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"Everything's your fault..."

Demitri sat under his favorite tree, carving a sculpture for his daughter out of pine wood. His knife plunged into the eye socket, digging out material for an ornate detail in the elephant's pupil. Alicia loved elephants, ever since they went to the circus. His wife wanted to take them to a circus once. She wanted a lot of things for her family. She loved them. Demitri sighed, holding the model to the sun to try and make the trunk nice and perfect. Suddenly, a shape rustled behind a smaller, nearby tree and cracked a wayward twig. It didn't take Demitri's enhanced hearing to know that it was his daughter. He smiled.


A whimper emerged from behind the lanky and spindly sapling and Demitri hid the sculpture behind the larger tree he was sitting under. As he turned around to greet his visitor, Alicia had hugged his neck. Grunting softly with surprise, he reached over his own shoulders and tickled her armpits until she fell away laughing.

Her features were so similar in resemblance to her mother. Perhaps that is why he spoiled her. She was so beautiful, her golden hair and dark blue eyes being the more noticable, but her nose was straight and narrow and her chin curled into a dimple that disappeared whenever she stopped smiling. Her cheeks were always a light shade of pink - Mary would always say she was kissed by angels with roses when he was born. Mary was always kind and Alicia reflected her so closely. Demitri was brought back to reality by a small forehead being pushed into his chest and his shirt becoming warm with muffled sobs.

"What's wrong, Alicia?" He asked, slightly panicked.

She was quiet for a moment, still crying. Then she finally answered him.

"I-It's Robin, something's wrong with him!"

Robin was their dog, a wide-eyed Irish Setter with a bold set of legs. He was a good dog, but maybe he was too adventurous. Sometimes, he came home limping from Michael Allister's farm. Demitri never liked Allister and Michael sensed this, exploiting it by luring Robin with the smell of cooking bacon only to kick him around. Demitri knew he was somehow involved when he saw Robin laying in the middle of the living room, his torso bobbing up and down at an alarming rate and his eyes bloodshot. Demitri had left the door open and Alicia was on the nearby couch, tearing erratically and chewing on her knuckles - a nervous habit she had. Demitri rubbed Robin's stomach and the dog yelped, causing Alicia to jump.

"Alicia, go to your room. I'll take Robin to the veterinarian in town,"

She nodded and ran up the stairs. Demitri closed the door after him and locked it with the key from his pocket. He looked from the car to Robin, his breathing more pained and his cries more like pleas for the pain to stop.

"Hold on boy."

Demitri took a step forward and vanished, a cloud of dust the only clue to his previous location. He stopped running when he saw the tallest building in the town and slowed to a jog, acting as if he was more tired than he actually was. He never wanted to scare anyone. The veterinarian was just on the outer lip of town and Demitri kicked open the door.

"My dog is dying!"

Mr. Hemley, who ran the clinic, was a short man in his fifties. He was balding and had tufts of hair extending out of the side of his head with a pompous mustache dangling from his upper lip. He wore an exaggerated pair of glasses held back with an elastic string to keep them from falling into his patients needing surgery. He was wearing gloves, ready for his next appointment but getting Demitri yelling in his reception office.

"Hold on, Demitri, hold on. Come put Robin on the table in the back room and I'll see what I can do."

Hours passed. Demitri saw Robin put into a state of slumber as Mr. Hemley did his damnedest to try and see what the problem was. He prodded Robin's stomach and even in sleep, he yelped and shunned his touch. Mr. Hemley eventually decided to put Robin into surgery, diagnosing the source of his pain being pieces of broken glass he had swallowed. Demitri got him to town so quickly that Robin hadn't bled to death yet, but there were lacerations in his esophagus and mouth. If Robin survived, he needed a liquified diet for several months before he could chew and eat solids again.

Hours passed. The last of the glass clipped against the metal tray and Mr. Hemley sewed Robin back together. He sighed and rubbed Robin's head.

"Good boy..."

Demitri never imagined what he could say to Alicia. She would never forgive him. Mr. Hemley passed by and looked forlornly at Demitri before turning his head and leaving the decision up to him. They discussed the matter of a burial before the operation. Demitri wanted Robin presentable, if Mr. Hemley could give him that. He exited the building after taking Robin in a large styrofoam box through the back door to keep the other customers from assuming Mr. Hemley had a bad record with surgeries.

He lumbered out into the distance for what felt like years, cradling the makeshift coffin. His eyes were red from tears, but he was only determined now. He was determind to bury Robin by their favorite pond, where they and Alicia would spend summer days trying to catch minnows and watching Robin nip at frogs. He looked out from on top of a hill and saw it glistening, welcoming him to some kind of peace. He reached its banks as the sun began to set and as his fingers became dirtied with the soil of six feet below the surface of the earth, he lowered Robin down.

After a few moments of packing the dirt, Demitri looked out to where his house was, his attention taken wholly by a faint glow in the distance. He was taken by the image into a moment of psychosis. He screamed and disappeared with a running start, reaching the site as the final embers died down. His mailbox stood like a somber sentry in front of the mound of ash and debris, his car parked beside it. He thought he could not weep anymore, but as he reached the remains of the stairs, his hysteria melted away into sheer emotional agony. Alicia's favorite stuffed toy - a baby blue elephant - was all that was left from her room, or her to his knowledge. He took it into an embrace and the soot under his bowed knees were stained into two seperate puddles of his tears. He framed this on Allister, who had taken his pet. It was only logical he had taken what else he had. It was only logical there was no mercy to stop him from taking his daughter.

He stormed the gates of Michael's farm, as he and his son were getting prepared to sleep. Breaking the fenced doors brought about Allister's rifle being shoved in his direction. "Demitri, get off my land!" he yelled, letting off two shots. Each of them ricocheted off Demitri's chest and fell away into the blackness of the night. Allister's son came at Demitri with a hatchet fished out from the chopped kindling. Demitri grabbed Allister's son by the wrist with his right hand and stained his left arm until the elbow with the bastard's blood, in his fist part of the boy's intestinal tract. Gasping for air, the boy fell to the ground with Demitri's hand enclosing what his digestive system encompassed of. His still-churning stomach was busy disgesting what he had for supper and Demitri's boot popped it like a balloon, grinding it into the dust with a heel. The boy died slowly, bleeding to death like Robin. Allister watched on in horror.


Allister was proud. His blood was rich and hot. Demitri stopped his charge, the butt of his rifle in midair and swinging by the pivots in his arms. Allister fell to the ground, both of his arms broken off at the shoulders. He screamed in agony, blood spilling from his wounds and staining the ground with rust-colored muck. Demitri forced the same boot he crushed Allister Jr.'s stomach with into Michael's throat, making him choke on his own curses and profanities.

"You didn't stop. Why should I?"

He increased pressure on Allister's neck. The area surrounding, outlining, his footwear was turning purple. Allister gargled on red spit and his eyes became pale. Everything was quiet as the animals slept past the commotion. The townspeople would probably think Allister was shooting wild game, like he always did.

Demitri smiled. By God, he smiled.

"Everything's your fault, because you let that happen..."

A small chuckle escaped his diaphragm.

"Because you failed everyone you loved..."

He spiraled into dementia, the faces of his slow descent flashing around him, taking pictures of his disappearing sanity to treasure what they had broken forever. They laughed as he laughed, letting him know it was alright to feel this way.

"Because you failed me."

Warsman cracked his eyes open. His surroundings were white, picturesque, and perfect. He sat upon a silver cloud, each pore of its being dancing with his presence. It was a happy place. Except, there was a figure hidden with a veil of light that pierced his mind. The figure had a face he hated, and it exploited the fact that he was going mad with its voice.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked, wanting answers for everything the specter had done to him.

"Why are you showing me these things, these visions?"

"Because I thought it would be funny to see your reaction."

Warsman knew the voice. He hated it, and thought about hissing every time he heard it. He escaped that man! He wanted to get away from him through death, but he only met him here in this nirvana. A good hunter always knows where his prey is, perhaps.

"I don't want to be shown these pictures...I know what happened!"

"I'm not showing them to you because you don't want to. It's to prove a point. You regret what you did, didn't you?"


"Allsiter didn't deserve that, but because he killed Robin you assumed it was he who killed your daughter. You're no more Symaarian than you are human. Go back, and make up for your mistakes in life."

"I'm not human!!" Warsman replied angrily.

"I tell you because it is true. You worship a dead law and bring it to the humans by killing them. It is more a human way of life than you think."

"Shut up, I listened to you before but I escaped you! Go away!!"


The floor opened underneath him, and he fell. He tried grabbing onto the sides of  the opening but they faded away from him. He turned to see what he was closing in on, but he only woke himself up from a nightmare. He was still on Ninjeta. He was still alive, part of the Wolf Pack. He began to stand, staggering to his feet, and the image of the elephant carved out of pine wood insisting on making itself known to his conscientious mind.
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D@mn this isn’t good that hit barely scratched him he’s going crazy. Even with ICE and the lanterns we could still lose. The last time an alien like this got into a fight. He nearly broke out of every extradimensional prison in existence and some not and tore through reality. Kurrent this isn’t gonna work this guy is huge and he just keep going crazy on us. Sha’s gone, DC’s over whelmed with that ninja guy. If we can disable there last big weapon the ninjans will fall and we’ll win. I have a plan but I don’t now if it’ll work and honeslty I don’t even know if we’ll live or not.


"You know those doors I make. Basically they connect me to subspace. The connection line between all reality. I think I can get him into one he won’t be able to get out but here comes the hard part getting him. I’m gonna need one hell of a blast from you to push him into the door. Anything else will just piss him. Off and listen to me we don’t have time for you and me to argue ok we either to this my way or we get ourselves killed. You just do what you have to to them shot when I say K K I always wanted to say that."


"I’ve thought about being dead and it bored me really what do super heroes do when they’re dead. People who spend their lives fighting masturbation rates are probably high. Now hell, hell is different I bet hell s a whole other story everyday is fight. Demons monster damned souls I couldn’t stop if I wanted to."


"I do the witty banter thing. God it helps so much. I’m scared out of my mind this is probably my worst idea I’ve ever had and I’m just gonna go with it. I should be trying to run away from this. Trying to find some way to save myself before I make a mistake I might not be able to walk away from. This could kill me. And not in the come back from the dead way. The I’m dead and I stay dead way."


 The Shadow wearing hero jumps at his prey. His life flashes before his eyes as he crosses the small gap from him and Nate. He hopes for so much preying that Nate does not us his superior speed to dodge or smash his skull. “OPEN” He opens one of his golden portals in front of him and jumps through. The other door opens behind NAte. He screams “SHUT”  KURRENT SHOOT HIM RIGHT NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. Hope you like hell cause I’m gonna give you hell for everyday were stuck in here. Oh well I hope this is fun."

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She could see he was good in concealing truth. For as she unsheathe his reaper like weapon and pointed it to her. IT was like looking into a stone hard wall. Something not many humans could do…but then again who said he was human in the first place? He was far to intelligent to be of that race and given the reason of his lack of speech she knew this was no at least not a normal earthling. His weapon was amazing. Dangerous and rare. She marveled at it’s workmanship and beauty as if it was alive. But she always had a weakness for weapons. Though she seldom used them she enjoying gazing at them and thinking of how she would use them.

She could see that he was a swift man readily prepared and knew what actions to take. Plausible that a man of his stature and probably power did no see a lot to gain from this. Why did he bother to fight her. She knew it could not be for Talons sake for the two of them had only met a few hours ago at the most. His determination to bring her down was quite fascinating at the least. She could see him standing there most likely thinking up a way to bring her down…and bring Talon up. Though as she looked at him she could feel shift in the atmosphere. Her eyes glinted at him a moment.

She looked at his weapon. It was strange, not something that you would see every day. Especially in the hands of this man. As she looked at him she could see that a plan was forming in his mind rapidly. Sort of like one would in Talons head. She stood looking at him awaiting his her attack and thinking of how to counter act it. She could not see why she even bothered she knew the ultimate ways of things she knew how this was all going to end and she was helping it speed up. But Talon had something that she wanted……that she always wanted. It was out of envy that she committed what she did. She did not want to hurt any one she just wanted a life and that alone was to great to achieve.

With that the stillness was broken as he charged toward her holding her weapon that was wrapped with in his grasp. As he aimed his first attack she let it come any way she was in a humanoid body and not as sharp as if she was in her own and real form. The blunt end of the weapon hit her thigh. As she cringed under the pain she remained looking at him. The worst thing that any one could ever do in battle was loose slight of the enemy and she did not intend to. As she clutched her hand over the wound no blood amazingly flowed out. Given Talons new healing factor Selice was impressed to say the last. At least now she would not start bleeding with the slightest touch.

As she prepared for his next brutal attack she expected his weapon to plunge into her stomach making her loose her breath but as she thought about it. That would have been very expectant from him. And she had not doubted him and she did not think that an attack of such littleness would occur in his battle with her. No he had another plan and she would not make any harsh judgments. She soon realized where he would attack her. It was such a wares attack not many times used against Talon but X-23 having access to her mind knew this attack and what it cause. He would hit her in the back of her neck obviously slightly disorientating her nerve system.

But She was not the only one aware of Shadowstep’s action. And from that point she had conserved her strength for this opening. With that she sent a Telepathic surge through her own body immobilizing it. Just long enough for Shadowstep to deliver his attack on her back. With that she fell to the floor and seemingly unconscious state of mind. Yet her mind was still quite alive. “You little devil” Selice growled “Touché sister” Talon said with a sly smile on her face. She could see that she had enraged her counterpart by her actions. All Selice knew was that Talon was in some subconscious sate of mind which caused her to be powerless.

Three weeks ago………..

Talon sat restful on the steps of the Wolf Pack base as she kept silent. The night had just risen and not being able to sleep she took up guard duty. Though they did not need a guard she did not have any thing better to do. Other than spending time with her team mates which to her was out of the question. As she chilly wind blew against the skin she shivered slightly. “Zenith” her face soon turned as she saw her guardian Isaac sitting beside her. Though she did not show it he had caused her a fright.”Yes!” she said her tone a little nervous. For when ever Isaac appeared bad thing always seemed to follow like a magnet. “Zenith I need to inform you of a catastrophic event that you will no doubtable cause” Oh yes he always brought bad things.

“and what is it” she did not want to ask though her curiosity always seemed to over come her like that. Isaac paused most likely trying to soften what ever he was going to throw at her. “Laura you single handedly cause the decimation of the Wolf Pack.” She was taken back by this and stared at him astonished. “That’s absurd” she state as she looked away trying to remain calm and not loose herself. Though many time Isaacs saying came true. For a moment she said nothing until Isaac broke the silence on more to add. “The actions you commit now are imperative…you need to leave the wolf Pack at this moment. This was way to fast for her to under stand but she answered non the less
“I will not leave this team. They are my family and I can not abandon them.” Soon getting to her feet she looked down upon her guardian and said. “My name is Talon of the Wolf Pack, that is who I am and who I want to be. I would never think of hurting any one on this team, or any one dear to me. So leave Isaac lest you have more news” Isaac said nothing only nodded his head and disappeared as he always did. She stood there a moment going over what had just happened and found a conclusion. Some how some where down the rode something would change her life forever.


And now that something had occurred just as Isaac predicted though she had not time to go over lost memories she had to get through to Shadowstep. Looking at X-23 she gave her a smug grin as she said “Sorry now it’s my turn” and with that she mustered all the power that she could harness in an attempted to regain control over her body. And so she did. Finding herself face on the floor she filliped over to her back as her eyes squinted in the light. Above her she saw Shadowstep holding onto his weapon. Letting out a sigh she spoke to him. Yet the constant battle between dominance had not ceased.

“Shadow boy,” she began. “I am sorry for what has occurred and that she had placed you the in middle of it all. I don’t know what she had told you but if it’s any thing bad then believe her. I am held captive in my mind and I require….” She stopped as her head began to pain as Selice was fighting back and she was fighting back harder than before. Cringing she let out a slight sound of pain though kept in contact with her alley. “You are an admiral alley and you have shown great…..diligence toward your cause. But I require you help..” Shutting her eyes tight she attempted to block out the pain.  

“Shadowstep you are worthy for wielding a weapon that can only be held by choice. There for since I am unable I give you Gemini for the time being. You know a lot you should have heard of the sword and if not Isaac will inform you. Listen to him and do not insult the weapon she had a mind of her own.” Starching out her hand a dim blue light appeared along with a sword that talon clenched in her hand. Placing it at his feet she smiled weakly and looked upward at him. “ I Laura Elysian sighs Zenith Greystoke bestow this weapon and the power with in it to the being known as Shadowstep….” That she let out a slight cry of pain as she could fell X-23 breaking through “Do not let any one get their hands on it my life depends on you and it”.

With that Talon used part of Gemini’s and stood to her feet her eyes glowing bright blue as swat poured down her face and blood dripped from her nose. She looked at him as a tear slid down his eyes. “No get out! Now! You don’t have much time! She’ll be coming back and she will kill you…”
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My mind...what happened? I...was out of it for a few seconds... What is going on? He shook his head side to side, regaining control of his senses. Previously, the rider had rushed out to attempt to make an attack on Darkchild, when he fell to the ground, and sat there unmoving. Now, he swept a hand through his medium, short, dark, brown hair. "I'm okay, really." Matezoide at his side, he stood there, wondering what to do next. NeVann looked at Cly and Matezoide, his crimson Sharingan piercing into he very souls of the two warriors. Seeing their skill, but their lack of experience, the shinobi thought it best for the two to stay out of this fight. Without teamwork, they could end up friendly firing each other, and without a proper strategy, one reckless move could result in a fatality. The rider sheathed his double bladed sword. Speaking in a voice both serious and friendly, NeVann said, "Cly, Mateziode I’ll deal with Dark Child here he’s long over do for a time out… Go and take care the man that just left… he’s one of DC’s newly acquired servants and is now a threat."

Listening to NeVann's orders, Matezoide almost immediately sprung into action. Cly was far behind him, and called to his dragon with his telepathy. Esmeralda revealed herself, Valya flying beside her. Leaping up, and climbing onto his dragon's back, Cly, Esmeralda and Valya moved towards Matezoide to help him out. By the time that the three had caught up, all of the foes that had appeared had been defeated by the raw power of Matezoide. Esmeralda said in a sarcastic tone, What? No more? Valya drifted towards Matezoide and whispered in his ear, "Impressive." Leaving his side, she rose to the level that Esmeralda was flying. Speaking to Cly, in a concerned voice, she said, "What of your friend? Is that wise to send us four away from Darkchild?" Cly smiled, and replied, "Ol' NeVann may not seem like all that at first glance, but I know he can hold his own. Defeating Darkchild should be second nature for him." He said it so directly and with such a cool sound in his voice, that the Ninjan captain wondered if he was telling the truth. Intruding into both the Ninjan's and the rider's minds, was the soft, powerful voice of Esmeralda. Target sighted.

Catching back up to Matezoide, Cly heard him yell, "I was searching for you, NeVann said to me take care of you. I believe we can agree that ripping off your head would count as "take care" don't you think?" Cly shook his head. Such violence. People these days watch too many movies. He shrugged his shoulders, then faced Goki. Drawing Valor, the rider held it at the ready. Esmeralda hovering in the air behind him, along with Valya, this was about to get ugly.
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His eyes began to close little by little. He didn't want to fall asleep at a time like this. His friend, one of his best was hurting, and there was a war going on right outside of his telekinetic bubble. And still they shut evermore. In a last act to stay awake, he smacked himself in the cheek. It didn't help much the sting quickly faded, and was gone. It should have come as no surprise that he was falling asleep. He'd been fighting, and was in constant movement for almost a week now. Exhaustion would no doubt had killed a normal person, but the entity inside him was not going to let its vessel die. Thoughts came to him like "Why not go Oracle on the sons of bit*** and get it all over with. But he quickly remembered that the Oracle did not care for such miniscule life as was on the planet, including the earthlings. Doing so, would probably make the entire situation worse. Remebering what happened last time it happened, and how he felt was enough to sway him away from such a decision.

Finally his eyes shut. His back smacked against the ground, and his head bounced upon it. But it did not phase the young man. The total blackness that now surrounded him was comforting, and helpful. Sleeping deeply, he began to dream. He would soon realize that it would be a nightmare.


The sun began to darken upon the world. Slight was back on Earth, and the absence of the heroes could be seen plainly. He asked himself what had happened, how in two weeks time could such calamity unfold. He knew that the answer was simple, evil never take a vacation, and it never sleeps. Fire tore the steets of the United States up, burning buildings, dead bodies, and some sort of malitia was ruling the country with an iron fist.

The King of the Sea stepped up and tried to take some sort of action, trying to stop the carnage from furthering. But something tethered him to the spot he stood in. He tried to move but it was not possisble. Breath began to leave his body. Then blackness. The sun was gone, and suddenly, a bright icy blue light shone and took form. It was the Oracle. Soon overcoming the total blackness, all that could be seen was the radiance of the Oracle's power.

Slight woke up. His body was sprawled out on the dusty ground. He got up and coughed. The chilly air was startling to his lungs. Magick was still sleep, but she seemed to be breathing better. He knew that she would soon wake. He looked up and realized that his telekinetic sheild was gone. No doubt that it was because his slumber. He began to think of what could have happened during the unknown period in which he was sleep. Ninjans could have come and done away with them both, but they hadn't...Why... he wondered.
Reforming the shield he waited once more on his friend to wake, so that they both could fight and get back to Veritas.

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The wind silently whispers to a man hiding in the shadows.  It tells a secret that only the man may know, three naughty human-beings are attempting to sexual harass a young, new editor.  The yells with all the power she has, and the vocal vibrations travel across her surrounding area.  She tries to scurry along the gravel/concrete floor, but to no avail epically fails.  For the men drag the poor daughter of Eve, into their narcissistic clutches, and prepare themselves for a taste of teenage girl.  The wind calms, and the secret is explained.  The man in the dark must come to the light.  So, with speed of a cat and the grace of a gymnast the man reveals himself.  "Three Stooges, don't you think you should be castrated?"  The sleekly built men coil in fear as their worst nightmare appears.

"You guys are staring at my costume aren't you?  It's something I pulled together, just out of boredom.  Some might believe I've put a target on my head, but no matter I'm positive that my equation shall be conceived it the perfect harmony."   The men run in horror as one bleeds and another cries.  The woman rises with blood on her mouth, and her hands in the shade of blood.  "Thank you impostor, but you masquerading as bat will not help you.  In order, to fulfill the void in your heart you must become your true persona.  Balance the good and evil within your soul.  When that day comes I will be obliged to fight you."  Blood drips and drops off her mouth, with lipstick of blood, she vanishes.  Astonished, the Son of Thunder soon begins to wander the streets.  Thinking of what the woman had told him.  Then the question of what the woman was planning for her attackers was yet another mystery.

As the vigilante stops, climbs, and sits atop the rooftop of a ninety-nine cent store.  The person he was searching for could be seen.  Honor Guard, and upon the eyes seeing what they wanted the brain had a malfunction.  His mind begins to travel back fourteen years, as a baby boy rests on his Army themed bed, and awaits his beloved mother.  One thing is on the boy's mind a bed time story about his ancestors. 

Reality (Criminal Holding Cell, about 30 minutes away from Farwick)...

"Momma is that you?"  A violent grip on his neck, soon led into strangling the defenseless hero.  "Momma I didn't mean to embarrass you, I just wanted to be my own person."  Laughter filled the room, as a warrior's stomach ached at the pure joy of victory.  "Your pathetic.  I can't believe this is the best you have in you.  Your such an irritating, confusing, hero-wannabe, son of a b!tch.  We should not even bring you to the presence of Hayden.  We should kill you this instant."  The Son of Thunder surprisingly chuckles at the warrior woman's words.  "Momma always said killing can get your mind off pain."  Stripped of all his clothing and weapons, logical thinking was became the requirement.  With his remnants of strength, Closure plunges his thumbs into the eyes of this vile creature.   She falls to the ground in pain, and squirms for the pain caused to her self-esteem.  "Please don't speak, I'll end your life quietly and calmly."  Wrapping his hands around the alien, the warrior died by the strength of Closure.  "Now where can I find my man clothes?"

A draft sways across the corridor, and an unpleasant breeze smoothly passes by.  "How I wish, no clothing allowed was a rule on this planet.  A man could get use to this, except the whole Xena Warrior Princess attitude.  No matter, my costume's bottom half has been discovered."  While dressing himself for a coming battle, creeks and cracks could be heard, as women with the lust of blood came rushing down.  "Find the prisoner this instant.  He will be our slave, and soon Hayden or Gambler will handle the menace."  The brown eyes that slightly observed the surroundings shifted to the beautiful color of sea blue.  "I better get out of here....."  A large woman withholding katanna blades, posed for an offensive attack, entered the room.  Residing in her left pocket, was the Veritas Inc. communicator.  "If you give me what I want, I'll personally call Jenny Craig."

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“Shadowstep...you are worthy for wielding a weapon that can only be held by choice. Therefore since I am currently unable of doing so, I give to you The Sword of Gemini for the time being. You know a lot, you should have heard of the sword and if not Isaac will inform you. Listen to him and do not insult the weapon, she has a mind of her own.” Raker couldn't believe what he was hearing...or what he was seeing. There, laying at his feet, was The Sword of Gemini. An ancient artifact he thought to be nothing more than a Celestial Myth. Trembling, Raker picked Gemini up and began marveling at it's beauty. "I, Laura Elysian Zenith Greystroke, bestow this weapon and the power that comes with it to the being known as Shadowstep. Do not let anyone get their hands on it. My life is depending on it...and on you." Raker heard Talon whisper just as "Selice" began to resurface.

"I...I'll do my best to keep it safe...but what about..."

Before Raker could finish his sentence Talon started crying out to him, her voice was filled with despair and her eyes were brimming with tears. "Get out! Now! You don't have much time! She'll be coming back soon and when she does she will kill you!" Raker could already feel "Selice" beginning to regain control over Talon's body. He desperately wanted to do something but he knew he couldn't, even with Gemini at his command Raker didn't have enough power to stop what was surfacing from the darkest recesses of Talon's mind. Slinging Gemini over his back while simultaneously sheathing The Harvester of Sorrow, Raker began backing off and telepathically reached out to Sayd.



"Get me out of here and please, be quick about it."
In the blink of an eye Raker found himself standing back in his room aboard The Dawntreader, where he found both Sayd and Ganthet waiting for him.

"Well? Did you succeed in your quest to avert the coming of New Genesis?" Sayd asked.

"New Genesis should, as of right now, be the least of anyone's worries."
Raker replied as he unveiled The Sword of Gemini to the two Guardians whose eyes went wide with shock as it glistened under a stream of light. "The Sword of Gemini is not a myth as many of us once believed it to be, it is real and for the time being I have been appointed with the task of acting as it's caretaker until it's previous host can regain control over her mental faculties."

"What do we do?" Sayd whispered to Ganthet while keeping her eyes on The Sword of Gemini.

Ganthet closed his eyes and frowned just ever so slightly. "We do nothing...except get our hands on the marriage certificate Captain-General Arokine promised us, give him our sincerest gratitude and then go about our own business while he goes about his."

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Present Time

Location: House of G, Charmix's room

Charmix sat in her room, waiting for orders by Gambler. Looking out in the huge crystal structure window in her room, Charmix decides to walk over to her balcony. Staring in the cold dangerous night. She notice there wasn't any stars in the sky at all, all she can see was the dark smoke cause by the fire of the battle. Joining Gambler's team wasn't easy for Charmix, who had to decide either to fight for the good or the wrong causes, either way Charmix couldn't let an offer down, especially one who needs her assistant. Her helping nature puts her in question.

The war has cause so many problems. Children would soon lose there love ones, elder people are even fighting this diastrious was. Thinking of how the old are fighting put Charmix mind in a non-ease way, thinking that they weren't meant to fight. Charmix couldn't do anything anyway, if she tries to reason with them, they would assume she's leading them into a trap so they would be helpless, due to her being on the evil side. Charmix decides to help in anyway she can, but before she can think to her self again, someone knock on her door, " Who could that be?". "Hey, you in there? I'm bored.........Wanna go do something.", still wondering who it was, Charmix went over to the door and look in the small glass hole on the door to see who it was. It was Stryke, to her surprise, the newly recruit of House Of G. She open her door and welcome him in, " Sure let me get ready and I'll met you in the front asap" she said with a smile, but the only thing that was on her mind was stopping the war.
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Making a solid impact with both spinning side kick and hard right hook, Vann felt as if he was just hit a three foot thick steel wall. It was as if Dark Child’s skull was laced with a dense metal. With the power and location the shinobi put behind just those two strikes alone would have been enough to floored almost anyone, but yet all he got from the evil juggernaut was a few stumbling steps back and a couple of loose teeth that were spat out after a sick smile. "wow I bet if I looked up the word masochistic in a dictionary one of the definitions would just say Dark Child." He thought to himself as went into the helicopter kick. The sickening thud of each kick that connected had followed the echoes of a number of bones in DC’s hands and wrist carried over into the ninja’s ear.

Ignoring the blood chilling sound of bones cracking and resetting during DC’s healing process, he blew out a spherical fire that grew in size as more air and fire chakra left his body inflating it like a balloon. Reaching temperatures no less then 650 degrees fahrenheit, as the fire ball made it’s way to the crash land into Dark Child like a meter that had been pulled down to the earth after being grabbed by the planets gravitational pull. Touching down on the ground NeVann was surprised to notice the jutsu that all Uchiha’s must learn before that can be viewed as adults was simply caught like a base ball. But even someone like Dark Child could just a mastered version of that jutsu. He continued to watch as DC tried holding his ground was slowly being pushed backwards, tilling the dirt with the heels of his feet as they sunk while being pushed back.

To NeVann it looked as though the behemoth of a man was holding up a small star of sun, as the smell of burning flesh mixed with melting metal and cooking meat grew stronger filling the shinobi nostrils. His body froze for a moment in disbelief to see his fire ball tossed away to side like a beach ball, slamming into the ground causing rock and dirt to askew his vision of Dark Child as the Dark lord was propelled backwards in the air before landing sliding back in a kneeling position while also shaking the ground beneath his feet. "I thought you were a king why are you kneeling so soon." He couldn’t stop the words from escaping his lips as his lust for Dark Child’s blood began to heighten. Rather DC was surrendering which Vann thought to be very unlikely or was just trying to catch his breathe the ninja saw this as a key opportunity to end this quickly and charge him, only to be find that Dark Child was also not wasting any time as he darted towards the ninja.

With his left fist clenched he reared it back at the dame time as he saw Dark Child’s hand came together as he began chanting something. The space between the two almost completely vanished, his fist came in an upward hook motion as he planned to send a vicious upper cut into DC’s abdomen in hopes of driving all of his air from his lungs. Stopping as he allowed all his forward momentum naturally flow it his fist it came up only to whistle as he caught nothing but air. Then seconds later His eyes widened while his pupils constricted, as he felt a sharp hard sting in the back of his head that cleared up his vision for a split second before everything began to fade to black. Dazed and unaware he staggered forward a few steps before his right foot was hooked causing his face to meet with the ground. "GHA!" he grunted out as his body bounced while he was not able brace himself for the impact with it.

Almost blacking out he was defenseless at the mercy of the Dark Lord that most likely purposely forgot the meaning of the word, as the shinobi felt an immensely heat and strong pressure pressing against his back. His body jerk and contorted as his legs and arms left the ground and his backed arched lifting up his head. His scream of anguish was muted but the blood that forced it’s up and out his body through his mouth. The force and power of DC’s attack repealed crimson armor sending his shoulder, arm, and leg guards flying in all direction while totally shattering his back and chest plate leaving a thick black T-shirt that bared the Uchiha crest that was now tattered with a hole the size of Dark child’s hand reviling a chainmail mesh vest. Vann’s raven colored hair draped over the side of his face as smoke rising from his back began to dissipate. Seeming lifeless the shinobi laid motionless at Dark Child’s feet.

A drop of light fell into the darkness, and the next thing the young Uchiha knew was walking in a void a sea of black. With each step he took ripples of lights along with images of his teammates, friends and family along with all the people that was depending on him not to fail against the monster. Their laughter turned to pleads that soon turned to screams of pain before all the images and voices faded in a fiery blaze. But for another voice more and sinister was heard saying, "You’re weak…" Vann’s head whipped back and forth, "How’s there? Who said that?" He replied back before looking down seeing a reflection of himself though it wasn’t an exact image of himself. The him he was looking at was more demonic with one hair. "You call you’re self a strong shinobi, you are pathetic… You have become soft. You’re losing you’re sight like you’ve lost you’re killing instinct. You’re fighting a monster, you have no hopes in defeating him in the state that you are in. Become the crimson ghost, that monster that didn’t hold anything dear to him." His reflection said to him in a taunting tone. "I am not that person anymore nor will I wish to ever be… I have all the strength I need." He yelled back. "Haha.. don’t make me laugh if that was the case why are you laying half dead at his feet? Let go through denounce everyone in your heart and you will once again have my power true power your power just let me out…"

Vann’s head turned a way from a moment think of the words that he heard, he couldn’t really denounce everyone that easily WAL, Nova, the twins. Knowing that he is protecting them is what always keeps him pushing forward never giving in or up. "I refuse! Like you said it’s my power that I will use in my own way…" He said as his eyes began to glow a bright red. "Fine… go be killed, you’re nothing but a weak fool." The reflection said before the darkness changed to a bright almost heavenly light.

After ten minutes the shinobi finally showed any sigh of life as his fingers twitched before dragging across the ground and formed a fist. His vision blurred as if he was in a fog, while his matted hair acted as a net not allowing for light to touch his face. "Ugh!" he grunted out as his body shivered from the strain form forcing himself to his feet. On all fours he forced himself to one knee, then as he was about to make to both feet his body collapsed dropping him back to kneeling position for a moment. His eyes locked to floor as he thought out to Cly. "Cly if you your in range to hear my thoughts I want you know to know that if for some reason I’m not able to defeat DC I want you, Matezoide and Oldlace to regroup and retreat to where the other teams are, cause I’m pretty sure he will come for you three next. I also wanted you to know that it was great have you and Es as teammates. If anything should happen to me you have proven yourself time and time and I would want you to lead WAL along side Nova in my stead. But know by no means I’m giving up I’d just wanted to let you know this just in case." With that his eyes rose in a fiery glare towards Darkchild, full of will and determination as he forced himself to his feet.

Though the ninja made it back to his feet his body still hunched over as his arms dangled down as if they were shackled to the floor. His breathing began to deepen as he was seemed to by summoning a inner strength. Then crossing his arms over one another he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pull it up and over his head reviling the full torso chainmail mesh vest, before looking as the hole in the crest on the back of it. As he began to speak, "You know for the longest I didn’t know why I was called a hero… To be fully honest I still don’t completely…" He tossed the shirt to the ground a thud echoed as it hit creating a two foot deep crater in the ground. "I say I just do heroic things from time to time…" He then did the same with the chainmail vest exposing his bare upper torso. "But you are a monster that no matter how much power and wealth you have your greed will never allow it to be enough… It’s funny I’m am like you in a way or at least we share something in common…" He began rotating his shoulders to get the feeling back into them. "All living things do is grow old and die… well that is unless they find themselves facing one of us… then there is no growing old, only death… So I guess I can be called a monster but unlike you I know how to be a monster and heroic at the same time."

He said as he was twisting his torso to get the circulation flow in body back to normal. With that said no more words were carried from his lips. Quite and emotionless his stare pieced as if he was looking into the man’s very soul as what look to be a small wild fire under skin began to spread. Everything on the left side of his body from his forehead, down his arms all the way to his toes. The bright reddish orange glow settled and turned as black as coal, completing the activation from the first level of NeVann’s curse seal. Both his arms came up slightly bent his right stopping at waist level while left at chest, both with open palms facing Darkchild. Concentrating his chakra into his hand a pale blue tint manifested and cascaded over them. Stabilizing the flow the color changed from a pale blue to a fiery red and orange. Extending his left leg out in front in himself his body lowered changing his center of gravity as he speak once more. "Time for round two, and I don’t feel like playing nice this time around."

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With pain coursing through her body, the fire goddess leaned into Andy as he assisted her out of the room. Every step she took caused her broken ribs to push into her lungs, and every time she tried to grit her teeth to hold the pain in, her broken jaw only wanted to make her cry out in pain. It wasn’t until she finally made her way out of the palace that she realized just how messed up she was.

"The rest of Ice is just outside. I had them create a perimeter in the courtyard. We get there and I can get you the medical aid needed. Arcana will be able to use her magic to help some of your wounds, and rejuvenate your body. If you can reach Wands on the communicator and get a hit on his location. We can send Octagon to him and then he can teleport them both back to us. Reenforcer can help scout things with his speed if needed, I doubt many of them will be able to keep step with the crafty speedster".

She nod her head at Andy as she struggled to speak. “Thank you Andy…” As soon as they left the building, she could see that the battle was still raging on as Ninajn forces continued to fight and Lantern Crops seen around the area. ‘I guess I’ve been out of it longer than I thought…’ she thought to herself as the group made the way towards the jet. Walking into it she was immediately placed in a bed as her body finally began to rest. She then saw Arcana come to her side, Nova’s eyes looking upon a card that was placed on her body as a sudden blue glow covered her body. The energy was warm, soothing, and helping her to relax, but her mind never wandering too far off from the fact that she left Sha behind.

As her body began to heal she could still feel something burning in her veins, something that wasn’t natural. She took a deep sharp breath as she made a fist with both hands, trying to keep the pain to herself as she closed her eyes, doing her best to relax. ‘Something is wrong…’ she thought to herself, as she could feel her heart beat irregularly, breathing becoming a strain as she kept her eyes tightly closed, her fingers digging into the bed as the burning sensation went throughout her body. In a split second she then sat up, the card falling off her chest as she held her hand over her heart.

“Oh god…” she heaved forward as blood began to drip from her nose, there was only one thing that could be happening to her that she could manage to think of. When Sha got in the way of the blade that was to kill Stephanie, the Ninjan’s blood dripped into the wounds of her body, causing the different races blood to mix with each other. Another thing was that Sha’s blood had a special chemical in it, that was deadly to humans… and now it was running through Nova’s veins. Throwing her body back down on the bed she struggled to breath as she yelled out in pain, as she arched her back, her muscles becoming to stiffen as she kept her eyes tightly shut, gritting her teeth as she felt her body slowly growing cold.

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Silent they lay next to each other simply happy to have survived this. They marveled at their surroundings and enjoyed the simple fact of being alive. Together they had gone through the gore filled hell of this battle and Warsman himelf had become the red skinned devil. Only a miracle could have saved her and indeed a miracle had happened. Warsman was back. Somehow his own rage inducing saliva on her bulllets had entered his bloodstream and jump started his heart. Brought him back to life. The rabid red bear thing was no more. And honestly Risky hoped it would neveer appear again. As misrable as he looked freshly revived with his pale skin and his chest only hardly heaving as he breathed he was a sight Risky would cherish more than her former opponent. Lost in thoughts his eyes searched the stars trying to comprehend what had happened to him only moments ago. Risky could tell it had changed him. Profundly. Perhaps even more than she would eve be able to understand. One doesn't die and forget that so easily. But that didn't matter for now. All that mattered was his rearrival in the llands of the living. As Risky turned her heads towards him smiling she felt the soft green gras of Ninjeta caress her cheek. Saving Warsman was feat whose probability lay somewhere at 1: No one could have guessed that his own saliva could cure him if it entered his bloodstream and restarted his heart. Out of some lucky accident his drooling had covered her bullets as he bit  at her. Yet she had succeeded.There was only one comment for that. Respectfully like a holy mantra Risky spoke it out:

"Man, I just love my powers"

A dark shadow fell over them. In a moments notice Risky switched into trouble mode again and her little backup revolver with the phosphorous ammo was hidden in her hand. Her Desert Eagle was llying some feet away where Warsbeast har hurled it and her shotgun was not reloaded yet. Hulking the green figure stood over them, heavy with muscles and red stripes running all over his body. It seemed as the transformation of the stranger had finally finished. Although this was a new body it looked like he felt comfortable in it, had known it for all of his life. Great strength emmanated from him. He would be no easy opponent but Risky was quite certainn she could take him. She never entered a fight she thought she could not win. A single well aimed shoot with her gun should be enough to burn him from the inside out. Stealthily she readied her revolver. But then the stranger did something that surpised her. He spoke to her.

“Y-you there! What did you do to him? Are you a Ninjan? Last of all who are you?”

Amazement filled Risky. Was it possible an alien person that she met on this hostile planet was not an enemy of her? Was it possible? Warsman was the first one to react to that unexpected turn of events. With a strength unbelivable for a person who had jjust come back from death a few minutes ago he cam beack and looked down on her. In his eyes great pain mirrored as well as a deeper understanding of things.

"Risky... You don't know how thankful I am. You saved me from death and I will forever owe you a great debt. But... There were things that I have seen. Things... that I can't describe. They... were shown to me by somebody and made some things clear to me.. I don't belong to Wolf pack. I don't belong here. Too long I have denied who I really am. So long that I have forgotten it. I have been a hero and I have been a villain and everything between. But that was not me. I must go and find my own place.... Lies over lies and sommewhere lies the truth... Forgive me... I... I have to go now. I'm sorry"

And with a infinite sadness Warsman turned around to the new stranger to take off his Red lantern ring. It had ppresided there for years and was already partly burned into his flesh. He needed not only his fingers but also his teeth to get it off and it didn't go without a great amount of blood, one single piece of flesh still hanging on the ring like he didn't want to part from it completely as he laid it into the complexed other man's palm.

"Where I go this can't accopany me. But the red llight of rage will forever burn and be it in another new host. You may have that shiny new body, your technology and all, your reason and your science but my rage entered your body as well. You can't deny it. You feel it burning in your veins. So take this. It#s an old friend and it will not let you down as long as you keep fueling it with your rage. Feel it... accept it... Live it. This is great power I lay into our hands. Use it and honor it accordingly."

Risky didn't have the power to hold him back as he turned his back on them and walked away. She just watched him with sad eyes walking away over the battlefield snapping a neck or smashing a skull if a Ninjan was stupid enough to try to confront him. The shilouette of Warsman got smaller and smaller until he disappeared into the sunset after a few minutes. Risky felt it was over. He was gone forever. He had deserted Wolf Pack and she couldn't even blame him, she had read  it in his eyes that he had his reasons. Such that she could not comprehend. Whispering one last goodbye into the wind in the hope that it would reach him she got up and looked at the stranger who still gazed somehow ruptured at Warsman's Red lantern ring. It looked as if there was a deeper understanding between him and the ring, maybe even a telepathic one as the ring adjusted to its new wielder.

"I have no idea what happened here but I don't have time to find out. I am Risky, I am not a Ninjan and as it looks I am in charge of Wolf Pack now. So far I'm not doing a good job, our team leader is dead, one of our powerhouses jjust deserted and another team member is missing while still another went other to the enemy.  Time to change that. Help me or not, I don't care, just don't try to stop me or I'll make hell rain down on you. And now get ut of my way, I have a team to safe:"

Wihtout further comments she turned her back on him fully aware that her danger sense would alarm her if he tried something, ppicked up her Desert Eagle and walked back into the battle. Maybe the mighty stranger would follow and help her. She hoped so on a subconscious level. He would make a powerful ally. The trust that Warsman had put in him testified that.

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Goki ran after being given his orders, running to Mademoiselle. Who still stubborn sat indian style arms crossed telling him "You little sh!t you left me! What are you doing?" Goki without looking back grabs her by the arm and they run together. He wasnt running out of fear of the people coming to get him the Ninjas warriors but more out of fear of Darkchild himself, his father was never that abrasive or straight forward with his thoughts. He knew if he didnt take care of the rats he would be a dead man, but hopefully it would be one on one fights with the two members. But soon he felt the energy of the blade wielder and the one with the dragons, stopping quickly he spun around as the two came down from the air.

The one known as Matezoide speaking something arrogant to Goki, he ignored him and stared at the dragon wielder and the creatures that hovered beside him. Goki knew it was going to be a long fight, he wanted it to end quickly and somehow his hand took control as if drawn to a powersource and reached into his jacket. Goki's eyes widened and he turned to Madem "
Looks like I wont be needing you for this."

And with a smile he snaps his fingers delving into the darkness powers he dislikes intensly in using, opening a hole in the ground and Madem fell in. Dropping her off in a safer location, he stood watching the two men one on the ground and the other airborne. "Darkchild, hmmm it seems your boss is in for a fight for his life. Because this worlds Darkchild is at least quadrupled the power of the one I come from. He even scared me for a moment their, I could almost taste his power as he held me by the throat. And its all because the energy he saps, I wish I was graced with such a power. All I was born with was the power to manipulate fire an electricity, Oh yeah I forgot." Slipping his hand into his pocket his entire body explodes in a bright yellow light. " A little gift from Father, he says Hi...hope the afterlife proves to be enjoyble." Bringing his hand out from his pocket quickly a ring drapped over his middle finger he shoots at high speeds into the air. And in a matter of a milla-second he was above Cly with a smile "Adios" And grabbing his wrist he creates a 10 swords and they all sprout from the ring. He attacks quickly aiming at Clys head and chest, along with his dragon an the one known as Vayla. With a smile he falls without a second thought down towards the ground picking up speeds, when suddenly "Lets see if I can work this." he says to himself and creates using the yellow lantern ring a gattling gun. Each barrel sparking with electricity and fire a smile came to his face as he fires an onslaught of blasts aiming directly for Matezoide.

After his attack he flipped in the air over Matezoide giving himself a good distance between him and the two fighters, landing he waited for their attacks with a wide smile.
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"Infidel" screamed Nate as the attack made by the Veritas Leader found his flesh but did not put him down. Reacting quickly Nate's eyes began to glow, the look on his face spoke clearly, he wanted them to die. Knowing the power the Ninjan General had a blast from his eyes would be costly to the Hero.

The battle between the power Nate and the two members of Veritas had begun and both sides were seeking a dark ending. Along with his teammate Midnightist Kurrent stood in the field of battle thinking how to react but Mid was more vocal about his thoughts...."You know those doors I make. Basically they connect me to subspace. The connection line between all reality. I think I can get him into one he won’t be able to get out but here comes the hard part getting him. I’m gonna need one hell of a blast from you to push him into the door. Anything else will just piss him. Off and listen to me we don’t have time for you and me to argue ok we either to this my way or we get ourselves killed. You just do what you have to to them shot when I say K K I always wanted to say that." What he said made sense as crappy as it was to admit it. They both know that in the type of business they are in that decisions like that needed to be made with a state of absolution.

"DIE!"......yelled Nate as the beam flew from his eyes towards The Electric Ace. By then Kurrent was already on the move trying to reach a berm to take cover. He could not have imagined how fast the beam would travel which made his intial defensive plan obsolite. Thinking quickly Kurrent used his electrokenisis to force several shields of the fallen Ninjan in between himself and the deadly beam of heat. It was able to shield the incoming heat blast only because of the way he had layered the shields. Even with that the shields began to melt through the stacked shields. Kurrent understood that Nate had the resources to defeat anybody on the battle field he also understood that he himself was quickly running out of options and luck. He had to rely on his wit and his teammates to defeat him and hope that the powerhouse would slip up at some point.

As the shields began to give by the intense heat it was apparent that Nate had other plans for Kurrent and a large constructed hand slammed into Kurrent's midsection whip lashing him off the ground. Instantly the hand began to squeeze the hero and his face began to turn red from the immense pressure. A nausiating feeling engulfed him. All he could do at that point was use his free left hand wielding his gun and shoot at the construct in hopes of weakening it. After firing off several shots he noticed  to his dismay that it was not doing anything. He body was about to give and the life was squeezed out of him.

Suddenly he heard KURRENT SHOOT HIM RIGHT NOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. With all his strength the withered  Electric Ace pointed his weapon towards Nate with Mid behind him and began to fire screaming in pain of the crushing hand.
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Werner had looked at the woman waiting for an answer to his question as she looked up, the red beast known as Warsman had gotten up except he was different than before. He wasn’t red anymore, he looked normal....for the most part. Werner looked at his possible true face with curiosity but he turned away to speak to the woman he just had a gruesome deathmatch with, the woman he just tried to kill and somehow a bullet from her gun changed him back to life. He was but a zombie when Werner revived him, working body but hardly any brain or heart movement, something she did must have done something to make him change back, and for that matter alive. That woman must have been really lucky to survive an encounter with him, worthy of the apprentice of preps acknowledgement, maybe even attraction but soon there might be a time in which he just might need to take care of her.
The man known as Warsman looked at the lady and began to speak to her, Werner couldn’t hear because of the wind but he got ready just in case he would team up with her to take him down just in case. As he left her Werner’s heart was steady, Warsman was approaching him, he grabbed his adamantium knives in his pocket, holding them tightly as the one who used to be a raging beast approached him. He was merely 5 feet away when Werner suddenly relived his precious moments of his life. Age 5 Werner was eating food when he witnessed for the first time, the death of a person, Doom told him he deserved it for stealing an old woman’s purse, Werner didn’t think much of it but was fascinated by seeing people die, a most disgusting fetish.
Warsman had finally reached him, looking at the Apprentice of prep with saddened eyes as he looked down at a sort of red ring on his finger, it had strange markings on them, it had a ring shape slightly below the center and two spires that bend up, outward and up again. He used his teeth to take it off as the ring started to glow similar to that of the one who had the yellow light on his finger except it was glowing red, once he got it off he proceeded to speak to Werner.

"Where I go this can't accompany me.” Werner looked at the eyes of a man with no feeling and purpose in life.

“But the red light of rage will forever burn and be it in another new host.” Werner was thinking about what would happen and came to the same conclusion.
“You may have that shiny new body, your technology and all,
your reason and your science but my rage entered your body as well. You can't deny it. You feel it burning in your veins. So take this. It’s an old friend and it will not let you down as long as you keep fueling it with your rage. Feel it... accept it... Live it. This is great power I lay into our hands. Use it and honor it accordingly.“ Warsman took Werner’s hand and laid the ring on his palm and closed his hand. Then he immediately left, punching and fighting his way through anybody who was foolish enough to stop his conquest to find greater purpose in his life.

 Werner looked at the shiny ring and gazed upon it continuously, not breaking his concentrated look it seemed as though the ring spoke to him until he actually heard a voice from the ring.
 “You…You are not my master, what have you done to him?" Werner looked alarmed at the voice as it also said. "You have not been chosen, but it seems you do have a little essence from my old master, maybe you are worthy of this power." Werner was confused but he knew the confusion would be gone if he tried it on but just before he does....

"I have no idea what happened here but I don't have time to find out. I am Risky, I am not a Ninjan and as it looks I am in charge of Wolf Pack now. So far I'm not doing a good job, our team leader is dead, one of our powerhouses just deserted and another team member is missing while still another went other to the enemy.  Time to change that. Help me or not, I don't care, just don't try to stop me or I'll make hell rain down on you. And now get out of my way, I have a team to save."

Werner looked as the woman who revealed herself to be named Risky as she left for the battle field which seemed like a bad idea but nevertheless Werner followed having nothing better to do and no other means of transportation out of this planet. Werner put his new Red Ring in his pocket and walked behind the woman as they came upon the sight of a huge cannon shooting down the flying men with green aura's flying down and attacking the Ninjan's. The cannon was successful in impeding the green men's duties and killing most of them.

Werner looked at Risky and said "That cannon! Its attacking the green men flying around trying to help us, there are too many Ninjans still and if you want to help your team then this is the way to start out. By helping taking out those cannon's we can get closer to finding your teammates unimpeded. What do you say?" Waiting for Risky's response.

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That was it. Slight could not take it any longer. The waiting was like, waiting on death to come and take your life away. So he made his decision. He would take Magick with him and continue his journey back to the Veritas ship. But one problem came into mind...Transporting her would definatley hinder him, and being in the open sky, flying wouldn't be fast enough, and the maneuvers he'd have to do was not going to possible. On foot was the last resort. He got up, unusually rested, walked over to the slumbering girl. "God, I wish you were awake." Waiting another couple of seconds to see if his wish came true...It didin't, with his hopes dashed he picker petite body up, and slung her over his shoulder.

What and unusual situation. A seventeen year old carrying a fifteen year old over his should, on a different planet, in the middle of a war. A small chuckle slipped from his lips, at the notion. He walked over to his ice trident and pulled with one hand to dislodge it from the ground. The bottom of the staff was filthy, but he couldn't concern himself with such matters at the moment. Walking on he stared at the ground trying not to draw attention to himself. Maybe the Ninjans would ignore the sight, unlikley but maybe. The one time he looked up, he saw a desolate area. Time had passed like water running through a river after a thunderstorm. There were no defining landmarks other than a couple of trees.

LOST. "PLEASE GOD...Don't let me be lost...I hate that show...Please, oh Please, oh please don't let me be lost." But it was so. He gone beyond any nearby help, and he didn't even see Ninjans flying up ahead or battling it out with the heroes of Earth. With Magick on his shoulder, he pace around trying to figure a way out of this. Then he had an idea. He lifted his wrist to his mouth and spoke. "Veritas...Anyone...I uh...I'm lost...and I have a friend from Earth with me...and she needs medical attention that I can't give her." Realizing that it was all in vain. His attempt to get in touch with his team memebers was all but laughable. And he did. Starting now to loose his head, he paced again, until he finally came to a solution.

Putting Magick down by his side, laying her body out on the ground so that she would be comfortable. Keeping her in his sights, he took to the air, flying high to see if anything was near...And there it was, or there something was. A gray building was in his sights, now all he had to do was get there safely. After the seconds that it took for him to reach ground level, he immediatley picked his friend up and bagan to walk in the direction of the building, with ice trident in hand.

Slght's feet began to hurt, and his body grew weary from the constant pace that he'd kept up for more than an hour. Also, his shoulder was hurting, so he switched her to the other in an effort to remedy ti situation. But one thing did bring a smile to his face, the building was no less than a hundred feet away. Suddenly he began to run, quicker and quicker until he reached the longest side of the insitution. Just then did a voice come from nowhere. "If you give me what I want, I'll personally call Jenny Craig." he knew who it was immediatley. And it meant that a team member was nearby. Closure had spoken, now all that was to do was find him.

Like an adventure game, he traveled to the side of the building that contained a busted out doorway. "Helloooo." he belted aloud. There was no answer. So he stepped inside the damp hallway. There were puddles that stained the floor all around. "Good" he thought..."I can use that." He traveled down hallway after hallway, and finally he could here a voice. One sounded much deeper than the other. Quickening his pace he saw light at the end of the tunnel. I mean hallway. A gatted clearing was lit with candles and dim lightbulbs. "Closure...are you in here." and sure enough with a little more walking he saw him. But he wasn't alone. There was a husky Ninjan guarding him. Well she was definatley more than husky, fat was the right word. Sitting Magick down behind the corner wall, he entered the cell. Lightning fast, he entered, and thrust his Ice Trident into the guards belly. She dropped to her knees, and lyed there. Not moving, doubtably dead, but hurt enough to where she would pose no threat to thier escape.

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All people have times when they just know they have to do something, be it knowing they need to eat when they’re hungry or knowing they need to stop touching something if it’s hot. They also have feelings, times when something tells them to do something, go a certain way, even if they don’t know why.  A gut feeling, a hunch, everyone has them. Genesis was no exception. In fact, for him they were sometimes stronger. It was part of having a link with creation, things got revealed to him, knowledge of what to do. It didn’t happen often, most of the time any of those gut feelings he had were as strong as those of anyone else. But sometimes he didn’t just think he had to do something, he knew what he had to do. He usually didn’t have any idea why, he just knew. This was one of those times. Genesis didn’t know why he was waiting near Talon as she seemed to be undergoing a mental struggle he couldn’t help her with, he just knew he had to. And he was about to learn why.

Several seconds after telepathically calling to Talon and getting no response, something hit Genesis’s mind, something powerful. He later realized it was a message from Talon, the real Talon, but at the moment he couldn’t come up with that conclusion. The young hero found himself receiving by a sudden rush of information, catching him completely unprepared. It quickly overwhelmed his mind, blocking out everything else. In an act of pure self-preservation Genesis landed a few feet away behind a pile of rubble, a safe spot while he waited out this mental storm, and that was it. He couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t control the explosion of information. All he could do was stand there and wait as the message revealed itself to him.

The Sunrise Warrior had heard of people seeing their life pass before their eyes before they died, so when memories began to appear to him he thought he was living his last few minutes. But he soon realized the memories he was experiencing did not belong to him, though they were just as vivid if not more so than his own. It began with the facility, with the scientists. There was a green substance, a poisonous looking liquid in a spray bottle. There was also a bird inside a silver cage, screeching with fear. Talon (or was it him, Genesis?) was crouched in a dark, damp cell, cold, very cold. The scientists entered, leaving the bird and spraying the cell with the green mist. Then they left leaving Talon and the bird, the merciless hunter and the helpless prey. Then came the rage, the fury, the desire to kill. Genesis hadn’t expected to be feeling Talon’s emotions so that in itself came as a surprise to him, but the real shock was in the anger itself. Anger strong enough to be willing to kill anything, anyone, especially something as small and defenseless as the bird, it was something Genesis had never felt before. It frightened him; he wanted to turn away, to fast forward, to turn the memories off. But his mind wasn’t a TV, and he was still too caught up in the flow coming from Talon to do anything other than watch and wait. The girl lunged at the bird, claws springing forth. She slashed at it, stabbed it, sliced it. The bird never had a chance for a final screech. Her prey was already past dead, but Talon continued to mutilate it, tearing the corpse apart, a pool of dark crimson blood spreading around it. And meanwhile Genesis was forced to watch though every part of him wanted not to. Not only was he horrified by what he was seeing, he was somewhat afraid of what might be coming next.

What did come next was Talon being dragged by two agents somewhere; Genesis didn’t know their destination yet. But it seemed he wouldn’t find out, because in a sudden, unexpected, and, Genesis had to admit, admirable effort, Talon broke away from the agents. More came to try and hold her down, but she could not be stopped, fighting past whoever got in her way. She raced to a door and started banging on it, screaming for someone called XL. But the guards came up and surrounded her, one of them saying XL was dead. Genesis felt Talon’s sorrow as she heard the only person she cared about and the only person who had cared about her was gone forever. The guards grabbed her, and this time she did not resist, only cried, which only made the guards meaner to her. They took her to a large, metal room, no windows, and left her there. Then something even more unexpected than Talon’s sudden bid for freedom happened. A creature, looking like a cross between a bear and a wolf, leaped towards her. Its jaws ripped into her arm, and although he didn’t physically feel it Genesis sensed her pain. But she wasn’t down yet, and as the creature charged her again she lashed out with her claws, slashing the animal’s face. It roared in agony as the claws tore into its cheeks, its eyes; Genesis was glad he was not sensing the beast’s pain too. Talon didn’t wait for it to lunge again; instead she thrust outwards, her claws meeting the monster’s chest, slipping in between the ribcage, stabbing the heart. With one final bellow it fell down, dead.

Now Talon was standing beside a boy who Genesis suddenly knew was called Slifer. He helped Talon up after the guards pushed her down; obviously Talon was now out of the strange metal room. From then it was a blur, Talon was with a group of other kids being briefed on some sort of mission. The other kids were asking Talon how long she had been at the facility and were astonished when she said her whole life. The missions themselves were a blur: Genesis caught glimpses of the other members of Weapon X Squad, a quick vision of Talon attacking a group of men who never stood a chance. He wondered if he was finally gaining some control over these memories and was managing to make them go faster; get them over with, even if he couldn’t make them stop.

Now Talon was with Wolf Pack, Hunter leading his team into Apocalypse’s pyramid, Talon calling to Apocalypse to fight her. The memories went faster; Genesis knew he had to be gaining more control over them. But still, he couldn’t just make it stop, he still had to see the pyramid going up in flames as Talon thrust her dagger into the main generator, had to see Talon and Damnation Lee fighting off a group of Infinites, had to see Talon fight Wolverine, now Horseman of Death, the man she had once loved and now possible hated, the man who had rejected her, his daughter. He saw Talon thinking she was talking to Kitty Pride but really to Damnation Lee. Saw Talon captured by Sentinels, saw her being taken over by X23. Saw her come back to herself only for Nick Fury to bring X23 back, saw X23 fighting Simon Williams. The memories continued, getting faster and faster. And then Genesis was inside Talon’s mind as she struggled fruitlessly against X23, and in her desperation sent a large telepathic message to the one who had tried to contact her. Genesis realized he was seeing, if you could really call it seeing if you were experiencing another’s memory inside that person’s mind, what had just happened mere minutes ago. Then the memories ceased; and Genesis realized Talon must have sent them to him for him to keep. He didn’t know why, but this was another one of those times where he just knew what he had to do. Retaking control of his telepathic powers he gathered up the memories and contained them deep within his consciousness. He’d hold on to them if he had to, but the last thing he wanted was to see Talon’s whole life again. The sounds of fighting once again reached Genesis’s ears, but he didn’t move to rejoin the clash. Not yet. First he needed time to gather his thoughts, his thoughts. And then he’d do whatever he could to make a difference in the battle and remind the Ninjans why the title Genesis was associated with power. 

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His body laid motionless on the ground and a smirk came to Darkchilds face, then the smile turned to a frown as he knelt down to his body feeling for a pulse "Dammit.....wasnt actually planning on killing him. F@#k! Well their goes that set of plans, Damn you fleshy creatures." Cracking his neck as he stood above Nevanns body he stared at it cocking his head to the side as if seeing something that wasnt their. A smile came to his face, he saw sweat drip down the side Ninjas unconcious head and falling to the ground. Darkchild walked backwards a few feet and stopped.

Nevanns body convulsed then his open hand turned into a fist dragging dirt as he pushed himself up, Darkchild could hear the bones within his body break back into place within his arms an chest. Watching as the strain of the pain was getting to the shinobi, and still smiling he watched. Staring to the ground h could tell the man was communicating with someone, but just as fast as it started Nevann shot a firy glare to Darkchild showing his conversation was done. Speaking to Darkchild all the demon man could do was listen as he waited for him to finish, and finally he did removing his shirt and the rest of his "training" gear tossing the chainmail to the ground and the other dampeners he used to keep his power in check to the ground. The chain mail as it hit the ground caused DCs body to hop on the ground, and still smiling it turned into a full toothy grin as the burst of new energy washed over DC. The power behind his energy rushed against Darkchild boy, invisible to most people Darkchild could see the power striking out around him as if tiny bursts of lightning.

The man known as the unkillable one, had realized his current power was not enough to stop DC and let himself go and this brought a rush of adreniline to Darkchild as he finally spoke "About time, Been waiting little one. Was a little worried I actually got rid of you." As Darkchild spoke his skin started to crawl, something beneath the surface was trying to break free "It has been quite sometime since I had to show my true self. Last time was when Merlyn tried to send me back to the hellfire, Daddy didnt much like that so he gave me a portion of his might. I dont much like it simply cause it really finishes a fight for itself. But your something new." Bringing his arms up he stretched them out "One moment alright, takes a little bit to get rid of the skin." Nevanns eye arched at the word skin. Darkchild grabbed his leg an brought it backwards stretching it, as he did something burst through where his knee cap would be. Then the skin started to fall off in chunks, wads of madded flesh began to fall from Darkchild. His lower half shown in full the demon was finally dragging itself from its shell, Stretching his arms backwards again his shoulder blades burst showing two large wings unfolding and stretching themselves. Shivering kicking away the mass of skin still stuck to it, then his waist burst as ten long tendrils unraveled themselves from around his waist. Flowing in the air they all showed a clasper almost like a pincher on each, a set of makeshift teeth shown on each.

Then finally he was done, a spike stuck out from the top of his head an with a smile he said "Oh yes, lets get rid of this. Cant have it sitting up their, would make showing you my true self useless." Darkchild grabbed at the spike and pulled hard, blood squirted out from the hole as it quickly healed. A wave of energy washed out from Darkchild the moment the spike was pulled out "A little insurance I did to myself, putting that thing in hurt like hell. But it also kept me from being too powerful, sort of like your mail keeps the power in check by shutting off that part of my brain." With a smile he stretched again showing off his entire muscle covered body "Ladies first." he said with a bow towards Nevann
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Near the ruined remains of Darkchilds destroyed fortress stood a smaller one, less of a fortress and more of a prison house, to hold people who were not considered suitable for holding in the main fortress. But right now, it was swiftly becoming a battleground as Akwa, Lady Nightmare and a group of escaped rebel Ninjan prisoner fought a battle with the guards for their freedom.

Akwa ducked behind a wall to avoid a volley of energy bolts. He concentrated and the shots cut off as whirling ice discs came out of nowhere and sliced through the Ninjans heads. A guard attacked him from behind but he spun around, forewarned by his Water Sense. As a byproduct of his attacks, there was water all over the prison by now. He swiftly dodged under the Ninjan's attacks and grabbed her by the neck, the Ninjan's Achilles Heel. And he squeezed. A moment later he was rewarded by a satisfying spray of blood as her neck was crushed into paste.

There had to be quicker way out of here. But how? And then it came to him. It was a technique he had used before. He had no offical names for any of his techniques but he sometimes thought of this one as the 'Compression Bomb'.
 He could drastically increase the pressure of water while keeping it the same approximate size. When the water was then released, it exploded outwards with tremendous force.

He hunkered down in a quiet part of the fortress and focussed. A ball of water appeared hovering several inches above his open palm. He added water to it so it grew to the size of a basketball. Akwa then compressed it until it was the size of a tennis ball, while holding the same amount of water. He then repeated the process until he held in his hand a ball of water the size of a marble. There was so much compressed water in it that it was completely black.

First he sent a telepathic message to Lady Nightmare, who was somewhere else in the prison at the moment.

Hey Nightmare. You might want to raise your psionic shields or teleport or something like that.

With the basic warning done, he dropped the hastily made Compression Bomb onto the floor.

Outside the prison house, one might have heard a loud, deep rumbling noise beforehand. That would've been the only warning before the entire building seemed to disintergrate as huge amount of water, far more than the entire building could hold, blasted out of it with considerable force. The walls buckled and the entire building exploded outwards from the force of the watery explosion.

Huge chunks of metal and stone were hurled high into the sky before falling back down into the general battlefield. Several huge geysers of water forced themselves up hundreds of metres into the air as an explosion of water expanded in every direction. After a few seconds the titanic plumes of water fell back down to earth.
As if having a second thought, one of them whipped back into the air and shot something upwards before falling again. It was a blob of amorphous water that somehow managed to keep itself together as a single huge raindrop.

Halfway down it's descent it re-ordered itself until it formed into the shape of a humanoid. The speed of it's fall slowed until it lightly touched the ground. There was a small gurgling noise as the water molecules suddenly changed into organic molecules and Akwa got back up to his feet, his cape blowing gently in the breeze for a dramatic pose.

"Crap. Where's my arm?"

Another smaller blob of water crawled over and attached itself to Akwa's shoulder where it transformed back into his right arm.

"That's better!"

He needed to get with the rest of his team. Risky had some sort of strategy she wanted to use. Besides, he was starting to get exerted and was running out energy. Not hydrokinetic energy, he wasn't even certain if he could get exerted from that. He had been fighting for some time now and his physical muscles were beginning to grow tired and slower.

He checked the inbuilt Team tracking in his Pack Communicator. The closest team member was Talon. Breathing out heavily he stumbled across the battlefield towards her location.

"Talon? Where are you? Talon?"

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Waiting for an attack, the rider watched as Goki turned towards them, and began to speak. "Darkchild, hmmm it seems your boss is in for a fight for his life. Because this worlds Darkchild is at least quadrupled the power of the one I come from. He even scared me for a moment their, I could almost taste his power as he held me by the throat. And its all because the energy he saps, I wish I was graced with such a power. All I was born with was the power to manipulate fire an electricity, Oh yeah I forgot." He slipped his hand into his pocket. Bright light consumed his body, so bright the rider covered his eyes. " A little gift from Father, he says Hi...hope the afterlife proves to be enjoyble." The source of the bright yellow light, a ring, positioned on his middle finger. Quicker than the human eye could follow, Goki dissappeared, moving so fast that the genetically modified eyes of Cly could barely see a blur. Esmeralda's infrared eyesight was even higher speed than her rider's, and she was stunned by the wickedly fast movement as well. Valya, the Ninjan warrior that had decided to join Cly, saw nothing at all, believing that Goki had teleported. The knight heard the over confident words, "Adios," and saw in an instant what could very well be his doom. Ten swords, flawless constructs of yellow energy, were formed by the ring. Fully formed, the ten swords, motionless, took off, quickly, weaving through the air in unpredictable paths. The swords split up, an attempt to overwhelm all three targets at once, leaving no openings for any assitance. Four towards Cly, three towards Esmeralda, and three towards Valya.

Four swords circled around the rider, attempting to confuse him into letting down his guard and revealing an opening. Cly held his hands on the handle of his sword, Valor, ready to strike at the incoming blades. Sweat formed on his brow, and ran down his cheek, the intensity flowing through his mind. Out of his peripheral vision he caught sight of one of the swords falling out of the normal pattern. Dropping his weight, and bending his knees, the rider fell backwards, pulling himself toward the ground with his powerful leg muscles. Skimming across his forehead, the blade of a glowing yellow sword cut carved a thin line. Taking off the end of his nose, the sword continued passed him, his attention drawn to it. Tilting his wrists up, and using the speed his his muscles, Cly brought Valor up, the end of the sharpest sword in the universe making contact with the shining yellow sword. Sparks flew as the two met, Valor's finest, strongest tip penetrating into the nearly as strong energy sword. Severed, a line ran down the entire yellow blade, splitting it in half. The damage blade, unstable, dissappeared. All happening in a fraction of a second, Cly adjusted his eyes to the three other swords around him, and his eyes widened. Just after he had taken his attention away, the three swords had moved towards him. Pierce! He felt the end of a sword enter through his upper left chest, aimed for his heart. Twisting his body a fraction of an inch, he set a new course for the yellow sword, one which passed dangerously close to his heart. The blade cut through the top of his left lung, and the tip exited out of his back. Inside Cly's mind he screamed, but didn't allow himself to lose even a millisecond of his concentration. Stab! Entering through the right side of his ribcage, the second sword cut directly through the rider's stomach and liver, the tip exiting the other side. He bit his lip from the immense pain, drawing blood. Slash! The last sword swept through the air, and the side of it cut into the rider's neck. Such power, such speed, the rider would lose his head in an instant... Clang! Sparks flew as the yellow sword clashed with Valor. Shaking in pain, the rider gripped the handle of his sword, stabbed through the right side of his chest, coming up inside of him, and exiting out of the back of his neck. A stab through his own body, a necessary self attack, to block a fatal blow. Cut! The end of yellow blade that had been intended to cut the rider's neck off twirled through the air and stuck into the ground, dissappearing. Letting go of his own sword, Heaven's knight caught the handles of the other two swords, and shattered them, some of his finger bones shattering in the process. The remaining two swords dissappeared. Beaten, battered, the rider stood standing.

Three swords cut through the air, headed toward the mighty emerald dragon, Esmeralda. Gulping in air through her lungs, and igniting it, she breathed forth fire. Caught in the cloud of fire, one of the yellow swords held its form, continued closer to her, but reached its limit. The sword changing to a charred black, the sharp weapon crumbled into dust before the Queen of the skies. Two more remained, moving in closer for the kill. Moving towards her exposed chest, Esmeralda beat her wings, her great agility allowing her to maneuver through the air with incredible speed and precision. Clang! Sparks appeared as the sword drove against one of her scales. Pushing against each other, offense versus defense, she was pushed back in the air from the massive momentum of the energy blade. A crack formed, and spread through Esmeralda's scale. She felt that her defense was being beaten. Dropping into a backflip, the sword's path was changed, and skimmed across her scaled back. The sword went into the air, a small crack in the end. She eyed it over with a glimmer of hope. Returning towards her, she had taken her eyes off of the third sword. Whoosh! Spinning like a helicopter, the third sword cut cut through part of her wing, clipping the end off. She roared in pain. Stopping in mid-air, she twisted her body over, and caught hold of the third sword with her steel hard jaws. Crush! In excess of one hundred thousand psi of force turned the sword into pieces. Slit! The second sword, the only one remaining, had snuck up on her and slid along her throat. Out of reflex, she had pulled her neck back, leaving the wound shallow, and not fatal. The yellow energy sword turning around, she took off, her flight pattern off, due to the end of her wing being cut off. The sword followed, making progress through her green streak she left behind. Faster and faster she flew, hundreds of miles per hour, weaving this way and that, in a desperate attempt to throw off the last blade. Glancing down towards the ground below, she dove toward it. Crash! She entered into the ground, tunneling through it with her razor sharp claws and jaws. Following her, the sword went below the ground level. Glancing back, the crafty dragon shot up through the ground, beat her wings, and slammed her one ton mass on the weakened ground. Rumble! The tunnel she had just dug collapsed, taking the sword down with it. She took off to return to her place alongside Cly, Valya, and Matezoide.

The final three swords made their way towards Valya, the Ninjan captain. She opened her hand, to reveal her special glove. Focusing on the three swords, she reached out towards one. As if pulled by an electro-magnet, one of the swords was pulled to her hand, floating inches from the glove. Aiming her glove toward another one of the swords, she expelled the yellow sword. Direct hit! Sword on sword, the two weapons, equally matched, cancelled each other out, resulting in both energy blades being destroyed. One remained, and... Snip! Her glove fell to the ground, cut off by the third sword. Blood sprayed from her hand, as it was severed in half, her thumb, index finger, and middle finger falling down to the ground. Clutching her hand in her shirt, she narrowed her eyes, and moved through the air, trying to evade the sword. The shining blade gaining on her, Valya knew that she had one chance left. Turning in mid-flight, the Ninjan rushed towards the sword, with her arms at her side, ready to throw them out and catch the incoming blade. Catch! Between her palms, she held the blade, the tip an inch away from her chest. She let out a half smile, which quickly turned to a frown when the blade inched forward. Her eyes widened, as she felt the blade pierce her chest. Her muscles shook, trying to gain more strength. The blade moved in deeper. She loosened her grip, and closed her eyes.

Swoosh! The hum of Valor rang through the air. The yellow blade that had pierced into Valya had been severed in half. The shining blade burst into light, and was gone. Valya, unconscious, fell down, caught by the outstretched fore feet of Esmeralda. She set her down, a notable distance from Goki, and beat her wings, approaching him again. On her back, stood Cly, upright, a dead stare in his eyes. Cly spoke to Goki, "First off, you didn't give me a chance to speak, and secondly, no one hurts the ones close to me. Beat, smash, tear, impale, crush, batter, dice, slash, me, or anything else that comes to mind, but when you attack those who are dear to me, that is where you went wrong. As long as I can protect those I call my friends, and live my life for the one true King, my body is of little concern to me." He coughed up some blood, and wiped his mouth clean. "Ready? Here I come!"

Riding his dragon, the rider held his unbreakable sword up into the air. Esmeralda shot off, accelerating through the air, closing the gap between her and Goki in seconds. Holding Valor out to the side, Cly attempted to pass Goki by, that is, use the high speed of Esmeralda's flight coupled with the razor edge on the double bladed sword to produce a deadly attack. Passing Goki by, aiming to take off his left arm, Cly pushed off his dragon, just as he passed, and pulled Valor to his side. Stab! Thrusting the blade toward Goki, Cly extended his arm fully, giving the attack more range than could be expected. The thrust was aimed for Goki's right shoulder, trying to sever some tendons and muscles to make his right arm completely useless. ROAR! From behind, Esmeralda sped towards them. Breathing a cloud of fire at Goki, the knight's body was barely out of the burning range. About to grab onto Esmeralda, Cly scanned Goki, and saw the ring. Focusing, his hands dropped to a chill, much colder than freezing, and super cooled his sword. Moving the end of Valor toward Goki's hand, Cly attempted to touch the ring with the blade, freeze it, then twist the double bladed sword, and possibly shatter the ring. Whether the attack was sucessful or not, the rider grabbed onto Esmeralda's neck as she passed. She hovered in the air a safe distance from Goki, ready for him to strike back.

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  She could see that Shadow step was taken back by seeing the amazing sword but truthfully she did not have time to tell him every thing. There was so much that she could have told him that she could have warned him about. The Council, the darker half of the sword and also an important part of information she left out was that every time the sword is used it would eat of it’s hosts emotions eventually if used enough leaving the wielder with out any feelings at all. But she was to wake for her mind to give Shadowstep any  more information. What she gave him was all she could afford to give. As she looked at him she saw his hesitation but soon to her relief he disappeared. With that Talon gave in and collapse on the floor unconscious and exhausted.

Talons eyes shot open and she found herself in some sort of large chamber. There was a golden door before her and she could feel a presence behind it. Talon did not dare move. There was a bright light filling the room. She appeared to be dressed in her same tattered and broken attire. She slowly approached the door and placed her hand down on the door feeling the heat on the other side. There appeared to be writing on the door some sort of ancient writing though she could not identify what it meant she felt that some how she was suppose to know what it all meant to her. Standing there she did not know how much time had passed. Truthfully this all felt like a dream to the young girl. It was either that or she was dead. And though Talon could have welcomed the fact of being dead this could possibly mean that X-23 was still alive.

As she stood there motionless for a moment she soon heard a familiar voice and quickly turned around to see her faithful friend Isaac standing before her. “Talon” he said holding out one hand. Looking at him seriously she asked “What’s going one” he paused a moment and walked over to her placing his hand on her shoulder. At that point Talon knew it was going to be bad knew she could feel it. Every thing he was doing was to comfort her and sadly it was not working all that well. Shrugging his had off her shoulder she took a step back pushing her back against the wall as she looked at him. Her emerald eyes gazing at him as she tired to put all the pieces together to make sense!

“Do no be alarmed for this was the only way I could ensure your safety.” He said taking a step toward her. She calmed herself down and looked around once more as she then turner her attention to Isaac and sighed. “What did you do Isaac?” she asked with agitation in her tone of voice. Isaac looked to the ground a moment. There was a long pause and Talon could hardly take it any more. But eventually the silenced ended and she began to wish that it had not. “Laura I had to save you…you left me no choice I needed to save you so..” looking her in the eyes he continued “As you recall the day that you and X-23 split that she was her own and you were separated from her?” Yes. Talon fully recalled that day it was the worst day fo her life….well not the worst but very close.

During Light Wars Talon got a true understanding of what she was dealing with. She fully understood X-23 well at least she knew that that girl was a weapon a monster and wanted to turn her into one. Though hr motives remained unknown to Laura. X-23 though she understood part of her most of that being was left a mystery. Why she did the things she did what she did them fro it was all just a large enigma to this girl. But she seemed to have a plan of some sort. One that Talon no matter how hard she used that mind of hers could never figure out. And this annoyed Talon. Most of the time she could figure out what her enemies were planning to kill her obviously. But X-23 no if she wanted Talon dead she would have done it a long time ago.

“Yes I fully recall that event though why would you bring it…..” she paused a moment putting together all the different pieces of information that he had gained. “Isaac are you trying to tell me that you using your little powers house magic to split us!?” she said getting louder as she came to the end of her statement. Isaac hesitated then answered. “Yes I did” he said, she could hear the nervousness in his voice. Talon could not believe this guy. Isaac was there he saw the damage that X-23 could cause with out Talon able to even hold her back by the slightest. She was unstoppable and the worst part of all she would go after those closest to Talon mostly Wolf Pack.

She turned away from Isaac and banged her hand against the wall making a dent with in it. “Where am I” she whispered slightly as she glanced at him over her shoulder. “You are near the council” his answerer was vague yet the term council he used a lot these days. They from what Talon could gather were the power monarchy behind the weapon of Gemini and obviously who Isaac worked for. The Council though remained hidden. It was a topic that he did not talk a lot about. He spoke about Gemini but never really of the council. Most of the time he’d say thing like “The Council require you to” or “ I have been told by the council” but never any more than that.

“Isaac” she pleaded. “You need to elaborate our present situation this instant I require as much information as I can gather and that you can give me. Why possibly would you separate me from X-23 and why are we near the council?” Truthfully Talon sort of knew as to why he stole her away leaving X-23 in control but why he brought her here was still a mystery. “How could you” Isaac blurted out with out any provocation leaving Laura silent/ “Answerer me Zenith! How could you possibly entrust the weapon in the hands of a man you only met!” Though Laura Greystoke did not have any logical reason to justify her action she said the first thing that came to her. “It was the right thing to do”…….”what kind of excuse was that!” she thought to herself after she said that.

Gathering her thoughts she paused a moment and answered. “Isaac I had to. X-23 was taking control and no one stood a chance if she had Gemini. I…..I had to stop her Isaac for the good of the weapon if in X-23’s hands…I had to!” she said placing her hand on her forehead as a sigh escaped her pail lips. Only then did the exhaustion returned to her as she fell against the wall. Gripping her hands on the indentations of the wall she pulled herself up but soon felt her friends warm hand on her shoulder.  Then in a ore sympathetic tone Isaac spoke. “Laura I understand why you did it. I understand your reasons and I am sorry but I had to do this.” Still not understanding him she asked “What did you do Isaac?”

He turned away and took a few steps away from Talon as he let out a sigh. “Laura what I did I did to save you. I can’t loose you a friend” she could see the sadness in his eyes and the pain that he was going through. Reversing roles Talon took Isaac’s hand and looked him in the eye. “Isaac I know but you need to take me back I need to stop her X-23 will need to be stopped!”

Shifting back to Ninjeta X-23’s eyes shot open as she sat up and looked around. She had most likely been out for a few minuets at the most maybe an hour though she could not tell fully. She ran her bloody hands through her black hair and let out a sigh. And then at that moment she realized something. There was no longer any internal conflict. There was only Selice. With that she got to her feet and thought a moment to herself. “But how” she uttered as the words slid off her lips. “You could it be possible….Isaac” like a light had just been switched she knew who was responsible and smiled wickedly. “Of course the little brat would do that to save his friend…only friend for that matter”.

Before she could continue onward she hear a familiar voice call her counterparts name. "Talon? Where are you? Talon?" She stopped dead as she scanned the immediate area for any life sine’s and spotted some one. And entity of some what odd circumstances. A sinister smile came to her face as she could see that Talons friend known as Akwa was not at his most powerful sate. She slowly approached him and when in sight she shouted  “Well look her, what can this be? Water boy all alone in the middle of the battle field in what can I say less that perfect condition?” she said her emerald eyes gazing at Talons team mate still with that sly smirk.

She did not wait for a reply and walked up to him placing her hand on his chin. “My dear Akwa you where better off with a lost head.” She said as she attempted to kick him in his stomach. Taking a few steps back she looked at him a moment but soon let out a sigh as she waved her right hand. As she did the ground before her trembled as the ground near Akwa broke. Using her telekinesis she attempted to push Akwa back against the rubble of DC’s castle. As she commenced in the action she shouted .”Dear Akwa I wonder if they’ll miss you….cause no one will be able to hear you scream!”

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Akwa walked through the battlefied, peering through the smoke. Talon was here...somewhere.

"Talon!" he cried out once more.

He saw her. She was standing alone. That was odd? Was she dressed differently? How the hell does one change clothes during battle? She slowly walked closer to him until she was around ten feet away. Smirking, she shouted at him.

"Well look here, what can this be? Water boy all alone in the middle of the battle field in what can I say less than perfect condition?”

Okay, Akwa knew that Talon occasionally enjoyed gloating but this was getting annoying.

"Hey! Of course I'm a bit tired! I've been fighting for God knows how long, I've been tortured and a building just exploded with me inside it! Actually, that last bit was kind of my fault..."

He narrowed his eyes as a thought occurred to him.

"Speaking of battles, where have you been Talon? I saw you eariler but then you just vanished from the battlefield. Where did you go?"

Talon was now close. Very close. Kind of uncomfortably close. She placed her hand on Akwa's chin, touching the cold metal of his mask.

“My dear Akwa you were better off with a lost head.”


The rest of his words died as she suddenly launched a kick at Akwa's stomach, doubling him over. He regained his composure moments later. The ground began to tremble.

"Talon, what's going on?"

He began to walk towards her only to be blocked by an invisible force that began to slowly push him back. Telekinesis? How was she doing this? Using his telepathy, he probed her lightly. The probe immediately hit a mental block. But that was enough. The entire feel of the mind was both wrong and familiar at the same time. This wasn't Talon. And yet it was. How could this be? And then suddenly, it clicked. From what he knew of Talon's history, this being could only be...

With a growl, Akwa began to strain at the telepathic push pushing him slowly back. It stopped pushing him. Akwa began to slowly walk forward towards Talon, forcing his way through the TK with sheer muscle power alone. His eyes began to glow blue.

He stopped halfway and opened his mouth.

"I'm talking to the being known as X-23, I presume?"

He continued his walk towards her, pushing through the telekinetic force. He quickly fashioned a mental spear and sent it crashing into X-23's mental defenses. He did not dare do more, in the risk of harming Talon herself.

An icy blade materialised into his hand as he brought forth new matter out of nothing.

"You will reliquinsh her immediately and return to your normal state as the submissive personality. Or I will go in there and eradicate you once and for all."
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One Hour ago

It had been almost a full day since his last hit. In the chaos that preceded his reunion with Despair the Fallen Hero has forgotten to sake his craving, and now it was too late. An hour earlier his left arm had begun to quiver and he had quickly pressed his hand against it in hopes that his friend wouldn’t learn of his addiction. But the withdrawal has beginning to affect his motor skills: his limbs were fidgeting more and more often and his thoughts were becoming clouded. But it was nothing compared to the pain. He had since regenerated from the battle, but pain still wracked his body from having to hold some many changes for as long as he had, to say nothing of what he had felt from being ripped apart. He had no choice but to suffer through it, though. Finding medical attention for Despair was his main goal now... Wasn’t it? There were times when he wasn’t so sure.

The sparks from the fire danced up into their air and the crackling of the blaze mingled with the sounds of gunfire that came from miles away in all directions. If he expanded is auditory muscle just right, Felix would clearly hear the death cries and the screams of anguish from those on the border separating this life and the next. This was his first time in a warzone, but already Ferro could tell something that every child caught in the battlefield realizes eventually. Those screams were the only thing that ever came from war.

His eyes fell upon the small wood-fire. In a funny way, it was the same as what was going on everywhere on Ninjeta; an all consuming fire raging, destroying everything in its path, completely unable to discern innocent from guilty. He glanced at the girl that shared the fire with him. She was an innocent, someone who had been manipulated into becoming a weapon. Despair didn’t deserve to be caught in the middle of this Hell. This was just proof that if god did exist, he had a sadistic sense of humour; or maybe he just didn’t care? His precious creations were destroying everything he had made and this all-powerful being chooses to sit back and watch? Was it punishment for their sins? Maybe their simply were no Pearly Gates at the end of the road, no eternal torture for the wicked? Not that it made a difference to Felix whether there was or not, because after everything he had seen, and all the pain he had felt in his short life, he had stopped entertaining the notion of God a long time ago. His sanity depended on it.

Then, like the coo of a dove, Despairs voice met his ear. She spoke softly, but he could hear the pain as clearly as if she had screamed at him. He turned and his gaze fell upon her beautiful, amethyst eyes, the tears blurring them as he was looking their reflection in a pool of water. When she spoke, she spoke only three simple words. But as she said them, as the significance of what she was asking him hit him, Felix could feel something somewhere within him shatter.

“Why, Felix? Why?” Emotions that until this day had been buried so deep within him that he thought he no longer had them welled up all at once. He blinked in a vain attempt to hold back the tears that suddenly threatened to overwhelm him. Felix couldn’t bring himself to look at her anymore and quickly turned to the fire once again, resting his chin on his knees as he tried to think of some way to respond. Suddenly every justification he had been using to defend all the things he had done in the last few months seemed like nothing more than a cheap excuse from a stupid child who was mad at the world. Time slipped past and still he said nothing. Finally, he glanced back at her once again. When the Fallen Hero opened his mouth he found that he could barely prevent himself from crying, and his voice sounded choked and strained.

“... I don’t know anymore... I wish I had an answer for you, but I just don’t...” He stopped for a moment in a last desperate attempt to think of anything that he was sure of anymore. Once again, their eyes locked and he found his answer. “I promise you this, though. No matter what happens, I will keep you safe.” He moved closer to her, wishing fervently that he could comfort her but knowing that there was nothing that a broken child could do.


He hadn’t allowed them to rest for long, just until Despair would be able to move again. Felix knew that the nearest operational medical bay would be on the front lines with the heroes, so that’s where Ferro lead her. The sun was beginning to peak over the tree tops when Darkchild’s growl of a voice crackled to life in his ear once more.

“Do as I say now!! Get here, Drifter take care of my water boy problem and Ferro. Bring the woman, I want her here now.” Without another word the communication cut off. Felix could feel his heart tearing itself apart. He couldn’t turn Despair over to Darkchild. There was no telling what he would do to her. But at the same time, the child of darkness was his leader, and the inhuman couldn’t just abandon him in the middle of a war. But as they stepped through the trees the decision wasn’t his to make anymore. Right before their eyes was the most mortifying scene of slaughter he had ever witnessed before.

The ground was littered with the dead and with those who prayed that they could be too, and still the Ninjans and Lycans and Heroes and Villains all fought on in a mad fervour as if nothing else in the world mattered. Before he even had the opportunity to think, though, a Lycan warrior halfway between wolf and human, his armour in tatters and bloodlust filling his mind, lunged at the two of them. He must have recognized Ferro somehow. The sudden realization that this put Despair in at risk as well galvanized him into action. As the beast hurtled towards them, claws outstretched for the kill and shrieking his battle cry, “For the Lycan King!”, Felix consciously changed his right fist into the head of a sledge hammer. Spinning around to gain momentum, the construct connected with the Lycan’s skull and there was a sickening crack. The limp body tumbled to the side, landing in a less than respectable position. Even as Felix was changing his hand back to normal and shaking off the dull pain of the morph, the soldier was beginning to regenerate.

Ferro needed to think of a way to get them through the field. For a few seconds his brain worked like sixty, furiously trying to find a solution, when an idea presented itself to him. With another quick shift of his anatomy, Ferro’s vocal chords expanded. He drew in a deep breath and let out a piercing, ultrasonic shriek. Lycan and Ninjan alike within twenty meters of the two of them suddenly clasped their hands to the sides of their head in an attempt to block the sonic assault audible only to their superhuman ears. Even he was changing back he was moving off through the field, shoving the writhing figures out of the way. He turned to signal his companion to follow.

“Come on, we need to move!” Suddenly something struck him from behind and sent him sprawling. One of the Ninjan’s had recovered and had struck him while he wasn’t looking. Her booted foot collided with his torso, flipping him on his back and breaking two ribs. It was one of the rebels, her face lit with a sadistic grin. She was enjoying the war as much as any of the Vine Villain soldiers. Her golden locks obscured her face as she looked down at him, pressing her boot into his windpipe.

“You f@ckers are going to pay for what you have done to us.” She was crushing his larynx slowly to make him suffer. He tried to budge her leg from its position on him, but she just pressed harder. The pain was audible, and it was making his mind race like a horse on crack. “I’ll see you in Hell.”

“Maybe... But you’ll beat me there...” There was a snapping sound and she let out scream before falling in a limp mass in the dirt. His right foot slowly changed back from its bladed state, but was still coated in her blood and spinal fluid even after. The other warring parties were beginning to steady themselves, but it didn’t matter. Felix had just spotted his old teammates engaging Darkchild in combat.

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As she stood there glaring at the being that stood before her she could feel a great sense of hesitation partly on his but mostly on her. There was a feeling that she tried to deny. Though all the time being locked in the mind of Talon she was single handedly witnessed the behavior of these team mates. Akwa and the rest of them. It was strange she actually felt like she knew him yes “she” did not. And part of her did not want to do this. But through time her anger to ward the person known as Laura had over come all good in her. It was to late to go back to late to change her mind. All she wanted was to be single from Talon to be her own self but now…no now that chance was gone. There was only one option.

"Talon, what's going on?" she heard him demand at her. He wanted an answer but she would let his decrepit mind figure it out for himself. But the question still lingered. What was going on? What was she doing? Fighting an unimportant being and wasting good time? How was that possible. There was nothing that she could gain in fighting Akwa. Expect maybe Talon more pain. Along with watching him suffer and watching Talon suffer for all the pain that she had caused her and her family. Her emerald eyes shifted to black marble as she looked around gladly the attention of the battle was far off so there would be no back up for this water boy.

There was a brief moment of silence as she scanned him trying to figure out what he was trying. There was a temporary moment where she felt him on the astral plain trying to scan her but his abilities were inferior to her….by far.  With that she could hear a slight growl resonate from hi,/. He was angered by this most likely understanding his predicament. Though as to why this agitation occur puzzled her immensely. He did not care for Laura no one did or at least that was how she perceived it…net that was how Talon perceived it. Being now Talon she had full access to Talons memories and emotions and thoughts. And Talons thought were quite grim she never really saw the good in any thing. “Dang this being it depressive.” She whispered.

"I'm talking to the being known as X-23, I presume?" She smiled as to his revelation came to him just in time. As he began to push forcedly trying to over come her she loosed her grip on it. She was not prepared to destroy this being on sight. She would see what he had with in him. As he approached her she felt a mental sting that disorientated her enough for her to lower her defenses. She was slightly impressed and if she could she would have commended him for his efforts. He seemed to be holding back on her even now. It was strange how he did so. From the impression she had gained from Akwa she would think him to be more forceful. \

"You will relinquish her immediately and return to your normal state as the submissive personality. Or I will go in there and eradicate you once and for all." As he said that she finally noticed the Ice spear that he appeared to create out of nothing. Though it was in the bounds of his powers so she did not fret. The things of this world were not the thing that worried her it was his mouth. Akwa had been known not to…what did Talon say…shut up. She placed her hands on her sides with the same childish smirk on her face as she prepared to counter act what he had recently said.

Letting a sigh escaped her lips she slowly motioned toward Akwa showing no hostile intent. “Wow now I know where Talon learned how to talk from you.” She said after she fully observed Akwa’s speech. It was strange he almost sounded like Talon using the words relinquish and of such. But retaining her composure as she entered a more serious like tone she spoke again. “What you fail to understand it that I no longer thane the power to give you back you little Talon though I can not see why you would want her back” she said as she circled around Akwa keeping her eyes on him.

“She’s gone Akwa I am sorry but she no longer exists it would be better for you to forget about her and move on. She didn’t care for you any way. She has a hard exterior and a clod interior she cares nothing for you or for any one. Yes she might appear to have feelings but honestly she does not!” coming to a halt in her glaring as she looked away. A slight breeze passed by her as a tear slid down her eye. She clenched her fist and brought it up to her chest as she breathed in and out. “Akwa  you are lucky you do not have to submit to another personality that you are the dominate one the one in control.”

“Isaac I need to be relive the life of every one that I hold dear is at stake” Talon bellowed as she slammed her fist against the table. She was presently seated down in a living area. The walls were white and the only back n the room was her marble hair that laid over her face. Her emerald eyes stared at the ground as she leaned forward and rested on her knees. Isaac being how he was did not heed her please for returning to her body. He seemed bent on keeping her here. She was not aware that he cared to such an extend about her that he would forcefully keep her here against her will.

“I will not allow you to leave for it you do I will loose you and I am incapable of handling that not again” he said as he forced back tears that were wanting to come out. Talon did not know what to do. She did not want to hurt her friend but she knew that if she did not that every one se cared fro would be in danger. Reaching out her hand toward his she looked him in the eyes “Isaac things need to be dealt with I need to go back I can’t remain here while the people that I care about are being harmed, Isaac you can help me and this time I really need you Isaac you need you to get me back I'm my body to get me back in control so I can end this conflict once and for all….

X-23 had left herself venerable for her spot of emotion. Soon realizing her mistake she turned back and glared at Akwa in anger. Spinning her hand she created a telekinetic shield and attempted to push him back with great force. As she commenced in this action she moved her other hand. She would attempt to life Akwa off the ground and slam him into the earth. Then she would continue to batter him with telepathic blasts. Weakness was no option. She would no longer give herself over to the emotion that lurked with in her. As she commenced in her attacks unsure if they would succeed she shouted

“Akwa I wish you to stop me but you are unable to and I could not let you. All I wanted was to be the one in control was the be the domain one…but instead I was forced to be locked inside the head of this girl. You know nothing of the pain that I have to go through. The suffering that I am put through every day watching this being have a life who has done so much wrong live a life and me being forced to only watch and crave what she wanted! Now that craving is over and I will ruin this girls life by starting off and killing you!”

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     Insanity is a strange and powerful thing.  A simple tweeking of the mind shifted so drastically, that the result is a complicated maze beyond any human's abiltiy to fix.  Some say it's a higher level of intelligence too far above for rational thinking to grasp.  But really, it's an understanding: a realization of knowledge that shows that there is no reality.  There is no meaning to the organized thoughts plagueing people's minds.  There is no fear.
     All those who depend on their hollow, straight-thinking minds....are cowards.  They run from what they see, what they feel.  Cowards.  
     And I intend to kill them....all.

     A Ninjan woman, a soldier of vast experience, stumbled and tripped through a rocky labyrinth of jetted-out stones that were once solid ground.  She muttered and moaned in fear, blood seeping out of the cuts on her face and arms, clutching her long-shafted spear with carelessness, pointing it at anything that moved.
     The explosions of war, above ground, shook the open-ceilinged caverns, spewing dozons of large rocks into its passageways.  The woman shrieked, slipping backwards and tumbling to the ground.  Her cry echoed and volleyed through the rigid walls with the sound of crashing stones, but could not be heard by any who could help her.  No one could help her.
     Her heart pounded, sweat poured from her skin...her eyes wide in terror and expectation of the inevitable.  It's coming...where'd it go....what's it want...?
     Just above the woman, a dark shadow crouched on a spiked perch, black eyes almost luminous in hunger for blood.  It stared down, ravinous, shifting silently on its heels.  A lip curled back, revealing a row of razor teeth, out grown by two large fangs.  The finely toned muscles in the creature's arms and back fluctuated gracefully in an air of unseen power.  It wanted to kill her...it wanted to see her bleed.  The stupid Coward was trying to run from it...running from what she hadn't even seen yet.  Pathetic, stupid, bloody Coward.
     The spear's shaft was slippery under the woman's sweaty palms.  She squeezed and twisted at it nervously, silently praying to some unknown entity to spare her.  A dark, gutteral growl pierced the chocking silence.
     The woman soldier screamed, turning around just in time to place her weapon in a defensive position.  Shame it never would've done any good.  Her heart felt like it dropped into her stomach.  There was nothing there.  Her staggering breathes almost overpowered her next words, "S-sh-show yourself....m-monster!  I-I ammmm---a s-soldier of Ninjan; I w-will not b-be afrai---"
     The action was quick, the movement swifter; the Coward never saw it coming. 
     "Yes, you will be."  A black, cold voice whispered in the soldier's ear.  It's the kind of whisper that haunts you in your lonliest nightmares, where all forms of comfort vanish and your soul finds no rest.  The woman's mouth was frozen wide, a silent burst of agony trying to rip from her spirit.....but couldn't.  She dropped to her knees, unable to see through the tears, and glanced hopelessly at her arm. 
     Or what was her arm.  The shoulder blade had been torn out, completely broken off of the joints, like a lego piece.  A bloodied, jagged bone stuck out of her mangled flesh.  The girl's eyes widened, unable to respond to the pain mixed with revulsion.  The wraith-like agent stood tall, like a reaper, behind her, scapula in hand.  The dark attacker chuckled evilly, her white fangs flashing in the exposion's light.  
     The black hand of death slowly began to pull the girl out of consciousness.  She slumped forward, but never hit the ground.  The blood-lusting unknown leaned forward and held the soldier fast.  By the eyes. 
     "Ah-ah-ah.  You're not aloud to die yet....animal."  The last word was breathed out heavily, as if saying it was something to lust for.  The dark assailant wiggled her fingers in the white mush that used to be eyeballs, a smile showing off the row of meat-crushing incisors.
     "Stay alive....weakling."
     A sudden jolt from the victim's body sent a shiver of accomplishment through the killer's body.  She removed her fingers from the eyes, but the girl did not slump forward.  Instead, like a puppet on strings, she spun around awkwardly, and without moter control, sat on her knees.  The killer smirked.  So she could bend these stupid mortal's wills...all she had to give up was her own will: to stay "human", and the sickeningly weak part of her soul.
     An inch from the soldier's face, this wraith slinked around the unmoving body, trying to find the best spot.  Trapped inside her own mind, the girl was screaming helplessly, the pain she could feel in full, but wasn't allowed to die.
     Cold fingers, like frozen iron, wrapped themselves gently around the girl soldier's jugular vein.  The pulse radiated fast and loud, giving a burst of tormented adrenaline, kept at bay too long without a cure.  
     Without warning, the monster reared its head back and howlled a blood-boiling scream, a cry of pure hunger and instinct.  A cry of certain death.  She launched her self forward, tearing into the soldier's neck with teeth that could strip metal from cars.  The girl thrashed, now free from her mental-hold, wailing mercilessly....begging to die.
     In a swift motion, the monster tore the girl's throat out, blood gushing over the boulders in a sloppy fountain.  The killer smiled with pleasure, snarling like an animal, before breaking the girl's other arm off.
     The monster's name is Sylver.  She is a vampire who lost her soul.  


     Sylver teetered on her heels, maintaining her balance as she overlooked the dark forest below her.  The branch she was on was thick, but three other Elves were sitting next to her, causing it to bend just slightly.  Crouched like a panther, Sylver leaned forward carefully, peering into the dark cave just below the ground floor.  She could see bodies moving in there.  Heck, she could smell their rotting victim's remains even better.
     Smoothly pulling her long knives out of their shethes, she signalled the others to do the same, while some drew their magic-fused arrows.  A tall, muscular Elf with auburn hair knelt beside Sylver on the branch, watching her facial movements carefully.
     "What's wrong?  Do you see something else?"  He asked quietly, curiously.  
     "No, Kadro.  Nothing new...I'm just...--"
     "Reviled?"  He filled in, smiling as he set his arm around her waist.  Sylver smiled back, finding that it was difficult to be any level of "reviled" with Kadro trying to act romatic on a serious mission.  He was her fellow fighter, a true soldier...but also her love.
     Sylver glared at him with false annoyance as some of the other soldiers began to toss laughing looks.  Her face became a picture of creamy stone, beautiful and set for a purpose.  This had to, and would be done.
     "Alright boys, we're here.  Now remember, don't go on to another vampire unless you've completely beheaded your first one.  And do it fast; they won't give you a second chance.  This nest is the biggest in the area, so if we get them, we eliminate 80% of the vampire killings in a year.  Keep going until I say to stop and stick in a group."
     An off-key chorus of "yes, ma'am" was echoed back quietly, empatically finished by Kadro, who quickly kissed Sylver on the cheek before drawing his bow.  Sylver blushed, pursing her lips so not to shout at him for being a romantic idiot.  That would have to wait till later.  Now, they had vampires to kill.
     Sylver struck her knives into the trees bark, setting them in place as she strung her own bow.  A single vampire emerged from the cave, dilusional with hunger and insanity.  Dried blood clung to its pale, white skin that shone in the moonlight, almost radiating the evil within that creature.  With its dark red, hungering eyes, it looked straight at Sylver.  
     "Men.  These are monsters who butcher our people for fun...who kill children in their beds because they want to.  These are animals."  She pulled the arrow back.  "And we're going to slaughter them like animals."  She released it.

**end of flashback**

     A solitary figure emered from the desolated caverns, panting not from exhaustion, but from excitment.  Fresh blood covered her black leather outfit, speckling her snow-white skin.  Her appearance was fitting and looked normal in the gorey scene of battle before her, but she was neither casualty nor savior.  She was free.  No laws of conduct or codes of chivalry held her back now...for there was no soul to honor them by.  A cold, almost pointed tongue warped 'round her lips, removing the chunks of warm flesh still sticking there.
     Eruptions of bombs shook the earth and people screamed from their pain: a picture of a wonderland for the maddened animal within Sylver, now unbound, ready for blood.
     Sylver overlooked the battlefield, surveying its endless possibilities.  She grinded her teeth together, flexing her muscles, trying to re-awaken the high that she felt while mauling the girl...but it was gone.  It had to be done again!  She had to keep feeling this way.  It felt good....to hunt.
     Then, like a prick at the back of her mind, Sylver felt a silent alarm go off at the sudden thoght of hunting.  Hunting...what was wrong with it?  Was something missing?
     Sylver took in a deep, consentrated breathe, but found only the smell of smoke and torn flesh.  She hissed in frustration.  Why was hunting important to remember?  Something about the hunt....hunting....a hunter.  Hunter.
     The name had a slight effect on Sylver's thoughts, but passed by like a comet.  There was more to this thought, and she wanted to remember it....something needed to be done...or killed.  Something dangerous...or...risky.  Risky.
     The word had meaning also.  But what?
     Sylver dropped to the ground on all fours, smelling the earth closer, feeling the vibrations of thousands of living bodies fileld with blood.  Her black-marble eyes rolled behind her head for a moment, as she purred, dark and gravely, for the thought of the substance.  It didn't matter what  Hunter or Risky  meant.  It had nothing to do with stalking these poor, wretched worms.  The meat...the substance.  
     An animal like roar burst from Sylver as a thick, metal arrow fixed itself into her side.  Her mind instantly shifted from a contemplating mode, to a machine, set on destroying a target.
     Without warning, or a millisecond in between, Sylver ran at the thing that attacked her...the one who's heart went *thu-thump. thu-thump. thu-thump."
     Sylver screamed, her howl shuttering with delight for the chase.
    *thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump*
     She flew over the hill behind her, every part of her a weapon....every part needed to feast.
   *thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump*
     She found the thing, cowering behind a rock.  Sylver roared with unbridled rage and hate.
    *thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump*
      Her iron grip found his collar bone, holding onto it like a handle.  He screamed.
    *th-thump, thu-thump, thu-thmp*
     The collar bone snaps.  As the man falls, Sylver punches him in the gut.  His spine breaks.
     *th-thump, th-thump*
     Sylver's empty eyes burn with wild need.  She bites his neck, tearing it from his shoulders.
     The corpse drops to the ground and Sylver looks towards the burnt-red sky and screams a wail of the undead, icey and horrid.
     The monster's name is Sylver, and she is a vampire who lost her soul.

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"Darkchild, hmmm it seems your boss is in for a fight for his life. Because this worlds Darkchild is at least quadrupled the power of the one I come from. He even scared me for a moment their, I could almost taste his power as he held me by the throat. And its all because the energy he saps, I wish I was graced with such a power. All I was born with was the power to manipulate fire an electricity, Oh yeah I forgot." were the  worlds of Goki as he putted the hand on a pocket and a yellow light appears,forcing even Matezoide to cover his eyes  " A little gift from Father, he says Hi...hope the afterlife proves to be enjoyble." said Goki as he attacked Cly with amazing speed and then created a gattling gun to attack Matezoide,starting a long and powerfull barrage of blasts

You gotta be kidding me as Matezoide started to cut/block the blasts with his swords  why is he still smiling?  it was then he realised,every attack he stopped,he could feel either a little shock or burning,he had no choice but keep blocking,it was starting to get hard and soon Matezoide was slowed down because of the pain he was feeling and soon he failed to block a blast,getting hit by every other that came,Matezoide wanted to scream,but couldnt,he cant let an oponent realise he is getting weak or showing pain,soon the blasts sent the Demi-God fling at a wall,as Goki got distance from then and waited if my father wasnt Zeus,this would have actualy hurted,instead of stuning me

Ok Junior,you will pay for this However before he could do anything,he heard his teamate Cly "First off, you didn't give me a chance to speak, and secondly, no one hurts the ones close to me. Beat, smash, tear, impale, crush, batter, dice, slash, me, or anything else that comes to mind, but when you attack those who are dear to me, that is where you went wrong. As long as I can protect those I call my friends, and live my life for the one true King, my body is of little concern to me." As coughed up some blood, and wiped his mouth clean,he said before attacking "Ready? Here I come!"

it is personal now,huh? i know how you feel  and so Cly attacked while Matezoide watched i never tought he could be this brutal  when Cly finaly stopped and staied in the air waiting,Matezoide made his move and shot some energy at the floor,to create a dust,using his great speed Matezoide rushed into the dust and easly found where Goki was and would give him a fling kick into his face,rolling to get on his back and slash it with his blade,upon keeping Goki of balance,The Demi-God would grab his head and slam him on a wall,upon charging his blade and aiming it to the hand where Goki's ring was I dont know if Cly destroied your ring and personaly,i dont care  the slash would be enough to rip Goki's hand,wich would be kicked by Matezoide,so Goki wouldnt be able to grab it again

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2007: Jay's own reality.

It basically seemed like it's was going to be a great day, but sometimes it ends with a tradigity. Jay walked down the stairs of the x-mansion, he saw that Pixie, Emma, and Cannonball were in the living room talking about something. Mutants have been living way better these past few years, San Fransisco was a really great place to be. His mother Rachel Grey was off on a mission with a few other of the x-men, she was even the leader of one of the teams. Jay was soon to be a member of Rogue's X-men team, he had dreamnt of this since he was a child.

Pixie got up from the couch to stretch, she kneeled over to the side to pull over a ball and a base ball." why don't we play a little game while we have nothing to do today" she said with a grin on her face. Jay and her race to the back yard of the mansion, he saw a bunch of the member's and friends of the x-men. "Happy Birthday Jay!!" everyone shouted in excitement, her turned around to see Emma and Cannonball behind them, Emma pulls out a cake from behind her. "Now go play.. we don't have any ice cream yet, so what's ice cream without Cake, also Sam hasn't bought it yet." she looks over to Sam. " ughh... fine since it's his birthday i will go get it for him."

Jay looked over to to the rest of the people, him and pixie shouted out the names of who they wanted. Jay got Gambit, Iceman, Lady Mastermind, Illyana, Hellion, Surge, Beast,  and last but not least Emma. Pixie picked out Armor, Anole, Havok, Trance, Torch, Polaris, x-23, and Psylocke. Jay got the outfield, while Pixie was first up to pitch. He throw the ball as fast as he could, Pixie hit the ball with all her strength it flew high up into the air."Homerun!!" she screamed as she ran the bases, Lady Mastermind raised her glove to reveal the ball in her hand. "It's called an illusion kid, i just wanted to see the look on your face."


The air start to feel a little bit cooler as Jay flew through the air, flying made his worries go away, but with a war going on it would be hard for it to just disapear. From a far he could see Esmeralda, that dragon was really recognizable, that must of meant some of the members of WAL were with her. He could see Matezoide fighting someone, he was barely able to see that the guy he was fighting had a yellow lantern ring. When he got near them, he shout out a non-hurtful burst of a psychic blast to atrack a bit of attention.
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The young shinobi’s stance was a mirror image of an old late friend that was also of a elite clan in the leaf village, Yoichi of the Hyuuga clan. The two were close in age, and sparred frequently. Upon their first match Vann found himself being unable to mold chakra for day and half after feeling the full power on the gentle fist technique that the Hyuuga was famous for. The gentle fist was a unique form of taijutsu for not only was it design to break a person down internally with ones chakra, so even being grazed of wind from the attack could result in being fatal.

"About time, Been waiting little one. Was a little worried I actually got rid of you." The malice child of darkness said to him. As DC’s words carried to the shinobi’s ears, Vann notice multiple lumps and bumps freely moving try to protrude from under the Dark one’s skin. NeVann didn’t know what to think as it looked like a colony of ant or some other swarm of insects had made a home under the epidermis of Darkchild. "It has been quite some time since I had to show my true self. Last time was when Merlyn tried to send me back to the hellfire, Daddy didn’t much like that so he gave me a portion of his might. I don’t much like it simply cause it really finishes a fight for itself. But your something new. One moment alright, takes a little bit to get rid of the skin." He continued on to tell the shinobi. Not a word passed the Vann’s lips though a thought or two did flash on the surface of mind, especially after statement about skin.

His left eyebrow arched in confusion of what he was seeing. To say that the sight was stomach turning would be a highly mild understatement. If anyone would ask NeVann to describe what was happening before his eyes, the only thing he would say is go to a cattle slaughter house. As each piece of the peachy tanned color skin of Darkchild fell from his body sounding like slabs of freshly cut meat being dropped on one another. Lightly coated in a crimson phlegm of blood, the chunks of skin laid at demon’s feet. Not a single tendon or any muscle tissue was ever exposed during Darkchild’s molting. To NeVann, Darkchild’s metamorphosis was similar to that of a cross between a serpent and a caterpillar. Shedding its skin to become something greater. The shinobi figured that with the emerging of wings he figured the Demon Lord was finished, until he saw a sinister smile run across DC’s face before he ripped the spike that sat at the top of his head clean off.

"Okay this guy is completely nuts…" He thought to himself before Darkchild explained his action. "A little insurance I did to myself, putting that thing in hurt like hell. But it also kept me from being too powerful, sort of like your mail keeps the power in check by shutting off that part of my brain." Vann knew that he was not bluff, for shortly after the spike was tore out and the wound that covered the Demon son’s face in a mask of blood healed. Thanks to the abilities granted too him by the Sharingan, Vann was able to see the overflow of energy that leaked from Darkchild’s body. Like a main water pipeline that ruptured and began flooding streets, the shinobi knew that he was about to face off with a true monster. "So he still thinks he has the up hand I see…" He thought to himself after Darkchild arrogantly bowed and offered the shinobi the first attack.

Normally the shinobi would have a witty or sly reply for a such a comment, but not now not after almost being killed. He knew that he was out matched in strength at this point against the Darkchild, yet he knew that he would not be outmatched in speed. Seeming to be frozen in time the shinobi didn’t move a muscle, he went over multiple ways to attack and angles to strike from all in the matter of seconds. His eyes widened as his pupils constricted, as he locked eyes with the demon. "Kanashibari no Jutsu, (Temporary Paralysis Technique)" he said under his breath to not alert DC until it was far too late. As he set in motion to create an opening the close the distance between the two with what appeared to a teleportation, but in truth his was just raw speed that wasn’t even the shinobi’s fastest. Only being a few feet from Darkchild, Vann crouched down he extended both arms and his front leg. Lining his arms with each leg before coming up to send a full forced palm strike to the center of Darkchild’s chest. That was only one in a series of 20 other strikes that would soon follow.

The force that he sent each thrusting palm with would be enough to leave a hole in a 2 foot thick titanium door. To a spectator it would look as if the shinobi was randomly striking villainess power house’s torso but in fact, he was aiming for stress point in the skeletal structure of the Darkchild. While he hid the fact that he was slowly baking DC’s major organ as he pushed his fire nature chakra into DC’s body with each strike he could connect with. This was NeVann’s hardest taijutsu to master. The Burning Iron palm, which is a combination of the Hyuuga Gentle fist and taijutsu Strong fist that is design to have his opponents believe that his only trying to punch throw them while he actually breaking them down internal and externally at the same time. As he finished the chain of strikes he draw back both arms and quickly threw them both forward to thrust them into the area that housed Darkchild’s heart.

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Akwa tossed his ice sword from hand to hand idly as X-23 blathered on. He circled her.

“What you fail to understand is that I no longer have the power to give you back your little Talon though I can not see why you would want her back.She’s gone Akwa I am sorry but she no longer exists it would be better for you to forget about her and move on. She didn’t care for you any way. She has a hard exterior and a cold interior she cares nothing for you or for any one. Yes she might appear to have feelings but honestly she does not!”

He smiled smarmily at her.

"So? Did you honestly think I would care about that? I know she wasn't real. I know she never truly existed except as a facade that eventaully evolved into it's own personality. I know all that. And the truth is, I don't care. I'm very much the same really. Everybody is. Nothing is real except as we perceive it. And what I perceive right now when I look at you X-23, is an angry b!tch who thinks she's better than she really is."

He felt a telekinetic force push down on him again and he resisted. He was still pushed back slowly, leaving trails in the ground. He felt more force as he got lifted up and then got slammed into the ground. Akwa began to laugh.

"Oh no! I'm in a force grip! Whatever shall I-"

His sarcastic comment and his laughter was cut off when a barrage of telekinetic blasts smashed into him. Detachedly, he felt his bones break, his skin tear and his organs squish. After the series of blasts, Akwa's body was smashed open like a rotten pumpkin. Oddly enough, his mask was still on his face, even though it had been badly bent out of shape.

A mental voice resounded through the ether:

Ow. You really are a b!tch aren't you?

He got up, a bloody torn open figure where the bones were clearly showing. He scooped his intestines back into his abdomen and watched as the rejoined back together. The rest of his body quickly knit back and healed. Akwa briefly took off his mask to bend it back into shape before placing it back on.

He recalled what X-23 had just said.

"You're contradicting yourself. First you said that Talon had no real feelings and then you said that you'll ruin her life by killing me. The idea that she'll be distraught if I die implies that she does indeed feelings. Isn't that nice? And for the love of God, stop your damn emo whining about how bad your life is since Talon gets to use the body most of the time. By the way you act, I don't even think you deserve a body!"

He threw his ice sword away and narrowed his eyes.

"You hurt me back there. I don't like that. Before I was worried about roughing up your body because it's Talons but now I just really don't care anymore."

He quickly outstretched his hand until it's palm was facing her. A storm of hundreds of razor sharp ice splinters shot off from his hand towards X-23. He kept the stream of ice flowing as three orbs of water appeared behind her where she couldn't see them.

The three orbs elongated into roughly humanoid figures made of water. Instead of arms they had whiplike water tentacles of great strength. Telekinetic blasts would blow holes in them but they would still function. Telepathic blasts wouldn't effect them at all since they had no minds to speak of, existing only as extensions of Akwa's will.

Hold her.

The three elementals leapt at X-23, attempting to grapple her with their tentacles and hold her down.

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Memories of his time with We Are Legend flooded his mind. They were more than a team to him, they were a family. And now his family was trying to kill a man that he needed. The Vine Villains resources would be imperative if he were to save humanity. Despite this, he couldn’t possibly attack NeVann, who had been like a father to him, or Cly and Esmeradla, who he once considered to be his brother and sister. Maybe it was the emotions that seeing Despair had unearthed, or maybe it was a side effect from the morphine withdrawal, but he couldn’t bring himself to hurt them. The other one, the one who had been only a recruit when he had gone underground, Matezoide; Ferro could fight him. Ferro could kill him.

Mindful that he needed to clear a path for Despair to follow, his armour spread over his body and twin, two-foot long blades formed on the back of both of his wrists. Felix started loping towards the three men that were attacking Goki, picking up speed as he went, lashing out at Ninjan and Lycan alike whenever they came into his path. His left hand jabbed out and his blade pierced the soft, pink neck of one of the few male Ninjans as his right foot collided with the knee cap of a silver-haired female, shattering the weak-point. His head whipped around to make sure Despair was safe and in that split second a superhuman punch impacted on his chest, aggravating the already broken ribs and causing him to fall to his knees in pain. Just as a second attack was about to make contact, Felix raised his hand and hurled a bolt of lightning into his attacker, frying the Ninjan from the inside out.

Glancing up as he got to his feet, Ferro saw Matezoide creating a smoke screen so that he could approach Goki, and inadvertently hiding them from view. Before even a second had passed, though, the telekinetic blasts of Jay Grey cut a swath through the dust field, providing the opening Felix needed. His body was still wracked by pain from the Ninjan’s attack, but he couldn’t let that slow him down. The blades melted away as he took off in a headlong sprint directly at the son of Zeus. The Spartan possessed the powers of a god, but every design has its weaknesses. While Matezoide was focused on the son of Darkchild, Felix came up behind him and simultaneously slapped his hands at the demi-god’s ears; the devastating force that he applied and the sheer pressure would be more than enough to disorient the Spartan, and could quite possible cause him to become permanently deaf.

Without pausing for even a moment, Felix aimed a blow of moderate force with his index and middle fingers at the Golgi tendon in the back of Matezoide’s left arm, which, if it connected, would cause his joints to relax. Drawing back his left arm, Ferro’s right hand reached to hold the demi-god’s wrist as he attempted to strike the back of the Spartan’s elbow. This action, combined with the manipulation of the pressure point, should have been more than enough to break his arm at the joint.

There was no chance to catch his breath, though, because Jay was still hurling telekinetic bolts of energy at them. Performing a handspring on Matezoide’s shoulders, he pushed himself away from the main fight and towards the telepath, letting out a small grunt of pain as he landed. The sudden movement had twisted his body in such a way that the broken bones were scraping against his innards. No time to complain, though. Reaching both arms out in front of him and facing his palms toward Jay, Felix focused his energy into them and created a polarized force field of electrical energy. The majority of the physic blasts struck the shield and the impact forced him back. His feet dug twin trenched into the bloody mud and his legs strained to support him under the barrage. When the assault stopped he gasped for air. In the heat of the moment and under the immense strain that he was, Ferro had forgotten to breath.

Almost immediately afterwards he brought his hands towards his body, collapsing the energy of the force field into his palms and focusing it until it glowed white with power. All of a sudden his hands shot forward and fired the concentrated blast of lightning at Jay. As it traveled through the air it would expand into an electrical wall, the force of which would hopefully be enough to put the mutant down for the count. Upon firing, Felix glanced over his shoulder hoping to catch sight of Despair somewhere in the mayhem. He would need to finish these two quickly so that he could get her to medical attention.

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"So? Did you honestly think I would care about that? I know she wasn't real. I know she never truly existed except as a facade that eventually evolved into it's own personality. I know all that. And the truth is, I don't care. I'm very much the same really. Everybody is. Nothing is real except as we perceive it. And what I perceive right now when I look at you X-23, is an angry b!tch who thinks she's better than she really is."

As Talon stood there hearing the words of her dear friend Akwa she could not help tearing up. Though as soon as they appeared she suppressed them but the feeling did not disappear. Talon though not present saw and knew every thing. She saw how X-23 was reacting to Akwa and it was strange to see some one she thought so heartless actually envy her. But she often found X-23 to be a paradox in itself. Could be one moment a cold callous being and then the other this person that she was seeing this moment. X-23 and Talon were not that much different if you were to compare the two of them together. By just seeing how they acted. Talon was unstable most of the time did not stay in one emotion for a long time and if in a situation would always fit herself to leave. Same with X-23 she was unstable almost as unstable as Talon.

“He does not care” she whispered to herself as the words he uttered hit her like a hard rock. “And the truth is, I don't care.” She was unaware that he felt this way toward her that any of her team mates did. But Sylver was right, she should have stopped worrying about what others thought of herself and just be herself. Seemingly she was wrong in what she thought her team mates though of her. Talon was a very self conscious person and cared deeply about what other people would think of her if she acted that way. “It did not matter” she said sliding her hand into her jeans pocket. If she was capable she would most likely have fell into tears at that very moment for she wanted to.

“I was wrong” “That you were but you would not listen” she turned her glance behind her looking into Isaacs deep brown eyes. “I was stubborn” she said avoiding eye contact with him out of guilt. For what he said was true. She had neglected the truth. Akwa was correct all the time most of her time with the Pack she had felt sorry for herself. Sorry about what she had doe about had been done to her. She would always dwell on her past saying that nothing would ever change and would always say that she was a weapon. When every one around her didn’t really care about her past. Some didn’t even really get to know her or want to know her, Though some did and for the few that did she ignored them.

Their friendly outreaching she would just turn the cold shoulder and find something else to do. She would cut herself out of pain and necessity and habit. Now that she looked at herself through different lenses she saw that really and truly all the time she had been as Akwa would bluntly put it an “Emo” and emotionally Brooding young girl. Who stopped caring about others and actually started focusing on herself and her own problems and not about others. Talon realized that she was a self centered little Emo brat. She would have obviously stated it much different but it would be more simplistic to write Akwa’s perception of things and translate her own words into his.

Acknowledging this revelation she quickly turned the heel to face Isaac and said in a forceful tone. “I don’t care what you say what you fear your getting me back inside my body and if you don’t then I’ll summon Gemini and whip your ass, looking good while doing so I might add. So you have a choice Mystic guardian of Gemini. Either you can aid me in brining down X-23 or you can stand against me simple, though I’d not go for the latter”.

Selice stood there with a smug grin continuously being amused by the liquid boy. Though he was not stupid that was something she picked up the moment she or better Talon had met him. He was strange though. Like a cockroach he just would not die!  But that did not make this any less enjoyable. Watching his body being torn to pieces with her telekinetic blasts of power. She enjoyed watching him suffer it was something she always enjoyed. His body was bloody and looked like it had just been through a shredder but amazingly his face mask was still intact. What laid behind his face was a mystery to her though she had, had a slight glimpse of his face.

"You're contradicting yourself. First you said that Talon had no real feelings and then you said that you'll ruin her life by killing me. The idea that she'll be distraught if I die implies that she does indeed feelings. Isn't that nice? And for the love of God, stop your damn Emo whining about how bad your life is since Talon gets to use the body most of the time. By the way you act, I don't even think you deserve a body!" A slight growl resonated from her as she clenched her fist. What he had said angered her though it was interesting.

He was impressive for who he was and it almost astounded her that he was able to detect the misconduct of her speech. “One must watch their tongue around you” she thought to herself.

"You hurt me back there. I don't like that. Before I was worried about roughing up your body because it's Talons but now I just really don't care anymore." Those were the words that she expected to hear the first time. But the thing that mattered was that he said if finally. She watched as anger rise as she did not move or appear to change in any way. It was his turn she had, had her little time of fun and now it was his and she was looking forward to it.

She watched as he manifested Ice razors that resonated from his hand. In a flick on an eye they shot toward her with great speed. She did not bother to doge them for she knew Talon was capable of healing and she was not in the mood to run at this point. The first hit her shoulder the others followed in close and hard. It was strange what she would put herself through. She watched as he began to form humanoid things out of water and Ice particles. Removing the Ice razors logged into her arm she let out a slight hint on pain but suddenly stopped as she heard Akwa say in a dark voice. “Hold her”

With that the being grabbed her by both wrists and ankles and lifted her slightly. A moment passed and she did not move or flinch. Snapping back into reality she looked at the beings holding her captive and thought up a strategy. “SNICKET” with that she attempted to cut through the arms of the beings though failed and resorted to her counter parts Telekinesis. With a sudden push she forced herself into the air but lost her momentum and fell to the ground. Though using her Lycan skills she landed on her feet.

Taking in a deep breath she steadied herself and she got to her feet. She gazed at Akwa and could still see some wounds that needed to be healed. “What did she do” she thought to herself as she began to walk toward him. But before she could take five steps she could feel the force of darkness retake her soul I another attempt in consuming herself.  Using most of her power to regain control and return from her previous location. Talon stood there in sight of the bloody Akwa and was relived that he was not wounded beyond healing capability.

After a few more forced paces she fell to her knees the blood rushing to her head as she looked up at Akwa standing a few feet away from her. She smiled at him but not one of sinister or sly intend just a smile. The kind of smile she would show to her team mates when she was satisfied with them or enjoying their company. It was an innocent smile one that she had to learn once she joined the Pack. With that she uttered softly “Your understanding on things are inaccurate and though your perception of me is truthful.” She said in the way only she would say it hoping that he’d catch it was her.

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The mans cocky demeanor irritated yet amused Darkchild. The way his words held almost no emotion behind them at the moment, all the man wanted was to fight someone of his caliber and Darkchild was exactly that and more. Darkchild watched the ninjas body and he twitched for a brief moment before he started his attack, his moves were swift and deadly. Each strike aimed for the perfect points, Darkchild brought his arms up and blocked those that he could but still many slammed into his chest and the rest of his exposed body. Pushing him backwards as each blow landed his body convulsing as if he was hit with a hail of gunfire after each blow.

A twisted smile came to his face, as the "dents" in his body reformed and popped out. Then finally Uchiha brought his arms backwards then thrusted them quickly towards Darkchilds chest. His tentacles bolting forward and grabbing Uchihas hands he smiled
"That all you got?" The smile etched on his face turned to a frown as his body trembled and he screamed in pain. The places where the blows landed exploded each bursting, his skin turning into what looked like a man filled with buckshot at point blank range. The last of the explosions of heat blew him backwards and left a large hole in his chest. Skidding to a stop he glared at Uchiha baring his teeth "That f@#king hurt!" Looking around him the evil known as Darkchild smiled, always one step ahead of those he fought he knew this time would come. The ninja was powerful and so was he, but he needed to make sure this was going to end in his favor.

Bringing his palm up he flattened it out and a small portal opened above his hand and a device fell from it, his chest an body slowly healing he wasnt putting too much concentration in sealing the wounds because he knew what was coming next would require much healing.
"Such a pity, this planet was something new. A beautiful world in its own right, wraught with war and carnage I will surely miss it." One of his tentacles came around to his hand and clasping shut it pressed a small button on the device. Afterwards he tossed it to his side, the ground beneath his feet an Uchiha began to tremble. A fierce shockwave shook the entire area.

Southlands and the Capital of Ninjeta both places shook with the same verocity as the northan continent. Buildings began to topple and the ground began to crack an quakes started to bring all the buildings to the ground

Darkchild smiled to Uchiha "A little insurance measure, you understand." Undear neath the ground a reactor bursts as well under all the other facilities Gambler, Darkchild, and Hayden had built to house their armies. Still staring at Uchiha "If it were ever to come to a point where, one of us was loosing or felt their was no reason to continue we built a contingency plan. Setting off charges within the reactors that kept this planet stable and boutiful....as bountiful as a wartorn place can be but nonetheless." Suddenly geysers of lava shattered the ground around the two men and the heat was intense. The battlefield was littered with the very same geysers killing Ninjans both on DCs side and the resistance "You and the rest of your group of do gooders along with everyone on the planet have exactly " looking to his watch "Oh oops....I forgot I changed the initial time before your people destroyed my castle....you have five minutes." Darkchild clenched his fists "But dont worry your little heart, I wont die." His fists glows a bright yellow as a thin layer of energy envelopes him and his ninjetan outfit turns into that of the Yellow Lantern suit "I think this will suit me perfectly fine...but I am enjoying myself and I dont want to have you die before the clock reaches zero." Creating a ring he tosses it to the ground in front of Uchiha "Take it...if you can." Darkchild bursts forward creating a sword using his ring along with charging his arm with energy he thrusts his arm forward firing a burst of multiple beams of energy at Uchiha and bringing his sword back he swings hard aiming for Uchihas head.
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    Stationed in the hollow groves of Gueran, the young Ninjan solider sat awaiting his orders, upon word that the Ninjan capital city of Farwick had been obliterated by the flames of a former friend of his, Feral Nova. The area around the bunker was in disarray, Ninjans were fleeing left and right. But the Ninjan solider known as Tekken stood tall and watched as the unrest unraveled in front of his Ninjan eyes. As his red cape swayed in the wind, he felt a link from the planet it’s self . Get out…. A tear manifested it’s self from his ducts, but nothing could be done to save the planet, Like Africa, The Romans and Byzantine Empires invaders; had raped the land of it’s life and fertileness. The young and defeated  Ninjan solider dragged  his Sword towards his ship and slowly sobbed as the end of his Civilization was coming, and it was punctual.
The might Ninjan Vessel revved, it’s powerful engines up and shot off into the sky, The bumpy ascension continued until he had cleared Ninjeta’s atmosphere he took one last look back at the planet.
Colors began to erupt from each and every corner of the planet. “Computer set coordinates for New Haven” As the space became his new setting the young Ninjan slowly went off to sleep.
When he awakened he was on the outskirts of the Ninjan protectorate West New Haven. Feral Nova would pay for her crimes against the Ninjan Empire

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A few moments passed with dead silence on both parts. What was she able to say to him: That she was a host to another organism or better yet being possessed by a being of immense power? Sure that would be one for the books he’d probably make some smart comment and w--- She was doing it, the exact same thing she had always done to herself. Presumed what she did not know. Thinking that she knew the person well enough to decipher these actions and even to a points predict them? It appeared that this had become a habit of hers for some time now. But she intended to break it and have as Ronnin would say “an open mind”. Though in captivity open minds were not part of her training. She learned to think inside the box, that’s why she thought logically.  

Straining herself she sat up her legs crossed. Not bothering to get to her feet for she would surly fall once more. Her emerald eyes were cast down before as if she knew something that brought great pain to her. And in a way she did know something. She knew the ultimate end of all things. All things she had worked toward. Every thing that she had done in hopes of gaining honor and respect and possibly love. Every thing that she could ever want she had and now she needed to give it all up in order to keep it? It would have made no sense to her before it was totally illogical. To give something up in order to gain something that you already had? Madness she would have said….she would but she didn’t because she understood something. 

She Understood that not every thing in life worked logically that there were many exceptions. And all those exceptions were ones that she always was incapable of understanding. Things such as friendship, and love she was always unable to comprehend. It was as if her mind would not let her understand because of the fear of breaking a mold that had held this girl for years on end.  

Her eyes shifted toward Akwa and then beyond him toward the battle still raving like wild fire. Briskly she looked away her raven locks slinging over her shoulders as she did. There was a revalation that had occurred to her one she did not like to ponder but knew it to be truth. And truth it was indeed. This realization was that: She would not leave this planet alive. Getting to this point was hard for her but it was the only way. X-23 was to powerful even for her to handle. She had done to much, to much time had passed and now it was to late. She should have already been dead. She attempted once more to kill her and killing X-23 in the presses but she failed. For she survived and with that Selice did as well. 

Another attempt would be futile. Selice knowing the danger would automatically stop Talon from killing herself like before. She needed to place her life in some one else’s hands other than her own. But that would be hard for the youth. She had lived all her life depending on no man no one. “I am fully capable of handling myself” she would state bluntly when ever any one asked if she required aid or just a friends guidance. It hit her that she had wasted most of her life with fraught less actions that beard nothing good from them.  

Running her hands through her hair she thought about her life. The things she could have avoided the deeds that she could have committed and the people she could have aided. Then there was also the whole matter of what happens after death. Though Talon most of the time regarded that there was life after death, that was not one of the things she majored in. But assuming that there was a celestial city and a hell she assumed that she would be going to the latter. She had always told herself so in every action the only condolence she could give the friend and family of the victim was that she would pay for her actions if not in this world then……the next.  

As she sat herself there her mind drifted to the circumstances that brought her to this place in her life. Sweat poured down her brow as she used the back of her hand to wipe it. In doing this a memory vivid and wild flashed before her suddenly. 


She was locked in a room though she was not going to break. There was to much at stake if she did.  Her stress level soon went up as they were beginning the posses.  300 Vaults coerced through her body. She groaned in pain doing her best not to scream. The pain was beyond any thing she had felt or at least had not felt for a very long amount of time.  She pulled her body trying to break the bonds that held her. Though she did her best she was unable. Clenching her teeth she began to whimper like an animal. What ever they were doing to her was beyond any thing any government was capable of or so she thought.  


A cold shiver striked up her back as she wrapped her hands around her arms. She recalled that day those many hard painful days. Those days where she actually even doubted that the Wolf Pack would come to save her. Back then she was a frightened little girl who was afraid of her own shadow. It never occurred to her how much she had changed and finally she was back to the way that she once was. She was Talon, Laura no last name o Identity just plain old Laura suffices for her at this point. But back then she realized that she had gone through so much worse never the less was determined on making it out alive and with her friends all intact.  


X23 then picked up an unfamiliar scent. She stopped moving and listened intently. She could hear Someone was here and she did not think it was an agent of the facility. Unleashing her claws she tip toed to the corner of the wall. The lighting was dim since it was so late but what ever it was, did not appear visible as if cloaked. The scent was all that she needed. X23 jumped at the direction she scent was coming from and tackled the intruder to the ground. She turned visible and X23 could see who it was. There was something familiar about this person but she could not put her finger on it. She unleashed her claws and placed it at the fugitives neck “Surrender or die” she said. 

Rubbing her soar eyes she let out a sigh. The name X-23 meant something so much different than what it meant now. X-23 use to be just a name that she would call herself when angered or on a mission or part of either SHIELD or HYDRA. Now it was a name of e being of a monster that possessed her. But when did X-23 really emerge? For the truth of it she had always been a part of Talon. Just waiting for the right moment to take control. Though it did attempt before it’s time and failed. Past 

Talon fell to her knees in pain putting her hand on her head. “What in the world” she said trying to straiten herself and regain her balance. “Fury” she scolded. He must have messed with her head but she new that already what she did not know was how. A while back Xavier had installed telepathic blocks to keep her other side in check. But if she new SHIELD, Fury would want o see how she could cope with the beats out of the cage. Staggering back to the ground pain coerced through her head and here eyes kept changing from green to their feral state.  “Control it” she growled at herself tried desperately not to loose control.  She dung her hands deep into the ground telling herself to control it. This other persona of Talon was X23. X23 was the monster she was the assassin she did all the killing in her past she made Talon who she was today. But X23 had not morals or mercy she was like Talon with no feelings except for negative ones.

So to be truthful if it had not been for Fury X-23 might have stayed contained in Talons head a dormant beast that she could not understand But it did not go unrecognized. The being know as King Hyperion knew of it’s capability. Truthfully he understood it more than her. He was the one that told her this would all happen. He prophesied it all and now it was all coming through. Yes she hated hi,. Yes for a time he was her enemy and yes she cared for him. But that was irrelevant. What was relevant was that he said X-23 would get out and now she had done so. 


Their gazes then met as she wanted to just attack him but new that concerning who he appeared to be if would be futile. Smiling at her she new what was consuming him giving him his power. It was an emotion very common to her yet uncommon. It was rage.               
“There is a BEAST inside of you, little girl and it wants out. I can feel it's anger...it's pain...it's rage. Why do you keep your true self hidden behind this weak, frail human female form? Why do you deny the power of Rage that lies within you? Why not embrace it so that you might become a Red Lantern like myself? Why not become a wielder of the most powerful light in all the Universe? I speak, of course, about The Red Light of RAGE!” 

His words made her shudder but not because of her false hood they were true.“You will revolt...and you will lose EVERYTHING as the Universe begins to divide. The only way you can avert this disastrous future is if you come with me to Ysmault and aid me in defeating Atrocitus. Then once I have taken control of The Red Lantern Corps we can keep William Greystroke and his Wolf Pack from making this future a reality! Believe in me, do not place your faith in The Herald of Galactus or Akwa, they will only lead you down a path you do not wish to travel. A path you will never be able to deviate from once you have traversed it.” 

And it got worse 

Simon...you must allow Talon to become a Red Lantern. Look, we may have never exactly seen eye-to-eye on...well anything really but that is aside the point! I have seen the future, if you stop her from becoming a Red Lantern then you will be signing everyone's death warrant! This girl...this Talon...she is a Nexus Being and inside that Nexus Being is a BEAST. An abominable creature that calls itself X-23." The Red Lantern yelled.  

"The reason I have recruited Talon into The Red Lantern Corps is so I can isolate this THING inside of Talon, remove it and then destroy it. If you stand in my way then the future I have spoke of...the one where Talon loses everything as The Universe divides...will come to pass and everyone will die. You, Me, Galactus... EVERYONE. Please...search your feelings...scratch that, read my mind and you will know that I speak only the truth. A storm is coming and Talon is the only one who can stop it. 


Oh indeed her was insane yet contained wisdom. And right now she was wishing that she has accepted his previous offer maybe things would not have happened the way that they did.  She and Hyperion the most unexplainable beings. Some how their fates always crossed with one another. Some times they were enemies some times they were friends and some times they were lovers. There was a connection one that while X-23 was separated from her body she discovered: That before she was alive X-23 and Hyperion were lovers. Yes it was some kind of reality paradox that caused all this but never the less it still happened.  

But as her life flashed before her. She recalled all the good things that had happened. She had gained friend and a team that she cared about deeply. Even a team mate she cared about a little bit more than just business wise. But here she was at the end of her life but strongly she was not alone. To quoat a wise man she whispered ““Our hearts are not in our bodies that is where they are borne. If you were the only person in the entire world then your heart would not be any where. For we entrust our hearts to our friends”” “And that is what I have done” she said looking up at Akwa as a weak smile filed her face and tears slip down her bloody cheeks. Her jade eyes gazed at her team mate with admiration and trust. “Akwa, Jack…I have said many times that I dislike you but in truth I care for you deeply. You are my friend you put up with me in my “moods” and even when we met you put up with me then”. 

 She paused as a rush of pain ran through her she knew time was short but she needed to finish. “I always thought that I would die alone. That no one would care or know when I die. That I would just die and not be missed. But I was wrong. I get to die beside a man of honor and truth. I get to die by your hands” with that out of her belt she produced a silver dagger. She looked into Akwa’s eyes and sighed wiping her tears. “I need to be dealt with. You are the only one I can fully trust to commit this act. I need to die! X-23 will not be stopped unless you stop her I am unable to. 

Lowering her head, her black locks laid against her face. Tears poured from her stained eyes as she knew that time was short. But then she looked back into Akwa’s eyes. Placing the palm of her hand on his cheek she briefly pulled him toward her in a kiss. As she pushed him slowly back she added “Stab me in the heart and end this. But tell Hunter that I could not have asked for a better father, and when you get back to earth inform Ronnin that I…..” she paused as she laughed slightly wiping her hair from her face “Tell him that I am sorry, and also that I liked him”. Placing the dagger in her friends hands she wrapped his hands around it. “As for you Water boy, do not regret my death. It has been and honor working along side such a friend and a worrier. You are rave and every thing I could have asked for in a brother, you remind me a lot of XL my late older brother. So much that I regarded you so.”  

She flinched as X-23 was regaining control and persisted by saying. “End this…kill me….do not hesitate..” With that she fell to the ground and let out a cry of pain as the monster took back control over Talon. Her black eyes glared at Akwa before her. So over come by rage with out thinking she charged toward Akwa ready for the kill. And watching from with in the walls of her mind was Talon. Desperately praying for Akwa to end this once and for all.
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"My life closed twice before its close; 
     It yet remains to see 
If Immortality unveil 
     A third event to me, 
So huge, so hopeless to conceive, 
     As these that twice befell. 
Parting is all we know of heaven, 
     And all we need of hell."
-- Emily Dickinson 
     The feel of the soft, thick pages was calming.  The new book smell was relaxing. 
      The book slammed shut.  But the church's cast-iron bells were a hellish curse upon humanity!  Sylver clasped her hands over her ears, wishing for that wretched noise to stop.  She was sitting on the outside of the bell-tower.  Curse amplified hearing!
      That particular Sunday morning, for Sylver, was suppose to be a day of rest, like the Good Book says.  But, plans never seemed to go accordingly.  An enormously unusual curtain of fog had settled in over the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, making it near-impossible to see two feet in front of you.  But Sylver didn't mind.  She'd chosen to sit in the bell tower of the small church, watch the mist-blinded congregation members scurry into their sanctuary, and read her copy of Emily Dickinson's poems: a new book that had recently come out. 
      To Sylver's highest surprise, the re-occuring themes were of immortality and death: the eternal cycle of Sylver's life.  And yet, the author made these morbid genres seem beautiful...almost elegant.  In that dark, creepy sort of way.  It was odd, and yet, it almost took the grim shroud off of her own view of herself: a vampire.  A smirk came to Sylver's face; she wondered if Dickinson had been a vampire. 
      A faint, gentle breeze danced through the chilly September air, ruffling Sylver's white, ankle-length dress and chesnut, curly hair.  She'd chosen those colors this morning, hopeing to contrast her dull-grey and green surroundings.  But in this fog, she looked like nothing more than a ghost.  A ghost that read poetry.  Sylver smiled, her retracted fangs slightly showing; she was far too strange for her own good. 
      The bell's ringing subsided, leaving Sylver in utter silence, with only the ringing in her ears and her thoughts on the morbid poems.  A shadow passed on her face, shallowing her icey-forget-me-not eyes.  How many decades would pass...how many centuries would go by where she would find herself in this same place, reading, pretending that she was a good, near-normal person, before her inner demons took over? 
      It was only a matter of time; Sylver knew this.  Every vampire she'd run into anywhere, was a psychotic, masochistic beast.  They'd all been human once, but there they were, destroying the world by night, hiding from it by day.  She couldn't help but wonder when it would be her turn. 
      It was an old, Elvish legend, an almost-factual theory, that when a vampire lost all traces of their humanity, memories, and desire to remain sane, a demon would latch onto their minds, driving them to the depths of madness and blood-lust.  When the change was complete, the demon would leave its mentally disfigured host to fulfill their instinctive purpose; hence, feeding the legends with the name "the devil's children". 
      The year was 1890, and the question of her sanitie's-life span was no longer an "if", it was a "when".  Sylver sighed emphatically.  But she'd already dedicated herself to hunting those that had suffered that fate; perhaps, it would prolong her own doom.  But in any case, when the time would come, Sylver was determined to rid the world of herself in order to protect it.  That, had become her purpose, her calling, her salvation while under this curse. 
       Sylver scanned once more through the poem she'd just read, then closed the book.  Then, randomly, she began to chuckle.  She ran her hands through her hair, smiling despite her previous thoughts. 
      To die, would be an awfuly big adventure...but to die twice, and awaken for a third life....that was just loony! 
Sylver was dying. 
     That stupid, uncanny, unrealistic fact was slapping her hard in the face as gravity slowly pulled her towards the bloody ground.  The horde of Ninjan soldiers around her were cheering...or shouting....she couldn't tell.  Their metallic, crude weapons were being thrust into the air, in jerky, celebrational movements.  Celebration...of her death.  But there was no surprise in this...she knew that this was how she'd go.  You can control your life based on your decisians, but your death...is hardly ever up for debate. 
      A cold, thick , gooey wave smacked against Sylver's face.  She'd hit the ground...the cold, mud-trenched ground.  Then, Sylver gasped, she shuttered, and a wave of unpredictable fear overcame her.  And it wasn't from the pain. 
     The cold.  She could feel it.  The chill, it hurt....the lack of the undead security...the numb-resisting power, was gone.  For the first time in over 2,000 years...she felt cold.  Because she was dying. 
      And yet, in this painful, fleeting moment, that one memory of the morning she read Dickinson in the Boston church tower, came to mind.  It was a reflection, a reminder, of how far she had fallen. 
Ten minutes earlier: 
     A blood-curdling roar, pulled out from the darkest, immortal pits of hell, thundered over the battlefield.  Several Ninjan soldiers dropped their weapons, abandoned their posts, and ran as if a vampire were chasing them. 
     Well, actually, a vampire   was   chasing them. 
     Sylver, a maddened frenzy of power, tore over the hillside, attacking every living thing that moved.  Like a rabid dog, she boure down on the terrorized soldiers, splitting their appendages apart.   
      She was power. 
      She was darkness. 
      And she needed to kill more. 
      The blood flowed; the people screamed.  It was sweet music that Sylver absorped, drinking in the pain like a lifeline.  It was a moment in slow-motion, an almost dream-like phase that grasped her as she cut their throats, spilled their blood, and watched it with pleasure.  It was wonderful, it was repetative, it was dull and rushing at the same time... 
      It was insanity.  Her only meaning, or lack thereof: the instinct of the predator. 
     So, she danced about, breaking bones and splicing main arteries, until a sight stopped her.  And pleased her, all at the same time.  A group of huddling soldiers stood not ten feet away, clutching their weapons, forming a circle of men.  Sylver rubbed her tongue across her fangs.  Or a circle of meat.  
      Like a chain had been broken, Sylver launched herself into the mob, eyes black in a furious hunger.  They stabbed her with spears; she stabbed them back.  They screamed and bellowed ancient war cries; she wailed the cry of a banshee, and watched the blood seep from their ears.  The circle had been scattered; now, to pick them off one by one. 
      Sylver hissed with excitement.  What to do with the meat?  What to do ind-- 
      Sylver held her hands out in front of her; maybe, she could pull the blood from their bodies....or turn them inside-out.  With magic.  
      "Duende."  It was the most intelligent sound she'd uttered all day.  Her voice was cold, foreign...and darkly scratchy.  Then, a bolt of pain shot through her body, ending all thought.  Sylver screamed as the Staff slowly, painfully, emerged from her chest.  The rod fell into her hand, covered with her own black-red blood.  She stared at it, in a moment of shock.  Why was this happening?
      A soldier jumped from behind her, whacking his metal war hammer off of her skull.  The resoning pressure snapped her back to reality, and with a cry of rage, Sylver beheaded the man with her Staff, now burning hot with black fire.  The fire of hell.   
      "Sange la Foc!!!"  The spell was powerful; it would turn their blood to fire.  And they would melt...like popsicles.  Suddenly, the Staff burst into black-blue flames, consuming Sylver's hand, scortching it with her own deep magic.  She shrieked, throwing the Staff to the ground.  It exploded in a flash of red light, vanishing.  Sylver's eyes widened in confusion.  Why couldn't she control the magic? 
      Growling like a dark wolf, Sylver turned to face the bleeding cowards, her muscles tightening.   
     "What did you do to me?!!!"  She screamed, crouching, a tiger ready to spring.  "You will all die!"  The threat was hissed, chilling, dripped in venom.   
      The next moment was it.  The end.  She never saw it coming...never even considered it.  But it happened.  For her few living moments afterwards, she would remember this moment, and wish it to change. 
      Sylver stood up, ready to jump. 
      The large, metal cross-bow was loaded.  And fired. 
      The thick, adamantium-like arrow rocketed through the air...and found its target.  With an audible grunt, and tear-jerking pain, the arrow sliced through Sylver's lower neck, splitting through her spine and coller bone in one shot.  A piercing cry was caught in her throat, and instead of a scream coming out of her mouth, a spray of dead, black blood shot out.  Her solid-black eyes glazed over white, as she wildly grasped for the arrow, but couldn't pull it out.  The firmness of her neck disappeared...she couldn't control it...couldn't stop it.  The skin was splitting.  
     She began to fall. 
A black, yellow-striped hand grabbed Sylver's chin, pulling her face out of the mud.  The soldiers had left.  Her "allies" were nowhere to be seen.  It began to rain. 
      The final gasps of life sputtered out of Sylver rapidly.  For so many years, pain was such a natural part of her daily life, that it didn't effect her anymore.  But now, she wasn't sure if her body could hold in any more agony.  In jerky, shuttering movements, Sylver turned her face up to see her watcher.  And even now, when raw emotions seemed impossible, an old hate flared inside Sylver. 
      Vrag.  It was him.  The demon who had betrayed her race and sent hell's armies upon them.  The freak who had killed her older brother.  He was here, in her dying moments, touching her cold skin with his own raw, rotting, gorey hands.  Sylver wished she could barf.  Then he laughed, deep, horrid, laugh.  Then Sylver realized, barfing wouldn't be enough. 
      "Sylver."  He hissed her name like a pleasureable curse...however that worked. "Sweet, little Sylver.  How've you been?  It's been a long time.  I haven't actually spoken to you in person since you were part of the Living.  Funny how you immortals change over the years."  He toyed with her black, mud-soaked hair.  "And yet...still the same.  You always end up at my mercy because of your lack of foresight.  You knew this would happen, and yet you still pursued friendships, family...and all that sick junk.  You set yourself up for this possession...all I had to do was whisper in your pathetically broken mind all the things you wanted to hear...and BOOM! You're a crazy, mindless animal."  He smirked, black teeth sharper than her own.  "It's actually rather funny.  Little Luar didn't even die and you still snapped." 
      Sylver silently gasped...a wave of shock hit.  Oh no-- 
      "Oh yes, deary.  You remember how I can shape-shift.  Well, Kadro figured that out the same night you came serching for Luar.  I found you, Kadro found me, and sha-zam!  Instant fake death scene.  It was actually rather good; you should've tried being an actress.  But actually, " He pondered, tapping his chin, "I lied.  Luar did die.  Oooh, and yes; he did ask me to give you a message before I gouged his eyes and kidneys out with a fork.  It was kinda fun.  *cough, cough* He said, "Big Sissy, never forget that I love you.  May that keep you going as you continue to defy all impossibilites and never give up.  You've been the inspiration of my life, the example I've always followed.  Never live by what you are, but who you are."  Is that corny or what?  I almost gagged." 
      Sylver, despite the pain, smiled, as a tear fell down her face.  Luar said...he loved her.  He still loved her.  Sylver wished that she could cry, wished that she could hold Luar one more time, and listen to him speak encouragements into her ear.  He'd never given up on her. 
      "And now, Sylver, it gives me great pleasure to finally kill you for the last time--" 
       Live by who you are... 
      "may you rot in whatever afterlife you go to."   
      And then, Sylver, for the last time, looked up at the sky, her eyes fading to forget-me-not blue.  She smirked, her trademark smirk, one fang showing.  Vrag scowled, his red eyes cracked with black veins.  "What are you smiling at, wretch?" 
     "You can't kill me."  Her horse whisper shuttered.  "I...am Sylver Tiana Cathal.  You...are a monster.  And I....will be the one to kill you, someday, somehow.  I will."  Her smirked grew.  This is it, she thought with an odd sense of peace.  I'm going to die.  I'm going to go see Luar and Kard now.  And I'll be back. To help my friends...my team.  I wish I could've thanked them...one last time.
      With a kick of his boot, Vrag shoved her face back into the ground.  He placed his boot on top of the arrow's shaft.  "Any last words?"  His teeth grew out, long, needle-like, as his wicked smile expaned. 
      "I will be back...and I will be free."  Because I am Sylver Tiana Cathal...I will be back. 
       The arrow had gone through...her head separted from her shoudlers.  The demon went back to hell. 
       And all the while, a steady drizzle fell, washing the dirt and grime from Sylver's pale-skinned face.  Her smirked had faded into a calm smile.  She was at peace. 
       But just to her left, if Vrag had looked closer, he would have seen her hand gripped around her Staff.  The crystal at the top had stopped burning...but it was not out of use.  It was, an escape. 
      The rain gently stopped; the sun crept out of the clouds and poured onto the field. 
      She would be back, and she would be free. 
      She was Sylver Tiana Cathal: Elf-vampire sorceress of NYC.
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Akwa watched as Talon took the ice shards in her side and just kept coming. Fortunately, his water minions were able to hold X-23 down. She tried slashing them with her claws but they merely reformed around them. She shut her eyes. 
"What are you doing?" 
His question was answered moments later when with a telekinetic surge, she suddenly threw herself into the air, slipping through his minions grips. She landed on her feet. The water elemental lunged at her but stopped at the last second. Akwa ordered it to hold. He didn't know why but he she seemed...different now. Well not different. More like...familiar. 
Talon fell to her knees. He walked up until he towered over her kneeling form, ready to administer the deathblow if it turned out to be X-23 just playing a trick, which it most likely was. She looked up at him smiling. He stepped back. That was not an X-23 smile. 
“Your understanding on things are inaccurate and though your perception of me is truthful." 
Maybe it was the different tone of voice, maybe it was the weird way she phrased her sentance, maybe it was something completely different. But he knew who it was. 
"Talon. Bout time you showed up."  
There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before she looked up at him. She whisphered something. He knelt down beside her to hear her, bringing his masked face down next to hers.
““Our hearts are not in our bodies that is where they are borne. If you were the only person in the entire world then your heart would not be any where. For we entrust our hearts to our friends””  
“And that is what I have done”     

"Talon...what are you saying? I can help you. Together we can defeat X-23. We have to!" 
Tears began to slip down her cheeks. 
“Akwa, Jack…I have said many times that I dislike you but in truth I care for you deeply. You are my friend you put up with me in my “moods” and even when we met you put up with me then”.      
He flinched backwards momentarily as she mentioned his true name. He had told her once, right after the clone incident. He thought she had forgot. He had only ever told her and had told her to keep it a secret. She had promised never to speak it again until death. She had never mentioned it again. Until right now. 
“I always thought that I would die alone. That no one would care or know when I die. That I would just die and not be missed. But I was wrong. I get to die beside a man of honor and truth. I get to die by your hands”       
He felt a strange feeling, one that he had not felt for three decades. It took him a few moments of mental searching before he remembered it's name. Sorrow. It reminded him of anger but it was darker and more...damn! He couldn't describe it. His naming had brought back many memories, memories and emotions that he had once thought lost for ever.
She took a silver dagger out from her belt. Jack's eyes widened.  She pressed it into his hands. 
“I need to be dealt with. You are the only one I can fully trust to commit this act. I need to die! X-23 will not be stopped unless you stop her I am unable to. " 
He slipped the dagger into his own belt and looked her in the eye. With one hand, he slowly reached up and undid his mask letting it fall onto the bloodsoaked battlefield. It had been the first time in God know how long that he had shown his true face to anyone outside of his family. He had forgotten how good it had felt. 
She reached up and placed her hand on his stubbled cheek. He tried not to flinch. How long had it been since he felt someone else touch his face? Almost certainly too long. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth on his for a few brief seconds before pushing him back. 
“Stab me in the heart and end this. But tell Hunter that I could not have asked for a better father, and when you get back to earth inform Ronnin that I…..”          
She laughed, a kind of shaky nervous laugh. 
"Tell him that I am sorry, and also that I liked him.As for you Water boy, do not regret my death. It has been and honor working along side such a friend and a warrior. You are rave and every thing I could have asked for in a brother, you remind me a lot of XL my late older brother. So much that I regarded you so." 
He was touched, even though he had no clue who XL was.  She flinched back with a small cry.  
“End this…kill me….do not hesitate..”       
With those words she fell back on the ground and started writhing around. She quickly stood up into a fighting crouch and he knew it wasn't Talon anymore.  
"Hello again, X-23 you evil bitch." 
With an incoherent scream of rage, she leapt at him swinging her claws. He reached down and with a fluid motion, pulled out the silver dagger Talon had entrusted him with. X-23 saw what he was holding and her scream changed from one of anger to one of terror. She tried to change her trajectory but it was too little, too late. 
He stepped forward and thrust the dagger upwards as she came down upon him. There was a grisly sound as she landed on him, knocking him to the ground. For the last time, their eyes met. Only this time, hers were cold and dull. 
She had impaled herself on his upthrust silver dagger. X-23, was dead. And with her, so was Talon. 
He pushed the still warm corpse off him as he got up. He reached down and pulled the dagger out of her breast. He looked at before throwing to the ground. 
"Damn it Talon," he whisphered. " Why did you have to go and do that!" 
He couldn't tell the others that he had killed her. They wouldn't understand. Fortunately, he didn't have to say that it had been him who had slain her. He held his hand over the corpse momentarily, drawing out all the ice shards that were still embedded in her. Now, it looked like her side had been clawed rather severely instead of being teared up with a stream of icy splinters. 
He saw something shine on the ground. With a start he recognised his mask. How did he ever think that he could live without it? He knelt down and picked it up before affixing it upon his face. 
He raised the Pack Communicator to his mouth. He was about to say something when the whole planet seemed to shake and quiver. 
That could not be good. 
He spoke into the communicator. 
"Pack! This is Akwa! Something big seems like it's about to explode! We need to get back to the  Predator ASAP! I repeat, we need to go NOW!" 
A few seconds later he raised it to his mouth again. 
"Oh, and...and...Talon's dead." 
Pausing a little he continued with his fabrication. He felt tears begin to run down his face.
"She was captured by Darkchild. He tried to torture her and get information out of her but she refused. He killed her. I have her body. We need to take it with us when we get back to the Predator. " 
He knelt down again and lifted up the corpse off what might have been his best and closest friend. Who he had ended up killing. Wasn't life just F@cking funny like that sometimes? He thought about the lie he had told. It was better than the truth which was that Talon succumbed and joined Darkchilds side, even only temporarily. Actually, it was kind of the truth when he thought about it. 
Talon  had died in Darkchild's torture room. Sure, her body had walked around and did things for a while afterwards but it hadn't really been her.

Holding her in his arms, he began to run back to the Wolf Pack ship as the planet slowly destroyed itself around him.
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The ground shook with an intensity that he'd never felt before. The unsteady room began to crack along itself, and bits of cement fell to the ground, a sure sign of what was to come. This building was so obviously old, and anything close to a level three magnitude earthquake would no doubt destroy it. He couldn't wait until Closure got ready, so he quickly slung Magick over his right shoulder, and began to make his way out of the building. Yes, he'd left Closure, but he had other priorites, and while they wre team members friends came first in Slight's eyes. 
Besides he was completley sure that he would be able to save himself, now that no Ninjan fatys were around. He picked his ice trident up and used it as an extra support staff to help him walk quicker. No Ninjans had attacked him since he'd helped the three way back there, and he was begining to think that the war was somehow over. But he knew that it was not meant to be. Out in the desolate area that he found himself in, the ground shook once more. The craggy bedrock ground broke open to reveal a magma flow. Spurting up like a ferocious monster, the lava splatted onto the ground creating a pool of hot liquid death. Not even Slight could withstand that kind of heat, so it melted his ice trident down to water, and used a monsoon blast to solidify the hot liquid rock back to its solid form.  
He walked on and the more distance he made, the more of these lava spouts showed up. It was like the planet was dying. Somthing had happened in the last hour that caused Ninjeta as a whole to ache. Slight knew that worlds had emotions, and their outlet was ususally destruction when thier balance was upset. He figured that the balacne must have been completly one sided for lava to be pouring out of the mantle like it was. Since the heat evaporated the water from the monsoon blast, Slight was now almost defensless, and he could not do much with his telekinetic ablities because of Magick. 
All he knew was that he had to get back to the Phoenix and avoid being burned alive in the process. Somehow he knew that he'd make it, for he hadn't come this far to die. Then his mind began to change. As if by some sort of magic six, Ninjans surrounded him in the blink of an eye. Their speed was unlike any he'd seen before hand. Slight readied himself in a battle stance, but was not met with brutality. The one Ninjan spoke up "What is your name" Slight responded hesitantly, "Real of Code" The Ninjan frowned her face and spoke again "The one that you are called out her on the battle feild" " Slight" He knew what was coming next, or at least he thought he did. An ambush, most likely a deadly pummeling, but he was wrong...again. "Slight, healer of Ninjan Sha, you have been graced by one of our leaders to be unharmed and escorted back to your team." His eyes nearly popped out of his head.  
This was so freakin perfect. He now had a ride to the Phoenix. Not knowing if he could fully trust the group he still went on with them. The seemed leader picked them both up, and flew them back to their makeshift base. His previous good deed had indeed paid off...bigtime.
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take this!  as Matezoide slammed Goki in a wall and then letted him go is that it? as a telepatic blast from Matezoide's teammate  xxoldlacexx, however the Son of Zeus was too concetrate in Goki,he didnt realised Ferro's attacking,until it was too late..
as Ferro slapped his hands in Matezoide's ears,the pain was great,the Demi-God havent seen such precision and skill since Light War,the impact made Matezoide deaf,as Ferro grabbed his left arm and gave an attack at the Demi-God's  tendons,making his arm feel weak,Matezoide could fight back,but choosed to take the hits to analise Ferro,despite the pain he felt lets see what else you can do,the question was soon aswered,as Ferro attempted to strike the back of the Spartan’s elbow while grabbed his  wrist ,once again the attack was a sucess and Matezoide's arm was broken this is enough! as the Son of Zeus used a headbutt to strike Ferro's face,just to get a little distance,but there was no need,as Ferro attacked   xxoldlacexx,Matezoide noticed Felix's pain and couldnt help but admirate this,as he delivered his attack in xxold energy attacks too?
despite the broken arm and being deaf,Matezoide got up,he would heal with time and he knew that,he could almost feel his arm again,as Matezoide took the Spear of Destiny and launched at Ferro   i remember now,that is Ferro Vida,an ex-WAL member..what is he doing here? is he now a Darkchild's serve or is there...another reason?
Despite being forced to only use his right arm, the attack would be fast and deadly,as Matezoide used his weapow with great skill,he would slash Ferro's troath and then use the opening to jump in the ex-WAL's member direction,giving him a kick to the face, as he with enough force to break his noise,Matezoide would then finish the combo by  trowing the spear into the air and use the free arm to punch Ferro's face,sending him to the ground,as the spear returns to his hand
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The sight that greeted his eyes as he glanced over his shoulder was not one that Felix had expected, or had hoped to see at all. Matezoide was not only still standing, he was also on the attack, hurling his lance at the former hero. At the last possible moment before the lethal tip struck home Ferro managed to feint to the right. He couldn't avoid the blow altogether, and the gleaming javelin hammered into his left shoulder and sent him spinning through the air. Felix flailed his arms and legs out to find the ground and in a stroke of good fortune did so, his fingers and the toes of his boots digging into the gore-mixed mud. His chest was throbbing painfully and Matezoide's Spear had pierced his armour. As he straightened himself up Ferro grasped the haft of the spear and yanked it out, tossing it aside as he grinded his teeth together to hold in the pained growl that threatened to escape.
His eyes went towards the Spartan once more and to his utter astonishment Matezoide was sprinting directly at him in a headlong rush. The fact that this man could even stand without swaying was astounding in itself, but to see him hurling lances that could skewer a man and moving as fast as a freight train was indescribable. Before he could even move the son of Zeus had delivered a kick to his jaw that caused him to see stars and go reeling back. Had it not been for the armour covering his body there was no doubt in Felix's mind that the attack would have crushed his skull. As he staggered backwards, struggling to regain his composure,  Ferro saw Matezoide toss his spear in the air and pull back his uninjured arm for a punch that would hammer him into the ground. But the former hero had regained his wits, and now it was his turn.
The Spartan's fist flew through the air towards him, and with inhuman speed Felix twisted his body and rolled along Matezoide's forearm, avoiding the punishing blow. Coming to a halt, he dug his feet into the mud in a powerful, triangular stance, his right foot planted in between Matezoide's legs. His head was still swimming from the kick he had taken and his ribs were on fire, but Ferro knew what he would need to do to win. Matezoide had a true warrior's spirit, and was more courageous than most heroes that he had ever met, but from his two greatest strengths stemmed his most crippling weakness: pride. 
"It's a shame you can't hear the lesson I'm about to teach you, because it would have saved your life." His voice had regained its utter neutrality. Shifting his weight to the right, Felix aimed a destructive kick with his left leg at the side of the Spartan's knee, sliding his right foot against Matezoide's instep to keep his leg from moving. The sheer force of the attack on the pressure point would be more than enough to shatter the bone of even the Olympian. "You have the powers of a god, yet you constantly choose to fight your opponent as if you were a common street thug." Ferro ducked under his massive arm so that he stood directly in front of the Demi-God. Without a moments hesitation his right hand shot towards Matezoide's throat in a knifehand strike. The attack was simple, but the force of the blow combined with his armored claw would be sufficient to crush the WAL member's windpipe if it connected, which in turn would prevent him from speaking and make it nearly impossible to breathe. "I memorized your file while I was with We Are Legend. You claim to be a trained Spartan warrior, but you don't display the skill to back it up." Felix pulled his arm backwards and moved his body closer to Matezoide's so that he had passed through the son of Zeus's striking range. Once more his right hand shot up, this time the base of his wrist aimed at the Demi-God's nose. If the attack struck then it would shatter the bridge and possibly even force the pieces of bone into his brain. "You have thousands of years of combat experience and you have just been out-maneuvered by a seventeen year old with no real formal training. If you survive this then I hope it serves as the wake-up call you need." Ferro twisted his body around and grasped the Spear of Destiny in his left hand before leaning back and shifting the tip so that it was directed at Matezoide's head. He could feel the energy pulsating from it, and with a single mental command ordered it to fire a blast of energy at it's owner.
Tossing the weapon to the side, Ferro jumped into a series of forward handsprings to put some distance between himself and his opponent. As he landed Felix spun around to face his enemy and reached into a hidden pouch within his jacket, extracting a glowing green object that he hadn't even looked at since Nova had nearly died in the War of Light. He placed the Green Lantern ring on his finger and his body was enveloped by the green aura. He hadn't charged it since before the war began, so the ring only had a few minutes of power left. But that was all he needed to get one more point across. He glared at Matezoide and rasied his tightly-closed fist towards him. With subtle mental orders he created an orb of energy in surrounding his hand. "Two final rules that you should always remember, my friend. One: never underestimate your opponent. And two..." A beam shot out towards the Spartan, and at the last minute before impacting him it broke off and began forming a construct around him. The air was suddenly willed with the scent of golden-brown bread and melted butter as five four foot by four foot pieces of toast formed a perfect cube around the Demi-God. "Never tell anyone your weakness!" Ferro removed the ring and replaced it in his pouch. It was flashing, which meant it would run out of power and its constructs would disappear soon. But it didn't matter; Felix had done what he needed to do. The strange thing was, though, that his words probably did more damage to Matezoide than all the rest of his attacks combined.
He let out a cry of pain and fell to his knees as his injuries finally caught up to him. After a few moments he managed to regain his composure and push himself up, still gasping to catch his breath. With one hand wrapped around his lower torso, Felix turned to try and catch sight of Despair in the madness, when suddenly the very planet began to shake and geisers of magma shot up from the ground. He knew that Darkchild, Hayden, and Gambler had planned an endgame in case things went sour, but he never thought for a moment they would try to do something like blow up the planet. But he could feel the electrical impulses activating the explosives all over Ninjeta, and thus could feel the it being torn apart, and if the pulses he registered were any indicator then they couldn't have more than a few minutes before everything went up. Suddenly a single thought filled his mind above all others: "Despair". Without thinking he took off towards her in a mad sprint, lava bursting force all around him. Upon reaching the gothic angel he clasped her hand in his and looked her in the eye.
"We need to get out of here now! Which way is the Veritas ship?" Felix knew the hero team would never allow him to board, but he could still make sure that Despair survived.

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 "It's a shame you can't hear the lesson I'm about to teach you, because it would have saved your life."  said Felix after managing to evade Matezoide's fist and giving the Son of Zeus a powerfull kick on isnormaly,it wouldnt hurt him,but as a pressure point,the force would break some of his bones
CRACK! as the sound of his bones being broken could be heard by anybody  ,however Matezoide didnt screamed,all that mattered was stopping Ferro,his leg started to glow as it was starting to be healed
 "You have the powers of a god, yet you constantly choose to fight your opponent as if you were a common street thug." Ferro ducked under his massive arm so that he stood directly in front of the Demi-God. as he attempted to strike his throat in a knifehand strike
Before Ferro could hit,Matezoide stopped the strike with his hand,making a hole tought it,yet he didnt showed any signal of pain,the only thing hurt,was his pride
 "I memorized your file while I was with We Are Legend. You claim to be a trained Spartan warrior, but you don't display the skill to back it up." Felix pulled his arm backwards and moved his body closer to Matezoide's to dodge a possible counter attack. Once more his right hand shot up, this time the base of his wrist aimed at the at his,despite connecting and getting the noise broken,Matezoide was still looking at him without expression  "You have thousands of years of combat experience and you have just been out-maneuvered by a seventeen year old with no real formal training. If you survive this then I hope it serves as the wake-up call you need." as Felix managed to catch the Spear of Destiny and pointed to Matezoide,the Spear shot an energy blast,but Matezoide moved his head and his body to the left,as Ferro tossed his weapown to the side,Matezoide was still smiling,but didnt said a thing
Then Ferro  hidden pouch within his jacket, and took his secret weapow: a green lantern ring,as Ferro putted it on his finger and his body was surrounded by a green aura,he  said "Two final rules that you should always remember, my friend. One: never underestimate your opponent. And two..."  and then a blast came into the Demi-God's direction,who didnt moved,however before connecting,it broke in parts and Ferro finished  "Never tell anyone your weakness!"  and Matezoide was trapped inside a green cube,a tear falled from the Demi-God's eye as he closed then
yes..you are right...i am trained,i am a better fighter..yet..you are beating me as a blue aura surronded the Demi-God's body and it started to get bigger,he opened the eyes
You need to get out of here?want find out where is the Veritas ship?dont worry,you will return i a stretcher on the way to the hospital,your friend should leave go way now
In great speed,Matezoide opned his arms and clapped then together,as the glass at the room started to break,the impact would give great damage to Ferro's ears and body,upon finishing it,Matezoide shot beams from his eyes on the floor metal where Ferro was,in order to make it melt at where Ferro was standing,the pain would massive and would slow him down,as The Son of Zeus took his war hammer
So,the kid can make green cubes? how cute,say kid,are you afraid of ghosts? initialy nothing happned,but from the nowhere,5 souls started to appear beneath the floor Felix was standing,despite being "intagible" the souls started to attack Ferro with they blades,having enought power to even cut tought his armour
Matezoide wasnt over yet and shot another energy ball on the ground,making smoke,covering both warriors,in incridible speed Matezoide would rush to Ferro and grab him by the head
You memorised my file? fool,you shouldnt listen to files so much,they can only cover the basic,i have readed about you,and didnt expected you would be able to hurt me like that
Matezoide then used his other hand to strike Ferro in a precision point located at his neck,it would be enought to at least,hurt him a lot

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Each fiery opened palm be it blocked or not, sounded like two Mac trucks slamming into one another head on as they made impact with Darkchild’s body. The what would seem to be unmovable object when comparing his size to the monstrous DC. Despite the size and the well planted footing of his villainess foe Vann began pushing him backward leaving a tread as a light show of orangey red sparks of chakra spouted form the Devil spawn’s back. Each blow was harder and vicious the last as the ninja want to show the monster what pain was, and with the add rage and power of the curse seal every palm thrust he throw he only intent was to push hand complete through Darkchild’s body.

Even though the shinobi was throwing all the force he had into each blow Darkchild’s body seemed to regenerate as fast as Uchiha prodigy could attack. But this was something he had anticipated. He knew that DC could mostly likely heal from anything he could throw at him, but if he somewhat or how over load healing powers with strong yet minor attacks as his body began to heal he would send a higher powered attack to one of the most vital area of the body. This was just a theory though kind like DC being a piece of stretched rubber. Each strike would test the elasticity pushing it farther and farther to its limits, and once that limit was reached pushing at a its weakest point a hole could be created. And the stress point he was aiming for was the center of the child of darkness’ chest that housed the heart.

The bad thing about relying on ones rage is that you get trapped into what most would call tunnel vision. Normally the Sharingan would prevent this, but not this time with Vann’s eye sight becoming weaker and the blind rage of energy flowing through him thanks to the curse seal. The shinobi didn’t notice the fast moving tentacles until they had already as a cuff like vice grip around each wrist. As the slimy grip tighten around his wrist NeVann violently tugged and jerk trying to free himself from the Dark Lord’s grasp. "Crap, I should have some them coming… the more my eye sight fade the sloppier I’m becoming…" He thought to himself as he pulled back looking back and forth between Darkchild’s twisted smiling face and the tentacles that had ensnared him. "That all you got?" Vann heard the sadist monster say.

"Well It like I have no choice now…" He thought as he went to lock eyes with DC preparing to lock him in an genjutsu but was stop as the wicked smile that leered at him flipped as if someone had flipped Darkchild’s lips upside down after pushing down his eyebrows causing him to frown. The contraction around his wrist loosened, and without a second thought the shinobi leaped backwards rubbing his wrist. Putting the distance between the two Vann could see the anger on the Dark one’s face before a chain of small explosion erupted using Darkchild’s chest as point to release the pressure and force of the explosion. I looked to be a scene straight from a horror movie as skin and blood was sent flying like someone fired a high power air cannon through his back. The aftermath looked even worst as Darkchild’s entrails were fully exposed like a garden tiller was taken to his chest.

"That f@#king hurt!" He heard Demon spawn howled out in agony after baring his fangs while a smirk crack along the ninja’s face. Never using that taijutsu on a someone with healing abilities he really didn’t have an answer on why there was an explosion, before he was truly thankful that it was. "The big bad demon got a flesh wound huh boo hoo. That’s going to seem like a tickle compared to the pain I’m going to put you through." He said as he watched the hole he left in Darkchild’s chest cavity begin to close but slower than normal. Something didn’t seem right he knew DC had more power then what he was using to close the wound, Vann could see it. Before the ninja could speak a portal opened above DC’s hand spitting out a small device as the Arrogant Bastard began to speak, "Such a pity, this planet was something new. A beautiful world in its own right, wrought with war and carnage I will surely miss it."

After hearing those words he watch a spark of electricity surround the device as it was crushed and discarded to the side. The ground began to quake like it did earlier when he trapped in a cage of lava bars. But this time the it was more violent more unstable as if the core of the planet was being ripped apart. "What have you done?" He words growled from his mouth as he glared at the Demon. "A little insurance measure, you understand. If it were ever to come to a point where, one of us was losing or felt there was no reason to continue we built a contingency plan. Setting off charges within the reactors that kept this planet stable and bountiful....as bountiful as a war torn place can be but nonetheless." Geysers of molten rock began to spout from all around the two as Darkchild continued talking. "You and the rest of your group of do gooders along with everyone on the planet have exactly. Oh oops....I forgot I changed the initial time before your people destroyed my castle....you have five minutes." The screams and cries for help from ninjans both with and against that wasn’t lucky enough to escape the flow could be heard. The smell of sulfur and ash quickly filled the sky blotting out the light of the planets sun. "Like your name states you’re nothing but a child… You feel you’re losing so you’re going to just take you ball and go home…" He yelled feeling the immense heat of the fiery liquid that was pushing upward burning through Ninjeta’s surface.

"I have to make sure Cly and the others get off the planet before it explodes." He thought to himself as he saw a yellow ring land at his feet, and he looked up to see a yellow glow coat Darkchild. He instantly knew what it was, this was a lantern’s power. Vann stared down at ring not sure if he should pick it and put it on. But he wasn’t given much time to chose as he was being rushed at. He didn’t need the Sharingan to tell that the Yellow ring was being charged to fire a series energy beams. Reaching at his side he drew a scroll and tossed in front of himself and raising his hands to make a tiger seal he yelled the word "Release!" A barrier domed over the ninja absorbing the force of the impact form the attack. As each energy blast hit a small explosion went off clouding the ninja’s view with smoke. Dropping the barrier Vann went to go on the offensive but was cut off but the sight of Darkchild coming across with a horizontal slice with his yellow lantern energy blade. His eyes widened before all signs of life escaped them. Slumming over to the ground his head detached from his body. Right before it was about to hit the ground his body and head became engulfed in smoke and as it settled reviled a rock that was cut in two.

"Got love replacements don’t you. First Gate open!" He said while behind Darkchild. As the first of the inner gates that released the brain's limit on the total strain on the muscles, giving Vann five times their normal strength on top of the power that was already released by the curse seal. Torquing his body and extending out his left leg Vann sent a fierce kick to the back of Darkchild head to send him flying into one of the pillars of lava that was spouting upward. Then creating a clone he sent to locate The three WAL member he sent after Goki warning them to get to Kurrent’s ship and get off the planet before it’s unavoidable destruction. Then kneeling down the shinobi picked up the ring that was offered to him, yes on the one hand he could grant him more power. But he didn’t know at what cost. Looking at his right hand then the ring he slow started to slide it on his finger but still not putting it on for feeling unsure of the outcome.


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A sharp cracking sound rang through the air above the roar of the pillars of magma and caused Felix to turn and face the toast-construct he had created to imprison his enemy. A bright blue light shone through the zig-zagging cracks that had appeared on the surface.
 "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE REASON?! DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY I AM NOT USING MY GODLY POWERS?! BECAUSE I KILL PEOPLE, THAT IS WHAT I DO, I MADE A PROMISE TO NEVER KILL AGAIN!" The tiny prison grew weaker and weaker with each second that went by. "BUT THIS TIME, I WILL UNLEASH MY POWER, YOU AND THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL KNOW EXACTLY HOW POWERFUL I REALLY AM!" With a deafening bang and a blinding flash the cube exploded. His right arm flew up to shield his eyes from the flash, and after a moment they dropped numbly to his sides. Ferro knew what this meant even as he had heard the first cracks, though;pPart of him cursed it while the other cheered in triumph: he had awoken the warrior within Matezoide. The Demi-God stood before them and appeared to loom taller as the aura of blue energy surrounded him. He had wanted the recruit to reach his true potential, but not when the planet that they all stood on was about to explode. Felix glanced back and saw that he still had Despair's hand squeezed tightly in his; if Matezoide didn't stay down then he would need to kill him, if for no other reason than her survival. Unfortunately at this point that might be easier said then done. Ferro looked forward once again, the softness that had been in his face a moment before vanishing as if it had never been, and his eyes locked with those of the Spartan. The WAL member's voice rang through the air, and even at this distance he could be easily heard over the chaos and death cries from the less than fortunate Ninjans. 
"You need to get out of here? Want to find a way to the Veritas ship?" His voice was almost mockingly sharp. "Don't worry, you will return in a stretcher on the way to the hospital, your friend should leave go away now." Ferro chuckled to himself as he released Despair's hand from his and spread his legs shoulder-width apart, bouncing on the balls of his feet and putting his left arm out front with his right arm guarding his side.
"Simpleton..." His voice carried across the rapidly deteriorating battlefield towards his enemy. "You really think I planned on surviving this War?" His eyes darted to Despair for a moment before returning to Matezoide. "Once I've gotten her to safety, my life is forfeit. And right now, you're the only thing standing between me and that goal, 'hero'." He sneered as he said the last word, showing his utter contempt for the kind of "good guy" that had become so common. Ferro quickly took stock of his injuries: the wound to his shoulder had closed, his head had ceased to throb, and the broken ribs he had recieved had nearly finished healing, despite the pain they still caused.
Without warning Matezoide struck his hands together, sending a shockwave out hurled him several feet backwards. Shifting his weight into his legs, Felix twisted them in a circlular motion to gain the momentum he needed to throw himself to his feet. Without even a moments window between attacks, the Spartan aimed energy blasts from his eyes at the ground that Ferro stood on.  Swiftly he performed a backwards handspring, landing barely an inch outside of the area of affect. Upon landing his eyes shot towards his enemy, who, once again, was speaking.
"So the kid can make green cubes? How cute, say kid, are you afraid of ghosts?" The Spartan had hefted up his War Hammer and Ferro prepared for another direct attack while puzzling over his criptic words. The answer suddenly became clear as five warrior spirits rose up around him. A sharp pain cut across his back as one of them slashed it's blade diagonally from his right shoulder to his left hip. The attack had gone through his armor, leaving it unscratched while digging into his flesh. On instinct, Ferro created a powerful static field around himself. As he pushed it outwards the souls wailed each time they collided with it, eventually disipating completely. A sardonic look came over his face and his voice adopted a mocking tone. 
"Sorry, but I never believed in ghosts, and I stopped being afraid a long time ago." He let out a laugh in an attempt to bait the hero, and smirked to himself as he saw Matezoide hurling a ball of energy into the ground to create a smokescreen. He knew that the Spartan would rush him at some point, and in case he need a confirmation he could feel the Demi-God's pulse as it moved through the cloud. There was absolutely no denying that he was fast, but as Felix ducked just under his hands as they grasped at his head he proved that he was faster. Something he probably hadn't realized was that this smokescreen would be a massive tactical disadvantage to him; Ferro could tell every move he would make simply by reading the electrical impulses of his body, but Matezoide wouldn't be able to see any of his attacks coming.
"You memorized my file? Fool, you shouldn't listen to file so much, they have only cover the basic, I have readed about you, and didn't expect that you would be able to hurt me like that." He was actually trying to preach now? To Ferro's surprise, though, the Demi-God's heavy finger struck out at a pressure point on the back of his neck. The blow connected and an explosion of pain erupted in his chest. The inhuman laughed through the pain; this was what he had been pushing the Spartan to do. His cackling suddenly stopped, though, and his neutral tone returned once more.
"Look, I might be younger than you, but I'm also smarter than you will ever be." As he spoke Felix pulled back his right arm, fighting through the slight quiver caused by the wound on his shoulder, and created three times the padding on the knuckle before creating a sharp spike on the tip of each. He aimed two devestating punches at Matezoide's lower torso, one at his two left atypical ribs and one at his two right atypical ribs, both hits having sufficient force to shatter the 'floating ribs' if they connected. "And as for your attitude towards those files, well, you should know that mine was always incomplete..." Ferro's radar frantically searched the surrounding area for a tempermental spot where a geiser was about to erupt. Yelling out a silent cry of triumph to himself, Felix spun to Matezoide's left and dug his feet into the ground, crouching low and bringing his arms close to his chest as energy surged through his body. Forcefully pushing both arms towards his enemy, Ferro unleashed a wave of pure magnetic energy that would sweep up any metal in its path, like the weapons and armor wielded by Matezoide, and even the iron in his blood, and hurl it back at just the right speed so that it would pass over a fault just as a pillar of molten-hot magma would burst forth in a pressurized blast from the very core of the planet. "And I'm not the same person I was back then."
Straightening up, Felix's eyes darted around in search of Despair; based on the pulses of the planet's geothermal energy they couldn't have more than three minutes before everything went up. Ferro searched for her pulse in the smoke that still hung in the air, and called out to her upon finding it. "Despair! Get to Kurrent's ship! I... I'll follow after you!" He knew the words were a lie, but at this point he didn't have the luxury of caring.

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A smile came to his face as the head of the shinobi fell to the ground. And rolled until it hit his foot, bringing his leg up he goes to kick at it in a mix of anger and joy only for it to burst into a cloud. Realizing what had just happened he turned his head slightly just as Uchiha said "Fist Gate open."Darkchild had little time to react only enough to bring bring his right arm up in time to brace himself as the ninjas leg slammed hard. As if 200 mac trucks struck Darkchild simulatniously his arm snapped like a twig as he brought it up catching the blow, still with enough force even blocked the strike sent Darkchild soaring. Growling as he was sent through the spout of lava it engulfed him, buring every inch of his body to a mass of tissue.
 His hair gone and his body trembling as it healed, he gritted his teeth as the fountain of lava stopped for a moment allowing him to walk out. His body covered in hardening molten rock he glared at the Ninjan. Watching as clones burst off into the distance, most likely going to save his friends Darkchild smiled at the thought of Goki. Then with a shrug he dismissed the thought of worry for his other worldly son. Watching as Nevann knelt down and picked the ring up, placing on the tip of his finger he hadnt decided what he was going to do. But soon he needed to.
The ground beneath them shook violently adn hundreds of spouts of lava burst around them, five around Darkchild his ring created a makeshift umbrella the heat from the lava causing Darkchild to cringe. He stared at Uchiha "The time for thinking is over. You either put the ring on, or in three minutes you die simple as that....Course you could always allow me to put you out of your misery." Darkchild flicking his wrists and spikes came out from his knuckles, stretching out his right arm breaking it back into place. Without so much as another word he was gone disappeared as a fountain of lava exploded underneath him. Moments later he reappeared behind spinning around bringing his large leg towards Nevanns head, then as the spin completed he swung usuing the momentum of the spin as even more strength aimed the clenched spike covered fist towards Nevanns gut. Then upon it getting close he released a burst of energy his own and the energies within the ring hoping to cause a massive amount of damage at close range.
Then leaping backwards he gripped the hand with the ring and a large ball began to form from the ring "They say imagination is what causes the ring to be pushed to its fullest point, But i guess im old fashion. I much rather when things go boom." And the ball bursts from the ring and hurtles towards Uchiha, skidding across the ground picking up debris in its wake as it soared towards Uchiha. The debris following at the same speed the energy ball was traveling, making that if the blast was dodged the debris following it would cause damage as well.
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 "Look, I might be younger than you, but I'm also smarter than you will ever be." mocked Felix,with a determined look on his face,as he pulled back his right arm, fighting through the slight quiver caused by the wound he suffered before, and created three times the padding on the knuckle before creating a sharp spike on the tip of each. Aimed two devestating punches at Matezoide's lower torso,both having the power to break his atypical ribs,he moved very fast and managed to make the first punch connect,tearing the rib as if it wasnt there,Matezoide felt a great pain,but he didnt screamed nor showed signals of pain in his face,as the second punch was trowed,Matezoide blocked Ferro's attack with his arm
. "And as for your attitude towards those files, well, you should know that mine was always incomplete..." as his oponent looked around,fiding  a spot where a geiser was about to erupt . Yelling something the Demi-God didnt undestood, Felix spun to Matezoide's left and dug his feet into the ground, crouching low and bringing his arms close to his chest as energy surged through his body. Forcefully pushing both arms towards his enemy, Ferro unleashed a wave of pure magnetic energy that would sweep up any metal in its path to the geiser  "And I'm not the same person I was back then."
 As Felix runned away,Matezoide tried to attack him,but couldnt move What this boy did to me?
As Matezoide was sent to the geiser,he tried to stop it,by grabbing a close pillar,Matezoide realised that only metal things were being pushed,it his armor and weapows had no reaction to it,thanks to its magic nature,what could be taking him,the Demi-God asked to himself,it was then he remembered hearing some where that there is blood in the human body  I hate you  wanting to be sure of this theory,Matezoide slashed his own troath,as his blood was sucked i am going to kill him for that!  Matezoide found Felix searching for Despair as his eyes glowed,it would be so easy now,one blast to the head and Ferro would be dead,this ideia made Matezoide smile,however before having the chance to attack,he could feel his blood being ripped off his body tought his pores,having no other choice,Matezoide stopped fighting and was sucked to the geiser,as it erupted
 They say the worst way to die is burned and the Demi-God could now undestand why,as his flesh was starting to disapear  I am...sorry...WAL...i couldnt...st...stop him...  his hope had disapeared,as Matezoide stopped feeling anything,he opened the eyes ...no...no..NO! THIS WOULD KILL A HUMAN,BUT I AM A GOD!! NO HEAT AND NO BOY WILL STOP ME! The feel of getting killed by a 17 years-old boy,hurted Matezoide's pride,he is a warrior after all,he cant stop fighting,no matter what,as Matezoide's blue aura became red he said to himself   God...Mode  having his power multiplied by 10 and the determination of winning,enable the Demi-God to climb walk tought the heat and get in safe land,almost having no flash and having his bones visible,he saw Ferro,  This ends NOW!!
Rushing faster than ever,Matezoide started to shoot Ferro with a perfect aim,using his trustable guns,upon getting close enough,the Demi-God would punch Ferro's face and grab him by behind,enabling him to do a sunflex,with would be strong enough to "dig" Ferro's head on the ground,finishing the combo by liffitng his oponent by his right leg and breaking it with a well placed punch 
Ferro's scream would make the Demi-God smile

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NeVann already felt his body become more and more sluggest as the atmosphere's oxygen was filling rapidly with sulfur. Even with the first gate open he couldn't get the full force and speed of his kick, that met with the back of Darkchild's head. The planet's surface began to shift and mangle and more geysers of lava began to spring up. With all the activity of Ninjeta reaching it's critical state along with not being fully sure of a way to get his team members let alone himself off the planet in time, if he was able to slay the Child of Darkness. Vann stood holding the yellow power ring to his finger still hesitant to put it on. Not sure if it was a trap or just some sick way of DC wanting to prolong this battle for as long as possible. For once in his life the shinobi really didn’t know what to do. Ninjeta looked nothing as it did just less than two minutes ago. The inspiring light blue sky was now a gloomy souls shattering black and gray, was the lively flourishing had been reduced to char.

Over analyzing the situation, which for some reason he thought he had the luxury of time to do so. His thoughts were disrupted by the sound of Darkchild’s voice. "The time for thinking is over. You either put the ring on, or in three minutes you die simple as that....Course you could always allow me to put you out of your misery." The shinobi smirked not at the remark but at the fact that DC had created a umbrella construct with his power ring, to shield himself from the down pour of molten rock. Without a witty remark the unkillable shinobi placed the power ring in a pouched and dashed towards the Demon Spawn, arms overlapping one another as he picked up speed as saying to himself "Second gate." a casing of pressurized air surrounded the shinobi as he arms dropped from in front of his face. Reaching for the handle of his sword he yelled out "Third and fourth gate!"

NeVann skin changed from a light tan to beat reddish skin tone upon opening the third gate. The change in skin tone was from his blood being fully enriched with oxygen. His lungs screamed trying to draw in air, even with the fourth gate open increasing his air intake. He knew he had to put the ring on but for some reason he refused. He wasn’t completely sure why, this could have been caused by the light headedness he was feeling. As he closed the distance between the two, gripping firmly on the handle of his blade. Vann unsheathes his sword slicing horizontal sending the air pressure that incased him forward towards the Dark Lord. As the shinobi watched as the razor sharp like currents of wind to the shape of blades and headed toward Darkchild to slice him in thrice. Rocks and ash trailed behind the high powered gust of wind only to meet nothing but a spout of lava.

Vann eyes darted to his left as he turned his head and brought his arms up as they parallel one another to guard his face. The shinobi felt the shockwave of Darkchild’s tree trunk like leg, making contact with his arms throughout every bone in his body as he skidded backwards from the force that he was hit with. All feeling in his arms started to go numb as he was feeling the circulation of blood in his arms fade. And to make matters even worst DC was stealing a page out his book as the Spawn of Darkness spun through the kick and went for an uppercut to his gut.

Bringing his arms down crossing over one another as he jumped as he grabbed hold of Darkchild’s wrist. Whipping his body in a summersault motion, looking like a gymnast on a balance horse. The heel of his left foot came down aiming for the crown of DC’s head, right as the heel was about to connect Vann was repealed by a burst of yellow energy that sent him sailing up and back into a fountain of magma. Twirling in a back flip like motion, he made a seal and a clone of himself appear. Appearing below the ninja the clone taking a hold of the rope like belt of Van’s and slung him to side with enough force to clear him of danger, before reverting to a cloud of smoke before as it fell in the spouting geyser.

Hitting the ground hard he felt his shoulder separate and he rolled and finally slide to a stop. But he wouldn’t let it stop him, as he spent next to no time on the ground gathering himself. His body screamed in pain though if you looked at his face it would seen that he only felt a mild discomfort as he rose to his feet. His body wobbled as his vision began fading in and out. Like the planet he was reaching his limits. He knew that he was ropes and with a little over two minutes left he had no choose but to make this last attack his most devastating one mentally and physically yet. "Ha! I’ll say you’re a lot fast then the rumors told of you… I almost didn’t block that kick of your. Hell my arms are still kind of numb." He said as he pulled the arm that was dislocated before shoving it back in place, that was followed by a yell of anguish. Rotating his shoulder to get the blood flowing through it was again he reached in the pouched that he had slipped the yellow ring into. Pulling out a ring he slid onto his finger, but instead of being engulf of a yellow energy he was coated in a green one.

"Oh I forgot to tell ya, I picked up this little bad boy a while back from a friend… You know him, one of my former teammates… Ferro." He said right as Darkchild created a yellow construct of a large baseball and hurled it at the shinobi. Skipping like a rock on the surface of a pound the ball skidded along the ground picking up rock and other large pieces of debris that followed it. As if the construct had its own gravitational pull. As it drew closer, the only thing that ran through the shinobi’s mind was an old loony toon’s gag where in a baseball game an outfielder high fly ball heading his way and as it’s coming down all he can say is "I got it, I got it." Before it’s plants him six feet under with the grave marker "He got it alright." He smirked as the ball of green energy formed around his ring and a large baseball bat appeared.

Cocking it back he swung for the fences as the term is used in the sport. Making impact the yellow ball was sent back towards Darkchild blasting through the wall of debris that followed it. Though the ring helped him out of that tough spot it was all he was able to muster up with it, for he hadn’t charged the ring since he completed his training. "Two minutes left… well it’s time to throw all cautions to the wind. Last time I used this I almost went blind… I guess this time I will…" He thought to himself as his eyes closed making a set of hand seals. Upon opening them his Sharingan had changed not into the normal Mangekyou that was resembled a three point shuriken. This Sharingan was different the iris was almost all crimson with a slit of black that made his eyes look viper like. This was a gift of the future counterpart of his son Sozuko, the Sage Sharingan. Taking off at full speed he held out his left hand. A small crackle roared into a symphony of a thousand birds chirping in unison. Along with chirping came a manifest of a pale blue light that took the form of ball of condensed lightening.

Dragging it along the ground it tore and ripped up the burned and decayed planet’s crust as he reached Darkchild. Rearing back he lunged the Chidori forward aiming for the center of DC’s chest where Vann figured his heart would be located. But the Chidori though his favorite jutsu to end a battle with wasn’t the death dealing blow he had in mind. The lightening based attack was only used to get Darkchild to focus on stopping that attack leaving him open for eyes contact with the Uchiha prodigy. Who’s eyes had light tinted yellow glow from him slipping on the power ring as he charged at Darkchild, and cast the double edge sword of an genjutsu. "Hoshino Tsukuyomi (The Cosmic Moon Reader)"

Upon the successful trapping in the jutsu, everything becomes engulfed in a void of darkness leaving only a full moon that was as crimson as the ninja’s Sharingan. Stringing the demon up on a cross, ripples spaces apart like footsteps approached the crucified demon. Stopping in front of him the ripples settled and faded before an inverse of NeVann appeared looking up at Darkchild. "Welcome Darkchild to my little world… this is a place where you have no power what so ever… I wrap and distort everything here just to torture you and you alone. You should feel somewhat lucky I guess. For the next 96 hours you relive the most traumatizing and fear causing event that you ever lived through and yes it’ll be on loop for your view pleasure. Then after the trip down memory lane your conscious mind will be sealed away in another dimension with no hopes of return." The cross that Darkchild was strung up began to sink into the void of nothingness as the torment was about to the begin. "Oh yeah one last thing… you never should have handed over a ring that feeds of the fears of others it will do nothing but make this more powerful and worst on you." Those were the last word the shinobi spoke as he Darkchild vanish the emptiness of darkness.

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The little man now showed true power as he stood toe to toe with the child of darkness himself Darkchild. The pure energy that circled around both fighters was tearing away at the ground beneath them. Watching as his attacks smashed into Uchiha he smiled only for his smile to fade as his final hopefully the killing strike was tossed away like a mear simple childs trick.

Anger rushed through him as the now fully powered Uchiha stood in front of him his eyes changing into something more sinister with a smile he thought to himself with his angered mind "Any other instance I might actually accept this man as a brother." Watching as Uchiha spat words to him and bursting into a sprint straight towards him his arm glowing with electricity and energy thrusting it forward aiming squarely at his chest. Darkchild brought his hands up palms outwards grabbing the shinobis hands as the electricty surged through him. Looking from his hands to the mans eyes he said "Tsk tsk, looks like you....." His mouth froze mid word and so did his body. No longer was he in control of his own body, soon the world turn to complete darkness. Pieces of tether wrapped around his arms and brought them straight out and his legs were brought together. A cross formed behind him an latched his arms an legs to them in a crusifixtion. He screamed out into the darkness "What is this?!! Ninja show yourself COWARD!!"

Snapping out in the darkness was all he could accomplish as a form emerged from the darkness it was Uchiha. "Welcome Darkchild to my little world… this is a place where you have no power what so ever… I wrap and distort everything here just to torture you and you alone. You should feel somewhat lucky I guess. For the next 96 hours you relive the most traumatizing and fear causing event that you ever lived through and yes it’ll be on loop for your view pleasure. Then after the trip down memory lane your conscious mind will be sealed away in another dimension with no hopes of return." 

His eyes narrowed as Darkchild watched the man speak, waiting for him to stop he barked "I am the CHILD OF DARKNESS!! This will only hold me for so long, Soon I will break free and nothing not even your dimension will hold me. Know true that when these binds break and they will, you and all that you know will be at my mercy." The shinobi smiled an continued in his speech ending it with  "Oh yeah one last thing… you never should have handed over a ring that feeds of the fears of others it will do nothing but make this more powerful and worst on you."  Darkchild smiled and simply said "F@#k you." And as he spoke the words the shinobis eyes flared again and the tormant began. Reliving every memory in the back of his mind, every defeat every "Death". Every loss of his past life swinging in full cirlce, tearing him limb by limb only for him to recombine an start the torture all over again. The torture was wide an long but no scream escaped his lips only a smile and a evil laugh escaped his lips.

Back on Ninjeta

Darkchilds body was frozen in place, but he laughter even was evident in the real world. The world began to break around him, all over the planet ships flew off planet. Even Uchiha finding he had won the battle had made it to his ship, Goki seeing his "Father" broken and frozen in place grabbed his mistress Madamoiselle and took to a ship. The VV were no more scattered across the planet, no one knew if they were making it to a ship. Piece by piece the planet began to fall apart pieces floating in space and the final earthquake shook the planet to its very core. The last ship etched with a Veritas and Wal sigil took off the planet.

Darkchild stood still motionless as the ground beneath his feet glowed bright for a brief moment, then it happened. The planets core erupted from beneath and tore it to pieces. Erupting in a massive explosion pieces of the planet flew off through space, a piece floating off into space. A portal erupted in space and a sick laughter came from it saying "Not yet my son, your reign is not ended." The piece entering the portal and vanishing.

Three weeks later

A flash of light shines in space as a portal opens. And the piece that broke off from Ninjeta now much smaller through its travel from where it came from floats towards Earth and enters atmo. Piece by piece it falls apart as it breaks through atmosphere, finally the last nugget of the clump of dirt slams into the a desert in Austrailia creating a three mile wide crater. An eruption of dark energy shot out into the air, then as the dust cleared all that was left was an empty crater.

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A smirk was the only type of emotion the shinobi showed as Darkchild spewed out his final words "I am the CHILD OF DARKNESS!! This will only hold me for so long, Soon I will break free and nothing not even your dimension will hold me. Know true that when these binds break and they will, you and all that you know will be at my mercy." NeVann just smirked at Dark Lord’s tirade and welcomed him to try. AS he spoke his final peace he wasn’t surprise that it was rebuttal with a twisted smile and a profane word. The shinobi’s eyes glowed looking like two suns that were about to go super nova beginning the grueling 96 hours of torture.

Though in this dimension 96 hours had come and gone. In their actual dimension all of this happen in only a minute. Watching personal hell that he plunged Darkchild into his own personal hell. Vann couldn’t help but to be amazed by the child of dark’s threshold for pain. Any other person including himself would have let out at least one audible sound of pain or anguish, but silence only a smile was all he received. "Ok he wins the award of most masochistic person I’ve ever met" The Uchiha said to himself as he watch DC’s body’s violently shake and jerk for the full time frame. Leaving the realm the shinobi took one last glance the crucified demon that let out a sadistic laugh.

One minute ago

Multiple colored tints of lamination covered the shinobi, and the one that covered the most was that of the pale blue electric attack know as the Chidori. Sending his arm forward to pierce through Darkchild’s chest his hand was stop with by a simple opened palm. The light that was radiating from the Chidori faded as the chirping sound did the same. But this was didn’t surprise or anger the shinobi this is what he planned for to have the jutsu stop or counter. And as he figured Darkchild didn’t see the veal of deception until he had already fell into to the Uchiha’s trap, as eye contact was leaving the Demon spawn frozen in mid sentence. "Tsk tsk, looks like you….." His eyes widened as his serpent like pupils did the same. The strain that was put on his eyes by using this genjutsu along form of the Sharingan was unimaginable. His eyes became blood shot as more and more veins became visible. Looking as if he and Darkchild was paralyzed drops of crimson rolled down the Uchiha prodigy’s face, that lift a trail that leaded back up to his eyes.

Upon completing sealing of DC’s mind, NeVann closed his eyes as his body shook. His tank was almost running on empty and the amount of chakra the shinobi had left wouldn’t be enough to do much as this rate. As they reopened he didn’t see a speck of light, it was as if his eyes were still closed or a black veal was draped over his eyes. His sight was gone, it was the price he had to pay for safety of his friends and teammates. Trying to keep a leveled head, as the sound of the planet dying grew more violently loud, the ninja ran his thumb across his face wipe off some of the blood. Then making a hand seal he slammed his hand to the ground and yelled, "Kuchiyose no jutsu: Manda!" He heard a mighty roar followed by the annoyed growl of the snake king Manda. "Boy why have you summoned me!" NeVann’s head wandered around trying to pick up where to look as the giant snake spoke. "As you can see this planet is well… about to blow… I need to you to take to my clone and Teammates that still on this world." Manda’s head tilted as it got closer to the ninja. "Something not right by you boy… Yes I see the powerful Uchiha lost his sight… You can no longer try to control me with those eyes of yours… So why should I help you." Pinpointing where the snake’s head was the yellow power ring began to glow. Holding up his hand a yellow beam that looked like a whip burst from the ring and wrapped around the snake’s head and mouth.

"I don’t have time for this Manda! We have about a minute left!" The Snake king found himself at the mercy of the blind shinobi and agreed. The two reached the area at which his teammates were squaring off against Darkchild’s minions. Having the snake point out where each person was, NeVann held his the hand that housed the power ring above his head. Yellow orbs incased his teammates along with Ferro Vida. Though he was fighting long the child of darkness, NeVann couldn’t let himself leave the teen on the dying planet. He wasn’t truly sure way maybe because Ferro was once a brother in arms or he felt that Felix still had good in him, but he wouldn’t leave him to die with Ninjeta. "Child there is a ship taking off about 45 meters from and it bares the same emblem as the one that was on your shirt." The Snake said with a slight shutter. " OK just point me in the direction and I’ll handle the rest." He replied back as the snake coiled before lunging forward towards the ship. "Now!" it yelled at the Uchiha before turning into a cloud of smoke.

Judging the speed that he was hurled and the distant he had to travel a yellow aura washed over the ninja as He and his friends phased through the cargo hold of the ship smashing into the roof of the ship as it left the planet.    

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Chaos and mayhem. Surprised Risky stood among the ruins of the cannon that Dreadmaster and she had just destroyed. Dead bodies and malformed metal littered the landscape like broken toys tossed asie by a giant child. The new found strength of her new acquaintance was amazing. With adamantium daggers and partly with his bare hands he had ripped the Ninjans apart. Their screams of agony still resounded in Risky's ears. A terrifying rage had taken hold of the strong man as soon as he had entered the battle and it had only subsided when no opponents were there anymore. Risky on her part had not held back, she seldomely did, but it was a difference to see her acrobatic fighting style with the small revolver, her last weapon before she had to resort to her shotgun, compared to his savage strength based brawling. The Ninjans were not small but Dreadmaster even towered a foot above them. Limbs of all kinds flew around, drawing bloody trails through the air as they passed by her, as Dreadmaster covered her back while she set the FLAK to overload. Once more she was lucky that she had learned some Ninjan from her sister in law Sha. Otherwise this would have been an impossible task, the strange runes of the Ninjan alphabet stretched out on the glowing table infront of her, telling of a century old art of poetry and music that was in the end only used to make the use of weapons easier. Maybe earth and Ninjeta weren#t so different after all...
The energy scale rose higher and higher, from green to blue to orange to red. Risky could feel the heat emanating from the power core at her feet as it overloaded. The buzzing of energy grew louder and louder till it resembled a drill that forced its way inside her head and evoked a murderous headache. Time to make an exit. Ready to scream sommething she turned around to Dreadmaster....
Only to have that scream dying in her breast. Risky had seen many a massacre. But the pure sight of the hulking behemoth standing on the platform of the cannon, bathed in the blood of his enemies, some of it even dripping from his blades and muscles, breathing heavy and his massivee chest rapidly heaving up and and down while he made strange growling noises was extremely disturbing. Not time to for that now. With pure willpower she managed to let go of that sight and ran past him, partly pulling him with her as she gripped his arm in the process. not being of the stupid kind he got her subtle hint and started running himself as the urgent sound of the big weapon got more and more intense.The pungent stench of ozone invaded their nostrils and the vibration of the shockwave building up made their bones shake but they had to go on. Their feet tapped the countdown as they brought as much distance between them and the engine of destruction as posssible. Pearls of sweat formmed on their forehead, more from the conscient knowledge that their life was in danger than from the physical strain. 
And then it happened. Risky didn't hear the explosion that made her ears tingle and neither did Werner. It was more the feeling of the shockwave hitting her back that told of the explosion. An almsot unbearable heat washed over them and blackened their uniforms. For a moment hell had opened its gates and poured down its worst over them. But then, it was over. Out of a sudden this firestorm had stopped. Smiling Risky rolled on he back and turned her head around to Dread.
"Wow, that was really a big bang. I loved it. What the..."
Only seconds after the first rumble had subsided another one shook Ninjeta. But she could feel this one was infinitely larger. Something was going on on Ninjeta. What was going on here? The answer came swiftly over the coom in the guise of a babylonical chaos of voices. Everybody screamed around, creating a vortex of sounds but one thing was clear: The planet was blowing up! 
Confusion spread over the battlefield. Risky felt almost bitter as she saw how the seasoned heros who had come here to save this planet bolted back to their transportation devices. All was lost. Thier big aspirations of saving this place were nothing now. Saving their own lives was a priority now. For a moment Risky thought about running to the Predator as well, enjoying one last fix of adrenaline hacking and shooting through her enemies in an attempt to reach the plane in time, feeling the urgency to save her hide and see the wall of flesh that wants to hiner her. But on the other hand a planet was dying right now, the home planet of her loved sister in law. Some piety seemed to be needed. So she just took Werner by the hand and teleported both of them into the Predator.
The sight inside the big bird was rather depressing. The survivors of Wolf Pack were awfully few. A handful of Lycans and one single Super Soldier, the blond one which she "loved" so much. Once more the luck seemed to be with the dumb ones. Akwa came in with hanging head and eyes full of sorrow. Lady Nightmare lumped in with a leg wound. Risky wanted to ask her about the status of the other team members but the sad look in her eyes told her everything. Hunter, Talon, Sylver... all dead. She would not have thought that anything could have killed them and now the harsh ugly reality flooded in. Warsman deserted and not here, somewhere out there and he would die soon in the explosion. Her head hung in shame. As a team leader she had epicly failed. When they arrived back to earth many burial ceremonies would have to be held. And she would have to reorganize the pack. If the Pack would not be disbanded like the last unit she had command off. A last message was sent over the comm to check if anyone was alive there out now. No answers. That was it. With a sigh Risky let herself fall back into one of the seats and told the pilot to start. They had enough of this planet. Fortunately Risky would never see it again.
And as the Predator flew through the cold space back to earth Risky rested her head in her hands and began to cry for everything she had lost...