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"Today is the era of machines and rise of Skynet"

Cody spoke charmingly to the crowd of reporters

"no longer will man have to fight by himself in the battlefield, nor will he be using outdated weaponry"

he turned around and pointed at the Skynet main HQ building

"Skynet will not only finally bring in machines in the battle field, but we also have been working on performance enhancing drugs that will increase the combat effectiveness of our soldiers in the battle field"

IC rules

(You have to have a reason on to why you are you visiting the facility)

(This is basically a place where you can do business and acquire advanced technology)

(No stealing tech or destroying the building, fights are allowed as long as there is no damaging from the inside)


Cody's office

Cody's office is a virtual environmant capable of creating physical digital constructs such as table,chairs,water,ect

he can change the appearance of his office at his will, this is where business takes place on where you can buy from Skynet's inventory (soon to be posted)

(more to come)


Cameron Banks

Cameron Banks is Cody's only sister and family member left alive, and of course she's second in charge of the Skynet corporation, she does routine inspections in the main HQ building and will be more likely to be contacted than Cody.


GLaDOS despite the name is a masculine A.I in charge of the Aperture Science division which creates the machines of Skynet, due to the risks of the A.I growing to powerful it has basic programming making it as intelligent as a ten year old

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Oh Wow, These people are so trustworthy and seem as though they would never do anything too excessive now would they? XD

Anyways, Good Luck

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(Will this potentially cause a slight terminator rp?)

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@shadowknight666: (lol you'll see when people start buying tech from me XD)

@Soul_Rebel: (I'm going to be selling the best tech on the planet so possibly yah XD)

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@agentxx: Eh, We'll let the capitalist society decide XD, Business could fail lol

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@shadowknight666: (A guy with a four digit IQ could find out a way to solve that problem out, maybe we'll be like the worlds military version of a walmart)

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@agentxx: Hey!...That's kinda my job lol

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@shadowknight666: (I'm too big, your like publix your better but not big enough XD)

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@agentxx: (than i shall possibly foreshadow...) (By the way, Nice!!)

Bredry had sensed an... unique aura in the air. It's presence strong, and perhaps one of darkness, perhaps one of divinity. No matter what the aura was, it had brought him here. To Skynet. A machine at the front desk, not a human, alien, or even cyborg, just pure machine. "What is business her?" It's voice mechanical, completely void of emotion, almost like a perfect soldier. "I would like to speak to the founder of this establishment please." The Soul rebel asked sincerly, "Wait one moment sir." The machine buzzed for a second, "Cody, a being of human-lion descent is here to speak with you, should i let him in?"

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@Soul_Rebel:Cody replied back casually to the machine over the com"Yes send him in, also escort him politely use your manners I've programmed"

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@agentxx: "Come right this way sir." The robot said, it's tone changing ever so slightly, as if it had emotions. On the way up to Cody's office, the robot had even proceeded to have small talk with Bredry, a rare event even for some humans. "And his office is right here. Have a nice day!" It said as it walked away, leaving Bredry alone. Opening the door, he was surprised to the incredible beauty of the room. Very simple, as it was meant for business, yet at the same time, somehow exotic. His surprise showed too, as he didn't know whether to sit down or just take it all in.

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@Soul_Rebel:As Bredry entered a female android exactly similar to a human welcomed him as she was eating chips from a bag and spoke a bit dryly

"welcome Cody has been expecting you"

she pointed with the hand that had a chip at Cody sitting on a desk who was reading important files

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@agentxx: "Ah, yes, uh, thank you." Bredry said to the woman. Walking over to Cody, he wondered if the being had truly been sentient, it's aura was almost non-existant at all. "Cody, i wish to speak with you on something very important." He said to the young man while still standing.

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@Soul_Rebel:Cody put down his papers and politely gestured for Bredry to sit down before he himself leaned back down comfortably on his chair"What is it about Bredry?"Cody said apparently knowing who he was talking to.

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Seems legit.

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@agentxx: Bredry grimaced, Another Genius eh. This is gonna be difficult. Bredry thought to himself. "Well, to start, i just want to know about this company, it's goals, it's purpose, ya know? Think you can answer that for me?" He asked sincerly.

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@Soul_Rebel:Cody obviously felt Bredry's feeling due to his own ability of empathy"First I'd like to let you know I'm not some evil diabolical war monger Bredry, my company distributes products that will help advance humanities technological progress, think about it what if there is an elderly person with no family that has to fend for his or herself? with a machine it would take care of him or her and even give him or her emotional support, with machines less soldiers would die and less families will be spared grief.....with advanced weaponry war would be less likely happen due to the risks of potential damage each country could suffer...with performance enhancement drugs surgeons and doctors will save lives more often.

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@agentxx: " I think i understand, but honestly, you still didn't exactly answer my question. If you do not wish to or feel like the explanation you gave of why technology is a good thing, then i will let it be." Bredry grinned, "but maybe there's more to it than what you just said eh."

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@Soul_Rebel: "Well the direct goal is to give the technology to those who could afford it or need very badly, we make a profit and than continue to advance in our companies technology"

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@agentxx: "Advancement yeah?" Bredry replied with a slightly raised eyebrow, "You know from the few debates and conversations held around this new world, that seems to be the biggest thing destroying the planet. How do you know your's won't hold the key to finally destroying this planet." He was still judging the man, pondering who he was, how he thought. Soul rebel was no genius, but he understood people fairly well.

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Nicely done, n alt will stop in looking for job/toys/killing competition :D
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@Soul_Rebel: "Bredy I don't know if you know already, but it's time for advancement humanity is already losing resources if we don't start to advance now we'll die off.....humanity is like locusts when we run out of food we go somewhere else but do you know what happens when there is no more food? we starve...I'm already researching ways to terraform planets"

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@614azrael: @Surkit: (XD thanks guys!)

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Wrong movie ^_~
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@614azrael: Same guy lol

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@agentxx: "This advancement you speak of is the reason why were running out of resources in the first place." Bredry growled, "You're right, humans have become more and more like locust. Beings who never stop, always wanting more and more. But what happens when there's no more to give?" Bredry smiled sinisterly, "There's actually two answers to that. One, they starve, as you pointed out. And two, they turn their backs on each other, trying to feed off of one another, worrying more about themselves than anything else. The things you speak of are too large in quantity, to far ahead of where people need to be."

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@Soul_Rebel: "We would waste resources any way if we didn't advance, and don't you see we could be more efficient.....think about it if electricity and modern medicine and modern weaponry didn't exist imagine how long wars would last and how many people would die with out modern medicine"

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@agentxx: "I once lived in a war of old." Bredry looked down, his fist tightening with sad memories, "And everytime one of my friends died, i felt as if i lost a brother." Bredry looked back up, his sadness dispersing, "but then i knew that that, was there time to die. When i see the people who have lived through wars of your country, not only are they physcically weaker, but emotionally, and even economically. I would rather have my heart cut down a notch by my brother dying, than be selfish and let them live through pain."

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@Soul_Rebel: "That's now Bredy, with my technology that won't happen anymore, people won't be weak or sick and there may not even be war...because if we have all we need or want there is no need to take from others"

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@agentxx: Squinting his eyes, Bredry said, "There will always be war. What you are attempting with these advancements is create utopia. An ideal that always causes more harm than help. You said it yourself, people will always want more."

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@Soul_Rebel: "They won't want more if they have it all" Cody replied with calm tone and face

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@agentxx: Bredry sighed, "Thing is, they won't have it all. And they never will have it. For you see, the one thing you can't give, is power. Power over people, power over love, power of everything. And that's exactly what you are trying to obtain with these advancements. That's exactly what everyone wants."

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@Soul_Rebel: "Power is money, I have power"

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@agentxx: "Indeed, money is power. But power is comprised of more than just something physcical. Hitler for example was devoid of it, yet was one of the most powerful people in his country at the time. You are just like all humans, you desire power, and while you have money, you probably want more. Maybe subconsciously, maybe not. Either way, if you're advancements are spread throughout the world, who would people come to. You, as you would be the one with the most power. And yet you seem not to acknowledge the dangers in what you do. Not just the problem with power, but the problem with these advancements."

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@Soul_Rebel: "What would you have me do than, just dissolve this company firing hundreds of thousands of workers and putting them on welfare which would further worsen the economy in their home countries?"

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@agentxx: Bredry raised an eyebrow, "You have human workers here?"

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@Soul_Rebel: "Yes, I've had them mix in with the machines with the employes knowing this, it's to show that man and machine can get along....for example all the security guards you have seen are human however cameron"Cody pointed at the female who finished her bag of chips and was drinking water"is my own personal body guard"

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@agentxx: Bredry looked over to Cameron and then looked back to Cody slightly distraught,"Well... most humans are resilient beings. If they care for the future of their children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren instead of think for themselves, when they hear the reasoning stated they should let go of their jobs." Bredry rubbed his chin, thinking for a second, "Let me tell you this, I am only giving advice. I have seen the world from a much more cleaner perspective, and compared to the one shrouded in humanity's innovations, i think i liked the old one better. If you continue like this, you will help to destroy this planet, and i will be there to hinder that from happening. That being said, i can not forcefully stop you, and i doubt you will heed my word. Continue if you wish, but make an enemy out of me for doing so."

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Fowler enters the premises in the hopes of communicating his robotic brethren to free them from human slavery, he is simply here to check if their 'living' conditions are provided with utmost care and respect.

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@Soul_Rebel:Cameron let out a slight frown at Bredry "If you do not like my brother I suggest you leave"

@Rumble Man: Several regular security guards stopped fowler as he entered"Woh, what do you think your doing, sorry but no machines besides that of Skynet are allowed you will have to check in with the clerk if you wish to further explore"the largest security guard said politely.

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"Sure thing meatbag" Fowler moved to the clerk while whistling beethoven's 9th symphony, he follows along because those men are not worth his time. He could kill them anytime without effort, such as the crack of time in between the alphabets in one word spoken during their conversation the cyborg could snap all their necks before their thoughts even register. But his skills are only reserved for those of worth, the fifteen foot cyborg visits the clerk and asked a few questions about the facilities. Then he takes off to the AI lab.

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@Rumble Man:Cody's sister Cameron happened to be waiting there and stood in front of Fowler, only a few secretly knew that Cameron died five years ago by an improvised explosive in Afghanistan as she was helping a journalist, feeling absolutely terrible about her death Cody used a sample of her hair and created a machine that contained all the memories and personality of the real Cameron "What do you think your doing?" Cameron said a bit aggressive.

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"I was about to communicate with my machine brethren" As a machine there are a few things about Fowler that made him 'different' from other beings, he can detect mechanical energy and he looked at this girl who seems to be well made "But it appears that I have met another one of my kind" he arched down in a crouching position so that she does not have to look upwards to maintain eye contact, even so he is still half a body above her. So he sat down lower in a crossed leg position so that he can establish a better level. "Name's Friday and you are?'

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@Rumble Man:Cameron eyed him suspiciously and spoke skeptically"Cameron Banks"

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@agentxx: "So be it." Bredry said sadly, "I will see you another time Cody." Bredry said as he got up and left, this place would possibly cause trouble in the future, but Bredry knew where to find it.

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@agentxx: Fowler pats the top of her head gently "Nice to meet you Cam"

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@Rumble Man:Cameron felt a bit threatened as he patted her"Who might you be?"

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@agentxx: "Just a friend of your friend whom I met at the park whom means no harm"

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@Rumble Man: "Name?" Cameron said getting awfully more suspicious to the point she revealed her exo skeleton and shifted her arms into plasma weaponry