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It was a celebration, and a decent one at that. All the friends and families were present... Not mine mind you, but Walters. Walter Edmond Portmyer, a dear old friend, a master in the departments of occultism. In honest... I didn't know much about Walters past other then the fact that he had helped me many of times by looking into old books, or transcribing ancient manuscripts for me in my own times of need. But here and now I sat in honor of the great elderly man I have called a friend for many years. It is a celebration of his life and his many accomplishments, for now Walter was to be retired. He was retiring from his professional business, so that he could live out his last years at home with his dear wife Margret.

I showed up early and planned on staying until the last few left, for I respected this mortal man more then many could even understand. I was dressed in a black tuxedo and had brought him tickets to the opera, a favorite activity of Margret's. The meal was rather good as well, and I can remember looking at the table placement beforehand as well, it was all real silver. A fitting end to such a wonderful professional career, his shop was to be passed down to his nephew Roger I do believe... Anyhow the evening went on as people made speeches and gave gifts to Edmond and his family, and all could both see and feel the love and respect in the room itself.

Then towards the end of the night a young man walked into the room and sat down at the now empty table nearest the door. He had a very shabby demeanor to him, and was scowling. He was also acting both vulgar and chaotic, it was not how I wanted Walters night to be remembered so I was going to see to it personally that this young punk was removed, from the otherwise pleasant affair. But just as I went to get up, Walter had made his way behind me and set his hand on my shoulder, as a way of saying. "No... That won't be necessary." so I sat back down and tried to get comfortable again. A factor that was made impossible by this young idiot of a man.

Walter finally decides to approach the youthful swine as he does the mans eyes become crazed with fear and anger. Walter could sense something was very wrong with this young man, and wanted to have him leave of his own freewill. "Please leave." Walter put it plainly. The young man growled as he looked closer at Walter and he saw something, that I never had before. Walter had a tattoo. A tiny, hidden tattoo, behind his left ear on the uppermost part of his neck. The symbol of the hunter. A vampire hunter to be more specific about it, had I known any of this however? No I had not... Not until tonight that is.

The young man explodes into a ball of rage as his body begins to physically alter. He grows in mass exponentially, as thick dark fur starts to also sprout out of the stranger as well. A werewolf. Walters face was utter shock, but not a trace of panic. He quickly... More quickly then any would expect a man his age to move, leaped back across the room and grabbed a silver spoon from the table before him. The werewolf growled and laughed at the spoon, as his mighty and long ape like arms shredded the table before himself. The two stared deeply into thee others eyes, as they both started to form their next course of action. The werewolf wanted Walter dead for some unknown reasons, and Walter had never even met a werewolf before, but he knew that look in the beasts eyes, and he knew it well.

I can't explain it but I had an overwhelming feeling come over me that told me to just watch, not to interfere. So I listened to my gutt reaction, and I stayed as stone in my chair, watching with great interest. The creature acted first, he leapt forward with his mighty claws outstretched aimed to tear away at Walters soft and fleshy body. But Walter did not flinch, instead he hurled the now slightly bent silver spoon at the werewolf, at his chest. The spoon struck true, and incredibly hard to boot. It blew a huge whole out of the center of the monsters chest, and an even larger one out his back. The creature fell dead to the floor, before he was even able to lay a single claw of Walter or Margret.

The old hunter sat down next to his wife, and they both looked like they were shocked, but nothing more. Like it was a surprise, but nothing new to them. The other guests were in complete terror, all except for myself. I was shocked and confused to be honest, I had known Walter for over forty-five years and had never truly known the man it now seems. I slowly gathered my things, and helped Margret and Walter out the door as I was now sure the evening was officially cut short. I shook Walters hand and kissed Margret's cheek. Then made my walk along the cold empty streets as I heard the police sirens coming from the distance. "Just another Thursday night." I heard Walter say as I was about ten yards away. I chuckled.

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Good story. I look forward to the next part.

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Thanks. Its just going to be a series of odd stories. I will write them as I think of them.

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Really good stuff

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@Meticulous: No problem, keep the posts coming.