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Sebastian awoke from a deep sleep lying down on his king sized beg in the LaS mansion: the headquarters for the most illustrious group of assassins and killer on earth without a doubt and with new recruits joining each day and today Sebastian would meet one of them for a training match. Even though training sounds harmless Sebastian belived a no punches pulled lethal training match with only the killing blow held back made a great assassin prepared for the many deadly challenges that they would be faced with during the real deal.

Sebastian lifted himself off the bed and trudged out the door walking down the hallway and walking down the wooden stairs into the armory on the lower floor where Sebastian's suit which also held many many of his weapons lay in a glass case against the wall. Finally getting to the room Sebastian hit a few numbers on the keypad that lay near his suit causing the right and left side to fold up and slide into the wall with his two signature blades laying in their seaths in an X along Sebastian's back. Taking 10 minutes to equip his armor and check his equipment before walking outside of the mansion helmet still in hand and the nightly winds of a Midnight France swaying the mowed glass from side to side with the full moon shining down upon the grounds.

Sebastian walked around the estate grounds until spotting his opponent who had by the looks of things been waiting for Sebastian. Walking up to him and facing him Sebastian pulled out his two katanas. Then slid his headgear over his head.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. You ready for this?"

Before giving the man a chance to enter Sebastian lunged at him a foot flying at the mans face in a graceful manner then backflipping in the air and landing gracefully both swords in a fighting position. 
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The self proclaimed scientist was just done sniffing the roses in the garden as he made his way to the front door after seeing the mysterious woman on the balcony. He knocked three times and slightly opened the door in a smooth manner, slowly visualizing a hooded character equipping himself as he seemed to be getting prepared for battle. The Scientist took his right and pushed up his glasses that had slipped from its place (a signature trademark of his). As soon as The mantled one was fully prepared he didn't hesitate to confront me.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. You Ready for this?"

A small smirk passed the scientists face as the light reflected on his glasses to the point where his eyes weren't locatable, he opened his mantle into two dorms, left and right, each holding three rows with four stocks of syringes. One like the other filled with different colored liquids and potions. He took one out of his left side and rammed it into his left arm (temporary strength enhancer / push;press approx. 90 kilos on each arm), briefly before the hooded one went into a aggressive stance and was about to attack. The assailant came flying across with his foot first, aimed towards the scientists visage. The strength enhancer hadn't fully kicked in yet but some of the effect was starting show, it was possibly enough to thrust his foot back at him and hurl him in the air, but he didn't want to risk it. He swiftly stepped aside from the cold concrete wall and saw his foe as he ricocheted of the wall like a rubber ball and landed with his swords clutched.

"Very acrobatic, i must say, but in the end, you rely too much on what your capable of, and not what the most reasonable solution would be."

The Scientist took 2 syringes from the left side of his mantle, now fully enhanced by the strength potion he once created, he tipped his glasses back up as they slipped down again and swiftly hurled the two syringes like darts towards the acrobatic assailant.

"You see, the situation of one of these hitting you would be sort of fatal. Through the intense velocity it will build, it could either pierce vital organs, or simply slowly paralyze you from your feet on until you pass out."

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Sebastian watched the man inject himself with something. Possibly a super serum of some sort although their was no way to tell unless the effect was displayed. Sebastian heard his foe talking but he had been taught to block out any words of the enemy in fights. Before Sebastian could even blink two sharp syringes came flying at him with little green drops of poison dripping from the needle. Sebastian quickly dropped his katanas on the grass and timed the first one just right catching the needle with his teeth, the needle almost piercing his tongue before Sebastian quickly discarded it catching the other one with his hand at jumping sideways getting a just right trajectory before hurling the dart at his enemy. The trajectory Sebastian had hurled the syringe at would result in it to curve more then enough to come fast and unexpectedly into the mans shoulder if it was not blocked first.

Sebastian heard the man finish his sentence.  "Lets hope those you've developed a antidote for those poisons"  Sebastian laughed before crouching down to pick up his blades. From the grass before hearing the loud crack of thunder and watching a bolt of lightning temporarily light the night up before a heavy rain came down upon the fighters. Sebastian spoke to himself "Suit temporarily discharge all electrical equipment" Sebastian had few items that completely relied on electricity but their was no time to take a chance even the most idiotic knew that Lightning does not mix well with water a small crackle and every electric based piece of equipment in Sebastian's arsenal was shut down. But rain caused other problems like jamming guns although it was not likely to happen every possible scenario would be pondered before Sebastian ran into the fray.

Gripping both his blades hilts while watching drops of clear rain slide off of both blades Sebastian charged at his target letting two quick slashes flying at his enemy (one slash with each blade) before attempting a forward sweep at him with his right leg and then one last attack that had Sebastian attempting to plunge both of his katanas into The Scientists chest.

"Cowering out is still an option"

Sebastian said mockingly to his opponent after the unrelenting array of attacks were finished.