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There was a time when both heroism and villainy wasn't about politics, terrorism, shadow organizations and ulterior motives, it was about heroes beating up criminals, simple as that. The underdogs, a team that is long gone, but easily one of the most memorable of the old Vine, a group of (anti) heroes just doing what 'normal' heroes did, fight crime. The other thing it did well was character interaction between each other, so I decided to take from the old and put it into the new. But this time, why not the villains?

The underdogs.

The team will revolve around a group of villains who all live in the same apartment complex, sometimes banding together for personal gain and all things criminal. They don't own islands, they don't have super soldiers, they are just people (powers or not) who decided to become the bad guys. Going for a bit of dark comedy.

The "base"

If you would even call it that. As said above, the 'base' is but a simple apartment complex in Miami, the villains living here will be the team that also lives their daily routines other than being a villain. The landlord is an old lady by the name of Hilda, who was a villain herself back in the fifties, but now she is but a senile rent hungry old bag. Sure there are normal people living in some of the apartments, but they tend to keep to themselves.

The complex.

Landlady Hilda.

The Members (residents)


Terrance Peirce Higgins: Higgins was formally an M.H.A agent in training who's job was to maintain relations with the organization and hero demographic. His record was commendable, so they decided to give him a promotion. The promotion however would be how he ended up becoming the infamous criminal "POW!" For his new task was to adopt the villain persona and go undercover in the villain lifestyle...He got consumed by it though. Higgins went off the deep end and became a very successful hired villain, but this of course raised the attention of the M.H.A. It was only the matter of a quick chase for Higgins to be detained and put in a SuperMAX prison.

  • POW! Is easily noticeable from his padded suit and kinetic gauntlets.

The requirements and rules.

  • Anyone is free to join at this point! Just a few things though:
  • Once there are enough residents, the roster will be closed up until a resident decides to move.
  • I highly suggest you make a brand new character for this team, that way it would give it more of a fresh vibe, use a dusty alt account or just make a new one from scratch! Your call.
  • We are looking for "street level" class villains here.
  • And by villains I mean crooks and criminals, if you are looking to lead henchmen and take over ze world? I hear the VV is recruiting :)
  • Realism is this teams middle name...Not in the sense of super powers and all that, more like personality and behavior. It's cool to be the arrogant angst monger but would he/she be like that at all hours of the day? At their home?
  • PM This account or just reply here if you wanna join or have any questions :)
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And be gentle! I am REALLY rusty.

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Ha, this sounds fun. I wonder if I have a free alt.

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I would join but no viable alts. dammmn

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hahahahahaha i got one for ya

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What if not particularly villainous, but with hedonistic tendencies that "normal" people tend to find...questionable?

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@mrname: Yeah, okay. Sorry, can't help you.

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I think I might join. I wanted to have a street level character around anyway :P

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@mrname: Okay, that's not entirely true. I might could maybe. Though I'm not sure at what level she'd be counted at.

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@mrname: Arturia, of course. "Hedonistic," that's a dead giveaway.

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@x_plicit: Neat :P Well if you wanna join just say the word.

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@mrname: Well, it all depends. But even if I wasn't a member per se, am I barred entry?

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@zauberin: Member or not, all are welcome :)

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Mark was sitting down in his lawn chair reading the newspaper as per norm. He did not care for any of the political talk or the average it could be the end of the world as we know it speech from crazy hippies. What he did care about was reading about the new generation of heroes and villains. Having been both he would critique a hero on how fast he saved a group of people or a villain on what his evil plan was. Today it was a villain. "Ha this is rich: 'Mad Scientist Holds World Hostage!' Do villains of the current generation find ideas from the book of villain cliches?! Seriously I bet this guy is not even a scientist, hell I bet he does not even have a PHD!"

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@the_golden_man: "Well Mark things just aren't the way they used to be, not ever since the registration act wars.." Sandy pointed his spatula at the most recent resident of the complex while cooking some steaks on the grill, having only met him a few days ago. "How did you want your steak again?"

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@mrname: "Medium well....." Mark flipped the page and saw her. "Sandy you will not believe this. There is a new Japanese superhero calling herself Golden Girl. While one might say it is per coincidence, but her tech is some of my old gear!" He flipped the newspaper around and pointed to her boots and gauntlets. "Those boots were my original hover boots and those gauntlets were the prototype for my golden gauntlets. I was okay with that future guy Max Well using my name because by the time he uses it I am long gone, but this girl is using while I still breathe". He scratched the side of his face, remembering the good old days where nobody stole your identity. " Remember back in the day, villains and heroes never took each others identities unless they were dead or gave their legacy to that person? I do. I remember one incident, this guy Captain Injustice he was a villain in the late 30's and he disappeared. A new Captain Injustice showed up in the 50's and was killed by the original".

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@the_golden_man: "Big deal Mark!" Sandy flipped the steak onto a plate for Mark and handed it to him while taking a seat in a lawn chair as well. "Like I said, nobody in this day and age has respect for titles and all that o stuff, I guarantee you there is at least two other mutants with powers just like mine doing the exact same villain crap and i'm still in the PRIME of my career!...Well...It's sort of at a low right now but you get the point.." Sandy grabbed the paper from Mark and looked at the Golden girl. "Well it's odd, weren't you a villain back in the day? What's with this chick being a hero?"

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@mrname: "I was a hero for a while during the 70's or something for like a year". Mark took a bite of his steak and then began to talk. "Maybe she was motivated during my time helping those teen heroes during some crisis in the 90's. The thing I find strange is that I only visited Japan for a month and that was before I had invented the hover boots or the golden gauntlets. Maybe I should go visit this Golden Girl".

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@the_golden_man: "Maybe you should, maybe I'll tag along, got a heist later this week but i'm not sure if it's going to pan out so we'll see.." Sandy watched almost hypnotically at Mark eat the steak, being born as a man that was made entirely out of sand, he had no taste in his mouth let alone not having a stomach, he enjoyed watching people eat what he cooked though. "How's the steak Mark?"

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@mrname: (It is me the Golden Man I reached the post limit so I am on my main account) "The steak is delicious". He continued to eat the steak. "You can come along, but I think it is best if I fight her myself. Then again she could have a little accident". He pointed to a button on his sleeve and laughing a bit.

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@joeagentofhand1: "Mark, don't mean to step on your parade here..But aren't you something like eighty? How do you plan on taking on a cape?" Sandy gave Mark a friendly chuckle while scratching his chin a bit, a few specs of sand trickling off onto his green shirt.

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@mrname: "There is a reason why those golden gauntlets were prototypes: they could only lift 5 tons. My current gauntlets give me a max 15. Also I have other gear that will give me the upper hand. I am not saying kill her, that was only my dark comedy showing, though maybe rough her up a bit. See what this Golden Girl has got. I will need you for back up though; when one cape is in trouble two more show up".

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@joeagentofhand1: "Yeah sure, I'll back you up old man" Sandy smirked while taking the empty plate from Mark and put it on the tray with the rest of his BBQ supplies. "Look i'm going to catch game of thrones and get some shut eye before I head out tonight, got that bruiser job and I really don't wanna deal with being tired for that shit, but talk later yeah?"

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@mrname: "Good luck whippersnapper". He chuckled and continued to read the newspaper ranting in his mind.

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@joeagentofhand1: POW parked his Oldsmobile in the lot and weakly got out, his suit was ripped in some places and was all around roughed up. With a yawn and a sigh he made his way up the complex stairs and arrived at his door, reaching into his belt pocket to fumble around for his keys. "Son of a..Thought I out them in this one" He muttered under his breath.

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "You must be Mr. Lincoln". Mark put the newspaper to his side and smiled a little. "I Heard you were an inventor like me".

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@joeagentofhand1: Willis slowly looked over at the man, then slowly looked out to the night sky. "Who...Who reads a newspaper outside at four in the morning?..Uhh yeah, Sandy brought you up a few days ago" He finally found his keys, no point in pulling them out at the moment though. "You a part of the Underdogs too then?"

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "Well one can say I am a strange man(laughs). Yeah I am apart of the Underdogs". Mark scratched his face a bit, trying to figure out how this guy fought and his profile. It was hard to tell how old he was, probably around 25. He might rely too much on his gear, but Mark did too when he first started out. Luckily for Mark he had a brother in the military. "So how has life been for you?"

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@joeagentofhand1: "It's been..Alright" He looked down at his beaten up costume. "Had a door thrown at my head so.. there's that tidbit.."

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "Oh I have been there". He began to look at Lincoln's costume. Nasty gashes they were. "One time I fought this one hero and was tossed out a window. I got cuts all along my body and broke my leg when I landed". Mark laughed at the memory at how his arrogance caused that accident.

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@joeagentofhand1: "I have had every bone in my body broken" Willis chuckled and pulled off his mask, revealing a face in it's late twenties.

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "Ouch!" Mark cringed at the thought. Having his leg broken hurt like a b@tch he could not imagine all that pain. "How did that happen?"

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@joeagentofhand1: "More than once! That's what happens when you run into mutants and meta humans on what was SUPPOSED to be a simple bank job. After about the second time of almost friggin dying I had to get some of my nerves severed, don't feel alot of pain these days."

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "It seems like that your generation is much tougher than mine. Then again it is harder for men with ten eyes to become villains(laughs), so something is going right".

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@joeagentofhand1: "Yeah tougher as in tougher to be the bad guy! Everyone has crazy super powers, hell even Sandy could be in the bigs of he wasn't so modest..I'm just trying to make a living the fun way is all."

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@lincoln_protocol: Golden Man: "Back in my day being a villain was just for whatever reason. Made a cool freeze gun or other invention? Go do some crazy crime and fight a hero! Funny that everybody with freeze guns is a villain".

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@joeagentofhand1: "Huh...Never even noticed until now! Well i'm going to go get patched up for the meeting later, you coming?"

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@joeagentofhand1: "Sandy's place, they are always held there, see you then Goldy" Willis gave him a smile before pulling out his keys and headed into his apartment.

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Good stuff man