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After a period of Carthaginian rule, Malaka became part of the Roman Empire. In its Roman stage, the city ) showed a remarkable degree of development. Transformed into confederated city, it was under a special law, the Lex Flavia Malacitana. A Roman theatre was built at this time.After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, it was ruled first by the Visigoths and then by the Byzantine Empire.

In the 8th century, during the Muslim Arabic rule over Spain, the city became an important trade center. Málaga was first a possession of the Caliphate of Córdoba. After the fall of the Umayyad dynasty, it became the capital of a distinct kingdom ruled by the Zirids. During this time, the city was called Mālaqah. From 1025 it was the capital of the autonomous Taifa of Málaga, until its conquest by the Taifa of Granada in 1057.

Málaga had a period of rapid development in the 19th century, becoming with Barcelona one of the two most industrialized cities of Spain. But that early industry was gradually dismantled, because the successive national governments were supporting the industrial centers in the north of the country.

After the coup of July 1936 the government of the Second Spanish Republic retained control of Málaga. Its harbor was a base of the Spanish Republican Navy at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. It suffered heavy bombing by Italian warships which took part in breaking the Republican navy's blockade of Nationalist-held Spanish Morocco and took part in naval bombardment of Republican-held Malaga. After the Battle of Málaga and the Francoist takeover in February 1937, over seven thousand people were killed. The city also suffered shelling later by Spanish Republican naval units.

The Malagueta

The most important destination, known as "the capital of the Costa del Sol". Tourists usually visit the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and the Museo Picasso Málaga, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the old town or the beaches. The Málaga harbour is also the second busiest cruise port of the Iberian Peninsula.

A popular walk leads up the hill to the Gibralfaro castle offering panoramic views over the city. The castle is next to the Alcazaba, the old Muslim palace, which in turn is next to the inner city of Málaga. Other nearby attractions are the Roman Theatre, the old Jewish quarter, the Cathedral, and the Church of Santiago in mudéjar style. A popular walk follows the Paseo del Parque (a promenade that runs alongside a grand park with many palm trees and statues) to the harbour, ending in Calle Larios, the main commercial street of the city. There is also a curious museum, the Museum of the Holy Week, which includes an impressive display of Baroque ecclesiastical items.

The Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales takes place every year on 28 December during which Spain's April Fool Day is celebrated.

Fiestas de Carnaval event takes prior to the holy 40 days of Lent every February. People dressed in traditional costumes join the festivities, which include Flamenco dancing, and a parade. One more highlight of this festival is the stalls selling traditional pottery and artifacts.

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Ah yeah! Get drunk at de Copacabana and we runnin' wit de bulls!

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I didn't feel like adding pictures of attractions lol

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Oooohh La La Malaguena! xP

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SPAIN! I've always wanted to go to Spain... now I can RP in it! xP

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Spain is a nice county, and this is a nice thread. good work it's cool to see a different city and country being used from the norm of Japan USA or UK

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I thought you wanted us to use UK?
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Espana <3 I'm home :)

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I am happy fir it to be used by anyone other than me, but going so sone different and previously unused is better

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Italy, Japan, China, France, US those are used alot. I used Egypt (Trinity Foundation was set in Egypt we just renamed everything lol)

Spain is rarley used, I've seen Canada used once. Switzerland, Germany, Palestine, Israel. India. Any of the islands. Central America, South America. They go unused.

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Exactly ^ so many cultures and locations go unused in favor of using previously established places.

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(I fully support the expanding of the CVNU locations to other counties besides the U.S. and I hope others follow this thread's lead)

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@Black Solace: I'm forever in your debt now :)

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I'm trying to see Serbia. Or at least Russia.

It's very pretty, by the way.

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I have a friend who lives in Serbia

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Funny. I always wanted a Serbian. But let's not get off topic.
Bulls!!!!! Trample trample trample.

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Ziccarra’s villa could easily be described as a palace; she sat on a lawn chair on the balcony, which hosted the Mediterranean in the backdrop and her menagerie in the forefront.

Her bright yellow balcony room was filled with Spanish-inspired design elements from top to bottom. The ceiling features wooden vigas, which lay perpendicular to slender strips of wood called latillas. The carved corbels, were inspired from the early Spanish settlers, support the ceiling beams while adding to the element.

The colorful Talavera tiles on the wainscoting were purposely placed to draw the eye of the visitor. Saltillo tile, introduced to Mexico by Spaniards, Lined her floors allowing for warmth even in the wintry months. These elements, combined with the vibrant, old-fashioned sliding glass door made her balcony the perfect thinking spot.

“We came to the conclusion that there could be order from chaos” Z’s accent complimented her Spanish design. “As we speak there are hundreds of thousands of mutants being persecuted because of human fear of the unknown” Z continued, speaking to the REAL Isabella Marisol.

“What happens next is a mystery” she said, finishing her bitter drink before setting the glass on the coaster. “If I had it my way, I’d play on that, fire an emp turn all of America dark; release the muties and watch them claim supremacy…”

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@Black Solace: She just docked her speedboat in Malaga

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It had taken the young dark elf alot of work, on her endevour to explore more than a few times she'd gotten hands dirty. Eventually stowing away on a vessel and ariving in Spain. Thankfully the cool darkness of the night haulted people from thinking her out of place. Natural day lighting sure to reveal her inhuman appearence. While not perceived as out of place however her look made some believe her someone to whistle at. It was taxing to not slay them all. What Nique didn't know however that her kills in China had allowed a proffit to be on her head. A woman named Kamikaze on the streets likely hot on the elementals trail.
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@Serinity: The bombshell Kamikaze killer was on the ship, disguised a bit from her normal rather punk leather look into a more formal dress. She had heard of a very large bounty sent out for the capture of a young dark elf woman, wanted for a series of masterful assassinations committed She had the skill of the elements themselves, an impeccable ability with them. The wandering bladeswoman still had her legendary sword, Shuurai, attached under her dress. She patrolled the ship for a bit, looking slowly for this woman. Normally she was a fan of going in and striking like lightning. Moving in and doing more damage imaginable before they have time to respond. For just a moment though, Taylor carefully bumped her shoulder lightly against the dark elf, not noticing her due to the dark light.

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Milo walked along the Malagueta Pier dressed in a red, true religion flannel shirt that exposed his bare chest and abs, complimented by a pair of true religion swimming trunks with a grey a red pattern. Japanese geta sandals elevated his feet off the sandy walkway as he took in the sights. He'd just recently finished meeting with a contact and liked to take in the sites of his new found location before acting on his orders. He took a seat at the edge of a wooden plank, letting his feet dangle off the edge and stared out into the ocean.

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Sevral centuries ago mankind was the downfall of most dark elves. Because of this Nique had a profound detestment of human beings. If it were not for wanting to explore the world this boat would be splattered in gore at the bottom of the ocean. If not for wanting to explore bodies would line the beach coast. When bumped into however the collected nature of the elf vanished. A small blade pulled from a sheath in her right glove turning sharply on the woman pointed end ready to go for the gut if she fealt it the apropriate call. The human spiting elf not speaking just settling for a less then friendly look. A subtle increase in temperature making a few people on deck uncomfortable.
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@Serinity: "Holy sh!t" Her senses let hold of her. This dark elf was something she had never encountered, with the pure abilities not seen on earth. However, this wasn't to say the midnight vigilante wasn't quick reflexed herself. In one solid and swift motion, just a moment after her knife cut through the air and made it's slice on her psyche, She raised up her fingers, a yellowish lightning crackling as she was ready to fire a good taser level bolt into this dark elf's head. "Bingo."

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Clad in a white form-fitting Lacoste polo shirt, a pair of black Hugo Boss jeans, and light grey Lacoste sneakers, mysterious Ishin takes an uneventful stroll in a local park, finding environmental solace when seated on a bench. Temporarily forsaking his various duties and obligations regarding the Keijijo and opposing the Metahuman Registration Act, the Grandmaster relaxes.

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There was a part of her that savored these moments. Savored combat praised the humans skill. Of course at this time she had no chance of ever saying that. Humans were a plague deserving only death, atleast this one could play with elements. With lethal grace the woman moved to deliver a burst of lightning. The violet eyed elf leaning back so only her hair was singed. Rising the blade at close range was chucked at the womans chest. The dark elf then lunged into the air combusting the oxygen around where now only one stood. Falling the elf froze the water to provide a platform.
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@Serinity: She was a lot to handle, that was for sure. Just as suddenly the rather uncomfortable heat aboard the ship turned to a slight freeze. This was after of course her blade was whipped into her stomach, just carefully slashing down as blood covered her clothing. Quickly she leaped into action as the dark elf sprung herself through the air, just nimbly landing on the frozen ice. Quickly the Executioner tore off her charade of a dress, to reveal a lightweight yet slightly armored jumpsuit, With her magnificent black blade sheathed on it. She drew it with one hand, The other hand being charged with her powers of electricity in order for better striking power. Next she teleported onto the ice, using her expert swordsmanship to send a power slash, followed by a electrical charged uppercut

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@Tranquil: "Aren't you afraid someone's going to push you in?" She asked as she snuck up behind him, long silver hair beating against her brow as it blew in the breeze. She stood with one hand on her hip as she cast a shadowy silhouette next to him, both hands on her waist as she leaned one hip to the side delicately.

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@Adriana_Fox: "I can't afford the luxury of fear." The silence was broken by an ivory haired vixen. Milo cast a casual glance in her direction then bared a soft smile. "My my my, what do we have here? My tour guide perhaps?" Milo rose to his feet, his uncanny height evident as he towered over the woman.

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Dress tossed to the wind just narrowly avoiding the flash freeze attempt the impressive swordswoman teleported to the ice, maintaining perriless balance a testament to her skill. Blood could be seen in a pattern of specs along the frozen portion of the sea. In a flash the blond vanished Nique coating an arm in ice prepping for a downward slash. Shield was constructed just in time, the power behind it breaking the ice in a shower of shards. Using the elven speed to her advantage the elf was able to catch the blade in her palms and redirect the lightning away from her. Deep red blood fell to the ice Nique's hands wet with blood. With a blur of motion Nique advanced, a speed able to leave no print in winters snow. Her palm went for the wound on the swordwomans abdomen. Aiming to make the strike, or atleast be close enough, that it was easy to over heat the flowing blood into steam.
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@Tranquil: "Hardly" Adriana eyed. "Shouldn't you be working?"

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@Adriana_Fox: His left brow arched highly in response to her inquiry. "Define work."

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@Impero: "Buisness of Pleasure?" The passing Ziccarra asked, whilst walking her Dalmatian through the park

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Taking note of the passing woman, Ishin responds with characteristic politeness, "Pleasure", he paused, introducing himself, "My name is Ishin".

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@Tranquil: "Your contact, Milo. I followed you." Adriana looked at him through her black mask before lifting it over her eyes and sitting down next to him. Her gaze wandered to the ocean and she leaned back on both her hands, tossing her hair to the side. "I was hired to follow you." She spoke the words bluntly, her focus remaining on the horizon. The removal of the mask symbolic of her forfeit in the matter. She wasn't going to hide any secrets from him...

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@Impero: Z lets loose a candid smile whilst switching the leash from one hand to the other. "Then you've chosen the right place" She said, taking a seat next to him. "My name is Ziccarra" fixing a piece of her raven hair beyond her head, she commanded the young canine to sit as she sat.

"Where are you from?"

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@Adriana_Fox: A quick breathe was all the time he needed to analyze the possibilities of her words being true. "So, you are my tour guide. I was wondering when you would show." He held that same simple smile, though he was a bit bothered by her use of his official name. His latest target was high priority. With a hand in various business ventures in the area it was likely he had many eyes and ears within the city. "Shall we get started then? I'm quite interested in what this town has to offer." He winked then started moving towards the streets intending to use the dense population to silence their words. "Tell me why?" Milo said once they were among the crowd.

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(So much interaction!)

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Ziccarra? It was certainly an uncommon name, although it spoke volumes of how potentially interesting this woman could be. "Ziccarra? Interesting name", he pointed out with a tranquil half-smile. "I'm from Japan, Ziccarra-san. But I like to travel the world when I can", he revealed, addressing her with a polite honorific. While not entirely comfortable with speaking of his specific birthplace in the Eastern country, he asked, "Are you from here?".