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The domain of the Green savage..

The savage lands is an almost completely unknown island located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and cannot come up on most navigation due to the rocks in the island, it is the least explored island on planet earth, due to the hostilities the reside on the island, tales as far back as Norse times claim that dinosaurs still roam there freely, a hot spot for ancient demons of all cultures and many many tribes of human natives reside here as well. The jungles on the island themselves are in ways more lethal then it's residents, man eating plants and undiscovered animals call this place home.

But it's most known inhabitant, the most dangerous and most feared, is non other then the green savage, Hate Monger. The monger calls this place home and is it's champion and ruler, if someone comes to wrong this place... they tend not to leave ever again...

The thread from this point will be invite permitted

The savage lands is supposed to be a place of survival from the Savage lands itself, it is not a battle ground where over powered and questionable posetrs can show how strong they are by attacking the island itself... This has forced my hand to do so, if you have not been respectfully invited to the thread, you will kindly ask to remove your post if you do so. So drop a PM if you are interested in joining the survival of the deadly place on earth ^_^, also PM me if you have posted on here (And played by the rules) if you are wondering about anything else.


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Longshot was carried ashore by the gentle waves, cast upon the white sands. He slowly drifted back into consciousness and jumped up, examining his surroundings... an island. How had he gotten here? His memories were lost to him. Until he recovered them, he snatched his bow from the tide and ventured into the jungle.

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@.Longshot.: The jungle was dense, it was almost near impossible to trudge through, but the archer pressed on until he hit an open field that seemed bare.
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"Man that was a wicked party last night" America said, waking up in the middle of the jungle. "Oh gosh, I've seemed to have gotten completely wasted again" she said, with her British accent in full swing. The dense and moist forest caused all types of bugs and fleas to pester her face. "Bagun" she screamed, creating a veil to keep the bugs away.

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walks into a grove of trees and has a seat

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@Bushido_Brown: (I asked very nicely asked that you have a good reason let alone any reason at all for your character to be here, for next time)
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Kain smiles in the trees. It's been years since he felt the freedom of the jungle, the warmth of the trees and beautiful sights of the natural waters around. Flowers are all around him, their sweet scents attack without mercy. He'd heard about this place but never believed it. This was a place for him to escape normal conventions and have fun. There were no politics, only freedom.

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@Eternal Chaos: A large thud is heard behind Kain, it was Monger landing from a massive leap. "I see you enjoy my Domain, brother, welcome"
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Park woke up with a start surrounded by green. As his vision stopped blurring he began to make out some tropical plants and thick brush. Where am I? He asked himself. He remember getting on a plane, screaming, adrenaline and the rest went from fireball to blankness. Great. Plane crash.

Park sat up suddenly. If there had been a plane crash there might be other survivors. He scrambled to his feet and went crashing through the heavy flora looking for any signs of the plane. He came to a sudden stop when he heard a branch creak loudly and barely jumped out of the way as a jet engine and half a tree came crashing down to the jungle floor. Looking up he saw dozens of parts littering the canopy top going to the west. This time he resumed running through the jungle keeping his eyes up. He finally crashed out of the thicket and skidded to a complete stop practically teetering on the edge of a cliff. All he could see for a few miles was canopy before it finally turned into ocean. Not far from the cliff there was a smoking hole in the green.

An hour later Park had managed to find the burning wreckage of the plane. The fire had choked itself out on the dense and hydrated brush. As he looked around for any survivors he found nil, but he did find some luggage, his own included, and began to arm himself. Ok, you're in hostile territory with no knowledge of the landscape. Grab what you can and find a choke point to settle into before anything else.

Park managed to salvage some in flight meals and pretzels along with clothing and metals before trudging off to find a suitable cave or tree to crash in for the foreseeable future. The first priority was survival, the next was rescue and then fin--


Park turned to the side to see a triceratops stomping around eating vegetation. Holy shit. I have died. These are my dying moments and I am seeing a f*cking dinosaur. Holy shit. He was too astounded for a reasonable reaction so he settled for walking up to the behemoth and holding his palm out. The great beast stood there looking at him inquisitively before smelling him.

"Hey buddy. Nice dinosaur." Park said as he gently pet the Huge-freakin'-triceratops! "You wouldn't happen to have a place where I could chill for the night would you?"

The giant lizard tossed it's head throwing it's horns around before walking towards the beaches. It paused at the edge of the clearing before turning its head and beckoning Park to follow it.

Holy shit! Park thought before following a DINOSAUR.

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Victor flew in atop the highest place in the Island, he needed to clear his head.

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@The_Rumor: War turned around and smiled at Monger's tremendous frame. This forest was a home indeed. Kain sat on his tree, staring into Monger's eyes before looking around as he spoke. "Of course I love it! I used to live in forests like this, brother. I remember what it was like roaming around the trees, jumping from limb to limb just because it was fun. Here, I get to do that once again. This will be my new favorite escape from the world. I thank you for making it known."

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@The_Rumor: As he walked, Longshot began to recall what had happened. He was infiltrating a slave ship, a freighter housing dozens of slaves below deck to process drugs on the long trip over to the U.S. He had secretly boarded the vessel at it's departure in Hong Kong and waited for the opportune moment to strike. Unfortunately, during the firefight, a stray bullet has punctured an air tank and set off a chain of explosions. Longshot was only capable to dive overboard at the last second. He couldn't save anyone. All those poor people. He had washed ashore here, although he had no idea how long he had been adrift, or where he was.

He knelt down in the massive clearing in the jungle and examined his resources. His teleporter console was dead. Thankfully, it had a the added option of recharging with solar power. Unfortunately, this option took at least twenty-four hours of uninterupted sunlight to complete. He looked for his communicator to try and call for help, but he couldn't find it. He remembered calling for assistance just before the ship went up. Obviously, he had lost it. Other then that, he had most of his usual equipment. Some had been water damaged, some had been lost, and he only had six arrows left in his quiver, but he didn't intend on fighting. There wasn't a sign of life for miles beyond the birds and the lizards. His own exceptional hearing told him that nothing dangerous was in immediate range. He lay his teleporter console down on the rock and let the charging begin. He sat down and admired the glorious landscape. He did need a vacation.

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@Eternal Chaos: "Your welcome friend, this has been my home ever since I was created, im glad it can be a retreat to my family all the same" Monger sits on a rock.
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@The_Rumor: "I refuse to see this land desecrated by developments. Trust me, I vow to protect it with every fiber of my being. Natural beauty such as this is hard to come by these days. So, how did you find this place? I understand it's been home since you were created, but who brought you here?"

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@Eternal Chaos: "My rage brought me here... I was fleeing from the humans and their devices of war, a storm hit and I was swept here... It has been home ever since... After many battles the tribes call me it's champion.."
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@The_Rumor: "You became their protector? I never would have guessed Monger. Never in a million years. What was their first reaction to you when they first saw you? They must have been terrified or hailed you as some kind of a Deity. I wouldn't be surprised by it. What other adventures have you been on since the change?" War took the dew off the nearby plants and drank some himself before returning it to the beautiful flora.

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@Eternal Chaos: "Brother, I have been on many adventures... As for the people? no... They enslaved me, thought me to be an animal like anything else here, put me in a pit with the creatures to fight to the death, until I slain a beast from the water and saved this island, then came the worship.."
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@The_Rumor: "How on Earth could they enslave you? You are a Titan, a terrible force with which not to be f*cked. That, you must elucidate."

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@.Longshot.: Park followed the lumbering dinosaur, trying to keep up with the supplies, towards the beaches but came to a halt when it suddenly gave pause.

"Hey Spike? What's up?" Park asked moving around to the triceratops front. He circled around to see a clearing, in the middle stood a man poised with a bow. His stance instantly revealed he knew how to use the weapon, but there was something more. He's not a hunter! Park realized. No hunter would be just standing in the open no cover no stealth. He's threatened! "Wait!" Park said holding his hands up putting himself between Spike(His affectionate name for the triceratops) and the archer. "Wait he's not going to hurt you! He's an herbivore! We don't want to fight! I'm just looking for shelter!

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A predator unlike any other stalks the Savage Lands, his very presence sending psychic shockwaves throughout the surrounding area. The smaller, more intelligent, creatures scurry away. The arrogance of the Tyrannosaurus keeps it from running, however, and it charges as if answering a challenge. Almost as quickly as it makes contact with the creature, its lower mandible is torn out of its head and used to impale its tiny brain. The predator then sets about consuming the former king of dinosaurs bit by bloody bit. 

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@Eternal Chaos: Monger laughed aloud, it was almost frightening. "I let them capture me! I wanted violence! and they gave me things to practice! It was a perfect life for me and only became better over time!"
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@The_Rumor: War couldn't help but laugh at Monger's response. His laughter was so intense he fell off his branch and crashed into the grass below; still laughing. The Horseman's flesh turned into a normal fleshy tone while his hair turned brown. "It would have been nice having you around when I needed soldiers in my armies as the King of Mosaeia."

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@Eternal Chaos: "Think not of the past brother, but of the present, you have my strength to defend our family I promise you.." Monger removes his ankle knife and sliced his palm, it bled green as he held it out in front of him towards Kain, he also held the knife in front of him. "An oath..."
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@Park: "Alright then." said Longshot, lowering his bow. He didn't detect a lie in the man's voice, or his heart. "I've got time to kill until my teleporter recharges. I'll help you build a shelter." He glared past the man and back at the lumbering dinosaur gnawing on a nearby fern. Compared to all the bizarre things he had seen in his life, this was tame, but he still had to let out a sigh of frustration and confusion.

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@The_Rumor: War smiled from ear to ear at Mongrel's offer. It oozed the methods of the old ways. He enjoyed these things. This was when honor was valued more than money. When warriors roamed and ruled, not politicians. Joyfully Kain to the knife from Mongrel and tore his own hand open. Crimson blood pouring his hand into the grass. Grasping the Titan's hand, Kain looked into his eyes. "Thank you, brother."

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@Eternal Chaos: Monger grinned while clasping his hand, after a shake he let go and Kain's hand glowed slightly, "The peoples gave me some sort of plant to eat once I saved them, none of the wildlife, or the peoples here, or the jungle.. Will ever attack you.. My blood is now in you brother, enjoy that gift."
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Something watches them from afar. The bare skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus, everything down to the marrow stripped and consumed, is the only testament to its existence. No blood stains. No scents of a fresh meal. It only watches in the dark corners of the jungle, waiting for the right time to strike. 
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@The_Rumor: "I shall appreciate it. Unfortunately my blood possess no traits like the ones your blood has. I will however do my best to give you the freedom you so desire."

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@Eternal Chaos: "Worry not Kain, it was a gift from me to yourself" Monger chuckled.
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@.Longshot.: "Thanks," Park sighed with relief as the masked man lowered his weapon. He went over to Spike and patted his side. "It's all good man, he's not an enemy." The large animal just looked at Park and continued to munch on the leaves. After a minute of standing the eating the triceratops jerked its head left and skewered some trees before trashing to the right and knocking down some more with it's powerful tail. "Jesus!" Park shouted covering his face to block any splinters from getting in his eyes. When the clearing settled down however he realized what had happened. Spike had knocked over some tree trunks to lean against the bases of more powerful ones effectively creating the frame of a shelter.

"Ok, well there's that now." Park said to the archer. He began unpacking some materials he had scavenged from the wreck and laid them out. When he was done there were ropes, knives, fabrics and some sheet metal. "You said you had a teleporter?"

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@The_Rumor: "It's not a matter of worry, it's a matter of respect. Actually... I do have something for you..." Kain reached into his pocket and gave his friend a small gold plate. It had the sign for "WAR" written in the language of darkness. "Should you ever need my assistance and it is of the most dire consequences, break that seal. It calls forth the Horseman of War, me. But beware, I will not behave as I normally would."

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@Eternal Chaos: Monger nods and puts it in his hide satchel, "Thank you brother, here, let us return to my home, follow of you can.." Monger smirks as he takes a mighty leap, he flies at least a mile onto the mountain side.
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Victor had started walking the Volcano he had been standing on, reflecting over his life, he looked at the dinosaurs below. He had flew in here simply for a place to relax, but where was this exactly? Victor jumped from the top of the Volcano, landing on the ground with a big thud that scared away the dinosaurs and could be heard from miles away. He got up with little discomfort, but definitely more than he expected. He tuned his senses, besides all the animal sounds, he could hear a few people on the island. He disregarded them as inhabitants. Victor walked to the nearest Tribe. "Where am I?" he wondered if these people spoke english.

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@The_Rumor: "I'm not going to jump that far. It's cheating. I'll show you what I can do instead..." Kain climbed back up the tree similar to a cat and hopped between the trees with incredible accuracy and agility. He behaved like a cross between a monkey and a cat. Wide jumps between the trees were made as he followed closely behind Mongrel. "Fast one aren't you?"

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@VictorGrey: The tribe's leader walked up peacefully, "You are within the boundaries of Savage land.."  
@Eternal Chaos
Monger laughed while jumping tree to tree, "You could say that!"The brothers finally arrived at a cave on the side of the mountain. 
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@The_Rumor: Interestingly enough, Kain was having fun with the little speed test he had with Mongrel until they reached a desolate looking cave on the side of a large mountain. Kain turned his head and looked up at Mongrel. "Your home is the cave?"

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@Eternal Chaos: "That it is brother"Monger said while entering it, inside was a massive cavern lit up by hundreds of glowing plants and torches.
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@The_Rumor: Victor bowed down slightly to show respect. "Am I far from America?" he asked, did they know America? What state was he in? he wondered all these questions to himself.

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@The_Rumor: "Beautiful. This is absolutely mesmerizing. I can't believe floral specimens like this still exist. It's been ages since I've seen them. What a beautiful cave. I'd almost forgotten how majestic nature could be." Kain smiled and stunned by his own awe at the wonderful sights he witnessed.

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@VictorGrey: "We do not know of this place you speak of... We are sorry but Savage land is all we know" The other tribe members nodding in agreement.
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@The_Rumor: "Ever tasted a hot dog?" victor chuckled to himself, it's what he did when he was worried or stressed. "I mean, thank you for your help" he bowed his head and walked away.

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@Eternal Chaos: Monger sits down on a bedroll made of T-Rex scale and grabs a leg of cooked wild panther and starts to eat it, "By all means brother, make yourself at home"
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Em came crashing from the skies, her one ton body landing loudly on the dirt earth. From the cloud she emerged unharmed, shining as if an angel from heaven. She took a step but found the gravity was too harsh in this area. Hydraulics in her body quickly changed so her weight would become lighter. She was then able to gracefully walk across the land scanning the plants and life form's nearby.

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@The_Rumor:"Thank you for the warm welcome." Kain enjoyed Monger's hospitality. Stretching out his wings, the vampire leaped up to the ceiling of the cave and dug his feet into the stone. His claws held on firmly, and eyes became entirely black. "I've been missing doing this. I'll have to put one of these back in Iceland."

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@Eternal Chaos: Monger pointed and chuckled at Kain's unique talent.
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@Mechina: "Uhmm... who are you?" Park asked the metallic woman pacing around the jungle as he continued to build his shelter.

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@The_Rumor: "I can do much more. But this is just relaxing. Strangely, it clears things up."

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@Eternal Chaos: "Welcome to how I live everyday brother" Monger grabs his blade and starts to sharpen it on some natural whetstone by the water supply.
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@Park: "Yeah," said Longshot looking out over the treeline, "The power's dead. I don't have the regular charger, so it takes twenty-four hours of sunlight to charge back up." He started erecting shelter. "What's your name?" he asked.

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@.Longshot.: @The_Rumor: @Eternal Chaos: @Eternal Chaos: Victor flew up 1KM from the centre of the island, he thought about his plan one more time, the plan for Olympus, it stressed him out so much. If he lost the war, who knows what could happen to him. Recently Alceus had discovered that Zeus took the throne of Olympus unfairly from his brother Vasillias, or atleast thats how he thought it should be spelt. He would have helped Alceus take down Zeus, but then he wouldn't take the throne. "I hate...." Victor started to lose it, he withdrew his hammer and shot a lightning bolt to the sky out of his anger, it roared for all to see. he stopped after three seconds, regaining his composure. "Face me Zeus!" he yelled to the sky "Talk to me!" he shot another thunderbolt to the sky!