerged from the smoke as he zig zagged between cartops before leapping up and coming down with slash cuting one of the Sentinels right arm off. Vann landed on the ground and crashing next to him was a large robotic arm, getting ready for his second strike he heard he heard the screams of help coming for a car be hinde the Sentinels. With his attention turned Vann felt a blunt shock to his chest as he was sent slamming into another car, using his sword as a prop Vann made it back to his feet and shook head and rotated his shoulders before charging forward. Two of the Sentinels held out their hands aiming for the shinobi and fired beams rught as he dashed forward and dived over a car right as the third one kicked another car at him, jumping his body was completely horizontal as he torqued his body and dove between the the cars. The rolling forward on the ground he sent a flow of fire chakra into his blade and jumping up he drug it along the middle of the Sentinel that kicked the car at him. His sword moved through the metal like it was butter as it split in two and smashed to the ground. Touching down back on the ground he vanished then reappear torquing his body and remove the roof of a car as to teens ducked and covered there heads. Are you two ok? he then sliced off there seat belts before they looked up at him. "You not Spiderman!"No I'm not Spidey he had other plans today I'm his stand in your friendly neiborhood ninja.

The ninja quickly grabbed the two and leaped away right as the robots shot another laser blowing up the car, landing in an ally he made sure the two were ok as he did that the girl wrote her number on a piece of paper and went to  give it  him "give me a  call sometime"  Vann removed his glasses and his dark brown eyes truned red, I'm sorry  I'm not on the market but I'm flatter but anyways get out of her-. He was cut off  as  he was snared  and launched high into the air,  suspended in the air he felt a large surge of electricity run throw his body. He let out a loud scream before his body went limp,  and the tentical that snared him retracted back in the Sentinel's hand. Drewing in closer Vann's eyes opened and he released a huge brust of his of own electrical chakra from every pour in his body, it travelled down the tentical into the robot overloading its circuits causing explosions inside the mechanical shell. The grip it had on him let up and with one quick upward slash Vann found him free standing on the ground covered in chaos and destructution, he stabbed his sword into the pavement and began making hand seals. Moving at blinding speed he ran up the Sentinel's leg and leapped from it to a near by building as large build up of lighting formed in his hand giving off a blue glow. Bouncinhg off the building he lunged himself at the machines chest, and thrusting his hand forward wih Chidori he flew right through it and landed on the back of one he dropped just seconds before. Taking out his sunnglasses he sighed then put them back on and looked up as the final Sentinel fell to the ground, cracking a hole in the ground and dropping him into the  New York  sewer system. Splashing in the rancid smelling water he rose to his feet and tried to shake off some of the water.

Damn I really hate this city...

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Business as usual

Magnum thought to himself.....preparing for battle. Be it the battle in his time of 2141 against the rygillian menace or now. A villain know as Mandrake has released his Sentinels on an all out assault on New York. Now this situation T.J. would not get involved in unless the event was significance to his time as was his protocol, his protocol was flawed, he realized he can help on both fronts. He thought before people of the past were expendable, but  he as grown to love these people and establish friendships with the super powered individuals of this time.

Click went the buckle of his kevlar vest. he tighten the laces of his boots and tied a black bandana on his head. He made his way to the weapon storage room of the ware house he stayed at when he was in this time, he opened the door and the light flickered on revealing a room pack to the top with the instruments of war. Guns,Rifles...all that you can name was there and then some, But wouldn't need them all, he was known to travel light.

He grabbed a rocket launcher of the rack and began to loaded it, it held up to 24 rockets. " Well." he said as he got up, rocket launcher in hands. He went back to the living quarters, it was where he had his teleportation pad,he punched in the coordinates and with in seconds and a flash of light he was there. " Perfect timing" He said to himself as a sentinel was stalking by.

" Hey, do me a favor and smile real big" He shouted to the sentinel,it ignored him, Magnum aimed his launcher at the sentinel and fired.


It hit the sentinel in the left arm badly damaging it. the outer part was crumbling and sparks were flying out of it. " That got your attention" Magnum laughed .. " Now this well bring it on home" he said as he aimed, but then the sentinel's huge fist came speeding towards magnum. magnum reacting just as fast drop his rocket launcher and stop it. he could feel his back breaking cause of the weight being placed on it, but reforming thanks to his healing factor.

Magnum ripped the sentinel's arm clean off and with his strength he leaped to the sentinel's head and drove the arm into it. The Sentinel came crashing down as magnum landed on his feet.


Magnum picked up his launcher and dusted himself off

"One down" he said as he advanced to the city.

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Sha’s blood cells had been damaged greatly She was breathing just barley Suddenly everything just seemed to be revamped, she sat up and stretched  and yawned as if she had just woke up, She looked and saw Prima and All most screamed out of her skin. PRIMA!!!!! She gave her a hug but then remembered why she was in the sewer. The sentinels had been attack New York Sha wouldn’t be surprised if all of NYC was destroyed. She got up and looked at Prima who looked a bit roughed up, and she said to her. THOSE SENTINENLS ARE ATTACKING THE CITIES WITH THE MOST PEOPLE AND LAND, IN MY EXPERIENCES ONLY ONE PERSON HAS DONE THIS HIS NAME-- Sha was caught off when she saw a Hurt wolf, She ran over to it and bent down with the disgusting feces and urine filled water gloshing over her knees, She reached for a vile on her belt and feed it to the wolf she picked it up and placed it on the bench in the care of a fearful nurse and then turned back to Prima.  LIKE I WAS SAYING HIS NAME IS-- She saw women out the corner of her eye she looked over to see her OMG NOVA! She ran over to Nova who smelled like she crawled in and out horses @SS. She grabbed Nova’s hands and began to jump around her. She then saw the faces on the desperate New Yorkers and remembered What she was going to say; SHE turned to Prima and again and said YEAH HIS NAME IS—she heard a huge splash and turned around to see Nevann, She ran full speed over to him and gave him a huge hug, He looked like he had a run in with the mighty sentinels aswell. Another girl whom Sha didn’t know appeared as well, Sha walked over to her and introduced herself to her She was wearing red and had to sai like weapons. Her brain seemed to be everywhere other then where it needed to be, She scratched her head and then looked at Prima who was giving her a look, Sha Looked at Prima,it was something about her that reminded Sha of a particular Ninja she used to be associated with, only without the hostel attitude.


Sha turned around and saw the desperate faces of the people of New York, the kids is watch touched her heart she turned to look at Prima, Nevann, and Nova. Sha looked at the wolf ARE YOU COMING WITH US TO? She hit a button on her wrist watch and her outfit changed to a green one piece with the words Sha on them. Back at the Love mansion before it burned to the ground Sha rescued her new gadgets and weapons and made her exit.She once again looked at her friends and said I’VE DELT WITH MANDRAKE BEFORE HE WONT HESISTATE TO TERMINATE ON SIGHT SO KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU! She really didn’t even know if they were even coming with her but without asking she flew up as high as she could go and flew right out of the sewer.

Back on top

She flew right out the manhole from which she had entered right over the head of the metal giant, Sha could see that there was a good 15 still walking around in just the Bronx alone. She flew around dodging the laser fire between the two sentinels making them shoot each other. They exploded as they fell to the ground. Sha grabbed the head of one of the titans that was falling and took it with her. She flew to what looked like a school or office building, she saw a sentinel aiming a rocket at the building, she tossed the head at the sentinel it fell to the ground and exploded. She placed her hands on her hips smiling but was soon smack by a huge purple hand; into the building. She flew through the building eventually hitting the ground coming to a rolling stop. She struggled to get up but when she did she saw a blonde haired women with a long plait, Sha could see she was doing fine on her own, Sha thought they both could form some union and take down the sentinels together. HI I’M SHAYLA…MY FRIENDS CALL ME SHA,I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO SOUND WEIRD,BUT IF YOU GET ON MY BACK WE CAN ATTACK THEM AS A SINGLE UNIT BOTH LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER? The building began to shake,it was no mistaken it was coming down soon.

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Running through the office and making her way up to the top floor she screamed at all the workers to get out as she flew past them her hair flying out behind her as she ran. The startled looks on the faces of the workers made the assasin role her eyes..

Bloody fools, she mumbled to herself as she flew up the steps hitting the top floor she could see the robost had burst through the roof and were attacking the workers, Whipping out her guns and reloading  as she ran she fired on them flying across the room and rolling to a stop behind a desk to use as cover, leanign over the top she fired at the robots, BAM their heads exploded as her hi powered bullets ripped through the metal casing.

A massive explosion hit the wall beside her sending her flyiing across the room, hitting the wall and sliding down she shook it off and continued to fire at the sentinels as a beautiful blonde woman  wearing a bizzare blue and red outfit fell to the ground behind the hole in the wall. Izzys eyebrows hit her hair as she looked over at the girl, firing at the sentinels she kep em busy as she waitied for the woman to get up and see her.

The woman yelled out to her HI I’M SHAYLA…MY FRIENDS CALL ME SHA,I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO SOUND WEIRD,BUT IF YOU GET ON MY BACK WE CAN ATTACK THEM AS A SINGLE UNIT BOTH LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER? as the woman spoke the words the bulding around them began to shudder and Izzy fell on her a$$ trying to get up. A massive sentinel ripped the desk aside and flew down on Izzy grabbing her by the throat and squeezing tight.. Izzy kicked at the robot and tried too knock it off its feet but to no avail, the creature flung izzy across the room and she hit the wall and flopped down like a doll. Izzy hit the wall once again but had managed to tuck her legs in to stop the full force taking her out, rolling across the floor she hid behind another desk and reloaded her guns.

HEY THERE SHAYLA, names Izabella can you make it over here? i reckon we both could use some help and it looks like you have some idea of what the f*ck is going on around here. Just as another robot made its way over to Izzy she leapt up onto the desk took out its head and took a flying leap towards Shayla, climbing onto the girls back she jumped up onto the slim girls back and wrapped her legs tight with her guns firign past the girls shoulder.

Allright sugar what now?

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Urban lay there in his wolf form within the disgusting sh!t ridden filth that was the sewers of New York city, he could still smell and sense that his body was covered in this disgusting water but his body was to weak to rwct to his senses and move. The water was foul and if hell was on earth right now it was in this place. Urban was barley breathing the drugs had taking there toll on his body and he it amy take him a while to recover. Slwoly his eyes began to open well one of them day but it only made it half way as he began to pant for food or water anything to get the sewer water taste from out of his mouth. Urban loked round to see more people coming some looked like the heroes he had seen on TV and may be able to see him. All of a sudden Urban looked up to see a girl bending down over him, the girl took a vile and placed it to Urban's mouth were he slowly brought his tounge out taking it as he began to eat he could feel his energy coming back much quicker than usual, there must have been something in the vile that boosted his strength much quicker than usual. Urban then found himself being picked up were the nurse began to treat him.  

Urban looked and watched and listened to all the going on's as he could see that the girl who had been taking care of him was friends with some of the others who could help defeat this threat and the ones she didnt know she quickly greeted them in friendship. Urban could tell she had great leadership potential and if she asked he would be willing to help. The nurse kept checking on Urban and placed a mask round him to help him breath and she gave him some special mediaction and he began to heal but it was the city that really helped. Having a connection to the city meant that his body would heal much faster than any other normal human. He worried that the nurse would find his needle marks but being a wolf its not like she would tell anyone. A twitch as Urban could feel his movement coming back and quiclky he got up and jumped in the water and began to move around getting his movemnt back. Urban unlike 5 minutes ago now fealt great agian weird how one minute you feel like sh!t and the next your on top of the world.


Urban sat there with his tounge out listining to what the girl had to say. He began to growl when he heard the name Mandrake and the mention of sentinels. Urban thought it was a good idea but with the amount of sentinels attacking and the resistance being so little it would prove much harder unless they worked together perfectly. The girl turned to Urban ARE YOU COMING WITH US TO? Urban stood up and walked to the girl all of a sudden her outfit changed and Urban was mezmerized as he could see that she was called Sha. I’VE DELT WITH MANDRAKE BEFORE HE WONT HESISTATE TO TERMINATE ON SIGHT SO KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU! then she was gone flying up to the main land and to lead the resistance. Urban jumped up and clawed his way out of the sewer were he saw that New York had been completly taking over and sentinels ran rampant. Urban ran around weaving in and out and away from laser fire as Sha did the same but she was so aware that she made two sentinels destroy eachother. Sha then took out another as Urban continued to run around but then he saw Sha being sent into one of the buildings.  Urban went to see if Sha was ok but the arrival of a sentinel towering over him put a stop to that.

The sentinel brought its fist down bt Urban jumped back dodging the blow from there Urban using graceful speed and blanance ran up the sentinel and stood on its head and the sentinel didnt seem to notice. All of a sudden another sentinel came and went to punch Urban but dodging the blow the sentinel only managed to take out one of its own, Urban stood there now on the other sentinels head and turned back to a human, using his geokinesis he began to create sand and he crushed the sentinels legs by wrapping the sand round it and squezzing, as the sentinel came to a thud Urban jumped off and rolled liding into the building and landed right next to the two ladies, looking up at them he smiled at both of them and nodded.

You know this would be the perfect time to do a super pose shame we dont have a camera though.

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The sounds of water dripping from pipes echoed in the dark dank sewers, sitting atop the fallen Sentinel Vann looked up trying to figure out how fall did he fall. There was no sign of the world above, drawing his sword from the metal shell he leapped from robot. A splash of foul smelling water that he didn't even want to know was in it sent ripples a few feet, sreaching around he tried to figure out the best route to take. The catacombs of the New York sewer system was larger then he thought, channelling lighting chakra into sword it let off a bright blue glow that he use to illuminate his way as he began to walk down tunnel. The scurrying and squeaking sounds of rats and other creatures that call this place home were heard as they passed him fearing that he was a dange to them.  The rodents were the farthest from his mind at the moment, he's nose could barely take the racid smell. But more importantly he wondered who was the one that sent to the Sentinels to attack in the first place and why as he continued to walk on.

Damn it! this always happens to me... I'm suppose  to be enjoying a great concert right now with Steph... but am I no... Thanks to those damn robots I wanderring around in the sewers of New York of all place. and I smell like.. well I dont want to know what I smell like... I'm going to have to take a three and half day shower after this in hopes to get this smell off...

He continued on for 20 plus mintues in sreach for a way out, when finally he saw some light. It has to be coming from where the main system met up under the city. He thought to himself, right before he heard a familar voice up ahead. Not knowing if it was trap he sheathed his sword and slowly moved forward while activating his Sharingan, entering the chamber he was met by a pair of arms that wrapped thightly around him before he had anytime to react. Looking down he saw a flowing blond hair and realized it was Sha, Hey Sha I'm glad to see you too, but your crushing my ribs and I think I may need those later, I'm just saying... but anyways do you have any ideas of whats going on? Once she let go he followed her over to the group of people where he saw Nova and smiled, he was happy to see that she was ok eventhough there was no doubt in his mind that she wouldn't be. Looking behind her he saw a small group of poeple that had fear writen all over there faces, as his eyes moved he saw another friendly face in Prima and he waved. Completing the group was a women wearring red and spining a pair of sais on her fingers, while the second was a wolf like creature that looked as if it had the hardest time with machines. He then turned his attention back to Sha who had begun to explain what was going on.


Vann had never heard of Mandrake and began to wonder why he was attacking in the first place. Before he knew it Sha erupted upward yelling "I’VE DELT WITH MANDRAKE BEFORE HE WONT HESISTATE TO TERMINATE ON SIGHT SO KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU!" He began to shake his head as a smirk formed on his face before yelling back, Your always reackless and not all of can fly ya know! Vann bite his thumb and a tiny stream of blood ran down it, then making a few hand signs he slammed his hand to ground. The catacombs filled with smoke and once they cleared two large snake stood before them. Alright those that cant fly that want to get the hell out here hop on thesnakes head and they'll safely take you up,  the group of scared  civilians climb on and was taken back to the surface. As Vann made it back up on the second snake afterwards he ordered the  snake to take the people to a safe place. His attention was soon turned when he heard a explosion and then saw Sha get smacked into a building, Vann sent the other second snake over in that direction to help out as he stood on its head. Hmm... we got to find the main Sentinel I got it. Vann jumped of the snake's head and landed right infornt of a Apple store, I hope they still got some that didn't get damaged in the first attack. He dashed through store and found a work Mac Book, then taking that power pack out of one of the floor modles he grabbed a few different type of patch cables and ran out the store.

If anyone can hear me I need a INTACTED head of a Sentinel,  I could try to patch into it and follow the daisy chained signal of the slaves to master Sentinel if not Mandrake himself!

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After watching the girl stretch, Prima looked closer.  She seemed familiar but sewer water hided a lot of things.  PRIMA!!!  Screamed the girl.  It only took seconds before Prim, herself, knew who it was.  OMG SHA!  They both hugged.  She was so happy to see another face she recognized and knew so well.  THOSE SENTINENLS ARE ATTACKING THE CITIES WITH THE MOST PEOPLE AND LAND, IN MY EXPERIENCES ONLY ONE PERSON HAS DONE THIS HIS NAME- said sha, but she didn’t finish her sentence.   She watched as Sha tended to a hurt wolf.  Prima sat back, wanting to watch her surroundings.  Even though all seemed calm in the sewer’s it wouldn’t take long before people started to panic and turn against one another.  LIKE I WAS SAYING HIS NAME IS- again sha didn’t finish her sentence.  Turning her head to see the disruption Prima was greeted with the sight of nova.   NOVA CHICA ITS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU.  Not thinking, Prima ran and tackle hugged nova. As she splashed down into the sewer water she cried out. OMG WTF DID I DO THAT FOR?   The water splashed around her and nova.  Helping nova up she, smiled UHH sorry?  YEAH HIS NAME IS- sha began to say only to be interrupted YET A AGAIN.    Vann and another girl arrived at the scene.  HEY VANN said prima and she greeted the new girl too. 

                Turning her attention back to sha, she gave her a hostile look. Sha maybe you should try idk to finish the sentence you have been trying to say for the last 20 MINUTES.!  OK HIS NAME IS MANDRAKE HE’S A SPACE PIRATE THAT CAN MANIPULATE MACHINAERY, IF I HAD TO GUESS I BET HE’S USING A MAIN SENTINEL AS THE COMMANDER, SO THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO DO, FIND IT AND OVERHEAT IT’S CIR, CUTS THAT SHOULD TAKE OUT THE MAIN POWER TO ALL OF THEM, AND THEN WE KNOCK THEM DOWN LIKE DOMINO’S!!!-

FINALLY YOU SAID IT!  Said prima.   She Running down the pipe, she got out at the nearest opening.  The change from sewer air to city air was amazing.  All around her the large Sentinels were seen walking around causing destruction.  Looking up prima, saw sha and the white haired girl up in the sky working.   Flying up while looking down at the ground, Prima landed on a tall building.  Jumping on the head of a large Sentinel she punched his helmet hard.  The sentinel began to rock back and forth as it tried to wretch her off.  With the helmet off a series of wires and cords were visible.  As Prima punched her hand down into the wires , sparks began to fly.  Spreading out her fingers, She emitted a rush of water into his helmet on the wires.  Her arm becoming a light see through blue.  The water and the electricity began to fight itself as the Sentinel began to waver with its motion.  Needing to end this soon , she brought the temperature  of her hand down to below zero causing all the water to freeze around the wires.  Under such extreme temps, the wires broke causing the massive sentinel to fall down.

Flying up as to not fall, Prima flew up to where sha and the girl where.  HEY SHA!  YOU SAID SOMETHING ABOUT CIRCUITS.  WELL I THINK WE COULD GO ABOUT THIS A CERTAIN WAY.  Some maybe should deal with the city Sentinel. Some people need to go and find the mandrake and over heat him.  WELL IF YOUR DEALING WITH HEAT WHO BETTER THAN NOVA so she should definitely help with the mandrake.  OR WE COULD DO SOMETHING ELSE WHAT DO YOU THINK. UHHH THINK FAST TSHOUGH

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Nova stood in the swears, her body a little banged up from the random encounters with the giant robots that have been attacking New York. As she stood there asking around, trying to see what was going on, her cell phone began to beep. She had a message? Right now? Nova plucked her cell phone out of her pocket that somehow managed to stay in tact this entire time. She pressed a few buttons and got to her voice mail.

"Hey Steph it's Vann, I guess your still doing the guest speaker thing. But I'm sorry but our date has o be put on hold, something just came up... while I should say three big purple robotic things came up.  I dont know whats going on but just in case something big is up I think Sha and Prima are in the city aswell so give them a call or something. Well I gotta go love you and talk to you later."

'Oh my gosh NeVann!'was the thought that raced through her mind. Because of all the craziness thats been going on, she totally forgot that they had a date with each other. Nova smacked her forehead with the palm of her left hand and sighed. She new that NeVann paid some good money for those concert tickets and now, by the look of things, they weren’t going to be able to go. It had been MONTHS since they've had some alone time with each other, because of all of the missions having to be done over at WAL. She was hoping after her little talk with the kids the two could go off and have some fun.

"This is just...PEACHY!" she said as she slammed her fist into the swear wall, people jumped back a bit, Nova looked up and smiled as she rubbed the back of her head. "S-sorry, I had a date today and it was just cancelled." She laughed nervously as she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"OH MY GOSH NOVA!" Stephs eyes shift around as she saw a woman rush at her. It was none other but her long time friend Sha.

"HOLY CRAP SHA!" Nova yelled back out as she met Sha half way and grabbed each others hands, jumping around in circles like if they were playing 'ring around the rosy'. She then saw another familiar person, her friend she met at LOVE, Primavera.

"NOVA, CHICA ITS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!" Prima ran at her and tackled her down in a hug, the swear water splashing around them as they landed. Nova's body completely now covered in the water, struggled to get up as she gasped for air, coughing up a mouth full of swear water and... other solid objects that were in the water.

"OH, I'M GOING TO BE SICK!" Nova yelled out as she heaved over and lost her breakfast that she had this morning. She then heard Prima speak again.

"HEY VANN!" She said.

"NeVann?" Nova's head shot up to see that it was indeed her ninja man, NeVann. Without a second thought Nova jumped up from the water and rushed over at him, right after Sha let go of him, Nova hugged him. She knew that NeVann was more than capable of taking care of himself, but she was still happy to see him well, and intact. She then saw another woman and let go NeVann, as she gave the woman a smile and nod.

She then shift her body towards Sha, and her speak.


Nova listened to Sha and gave her nod, and threw her right fist in the air. "YEAH, LETS TAKE THESE SUCKERS DOWN!" She yelled out, trying to get everyone else pumped up for the battle ahead.


"Dont worry about us, Sha, we'll do what needed to be done!" Nova yelled out as she spread her fight slightly apart and crouched down, she began to yell as she suddenly burst into flames once more, the water evaporating around them, Nova began to cough and wave her arms around her, trying to get the stench of smelly evaporated swear water away from her face. "Oh god, remind me to NEVER do that again." she said as she flew out of the swears right behind Sha and took to the sky. While Sha went East, Nova flew West, thinking they could divide and conquer. It was only a matter of seconds that she felt a hand smack on her back, sending her crashing to the ground once more.

The pavement caved in around her as she smashed into the earth. Nova sat up and shook her head looking up at the robot responsible for it and made almost like a growling sound. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TROUBLE YOU GUYS ARE CAUSING ME!?" She yelled out as she stood up and walked up to the massive robot, looking up at it, her eyes glowing with anger. "I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO ON A REALLY AWESOME DATE WITH A VERY SEXY NINJA MAN AND YOU GUYS RUINED IT!" She yelled out as she began to fly up at it. "DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET SOME FREE TIME AS A HERO!?" She yelled as the robot shot out a laser at Steph. She then flew under it as she came up at its chest and smashed through it, causing metal, wires, shards of microchips and sparks to fly out of the back of the robot. Nova was now holding onto some of the wiring as she pulled hard on them, causing the sentinel to stumble back towards her. Steph then shot her left leg out and kicked the neck of the robot, causing the head to snap off and roll on the ground as she then shot her heat through the wires of the sentinel, causing it to over heat and melt from the inside out.

When it was nothing but a puddle of melted metal she then came down at the head that was now on the ground and smashed into it, causing it to blow up into tiny pieces. Nova spat at the remains of the sentinel as she then heard NeVanns' voice from a distance.

'If anyone can hear me I need a INTACTED head of a Sentinel,  I could try to patch into it and follow the daisy chained signal of the slaves to master Sentinel if not Mandrake himself!"

Nova stood there for a moment and looked at the remains of the robot and cursed to herself as she punched the wall of a still intact Hummer, causing it to fly across the street and into a building.

"oops..." Steph said as she giggled nervously and rubbed the back of her head as she took to the sky once more. "Ok, intact head, intact, head, not destroyed, or partly destroyed but... in tact... I can do that... I can do that... I can TOTALLY-" She was interrupted as she felt a massive blast come at her from the side, causing her to fly to the left and all the way into an already crumbled building. Nova laid there for a moment as she shook her head, trying to figure out what was going on, until she heard a cry for help.

"Help, please help me!" A woman’s voice cried out.

"Awww crap." Nova said as she struggled to sit up, only to have the building she crashed into, crumble on top of her. Steph grunt in pain as she could feel the weight of the top of the building, trying to crush her. Nova just smiled as she heated up her body and shot out a massive wave of heated energy out of her, causing the boulders and debris to fly forward and away from her. She shook her head once more as she turned on her infred vision and saw about five feet below, a woman and two men being crushed by the building. Just then she heard the voice of the robots.

"Seek and destroy." it said in a robotic voice as it stuck out its right arm, ready to shoot another energy beam at her.

Steph stood up as she then yelled out to the people below her, "HOLD ON!" she yelled as the robot shot out its blast. The yellow beam came at Nova quickly as she then shot out her own fire at it, the power of each of the energy blast caused the two to cancel each other out, as soon as this happened Nova shot out and went to the head, she quickly pulled out her sword with her right hand and with a one swift movement, the head of the sentinel rolled upon the ground. Nova smirked to herself as she then turned off her fire and landed right on top of the robots neck, were the head was. As sparks began to fly around her she reached in with both hands and began to slowly drain the sentinel of its heat, almost immediately the massive robot slowly began to freeze, causing it to malfunction and shut down. With a smile Nova jumped down as she heard a crashing from a distance. Nova's head shot up as she saw a sentinel fall down to the ground, casing a wave of dust and debris to fly her way. When the cloud cleared away a smile creped upon her face.

"T.J.!" Nova yelled out as she jumped down from the sentinel and landed about five feet away from him, causing the ground to slightly shake under them. She then stood up and clung onto him in a hug. "Its so good to see you man!" She then pulled back as if she forgot something. "OH CRAP THE PEOPLE!" She said as she began to run off only to remember about the head. "Ahh!" Nova yelled out in a panic as she turned back to T.J. "Dude, NeVannneedstheheadofasentinel,andIgotone,butIcanttakeittohimbecausetherearepeoplethatIhavetorecurefromabuildingoverthere!" she yelled out in one breath so quickly it was almost hard to understand her. She then took a deep breath as she pointed over at the head that was laying on the ground. "Please, take that to NeVann, he's East of this city, in a Mac store if I'm not mistaken, its right in front of a Bank of America, or... used to be a Bank of America... anyways, please T.J., he needs it!" she said as she gave him a hug once more and then let go as she took off running back to the building were the people were at.

As she made it back to the building she could still hear the woman cry out. "Dont worry, I'm here!" Nova said as she began to lift cement block after cement block, wires and metal beams stuck out of the debris around her as she was as careful as she could, making sure not to cause more damage than good. She then lift the last block of cement as she saw the woman’s face, a look of surprise, fear, happiness and gratitude. "Can you stand?" Nova asked as she stuck out her hand. The woman simply nod her head as she reached out and grabbed Nova's hand, as gently as she could, Nova pulled out the woman and helped her down the debris. "I need you to get to a safe location, get out of the area now, do not stick around here, got it?" she said as she woman nod her head and began to run off. Nova sighed as she took a deep breath and looked around for a moment with a smile on her face. "I think I can get used to this 'hero' thing." She said as she then heard out two more cries for help, the two men who were still in the building. "oops!" She yelled out as she went back to dig the two men out.

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Magnum marched though the city, his eyes caught sight of the destruction that the sentinels have done to the city. He  heard the screams of the people running for safety, but thanks to his super hearing heard not just of those around him but those of everyone around the city, the cries slammed against his ear drums and they clouded his head, but is something he learn to deal with.

He stopped for a moment to get his barrings, he knew that the survivors would need his help, but he hoped that other heroes where here and would attend to it, he figured to he would be better for him to end the attack now so the causality level wouldn't not get any higher. Just then acute sense of smell picked up something familiar, then his hearing picked up something more familiar the voice of a friend.

"T.J.!" the voice went it was the voice of Feral Nova. She gave him a hug, and told him that he had to take back sentinel head to nevann at the mac store then she ran off to aid some people.

"No Problem" he said but he doubt she heard him, he looked around for the store but could not see it, he blinked his eyes, doing this would increase his scope of vision, still nothing, he blinked again and looked around......this time he got it, but it was to far to walk.

" Well if you can't walk..." he said, then grab the sentinel head and hosted it on his back, he crouched down and then jump off the ground with such force, he landed a good 60 feet from where he was, then he leaped again.

He made his way to the Mac store, head in hand.
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Elektra continued to stumble on throughout the sewers until she found a group of people seemingly gathered together by one busty, blonde woman that stood out from the rest. It did not take long for Elektra to figure out what was happening here as she remained in the shadows. It seemed that the entire city had been driven into the sewers and these beings around her were the resistance, admiring the leadership skills of the blonde woman she decided she would temporarily delay her looking for another job and help out these kids instead. She listened intently to this...Sha's speech, and nodded her head, the Sentinels and Mandrake would feel the wrath of Elektra.

As the group began exiting the sewer system Elektra shouted out, "Wait up! I'm coming with you!" but she didn't think anyone heard her so she simply followed them and emerged from the manhole out onto a street patrolled by Sentinels in the wreckage that had been New York.

A Sentinel was approaching her and her alone so she prepared herself, taking her stance to fight the creature with her sais, but it soon came to her attention that her weapons were useless against this creature she would need help and then she saw him a young man walking along the street (that would be you Twilight Man) and she shouted out to him, "I need your help! I can't do this alone!" were all the words she could get out before she turned to see the foot of the Sentinel slowly coming down upon her and she could do nothing to stop it but make a run for it, and she wasn't going to, it wasn't in her.

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"Here we go again..." Izaac said, as the two Sentinels approached him. He closed his eyes and quickly focused on the symbol of Fire and Light before running a couple of meters towards them, and then blasting one of them with a lightning. Its head sparked, but it didn't seem to have gotten any real damage yet. "Okay...so lets get real." Still having the Fire symbol in his mind, he created a force field of light to stand on, a way of simulating flight and still being able to tap into the fiery powers. He made the force field lift off the ground and fly towards the Sentinel he had blasted earlier. Zoria was flying beside him, still in her falcon form. "Whoah...I forgot how hard it is to keep the balance this way." Nevertheless, he continued until he was about five meters away from the Sentinel's skull. "You're going down!!" he shouted, as he blasted the skull with torrents of electrical and fiery energy. He paused for a second. "Wait...can't believe I actually said that cliche. Oh well." He quickly dodged a hit from the other Sentinel and focused on the symbol of Water and Ice, shooting spiky darkness constructs towards the first Sentinel as well as freezing parts of the other.

The first Sentinel was falling to the ground as planned, and now there were no pedestrians or other people below that he had to worry about. Granted, the Sentinel wasn't entirely offline yet, but the other one was the most concerning one for the moment. The one still standing was still fully intact, beside from having randomly frozen points all over its chest. As Izaac went to the ground, releasing the force fields and the Fire magic, the Sentinel raised its hand, and the its glowing palm pointing to Izaac, so he assumed it was going to make an energy blast, so, with a bit panic, Izaac closed his eyes, turned his head away and just aimed his freezing power at the Sentinel. He heard a few crackling sounds, but they soon ceased. As soon as it was quiet, he opened his eyes to take a look. The entire Sentinel was covered by a layer of ice that was over one meter thick where it was as thinnest. He impressed himself. "Come on, Zoria, lets see if any other Sentinel needs to chill out...ugh, can't believe I made that pun..."

He walked away from the scene, when his ESP picked up a mental voice from...somewhere below the city. It wasn't really the soundwaves he could hear, more like people's thoughts as they went through the vocal centres in their brains. He picked up the thoughts of a girl named Sha, whom he knew was an ally of his team WAL. Okay his name is Mandrake, he's a space pirate that can manipulate machinery, if I had to guess I bet he's using a main Sentinel as the Commander, so this is what we need to do, find it and overheat its circuits. That should take out the main power to all of them, and then we knock them out like Dominos! He could feel the sudden emotional impact from the people below the city, of what Sha had said. It was mainly hope, but it was mixed by fear and annoyance as well. Okay, I better join inthe hunt, Izaac thought. As he walked on the street thinking of the next logical step, Zoria shifted into her snow leopard form. Less than a minute later he heard a cry for help. "I need your help! I can't do this alone!" a red-clad woman shouted. Oh? She's talking to me? And why would anyone want to have those clothes? Then he noticed the Sentinel behind her, he was so used to the sight at this point it didn't really capture his attention. Oh. My. God... He ran towards her. He could pick up a name out of her head, "Elektra Natchios". He summoned his magic spear making it appear in his hand in a blue light...then he threw it against the Sentinel's foot before it could stomp on Elektra. The impact made a tiny shockwave but it seemed to be enough to cancel out the electricity in the foot. Before the Sentinel would crash to the ground all over Elektra (hence would make the rescue redundant) he summoned back his spear, stopped for a second, focused on the symbol of Water and Ice again, and froze the Sentinel so it would stay in its current position. Izaac walked over to Elektra and asked "You okay?" He was about to ask "And why the hell would you want to wear those clothes" as well but he stopped himself in time.
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The master sentinel set up a perimeter in Times Square; it did a retna scan of the entire New York area, it was looking for any humans that had been left in the area. The scan had picked up 9 individuals they seemed to be causing the Sentinels a problem, The Master Sentinel changed its settings from destroy to Self preservation. The Main sentinel seemingly went into some Trans, the earth began to shake finally the machine released a huge invisible Current that drew the remaining sentinels to its location.

A light began to shine pieces of the idle Sentinels began to attack them self’s to the main sentinel. After the light faded a huge monstrous Machine stood in the New York City Skyline. It could see into the neiboring New Jersey and even into Parts of Pennsylvania. An electric force shot from the Bot to a little girl not much more then 5 years old and it zapped the lifeless body into its systems.

The ominous yellow glow that had been there was filled with a black and green glow. THERE IS NO MORE SENTINELS THERE IS JUST THE OMEGA……..ANEMIA! The huge Cyborg shifted her Cannon up and fired a HUGE omega level light blast the spread across the 5 boroughs of NYC. The attack caused a huge explosion over the area. The Machine then went in search of the 9 people who called themselves the resistance.

ANEMIA…THIS IS MANDRAKE…HURRY UP AND FINISH THOSE LOWLIFE’S I HAVE OTHER PLANS FOR YOU! She turned to see a man holding a computer she laughed and charged up another omega level blast but this time it was directed at him, her eyes changed from green and black to yellow and black. The cannon was taking the energy from the Air  and aimed the blast at Nevann hoping for a Swift kill.

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The building began to collapse; the women who identified herself by the name Isabella mounted herself on Sha; Sha took off like a rocket as the building fell behind her. She flew between two more sentinels bucking like a horse throwing Isabella in the Air as she crashed right through a Sentinel an caught her again, she continued to fly around, knocking sentinel’s down, As Izabella attacked from above, things seemed to be moving Swiftly  and easily . Urban Legend was holding his own against a Sentinel He had, She flew past Nevann Who was holding a Mac he yelled

If anyone can hear me I need a INTACTED head of a Sentinel,  I could try to patch into it and follow the daisy chained signal of the slaves to master Sentinel if not Mandrake himself!

While flying in the air she smiled at Izzie and told Nevann they were on it. Sha looked over at Prima who had an idea,sha looked at her and said


It looked as if Nova was on it already as Tj whom sha didn’t even know what helping them grabbed the Sentinels head.


Sha Placed Izabella on the Street as she the head got delivered to Nevann Sha was looking to see where the rest of the group was. She looked to the left and saw the girl in Red with what looked like Twilight man. Sha began to fly over to them when. All around them the Sentinels’ began to break apart and form into a bigger one. Sha looked up at the huge Piece of machinery.

HOLY F@!#!cuk!!!!!!!!

Sha ran over to TM and the women and pulled them into a nearby building and yelled to the other group members GET DOWN…NOW!!!!!! The huge machine released a powerful light blast the put a huge crater in the city of New York it was so powerful it killed a lot of people who took refuge underground

Sha looked at Nova, Prima, Twilight man and Urban legend COME ON WILL TAKE THIS



She flew in the air to execute there plan.

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Feral Nova watched as the last of the people from the wreckage ran off to safety, police officers escorting them. She sighed as she wiped some sweat off her brow and let out a sigh of relief. She was busy digging through the rubble that the sentinels made, trying to rescue anyone she could before they were crushed to death like some of the unfortunate souls were that she found. She then burst into flames once more as she flew towards the direction were the others should have been. Not even five minutes and she spot the group, she smiled she landed on the ground and waved to everyone.

“Dude’s I think we got them on the run now, I haven’t seen one for a few minutes!” Right then a huge shadow rose from behind her as Sha yelled out. 


Nova slowly turned around to see a massive piece of machinery standing over them a few feet away, her eyes widen as she took a step back. “This is all bad!” she yelled out as she watched Sha pull everyone into the building.

“GET DOWN…NOW!!!!!!”


Nova ran in but took a peak at the energy blast that was coming at them, destroying buildings as if they were paper. “This building isn’t going to hold us!” Nova yelled out as she powered up, instantly going into her white fire form, something she rarely used, even in battle. She then shot out her arms in the air and yelled out in what almost sounded like anger. Just on time a fire shield, something she didn’t exercise very much, was formed around them, but made sure that the fire wouldn’t harm the people inside, so long as they didn’t touch it. Just like Nova figured the blast tore into the building like paper, and smashed into Nova’s fire shield, she yelled out as she could feel her shield slowly give out but stood her ground, putting more and more energy into it, her body becoming quickly weaker by the second. The entire area around them shook, as the building began to collapse around them, but whatever debris was falling on top of the shield, simply melted away, that’s how hot Nova’s fire was right now.  But as quickly as the blast came, it faded away, leaving the group around a pile of rubble.


Feral Nova sighed as she fell on her knees, allowing the shield to fade away and her fire to go out. She was breathing heavily as sweat was running down the sides of her face. The main downfall of her fire form was that it used up her energy more quickly, five times more quickly. She struggled as she stood up, wiping the sweat as she made a weary smile at the group. “See… its not so tough.” She jokingly said.

Sha, just like the amazing leader she was, began to shoot out orders. Nova stood there and listen as she heard her name.

“Me AND Nova in the air.” Sha said as Nova then nod her head, to show that she understood.

“You got it Sha!” Nova said as she watched Sha take off into the sky, Nova took a deep breath as she powered up once more, her fire coming a little more slowly this time, because of her use of her fire form not too long ago, but it came and with that Nova shot up from the ground and flew right next to Sha. “So diversion huh?” Nova said as she clapped her hands together and then shot them out in front of her, a beam of fire spiraled over to the monstrous robot. Nova then flew right above it and put out her fire, coming down at the robot with amazing speed as she pulled out her sword trying to slice through its arm, at least make it so it was almost unusable. As soon as her feet touched the ground she then burst into flames once more and flew up into the air, backing up a little to make sure she wasn’t in the way of anyone else attacks.


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Urban Legend and the two girls were quickly joined with another girl who seemed to be associated with Sha the girl who seemed to be leading this little resistance of superheroes, this was confirmed when the element wielding girl directly began to speak to Sha, Urban just sat down in a meditation stance closing his eyes to clear his mind and connect to the city a life form only to him that seemed to be fading with the constant attacks done to it, being destroyed by the minute and when the city was harmed Urban could feel it just as much as if someone had been attacking his own mind with a psionic bolt but by using meditation and staying as one to the city Urban could keep the city going and in return it would aid him at the right moment. All of a sudden Urbans eyes were hit with a bright light coming from the distance, opening his eyes and looking up he could see that all of the sentiels were breaking apart and connecting to one other sentienel, he could see that this had formed one monsterous sentinel whose size power and danger levels far outclassed any of the other sentinels, now it was all the sentinels as one with enough fire power to take the city out with ease.

The city was screaming at Urban because it could sense the dangers that this new omega sentinel possessed and because the city could sense it and feel its power so could Urban, the machine let out a blast of electrical like enegry, the sentinel was way to far away to see what the blast had hit but Urban came to the conclusion that by he size of the blast and the lack of major destruction what must have ben hit was a lifeform and city confirmed this to be true. Urban began to pace around thinking of the next move and how he and the others could take this new threat out before its terror spread across all of america and then the world.  Urban followed Sha who was flying in the air, looking around to see the other heroes who were fighting as a resistance aiming to protect the world from a global threat. Sha then pulled the red clad woman and the man she was with in a nearby building when Sha screamed out GET DOWN…NOW!!!!!! then the sentinel let out a large blast of enrgy that destroyed buildings like they were paper mache, the blast was heading for the group, the city quickly reacted to this and formed a shield of sand around Urban while Nova created a fire shield that managed to stop the blast but the building began to crumble melting away on contact with the blazing shiled of pure white fire, Nova was struggling Urban could see but she managed to hold on long enough to protect the group.

Now standing around a pile of rubble his shield retracted itslef once it new the threat level had decreased, Nova was on her knees and her fire had gone out due to the over use of emmense energy. COME ON WILL TAKE THIS Sha looked at Urban and a few other's and Urban nodded getting ready to put an end to this.



Sha and Nova then took the skies and made there way to the sentinel, transforming into his wolf state Urban took off with amazing speed towards the giant robot weaving in and out as debris began to fall from the buildings. Once he got there he could see that Nova was trying to take out the robot or slow it down by using her fire power and attempting to take out one of its arms, reverting back to human form Urban began to use his geokinetic powers in a way that would raise the ground below the sentinel and coil itself around the sentinels legs this would limit its movements and mak it so attacking it and taking it out would prove mch more eaier, Urban looked around at all the people doing there own things each one wanting to take down this threat for the good of mankind all owrking together for one cause.


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Sh!t sh!t sh!t Andrew layed on his bed resting his head up against a pile of pillows so he could watch the television but he didnt no why there was nothing on there never was on the russia network but there was not anything to do at all in this cold part of the world, Andrew looked outside to see there was another blizzard approaching and the snow was already ankle deep and the blizzard had not even begun. As he sat laid there switching through the channles he couldnt help but think about the revelation his parents revealed just one month ago before there deaths, they had revealed that his life in parts had been a lie the had always told him that he was an only child his whole life he thought he was the only one but on there death beds his parents revealed that he was the youngest of three siblings all born and raised in separate parts of the world. Andrew began to do research on his brothers finidng out they were both like him mutants, knowing he was no longer alone and wanting to follow in there footsteps Andrew decided to become a hero calling himself Credit and devolop the powers he only found out about 7 months ago. Andrew was bored out of his mind he had never left russia infact he had never left his small town for 18 years this was out of respect for his parents and there was never any crime to take care of or evil to fight in this place but now his parents were gone and he had the whole world but he had no idea were to begin.

Credit had finally come to the international channels when one channel caught his attention it was an american channel and the news reporter was american to, thankfully his main language was english even though he was raided in russia he was much more fluent in english, the reporter was a middle aged woman with nazel nut hair and bright blue eyes she was reporting on an attack that had happened in new york and its neighbouring cities not to long ago but with the constant destruction of the city and the dangers it possessed not to mention the reporters that had been killed while out on the field which meant they hadnt been able to get a video or screenshots for quite some time. The woman then turned and pointed to a screen were it showed videoes of what had happened, the massive robots attacking the city, driving the people into hiding but the one thing that caught his attention was a group of othere super powered beings fighting and taking down the robots, Credit did not know there were so many like him out there he grew up thinking people like him and them only existed in comics. The viseo then cut out when all the sentinels began dividing up and make there way to one location. This was finally it time to prove that he could be a hro and save the world just like his brothers and be the hero the world needs.

Credit switched the television off and jumped off his bed, quickly taking a shower and changing his clothes he grabbed a quick snack and ran down stairs, trying to open the door he realised he couldnt the blizzard had picked up and the snow was so deep it was blocking the door to a degree that made it impossible to get out. Running upstairs back to his room Crdit tried to open the window but it was frozen shut, using his powers he created a small amount of heat energy just enough to melt the ice away that had formed around the windows. The window finally opened and Credit jumped out, just before hitting the ground he took off to the skies flying towards New York and towards his new life as a hero. Credit was flying at incredible speeds ones he had never reached before and this meant there was a high chance he could not control it but his body was so exitied that he couldnt contain his speed. The world just floated by him one second apart of it was there and the next it was gone, the journey had took 20 minutes before he arrived on american soil. Upon arrival Credit was surrounded by a group of armed soldiers pointing there weapons at him "Sir state your buisness" Credits hand quickly became surrounded in a red aura "Im here to save this county" with that said Credit took off towards new york a trip that only took him a few minutes.

Credit arrived in the city but stayed behind some buildings just so he could acess the situation and figure out a plan of action, the group of heroes were fighting the giant machine two of the females were flying high in the air one of them had her body surrounded by fire and was attacking the machine while a boy on the ground was manipulating the very earth that Credit stood on. Credit looked on in admiration as each hero did there own thing displayed there own unique power. He could feel nerves beginning take over him did he have what it takes to be a hero could he really be a help to these people or would he just be a distraction he had never faced anything like this before and he had not had his powers for very long which meant he didnt know what he was capable of could he take down this robot did he stand the chance of risking the lives of the others, so many thought running through his mind to many for him to answer the questions he had no answers to. Credit's mind was thrown off track when he heard the sound of something breaking in the building nearby, walking inside debris was falling and naked cables were on the floor small amounts of electricity being released from them, the buiding was dark save for a small light. Credit walked around to see a man was stealing some technological goods "Stop" Credit said in a forceful yet callm tone it seemed even in this day of destruction low level scum like this would always take one bad thing and turn it into his adavantage.

The man turned towards Credit with a glare and walked straight towards Credit "You gonna make me punk" Credit looked straight at the man and smiled "Well yeah sort of" Credit then leaned his head back and brought it forward connecting on the mans nose knocking him clean out "You sir have just been Creditilized" looking around "I'll work on my catchphrase later" heading back out Credit went back to thinking of what he should do he was no longer nervous taking down that man had giving him a confidence boost. Credit watched as the sentinel was able to free itself from the earth entrapment and its sights were set on the young man who had initiated the attack, The boy who was clearly an earth manipulator was trying his best to drive the sentinel back but to no avail, he look badly wounded and was limping something that was not happening a few minutes ago, the sentinel must have cause this damage while Credit was dealing with that man. Credit knew then man needed help so he rushed out only to see right before his eyes he sentinel strike the man down dead with a blast of energy. Credit ran towards the man and fell to his knees, it was clear that he was dead his energy was leaving him his heartbeat no longer there and Credit felt guilty that he didnt save him, he coul have if he didnt stay back or dealt with that man he could have been here helping fighting the man threat he could have saved his life.

An overwhelming sense not just of guilt but of sadness swept over Credit he did not know this man but he couldnt help but feel sad that the world had lost another hero and one so young one who looked to be the same age as himself, his emotions quickly shifted to anger and as he closed the mans eyes and absorbed his energy into his own body, he would use that energy to destroy the sentinel his death would not go unnoticed he would live on in spirit. Credit stood up his green eyes were now a deep red sparks of electical like energy coming from him, his hands surrounded in the same energy as he stood there looking straight at the sentinel not saying a single word or making a single movement he just stood there. Credits body then leviatated high into the air untill he was face to face with the sentinel "If you can understand me what you have done was unforgivable and im ending this right here right now and if there is amaster behind this tin can and if you to can hear me mark my words your end is coming and the last thing you will see is me standing over your broken body"

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Holding different type of network, hubs, switches and patch cables, Vann looked at the laptop screen and noticed that the battery was fading. The sounds of the battle between his friends and the sentinels, off in the distance dust and chunks of debris could be seen flying in the air as crushs and explosions travelled to echo in his ears. He knew the ergency of the matter seening that it seemed to be no end to attack, Vann made a shadow clone and had go look for a extention cord and power outlet before the laptop died. While waiting for someone to bring him the head of one the robots he draw a kunai and started cuting cables, striping the plastic protection exposing copper to splice them together. A few mintues had passed and his clone hadn't come back nor had anyone seemed to be heading for his location, a look of annoyence formed on his face do the situation.

Damn the power most be out for block I guess, well I hope the battery last long enough.

Pulling out his cell phone the resourceful shinobi connected it to the laptop and used it as a wireless access point and started downloading a key cracks, his preparation was almost comeplete he just hoped one of the cables would work. His clone finally returned and plugged the laptop into power supply, now with powers all he need was the sentinel head that he was going to go himself. When over the herizon he saw the head of a mechainical monters that were attacking the city, right as he was about to attack planing to drop it in one clean swift strike he saw it was being carried by a formilar face. The silent yet dedly time travlling assassin T.J., placing the hand in fornt of him T.J. droped it in fornt of Vann. The sound of metal hitting cement travelled a short ways while causing a slight vibration on the ground, he was shocked that T.J. was here let alone the one delivering the sentinel head. Vann greeted his friend before he started looking for the motherboard inside the robotic head.

Yo, T whats brings you here I thought you where on the west coast still?

Finding the the board he was looking for, he traced somewires to the a connection that he could use. Vann looked surprised that with modern-tech that the main conntection would be a firewire connection, he looked through all the stuff he took from the store and found a USB/Firewire HUB. Not too many people knew that the ninja was such a tech head, but even Vann didn't know why he thought to grab that hub seeing that firewire is so out of date. But finally getting everthing connected and Vann opened up terminal a DOS based program on Mac OSX. Begining to type the screen filled with HEX encryptions, as he was getting sucked into his task he felt a shift in the air and his attention was turned to a little girl chargining up a cannon with is it's sights set on the shinobi. Only reacting Vann grabbed T.J. by his forearm and planted his feet, then twisting his body with great force he throw T.J. to prevent him getting hurt. Truning back to the girl his eyes had changed to his mangekyou sharingan, he planned to use his space time jutsu to cancel the attack but he took to much time trying to get T.J. out of harms way. The blast erputed from the cannon melting and dissolving everything in its path, there wasn't enough time for him to trigger the space rip. Vann thought for sure he was going to fall cause he had nothing that he could fast enough to defend himself with, as the blast got within a few meters Vann and the head was wrapped in purple wall.

What the?!

The giant snake that Vann was riding earlier came back from looking for sentinel and wrapped itself like sping or coil around the ninja protecting him from the blast. As the blast faded so did the the snake, all that stood was the girl and the ninja with a wake of destuction between them. Standing infornt of the sentinel head Vann made a set of hand seals and from a large puff of smoke five clones appeared. The real Vann leapped on to the robotic head and went back to work on the hecking the Sentinel, while the clones dashed at the girl with great speed as they drew closer they all vanished. Spin with its leg extended the first clone appeared to send a forceful kick to the grls gut to send her flying backward where she was met by the second clone who fist was cocked back and clinched. Thrusting it forward he sent into the center of her back forcing the girl to fly in the oppsite direction to be stopped and sent upward by the third clone who hands were planted firmly on the ground and aimed his kick right under her chin and followed p behind hehind her sending kick after kick into her gut driving her higher and higher untill the first two clones both wielding swords sliced acrossed the girl in a "X" motion. While the unslault was going on Vann had made  throught the cyber wall and had almost located the the file he was looking for to not only take control of the Sentinels but also get the coordenates of where Mandrake's ship was was. The clones continued with there calculated atack as the fourth one came summersaulting down with his leg extend and as stiff as a metal beam smashing into the child's collar bone to cause her to go crashing back to the earth, yet long before she would reach it the fifth and final clone appeared using the SHADOW OF THE DACNING LEAF to match her falling trajectory through the air. Then wrapping his arms around her tightly they began to spirl to ground while building up speed as he planed to drive her head first into pavement.

Yes! I got it now to upload and send the coordenates to every ones phone and then take control over the Sentinels.

Sending the Mandrake's location to everyone Vann then started type more commends and then the machines that plagued the group through out this day finally stop and then sarted to turning to one another and opened fired. Then unplugging the laptop Vann closed it and put it in a back and took off to meet up with the other.