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The sound of War was screaming all around her. Blood and sweat leaked from body as she continued to fight through the relentless Ninjetans.  Her fight seemed futile but Lady Nightmare refused to give up. All her efforts all her years come at end with a bunch of over grown aliens? I think not. Her face mirrored that of dedication. Teleporting every few meters, she appeared in her enemy’s weak spot and sliced their head off giving them little of a fight. She did not have time to give her enemy a chance. It would be a waste of time… and she had to get to her allies. However she could see the Ninjetans becoming very irritated. An energy beam came down onto her from a Ninjetans up above. Immediately she put up another psionic shield around her and the few super soldiers she had left.

The enemy was growing closer and closer. Anger fueled their hearts. Several Ninjetans charged into her knocking her a few meters back. “This taking too long!” she yelled ignoring the blistering pain in her back. The same Ninjetans climbed on top her shield and started pounding hard and harder each time their fist came down. Lady Nightmare opened her palm and shot out a beam of psionic energy at one of them. Immediately it shot the Ninjetan back wounding it but not killing it. The arms of a humongous man grappled the other and tore it apart, leaving blood and residue all over the shield. ”Are you ok Lieutenant Nightmare?” the super solider asked “Yeah” she said back as she teleports onto the soldier’s shoulders.

“Run forward and I’ll handle the rest” The super solider was strong enough to handle on coming Ninjetans attacks plus she could cover more ground up high. Lady Nightmare proceeded to blast on coming Ninjetans down below using her psionic energy. Suddenly, one started flying toward her onto her. Quickly gathering all of her energy she blasted the Ninjetan leaving a burning hole in its stomach. Lady reached for the guns on side of her sides. All while ago she paid a grip of money for adamantium bullets for situations just like these. Taking aim at Ninjetans up high she fired a few bullets at flying VV Ninjetans. “Solider do you see the Phoenix?” she asked the running solider beneath her. “Yes, it’s a few meters ahead.” Well help them up there I’ve got to locate The Pack”

Just then she grappled the two soldiers and teleported them to the front lines of the Phoenix. She then reached in one of her many pockets for her communicator. To her amazement me she had missed a transmission “"Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Risky here!  Meet me at regrouping point P.  Execute Maneuver Rhino.  Maneuver Rhino!  If we stay here, we'll get slaughtered sooner or later!  We have to…” “Communicator locate Wolf Pack members.” Lady Nightmare said to the device. Several points popped up on to the screen. However Akwa’s point was in a strange position. “Ok, he must of got himself into some trouble. Find Awka, then go to regrouping point”

The communicator indicated that he was at a a paticular part of the planet. Lady Nightmare started to head toward it still fighting her way through Ninjetans,only this time she was alone. Lady Nightmare continued to teleport more and more north. Just as she got deeper and deeper more and more enemy Ninjetans started to appear.

Surprisingly ,four Ninjetans pounced on top of her. All of them came at all at once pounding on body. Lady Nightmare slowly started to lose consciousness. Her blood started to gush from her body as the Ninjetans attacked. “No!” she screamed “I refuse to die to super powered Paris Hiltons!” Just then she released an immense amount of psionic energy on all of them. All of them shot back greatly damaged.

The only thing pumping her heart was the hate for these beings. Adrenaline started to flow into her for the first time the first time in a long time. Lady Nightmare teleported much faster than before, in fact just as fast as the Ninjetans. Using this to her advantage she holstered her guns and grappled her energy sword. She covered it with the last of her energy and teleported on top of a recovering Ninjetan. “If I had the time, I would make this slow and painful. So, today I’m just going to settle for painful.”, she said with vengeances dripping from her lips. Then her body started teleporting with great speed, giving the Ninjetan their just reward each in time before reaction.

Lady Nightmare then cracked open one of their mouths and shoved the sword down its throat. Quickly pulling the sword out, she cut a hole inside of it and pulled out its of intestines. Going to the other one’s she crammed it down the other ones mouth. Moving to the other terrified two, she reached into its skull and pulled out both if its eyes. She smiled as its screams filled the area. “B!tch!” the mild injured one yelled as she pounced on her. Lady Nightmare lifted the sword at the right moment letting her eat her words and the sword.

“And the world world has to answer right now just to tell you once again…Who’s Bad” she said as she teleported further to her probably injured teammate.

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He waited staring at the doors to the room, sitting in his chair with a wide smug grin on his face he waited. He knew what the conclusion to his illusion would be, knew it the moment he created it. Talon would not last long under the current circumstances, she was battered and her mind almost gone succumbing to the darker side was inevitable. And suddenly his joy was cut short as a soldier came in battered an kneeled before him as he sat in his chair.

"Two more have entered the castle my lord, but we were able to subdue them." Darkchild turned in the chair towards the man with a glare he stared at him "Who got past your supposedly impenetrable line of defense?" A tone of irritation very evident in his voice the man hung his head "The ones known as Nevann and Shadowstep got past our guards and into the castle my lord. They are both shakled up in the basement of the castle, with the restraits you asked for." Darkchild sat in the chair for a moment and heard a noise in the other room and wanted the guard gone once the doors opened "Uchi is too smart to let himself be captured, its not him most likely damn jutsu user. Search the premise for more of him, hes not that easy to capture trust me. Never fought the man...that I can remember but from what Ive read an heard he is a man of great illusion search the castle. And this Shadowstep....I dont know him or of his power kill him and be on with it." with look of dismay he turned around an stared to the door.

The soldier stood up an bowed leaving the room Darkchild could hear him barking orders to the others to search the castle and for others to go an kill Shadowstep. Darkchild sat for a few moments before the doors burst open and Talon stood changed completely her body seeping wtih darkness and anger he smiled as she asked "You called me?" With a smile he stood up an bowed to her "Yes I did, as I stated before I want you with me. Not with me...unless you wish to be but more to work for my side a Vine Villian. These times I need the strong and the powerful and you are both lass." Putting his arm around her shoulders he led her to the balcony." Look out their the war is coming to a close, and I need all those that are capable." Seeing the Phoenix off the in the distance turning his way his eyes slightly widened.

Grabbing a communicator he relays a communication to Drifter and Ferro "Drifter, deal with what you are doing now and return to the base immediately I find that things are going to get rather interesting very soon. Ferro, stop what your doing leave the woman be for now you can play with her later...get here now." And with that he turned to Talon "I suggest you get down."

And with that the beams from the cannons slammed into the castle shaking it at its frames, the walls came crashing down first. He grabbed Talon an ran to the control center "Return fire, change the cannons fire to the Phoenix destroy it now!!" Another barrage of fire slammed into the castle and soon it shook so hard its very foundations came crashing down.

Bringing a shield up around him and Talon made of a darkness, he watched as his castle came crashing down to the ground all around him. The marvel he built with the blood an sweat of the Ninjans was now turned to rubble. The shield fell as he allowed it an he stared at the oncoming soldiers an Lycans, and turning to Talon "Well now...looks as if its time for me to join the fray no?" Grabbing his cape he pulled it off his shoulders an let it float in the breeze, his suit glowing with power. He walks to where the gates would have stood and his arms glowed a bright red and clapped his hands together releasing a enormous beam directly into the oncoming soldiers "You want to overthrow the king?!! Well here I am!!" screaming out into the air. He could see Goki and Mademoislle off in the distance, Goki's gaze turned to his.

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He opened his eyes slowly. The first feeling that struck him was dizziness. He felt his own heart pound loudly in his ears. For some reason, he felt as if all his blood was rushing to his head. What had they done to him? He couldn't tell as his vision was still blurry.

He blinked madly a few times and his situation was immeditately made clear. His arms and legs were tightly shackled to the wall of some futuristic looking prison. The shackles were connected directly to the wall and were very tight, pinning him up against the wall like a laboratory frog ready for a dissection. But that wasn't the worst part, oh no. He was shackled to the wall upside down!

"F@ck! Not this again! Why is it always hanging from the wall upside-down? Why? Why am I always chained like this? Is it part of the Evil Villains handbook or something? Rule#2592: When you have captured Akwa, hang him from the wall upside-down?"

The cell door whooshed upwards as three Ninjan guards ran in, no doubt alerted by his shouts. Like a lot of Ninjans, they were blond well-curved females who in all honesty, looked like living Barbie dolls. If they had not been his mortal enemies, Akwa might very well of tried to got to know them a little better. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

One of the guards punched him in the gut and he shut up quickly. He noticed that the door had not closed behind the guards. It was undoubtably the best time to escape. He had tried ripping through the shackles earlier, and while he could usually rip through steel shackles with ease, these ones, built to resist Ninjan strength, did not break. But then again, he was Akwa. He always had another trick up his sleeve.

His eyes flashed blue momentarily before he liquified, spilling out of his shackles with ease. He slipped back to his true form, which looked nothing like the normal humanoid guise he usually had. A short sqaut blob of water slithered across the floor, flailing around ever-changing watery tendrils and pseudopods. When one of the guards launched an attack at it, it simply formed around the attack. It quickly sucked in all of it's appendages and rose to form a bulging column of water roughly twice the size of the ninjan guards.

For a moment nothing seemed to happen as the guards levelled their weapons and the column began to bulge outwards. Akwa moved first. The bulge split into three seperate icy spikes that shot outwards at great speed. The first two reached their targets, impaling the women through the necks. The third guard dodged only to have the spike suddenly curve and catch her in the forehead.

The spikes retracted themselves as the column retracted inwards upon itself to form back into his ordinary human form. Akwa gazed down on the bodies of the three guards before moving towards the door.

"And that's why they call me the Batman!" he proclaimed.

Only to be met by the door shutting. He battered it with his fists but failed to even dent it. There was a crackle as the speakers inside activated.

"And do they call you the Batman?"

An amused female voice resounded through the prison cell. Akwa sighed.

"No actually, they do not. But it would be cool if they did."

He was then aware of a strange noise that was building up.

"Hey, what's that-erk!"

Forcefields formed in the cell, pinning Akwa up against the wall again. Upside down. He tried to move but found that the fields rendered him compltely immobile. He was lucky that he could even breathe. He liquified, only to find that the fields kept his liquid form pinned as it did his solid form. Hell, it even trapped his gas form in and there really wasn't that much that his gas form couldn't escape from. The fields also seemed to be inhibiting the use of his other powers.

He found himself unable to control or create water outside of the field that was so tightly pressing him. His mental probings bounced off it. With a chill, he realised that even his Water Sense was confined to this tiny little bubble. The humming rose louder and he felt another field press in on him. The new field was doing something to his nervous system he realised as his every muscle suddenly relaxed and refused to move. He couldn't even liquify anymore.

From his upside down view, he saw the door open and another woman step in. This ninjan seemed to be an officer of some kind and was semi-clad in high-tech battle armour. Semi-clad being that she had apparently being in the act of taking it off when she had come in. This theory was supported when she unscrewed one of her gauntlets and let it fall to the floor. He tried to make his muscles move enough to frown but gave up. He had seen that armour before...This was the one who had captured him in the first place.

She gave a devilish smile as she pulled in some sort of hover-trolley filled with all sorts of inventive looking instruments. Despite being of all shapes and sizes, they all seemed created for one purpose. He even recognised some of them as being almost identical to some he had seen on Earth. He gave a mental sigh. No doubt the design of torture instruments was the same in all humanoid species everywhere.

She spoke in the same voice that had come from the speakers earlier.

"Your will is strong. It will be fun to break it."

He flinched. Well, he would have if he hadn't been paralysed. Crap. Crap crap crappity crap. Why did all the nice looking women in his life come equipped with weapons?

His sleeves were empty. Akwa had run out of tricks.

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Werner had started running to flee the cannon fire but noticed Warsman wasn’t behind him but instead taking cannon fire to his limbs and standing there while his flesh burnt. Werner looked at Warsman as he was waiting for him to move and take him to but instead he witnessed him cursing at the walls of Darkchild’s fortress like they meant anything. Werner had looked down to find a communications rod, though it was out of battery and needed some sort of static shortage or friction to get it to work and looked around for anything. Just then Warsman started mumbling to himself and attacked Werner, Warsman pushed him all the way to the boulder and scraped Werner’s head. Thinking quickly, the prince of prep quickly sticked his adamantium knives in Warsman’s teeth to prevent him from biting down on his throat, saliva was seeping through Warsman’s mouth and onto Werner’s scraped head. As Warsman reached to get the knives out of his mouth, Werner quickly grabbed the communications rod and aimed it for Warsman’s heart.

Warsman staggered from taking a bite of Werner’s as he noticed the communications rod’s power light went on and started functioning properly, Werner thought that maybe he pierced the aorta, where all the blood pumps faster than everywhere else, was the quickly flowing blood in his aorta was causing enough friction to energize the power device on the communications rod. Although it was have not been a good time he had to speak into the communications speaker and relay a message to the Wolf Pack, all while fending off a blood-hungry beast. Werner spoke into the relay box and said: “…Hello?...Is anyone there?...I need help from any Wolf Pack members right now, I have a member of their team who is still alive, his name is Warsman and he’s still alive…more or less and I need any Wolf Pack member to come and find us, I’m lost and he’s…not helping me to say the least and I need anybody to come down and maybe I can turn him back to normal.” Werner stopped talking into the communications box and started twisting the rod to get Warsman off, after a while he gave in and jumped off Werner to get the rod out, Werner quickly ran to his armor to get inside it and use whatever battery it had left to incapacitate the cannibal. Warsman got it out and started running after Werner, he tried to activate his armor but it didn’t have enough energy to function throughout the whole armor until he tried just powering his arm for one blow.

Warsman was closing in just as Werner fitted his arm in the socket, Warsman leapt and at the last second the armor had been activated at the right arm "KA-POW!!!", the snow was pushed out of the ground fast until you could see a giant circle of dead grass as clear as day. Warsman was on the floor, unconscious, laying there like he was dead again, though Werner was curtious enough to check on him to make sure he didn't die.

Werner looked back at his armor to see that the rest of the nuclear energy powering his suit was gone, he didn't bring any other power sources so he had to go on his own without it. He quickly put his black leather pants on and a white t-shirt with a big brown Lonsdale jacket. "Now what am i supposed to do?...Kaff Kaff."
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A sharp pain in his spine...who had ambushed him? Who was there that was still alive around him? Werner was not there, he was a figment of Warsman's imagination...his mind hated him...played ruses and wild cards to see what would happen. It was bored with him and his weaknesses. It wanted him to be bold and strong, invincible and untouchable. But he was like any other humanoid creature; and that was because he tired with enough punishment. Perhaps even the Ninjans, perhaps even Nate or Darkchild was like him. Perhaps they were mortal.

But nothing good could exist with them. Nothing positive, holy, or sacred. They were unstoppable, malicious, and hungry fighting machines. They bode their time to wait for the strongest to appear before them and to face them in final combat. Warsman was not the strongest, simply because he was not the leader of the Wolf Pack. Hunter had left all hope in the hands of his adopted daughter and Warsman tried his best to serve her. Was this his best?

"Is this your best?"


"Then why are you dead?"

...Werner saved me...I'm not dead...

"Then why are you trying to kill him?"


"Then why don't you eat the Ninjans?"

Dead...all dead...

"Not all of them. Wait, and then feast under Darkchild's very nose. It will fill you more than this rot Werner."


He knew what he was supposed to do now. He was not the leader of Wolf Pack, but he was a member of it. He needed to fight Darkchild and Nate. They needed to be stopped. Face-down and very still, he heard Werner shout into the speaker for some breed of communications module. What was strange about the situation was that it was being powered by his back, more specifically by the flow of blood in his aorta. Werner spoke of a solution to Warsman's erratic behavior and encouraged whoever remained from the Wolf Pack to come and help him with the process. Before he could finish babbling, Warsman took to his elbows and raised his head above the ground. Werner attempted to get to an enormous chunk of metal, fashioned into armor, but apparently he couldn't power it, and he left it in the snow. Warsman staggered to his feet, the module Werner had stuck him with slowly peeling from his back, taking with it a small chunk of flesh and pallet of skin. He spoke:

"I remember the taste...of Ninjan blood..."

He licked at the blood escaping from his nostrils, his sinuses pierced twice by Werner's adamantium knives - now cast aside and lost under a fresh sheet of snow.

"...Where...can I find more?"

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"Jay take the family over to The Phoenix, The Verita's ship, there's a medic there who can help them." She paused for a moment. "And be careful, it doesn't look like these Ninjans don't worry about their own kind. When your done there, I want you to stay with The Veritas, and help them out."  said Nova. The war was getting more intense as Jay ran with the family to get to the phoenix. When he got the civilians to the phoenix, he was surrounded by a couple of Ninjeta's. "really? you think it would be easy to take me down." Jay said with a smirk on his face. He lifted his right arm into the air above his head, as the ninjeta started to run towards him. Jay sent a telekinetic wave around him to push them away, as they all fell to the ground Jay flew up into the air, you could see a blue phoenix force surrounding him for protection.

He looked like a comet or a blue bird from far away, he started to lower himself to the ground as noticed a dragon. It really wasn't just any dragon, it was Cly's dragon Esmeralda. The one thing that bothered him is that Cly is always with Esmeralda, where could he be.  As his left foot hit the ground the  phoenix force around him disappeared, Jay started to walk over to her. The Esmeralda noticed him walk over to her, she lifted her head up. Hey would u know where Cly is at?? said Jay. Esmeralda pointed her head towards this base "Thanks" Jay smiled and  he walked in to find  two of the WAL members looking at him, but there was a girl that didn't look familiar. "Who is she?"

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War on another planet, it wasn't anything new to Genesis; in fact, fighting in them was his job. Except in this one, he was fighting humans as well as aliens. Gambler and Darkchild, often ringleaders in evil plans, along with Hayden Miles, someone Genesis had heard of less often but easily an equal threat. Together, the three had taken control of Ninjeta, a movement even Genesis was not aware of due to the fact that Ninjeta was not part of the Galactic Armada. The few Ninjans who opposed their new tyrants, after many fruitless, desperate attempts at freedom, had appealed to the heroes of Earth. So now the heroes, primarily WAL, Wolf Pack, and the newly re-united Veritas, had left for Ninjeta to fight the armies loyal to the three villains. Genesis, however, took a quick detour.

Secure in Libra's cockpit, Genesis raced through space towards the Galactic Armada. The last time he had been there, it had been to learn of the looming threat of an Ignasian Empire from an alternate dimension. That information was known only to the Triumvirate and Genesis, but even without it the Armada was in total paranoia. The young hero wasn't sure how many warriors, if any, could be sent to aid the heroes on Ninjeta, but he had to ask. Docking Libra and entering the headquarters, Genesis quickly found Feyon, one of the chief commanders of the Armada who Genesis had met several months before learning of the Armada when he had the rest of Veritas had been transported to Paxon, Feyon's home planet, which at that time was undergoing a similar rebellion. In that war Feyon had commanded the rebel troops, and after his success there had been admitted to the Galactic Armada and quickly rose through the ranks. Genesis hoped that Feyon's previous experience with civil war would make him more likely to listen and send more troops with him to Ninjeta.

The silver-blue armored commander leaned back in his chair, lost in thought. Genesis had just finished telling him about Ninjeta and making his request for reinforcements to be sent. After several long minutes, Feyon finally spoke. “Thirty. I can send thirty ships with you. It’s not much, but we can’t weaken our forces too much in case the breech enemy attacks.”  At first Genesis was a little confused at these last words, but then he remembered that even the commanders didn’t know the identity of the enemy on the other side of the dimensional breech. “And I’m coming with you.” Now Genesis was completely startled, and his only response was, “You’re…me…coming, why?” Looking slightly amused at the sight of the flustered hero, Feyon replied, “Someone has to command the troops. Besides, you know I know what the Ninjan rebels are going through right now, and I want to see them share the success Paxon did.” It was Genesis’s turn to smile, he didn’t know Feyon real well, but this was the sort of response he was hoping for. “Well, if that’s settled, let’s go make sure there’s still an army to reinforce.” Genesis doubted the heroes could have been defeated in the time to took him to get to the Armada, but he couldn’t underestimate the strength of Darkchild, Gambler, and Hayden. It was time to join the fight, and then, hopefully, to win it.

The forces had been assembled, and now the thirty Armada ships plus Genesis in Libra and Feyon in his own ship were flying at top speed towards Ninjeta. Most of the ships and warriors were Paxonian, several of them ones Genesis recognized from fighting alongside before. Among them was Osotron, the warrior who had saved Genesis’s live and then had his life saved by Genesis. In the short time Genesis was on Paxon they had become friends, and the young hero was glad he was coming too.

 Chaos, that's what the battle was. Pure and utter chaos. Genesis could see the heroes were trying to stay in formation, but the waves of VV Ninjans were making that near impossible. As the Armada ships swooped lower down to the opposing armies, Genesis caught sight of Feyon’s craft, another ZISAA. He remembered that the eleven commanders of the Armada also had ZISAAs, each named after one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, with the same function as his. Although the creature Feyon’s ZISAA, Scorpio, took the form of was not of Earth, Genesis knew the name of it. It was a Visep, a four legged mammal with a long, curved, blade like spike at the end of its tail and two, short horns. Genesis thought it looked something like a cross between a scorpion and a bull, but at the same time just a creature all its own, so he usually just didn’t think about what it was like and just thought about what it was. That was something he kept on doing when he was first exposed to alien creatures, he kept trying to see them as mixes of Earth animals or something a lot like an Earth animal before he just had to see them as a totally different animal. In titan form, Scorpio’s body was more boxlike, but still somewhat rounded, with no neck and its head just the hemisphere at the front that served as cockpit. There were no legs, the horns were turned forwards all the way and straightened into laser cannons, and the tail was brought up over the body with the spike pointing forwards, now firing duplicates of itself made of energy that acted like missiles. As Genesis brought Libra next to Scorpio, Feyon’s voice came in over the communicator. “Attack plan Alpha 4, sound good?” The Alpha plans were usually the most basic of Armada attack plans. Number 4 involved striking at the center of an army and fighting outwards, usually used for forcing the army to break formation and cause some chaos in the ranks. Which of course is exactly what we need, more chaos. Still, “Sounds good, let’s do it.” In no time at all the rest of the ships received the message, quickly located a rough center of the VV army, and entered a dive towards it, raining down blasts as they went. Bolts of light streaked from Armada cannons and crashed into the evil Ninjans. Unprepared for the sudden attack, the Ninjans took several seconds to retaliate, firing their own blasts at the Armada crafts. None of them did any serious damage, but they were enough to send the ships back up, reform, and dive down to try again, This time the main objective was not to attack with the cannons, although some blasts were fired, but to send the warriors not piloting the ships out to attack. The Ninjans, still thinking they were under attack solely from the ships, were prepared to counter their attacks once again. However, they weren’t quite as ready for the several hundred Armada warriors dropping down on them, destroying cannons and engaging Ninjan soldiers in combat. Genesis wasn’t sure how much difference several hundred would make against what seemed to be several thousand, but he knew how strong a single Armada warrior was and hoped it might be enough to increase the heroes’ odds of emerging victorious.

As all the free Armada soldiers, including Feyon, attacked the middle, Genesis went in search of Veritas. He quickly spotted the Phoenix, no longer the red and gold craft it had been but still standing out among the swarms of people. A line of heroes had been formed around it, fighting off the oncoming VV Ninjans. As he drew closer and came lower he realized the Phoenix was hovering, not fighting. At least he thought it wasn’t fighting, until two beams of fire-like heat blasts narrowly missed Libra, instead slamming into the mighty fortress Genesis only just noticed. Then several missiles, a weapon Genesis didn’t even know the Phoenix had, launched from the Veritas vehicle, colliding again with the castle. The combined attacks brought the citadel crashing down, and Genesis immediately realized what the aim of the heroes was, destroying the castle. He guessed it was where Gambler, Hayden, or Darkchile reigned, and the next minute he realized which one of the three it was. A flash of red light emerged from the fallen fortress followed by a bellow perfectly audible despite the distance and the noise of battle. "You want to overthrow the king?!! Well here I am!!"  A hot fury flared up inside Genesis as he recognized the voice. Darkchild, great. Well, I guess we had to fight him at some point. He’d known exactly what the tyrants from Earth had been doing, but to hear one of them, to see him kill the Ninjans who wanted freedom for the sake of making others fear him, it doubled his determination to “overthrow the king.” It was only one act of cruelty, but to see someone so obsessed with power they would go to a whole other planet to gain it, it was too much for Genesis. There was already a super powerful empire about to invade the universe, no one needed another one.

Abruptly changing direction, Genesis swerved in mid air and rocketed towards the rubble that had once been a castle. Libra shrunk and reformed into armor mode; the young hero dived down towards Darkchild, calling as he went, “Well, I want to overthrow the “king,” and there you are, so let’s not waste any time.” And Genesis didn’t waste any time; as soon as he was within several feet of Darkchild he flipped and shot upwards again, lashing out with his talons as he did so. The talons were set on Power Swoop, the strongest setting that not only inflicted physical wounds when it hit but also released a stunning pulse. Genesis didn’t expect it to knock Darkchild out, but he hoped it would at least weaken him, if he hit at all. His opponent had a reputation for strength, and Genesis was sure he was in for one heck of a fight, a fight he might not even come out of. He had fought powerhouses before, though, like Dreadnaught and Slight and survived, even won or drawed. So he wasn’t ready to give up yet, even so he wasn’t sure he should have entered a fight with Darkchild without any help. But it was too late for doubts, he was in the fight, there was no turning back.

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"Madem!! Get Down" rolling his hands together creating a ball of Fire he sends it right over Madems head and it slams into an attacking Ninjan. Running to her he kisses her allowing for her to absorb some of his powers "Now keep them back this is getting quite annoying doing alone alright?" Grabbing her arm he leaps into the air kicking down two warriors before flipping backwards and slamming his fists into others. He watched Gambler train back on his world an memorized what he saw, using the old Cajuns moves he leaps into a group of Ninjans. And with a smile "Wanna have some fun?" his fists crack with electricity and he slams them together. Sparks an lightning bolts fly out from his fists as they collide electrocuting and or shooting straight through the Ninjans bodies.

Suddenly all the fighting stopped for a brief moment as every watched as beam after beam of energy flew over head aiming for the VV castle. With a smile Goki watched as each slammed into the castle, and soon it tumbled to the ground. And from the dust an debris the form of a shield showed through, Darkchild stood along side a woman. Rage filling his face he spoke to everyone on the battlefield and fired a blast of energy. It headed in the direction Goki an Madem were at, running to Madem he tackles her and the beam screams over head vaporizing any Ninjan that it came into contact with. Looking down to Madem "We need to continue this later, stay here love....wait Im talking to you arnt I. Do as you wish Im following orders."

Bursting off he ran at super speeds, over head a man flew towards Darkchild bringing up his feet and sending a taloned attack to him. Goki growled something low "Get out of my way flyboy." Opening his mouth an releasing a burst of fire an electricity towards Genesis, and after a moment he was surprised he could do this but continued right on ahead. Closing the distance between himself and Darkchild he ran straight at him "Hello Father." And leaping at Darkchild bringing his arm up behind him and a stream of energy flew from his finger tip, forming into a whip he slamed it down towards Darkchild then  bringing it up again hoping to cut Darkchild in half with the whip.

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This was madness. Nothing else. Perfect, pure, pathological madness.

her thoughts flew around just as much as the bullets that her two pistols spat out till the barrels glowed from the heat. Arrogantly the Ninjans presented themselves to her bullets in the wrong idea that their superior durability would safe them from simple bullets. They couldn't be farer from wrong. Extremely dense flesh was no issue for bullets that could pierce an armored limousine. Her pistols delivered a thundering soundtrack to her approach through the Ninjan lines. Super Soldiers on her right and Lycans on her left cut a bloody path in the wall of female flesh and payed a high blood toll as well. Left and right of her her allies were cut down and  fell to the ground like grain. A symphony of broken and slashed bodies littered their way from the Predator to their current position. But no time to stop and pick up those that perhaps weren't dead. If they did so the breach that they had just forced into the Ninjan lines would close and the deadly women would finally close the trap and crush them like the insects they were to them. So she didn't stop and shot bullet after bullet into Ninjan neck. Her sniper rifle was long lost, one of the rare male Ninjans had taken it out of her hands and bent it like a chewing gum.  Without hesitating for a moment she had simply lifted her smgs and fired a burst right into his face letting it disappear in a dark red spray of blood and gore. Now her smgs lay behind her as well with molten barrels among the dead with their broken limbs and smashed heads.

Another young girl of sixteen at most found a gruesome but quick death as one of Risky's bullets entered her eye and exited through the back of her head taking a good deal of her brain with it. Like a puppet with its strings cut she dropped to the ground her perfect limbs twitching and contorting without plan. This was war at its ugliest. Nothing new to the female merc. For some reason the girl reminded her of Talon, the deadly assassin in the guise of a beautiful 16 year old girl. Not a minute ago Talon had deserted from the Wolf Pack with kind words that Risky had no time to respond to. If she had time a mean insult about letting comrades down and her being a princess would have come out. Or perhaps not. For some reason the young girl reminded her of herself, always doing her own thing and taking order from no one. Just doing what had to be done. There was a connection between these two strong women of Wolf Pack that couldn't be grasped with simple words, one that went deeper, one that defied reason. Simply the bond that is forged between two strong women. If it was good or bad to have two of those on one team would have to be seen but one thing was clear: If they all survived they would have to have a serious talk but for the moment the only thing that mattered was surviving.

Inch after inch of the battlefield was payed dearly with corpses on both sides, young promising lifes ended, blown out all of  a sudden like candles. Bullet after bullet, magazine after magazine Risky gave the ferryman work for weeks, months even and screamed like a madwoman while she sent more young souls to an uncertain fate if there was something like an afterlife. Somewhere down the road she had received an arm wound but she didn't care even after she noticed. The primary goals was to get her team out of this. Hunter would  have wanted it that way. Two lay already dead. And more would follow if they wouldn't get out of here. So her bullets led the way forwards her reloading faster than any normal human could ever hope to do only to empty the magazine anew. An eternal cycle.

And there it was: The end of the line.

Risky doubled her efforts now that she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the Ninjans did so as well. Now they stormed at them with renewed motivation and attacked them from all sides. Risky could feel their strong hands tearing at her and trying to keep her from breaking through. NO! She wouldn't allow this. She didn't come to this strange planet just to die. Her blackened pistols spat lead in all directions while the Lycans and the Super Soldiers hacked and shot in all directions at the same time too. But there were too many. The natives of this planet were not stupid either. They knew that if a dangerous enemy like the Wolf Pack managed to get in their back, especially after their castle was destroyed only a few minutes ago, they would get thoroughly destroyed. In pure desperation Risky flashed her claws and hacked at the hands that tried to grip her as well as shooting bullets in the bodies that tried to press her.

No, no, no! Every step was a walk through hell. Like a wall the Ninjan bodies barred her way and she had to cut her way through them. Limbs and fingers flew around. She shot a Ninjan in the crotch while she drove the claw in her ellbow through another's stomach. Her left knee came up and the claw in it punctured one's body between the ribs as she kicked a fourth one in the face. Her second pistol sent two bullets intwo the chest of the fith. No, she would not surrender. The air around her got thicker and thicker, it was hard to breathe, the blood lay heavy in the air and it's smell mixed with the stench of excrements that the dead let out as their muscles relaxed for the last time. Somehow it created a disgusting warmth in the thick air which made it only harder to catch a breath. Death made its presence clearly known in the area. Risky thought she had to choke on the thick smoke of it. And then, then finally....

... She broke free. There were no Ninjans more in her way. The wall was gone and she was through the lines with the dozen or so what remained of the Lycans and the Super Soldiers. Ironically her "favourite" the blond dumb one was with her too. He seemed to live through everything. The pure experience of the fresh and cold Ninjan air was overwhelming, even intoxicating. Now was their time. With a loud "YAHOOOOO!!!" she turned around and emptied her pistols once more. This time for the last time. Her reserve ammunition was empty. Right in the perfect money. Man, how she loved her powers. A fast grip on her back brought the Desert Eagle to her hand which already thundered a bullet in the head of an attacking Ninjan. Finally she was free again, she had escaped the death circle. lead her troups out of it. And she would avenge the fallen tenfold if not hundredfold. Her war cry motivated the rest of the troups as well and together they managed to turn the tide, force the Ninjans who out of a sudden found themselves in a dangerous situation back into Kurrent's direction and threatened to crush them. Her plan had finally worked. Wolf Pack had payed the highest death toll of all teas but it had worked and htey had made an important and deciding impact on the battle.

A deafening roar sounded through the Ninjan's ranks and Risky focussed once more on the now undead shape of her former team mate Warsman. What had they done to him? he was an aberration now, a monster. Risky's heart filled with horror. No, she couldn't let him be defiled like this. She had to do something. And if it was only to put him to rest again. With a sigh she teleported back to him... right into the Ninjan ranks. She knew that her troops could take care of that alone now.

Unfortunately she missed DC's appeareance on the battlefield right in the moment where she teleported...

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The technique was taking its time.....But he knew such a powerful one would. Slowly the ice began to form from his zanpakuto and make its way onto the dusty and shadowed ground. It began to rise and take shape. Forming itself into the figure of a human being. Not just any but it took on the shape of Andras himself. The likeness was uncanny. Down to the last detail.....From the colour of his hair to the katana that it held in its hand. Even the ice had took on the appearance of the same shinigami clothing that the original wore. Panting, Andras felt tired and more drained than usual. Indeed he was strong but such a technique was draining of his spirit energy.

Focusing to one side of the compound......The mist began to build up on that side. Its density becoming much thicker, making it harder to see. Suddenly the ice clone made its way to the other side were it was imeediately spotted by the ninjans. They did not waste time in dealing with it and charged the clone. He did not care what the outcome was or what they did to it.....All Andras needed was that small openeing. He quickly moved when their eyes were busy and he entered the compound.....Quiclkly going inside and avoiding those guards that patrolled under the bloody sky. Though he had got inside......He knew guards would patroll here as well. He would need to be quick and silent.

Andras moved, to where he felt the weakened energy. Every second they were fading. Finally Andras arrived to a flight of stair, that appeared to be heading down to a basement. As he was about to head down he felt a presence behind him. Turning around he attacked with his zanpakuto but the blade was caught with ease by the ninjan. Then in that moment it was not that he did not have time to hink or move......It was that he was not given the chance to. The ninjan warior began to beath him.....With a mix of graceful technique and brute strength. She was strong.....Each blow causing him to cough blood and move back. The relentless attack quickly knocked him down to the basement were he noticed those who had been captured. His attacker quickly flew down towards him but he was ready. Timing..He jumped over her and from the tip of his blade a ice dragon charged the ninjan into the ground. The attack seemed to have caused only minimal damage but as she rised.....but thats what he wanted. He did not want to kill her.

"Bakudo 61.....Rikujokoro"

The Ninjan was trapped just like the others from earlier. He turned and released the captured and led them upstairs. In that shrt battle his mind had been taking away from the bigger picture. Once up to the top of the stairs he opened the door.....But was met with a blade he could not defend against. His entire left arm was seevered from his body, as Andaras fell down screaming.

"Surrender.....very ninjan and commander has been alerted to your wareabouts. You cant escape" He looked up to be met with the eyes of 10 ninjans with many more aware of his presence.

Andras could fight.....But any hoe of escaing meant he would have to kill a few to do so, and he promised he wouldn't. He could also not put the ninjans behind him in danger. They were weak and stood no chance. He threw down his blade and dropped his head in a sign of surrender.

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Undected he folloed the ninja gaurds that was dragging his to where he believe DC was waiting, unitl he realized they were heading deep down into the castle. Going deeper the moans of agony and the screams of pain from who knows what types of tortoure has slowly became audible.  "He really is a darkness that need some light shined his way." Vann thought himself as he passed the the rooms that housed such foul deeds. He had almost forget what it was like to have to stalk his prey, disregaurd everything else but the kill that was at hand. This use to not be a problem for NeVann, for he use to revered by his fellow ninjas as the Crimson Ghost for how he would just appear kill his target and vanish before anyone could tell what happened only leaving a few drops of the targets blood on the ground next to their bodies. But since joining WAL he has repressed part of himself that ran off the bloodlust and thrill of hunting a person that he would soon exstingues the flame of someones life. He was no longer a known as being a heartless slayer, but a hero. But he knew did down inside he was no hero. A hero would not have ignored the sounds he just heard just to complete his task, true the shinobi did heroic things but it was mostly just to protec his friends and teammates. To him at this moment ignoring the suffering of a few now what insure the safty of those people he cared about returning to home for this vicious battle today. Thought to a degree this went aginst what WAL stood for he something he had to do.
His thoughts helped his pass the time as he followed the two soilder that hadn't said a word since after capture what they believe to be him until they reached a door that a man was standing out side of. "This is one of the leader of WAL we found him sneaking around the castle more likely looking for Lord Dark Child." One of the ninjan said as they approached a door. "So this is that so called hero shinobi." He said gripping a hand full of the clones hair to get a look at his face. "Good I shall go and inform Lord Dark child of this right away. Shackel him to the wall in their and wait for farther orders." He said before walking off allowing the ninijans to imprison the shinobi. Not needing to stand around in the dungon he began trailling the man that set out to inform DC of the capture. Following the man he knew would lead him to the Dark Lord he heard a voice in his head. "Cly?" He was surprised and leaved to hear that the young dragon rider was already, and even more could back him up if need. "Cly, I'm being lead to DC at them moment, dont worry he doesn't even know I'm right behind him making stupid face. But all jokes aside be ready to attack it looks like were headed back up to the main chambers."
He didn't travel to far in the castle when his unknowing guid stopped infornt of man sitting in a chair out side a door with an arrogant smirk on his face. He knew that was none other then man that he was trageting and assumpsion was validated as his guide kneeled before the man."Two more have entered the castle my lord, but we were able to subdue them." This must have angered The Child of Darkness as he glared before speaking and a arngered tone. "Who got past your supposedly impenetrable line of defense?" Seeming to be in fear of physical ramifications he lowered his head before saying "The ones known as Nevann and Shadowstep got past our guards and into the castle my lord. They are both shakled up in the basement of the castle, with the restraits you asked for." Though it seemed that DC was ripe for picking, Vann waited on his attack, cause it seemed that the powerful blow hard was guarding something himself. Then he remember hearing of the wolf pack girl Talon being captured and taken to DC's chambers. "Uchi is too smart to let himself be captured, its not him most likely damn jutsu user. Search the premise for more of him, hes not that easy to capture trust me. Never fought the man...that I can remember but from what Ive read an heard he is a man of great illusion search the castle. And this Shadowstep....I dont know him or of his power kill him and be on with it." He said before standing up and heading into his chamber leaving the door open. "Hmmm... so it is true he's not all bron and no brains. For a man that has never come across me in a fight he seemed to to be well informed. But you just made my job a little bit easier by sreading out you little troops." He thought to himself as he stood out side the chamber door looking in. For he knew that if Talon had become under his control her kin sense may detect him even with the jutsu he has casted over himself.
He could barely hear the what the two were conversating over. He simply laid in wait like a viper waiting for his moment to strike. As the two continued on talking they stopped, and in an instant the shinobi felt the a rumble that travelled from the very fondation of the fortress up. As the castle was being reduced to rubble and dust he propped himself in the door frame to not be thrown to the ground. "Return fire, change the cannons fire to the Phoenix destroy it now!!" He listened to DC yell out after following him and Talon to the control. "Cly if you can hear me it's time to move. DC is heading to the main gate, and I see my opening." He hoped that Cly's telepathic was still opening as he stopped behind Dark Child who just fired a beamed into the oncoming assualt that split it like the red sea. "You want to overthrow the king?!! Well here I am!!" Vann heard him yell out while the shinobi unsheathe his sword focusing a fire natured chakra into the blade. "You're not the only one here DC, and you say overthrow... I say we're speeding up to the twilight of your region." He whispered in a smug tone behind Dark Child as he material back into the visible plane, holding the edge of sword to his neck. The blade glowing a orangish red he could smell the aroma of the burning flesh on DC's neck. "The darkness that you have casted over the universe has reached it's limit." His voice was cold and emotionless as the words passed his lips, as he went to drag the blade along the Dark Lord's throat planing to slit it and watch Dark Child choke upon his own blood. 
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The powerful swords of the merc blurred the field as the mercenary of greatness attacked and defend against the soldiers killing like if there was no tomorrow. “Death to the earthlings! Long live the VV” cried out the Ninjans as they attack the crimson mercenary who defended from their swords and spears. “Hah! And they call me a sell out!” said the merc while clashing swords with a Ninjan as he gets ready to use one of his greatest weapons against the Ninjan army, “Hold your tongue earthling!” responded the Ninjan as she easily seem to gain the advantage with her strength and manage to pushed the merc off his feet. “You people are suppose to be a proud race of warriors, yet you have been reduce to simple minions of the Vine villains and the House of G.”“Silence!” cried out one of the Ninjans as she ran to the laying mercenary looking to stab her sword to his abdomen, but Band manage to roll out of the way right before the sword is stabbed to the floor. “If you are so strong and Ninjeta is proud, why do you serve a mere earthling? Look what this man has done! Corrupted your people and made war against your own for power, all this blood and for what? For two earthling who brag to be your masters and a queen that couldn’t care less about her any of you to the level that she is willing to let the earthling take over. And your going to let her?” Around the merc some Ninjans seem to realize the words of the mercenary but others kept loyal to their masters.

The Ninjan fighting the mercenary then responds “We are willing to do what is necessary, but what about you, death dealer? You are as dirty as any of us, dirtier. We do what we must for our leader, but who do you serve now that your boss died before your very eyes?” After those words the Ninjan attacks and the mercenary block with his sword struggling to hold the power of the woman as he speaks “I’ve always serve one and only one.. And that is myself, and even today that is the case, for I am serving my word to serve the Wolf Pack for as long as I am under the contract. That is what I do, I serve, but hear this: I would never let anyone disrespect me like you have, they might have my service but even that has a limit and anyone who cross that limit I’ll become scum and kill whoever it is with no remorse, but you are even lower than scum for betraying not only Ninjeta, but most importantly yourself.” Bandit then phases through the warrior and turning around he kicked her off balance to the floor as he adds “Look at you.. All of you. You went from Ninjeta warriors to Ninjeta’s scum, VV’s b!tches and Darkchild became the largest pimp in the universe! You people are just going to let everyone know that? Or are you willing to get your honor back and fight for your kingdom against the Vine villains?”

The Ninjans surrounding the mercenary all stop as they realized the words of earth’s scum, G’bandit had reason.  “He is right.” said one of the squad captains, “The earthling bag if bones is right, we are wearing the enemy’s symbol over our own, the queen have sold us to an earthling!” at that same moment a loyal to the VV Ninjan cries “Traitor!” as she charges at the captain with a spear , then a second Ninjan agrees with the captain and other disagree which all the sudden forms a Ninjan battle royal before the mercenary who just watch the mayhem he has created and with a bragging tone he crosses his arms letting out a “Damn, I’m good.”  but then the mercenary using his super hearing he hears several incoming projectiles inbound to his self and maneuvering his swords as he turned the mercenary deflected the incoming knives. Gazing upon the knives the mercenary quickly identify the threat. "Closure."

 "Criminals like you G'bandit, don't deserve to be on a team.  You as well as I know that a merc can't be trusted." 

Said Closure while the mercenary smiles under his mask while looking at one of his swords which was shattered by the adamantium daggers. The merc then squads and grabs both knives from the floor as he responds. “The boy from new York, so, you survived my thermal cannon and the fall from the building and now you came to avenge your defeat by stabbing me on the back.” Bandit then raises back to his feet using his greatest weapon now against Closure as he then adds “You’re saying that I don’t deserve to be on a team? You don’t know what you are talking about.” Closure then turned his back on the mercenary for a short period as he apparently went to aid the other mercenary of wolf pack, which only gave time to the mercenary to make his move. Closure then grabbed his bow and shot several arrows but the merc was not there.

A prayer coming from the archer was heard and from underneath the mercenary appeared right next to him placing Closure’s own blade next to his own neck “I could kill you right now and get it over with, but I wont.. A bit of advice, stop judging me, for what I recalled you are not perfect ether, you are nothing but a boy looking to play, grow up and see the bigger picture! You want to be a hero? You think attacking me on the back is heroic? This only makes you as low as I am, if not lower. The next time grow some balls and face me like a man. Now. We are on enemy soil and you like it or not we are allies in this planet. Kurrent needed help and we came, don’t make me regret it and start chopping you and your little team to bits along with your precious leader.” With that said the mercenary then phased through the land and came up through another side as he dropped sheathed his swords and gaze from the distances as Closure left the perimeter as Bandit notice the effectiveness of his greatest weapon on the battlefield.. His mouth.

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Raker's eyes began to flutter open as he felt the Ninjan Guards placing the power-inhibiting collar around his neck, but he could barely stand to keep them open, and even if he could he was incapable of seeing straight. Everything around him was like a living Monet painting and with the light of the room all around being so emphasized upon and accentuated alongside movement acting as a crucial factor in his perception of all things around him much in the same fashion as an actual Impressionist-era painting it was nearly impossible to see.

Suddenly the sound of gunfire and explosions rang out from nowhere. Raker was thrown off of his feet as one of the explosions rocked the castle something fierce, he could hear the screams of the Ninjan Guards as well as the sound of their corpses falling to the ground with a loud thud.

"Captain-General Arokine!" a voice somewhat familiar to Raker yelled to him, calling him by a title he hadn't gone by in ages, not since Scar orchestrated the total annihilation of New Azura. "Blessed Creator...what the %^$# did these filthy pieces of Ninjan trash do to you?"

"W-Who...?" Raker mumbled, but because he was so weak it was barely transferable through telepathy, and apparently hadn't even gone through as those who came to his rescue obviously had not heard what he said to them even as he tried to build a stronger connection with their minds.

"Aleta...help me get these shackles and this collar off of the Captain-General. Dax...get the med kit out, get a syringe filled with Healinn Type-O and then inject him with it once you've finished." the mysterious but somehow familiar voice of "Aleta" and "Dax's" commanding officer said.

Almost instantly, the sound of Dax's protests filled the air. "Wait...fill the entire syringe? But that could kill him!"

"This is the Captain-General we're talking about here, Dax. He can't die. It's not something he's capable of...not anymore...now get the damn syringe filled and follow my instructions!"

Dax went silent for a moment and then sighed. "Yes, sir."

Raker could feel the shackles and the power-inhibiting collar being taken off of him by a pair of smooth, feminine hands obviously belonging to the one called Aleta. "Don't worry Captain-General Arokine...everything is going to be okay now that we are here." Aleta said softly.

"This will only hurt for a moment, sir and then you'll be as good as new." the still-nameless leader of this mysterious little trio of saviors said.

Raker's whole body started convulsing violently as Dax injected him with the Healinn Type-O serum via one of his neck veins. The world around Raker began exploding with light as pain rocked his entire body, he could literally feel his insides being consumed by an inferno of agony as the serum forced all of his internal along with some external wounds to regenerate and heal as quickly as possible. Perhaps too quickly, the pain of regeneration was nearly unbearable, if Raker was capable of vocalizing his pain he would be screaming in agony. But all he could do was open his eyes wide and quietly convulse.

Suddenly, the pain vanished, for the most part. However, Raker could still feel the pain from some of the worst internal and external injuries he had sustained, which made it hard for him to gain focus but as the seconds ticked on by clarity eventually came to him and revealed the faces of his saviors. He immediately recognized and remembered all three. When Raker had first met them they had just graduated from Celion Canyon University on New Azura and were on their way to becoming full-fledged Lawbringers when New Azura was destroyed. To his right was Aleta Toma, a young woman with long silky black hair, deeply tanned skin and indigo-colored eyes.

To his left was Daxam "Dax" Soranim, a young man with charcoal black hair, a pale complexion and silvery gray eyes. As for the previously unnamed leader of the group who was kneeling down directly in front of Raker it was Galan Laul, another young man with short ice blue-colored hair, lightly tanned skin and cerulean blue eyes. All three were full-blooded Azuran Eternals but were far younger than Raker, each being at the very least at an age that would round up or down to two-thirds of Raker's actual age. He didn't know the exact numbers but he did know that Galan was the oldest of the three and Aleta was the youngest.

Galan waved his hand in front of Raker's face and said. "Sir...?"

Snapping out a subconsciously activated trance-like state created by his trip through memory lane, Raker looked Galan in the eyes. "How...how is it possible that you are all alive? I-I was almost certain that you all had perished when New Azura was destroyed."

"We...um...weren't on New Azura when the Great Calamity took our home and loved ones from us. We had volunteered along with several others including Captain Daystar, to take one of the newly constructed superluminal transwarp Seraph-Class Science Vessels for a test flight on a predetermined course that would take us all the way from New Azura to Evangeline IV." Galan stopped for a moment to take in a deep breath and then quickly continued on with his explanation. "The Engineers at the Abyssinian Cathedral Coastal Mountain Range Shipyards wanted to see if their first real non-prototypical Seraph-Class model would be capable of dramatically shortening the amount of time it took to reach other worlds. We were passing Rinavera-Prime, the midpoint of our journey, when it happened. Didn't anyone inform you about the Seraph-Class test flight, sir?"

Raker shook his head. "No, I was never informed about a test flight involving any of the Seraph-Class Science Vessels. I must have been too...ah...too busy dealing with other matters that required my immediate attention at the time."

"Galan...I think we should get the Captain-General out of here now and get back to The Dawntreader ASAP." Dax suggested.

"Hold...I need to find out what happened to the person I was following here...a young Earthling female named Laura Greystroke a.k.a. Talon of Wolf Pack. She took it upon herself to single-handedly bring down the demonic Earthborn tyrant who lords over this region. But I believe that she has failed to do so and is in grave danger."
Raker replied.

Galan immediately pulled out a small device similar in appearance to an I-Phone, only with a much sleeker and more high-tech design and showed Raker images of Talon standing beside Darkchild as if he were her ally and not her enemy. "We examined and took aerial photos of events occurring across the entire planet just shortly after we arrived in orbit around Ninjeta. We took several images of the castle and got a few photos of these two in the process. Is this the woman you are speaking of?"

"I don't believe it...she has betrayed all of her former allies and has joined forces with The Child of Darkness. My alternate reality counterparts reasons for attacking Talon prior to his death at my hands were partially valid. His visions of the future in which Talon joined forces with The Child of Darkness were correct. We have to go after both of them right now." Raker said as Galan and Aleta helped him to his feet.

Galan shook his head while placing a teleporter beacon on Raker's jacket. "I'm sorry, sir...but you are in no condition to do what I believe you are planning on doing. You know as well as I do that the regenerative effects of the various Healinn Serums are only temporary. We need to get you aboard The Dawntreader and take you to Sickbay right away before all of your wounds return to the state they were in when we found you."

"But I...no, you're right. Let's get out of here." Raker started to protest but then quickly lowered his head as Galan's words rang true in his ears.

"Laul to Dawntreader, four to beam out! Have a medical team get down to Teleporter Room A-3 as fast as possible." Galan said while speaking into his teleporter beacon.

"Roger that, Lieutenant Commander." A female voice replied back just as Raker, Galan, Aleta and Dax were all teleported out of Darkchild's Castle...which was then struck by cannon-fire from a ship called The Phoenix and was almost instantly reduced to a mere pile of rubble.

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"Are you serious did you really just say that are you trying to act tough or cute. You think your little alien super villain ego is going to scare me. I’m a black man from Detroit with super powers it’s going to take a whole lot more than just talk to scare me ok. You know what I don’t even know why I bothered cause this fight is going to go like all the others fights. Any super villain who actually takes the time out of fighting to talk and rant isn’t crap.”


The alien creature Nathan used his Sinestro ring to create a mighty beast that roared in the sky and came crashing down on the heroes. Midnightist’s senses and second sight advising him of the danger, he pushed his leader Kurrent out of the way of the monster. He made a massive jump backwards as the space demons teeth tore his uniform.


Jesus I mean at least G’Bandit uses the banter as a weapon for distraction what are you doing? Trying to make yourself not feel so bad about how messed up your childhood was. Let me guess your one of them kids who’s daddy got drunk and touched him and made he feel uncomfortable is that it. I know a great doctor who can help he did great work with a lot of my other villains I sent to him”


He boasted these words as he kept on his feet ready to dodge his target. He back flipped cartwheeled, turned, spinned, every graceful move and attempt at coordination in mid air every recorded he used it. He wasn’t about to let himself be food for a monster made from some extraterrestrial ring. The monster hit ground hard sending a blast of debris shooting from the ground.


“That’s right keep talking keep moving. This guy .. guys like him have lots of raw power but no skill or class. He’s telegraphing each move loud and obvious. Even his constructs actions are laid out. I can win this with focus. He may be more powerful but I can’t let that slow me down. Drawn out what he can do and think about what I can do. That’s how you beat him. Turn my weakness into a strength and his strengths into a weakness."


"Make use of the banter. It may not be my thing but don’t rely on what you’ve always used. The greatest weapon you have is in surprise. Disguise your intentions so that even Superman over here doesn’t really understand what your doing.He has a Sinestro ring and I know all to well that those things feed off fear. Fear is the killer. Fear will kill me not him. I keep my mind clear I keep myself clear. I won’t need magic or special stones to beat him. There are weapons all around me I can use. Subtle and obvious mundane and lethal."


“I told you I wasn’t scared of you. You think this walking piss stained little toy is going to slow me up. You couldn’t touch me with that thing if you had all the alien bling from every demotion on your hands. You should really be afraid of me.” The man of Midnight grasped the Ninjan sword he collected with both hands. He pulled the blade back behind his body ready to swipe it through his target.“That’s it big guy be real tough keep acting real tough. Keep his focus on you keep his focus on the sword. He’s not worried about the sword. He thinks he’s gonna grab it an run you through. Let him think that. Telegraph what you want him to see and do something else. Keep running at him I doubt he’ll do anything he’s too powerful he thinks he will win he won’t.”


Charging at his would be killed like a wild earth animal the Man of Midnight kept his blade ready. He wanted to be seen only what he wanted. Like a living shadow he crept across the ground surface. He jumped high in the air. He looked like a combination of the most skilled fighters from his planet. On earth he showed no flaw in his deployment. On earth such a move would have felled any thing but this wasn’t earth and thing on Ninjan needed a different approach. The man didn’t even swing his sword. He jumped over his prey like a child playing a game of leap frog. He quickly turned around. Not worry about any blasts of heat vision or ice breath because he knew that he hadn’t blotted out the rays of the sun, but the shine from Kurrents attack and was now barreling down on Nate.

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Just as soon as he made his way over to Risky, she was gone, her hunger for the kill was like that of an entire wolf pack, which fit quite nicely seeing as how she was on that specific team. Amazed at how things worked themselves out like that. Just like WP and Risky, Slight found a perfect home with Veritas, although he was still a New Outsider at heart. Right now, he wished that he could call upon his friends, Magick, and Holly Cross, even Power Surge, whome he'd not seen in months, in fact, not seen since the bouth with the Light rings. But at the time, there was no chance for him to live if he worried about such matters. Multitudes of Ninjan fighters beconed to thier wild call for the blood of an outsider. It was just so that he was there, and ready for the taking, or so they thought.

Ice Trident in hand he looked around at the vista that showed itself proudly to the eyes of anyone that could look. Not that they couldn't but, that they wouldn't want to. The white snow covered ground was now spotted with red. Normally being within close contact with blood, Slight would have passed out, but his survival instincts were raging, Adrenaline coursed through his veins giving him will, and desire to fight, and even kill if necessary. Although, that was always a last resort for him. Ever since he transformed into the Dark Oracle, or rather it took control of him, and killed hundreds, he reserved taking another's life as his last option. Sure the creatures that scowled Ninjeta and Earth would probably not even think twice about taking his life, but that is why he was a hero, and they were not.

Risky definatley teleported in the nick of time, because three battle worn warriors approached Slight. He thought that he would have to waist his energy fighting them, but one of them looked him strait in the eyes and said. "I need you help, my friend, my... my lover, she's hurt, and she is currently in the first trimester of pregnancy... I know it is alot, but she is hurt, bad, and she may loose the child if she looses anymore blood." Faced with a dilemma: take out the very people that wanted him dead, or help a man who loves a woman who is bearing his child. Slight took three seconds to come to a decision. "I will help you..." As the Ninjan man led him to his wounded spouce, he kept himself on guard, thinking all the while that it might be an ambush. This would have been a Gambleresque style of trapping a foe. But it was not trick, nor a treat, for when he reached the body he saw a familiar face.

Realizing as soon as his eyes laid on her bloodied face, he knew it was the woman he'd slewn before. Wondering, second guessing his own agenda, his own morals, as if he'd done the worst thing in the history of mankind. Kneeling down before the body, the woman tried to utter something, no doubt hateful, but he could not take that to affense, as he did try to kill her. Slight melted the ice trident he held with an iron grip, and used the water to heal the gash he himself caused. The bleeded seiced, and he wiped the crimson liquid from her boosom, smeered it on the ground trying to clear his hand of the guilt he felt. "While the wound is healed, the pain will not desist for some time, so don't make her talk or even mouth words, it might cause the wound to open up again. For right now, get her out of here, and to a safe place, my suggestion is not anywhere near my team mates, because they will kill you."      "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, is there anything I, we can do to repay you blind kindness?"      "In fact there is, leave this place, leave and don't fight anyone else, you know as well as I that this fight is worthless."

With that, he left them standing there. Treason, or some form of it. He'd just commited it against his own cause, against the very reason he'd been here. There was no way he would tell the others, there was no way of knowing if they would undertand the postion he was in. But somehow he knew that he'd chosen right. Almost forgetting that there was constant fighting around him, he came back to his battle mode mindset, and reformed his new favorite toy. The Ice Trident, near deadly from what he now could recolect. Freezing the tool to a sub-zero temperature so that it would not even break under the most intense pressure, he went on, until he came upon a scene.

In front of him he saw a massive male, a familiar woman, and his fellow team mate Genesis. The familiar woman was Mademioselle. The male, he could not make out who exactly it was, but he did know that he could fight. Making a mental note said to himself, "Try to stay away from that guy." The others were pretty much on his buffness level. The King of the Sea was about to go and help The Genesis, when a beam of red light flashed, blinding him for a second. One after another, it destroyed the fortress that stood only feet away from him. Revealing an enemy, his number one enemy, Darkchild. Now this fight had become personel, and way more interesting.

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Werner looked around for his adamantium daggers that Warsman dropped until he found them next to the rock. He fitted them into his pockets and looked at the battle field as it began to erupt, people were dying, Ninjans started attacking and from afar he could hear people yelling back and forth "Hey you.......Nate! I'll make you famous”. Werner could not see the man but he could see the man he was talking to, he could also see the Vine Villains base crumbling into gravel. Werner was lucky to be hiding behind a rock, along with Warsman’s body. The battle field was being destroyed by the cannon fire, there were flames everywhere, even on the fortress, and just then he heard the man addressed as Nate speak "Before this day is done, you will bow before me". Suddenly in the same direction there was a yellow light shining brightly over the sky and then a giant beast popped out of it and let out a deafening roar that shook Werner’s side of the ground.
Werner saw the beast dive into the ground, inferring that he meant to capture the shouting one. Werner marveled at the ring as it was able to create a yellow, massive construct which ignited a fervent emotion of wanting it, it reminded him of the compassion he had for his armor suit, allowing him to piece it together and let his architecture roam free but with this thing he could create spontaneous suits of armor at will and decided that he must have one.
Werner had felt a churning in his stomach fell on his knee’s, he was aching in his muscles and his heart slowly started beating faster, his arms were throbbing, they seemed to get bigger, his hands grasped a rock and crushed it with his hands. Werner finally fell to the cold ground, he started growing bigger, his legs were becoming more defined, his skin started becoming darker and greener, his heartbeat slowed down. Werner was too much in pain to let out a yell of pain, he must have been affected by some sort of virus, but when? Werner was sweating and he attempted to wipe the sweat off and in doing so he felt a sticky liquid that wasn't sweat, he looked at it and tried to remember what happened, he tried hard to remember through the pain he was enduring. Suddenly it hit him, when Warsman attacked him the saliva that dripped from his mouth must've got on Werner's head, but how did it enter? Then he felt the specific throbbing of his head and came to the conclusion that it entered through the scrape on his forehead.

Werner knew either way that he most likely was going to die, his heartbeat slowed down for a bit and Werner looked up at the white sky, he closed his eyes......and the pain was gone.

Werner was on the ground for a couple of seconds, his heart had stopped but in the next moment...."thump-thump....thump-thump". Werner's heartbeat was renewed, he opened his eyes and felt more alive than he ever was, more stronger, more agile, he felt the scrape on his forehead being healed. He got up on his bottom and then his feet and stood firmly, his skin was a dark green color with red marks over his body, he could feel them. He didn't understand the physiology of how it happened but it did. The new Werner Von Doom, Dreadmaster, was reborn. Better than ever. Then he heard a zap noise over to where the communications rod that stabbed Warsman lied, and he saw a woman appear from the smoke and the new Werner Von Doom was ready for whatever this woman had in store for him. 
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Darkchild watched as the soldiers all turned to attention of him and screamed at him and ran straight at him. Darkchild setting his suit to absorb the kinetic energy that was being dished out all around him his body enlarged his muscle mass doubling as all the fighting went on around him, the groups of soldiers getting closer an closer. Looking back to Talon who for some reason was in her own world he shrugged grabbing the axe and swinging it out in front of him he got into a stance as they came down onto him with spears an picks axes.

Leaping into the air he came down hard with the axe slamming it into the ground, then pulling it out he swung it out in front of him then bending backwards he swung it slicing all who were around him in half. They simply continued to rain down onto him, luckily the Lycans hadnt reached his spot yet so all he was fighting was Ninjans and then as he swung his axe he heard a swooping sound and before he could react a man came down in front of him bringing up his talons an digging them deep into his chest, a shock of electricity shot through him. Grimacing with the little pain he swatted the man backwards and slammed the staff of the axe into the ground. And started to mumble something, out of the corner of his eye he saw a beam of light shoot up into the air at the flying man. He looked around an saw Goki heading straight towards him, creating a whip in his hand. Darkchilds mumbles increased in speed and all around him the ground began to shake then suddenly it seized and Darkchild looked to Goki as he leaped into the air and came down onto Darkchild. The whip slammed down only to stop midair and the air shimmered and Darkchild smiled "Back!" and his voice sent a wave of energy out from him as the ground finally shook one last time.

The Ground beneath him and the soldiers around him began to glow and exploded, and the first explosion caused another. Darkchild let the mini shield he had around him all and he started to head towards Goki only to feel the cold steel against his neck.Uchiha had snuck into the shield an waited springing on Darkchild just at the last moment, blood started to drip down his neck "Why must all of you be such a pain." Leaning his head forward he pushed down on the blade and leaned forward hoping to toss Uchiha over him, the blade still cut deep into his throat but he pushed past the pain. His rage was getting to him "I wanted to accept you all into my world, but no you wanted to start a war. You want a war so be it." Disappearing and reappearing behind Goki he wrapped his arm around his throat and as he did whispered "Gambler is nothing, you help me I will give you riches...and allow you to kill to your hearts content. Now run with this." Holding his hand out a portal opened above his palm and a small dagger dropped down, using Goki as a shield he put the dagger to his throught and Darkchild stared at Uchiha "Your next little man." Grabbing his walkie he called for Drifter an Ferro "Do as I say now!! Get here, Drifter take my water boy probelm and Ferro. Bring the woman, I want her here now." Darkchild drops the walkie and then kicks the back of Goki getting his attention again whispering as Uchiha watches his every move "Show me your woman, because if you dont she is dead with you." Goki points to Madem, Darkchild continues "You help me out here with these two and the one off in the battlefield i can feel his gaze burning into the back of my head." DC moves his head in Slights direction "And you and your little honey will have a place on the VV if it survives this world, understood. And even if we are the only ones to survive you will have my watchful eye forever." Goki smiles and nods " Alright, the Ninja is mine. You and your honey take care of the others." Darkchild releases Goki and he drops to the ground.

Darkchild smiles and screams to Nevann "So you want me gone from this world, how come? I am just like you, the unkillable and  we make it look soo good." Darkchild slaps his chest and it sets off a discharge throughout his body of energy he holds it all in "My qualms are not with you, and your little pretty has never given me a reason to take her out. So you decide now Ninja will you take the acceptable losses you have recieved and leave. Or will you choose the hard way, and fight me for probably hours on end to a standstill?" Darkchild stares at Nevann waiting for an answer.

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As the war raged on Feral Nova's eyes focused on one thing, the Farwick Castle, where Sha was said to be at. She charged forward as the other Sigma soldiers were busy keeping her small army at bay, leaving the entrance wide open for her. Rushing into the royal building she quickly made her way around, running into room after room inside the massive the building only to be disappointed every time she opened the door. Until she reached the fourth level of the castle, pushing the door open she found what she was looking for.

"Sha!" Nova blurted out as she saw her friend standing over what looked to be a large holographic map along a circular table. She was wearing Ninjan armor, yellow and white.covering her from her feet up to her neck, her head uncovered as her helmet rested upon the table. But... it didn't seem like Ninjan Princesses was in any distress. Her crystal blue eyes hoovered across the room, to where Stephanie stood, breathing heavily as she stood there a moment longer. "Y-your alright!" She jumped up as she rushed towards her best friends' side and hugged her tightly, only to never have the hugged returned.Instead, Sha stood still, her body tensing up as the hug was given to her.

"Feral Nova... its about time you get here." she spoke in a cold voice. "And why wouldn't i be alright? I'm home." She gave an evil smile as she pushed Nova away, shoving her down to the ground.

The young hero looked up at her friend in confusion. "Sh-sha? Whats going on here, I'm here to HELP you! To take back Ninjeta!" She said as she stood up, dusting herself off as she heard the door being pushed in, ten Ninjan Sigma Soldiers surrounding her with their spears and swords.

"Help?" Sha laughed. "Does it LOOK like I need help from YOU?" she rose her right arm up to show the soldiers to not to harm to the fire goddess. "I'm here, standing in THIS room, trying to figure out how to take all of you heroes and neutrals out in one fatal sweep." she knew Nova wouldn't understand so she began to walk closer to the emerald eye hero. "I'm working WITH Hayden, Stephanie, and because I see you as a friend, I'm giving you a chance to take whatever WAL members you have and leave my planet NOW."

Stephanie stood there in shock as she heard what the Ninjan Warrior said. "Y-your working WITH Hayden!? Why!? Sha! This doesn't make sense!"

"Stephanie, GO and dont come back, if you do, I WILL kill you."

Nova stood there, the Ninjans still surround her with their weapons pointed towards her neck. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes as she shook her head. "Sha... I didn't want it to come to this... again." her voice a bit shaken as she rose up her head, anyone could tell that she was currently torn. "I don't want to fight you Sha, but that doesnt mean I wont."her body is engulfed in a fiery aura, causing the ten Ninjans to jump back from her deadly flames.

With a wicked smile Sha lift up her helmet and slipped it over her head, a thin clear lens covered her eyes but the lust for blood could still be seen in them. With a snap of her finger the other Ninjans finally backed off, pulling their swords away from Nova, even though they couldn't touch her, and stood across the room.

"Don't forget Nova, I killed you once... and I can do it again." Sha said as her right hand began to power up with a bright yellow energy. The co-Wal leader saw this and immediately powered up her left hand, then at the same time, the tow threw their blasts at each other, the two colliding with each other dead center between the two. As contact was made, the two energy balls suddenly created an explosions forcing Nova to slam into the wall, causing her fire to go out as she fell down to the ground. As the blinding light finally cleared the entire room was turned inside out. The ceiling was gone as gravel was seen all around Nova. Standing up she looked across the room to see Sha already rushing towards her, grabbing her by the forehead and smashing her head into the marble like building, making a massive crack in it. With a grunt Nova shot up her right hand, grabbing Sha by the neck only to get a hand full of metal she couldn't crush.

"You don't think I came to this battle unprepared Nova." She then grabbed her wrist with her left hand and pried it away. "This armor is made of a rare Ninjan metal that can only be found in the coldest region of the planet, its stronger than than your adamantium, AND its able to withstand your fire temperatures." She then jammed her free fist into Nova's abdomen, causing her eyes to bulge out in pain as the impact caused her to heave over in pain as Sha allowed her to fall to her knees.

Looking up at Sha, the hero quickly jumped up towards the Ninjan as her body burst into its golden flames, spear tackling the Ninjan right through the marble like walls and outside into the battle that was still raging on. The two smashed into the ground, Sha's back making impact on the cemented ground as a small crater was formed, causing her head to bounce from impact.

Still on fire, Stephanie put both of her fists together, quickly bringing them down over Sha's chest as hard as she could, the impact so great that the ground shook underneath the two. There were even a group of Ninjans who had to pause for a moment, turning to see the two rivals start their fight with one another. The group watching could tell, that in this fight, only one would live to see the end of this war.

Rattling Sha inside her armor, Nova's flames seemed as if they were trying to engulf the Princess, but with a evil chuckle the NInjan warrior's eyes began to glow white. As Stephanie was about to pound on her rivals face, her fist stopped just inches away, her body growing completely stiff as she struggled to even breath.

'C-crap...' Nova thought to herself. In the heat of the battle, Stephanie forgot one important power that Sha had over her... her power of magnetism. Fear could be seen sinking into the fire goddess face.

Without hesitation, Sha threw her hand forward, sending Stephanie flying, crashing into another building where a small group of citizens could be seen rushing out in fear. Laying there for a moment Stephanie slowly got up, shaking her head as she put out her flames. She was going to have to conserve her energy in this fight. But as soon as she got up, a fist smashed into her face, causing her head to whip downward and to the right as blood spew from her lips, stumbling a bit she grabbed into a wooden table as her crimson fluids continued to pour down, without hesitation she gripped the table and threw it in the direction the fist came from, the table flew and smashed into Sha's armor, but causing no damage or even making Sha move an inch.

"You've lost your urge to fight Nova, whats wrong? Have you grown soft?" She cracked her knuckles as she walked a bit forward, Nova not making a sound as she turned her body to her direction of Sha. Her chest rising up and down as she wiped the blood from her lips.

Making a fist with both hands, Stephanie's eyes began to glow a fiery red as she yelled out, slamming her fists together in front of her body, as soon as impact was made, a blinding wave of fire filled the area, not to do arm, but to temporarily blind Sha, which semi-worked, Sha quickly shaded her eyes as the lens of the helmet did most of the protecting as Stephanie charged up her hands, fire blaring out from them as she shot downward at the ground, causing her body to shoot up, through the ceiling and into the air. While still rising she then powered up her hands with her fire, taking a deep breath as she then yelled out, shooting a massive beam of fire into the building, causing it to explode upon impact, the entire building and the one's surrounding it, leveled down as the power of the blast caused her to shoot up another twenty feet into the air, as she then slowly began to free fall back to the ground. Her eyes glowing white she focused on Sha's body heat, seeing that she was now knelt down on one knee. 'That HAD to have done some damage.' She thought to herself as she made a fist with her right hand, concentrating the fire to a fine point so that it was in the form of a torch. But when only about ten feet away, Nova's radar blared out, Sha was on the move again, and right towards her, emerging from the dust that was still trying to settle down, the Ninjan armor was glowing with energy as Sha's right arm was extended out, making impact with Nova's neck as a laugh could be heard coming from her 'friend.'

With her head whipping back, Nova struggled to breath as the metal hit her neck, for a split second that they were near each other she could feel the energy building up inside Sha, it was as if, fighting on her home planet, was giving her some sort of extra boost in power. Thrusting her arm forward, Sha used all her strength to throw Nova away, and as the cyborg fire hero was soaring towards the ground, Sha's body began to glow as her right side of the body glowed a dim, almost black color, and her left side of the body glowed a bright white color. The two energies claiming each side of the body as she extended her arms to each side of her body, the energy's forming into her hands as she yelled out, thrusting both arms forward, the energy bursting towards Feral, not having much time to react, she burst into flames, forming a tight fire shield like cocoon around her body as the light and dark energy made impact into her shield, causing a massive explosion that covered the sky's.

Seconds later Nova's body smashed into the ground on her back, her body rolling along a now grassy plane with ruins sticking out from the ground all around her. Her body finally came to a stop as her back smashed into a broken stone pillar, her body screaming in pain from the attack as she struggled to get up.

Once up on her feet she could tell that she was now no where near the city she was in, but now, in a random field of grass, with the old ruins surrounding the area. Cracking her sore neck, Stephanie looked around for Sha, and found her slowly landing on the grass just to her right, on top of a pile of stones. She watched as Nova struggled to stand, she could tell she didn't want to fight her, which annoyed her. Battle after battle it was the same thing, trying to get Stephanie to fight her seriously, was almost impossible. There was only one way to get her to take her seriously, to make threats to the one's she loved.

"You know, once I'm done, I'm not stopping here, I'm going to go back to Earth with Hayden, and take over the Earth with her, and do you know who the first group of people I'm going to go for?" She paused as she jumped down from the rubble and in front of Nova. "Young WAL, their so small, fragile, not fully developed yet, so easy to either manipulate or kill, don't you agree?"

Glaring up at Sha, Nova grabbed a hold of her blade, pulling it out as the sun's ray's reflected off of it. It was her duty to protect Earth, the people on it and especially her team. "Sha... your giving me no choice, if you want a war.... SO BE IT!" Nova blurted out as she burst into flames and rushed towards Sha, flying at ground level. When only a few feet away she trust her blade forward, as her own blade was smashed into another. In less than a second, Sha had summoned her Ninjeta Blade, a Legendary Sword that would only let the most worthy Ninjan wield it. Now standing toe to toe with Sha in battle the two glared at each other as their blades struggled against each other while Nova's fire surrounded the two as their eyes were locked. The two pushed each other away as they managed to get a good distance between each other, then went into combat yet again.

The two exchanging deadly blows back and forth, massive energy beams shot out with even deadlier accuracy as the two warriors where pushed to the edge. Ninjeta rumbled beneath them as their battle became more and more intense with every second that went by. But while Stephanie was losing power quickly, Sha was still standing tall, her armor still shining in the sun. It seemed that whatever Feral Nova was doing, wasn't good enough to bring the Ninjan Princess down. After over an hour of fighting, Stephanie now laid on the ground, her body bruised, bloody and broken, with Sha's armor, she was even able to break Stephanie's jaw, and smash in a few ribs. A pain that the fire goddess hadn't felt in a very long time. However, even though Sha seemed to take no damage, inside her armor, she was sweating, breathing heavily, becoming exhausted from the energy needing to use the armor. Even though she didn't have even half of the damages that Nova had, she was just as tired.

"Still breathing Nova?" Sha said as she held tightly onto her blade, her armor having scorch marks all over but still shone brightly.

Lying on her side she spat out some blood as it was now a strain breath, cuts so deep upon her skin that one could see the sun gently reflecting on her inner metal. Her cloths tattered, and her body slightly slumped she let out a chuckle. "You know me..." she grunt as she struggled to reach out for her sword that was a foot away from her. "It takes more than that to bring me down." Grasping onto her blade she was about to get up until Sha's foot stepped onto her wrist. Biting her lower lip, Stephanie looked up to see Sha looking down at her, her blade pointing down at her neck.

"Your done Nova, just accept your fate... you've suffered long enough." She rose her sword up, and aimed down at her chest as she began to bring it down, until she stopped, her breathing becoming irregular as her heart began to pound in her chest . "N-no!" She yelled out as she backed up, her body heating up inside her armor, it was as if she was stuck in a massive oven.

"Was saving that one... for a while." Steph said as she managed to get to her knees, her left hand extended out towards Sha as she continued to rise the heat inside her armor. Sure, she was safe from her fire, but she wasn't safe from her power to inject heat into a living organism. "Bet your wishing your weren't wearing your armor now." Struggling to stand up on her shaky knees, her eyes never left her. 'Just... need to get that damn armor off of her.' she thought to herself.She knew it would only be a matter of time, and just as she thought, within a minute, Sha tore off her helmet, throwing it on the ground as she struggled to get the armor off her body, her skin a crimson red from being baked inside her own armor. As she finally got everything off, she was now only wearing her inner armor lining.
"Doesn't matter..."
she looked down at her now bare wrist that held some sort of small remote like watch. Pressing a button a blinding flash covered her body as she was now dressed in her blue and red outfit with her legendary 'S' right in the middle of her chest. "I don't need that to take you down." Her cape gently waved in the light breeze that went across the battle area.

"Hehehe... always a bad @ss..." Nova laughed as she rose up her blade, her body struggling to even stand.

"You can barely stand, just give up Stephanie, and I'll allow you to live, all you'll have to do is serve Hayden for the rest of your life."

Steph couldn't help but chuckle. "Are you out of your mind? Did I cook you in that armor for too long? ME give up?!" She stood up, trickles of blood still coming from her body as she pointed her blade towards her friend. "You cant bring ME down. Dont you know who I am? I am the Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness!" She laughed as she twirled the blade in her hands, annoying Sha with every word she spoke.

With that she rushed towards Sha, swinging her blade at her neck, only to be counted by Sha's own blade, but to Steph's surprise, Sha grabbed Nova by the wrist and flew right up into the air, and then let out a yell as she threw her higher into the air. Bursting into flames Stephanie struggled to keep them going as she stopped herself in mid-air. Right as she did, Sha rushed towards her, moving faster now without her armor as she smashed a dark energy beam right into her chest. Screaming out in agony she pushed her flames out and downward, the two fighters now making a one way crash course back to Ninjan ground as Nova's flames surrounded Sha, the burning of flesh filling the air as the two smashed into the grassy field, a cloud of dirt filling the area as there was a sudden sound of what seemed to be two boulders colliding with each other as the light of fire could be seen from the dirt cloud. Nova's fists were smashing into Sha's face, while burning her body at the same time until it seemed that Sha finally passed out from the intense heat and beating, blood streaming out from her nose, mouth, even ears.

Putting out her fire Stephanie stood up, her legs giving out as she picked up her blade from the ground and turned back to Sha. Her hands were gripping onto the sword tightly as she stood over her friend, holding the sword right above her neck. Her eyes a fiery red as she continued to stand there a moment longer, she knew what she was suppose to do... but... could she?

Raising up the sword Nova let out a feral yell as her eyes began to water, bringing the sword down, it smashed down, making impact into, the ground, right next to Sha's neck. Nova fell on her knees as she lowered her head in shame, she couldn't do it... she couldn't take Sha's life. Even though she made a terrible choice in siding with Hayden, even if she threaten to kill her and the one's she loved... she couldn't do it, she couldn't take the life of a dear friend.

Right when she was about to pull out her blade from the ground, a forceful impact to her jaw was made, making Nova's head whip over to the left, blood spewing from her mouth as her body seem to go limp as soon as it hit the ground as darkness slowly began to cover over her. Her blurred eyes looked upward to see a Sigma soldier standing over her, her armor covering her body from her toe to her neck, and had a helmet on that covered from the top of her head to the back and down to the eyes. Struggling to see what was going on, it seemed that the soldier was checking on Sha, making sure she was still alive as she then turned to Nova.

"You human scum." She said as her hazel eyes burned with hatred towards Nova who was still in a bit of a daze. "You come to OUR planet, help the rebels, go against our high princess Sha and Queen Hayden, and then try to kill our princess!" She growled at Nova, spitting on her body. "I will not allow that to happen, YOU will die!" The woman pulled out her silver sword as she held it high above her head, ready to strike down upon Nova's chest. As hard as she tried, Stephanie just couldn't move, it was like... her body was finally saying 'enough is enough', giving up on the final round before it was over. Laying there she watched as the blade came rushing down towards her, closing her eyes Nova held her breath, reading herself for the sting of the blade, but... instead... a gasp of surprise could be heard followed by the feeling of warm fluids coming down on top of her body.

Slowly opening her eyes, they suddenly widen in shock. Sha was knelt over on all four's on top of Stephanie, shielding her from the blade and taking the hit herself. Face to face the two friends stared at each other in shock. "SHA!" Nova blurted out as her friend began to cough up blood upon Stephanie's wounded body.

The Sigma Soldier quickly pulled out the sword, causing Sha to gasp in pain, as she finally collapsed on top of Nova, her crimson blood covering Steph's body. "NO!" Stephanie quickly sat up, now ignoring the pain she was feeling, she quickly laid Sha upon the ground on her back, the wound was going from her back, and right through her own chest. "Sha, sha!" Nova yelled out.

"N-nova..." Sha whispered as her blood began to pour quickly out of her body. "You didnt think I was going to let someone else have the joy of killing you... did you?"She chuckled, only to have more blood come from her lips.

"Stop talking, your going to freaken drown yourself in your own blood." Nova began to panic as tears began to build up in her eyes. "I... I can get someone to heal you, you'll be fine, just fine, just... dont move, dont talk-"

"S-steph..." Sha struggled. "Shut up... I've been... trying to kill you... since you've gotten here... and yet, you still want to save me? Your... such an idiot... just let me die."

Stephanie looked down at Sha with confusion, "No! Sha, I dont care what kind of crap you try to pull, you should know by now, no matter what the hell you do, you will ALWAYS be my friend, how many times do I have to say it?"  She looked around a bit in a panic.  I can get someone to heal you, Kurrent and them cant be too far away, I know it!" She pulled out her communicator. "Nova to anyone who is willing to freaken listen! I need a frekaen healer!" She began to sob. "Get me a healer now!" Her hand was then pulled down by Sha's bloody hand.

"..no.." The Ninjan spoke as her skin began to grow pale as she began to talk more slowly. "This... this is... my destiny... I knew... this day would... come... its... my p-purpose... to sacrifice myself for my friend... for you."

Nova's eyes were no longer able to hold the tears back as the trickled down her cheeks. "No... Sha... you cant leave me too... your... your my friend, my best friend, you cant... DAMN IT SHA YOU CANT DIE!" She held onto Sha's hand tightly.

"There is no other way... I would wish to die." she said as her body began to shake, going into shock from the trauma.

But... who's going to look out for me?" She joked, while the tears were still coming. "Who's going to make sure I dont accidentally run into a pack of rabid cheerleaders while on a cookie hunt? Or... or teach me the 'Woo dance'?"

The two laughed for a moment as Sha smiled. "You'll be fine... I... have... faith... in... you... Do what... yo-u do.. best.. Light up..the darkness-..." with that, Sha's head tilted to the left as her last breath escaped from her lips, her eyes closing as her body became heavy.

With that Nova began to cry as she held Sha close to her, face berried on top of her now deceased friend's golden locks.

"SHA!" Nova roared out in a feral yell as her body burst into flames once more, but this time... it was her white fire, her most powerful level that could only be reached, when in extreme anger.

The Sigma soldier was still standing behind Nova the entire time, now eyes widen with fear at what she realized she just did.

"YOU!" Nova yelled out as her head whipped over towards the soldier. "YOU KILLED HER!" She stood up, carrying Sha in her arms, as her flames were waving wildly around her, the raw energy burning anything and everything around her with the exception of Sha, even the ruins were quickly desintergrate under the power of her white fire.

"P-please! Forgive me, I didn-" before she could finish her sentence, her head blew up into a bloody explosion, that quickly evaporated into the air, leaving the body to hit the ground without its head.

"You... will ALL DIE!" Nova yelled out as she burst into the air, flying quickly towards Farwick where the battle was still raging on. Hoovering above the middle of the city Nova stood tall as her glowing white eyes glared over the battle area. "Rebels, and citizens flee the area NOW!" Nova yelled out as the rebels quickly began to run from the area as Nova's flames began to eat away at the fallen buildings around her, her eyes looking upon every Sigma soldier there was. All of them with swords in hand with their armor upon their bodies, ready to fight against her.

"SHE KILLED PRINCESS SHA!" The pointed to the fallen Ninjan in her arms. "KILL HER!"

They all began to rush at her, but before they could even get within twenty feet of her, their armor began to melt, burning into their skin as they all began to yell out in pain. Without even moving Nova closed her eyes, and as soon as she opened them, all the Ninjan's fell to the ground, passed out by the intense heat that Stephanie injected into their bodies at the last possible moment. Within seconds, Stephanie took care of any Ninjan Soilders, good or bad, within Farwick.

Exhausted from what she just did, Nova quickly landed on the ground as she fell to her knees, her white fire going out as she slumped forward, still holding onto Sha's body, struggling to keep her own body from lying on top of hers. As she stayed there, she began to sob to herself, her swollen red eyes shut closed as she didnt feel the need, or want to fight in this war anymore.

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Death is the absolute epitome of where fear originated. People are naturally afraid to die, no matter what they say or think. They are simply afraid of most things that can lead to their deaths; especially when it has been put into their minds to fear such things. They are afraid of snakes because they know the bite they'll receive will ultimately give a chance of their death. Afraid of small, enclosed spaces because they feel lonely and out of reach of protection. Afraid of the sword, because the tip of the blade can easily slice through them in the hands of the wrong person. Afraid of the spider because of the sensation they feel as it walks across their body before biting them and injected poison... And they are especially afraid of those who take advantage of them for the purpose of killing them. Murderers, assassins, Mercenaries, soldiers, bombs, weapons, animals, water, heights, and much more. Can you think of your worst nightmares, your fears, your dreams of untimely deaths?

Questions shall always remain a constant reminder in humanity's conscious mind...

Do you think the people that expose and take advantage of these fears are truly evil? Or are they simply people who have been turned by the 'righteous' effects that happened to those they loved and cherished? One fact still remains. You haven't seen evil, you've only seen its effects on people and what madness it can bring. Terrorism is an embodiment of fear, and harbinger of only one type of destruction. It is one of many examples of what can happen to our future. It is only one of the darkest creations that we as a people have created and nourished since the dawn of our civilization and being!

What is true evil? An evil that even the vilest villains are afraid to look at, an evil that the mightiest heroes are afraid to fight against, an evil that the world hides from... Can you honestly decide what that true evil is unbiased. That is not a question, it is a statement. No one can do it in our future or our lifetime, if we cannot do it now.

Stryke walked down the hall towards the war room as he had wanted before. It was near his own room, just two corners away actually. Ga was all but dead, but something was bothering him, his body's composure simply distraught for some reason. Why would he be feeling now when he never had before? The possibility to feel resentment for his actions was...preposterous! Ethan felt a stinging pain in his stomach, as if he was doing something wrong. As if he was committing an act of murder against his family, cutting them down one by one without mercy. Stryke was a villain to the public. He was evil, he had been called so by everyone he once knew. He had even given himself the moniker under circumstances that turned him into what he was. Since one fateful day, Ethan was no longer part of his own life. He had no control, no say in anything; all he could do was watch as his body did things that were considered atrocities. The ultimate joy ride filled with fruitless nightmares. There was only one entity that could have done this... and that entity was somehow himself. Stryke had taken over fully; Ethan was just a birth name that was too much a burden to change. No one who knew Ethan would ever know him as Stryke. The two personalities were different, but had never collided with each other at any point before.

Let me back in, I want my body back!
A screaming voice rang inside Stryke's head, as if fighting to escape from some prison of chaos. What was that sound?  It was like talking to you and having someone respond. Stryke tensed up, he knew who it was. A few moments, that was all he needed to know exactly what that sound was. It was surprising, but not too surprising either. It was himself, the better part of himself to be precisely exact. A piece of his body that he wanted to desperately destroy, but he could not because it needless to say, created him. He had some respect for its existence, and that it had survived at all for these many years. Stryke had depended on that part of himself to be all but annihilated, especially when he hadn't heard or spoken to it. Now he knew, it had just been dormant.

What are you doing in my body? I have sole control... you are nothing you pitiful whelp!  Ethan put his hand on a wall for stability. He was starting to feel a nostalgic headache tearing at him from the inside. Pangs of pain made him want to just fall on the floor and escape from the humanly realm. But he knew he couldn't, that would mean he'd lost. Slowly he made his way into his room.

I'm getting stronger, that boy...Ga... You felt what I felt. You felt the misery and pain from doing a disastrous deed! I will take my body back; I'm only going to destroy you from the inside out. Even if it means...I must die. You know that all too well, and you know I'm just waiting
! The voice of the true Stryke, the voice of the true Ethan Luke Point. The true Point child, not an alternate personality bent on killing. The goodness inside him however, was what made him weak....weak enough to be taken over.

Your voice makes me laugh... You are too good a hero in order to kill...too good to kill yourself. I am stuck in this body, a body that will not kill without my gentle push. Even your powers are useless, they're pitiful. But I find use in them. This civil war of two minds was beginning to take its toll; Stryke was on the floor in a position that made him look feeble with his body just hanging.

Be careful what you wish for..... I will win right now... you shall not. Then the raging pains returned. Stryke was in pain, pure pain. He was afraid to die, afraid to be pushed aside like a disposable bottle of water. The real Ethan would never win, he couldn't. The will to survive was what made Stryke the way he was. Ethan laughed pain; he did not scream or cry it. Because of this, Stryke was not going to be eliminated. Instead, he would eradicate the person inside his head. Stryke finally fought back, instead of fear he felt proud. The voice began to scream, began to cry, and began to weep. You bastard, I'm keeping control of this body.... you're the one leaving! Then it was gone, the fighting between two polar opposites was done. The greater good had been squashed like a fly by evil. If Stryke ever heard this enemy again he would call it Luke. Why? Luke was the middle name, so this 'voice' was just like it. Second rate forever.

Ethan lost consciousness as a result of his battle, the true Ethan could no longer exist with such a mental defense. Stryke was sure he had eliminated the goodness within him for good. Now he was crippled lying on the floor of his Ninjetan bedroom.

Two Hours Later


Stryke rumbled up from his almost indefinite unconsciousness. He was lying across the floor, his sword had slid away from his body as the 'strap' had broken and allowed it to fall a few feet away. His signature mace-enhanced weapon was digging into his thigh, but he felt no pain. For some reason, the fathom of pain and the fear of pain weren't on his mind. Stryke felt, almost lifted from affairs of a world or of his duties. Ethan felt heavenly acquitted from his actions, like he could just take a back seat to everything and watch. This kind of closure.... It was divinely to say the least. This was definitely something you don't give to a mad man. Somehow though, it had landed right in Ethan's lap. Endowing him with a feeling of sentimental peace and joy. He wasn't in pain, Ethan felt no pain. No, he was happy.

He blinked a few times. Trying to get out the blur in his eyes from just waking up. At first, he didn't know why he was here. Across his bedroom's floor, with his weapons and his body sprawled about like a doll and its accessories. Stryke turned his head in all directions, on the defensive. Someone could easily be stalking him as he lye there, ready to snap at their prey the moment he stood up.


Finally Ethan understood why he was awoken. The realization of reality hit him once more. His rambunctious mission to get to the war room and talk to the illustrious Gambler had ended less then desirably. Something had tried to reawaken itself and take over once more, but he had stopped it. With his own celestial body he had prevented and hopefully annihilated the entity that was vying to escape at any cost. That was all that mattered. What once was, was now gone. Stryke rustled around a bit, using his arms to push him into a sitting position. He still couldn't grasp what had happened, or how long he had been out.


Stryke began to get up, still a little woozy as he did so. Grabbing his sword on the way to being on two legs, Ethan held it in his right arm. Still, he didn't know where the knocking was coming from. Am I that out of the loop? Am I so tired I'm basically useless? Then another realization. He wasn't on Earth anymore, he was on the planet Ninjeta and he was in one of their illustrious Ninjetan bedrooms. The door was behind the bed's 'sheet' that prevented sunlight from coming in by surrounding the bed in a circle. When it wasn't being used it was behind the bed blocking vision of the entrance and the bathroom. That was why it was hard to find.


"Ah...shut 'ya yappin'. I'm coming god dammit. "
Stryke glided across the floor towards the entrance. Everything was quiet, pretty much serene besides the breathing of the other man who had probably been knocking on the door ferociously for ten minutes.  The feeling of greatness still resided. Tranquility was part of it too, and Ethan felt joyous for some reason. Opening the door he was greeted by a Ninjetan soldier, one of Gambler's many trained at that. However, this one was missing a hand that was severed and wrapped around a cloth to keep it from bleeding and being shown.

"Sir, Master Goki and Mistress Mademoiselle left to confront Darkchild's army and the heroes to the North. I am a loyal soldier left behind for obvious reasons," she shook her crippled hand."I though feel that, if so inclined, you could provide back up. Master Gambler said he would be allowed to take some of the faithful Council members. As far as I know, he's only taken one. He left fifteen minutes ago"

Stryke smiled mischeviously. The lady Ninjan was quite nice. Very pretty, and had one of those hour glass figures. She was definitely endowed in the areas a man liked. For some reason, Ethan felt he could take the world. Right now though, he felt he could take this woman in front of him. Even without her hand, she was beautiful. Her tanned skin, her natural, luscious lips. Even hear blond hair and brown eyes. She was a time bomb of beauty; Ethan was just embracing his inner man. Plus, his little friend near his thighs was getting happy even more since waking up.

"Well... You know. If you wanted Goki to be safe. You wouldn't mind coming in here and satisfying me would you?"

The Ninjan was appalled. Her mouth gaped open in surprise." Is that really what you're thinking of right now?"

"Yes... That's what I'm thinking."

"Than I'll subject myself...."

Stryke moved out of the way of the doorway."Please come in then, Miss."

Two Hours Later: Gambler's Base

Stryke opened the door to his room. A fumbling woman pushed out. Her clothing was wrapped around her hour glass physic messily, as if she'd been robbed by someone. In this case, she had been robbed of her body's sacred right. Ethan wasn't thinking about that as he placed himself leaning next to a wall to hold himself up. Instead, he was going to betray this loyal Ninjan. As a villain, Stryke promised to no one. During this 'exercise,' he had. Now he was going to break that promise simply because he could. Pulling her army-issued shirt above her breasts which were viewable, she looked back at him. Not proud of her actions for believing in her leader, she peered up at Stryke hoping for him to say he was leaving immediately. His words were less than she expected.

"Well....that was lousy," Ethan smiled,"So I guess I can't help out your friend Goki." The Ninjetan retaliated with a plea. She got on her knees and tore off her cloths once more. She began to weep, unable to look at Stryke any longer. She was being exploited, but the Ninjetan could only think it for the greater good. It was a feeble attempt to establish the safety of her commander anyways. Stryke was not surprised, he expected this desperate act. So instead he looked at the view she was offering once more, and then turned it down. Simply turning around and closing the door. His last words to her were simple ones.

"If you're lucky, you'll find someone else to go fight for your cause. I sure as hell know I'm not going anywhere if I don't have too...."

The slam of the door was finalizing his actions. Moving to his bed, a mess like the whole room, Stryke laid across it. He hoped to sleep, but instead his hopes were shattered. He could only lay and stare at the sealing. His thoughts were waiting for war, for a reason, or an order.

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“The Human mind was a strange place to watch. The actions of other as well. How the good fought against the evil with such vigor. I use to envy them once millenniums ago when I was nothing more than a child and this was nothing more than a game. But some then I have evolved and no longer is this just a game and I’m much more than a child.” Selice Xansa Mooru watched the battle unfold like she was on the other side. Humanity had always fascinated her to a point that she craved it….once. But humanity was overrated as some would say to even attempt to gain yet some how her counter part Talon wanted it so badly almost as badly as she once did.

She kept herself from engaging in battle for is appeared that Lord Darkchild had his hands ell underway though she would fight just not yet. Though she had some what cloaked herself from the eyes of humans for only those who she chose to see her saw her. But all the while a smirk remained on her face as she watched. “So many of them so futile and attempt” to this she was referring to the villains. She had watched countless battles and seen the end good always triumphed it was a cliché now a day and that got old. But the one reason she liked this human place and these people was because they were so consumed into the things of heroes. She wondered is some of them had lives have families. Obviously she knew Talon did she saw it and at this point she envied that little messed up girl. She had something that Selice wanted a family.

Darkchild seemed to be attempting to sway Goki from his commander that of the House of G. Along with calling reinforcements known as Drifter and Ferro Vida. “Strange names for stranger people” she whispered. Her eyes shifted to a large door that had just been broken and was now swarming with enemy Ninjas. Seeing that her so called lord was busy she took it upon herself to decimate these mortals in hopes to at least grain a peach of mind. She phased through the walls and appeared before the horde. “Master Darkchild is busy may I take a message” she said in such an innocent tone. Never the less a sly smile formed on her face.

The one who appeared to be lading this was a strong woman never the less had not seem at least more than 19 summers. “Move aside” she said with anger in her voice. “I am sorry I can not”. With out another word the worrier attempted to drive a spear through Selice but did not even get that close. With a flick of her had the weapon bent and she pulled it out of the girls hand. With the motion of her finger the spear twisted until it dropped to the ground in a circular shape.  With that Selice looked at the girl once more. “Please I do not want to have hurt you.” Though se was lying se had been waiting for this all the time she always gave people a chance.

It did not even look like there was a second thought in the child’s mind for with that Selice found a raving army of about twenty worriers running toward her. She sighed contently as she knew what happened next. Shield like things closed in between the army and Selice.  The area which she was in grew dangerously pressured and dense like an unknown force had arose. Her eyes were marble black as black energy formed from her hands. Her breathing became heavy as her smile grew. The worriers stopped obviously feeling the immense power flowing from her. Fully ready X-23 looked at the leader and shook her head “You have brought this upon yourself little brave worrier.”

With that she held out her hand to the girl slowly closing her hand. Soon the girl appeared to be choking through nothing was touching her. Falling to her knees she clutched her neck as her the females eyes grew black as Selice’s. “You and your army of girls scouts will perish”. She growled as with her other hand she flung it moving the girl like a rag doll up against the wall.  Still chocking her. Selice walked up to her and so there would be no interruptions she had concealed both herself and the worrier in a slight cloak. She walked up close and stared into her child’s eyes and touched her cheek. “Not all of us can have the joy of life”. With that a dagger appeared in her had as she jabbed it into the chest of the young commander. A icy scream filled the air as blood poured out of the wound.

As she left the dagger intact she moved her left hand to the wound and as she let some of the blood flow on her finger. “When your dead nothing clenches the thirst.” She hissed. Her hand moved back as she licked her finger of the blood. Though the girl still appeared to be living. Wit a curious look on her face Selice gently grabbed a hold of the young woman and laid her on the floor. She could see that she was doing every thin gin her power not to scream. Brushing the head out of her victims face Selice felt a little remorse though is soon went away. In a swift and wicked act she plunged her hand into the girls chest piercing through her skin and tissue like paper. And as quickly as she went in she retracted her hand to revile that she had pulled the heart of his child out.

She stared at the muscle with flesh and blood still on it as she felt it beating. “To think that all like is contained with in this little thing and with out it…” she looked at the now lifeless girl on the floor. “It can no longer be sustained. She dropped the mussel as she licked her hand for the blood. Staining some on her cheeks. Soon reappearing before the little female war bad she looked at them “You leader is dead” as she said that the corpse of the girl appeared beside her. “Though pleas for mercy shall be ignored you have all died this moment let’s make this a reality shall we”

And with that she clapped her hand together as a red mist seemed to sink in. Most of the girls began to cough as boils began to appear on their skin. Rubbing her chin she marveled as she watched the children suffocate and be poisoned. “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk and they say I’m not good with people”.  She continued to watch as the once beautiful woman’s faces began as grotesque as the monsters in hell. With that she turned her back and presumed to walk back to Darkchild area in hopes that he had not died yet she would ask him a simple thing. Her black hair flowed behind her like a rug as she soon saw her some what master with some man Ninja NeVann was his name or at least part of it.
As Darkchild was about to engage with the fearless worrier she walked up behind him and whispered in his ear seductively. “My liege as you about to engage in battle with this puny little being on dust I will be near by never the less there are some matters that need my attention..” Though she had no Idea what those matters where she did not feel like fighting along DC was what the wished. Any way he did not need a baby sitter or protector though this Ninja male was to prove a good foe and ensure a good battle.

Quickly disappearing into the mist she soon reappeared hovering over the castle. She could see the battle raging on. She could see Talons team mates and her team Wolf Pack fighting back hard and heavy. She could see Darkchild below her along with the train of dead woman she had murdered. Before her there was a war and lots of blood was going to be spilled. But X-23 could feel it nothing was ever as it seemed for her and for Talon. “Your friends fight hard” she thought to herself. “They will kill you” a voice growled. A slight chuckle came from Selice as she heard her tempered counterparts voice with in her. “Oh please they’d kill their own team mate how hostile but expected of them.”
Talon was still alive conscious but alive.
Though she was locked inside her own head like she had been before. And last time X23 had control lots of people died her own father Logan she almost killed and left him in coma. Now she was locked up once again left to her own devices. A Laura sat in her head she thought about what she would do. She needed a way to stop X-23 some how she needed to end X23 once and for all. But she had found that impossible as she had to die for her counter part to die. So it truly was hopeless them for her. She had failed every one. All she wanted was to make him proud well it was a good thing Hunter was dead because she would not live through this with him here. Like before she was trapped and she knew with in her that she would not be getting out of this alive.

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Felix had spent hours preparing the specialized weapons that now decked the walls of his sizeable quarters, from the silver nitrate rounds for the Lycans to the liquid nitrogen rounds for the Ninjans. The strange part was that it was only just now hitting him that he had become the ultimate arms dealer, using every ounce of his knowledge to make the atrocity that is war an even more effective way of destroying lives. Even with his new, colder view of the world he couldn’t help but feel a bit shaken. Concentrating on the enemy at the task at hand was one thing, but he had seen these soldiers at action, and he had heard the TOS go out. What he was doing was making genocide possible. No, he merely provided the means for it. The worst part was that the only part of him that cared was a part that was supposed to be long dead.

“Sir, we have received new.” The sharp, disciplined voice coming from behind him caused him to whirl around. His second in command, Vera-En, stood at attention in the doorway. Like most Ninjans her body was a voluptuous work of art comparable to Michelangelo’s David, topped by golden, silky strands of hair and eyes that shone with the brilliance of sapphires held up to the sun. Her uniform, like the uniforms of all of the soldiers under the Vine Villain brand, complimented her features spectacularly, something that Felix had no doubt Darkchild had done on purpose. His eyes met hers and he couldn’t help but notice that she seemed somewhat mesmerized by the armoury.

“Report,” he responded in his usual neutral tone, finishing the adjustments he was making to a liquid nitrogen grenade of his own design. With a nod she began relating the events of the war to him.

“We have received orders from lord Darkchild concerning the progress of the House of G’s Goki. We are to allow him through, but to do so we would need to break our lines...”

“Have your men pull out as quickly as possible and let him through. He’s dangerous enough to decimate them on his own, and that would do us no good against the rebels.” She nodded in response before continuing.

“Also, one of the heroes has been spotted in a village north by north east of our present location. She appears to be injured. The House of G forces have left to dispatch her...” Ferro froze up, the explosive dropping from his hand to the aged stone floor. He knew who it was already; he felt her presence moving, wavering. In the back of his mind he had been praying for her safety every moment, even if he didn’t consciously know it.

“Gather everyone with the VV mark and arm them with those weapons. We make for that village to engage the Vine Villain forces immediately.” The emotion had returned to his voice as he picked up one of the liquid nitrogen magnums and tossed it to Vera on his way out the door.

“Sir!?” Her surprise was justified. He was about to commit an act of treason, and if he didn’t have a good excuse for it then he would be doing it on his.

“Ninjeta has a failing economy. If we keep wiping out these villages then there won’t be anything left to rebuild with,” Felix had to force his voice not to tremble. “This order supersedes the TOS, and I will take full responsibility for the results. Protect those civilians at all costs.”

“Yes... Sir.” Ferro could detect a mix of emotions in Vera’s voice: uncertainty, excitement, even envy. But even if she did suspect the true purpose of his actions she wouldn’t go against him. Felix had trained her personally.

Just before leaving the temple Felix turned to his first officer and took a comm. link from her. He placed the device in his ear and gave her a quick, almost undetectable smile before taking off in a sprint. Bone-like mandibles with leathery flaps of flesh stretched out from his back and filled with the cold mountain air as he leaped off the edge of the plateau.

After what felt like an eternity the town came into sight, and the Fallen Hero could already make out the House of G forces closing in on it, and the brave civilians ready to fight to the death. But there was no sign of Despair. Felix could feel her nearby, maybe in the dense forest that surrounded the small buildings. Something inside him was willing him to defend the people first, at least until his own troops arrived. The HoG soldiers numbered in the fifties, maybe more. It had been a while since he fought such numbers. Even so, they had a chance.

He twisted his body towards the mass of dark-clothed figures, energy surging through his muscles as he closed in. He was fifteen feet above them and ten feet in front of them when he halted in midair and rained a storm of lightning down on the heads of the Ninjan soldiers. They erupted into a chaotic, writhing mass, all trying to ascertain what had hit them. As the inhuman dropped down into them, the loose flesh of his wings becoming a razor sharp edge and armour spreading over his body, they found out. Ferro used the confusion to his advantage, not giving them even a moment to reorganize before he began tearing into them, his sharp claws gutting the woman directly in front of him as his two mandibles spun out, either one severing a spine at the shoulders.

By this point they realized what was attacking them and had begun fighting back. Felix could feel the vice-like grips on the bladed limbs coming from his back; he could feel the tendons severing as the left one was ripped from his body. He let out a blood-curdling shriek and made additional blades appear on the right wing, slicing the fingers that gripped it from their hands. A blade penetrated his upper abdomen, digging into his kidney before his clawed hand shot into the face of its wielder, gouging out her beautiful eyes and lobotomizing her frontal lobe. After several moments of the mad struggle he caught sight of the bodies littering the ground beneath them. It looked the there were close to fifteen dead, but they kept coming at him.

At that moment a pulled ripped through the shoulder of the soldier to his upper left: the woman’s arm exploded in a shower of ice crystals. Suddenly the air was thick with frost as Felix’s own forces descended upon them.  In the ensuing chaos he managed to slip out of the fray and into the woods. Vera could take care of the HoGs, and he still needed to find Despair. His body was wracked with pain; blood from the slowly closing hole in his shoulder soaked his clothing and literally sent a chill down his spine, and he found himself cupping a hand around the puncture wound in his body. The smaller injuries had mostly healed. Ferro stopped for a moment to breathe, leaning against a tree and grunting through his wounds. He sensed the hero nearby, and after wobbling deeper into the forest he found the slender, gothic angel. The inhuman knelt down beside her and took her gently by the hand.

“Thank god you’re safe...” He let the sense of relief wash over him as he looked into her shining eyes. He could tell from the way that she moved that Despair had been badly injured, but he was just happy she was alive. “We need to get you to safety. Don’t worry about the villagers. I promise that my men will protect them with their lives. You wouldn’t be much help to them in your current condition, anyway.” Felix started off deeper into the forest, towards the other heroes and their medical facilities.

Several hours later

The sky was dark when they stopped, but the sounds of battle still raged on in the distance from all sides. Felix’s wounds had closed up and only caused him minor discomfort now. Despair couldn’t travel far without resting in her current condition, though, so Ferro snapped several dry branches from fallen trees and, with a tiny spark, started a modest fire. The blood that had soaked his black trench coat had dried long ago, so he shrugged it off and wrapped it around the empath’s shoulders before plopping down across from her.

They sat in relative silence for what felt like forever. Felix couldn’t begin to think of what he could say to her after everything he had done. Suddenly his comm. buzzed to life and the low, lion-esque voice of the child of darkness filled his ear.

“Ferro, stop what your doing leave the woman be for now you can play with her later... Get here now.” His eyes widened as the message caused a torrential conflict to begin within him, his old self struggling with his new self. He glanced across at Despair; if he obeyed his leader then it meant sentencing her to death, or worse if Darkchild took a liking to her, and if he didn’t then he was could be sealing the Vine Villain’s fate.

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The smooth jet flew through the sky with its blazing engines. Aboard the shining beacon were the heroes known as the Ice Dragons. Outside flanking either side were legends on their own right. Power warriors such as LstPalain, Paragon, Hawk, Light, Simon, and their newest edition to the team Editman. Inside waited the crew of Octagon Freak, Reenforcer, Dupe, Nobody, and Arcana. Their pilot, their leader grabbing the communication device and flipping on the loud speakers. Throughout the battlefield his voice could be heard "Sorry we're late boys and girls, but we had to make a pit stop on the way". Tow missiles flew out from under the jet and struck hard against a flying Ninjan, the explosion massive. What was more impressive than the arrival of the Ice Dragons were the trailing blue green light behind them. Almost three dozen Green Lanterns had answered their call for aid, amidst them half a dozen Blue Lanterns to give support. Instantly the Corps broke off from formation and began to shine their light upon the darkness. The sides of the war were already changing before their arrival it had seemed. It was not time to route the entire army.

"LstPaladin, Hawk, Paragon. Take the right flank and keep that air support going. Light, Simon, and Edit. The three of you take our left. Keep communications open boys, we're in for one hell of a battle". Inside Icebird began to read off what he was picking up on his scanners. Almost all of Earths Mightiest Heroes were accounted for, save a few who Andy was now desperately trying to track down. "There!" he shouted as he finally found the reading he was missing. Near the location he saw a force forming, each were now propelling down on the spot like a untamed storm. The jets engines hissed as the came to a stop and started lowering. Wind and dust kicked up in a whirlwind as it touched down. The back hatch opening up as the Dragons poured out. "Nobody, build us a invisible perimeter. Keep those Ninjans off of us as long as you can. Flanks! close in and keep them busy, we need time".

The God of Thunder called down lightning bolts in an awe inspiring display of power as the entire sky lit up like the fourth of July. His powerful bolts striking down upon Ninjans as the changed course and attacked. Instantly his friends were beside him as Hawk dove down from the clouds upon a closing Ninjan. His twin blades working with a fury as he fought on, an almost rage like state. Paragon soon joined in with his own Lantern Power, creating large constructs to cage and blast down the massive army.

On the opposing side earth's newest Superman, Light blitzed his way towards the approaching madness. His movements only a blur as he held nothing back. To where Light looked like a blue blur there was a yellow one to match his every movement as Simon followed his lead. The two men were so much alike in power, but yet so different in person. Editman trailed behind the two and rained down his own firepower with his technologically advanced suit. Heat seeking missiles and large amounts of ammunition struck hard and fiercely against the Ninjans.

Back down on ground level Nobody has erected his invisible dome shielding. The Ninjans who had ignored the flanking Dragons were pounding away at it with reckless abandon. Nobody's straining physically showing on his face as he shouted "I can't keep this up for long". As if on cue Reenforcer twirled his bo staff in his hands and struck a pose. His grin showing that he was ready for anything as his hands reached for the deck of cards held within his flowing trench coat. Dupe slapped his hands together and began to rub them together. Multiple versions of himself appearing one after another. Each of them taking up points around the Dragons to give support when called for. All searching for various weapons that laid on the blood stained battle field. Octagon Freak kept on the ready, his powers of teleportation possibly coming in handy if any Dragon needed a quick escape. The beautiful Arcana reached into her sacred pouch to reveal her first magical card. Working a small hand gesture with a few phrases a sense of warmth and confidence washed over every Dragon within range.

Charging out of the jet with shield in hand Andy headed towards his target. Leaving his Ice Dragons to keep the outer area safe for his return. Storming through the marvelous castle he saw numerous scorch marks with charred bodies littering the way. It was apparent that Feral Nova, had gone Super Nova. His voice was soft, but reassuring as he reached the young Fire Goddess. "Nova, it's Andy, it's ok. You only did what you had to. It's all over now, you can relax. Please, come with me. Let me help you, we're not safe here for long. You are in no condition to continue fighting. I have the rest of the Dragons waiting for us outside, let us get you some medical attention". His hand reached down towards her as he waited for her. He could tell she was shaken, her body trembling as she wept in tears. "Come on Nova, it's not safe here".

Sounds of combat were ringing all around them as Ninjan and Dragon fought. Nobody's nose starting to bleed as he held his dome, but then with a shout of pain he grabbed his head and fell towards the ground. Octagon there at his side in the blink of an eye ready to transport him back towards the jet. Reenforcer bursting into action with his super speed as 53 cards were charged with kinetic energy and then flung out towards the down pouring Ninjans. Dupe's ganging up on multiple ones to overwhelm one. The Dragons in the sky waging a war in their own right as they not only kept the invading force at bay, but began to push them back.

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The field of war, carelessly littered with wasted potential, stank. Battle was still raging elsewhere and it was odd, from his perspective, to see such an affair. What did the Wolf Pack come here for? To try and make a name for itself, to protect the innocents threatened by Darkchild and Gambler, or just vent some anger out of its members' troubled personalities? Who were the innocents in the situation? The Ninjans didn't ask for this war and the carcasses sleeping on the damp ground could have been just parents, siblings, or friends to those the Wolf Pack deemed "innocent." What was the difference? That they were being controlled? An excuse is not a reason. Hunter's judgment and the judgment of the heroes around him began to sink in. Were they indeed the heroes, or were they a festering breed of villain, waiting to boil to the surface once their adversaries expired?

Werner was quiet. Even as Warsman satisfied his hunger with a breathing Ninjan hidden amongst the forsaken, he never spoke. Instead he mumbled to himself about a wound on his forehead and tried to clean it with various chemicals from his suit. His nostrils twitched. He recognized the scent of sweat and blood soaking her skin. Every day, when they would speak together, she was fresh from a mission and bragging about her lucky streak. In a sense, he respected her as both a teammate and as another seasoned murderer.


He swallowed, the taste of copper hard in his mouth.

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Why the hell am I BACK on Ninjeta?The iron sentinel maneuvered around a Ninjan solider, blocking her strikes with his armor. As he ducked under her massive blade, he brought his arm around and connected with her face, the blow knocked her back just a few meters, but the powerful Ninjan female bounced back and this time brought reinforces. New mission…save my ass.  The iron conservative opened the caps on his fingers and fired his finger rockets. The small but robust missiles collided with the Ninjan army but like zombies the continued through the fire. DAMN YOU!!!!!! The Senator’s thoughts continued to overpower his physical strength. “Damn you females are stubborn” Sean felt a pull at his back; someone was messing with his power cord. Turning around the U.S senator managed to grab an arm of the female who was molesting his armor. Sean struggled with the woman; while the other’s beat down on his armor, a flustering look of agitation came across his concealed face. He looked the lovely Ninjan daughter up and down, he only wish he could feel her lush skin against his, however, he pulled the Ninjan who he had grabbed earlier and tossed her into her Ninjan sisters. Looking around the Senator from Virginia came face to face with a circle of Ninjan warriors. From a distant point Editman could hear a ring. Damn Cell phone!


Paige: Hi hon where are you?

Sean: Paige…not know I’m busy!

Paige: What’s that noise? Sean ….You better not be cheating on me!

Sean<Grunts> Trust me babe…. <grunts> if I could I would! Love you bye!

The Ninjan Warriors pounced on him about 3 in total, he exchanged blows with all three of them, and even though he was losing he was having a thrill rush.

The Ninjans seemed preoccupied something huge had happened, as Sean’s metallic body hit the ground. He rolled around in pain, but his brown eyes caught an ember glimpse. The castle, city and surrounding everything was on fire. The Ninjans retreated back towards the capital, letting the iron conservatives limp body just laid on the ground.

Sean, crept to his feet he flew into the air trying to scout out Andferne, his Radar pin pointed him, not too far from where he got his ass kicked. Upon landing the first thing that caught his attention was the burned and charred buildings, as he tried not to look at the bodies of those who were not lucky to escape the supernova, a horrid look off remorse came on his face. Sean looked on as Andy escorted Nova off the premises, “At least now the war is over” Someone from the Ninjan rebel squadron had remarked. Sean removed his mask, and much to the dismay of the Ninjan warriors he replied.

“No..the war is just beginning, the fight for the crown has begun…”

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War is a game that is never ending....

Sigma Soldiers roared as a battle raged between the forces of the rebellion and that of Ninjan Sigma Soldiers.  As the battle waged, Feral Nova made her way to the castle, from which Sha resided.  Adamantium daggers as well as arrows, zoomed across the fine line of air.  The flesh of necks ripped and oozed as the Son of Thunder made his way to the castle.  "How dare you allow that pathetic organism defeat you!"  Furious like a jungle cat, a Sigma Soldier launched her body into the air.  With the speed and might of a meteor shower, the soldier positioned her blade forward.  So, it may break the skin of Closure's neck.  "You shall die by my might!"    With pure strength the blade tore the skin of the vigilante's neck.  Red blood squirted upon the ground.  "Haven't you heard of the Decoy bitch?"  The hands of Closure grew in density, and with the opponent clear in sight.  Metallic hands began to strike the warriors face.  "You will die!!"  Blood splashed upon the organic robot, and with the delight licked the alien insides.  "No, if you shall excuse me there is a war I must end.."

Transmisson to Earth...

Chelsea - "Your lucky I allowed you to go!!"
Decoy - "My cover has been blown
Chelsea - "Where is the real Closure?"
Decoy - "Mr. Funez is making his way to the castle disguised as a Sigma Soldier."
Chelsea - "How did he leave Feral Nova without her knowing?"
Decoy - "A trick Chaos Agent taught him with life-model decoys."
Chelsea - "I don't know why I allowed him to leave."
Decoy - "Because you love him."
Chelsea - "Drop dead.."
Decoy - "What?"
Chelsea  - 'Drop dead before someone realizes your a robot!!"
Decoy - "Okay..."

Closure Point of View...

"Looks like I'm dead...never thought I would be this calm."  The Son of Thunder glimspes over to the Decou, as his life-model decoy oblederates ten sigma soldiers as well as the robotic body.  "Let the crying for a fallen hero begin."  Turning his head back to the castle, yelling alarmed his senses.  "SHE KILLED PRINCESS SHA!" The ninja pointed to the fallen Sha in the arms of Feral Nova. "KILL HER!"  Agony, pain, sorrow, and anger consumes the soul at the sight of a fallen warrior.  Feral Nova had seemingly murdered her own friend, and for some reason Closure felt as if it were his fault. 

They all began to rush at her, but before they could even get within twenty feet of her, their armor began to melt, burning into their skin as they all began to yell out in pain. Without even moving Nova closed her eyes, and as soon as she opened them, all the Ninjan's fell to the ground, passed out by the intense heat that Stephanie injected into their bodies at the last possible moment. Within seconds, Stephanie took care of any Ninjan Soilders, good or bad, within Farwick.

Exhausted from what she just did, Nova quickly landed on the ground as she fell to her knees, her white fire going out as she slumped forward, still holding onto Sha's body, struggling to keep her own body from lying on top of hers. As she stayed there, she began to sob to herself, her swollen red eyes shut closed as she didnt feel the need, or want to fight in this war anymore.

Running at his leader, Closure dropped to his knees.  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen.  I didn't think joking would make you do this.  The sobbing circulated in his mind, and tears formed from his eyes.  "I loved her Nova, I knew Sha once upon a time.  I had feelings as well as you.  Probably not as much as you, due to the history you two had.  Just calm you nerves sweety, you crying is going to make me cry.  No one likes to cry during a war, it makes yo like weak.  Tell me what happened, for I feel and know that you didn't do this."  Wrapping his around the fragile hero, Closure attempted to console her.  "Everything is going to be fine, just stay with me.  Whatever you need just let me know.  I don't like my icon hurting herself for something she didn't do.  Just breathe Nova please just breathe."  He could see a Sigma Soldier rushing at him, with anger controlling his body.  Closure waited for the vile creature to approach him, and with keen accuracy tore apart the alien babes neck, clean off the body. 

"Take my hand, we have to win this Nova.  I need you to help me as well as every other hero on this planet, to kick some candy ass.  Sha would want you to do that.  Sweetness on a stick, Fire Goddess of awesomeness.  Just take my hand..." 
In times like these, you must aid whomever is in need.  So, when the time of fear comes for you the light at the end of the tunnel will be there.  Ready to destroy the darkness that was trying to harm your soul.  In order, to make friends you need to be a friend.
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"Darkness thrives in the absence of light, but with one flame, even the blackest evil is revealed!" said the knight and teammate Cly as he rushed and attacked Darkchild
Ho,finaly as the Demi-God rushed out of his hiding and shot some magic at Darkchild's face,to keep him off balance while Cly attacked him,soon both swordmans were running around DarkChil,however,Matezoide choose to keep shooting blasts,in order to distract the monster while Cly putted the traps around the colossal beast.
"You see what it is? This is a wire trap, and you are standing in the middle of it!" said Cly as the trap started,Matezoide noticed Dark tring to move to escape,but the Son of Zeus trew his blade at his back to stop him,soon Darkchild was with nowhere to run anymore.
Matezoide smiled Take him out Nevaan
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From afar she watched the confrontation.

It began slowly. DC's troops approached the village like the megalommaniacal slaughterers they were. Broad shoulders, provokin g uniforms with the flashy VV logo on the chest and the shoulder and murder in their hearts. Despair could feel it from a long distance away. It was like an aura of rabid hatred that surrounded them. Hatred on the outworlders, DC, on their own people and even themselves. Being in the environment of Darkchild meant power. But power corrupts. These soldiers were the best proof for it. Their pure presence let more and more rage seep into Despair's heart and filled her with disgust at herself and them. If she only could...

No! She mustn't endager the village. Breath. Focus. Release. Remember the lessons you had learned while you studied the light arts under the tutorship of the man who was the dictator of this planet now. Don't get overwhelmed by it. Absorb more of the positive emotional energy og the happy villagers, not the one of the spiteful soldiers. Not like when she arrived with Veritas on this godforsaken planet and got herself caught in that empathic loop. She came here to save, not to kill. The original plan for her was to errect light force fields to protect her teammates, not rise into the sky like an angry sun godess and burn all offenders to nothing more but cinders. She had disgraced herself and she knew that very well. The shame weighed heavy on her even now. Kurrent, Midnightist, Slight. Those were real soldiers. Those were able to kill when necessary. She was jjust a frightened little girl who threw herself into something that was bigger than her. Originally her journey into the strange world of metahumans had begun as  aquest to redeem herself but where had it lead her? Into years of service for a being that defined evil and from there on she tried to make up for that services and join Veritas to cross the planes of her former mentor. And now she was here, huddled in the dirt in some extraterrestial wood while hiding and watching in fear how people who only wanted her best tried to protect her, a telepath, a light witch and world's most powerful empath, a superheroine as she dared to call herself. Ridiculous. A fail, that she was and nothing else.

The Ninjans loyal to Darkchild had now arrived. Clutching firm on their weapons, barely able to control themselves, heavily breathing and twitching, rolling bloodshot eyes in exotic colours in deep set eye sockets they stood on the market place and waited hardly controlling themselves. it was Aranna, the kind woman who had taken her in, who reacted as sort of a first woman of this place. Regally walking like a queen could not have done better she made her way over to them. Even her simple clothes could not spoil that image, they rather intensified it because even though she only a tunic of rough fabric she was still able to be full of royal dignity and her silver hair displayed a breathtaking shimmering in the sun of the late noon. With one hand on her hip as if to make clear she wasn't to be kidded with she confronted the captain of the squad asking her what the reason for their unexpected arrival was.  Even though the captain towered high above her and was nearly twice her in broadness Aranna managed to look like the superior. Harsh words were exchanged and Desapir could feel the tension grow and the level of aggressiveness rise. She was too far away to hear the words but as a telepath that didn't keep her from reading the thoughts of the two Ninjan women.

The captain wanted more women for the troops. Aranna refused. She offered food and other goods that would help to support them. This time the captain refused. The best support were more soldiers. No, this was unacceptable, they didn't care about the war and were willing to support the new ruler but not for the price of their own lives. All they wanted to do was to live their lifes as farmers and produce enough lifestock for their families. Was that okay? No, it was NOT! Desapir saw the image of what the captain wanted to do a milisecond before she actually did it. This one short moment expanded to an eternity where this picture was frozen in her mind and vexed her with the illusion to be in the position to do anything against it. But this suggestion couldn't be farer from the truth. Stunned by the terror Despair watched how the female captain thrust her spear so hard into her benefactor that the tip exited on her back.


Despair's desperate cryout mixed with that of Sannana, Aranna's daughter, as Despair stood there with her hand outstretched in the vain hope to change this horrible event and the newly created orphan stormed out of her house. With eyes wide as plates she witnessed how another soldier lifted her hand and blasted Sananna away with a energy beam from her hand. All that was left of the once beautiful girl was a charred corpse that dropped to the ground. Rapidly the heat rose in Despair. From deep within and fromm without. As more and more Ninjan villagers swarmed out  of their  houses to defend themselves Despair greedily gulped every drop of aggression that she could get. The red energy which was only visible to her flowed in from all places and made her stronger. If not in body than at least inn conviction. A white orb appeared in her hand and grew in size as well as in intensity from second to second with every bit of aggressionn that she absorbed. These monsters would pay for the crime that they had commited on one of  the few people who had been kinnd to her without expecting something in return. She would MAKE them pay. Make them pay to the last drop of blood they possessed. Till everyone of them was vaporated by her light blast. Full of anger she made her first step out of the wood.

And dropped to her knees once more. The pain from her still fresh wounds was overwhelming and her rage had only brought that to the surface again instead of subduing it. Wave over wave of pain rushed through her body until she gagged. It was almost as her own vicious feelings only heightened that pain. And once more she cursed herself for being useless, for egoistically sitting here and writhing in her own pain while the villagers died to defend what was important to them. Why was she that way? Why, oh why?

It was a simple thing that brought her back to her senses. Killed all the pain. One tiny little thing. A single touch. A touch from so far back in the past that she hadn't thought it possible at all. Back from a time where a promise was given, one that meant trust, companionship, respect and mutual support. Given between a lonely black angel wandering through the world in search for a cure and an angry emo punk plagued by a demon. Back then his touch was metallic, cold to the touch for everyone but her who could feel the vivid emotions beneath the metallic hide. Now it was warm, free from the demon, his dark flesh touching her flawless white skin. She knew who he was, couldn't have known better. He was the one voice she had heard while she hovered in the air and was about to loose herself on the wings of madness and that had lead to her being here now. She didn't even have to look up. His sound of his voice was every hint that she could have needed. For some reason, maybe it was the waves of relief that came from him, she knew he told th truth.

“Thank god you’re safe... We need to get you to safety. Don’t worry about the villagers. I promise that my men will protect them with their lives. You wouldn’t be much help to them in your current condition, anyway.”

It couldn't be any other.  The villagers were all unimportant out of a sudden even though he had promised her that the would be save. All that counted was the two of them in the backdrops of the House of Gambler Ninans stopping Darkchild's minions. In the dark of the wood her angelic voice sounded hollow, a mockery of the typhoon of emotions that raged inside her but strangely fitting as she answered.

"I bid you greetings, former man of living metal. It was a long time since we had the pleasure to meet last time..."

Without further comments or actions she lifted herself to the feet and followed him deeper into the woods. Away fromm the gruesome massacre in their back...

Several hours later:

The campfire sent crackling sparks into the night which rose higher and higher like ascending to the sky and claimming a place among the stars. And somewhere up  there was earth too, the place these two wanderers had come from. For hours they had cut a way through the Ninjan wilderness without even speaking, just sensing the other near them. As it became too dark and to cold Ferro had cut down somme branches and wood work to staart a campfire for Despair. Now they sat at the fire trying to let the warmth of it  enter their bodies while they still felt cold from other reasons and didn't even look at each other. Too many things were unspoken between them. So the sound of the fire and the Ninjan night animals were the only things to fill the void between them. Bot of them knew the confrontation finally had to come. But no one was willing to be the one to start it. So more time went by. Despair didn't know how much but as she finally spoke the animals suddenly grew silent. Maybe it was because of a subconscious empathic sending or maybe nature just had a sense for drama. She didn't care. There were many things that Despair was not. Strong. In control of her powers. Mentally stable. Happy. Normal. But there was one thing that she had always been and that was eloquent. Her teammates on Veritas had ridiculed her many times for her old styled way of speaking and mayn people had learned that her overly long sentences were just her way of expressing herself, part of her being. Therefore it only told more of her hurt as she lifted her head and looked at Ferro with her beautiful blue eyes which almost swam in tears and used only three words.

"Why, Felix? Why?"
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Sitting back and watching the carnage that unfolded in front of him, he couldn't help but to smile. He saw how the people from his side, Goki, Mademioselle both fought, and were now aiming for Darkchild, but he also saw the intensity that flickered in his eyes. Somehow he thought that it was personal, between the two of them. The Lord of Darkness had not stepped upon his toes, so it seemed unecissary to take him out, but he was ordered to do so. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head. Thinking back to the days when he heard his dead mothers voice, he shook his head trying to remove it. But it persisted. "This is Stryke [...]" Seeing this as an opportunity to finish up some unresolved business, he approached his fellow team member. "This is what I want yoiu to do...Take my place in this fight, for I am needed eleswhere.."

Turning around quickly, the wind from the spin swept his dark cloak upward, flailing it. He walked away excited for what he was going to do. About two hundred feet away from the scene, he felt the very soil shake under his feet. The vibrations promted him to look back. The plane he'd seen earlier was now airborn, and was shooting it's artillary. The target...The VV Castle. It was quick work as the first stone fell to the ground. The astounding sight of a toppling stucture filled his eyes. "Maybe he didn't escape" But from prior gossip about DC, he knew that it would take so much more to delete him from the equation.

As he made his way to his desired destination, he smiled, breaking the monotone expression that was usually chissled on. "Still here?...Good." Giapeto stood over the steadily dying body The Drifter, or should he say, the Trator. "You should have known that it would not end well. These attempts to gain power are not meant for weeklings like you. Even after giving it your all you still failed...how pitiful of you...Lord Gambler will still hear of your treasonous acts...but that is enough talking..." Giapeto patted him over his shoulder, as if congragulating him on an important achievment. Gleefully he said "Time for you to die." A smile on his face, he knelt down over the body, to get a closer look at his victim.

Reaching in to his cloak pocket he pulled out the fan blade peice that was concield within it. Starting at Drifters neck, he drove the blade in collar bone, he could hear it snap. Blood spouted from the soon to be dead mans mouth. Continuing down the middle of his tourso, he stopped, right before the blade reached the groin area. Even Giapeto knew that going that far was uncalled for. Continuing, he slit two parallel line across the tips of the wound, creating a capital I cut.

The Master of Marionette, used his bare hands, and open Drifters dead tourso like a cabinet. The organs inside ceased to be of use in his lifeless body. Except the heart. This was a ritualistic event, realeasing the soul of a victim was his pleasure, and duty. He would not capture it and make a doll from it, but he would keep it for the time being. Uttering the spell that would do the job Spiritus Transferious Bloodusia Posseriar...

The Drifters heart beat once more, a sign that his soul was escaping from it's tortured chamber. A multicolored gasious form streamed upward. Finally setting on a color, dark red, almost purple, a color he'd yet to see. Still it was tainted, not even near white, so it might come in handy. Getting up, from the lifeless body, he walked down to his feet, and picked them up. Giapeto began to drag the body into a clearing where it could not be seen by the naked eye. His job was done, and he was happy with his work.

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Two months ago.

"I don't know Slight. It's all just a little to hero-ish for me."

"You haven't even met them." He retorted. "Just give it a chance."

"Fine. Veritas. What does that even mean anyway?" 

"Uh... It uh... means truth. In Latin."  Magick turned to look at Slight, annoyed. 

"When have I ever told the truth about anyhing!? Name one time."

"God! You are such a whiner.  I was just trying to do you a favor you know."

"Sigh. I know. I'm sorry. And I really appreciate you inviting me to join this other team that you're on.  I'll think about it okay?"


Magick jolted out of the porthole unexpectedly. She turned back to it, angry, but it had already closed. She seemed to be in the middle of a park somewhere. Shortly after accepting Slight's invitation to join Vetiras inc. , Magick had had to go A-wall in order to help her friend Crysta, who was having problems in her home dimension. However, even after a month of helping, The problems had continued to escalate. They escalated to such a point, in fact, that Crysta had thrown Magick out her dimension, For fear that Magick would get hurt. And now Magick was stuck on earth, with no way at all to help her friend.
 Magick walked over to a nearby bike rack, and picked the lock on one of the bikes. in it's place she left a small wad of cash. Now she just had the problem of finding a place to stay since the New-Outsider's HQ was temporarily closed. She supposed she could go to place where her new team lived. She didn't really know any of them except for Slight, but at least it was something. Luckily, the place she had landed in wasn't to far from the Vetiras HQ, so she rode the bike she had stolen to it. When she got there, she found it completely empty.

"Hello? Slight? Anybody?" Magick shouted, but no one responded. Well, no problem. Magick used her powers to scan the area to see if Slight was nearby. He wasn't. Not particularly worried, Magick cast a quick teleportation spell to send her to where he was. He couldn't be any where outside the continental united states. Magick was instantly jolted into the weird nether-space that one gets accustomed to when teleporting. She felt the familiar teleportation feeling that something was tugging at her, and after a few seconds, she braced herself to come out of the nether space, since the teleport should be over. But when she opened her eyes, she was still porting, And the tugging feeling was becoming way stronger than it  should be. Way, way too strong. Suddenly it was if she was being ripped apart; every single one of her molecules being disconnected to each other. In addition the ripping feeling, it also seemed like something really heavy had been dropped on her. She was being crushed and ripped at the same time. This was wrong. Teleportation wasn't supposed to go this way. Slight must have been much farther away than Magick had estimated, probably not even on the planet.  God, Magick could barley teleport to the moon, Much less some planet that wasn't even in her solar system! There was no way she was going to be able to get there in one piece. Not on her own power anyway. Using the last, desperate bit of strength she had, she placed a call to all the other magic users out there, begging them to lend her their power, just for a minute, so that she could finish the teleport. Thankfully, enough people responded. Magick felt her power double, then triple. It soared up to heights she could scarcely imagine, and Magick was able to use it to push through. She could see the planet, her destination. She was almost there. She was going to make it. Then she hit a wall. Literately hit one. It was like someone had set up a perimeter around the planet to prevent anyone from teleporting in. Magick felt the strength she had had fall out of her. It was all she could do to hold her self in the nether-space, so that she wouldn't suffocate in real space. All she had was her own power now, and there was no way that was going to be enough. Left to use her last resort, Magick called on powers so old, that nobody even knew their names. There would be a price, she knew, but now her focus was on staying alive. Using the power she had called on, she slid through the barrier, and found her self on an unknown planet. There seemed to be people around her, but she was too drained to notice. Magick fell to the ground in utter exhaustion. Her stomach felt like it was about to turn inside out, and there where black spots clouding her vision. She was freezing, and burning up at the same time. Suddenly she threw up, and the black spots in her eyes started to close in, making it harder for her to see. Magick was just barley able to make out the concerned form of Slight standing over her before she blacked out. 

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Genesis's talons struck Darkchild in the chest, hard. The points tore through flesh as the stunning pulse was released. But Darkchild didn't seem at all bothered by the attack; instead, as Genesis swooped upwards again, he attempted to swat him out of the sky. The young hero easily avoided it though, simply darting to the side. Before he could attack again however, a blaze of flame and electricity shot towards him. The attacker was someone new; Genesis didn't know anything about him except what he had just learned: he could breathe fire. Caught off guard, the inferno struck Genesis in the chest, forcing him backwards. His armor, thankfully, shielded him from the most heat that would have otherwise killed him, allowing the blast to cease and the flames to die. Re-orienting himself, Genesis expected to see the man who had just attacked him helping Darkchild. Instead, he had created a whip of energy and was bringing it down of Darkchild. He blocked the attack however, stopping the whip in mid-air and blasting it's holder backwards. Then Uchia NeVann, whom Genesis had barely met, snuck an attack on Darkchild, pressing his sword into his throat. Not sure if his attacking DC was a waste of time or not, Genesis suddenly spotted Talon hovering above the battle scene, not making a move to help the heroes or Darkchild. Weird, I thought she was with Wolf Pack. He suddenly realized that below her were dozens of dead Ninjan bodies, one of them with a dagger in her chest and something, is that her heart?, laying beside her. All the other girls were grotesquely mutated, covered with boils. Woah, she’s supposed to be on our side!!! What the heck happened? Now nervous as to what had happened, he settled on what was probably the only way to find out. Telepathically.

Talon didn’t make any notice of Genesis as he approached, not a word, not a look; she just kept looking out over the battlefield as if none of it concerned her whatsoever. He wasn’t sure now what to do, after all he had no way of knowing what, if anything at all, had happened to her. Cautiously he called her telepathically, <Talon?> Nothing. Genesis couldn’t tell if she had heard and was just ignoring him or if somehow he hadn’t gotten through. He knew one thing however, something was most definitely wrong with Talon. It felt like there were not one but two minds inside her, to beings, the same yet different. And that scared him a little, made him even more wary. Not entirely sure why, he waited for something to happen. What he was sure of was that coming back to herself was Talon’s fight; there wasn’t much he could do to help, at least not then. Even so, he stayed, unable to make himself leave. Not until he knew a little more about what was going on.

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The sounds of war raged on, ringing through the ears of Constantine, who flew in stead with Feral Nova. Keeping himself elevated in a carcass of magic, which weaved it's way through his structure. Whilst on the left of him, flew the Wanderer, who was keeping himself up by his telekinetic abilities. As they landed to meet up with some female rebels, Con could not help but look around and notice how young his teammates really were. Stephanie, A.K.A  was only at the young age of 22, that was less than half his own age, his first born was older than her, and the Wanderer was even younger than Steph. The co-leader of WAL made short conversation with the rebels before the minor army set off again.

It was not long before they reached their true destination Farwick castle, the pride of the capital, where Sha currently resided and Wando informed Con that that was why they were in the capital, it seemed their old friend impossibly needed saving, even though Constantine new Sha on a brief basis he would of never thought of her as one who needed helping. Nova's small army landed outside the castle to start a minor diversion, so their leader could get around the back and sneak in to get their friend. As soon as they touched ground they were surrounded by Sigma soldiers, Con blasted back several with the magic that once surrounded his body, whilst Wando froze them in their places. They worked together smoothly and quickly.

As opposing soldiers pressed on Constantine fought back, unleashing fighting styles he had learned from all over the galaxy, by various teachers. Their armour was forged with elegance and Con found it useless to simply punch in on them and expect it to collapse in, even in his nebuelosian state, otherwise known as vampiristic mode. So he hit back with a more strategic approach by heating up certain points before freezing them, disrupting the metal structure making it easy to take down, just by flicking some rocks hard at the right point. They fought back Sigma soldiers with little distress, they were not as easy as taking down some of earths super beings, but Con never felt too pressured by their vast strength. Even when they managed to cause some damage.

When Steph did not return in the time which Con expected, he decided to make his way through into the castle. Signaling to Wando what he was doing, he was sure the kid could handle the remainders on his own. Con pushed through the huge doors and found himself searching the huge building in search of his friends. A short while in he heard a huge bang from the floor above and teleported onto the 4th floor just in time to see Feral Nova and Sha shooting through the wall into the next building. He was on the verge of following when he heard a grunt as he turned to see a Sigma Soldier flying through the air toward him. Once again Con was engrossed in battle, this time things were a little more intense, but he always kept an eye on the fight between Nova and Sha.

Con fought against soldiers of Ninjeta for hours, and finally he was down to the last one in his current area, she rushed him, but with a little magic she was violently forced back and her armour was ripped from her body, only to be molded in to sharp objects which shot themselves down into her body. At this time Con turned to see Nova lying on the floor with a Ninjan soldier standing over her, her blade raised high in the sky about to be brought down, Con's senses tingled as his eyes widened and his whole body protested at the thought of what may happen next, but before he could do anything to try and reach her, he felt a cold metal pass through his body to brake through his skin, he looked down to see a blood covered blade protruding from him.

Flushed, Con fell to his knee, and coughed up some blood. He had obviously miscalculated, the recently defeated Ninjan was not the last threat in his area, but before the soldier could pull the blade out, Con clasped his hands together and swung his arms round, his waist twisting motion with it all, his hands made contact with the Ninjans face sending her flying into the nearest building. He stood up and reached behind him to grab the blade and rip it from his body, with the motion he let out a little gasp of pain. To his surprise in front of him he saw a dying Sha on top of Nova with the blade of one of her precious soldiers piercing her body. Within no time he witnessed the death of the Sha's murderer and an angered Nova firing herself into the air.

Con still had to catch his breath, his hand currently caressing his wound whilst surrounded in a magic bubble, which eventually closed his wound. Out of nowhere Ninjans rushed the battlefield, and without being able to prepare himself for the next fight, they kicked off the ground up for Nova. But even before getting within twenty feet of her, they were dead, burnt from the inside out. This was bad news for Con. They were directly above him and fire rapidly rained down on him, as well as pouring metal, he had barely lifted his arms to shield himself before it all came down upon him. Singing his skin, burning the flesh from his body, right down to his bone, it was pretty painful but nothing he had not experienced before.

When he got back up he found that he was down to only wearing his trousers, which had been torn away into more of a pair of ripped shorts. He stared at his skin, his muscles shone out from the rest, he looked slightly a jigsaw puzzle, with that he felt his face, everything was ok, it seemed he'd only obtained a scar down across his eye, all though he had lost eye mask. That did not matter, he was on another planet after all, and as for the wounds, by the fact he was still alive he could only presume his healing factor was kicking in, but it would be a while before he was totally healed. With magic he could speed the process up, but he did not have time for that he had to make his way to, the recently returned, Nova, who had just been accompanied by Closure. Slowly he limped his way across.

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Silence... that's all that was around the mourning hero, as the stench of burning flesh filled the air around her as nothing but soft sobs of sorrow could be heard coming from the brunette woman as she sat on the cold ground.Her tears flowing from her eyes as she grit her teeth from the pain she was feeling. Her body shaking from the sorrow, frustration and anger that was building inside her. Just then she heard footsteps coming towards her, not those of who were to come and attack her, but the sound of frantic footsteps, almost panic. She never bothered to look up as she then heard the voice of Closure, him dropping to his knees.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't think joking would make you do this." She couldn't concentrate on what he was saying, there was a hint of sorrow in his voice as he spoke again. "I loved her Nova, I knew Sha once upon a time. I had feeling as well as you. Probably not as much as you, due to the history you two had-" and from there her mind flashed back to when they first met, Tekken bringing Sha to the WAL HQ, her and Angelic Reaper greeting the alien princess with open arms, and the three became friends in an instant.

She was then brought back to reality as she felt his warm arms wrap around her, she leaned into them, still holding onto her friends body as she struggled to speak. "She... she sacrificed herself... to save me.. its... its all my fault Closure..." she buried her face in his chest. "Its all my fault!"

"everything is going to be fine, just stay with me. Whatever you need just let me know. I don't like my icon hurting herself for something she didn't do. Just breath Nova, please just breath." Just then footsteps of more Sigma soldiers could be heard running towards them. Nova's eyes quickly darted towards them as she tried to stand, but her knees too weak to do so. With surprise  she saw Closure suddenly jump up and slice the Ninjan's head right off her body. Turning back to her he spoke again. "Take my hand, we have to win this Nova. I need you to help me as well as every other hero on this planet, to kick some candy @ss. Sha would want you to do that. Sweetness on a stick, Fire Goddess of awesomeness. Just take my hand..." She saw him lower his hand to her, and she just stared at it.

"C-clousre... I cant... I don't want to fight anymore... I came here to help Sha... and... now..." she lowered her head in shame as she struggled to hold the tears back. Taking a breath of air she looked back up to Closure, only to find him... gone...

Stephanie knew staying in the middle of the battle field would be a terrible idea, so she slowly got up, and with what little energy she had left managed to make her way inside the castle, and into what seemed to be a bedroom. She was sitting on a bed, holding onto the body of the once Princess Ninjan Warrior, Sha, never letting her go as she slowly rocked back and forth. She didn't know how  long she had been in that same position, but she was so tired... so weak... her body was begging for her to just lay down for a moment, but she couldn't, the pain in her heart was forcing her to keep her arms wrapped around her friend. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." was all that could be heard coming from her, she didn't know what to do, it was happening all over again, a death of yet another friend, a sister.

Then, she heard a familiar and soft voice. "Nova, its Andy, it's ok. You only did what you had to. It's all over now, you can relax. Please, come with me. Let me help you, we're not safe here for long. You are in no condition to continue fighting. I have the rest of the Dragons waiting for us outside, let us get you some medical attention." She continued to sit there, she didn't bother to ever look up as she held tightly onto the now chilling body of Sha.

She shook her head vigorously as she struggled to get a word out. "N-no, I cant leave her... I cant leave her here." She continued to look down at Sha, her eyes swollen red, cheeks damped with tears as her body was filled with not only her own blood, but the blood of the fallen Ninjan. "She sacrificed herself... for me." She said as she grit her teeth. "She didn't have to die Andy! It should have been ME, that Ninjan was after ME!" She yelled out, as she finally looked up at Andy. She sat there for a moment longer, looking at Andy's hand and then back at Sha's body. She knew she couldn't take her... it wasn't her place to take her off her own planet. Slowly standing up she laid the fallen princess on the bed, taking off her tattered black sweater she placed it over Sha's head as she placed her hand over her friends once more, trying to hold back the tears yet again, only to be in vain. She quickly turned towards Andy, hugging him as she began to sob yet again. She hated being like this... so weak, it couldn't be helping the situation that they were all in right now. Right then, through the window's two Ninjans came crashing in, their swords in hand as Nova's head shot in their direction being somewhat snapped back into her senses.

"GET THE HELL OUT!" She yelled as she pulled away from Andy, her body aching as walked a few steps ahead, and built what little energy she had as she burst into flames, they were much weaker than before but they were still surrounding her body. Thrusting her hands forward she sent a blast of fire into the two Ninjans, sending them right back out the window, now on fire. As her flames went out yet again, she fell back on the ground, her body over exhausted as she struggled to breath, her cracked ribs piercing through her lungs. She was now starting to feel the pain from the battle all over her body as the pain from her broken jaw began to creep in. Struggling to stand, she looked over to Andy, "I... I cant leave, The Wanderer, and Constantine are here around the city... I dont know where though.... but I cant leave them." She finally stood up on her own, her knees shaking underneath her weight as she held onto her side, her bloody and bruised body ready to give out. "I'll find them... you go ahead, their my responsibility, as soon as I find them, I'll send them to you."

Almost on cue, Constantine was seen limping his way into the area, his body burned beyond reason, and a wave of guilt hit Nova. "C-con!" She saw him as she struggled to make her way towards him. "Oh my god... Con..." she gently placed her hand onto his shoulder, careful not to cause him pain as she had a look of sympathy in her eyes. "I'm so sorry..." She would have hugged him, but she knew it would have done more damage than good. She then looked around for a moment, "W-where's Wanderer?" almost panic were seen in her expression as she looked around. "Is he alright?" She waited for his answer as she then spoke again. "We need to get out of here... I don't think any of us are in any shape to keep fighting. My communicator is down... get a hold of Wanderer and give him the coordinates to the ICE jet and tell him to meet us there... I don't have the energy to even get myself out of here... and we both are in need of medical attention." She then looked towards Sha's body again for the last time as she then looked to Andy and nod her head. "Lead the way."

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The giant red thing that Warsman had become roared at her. The pure force of that roar let her ears tingle and her raven hair be blown back. His breath smelled of predator, death, flesh, decay and other far worse things. His teeth were already crusted with a dark red. brown and black patina of Ninjan blood. In the wake of his destructive march dozens of Ninjans, once beautiful women, lay dead, their corpses horribly mutilated. Once voluptous chests ripped open, slender graceful arms with dextrous fingers dislocated from the torsos, long and perfect legs broken like toys and lying several feet from the hips they once belonged to. A sight of pure waste and havoc at the same time. And now the torn beast with all its bullet holes, bared tendons under damaged leathery skin and exposed muscles as well as raw flesh showing all over its body turned its fiery red eyes on her. How was a simple mutant to her to stop such a thing?

But she was no ordinary mutant. She was Risky. Even such a horrible abberration couldn't scare her. She had felled worse things. Ancient mutants, forgotten gods, giant robots, androids from the future. Name it and she had killed it. Fear was almost unknown to her. But as much as fear was an alient hing to her she knew another feeling. Friendship. And maybe it had not been a long time since Risky and Warsman were team mades on Wolf Pack but a strong cameradery had evolved between them, both of them being soldiers bred for war. It was pretty much anchored in their genes, perhaps even more so in Warsman's than in her own. Long evenings they had sat together under the artificial light of the light bulb in the Wolf Pack ready rooms drank Vodka, exchanged battle stories and compared their favourite weapons to another in friendly competition. Warsman had always been a fan of heavy artillery, the bigger the better, while Risky supported weapons of smallercalibre which were easy to handle. There had been a lot of laughter in those hours of professional talk.

Now nothing was left of the old Warsman. The man who had loved his oversized bullets and giant cannons so much had become a rabid beast that had torn through the Ninjans like a hot knife through the butter. In respect to her one time comrade Risky could not allow this atrocity to happen, his body and image to be desecrated. He definitely deserved better. She had absolutely no idea who did this but he would pay more than he was ever willing to give for this afront towards Warsman and the Wolf Pack.  Maybe it was the green man who just knelt beside the beast in unbelievable pain, his body swelling and red stripes being drawn all about his body like with a magical invisible feather. As long as he was still caught in his bizarre transformation he was stil a secondary problem, no matter what he became, a monster like Warsman or even something worse.

That had a simple reason. In the moment she had arrived at the scene of this grotesque happening the red thing had turned its attention towards her and had rushed in to attack. Like a flash his clawed arm cut through the air and threatened to decapticate her. Only her refflexes which were hyped to the maximum by the high adrenaline output of her body allowed her to duck under that attack. The claws which looked like black steel made swishing sounds as they passed through the air less than inch over her head. The second attack of his that was directed towards her belly to rip it open she evaded with a backflip nearly slipping on the ground wet from Ninjan blood. Motivated by a horrible bloodthirst the thing didn't hesitate to let a third attack follow its claws while totally neglecting all cover. After all the best defense was a good attack. Perhaps it had at least something from Warsman. All hair on Risky's body stood straight up as the giant teeth closed where her arm had been only  a fracture of a second ago and produced a sound that defied all description in its uglyness.

But now it was her turn. The ridiculously big barrel of the Desert Eagle swung around and spat out three death bringing projectiles right into the amorphous body of her opponent. Where they had hit him (or should she better say it?) flesh was torn from the hulking body even showing some bones at certain points which delivered an almost interesting contrast in their white compared to his red flesh and the black liquid which supped out of his body as a seemingly surrogate for blood. But no result. His bestial cry didn't sound like pain but much more like even more rage. He wasn't slowed down by this, he didn't show any sign of tiring or being affected at all, he just showed more rage. Frustration fired the rampage in his body and let him attack even more viciously. Faster and faster his attacks became while he and the green stranger competited for the loudest screams and his attacks became ever harder to dodge although her moves were forced to become ever more artisitc. His arms began to blur in the Ninjan sun until they were a barely visible typhoon of destruction and black claws. Bullet after bullet entered his body, some even his head, but nothing seemed to be able to stop him. Slowly the confidence left Risky and one thign became certain: She was not here to help her comrade but to die. Lady Luck had finally overused her powers...

This was when the unthinkable happened. Directly over her head a Ninjan exploded in mid air almost reminding of a red and black firework and over the red back of Warsman the white and blue aircraft of ICE, the Icebird, rose into the sky. Risky could feel the pressure the big machine created and felt somewhat relieved at the Dragon's arrival on the battlefield and seeing them entering the fray. And there he was. Her thundergod. Her love. Lst Paladin. Just like the god he was he hovered in the air and let lightning after lightning rain down on their enemy, showing the Ninjans that there were still greater forcers than them out there. In this moment he incorporated everything that a hero should be, strong, noble and valiant. His glorious image filled her with new valor. No, she wouldn't die here, she would have many happy hours with her loved one and her comrade Warsman would be avenged. He gave her the strength to go on, to drive herself to new heights in the hope just to feel his soft lips many more times.

For Warsman the moment in which she had gained new conviction was just another opportunity to strike. Mercylesly he lashed out at her. A claw strike and another bite. Lightly in her thughts Risky dodged too late. She was able to evade the claws but her opponent managed to beat the pistol out of her hand as he caught it with his claws. The bite came even closer. A jump rescued her from being crushed between his mighty teeth and the instruments of attempted murder only missed her by a minimal distance, biting into her ammunition satchel instead. Cursing Risky drew her shotgun. This old buddy had killed everything till yet. Hoping it wouldn't fail her this time she fired both barrels at once.

The result was indeed impressing. It managed to tear most of Warsman's skin from his skull and even laid free the grey brain mass at some points, one of his eyes now rolled in a bony eye socket with hate like she had never seen it. But still it didn not stop the red juggernaut. On he went. Quickly Risky grabbed into her satchel to get two new slugs for her weapon only to feel that her ammunition was now covered in a slimy stick goo.

"Warsman you... You drooled on my ammunition. Last time at least you drooled over it!"

Her daring taunt cost her attention. Not time but attention. Which was worse than time. Some slippery thing, probably some Ninjan organ like a hear or a liver,  that lay around on the battlfeiled got under her army boot. And made her slip. Cursing and with the beginning horror of comprehension on her face Risky fell. Warsman reacted like it was to be respected from an organism that had only killing in mind. With widely opened maw he jumped at her to end the whole annyoing episode with a single bite. Risky herself saw only one option. If she went she would go with falming guns. Strange. never before had her mind been so clear. She could watch everything in bullet time, how the red monster jumped at her, how it came down on her and how the gaping maw of it with the partially broken and rotten teeth filled more and more of her sight until it became everything she could see. It was a deliberate action to point the twin barrels of her father's old weapon right into that abyss of death that opened before her and threatened to gulp her as a whole. As she pulled the triggers it seemed to her that her war cry was even louder than the bang of the gun.


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Thud...The sound was abrupt. But what it brought was even more amazing. The sight he saw made him feel more at home, and yet, a little sad that she had to be here. The girl known as Magick lay upon the ground beside him. Her eyes squinted, as if she was trying to remember who he was, but realizing that she already knew who he was, gave him the impression that she was somehow exhausted. Thrusting the blunt end of his ice trident into the dirt, he knelt down. He grasped her arm, it was heavy, like dead weight, and cold. It very well may have been the frigid air that brought her body temperature to such depths but, he decided that even so, she could not survive like this. "Magick, get up...Come one, these Ninjans won't think twice about killing your body. They fight dirty, and do what they want to achieve thier goals...Get up...Get up...Get up...Come on...Get up." He picked her body up and sat her against a nearby tree.

Rest was what she needed, and rest is what he would insure she would get. But that would come at a price, he'd have to keep watch over her, and fight of Ninjans while doing so. Also, he'd have to postpone his plan to help take out Darkchild. His icy weapon began to attract attention, it's bloody tipped prongs seemed to be a beacon for Ninjans to marvel at. One of them even dared to touch it. From afar he controlled the water that made up the trident, and it melted where it stood, within seconds the liquid matter seeped into the ground. Pulling it ever closer, Slight looked from the corner of his eye at his exhausted friend. "How sad that you had to be here, and I know, I called upon you, but I think I might regret it...With the New Outsiders, there was never any threat that was big enough that would bring us near death, and here we are...Sorry." All of this he said in his head.

Now sitting in front of her, he spoke out loud, trying to get his guilt of his chest. "You know, when I first joined the New Outsiders, I thought that it would bring me fame, like Andy, or Paragon, but as the days went on, and there were no mission, or even training sessions, I wised up to the whole hero game. Evil comes when it wants to, hero's work when they come. And it is said that 'evil never takes a day off, well, I know that to be the truth, it just doesn't explain why they take so long to attack a monument, or something...I'm getting off track... When that first mission came up, I was soo fricken excited, and that's the first time I met you, you were the first magic person I'd ever met. As time passed, and Holly went M.I.A. I saw my opportunity to take control, to try and get my fifteen minutes of fame...Then I saw that it was much more than I could handle on my own...That's why I asked you to co lead with me...Because I saw you, and I knew you were the most capable for the job."

Slight waited until she woke up, or gained enough strength back to speak. He focused his mind, and put up a telekinetic dome around them both, meditating to maximize the durability. He waited for his friend to wake, so that they together could work as a team once more, and hopefully survive.
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She was beautiful in her escape, intertwining with her surroundings to fit through gaps in Warsman's offense and launch her own. Bullets pierced his decayed body, but he felt nothing. He was only interested in her reaction, her amorous appeal being spread by her acrobatics, and her ability to evade even the most disastrous of blows. Warsman boiled over when a shot rang in his ear, taking with it a flying chunk of red. He hadn't noticed it immediately, but his shoulder had been torn to pieces and was now spilling bodily fluids at a disturbing pace. He screamed an ethereal cry, not unlike nails scraping along the face of a chalkboard and almost as if he possessed the spirit of an otherworldly entity mingled with his own.

He did not speak, as she did not, and followed her, completely entranced by what she could do to him and what he had yet to do to her. He, for some reason, knew her and wanted to destroy her for that fact, as if his knowledge of her voice and body caused him pain. He was a creature built to resist pain and to be utterly immune to the effects of war. He knew no mercy, no remorse, no love, but he knew friendship from her. He knew the voice and touch. He was distracted; Risky had the moment to strike. He was torn more so in mind than in body and felt little and gave no reaction to the attack. He looked at her, smiling a forced and contrived grin. From his eyes, he knew remorse. He wanted to stop. But his body forced him forward. His drive to eat and to satisfy the hunger digging itself into his gut made him lunge for her throat, the killing blow.

"Forgive me..."

As his teeth barely grazed her skin, he stopped.

By God, he finally stopped.

A gunshot wound opened in his chest, near his heart. Risky's emotion wasn't fear. It wasn't hope for victory. But instead, it was something similar to accomplishment. She had destroyed the monster her friend had become. They were so alike, but Warsman knew wrath more than Risky. Risky was still closer to human, more colorful in her outlook on life. She had so much to live for.

Warsman slumped to the ground beside her, like they were laying out on the grass looking at the heavens above them. It was just like back home, when Hunter was teaching Talon how to use her powers, GB hogged the danger room, and they were the only ones with any common sense between them. Only, this wasn't home. The constant flash of blood that his wounds spat on his face reminded him of that. He couldn't hear. He couldn't think. But he breathed. His lungs heaved faster, his heartbeat constant...what did Risky do?

His skin faded to its normal pale, caucasian color when he reached up to let himself know the situation was under control and his muscles contracted to a spindly sort. They were overused and needed time to rest. He needed time to rest. His brain, once slowed to a faint whisper of its normal capacity, was finally catching up to what was happening. He closed his bloodshot eyes and the only indication that he was even alive being the erratic churning of his torso.

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A Year Ago.....


Ethan picked out his phone from his pocket, he was lucky to be in a quiet place inside the heart of Las Vegas during the night. The moon was out, it's sparkling form embraced by the city's extravagant lights. Sin city was bustling, and Ethan was one of the crowd. He moved with them when he approached the streets, and drank with them when in a bar, and when he danced with pretty little things from the clubs.

Stryke was confused, but unhinged he answered. "This is....Well first of all, who the f#ck are you?"

A voice answered, it was calm and not angry at Ethan's response. Actually, the voice was slightly amused by the man's response, almost as if suspecting the anxiety of curiosity.  "I got dis proposition for yer."

Ethan looked at his phone in disbelief. No one should have been able to call him, no one should even know his number. This person, this being....had some serious money and a overpowering persona. The only way, the only possible way, would have been to 'buy' into the Sprint phone banks and find this phone number hidden by piles of bugs and viruses that would send a computer into a spiraling meltdown of failure. Literally. The computer would more or less cause a combustion of flames. What was also distinguishably confusing was the matter that the voice spoke in a heavily accented french voice. And this voice held a pride for whatever it had done.

"Answer my question....Who the f#ck are you?,"
Stryke was now serious as he regained his railings. This man on the other end, he was very dangerous. Who know what he could bring up about Ethan's past and what he had done.

"Dhat is not important."
The same calm voice responded, but with the tenacity of 'nobody else is going to know this' secrecy.

Ethan put the phone away from him, and looked at it again. The man speaking to him had swagger, and an undaunted version of being better than anyone else. "This is important, so tell me or you might as well hang up the phone and get someone else to help you."

"Fine... Not much of a secret...I'm de illustrious Gambler."
The voice backed up this sentence more than anything, providing the option of truth. Truth, was the only option. Stryke became an astonished child. Looking right and left as if a lucky fanboy. Gambler, the infamous villain, was on the phone with him. Of all the people. The person who had previously thought this french man as some annoying prick was now absolutely changed into a respectful newbie.

"So what is this proposition? And why would you ask me?"

"Ah....De idiot thinks he has nothing to provide. Dhere are people in this world who are new to our super-hero community. You are that example, but you have extremely raw power. You are different than most, but you follow des others mind set. What is their mind set? De think de having nothing to offer, but de are the next generation. For dis reason, I am offering you a position on my new team. The House of G. Do you accept?"
Now Ethan knew this was definitely the Gambler he had heard much about.

Stryke was surprised. The opportunity of joining a team with Gambler was a dream. On the spur of the moment, he simply agreed. But agreed while concealing his excitement.

"Yes. Yes, I accept."

"Good, dis is going to be excellent....Learn from this precious gamble I'm taking on you."

Present Day and Time

Ethan was in front of the door of one of his colleagues room. A beautiful woman who had also joined Gambler's team, which was very well shaped with many members.Her name, Charmix. Stryke didn't know why he was there, but she was the only person he could think of that would offer a good time when he was bored. He just felt inclined to knock on her door and get something done. There was need of some more soldiers for Gambler's army, and most Ninjetan's would not join without force or intervention. Actually, they needed child soldiers. Meaning, a lot of problems. Parents and grandparents literally fighting and oppressing Gambler's soldiers from wrenching away children from their homes. This kind of thing was dangerous, but it needed to be done. To Stryke, it was nothing more than a video game that needed to be beat. However, if a game fun without having someone else playing with you? No. Going out alone would not be any fun. It was parallel to a video game. After all, two people are a couple. A couple of fun!

Ready in garments ready for battle, Stryke started to bang on the door politely. He had no way of knowing if she was in there or not, but he had high hopes. Charmix was a fun kind of person, and hopefully she was out right bored too. Maybe she would like to go out and do something besides be locked up in a fortress full of just killing people already bound at their hands and toes. To reassure himself, Ethan leaned closely to the door and spoke.

"Hey, you in there? I'm bored.........Wanna go do something."

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Lady Night grasped her communicator from her pocket and looked down upon it. An echoing blue dot showed Akwa’s position. She closed to and quickly shoved it in her pocket. “This must be the place” Her brown eyes gazed at the mysterious building. Her heart continued to pound as the adrenaline kept flowing through her blood. The building stood high. Just outside of it Ninjetan guards were scattered all over the place. Lady Nightmare’s eyes absorbed the situation as she began deviate a plan. She came to a conclusion and annoyingly exhaled. “Awka you better be hurt”

 Just as the words left her mouth she caught a couple of Ninjetans attention. Their superior bodies quickly surround Lady Nightmare. Thinking fast she slipped her hand in her pocket and pulled out a tiny round ball. The Ninjetan guard held their weapons to her neck. She slammed down the ball and smoke disbursed in her place.

Lady Nightmare grappled a Ninjetan guard and teleported a secluded distance from the building. As soon as the two appeared at the spot the Ninjetan ripped away from her grip. The moment the Ninjetan broke her grasp Lady Nightmare pulled a gun from her holster and fired several adamantium bullets in her head. Its body when limp and feel to the floor. Lady Nightmare took its clothes off and exchanged it for hers. She began to slip on the Ninjetan uniform. “Ugh...How do they wear these?” she thought to herself as she began to put on the rest of the uniform. “Now, all I need is blond hair and lighter skin” she thought to herself once more.

Her body disappeared once more but this time closer to the building. She peered at the guards as she started to enter their minds. Controlling the Ninjetans was surprisingly easy.  Lady Nightmare clouded their vision to make herself appear as one of them.”Hey”, one of them said to her as Lady Nightmare approached the entrance. Lady Nightmare heart began to pound while she started to turn to her.”Yes?” “Are you new? I haven’t seen you around here.” “Yes, I am. I’m one of the new recruits” ‘Oh, I thought so” The guards opened the door to the place. Lady Nightmare cautiously proceeded.

The halls were long and dim. Ninjetans were moving left and right. Most of Lady Nightmare mind was occupied by controlling near Ninjetans simultaneously. Finally she had come across a Ninjetan with the where abouts of Akwa.”Hey! Where are you supposed to be?”and Ninjetan said as she approched her. ”I was sent to guard the prisoner” “No, need the prisoner has already being dealt with” ”Yes, ma’am”

When the Ninjetan was far from sight Lady Nightmare headed to the detainment area. At the door was an ID lock. Lady Nightmare slipped in the card of the deceased Ninjetan and it opened .The two Ninjetans in the areas eyes shot at her as she entered the room.” No one else is supposed to be in here”, they yelled at the cloaked Lady Nightmare “I know” she said as she put a psionic shield around the door. Lady Nightmare immediately jumped the minds of the two. One of them when down easily but the other was still struggling.

Using the controlled Ninjetan she fired one of their energy blasts at it. Then suddenly it came up and charged into her. Lady Nightmare wrapped her hand around its neck. It started to gasp for air as Lady Nightmare grip became tighter and tighter. Finally she pulled out her gun with her other hand and put it out of its misery. The sound of her body hitting the floor echoed. 

Lady Nightmare ran to Awka, still behind a mysterious field. “Are you ok?”…. “Now, how do I get him out of here?” she said to the controlled Ninjetan. “You have to activate a button on her suit” It pointed to the dead Ninjetan. “Which one?” “It can only be pressed by the wearer.” “How about if I destroy it? Will that work?” “I suppose” Lady Nightmare pulled out her gun and pulled the trigger toward the corpse. Finally, the last bullet deactivated the field. “Now you are rescued”  

Then the buildings alarm started to sound “What’s that?!” she said to the Ninjetan “If someone’s suit is destroyed inside of the building the alarms are activated”  “Why didn’t you tell me that?!”” You didn’t ask” Lady Nightmare shot the Ninjetan in the head.

“We know you’re in there!” The psionic shield started to fold underneath the strength of the Ninjetans.” Lady Nightmare awaited a smart remark from Awka as she formed a plan.

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Sitting alone in his personal quarters aboard The Dawntreader, Raker held in his hand a copy of the image the ship's crew had taken of Talon/X-23 standing alongside Darkchild as his ally instead of as his enemy. "This image shouldn't exist. The future witnessed by Scar and my counterpart shouldn't have become the actual present, because that would mean they are in some way closer to making "New Genesis" a realization. Something is wrong...and I believe the only way to set right that which once went wrong is through direct intervention. I need to confront Laura Greystroke and force her off the path she has put herself on. If I don't...the outcome which determines the fate of all life not just on Ninjeta alone but the rest of the Universe beyond it as well could be catastrophic if she is allowed to go unchecked."

"How do you plan to go about making this confrontation a reality? You are in no condition to be rushing in the midst of a war to change the outcome of a single event that can be dealt with and fixed at a later time. Your body is still healing. It requires more than a single hours worth of rest and relaxation."

Raker turned around to face the hovering form of Sayd, another former Guardian of the Universe who had been banished from Oa alongside her beloved Ganthet and went on to found the original incarnation of The Blue Lantern Corps with him. "You're here...did you manage to find Scar?"

Sayd nodded her head and smiled. "Yes, Ganthet is taking her to The Klyn where he is going to ensure that she is imprisoned in the same cells as The Proemial Gods called Tenebrous of the Darkness Between and Aegis, Lady of Sorrows."

"Oh. Well, that's good. Now I don't have to lie and tell everyone I killed her. Not that they believed that I actually defeated a Guardian of the Universe and then killed her to begin with, mind you. As for the answer to your question...well I am going to have to answer it with another question: Could I ask another favor of you?" Raker smirked, tilting his head slightly to the left as he did so before asking his question.

Sayd cocked an eyebrow at Raker and then sighed. "I suppose you want me to restore your body back to full health so you can confront this girl and avert whatever outcomes may result from this event that could be responsible one way or another for making New Genesis a realization, is that it? Alright. But if I do...what shall Ganthet and I receive in return?"

"Well...since The Lawbringers of New Azura are technically back in action as well as me being given my title of Captain-General back I do have it within my limited authority to give both you and Ganthet the one legal binding contract in all the Universe that your people do not have to give you even if you weren't banished and that most races so far have refused to give you for various reasons: an authenticated certificate declaring your status as a married couple. Now...I know you two could just create one out of thin air and say it's legal if you wanted to but you know as well as I do that if you say something enough times it does not make it true."
Raker replied while cocking an eyebrow back at Sayd, who seemed somewhat at a loss to say what was on her mind.

"I...I...alright, you win." Sayd whispered before lifting her hand up into the air and dousing Raker in a shower of healing energies that almost instantly took effect upon making contact with him, restoring every damaged cell in his body back to full health in the process. "I suppose you would also like me to teleport you down right next to her so you won't have to comb your way through the battlefield on Ninjeta's surface to find her?"

Raker nodded. "Yes and while were on that subject I'd also like it if you could cover for me while I'm gone and possibly give me the means to teleport back on-board the ship once I am done doing what needs to be done, that would be great."

"Sigh...I suppose. Contact me when you are done dealing with the girl and I will bring you back to the ship. No one will even realize you were gone."

Raker quickly grabbed The Harvester of Sorrow from the top of a nearby table and then gave Sayd the signal to teleport him down. In mere seconds Raker found himself standing behind Talon on a battlefield situated around the ruins of what was once Darkchild's Stronghold on Ninjeta.

"Laura Greystroke of Earth...how could you even think of betraying those who mean the most to you in this world? Your people need you now more than ever...it does not make sense that you would just suddenly turn on them at the drop of the hat...you just don't seem like that kind of person." Raker said as he formed a telepathic connection with Talon's mind and tightly grabbed onto the hilt of The Harvester of Sorrow in case she decided to give him his answer through her actions rather than her words.

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Akwa attempted to move again but couldn't, stymied by the paralysing fields. He watched as another Ninjan walked in, perhaps to help in the torture. This perhaps was changed to a 'definately' as she grabbed an instrument from the table. The instrument was a long and slim metal rod made out of some sort of unidentified golden metal. It ended in two tapered prongs and it looked like it had a complex system of electronics embedded in it. He really did not want to know what it was going to do. He had a sinking feeling that he was going to find out very soon.

The armoured one took the rod off her.

"I'll do it first! I've never tortured an off-worlder before! Maybe they'll bleed in different and interesting ways," she said with relish. Akwa recalled his own almost identical thoughts about fighting Ninjans and gave a mental wince. This is what some may call poetic justice. Akwa just called it 'bug-fuckery'. It's probably best for your own state of mind if you dont know the exact meaning of that term.

The woman regarded him with interest before jabbing Akwa in the shoulder with the prongs. The strange golden metal passed through the force fields easily and stabbed deep holes into his arm. He ground his teeth but didn't say anything. She flicked a switch on the rod's handle.

Pain suddenly flared into Akwa's shoulder and began to spread. A huge mist of pain seemed to envelop his entire body as every nerve in his body was simulated in every painful way. It was like being hurt in every possible way all at once. His vision dimmed but he didn't fall into unconsciousness. The fields kept him from escaping his pain in such a basic way.  He would've screamed but he couldn't. He couldn't muster the air to as his lungs felt like they were being crushed and rolled up into a ball.

The pain seemed to last an eternity before it slowly receded, leaving Akwa with the sensation that someone had ripped apart every inch of his skin with tiny needles before moving on to shred his insides. His entire body felt like it was on fire. He would have slumped down in a heap if it wasn't for the fields forcing him to be in the exact same position.

What the pain did to his mind was a different thing altogether. His mind was festooned with all sorts of mental blocks designed to hold different parts of him in check. Akwa had even constructed one of those blocks himself. He had done it to hold in his berserk rage, something that had been imprinted into him when he had been created. As a result, it was the shoddiest mental block there and the tidal wave of pain was causing it to bend an awful lot...

Somewhere deep within his mind, there was a mental image of a dam holding back a great flood of water that was pounding on it with great force. The dam began to shake, began to bend...

Akwa opened his eyes as the torture stopped. His eyes widened as he saw his fellow team mate Lady Nightmare enter the cell, wearing one of the Ninjan's uniforms. If his paralysed facial muscles were capable of making him leer, they would've. The uniform did not leave much to the imagination.

He pushed those thoughts out of his heads as completely irrelevant to the current situation. Help had come and he would be out of here in no time.

The dam began to push itself back up as new propping beams appeared out of nowhere. The torrent of water abated and the dam stood once more. It was cracked and greatly damaged but it stood. For now..

He watched as Nightmare used her telepathic powers to cause the assistant Ninjan to kill the armoured Ninjan. He seemed strangely detached as she shot the the panel of buttons on the arm of the armoured corpse.

The fields suddenly dropped and Akwa collapsed onto the ground.

 “Now you are rescued”  

He got back to his feet as the strength rapidly returned to his muscles. He turned to Nightmare, the woman who had rescued him at a highly fortunate time.

"Thanks Lady, much appreciated and-"

He was cut off as an alarm sounded and he heard Ninjans closing in on their position.

"-or then again, as a master of disguise and mental ability, dont you think it was within your abilities to rescue me without setting off the alarm? Or did you just do it because you enjoy being attacked by hordes of super-powered Barbie dolls?"

He eyed the doorway as Ninjans threw themselves at the Psionic shields Nightmare had placed around it.

"Nah, don't sweat it Lady N."

Strange ominous noises came from the other side of the doorway. He heard a Ninjan voice saying something about bringing in the 'anti-teleportation fields'.

"They outnumber us, surround us, and have blocked off our every avenue of escape! In short-"

The shield crumpled as Ninjans spilled into the cell.


He liquified and the first few Ninjans just fell straight through him, landing on the floor. A storm of ice projected itself straight through the doorway, ripping through the assorted Ninjans waiting outside. Akwa wasted no time. He ran straight out, barreling into a group of Ninjans.

The Ninjans were far stronger and durable than Akwa was but just because they had superior strength didn't mean they couldn't simply be knocked off their feet as Akwa ran straight into them, swinging his fists. His fists liquified and then solidified as fists made of ice. Using them, he punched his way through the Ninjans.

Normally his punches wouldn't do anything to them. But now...he smashed one in the face with his Hail-fist and watched as her head disintergrated. With the presence of ice in his hands, their durability was nullified and had fallen back to roughly standard human durability. He could deal with humans.

Another one of his strikes jabbed a hole straight through an attractive female's gut as he swung his other hand around and decapitated another. He ducked away from a flurry of Ninjan blows, using his Water Form to easily evade them. He stepped back. They had not yet paid for what they had done to him. Him! Nobody tortured Akwa. They could torture other people he didn't really care about them. But him? No, they had not yet paid in full. Their entrire race will pay in full!

Savage blasts of ice rippled down the corridors of the fortress, tearing through their skins and assorted organs.

They had not paid yet. Not nearly enough.

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A crimson stream trickled along the edge of his blade, and run it a long the Dark Child’s neck. A few drops fell from his sword hitting the ground in front of DC’s feet. "Was it really that simple to dispose of someone as powerful as Dark Child." The thought flashed across the front of his mind. If it was a normal person or at least someone who wasn’t known for being so powerful, Vann wouldn’t have had a second thought about. But as we all know when something seems to good to be true it most likely is. His arm that held a firm grip on his sword jerked forward and his feet left the ground, as he was tossed over the Dark Lords shoulders. He wasn’t sure if it was a last second adrenaline rush or did he just anger the tyrant, which he figured to be equal to shaking up a hornets nest before smashing it on the ground. Showing his high level of agility the shinobi extended out his free arm, planting his hand on the ground and torque his body 180 degrees before pushing off and landing across from Dark Child. "I wanted to accept you all into my world, but no you wanted to start a war. You want a war so be it." He listened to an enraged DC yell. "Yep he’s a hornets nest right now…" Vann thought to himself right as he saw the Evil One vanish.

Raising his blade up he flicked once sending DC’s blood the ground. "Damn dark magic user, no telling what he could do with his blood even after it’s left his body." He said while sheathing his sword and turning his attention to where Dark Child had reappeared. His eyes darted to his left before his body followed, reviling a man that the ninja had never met nor seen being hoisted up from his neck by DC. The two seemed to know each well, as Dark Child whispered something. Before holding the man out like a shield and speaking to the ninja. "Your next little man." A smirk fell over Vann’s face as his eyes looked at the ground next to him where the trickles of blood fell. "Well if we were playing for blood, I’d say you lost. But since you named me your huckleberry I don’t know if I should hate you." He sarcastically said before the Child of Darkness barked out some orders to his minions and turned his attention back to the man and whispering again.

Unknown to Dark Child the shinobi knew of the every word that he just said. His watching of all of DC’s movements even involved his lips. With the copying and analytical abilities he was able to sync the movements of his lips with evil tyrant in front of him. "I see he’s a smooth talker…" the annoyingly unkillable shinobi thought to himself, as he watched the man fall to the ground after agreeing. NeVann’s vision began to blur a little as small details began to fade in with other colors. Thought he didn’t let any sign of it show, he become good at hiding the fact that his sight is fading in and out. "Soyou want me gone from this world, how come? I am just like you, the unkillable and we make it look soo good." DC yelled at him before slapping his own chest and continuing on. "My qualms are not with you, and your little pretty has never given me a reason to take her out. So you decide now Ninja will you take the acceptable losses you have received and leave. Or will you choose the hard way, and fight me for probably hours on end to a standstill?"

"You say I’m like you… It’s official now, I hate you… But that is unimportant at this time. To answer your first question it’s not you so much what you represent, everything dark and vile, the corruption and greed that you’re spreading over this world. So to stop that I think I’ll take the hard way but I don’t see a stand still in sight nor do I think it’s last hours." The smirk never left his face as he watched a pair of arms erupt from beneath DC trying to get a grip on him before a swarm netlike of wires looped around the dark powerhouse to ensnare him before the shinobi heard the voices of Cly and Mateziode yelled almost in unison for him to end Dark Childs life. "Umm… Now what did you say about accepting my losses… Remember you may lose things in the dark, but you can always find them in the light." He said, his tone of voice was no longer of a sarcastic nature as he made a hand seal creating six shadow clones that circled the Lord of Darkness.

Holding his left hand up at head level making a half tiger seal. He watched as his clones all went into to impale DC, planning to turn him into a living pin cushion. But he knew a simple impalement wouldn’t be enough to slow down the dark juggernaut, that’s why his hand was still up holding a seal. "Bunshin Daibakuha: Clone Great Explosion." He yelled as all six clones simultaneously combusted. "Cly, Mateziode I’ll deal with Dark Child here he’s long over do for a time out… Go and take care the man that just left… he’s one of DC’s newly acquired servants and is now a threat." He told them while he waited for the smoke from the explosion to clear so he would know Dark Child’s fate.

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Werner had looked at the woman that had teleported in, she did not look like a Ninjan which must have meant she was on the resistance’s side but he was not dumb enough to go to her and act like she wouldn’t try to kill him because she doesn’t know who he is. It seemed she hadn’t noticed him, mainly due to Warsman attacking her quickly as if there was something about her that was special to him, the woman moved swiftly and gracefully against the fast and wild attacks of the raging beast Werner had brought back to life. She tried shooting him, many times the bullets connected but nothing seemed to put him down, Werner thought of coming to her aid but he didn’t know who she was, she probably would start attacking Werner just for the hell of it, but something in Werner’s mind told him to attack both of them, voices in his head “…attack them, you would fuel your rage on their corpse’s, you can also exhibit your new body for use, inflict pain and attack them…” Werner tried suppressing this voice in his head but the rage was strong, his focused mind and undying will was what was saving him from entering the fray.
Werner’s new senses were uncanny, his sinuses were being overloaded by the smell of the Ninjan blood littering the field and his hearing grew better, he could actually overhear resistance members speaking to each other from at least a mile away. At that moment he heard metal gliding through the air in a rather familiar tune, he looked towards it and it was non other than the famous ICE Dragons, led by his good-moraled and well respected teacher, Andferne. He always taught him to care for others, something Werner wasn’t used to, he was the exact opposite of his old master, Doom, he had integrity, leadership, self-less service, all the components of what a better civilian I should be, but these stuff don’t come into play when your body is being driven by hunger and avarice. Werner wanted to go over there but he was too busy trying to fight off the voice inside his head telling him to attack everyone in sight, Werner started feeling more hungry than he’s ever been, his stomach was growing restless, making grumbling sounds like they normally do when they are hungry for food, mouth is watering with his saliva, looking down at a fresh corpse, Werner wasn’t trained to preserve life, he was trained to preserve his own, by any means necessary.

The fight between Warsman and the mysterious woman still raged, gun shots heard ever so clearly by our reborn warrior, he knelt down on the corpse as he hesitated as he still had a human side to him but his bestial side was still more powerful than his human-like side. Werner tried not looking at the body but the voices kept saying “…Do it…You know you want to, all it takes is a couple of bites and you should be sated…For now…And then you could go fight those two, you love testing your fighting skills don’t you?...The one thing that drives you out of your bed at night…Testing your survival skills, yes? you also have the urge to kill every once in a while? yes, don’t hide it.” The voices were annoying but they were true, Werner always liked testing his might in combat, and he used to kill anyone who lost to him, it was therapeutic for Werner. Werner was thinking he’s going crazy, hearing things, he finally let his animal side take over and did the one thing he never did before.

Werner hated himself for it but he was so hungry for it he just couldn’t stop, he was so sorry but it felt so right to him, he hoped no one was watching,
looking at his betrayal to organic lives resembling homo sapiens. Werner was done with the body quickly, sating himself enough to regain his common sense and intelligence, wiping off the blood on his mouth with the snow. He looked over to see that the two were still fighting they’re vicious battle until the woman was on her back and as Warsman jumped, she let out a “YAHOOOOO” and shot Warsman in the chest. Werner looked astonishingly at the woman for being able to make that beast fall to the ground. Werner looked down at Warsman and saw something he couldn’t believe, he was getting smaller and his skin was turning whiter. What had she done? Maybe it was the blast to the heart that did it, maybe he’s dead…again, no he was still breathing. Whatever it was it was able to change him into something far different, was this his original form? So many questions needing answering, Werner was dazed at the shock of what happens all around him he almost forgot about the woman.

Werner took his adamantium daggers and placed them in his pockets, he approached theup to the woman cautiously as to not alert her in a violent manner. Werner proceeded, clearing his throat as he spoke from afar in a deep, baritone voice “Y-you there! What did you do to him? Are you a Ninjan? Last of all who are you?”
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She had gone over every plan every possible out come and non of them were good. This situation was something she was unable to master. Not her stealth, her fighting abilities, her strength of knowledge could help her. For the depravity of her mental state was detraining and her sanity fading along with it. She could hardly believe it. X23 was trying to overwrite Talon. To wipe her out of existence and then she’d be alone. But as for the why, she could find no answerer. X-23 was a monster yet to those who did not know her she was that but to Talon there was more going on her. “Selice” that name was one she knew.But could not recall how. She needed answers and in this time she needed help.

Selice looked over the battle field with her teeth glinting in the fire light. You could tell she was enjoying this watching the innocent suffer and the mighty fall. But she had been raised for war it was her past her present and sadly her future. Though nothing was known about this entity she had endured hardships many of them in fact. A sigh escaped her pail red lips as she brushed her hand up her shoulder as a slight hint of regret came over her. Her eyes still watched the blazing battle that laid before her never the less her mind was some where else. She knew how things were to unfold and that after this war another would rise up out of the ashes.

But as soon as the emotion was these it finished like a vapor as she clenched her fist she lowered herself until her feet touched the hard stone ruin of Darkchild’s castle. She looked around as she that most of it had been decimated in the attack of the Phoenix and the pilot. “Yes the hero’s actions are admirable but are they sustainable”. She whispered as her marble black eyes looked down at her feet. She crouched down slightly and touched the soil brushing it against her hand as the wind came to scatter it away she whispered “all things must come to an end.”

Being locked inside her mind as something Talon was less than combatable with. Not to mention it was basically a black area no light nothing she would have had a better time getting use to being at the Facility than in her own locked up mind. But at least it was quiet that was a good thing. “What the hell am I doing” she scolded herself. “I’m locked up in my head an evil entity has control over by being and I’m here thinking and being grateful that it is quiet!” Shaking her head she thought over possibly ideas but the only problem was they needed some one on the out side aiding her.

That brought another conclusion to her mind. What if they did not know it was X-23. She had not told any one about her other half possibly Akwa but hardly and she was very avoidant of it. She found it embracing for people to know that she had another personality locked up with in her. She was ashamed of herself most of the time for harboring this thing but since she could last remember it. This demon did not just manifest itself with in her one day out of the blue. X23 had harbored itself with in Talon all her life. She had told Laura so in her monologue when she first appeared. But the one thing Talon was unable to get was why her?

If she was to think about it logically it would have been better for X-23 to over come so one else much more powerful. But most likely then their mental stability was much stronger than her own. It was funny she was an assassin a really good one. She could kill with out mercy was ruthless ever at some time heartless and emotionless. She did not care about what others thought as long as she would finish the mission. She was able to plan and calculate every possible outcome. Drive any thing she was to come in contact with. Hack into any system. Leap of buildings fearing nothing but failing her mission. Born in captivity had Vibranium claws and a tempter and her weakness. If she was to search really, really hard she would discover. That her one and true weakness was her mind.

“They fight in vain you know” she could hear her other half hiss. Rolling her hand she had nothing else to do tan reply. “They fight to protect earth and to protect those that they love”. X23 shook her head and sighed. Talon was locked in her mind yes never the less they were able to communicate on a telepathic along with also being seeing each other. In this void of telepathy Talon appeared her same old self battered and bloody with anger about to boil over. Her hands were clenched and her teeth were gnashed together. She was dressed in tattered jeans and a black tank top her black strands of hair laid on her face as her bright yellow eyes glared at her counter part.

Tilting her head slightly X-23 smiled. “They fight in vain for they know that new threats will arise and more people will suffer. But as you say they at least have something driving them…but what about you.” Laura’s eyes shot up as she looked at Selice in confusion yet retaining her anger. X-23 could see that she had silenced Laura and a sinister smile formed on her face as she chuckled slightly. “and what about you? Oh Talon of the Wolf Pack? What drives you to kill why do you bother saving a world that will never accept you. Why do you bother trying to make a life for yourself when you know the ultimate ending of it all?” She looked at her so called sister and asked “What ending?” Your going to die Laura! That’s what’s going to happen to you it’s inevitable so accept it. “

Letting out a growl she charged toward her and attempted to drive her claws through her. Though X-23 disappeared off the telepathic plane and back to reality. Talon fell to her knees and began to cry out of despair. The honestly was no hope. What could happen. X-23 had her mind and her body under her control. There was nothing she could not longer to. She was powerless to the wants of this being that had sole control over her. What could she do what could any one do.  What could possibly “Talon?”……for a moment she wondered if that was herself and the possibility of insanity creeping onto her. She remains silent not sure if she was imagining the voice or if there was really some one trying to speak to her.

There was silence no reply. She remained silent a little longer as she soon picked up the presence of some one. Gladly X23 had not picked him up yet so she needed to remain calm. But as she tried to get a better look at her telepathic link person she could feel her power fading. Any moment The entity would be able to find out who was trying to contact her….and a thought came to her mind. It was crazy reckless and very illogical but she had no Idea what else. It was strange how you some times get these Ideas that make no scene at the time but later on prove themselves to be very voluble and a core issue. 

She had no time to think through her action only did it. With a large amount of effort she sent a large telepathic message to who ever contacted her. It was loaded yes it was dangerous yes she had no Idea if this person could handle it but she had a feeling that this would be key later on. With the task completed she was unable to fight and lost consciousness leaving X-23 in completely in control for the time being.

Never the less X-23 had enough problems to worry about. She soon felt a being emerge from behind her as she turned she found herself face to face with a being known as Shadowstep.

Whom Talon had a brief but enlightening encounter with non the less. "Laura Greystoke of Earth...how could you even think of betraying those who mean the most to you in this world? Your people need you now more than ever...it does not make sense that you would just suddenly turn on them at the drop of the hat...you just don't seem like that kind of person." She looked at him with a slight hint of confusion for he had no Idea who he was speaking to.

As Talon lay in a subconscious state of mind almost asleep yet slightly conscious. She head Shadow boys accusations. Her body lit up and hope resurfaced. She attempted to speak to him though he had already established a telepathic link with X-23 obviously not know that he had an option between the tow. She would have fought she tried to fight for domanence over X23 in hopes she could some how talk to Shadow boy but she could not. Her mind was to weak and after the loaded message she had just scent it would take time for her to be able to even try to speak. All she could hope that her deceptive friend could hold X-23 off just long enough for part B of her plan to work..

A slick smile formed on her face as her black eyes faded to Talons emerald eyes color. “Wow form the way I hear you speak you make it out as if Talon is a real person….wow…I’m shocked. Poor child how she can delude people who get even an inch near to her….it’…it’s uncanny!” She let a sigh escape her lips as she brushed her hair aside. “My dear man you have no clue to what your dealing with….for this girl harbors many a dark secret with in her. See this little earthling is much more than you could comprehend. My name is Selice better known as X-23  do not know why though and Talon is my host you could say. Till further developments arise and I intend to basically kill her soul mind and spirit so if it’s not to much trouble how about you go fight for truth and justice and leave me to shatter the soul of this poor tormented little girl…”

  As she finished her eyes glinted around the light reflected off Shadowstep’s weapon. “But if you choose to fight…then by all means bring it one shadow master…”




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"You say I’m like you… It’s official now, I hate you… But that is unimportant at this time. To answer your first question it’s not you so much what you represent, everything dark and vile, the corruption and greed that you’re spreading over this world. So to stop that I think I’ll take the hard way but I don’t see a stand still in sight nor do I think it’s last hours."

Darkchild snickered as the Ninja was delcaring he would be the victor in a battle between the two powerhouses. "You are such an arrogant fool, you sure your a Nevann sound much like myself when I was..younger. Its going to be such a pity when I...what the?" As he spoke arms burst from the ground latching down onto his legs and their grip was vicelike. Escape would have been quick if not for the net that wrapped around his body. He glares to Nevann "Uchiha, what meaning is this? Trickery, such a ugly tactic.....see you are learning." Heating his body up using the energy within him the hands retract back into the ground but the net stood in place keeping him at bay.

Nevann slapped his hands together and made a movement of his hands. Darkchild watching closly at Nevanns hands he didnt even pay attention when the clones burst to life all around Nevann. As soon as they were created they burst forward, Nevann screaming another incantation as they neared the clones for a brief moment glowed bright and DC said "HAHAHAHA Jutsus....this will be fun."


The explosion wrapped all around Darkchild engulfing him its wake, and the dust circled around him. Soon the explosion died down, and all that remained was the dust cloud and Darkchild standing in a rather big crater. All he could do was chuckle as he walked out of the remnants of the last attack, his laughter stopped suddenly and a gust of win blew away the dust showing why his laughter had stopped. His suit, his current prized creation had been damaged greatly. Looking to his arm the suit hangs by threads on his arms and chest, leaving the rest of his body semi covered. He looked up to Nevann "Do you know how long it took me to create this, how much trouble it was to find a mind great enough to create it and low enough on the totem pole that once dead no one would care nor remember.....alright it only took a day to make but none the less. It was my own time an blood, I was simply going to use the suit with you but you just bumped yourself from annoying to down right rage enducing." Watching Cly and Mat leave the field he looked over to Goki

"Get lost, deal with the rats when they come at you. Take your woman and deal with them, when Drifter and Ferro arrive make sure they deal with the others. DO NOT intefere with me, and make sure the Ninjas soldiers do the same." Turning back to Uchiha "Lets use what we are given yes?"

Darkchild thrusts his arms out to the side of him, his body slowly begins to glow. Then he brings them in towards his body slowly, drawing in the energy around him along with the kinetic energy that floats around him from the last attack. Taking in a deep breath he sends all the energy within his body, the cuts an burns that he was just dealt quickly heal. He looks to Nevann "That will be enough to keep me well healed for this, now lets get started." His eyes widen and converting the energy within him he fires it out his eyes, he knows the Ninja will dodge it and thats what he plans on. Taking his fingers he dips them in the blood around his chest before his wound heals and spreads it across his hand slapping it to the ground "Ignite!!" and as he screams the ground shakes for a moment before geysers of molten burst from the ground all around the Ninja almost like a cage and they continue.

For a moment it is silent and then Darkchild bursts through the pillars of lava sword in hand he swings at Darkchild "This will be fun!!" coming down onto Nevann
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"Before this day is done, you will bow before me".

The man that spoke had power and his radiating presence was almost frighting. In a sense that made Kurrent feel a little weird. He had trained to release himself from all fear almost to a point where he feared what he had become if that makes any sense. The way he dealt with things was getting angry and taking action or sometimes the latter coming first. It was like it was a disorder for him but he did it without hesitation and without fear that is what made him dangerous, even to men like Nate.

He kept a wicked smile on his face when he saw a monstrous construct forming above his head by the will of Nate. The Electric Ace was in a debacle knowing that he had no counter for this attack so he was preparing to do what he always did when he was faced with something like this. He began to move in order to put himself in a position to react faster after getting hit. The risk of doing this was great but Kurrent wouldn't be who he was if he didn't do things this ways. Taking a hit to get a better one off was on heavy rotation in Kurrent's arsenal. The only thing that was on his mind though was surviving the hit from the titanic Prince.

Before he was struck down he was saved by his teammate Midnightist when he pushed him out of the way. The two share a strange relationship but at the  end of the day they are Veritas and they always look out for each other.

Kurrent hit the ground hard but before getting up he noticed a Ninjan farm girl  that thrust into this war. She looked no older than 15 and had a fatal wound in her chest. She looked over at The Hero and said to him in a soft tone "Please.......please kill me now"His went soft for the first time in a long time and remorse filled his body. He knew that she was bleeding out but with the healers around she could have been saved.. It was obvious she could see him debating and she said to him again "I have nothing left in this world this war has taken everything from me, please help me get to my mother and sisters" After thinking fast he decided to oblige he stood and with a heavy heart pointed his weapon at her. A smile came upon her tearful face and she said "Thank You" just before he pulled the trigger killing her instantly.

He looked around the battlefield noticing Mid combating Nate, The downed VV castle the heroes of Earth fighting with everything they had. He thought about his child hood and how great it was. He was well off , had loving parents, a good education and he practiced his passion of martial arts everyday. The he thought of the day that changed his life when he won the World Martial Arts Championship and was attacked by gangsters which lead him to become the person he is today. He knows in his heart that he has done good but he was finally starting to see the cost of his decisions and  finally realized that he loved being a hero but hated why he had to be one.

Looking back he noticed Nate again and thought about the girl he had just released from the world thinking to himself "If it wasn't for scumbags like him we wouldn't have to be here". The anger in his body was reaching the levels of his courage and with sword in hand began to charge towards the Ninjan Prince. He built momentum in his arm and with all his strength threw the sword he was wielding towards Nate's heart using his electrokenisis to guide it in hopes of a more accurate strike. The Vertias Leader trusted that Midnight would follow up quickly then Kurrent would come in with a finishing blow. In Kurrent's mind Nate's death would be the beginning of the end of this war.
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The fire princess was covered in blood as she sat there in the floor. Shivering from the events that had just happened, tears rolling down her face as she struggled to speak. He had waited and gave her the time that he knew she needed. There were all sorts of emotions swelling up inside of her right now, she needed time. But time was a commodity they were short on at this moment. Respectfully he waited in silence as she gently laid her friend onto the soft extravagant bed. Standing by her side he waited until she was ready, when she needed him. After a heart breaking hug to Ninjan Princess she broke away and grabbed Andy into a hug. Busting out into tears as she cried on his shoulder, his own arms gently wrapping around her. Giving her the comfort she needed just then. Letting her know that she was not alone, that her death meant a lot to many. "It's alright Nova. Just let it all out".

Just as he was about to continue talking to her there was a crash from a breaking window. Instantly she screamed out "GET THE HELL OUT!" towards the invading Ninjans. Flames flickering out from her hands as she bathed them in their hellfired fury. The blazing heat could even be felt by Andy as she unleashed on them. Exhausted she fell towards the ground, quickly Andy dove down to help cradle her in his arms and soften the impact. Like the brave soldier she was her heat was still in concern for her team mates. "We'll find them, together. I'm not going anywhere Nova and you are in no condition to fight".

Stumbling in just then Con entered the ruined bedroom. His own body littered with bruises, cuts, and burns. With what energy she had Nova rose and met with him. Briefly speaking before her mind was made up. "We need to get out of here... I don't think any of us are in any shape to keep fighting. My communicator is down... get a hold of Wanderer and give him the coordinates to the ICE jet and tell him to meet us there... I don't have the energy to even get myself out of here... and we both are in need of medical attention. Lead the way."

Acting as a brace for Nova he helped her limp out of the room. His eyes watching the windows as they made their way down. "The rest of Ice is just outside. I had them create a perimeter in the courtyard. We get there and I can get you the medical aid needed. Arcana will be able to use her magic to help some of your wounds, and rejuvenate your body". Looking over at Con he was about to offer him the same but could tell his innate abilities started to kick in as some of his earlier wounds were healing. "If you can reach Wands on the communicator and get a hit on his location. We can send Octagon to him and then he can teleport them both back to us. Reenforcer can help scout things with his speed if needed, I doubt many of them will be able to keep step with the crafty speedster".

As soon as they left the confines of the building they could see the epic battle unfolding before their eyes. The combined effort of Earth's Mightiest Heroes fought together as one to bring down a tyrannical rule. Their examples guiding the Ninjan resistance to a confidence they never knew to posses. The Lantern Corps offering the needed assistance to turn the tide of war. There would be heavy casualties, there already were. But every war has a price to pay, sometimes that price is not worth it.

The perimeter holding it was only a matter of minutes after they exited the Palace before Nova was stuck in a bed. Being told to rest as Arcana knelt by her side, pulling out a special card that covered her body in a blue glow. It's comforting hue already soothing the minor injuries. Turning towards Con once more Andy wanted to check on their situation, already hearing how the war was going from Paragon via communicators. "Have you found Wands yet? It's time we blow this joint."

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"Cly, Mateziode I’ll deal with Dark Child here he’s long over do for a time out… Go and take care the man that just left… he’s one of DC’s newly acquired servants and is now a threat." Was the order Nevvan's gave to Cly and Matezoide seconds before starting his fight with DC The big guy?yeah we will take care of him,dont die Nevvan
Matezoide then started to run on the direction Goki leaved he cant be too far,as he kept searching,he saw a huge shadow bingo before any action could be made,5 Ninjans were surrounding Matezoide  DONT LET HIM GET TO GOKI!
Assuming a defensive position,he The Son of Zeus smiled This is not fair... Matezoide putted his hands in the air,as they slowy glowed,he clapping then together,a powerfull shockwave was created, knocking out the 5 in a second
His problems werent over yet,as a huge Ninjan beast attacked,similar to the ones Cly saved him before Not this time  concetrate... The beast attacked with his fist,but Matezoide was still fast enought to dodge and land on his head,as The Son of Zeus's blade glowed,he decapited the monster and ,before it could grow back,he burned the damage,similar to the tatic Hercules had used against the Hidra in his world,the beast fell on the ground i gotta thanks Cly for showing me this trick with the blade,now back to business
Once again Matezoide continued his search for Goki,until a metal wall stopped him,but he punched it toc...  and then gave another punch,stronger than before with took it down ..toc!
Then he saw Goki  i was searching for you,Nevvan said to me take care of you,i believe we can agree that ripping off your head would count as "take care" dont you think?  Now with both blades in his hand and in a defensive position,Matezoide said You first
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Crouching down in a defensive stance NeVann in a backhanded position gripped the handle of his sword, as the smoke and dust began to dissolve. The echo of laugher rang in his ear before anything was visible in the radius of where his clone exploded. From behind him a strong gust of wind blew, wavering his raven colored mid length hair across his eyes. With his hand the ninja brushed the free flowing strands behind his ears as a sentence that DC said before the ninja set off his last attack. "Trickery, such a ugly tactic.....see you are learning." Dark Child may knew of his abilities and that he was a ninja but he seemed to have no clue of a ninja’s true nature. Deception, underhand, attacking form the shadows. These are things that all ninjas are thought from an early age, and growing up in a village that was nick named the Blood Mist Village NeVann was not an exception it was actually taken a step farther with him.

10 years ago

In the cover of what would seem the be a peaceful night. The sky was blanketed with stars and the shine of a pale bluish white crescent cut that was the moon. Must would be sleeping or enjoying the great night scenery but that wasn’t the case for a small town in the Land of Lightening. The Hidden Mist and Cloud ninjas had been at war with each other for years, and this night would be one that the Blood Mist ninjas would can their victory. This was NeVann first missions as a chunnin where he was in charge of a small squad, as small platoon of shinobis began their strike on a town that was the overseers of the country’s main importing and exporting of goods and supplies.

As the night progressed the sky had become blotted out, from a jet black smoke. Fire broke out randomly that sent out the aroma of burning materials, homes and even flesh and mixed will with the sent of blood that was being carried by the night air. It was a sweet smell to the young chunnin, while the scream of agony, pain and mercy were like the soothing melody of a little canary. Moving along with his squad, he looked as though he bathed in a sea of blood being covered from head to toe. His dark brown eyes were cold as steel and lacked all emotions, as if right behind his eyes was a black hole that consumed and fed off anything that he may end up feeling.

Though he didn’t hate it he didn’t like it neither. Some would call him ruthless or cold but in truth he was just numb, and that did make it easier for him to ignore the cries and pleas of children some younger and even some older then himself as he turned them into orphans. By the crack of dawn the Cloud ninjas had finally reached the town but it was to late as nothing was left but ash and decaying bodies.


His blood began to boil with excitement of an opponent in which he could go all out on. The old ruthless nature of his teen years he could feel resurfacing after being dominant after so long. As he watched DC step from the crater that was created. The villain’s suit was torn, tattered hanging on by mere threads as it partly covered his body. He could see the level of annoyance and anger wash over his face as he spoke, "Do you know how long it took me to create this, how much trouble it was to find a mind great enough to create it and low enough on the totem pole that once dead no one would care nor remember.....alright it only took a day to make but none the less. It was my own time an blood, I was simply going to use the suit with you but you just bumped yourself from annoying to down right rage enducing."

The Shinobi of Sarcasm just snickered as he replied back, "Well that will teach you to either stop outsourcing your help or shopping in the bargain bin at the super villain swap meet." His wise cracking seemed to ager the villainous powerhouse as he ordered his minions to not interfere after Vann had asked Cly and Mateziode to do the same before turning his attention back to the shinobi and saying, "Lets use what we are given yes?" Not replying with words Vann simply nodded his head thinking to himself that even in a fair fight he couldn’t trust Dark Child not to eventually use some underhanded trick, because no matter at the end of day he was still a bad guy. "That will be enough to keep me well healed for this, now lets get started." He heard DC say while concentrating his chakra into his arms and legs as he looked for openings.

Finding what he believed to be one, he dashed towards DC. Still gripping on to the handle of his sword that was still sheathed. Closing the distance between the two he planed to get in close and strike swiftly and hard, but his plan was temporally derailed as DC let loss a an optic beam like blast. Stopping his head on charge, he crumpled his body into a ball and rolled to his left narrowly dodging the attack. Though he could not say that it missed him completely as he look down to his right seeing half of his shoulder guard lying on the ground. "Wow I bet you’ll need a whole box of visine after a trick like that." He said while jumping back as Dark Child slammed his palm to the and yelled out.

Instantly as he saw the hand make contact with the floor the ground around him began to quake. "Great this is going to get very troublesome." He said as streams of molten rock erupted around him looking like bars of a cage. The heat was immense as reddish gold liquid surrounded him. Bringing his hands together he made a seal before rearing his head back and inhaling deeply. "Suiton: Bakusui Shōha: (Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave)" he said before a jumping up and opening his mouth as a flood of water began to pour out cooling the lava. As the color began to change form red to black he found himself in the center of a stream cloud when he heard a voice yell "This will be fun!!" and saw DC sword in hand coming down at him.

With the chakra he had focused into his legs it gave him the extra boost of speed he need as he jumped to his right side avoiding the attack. The force and power that Dark Child’s sword made as he hit the ground cause rock and debris to levitate into the air. He was kind of in awe at while healing he effortlessly come at him with to very strong attacks. But with him dodge DC’s blade he quickly went to capitalize on that fact. Torquing his body counter clockwise he extended his left leg out sending it towards DC’s head before using the using the momentum of the spin to completely spin around and throwing all his weight into right arm as he came down with punch aimed for the Dark Lord’s jaw. With all his weight thrown into that punch rather he made impact with his target area or not it would seem that he would fall forward to the ground. But nothing the shinobi ever did when came to fighting was a wasted or accidental move. Unclenching his fist, Vann’s palm laid flat on the ground as his legs split. Bring his other hand to feel the still luke warm ground from the lava attack, his arms crossed and his body began to rotate that made the shinobi’s legs look like a set of helicopter blades as he began sending a series of kick at Dark Child.

"You’re right this is fun!" he said as he pushed up from the ground looking like he was going to mule kick the Vine Villain’s leader. But that wasn’t the case as his feet went pass DC’s head and landed on his shoulders getting a small boost. As he leaped backwards making hand seals and inhaling deeply on more. "Katon: Gôkakyû no Jutsu, (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)" Then as he went to exhale a large ball of fire twice the size of the shinobi began to form as it headed down wanting to roast Dark Child to a crisp. Upon landing he leaped backwards a yards wanting to put some distance between the two.

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“Wow...from the way I hear you speak you make it sound as if Talon is a real person…wow…I’m shocked. Poor child, how she can delude people who get even an inch near to her….it’s…it’s uncanny!" Raker eyed Talon suspiciously, there was something out of place, she was...different then the last time he had encountered her. “My dear man you have no clue who or what you're dealing with…this girl harbors many dark secrets within her. See, this little earthling is much more than you could comprehend. My name is Selice but I am better known as X-23, I do not know why though. As for Talon you could say that she is my host. However...until further developments arise I intend to kill her mind, body and soul so if it’s not too much trouble how about you go fight for truth and justice elsewhere and leave me to shatter the soul of this poor tormented little girl alone. Though...if you actually intend to fight me then by all means bring it on Shadow Master...”

Without saying a single word Raker unsheathed The Harvester of Sorrow and pointed it at "Selice." Giving her no visible emotional response whatsoever Raker simply stared at her as he quickly began searching his mind for a solution to the dilemma he faced. Obviously Talon was more troubled than she looked on the outside, the split-personality that called itself "Selice" was proof enough that her mental health was possibly on the verge of collapse. Just by looking in her eyes Raker could see that this "Selice" was trying to fight Talon's true personality for dominance over her body. Raker knew now that in order to accomplish his mission to set right that which had once went wrong he would have to force the "Selice" personality into dormancy while also trying to place Talon back in the drivers seat at the same time. Upon realizing this, a solution to Raker's dilemma presented itself.

Raker would first have to jab "Selice" in her left kidney by making it seem as if he was going to drive The Harvester of Sorrow into her stomach and then, in the last few moments, quickly turn the blade around so that the blunt end was facing her. He would also have to angle The Harvester of Sorrow down just right so that he could hit her kidney right on the spot. If he succeeded "Selice" would more than likely double-over forward while grasping her side in pain and would thus end up exposing the back of her neck, if she did just as he had predicted she would Raker would hit the nerve clusters in the back of her neck using the blunt end of the sword once more.

By doing this Raker would cause all of the electrochemical signals in "Selice's" body to go haywire, thus making her fall flat on the ground, totally defenseless. She would still be able to move of course but not in the correct order, for example if attempted to move her left leg she would instead wiggle her right pinky finger, with "Selice" immobilized and grounded Raker would then try to dig as deep as he could into the darkest recesses of her mind using telepathy and it would be through this final tactic that he would hopefully be able to reach out to Talon and force her personality to surface while also forcing the "Selice" personality to go dormant. The only catch was if Raker missed even a single beat he would be completely left open to attack.

"Selice" would then have a number of chances to kill Raker in a number of different ways by exploiting even just one of the many openings in his somewhat flawed defense that could be created through but a single miscalculation. In the next few seconds, Raker pushed aside all negative thoughts he had of failing and quickly rushed forth at "Selice" in an attempt to drive the blunt end of his sword into her left kidney. "This is it. It is either now...or never. I must succeed, failure is not an option, it never was nor shall it ever be. And if I must sacrifice my own life in order to ensure my success then so be it."  Raker thought to himself as he drew closer and closer to "Selice."

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It did not take Constantine long to get into close perimeters with his friends, Nova and Andferne. His Travel was a mix of limping across and minor teleporting, eventually he crossed the castle corridors and pushed his way through into the room, where his friends sat, and one lay fallen. It seemed that Nova laid her to rest, for good, her jacket gently covered Sha. It was weird that Sha had died from a blade meant for the person she had just been trying to kill. Upon arrival, after mustering up all the energy she could, Feral Nova got up to greet him, she looked worse than he did, "C-con!" she burst out as she struggled to get over to him, "Oh my god... con..." she placed her hand gently on his shoulder and her cringed, only the slightest, with pain.

She was careful not to cause him anymore pain, and he stared as sympathy washed over into her eyes, tinted with guilt. He knew that she could not help but feel guilty about all of this "I'm so sorry...", he just chuckled "there's absolutely nothing to be sorry about" he simply said, and the two fought the urge to hug each other, most likely for the better. Neither of them were up to hugging standards. Con looked down at his singed hand and before his eyes, his flesh wrapped itself back over his muscle, self healing. But amongst the minor love, their was angst and an important question arose "w-where's wanderer?" and on instinct they looked around, "Is he alright?" with that, his face fell. It was a question he could not answer.

They checked the com-links but got nothing, that was not good enough for him, he was not going to leave the planet without him, though it seemed like he had no choice. Andy reassured him that his team would do everything they could to find him, Con would never forgive himself if the boy was dead. But something told him that Wando was still alive. It seemed that a neat little pathway had been cleared for them to get to safety, there was no arguing that Andy was very organized. As any team leader should be and Con always respected him for it. He let them go ahead of him as he trailed behind, he still had an urge to fight. He was not yet willing to get in the jet, but when it was absolutely dyer to leave, he turned to embrace the battlefield one last time. And in sight he saw a battalion Ninjans proceeding toward them, they never give up do they? he thought. But in a blink of an eye they were gone, replaced by a red mist, and from it proceeded the Wanderer. Con stood startled, he had not seen power like that in a long time, he was not sure what Wando did, but it was great. He had done something of a mixture of his pyrokenesis and water manipulation. But the kid dropped to his knees and Con instantly teleported to him, "you did good kid" he said and before the knew it, they were inside the Ice jet, safe and sound, receiving medical attention.

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Darkchilds sword slams onto the ground and the earth beneath him shakes from his mighty swing, He smiles just as the Shinobi comes around avoiding the attack and unleashing a merciless kick to Darkchilds head, then following it with a hard right hook. The attacks land and the energy supplied bursts as they connect, Darkchilds own body pushing his energy to the surface of his body bracing himself for the attacks, staggering backwards after the attacks he can feel his brain raddle within his skul from the attacks. And his jaw broken he smiles spitting teeth out, and watches as without a instant of flaw Nevann lands onto the ground and spins spreading his legs into a split turning them into a makeshift helicopter attack.

Standing straight Darkchild cups the bottom of Nevanns feet as they come at him pushing them down, the kicks hitting his hands hard and breaking bones as they land. His bones quickly heal, only for the attack to continue soaring straight over Darkchild he screams out an attack and a ball of fire forms in his hands. And thrusting his arms forward the ball of fire hurtles through the air, Darkchilds eyes widen as he cups his hands and thrusts them out in front of him catching the fireball. The heat burns at the suit that still remains on his hands, the metal turns to liquid the moment the attack slams into Darkchilds palms. His skin turning black from the heat Darkchild smiles as the fireball pushes harder against him, pushing him backwards the dirt coming up as he pushes against it. Pushing all his energy into his arms he pushes downwards and the fireball dislodges from its trajectory and slams into the ground in front of Darkchild exploding. Sending Darkchild flying into the air he aims his body landing in a knelt position he doesnt stop for a moment to rest and bursts forward.

Without a show of emotion he interlocks his palms and starts an incantation " From the Depths of hell the fire will burn." And brings his hands apart, as he does a bright orange forms within his palms and he closes his hands forming fists. His fists ignite in the very hellfire from the depths of the Pit
"Thank you father for your permission." Soaring across the ground he closes the distance between Nevann. The heat from his hands producing steam he flips over Nevann completely and as he comes down behind Nevann he swings hard with all his might aiming for the back of Nevanns head, then as he lands he spins bringing his leg out in attempt swiping at Nevanns legs bringing him to the ground. Then with burning rage he comes back with an fist aiming for Nevanns back, but just as his fist nears the middle of Nevanns back he opens his fist and the hellfire explodes from his hand in a bright white light.