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A broken country, a broken land. The consequences of the HALO/PEAK Industries war had once again, left Valenzuela in ruin. Venezuela was less than a third world country, recently annexed by the United States Government this small country was now part of the United States...but not an equal. The country had been completely robbed of all its resources, all the Oil was taken, all of the natural resources were gone. All of the forests had been cut down and wood taken for the main-land USA, This country..this state of the USA had been left nothing. Nothing but thousands of dead, even more homeless and hungry starving children, women and families. The world had left this country to fend for itself. Roaming gangs and people killing for food was now second nature, well...the USA had done something to the country..something that may define it forever.

The country had been split into four military controlled zones, this was to control the sudden increase and crime and rioting. The four sections were something like the Berlin wall and the separations that followed, this would split the country and make it very hard for rebellious groups to attempt a take-over. A solid concrete wall had been made in the same design as the Berlin wall to separate the 4 parts. Valenzuela military loyal to the cause were guarding the borders on all 4 sides of the country so none of the civilians can spill over to other sections. Any trespassers would be shot at without question. No exceptions.

The North

The Northern quarter of the country was the worst, crime was rampant and people were being killed faster than anybody had anticipated. This was where the once tall and strong HALO Tower had stood, the nuclear fallout from its teleportation had left this part of the country virtually inhabitable to normal people. However beacuse of the construction of the wall, people are unable to escape meaning cancer is getting more and more prolific in this quarter of the country, international aid was not accessible at all without risking the lives of aid workers.

The East

Relative to the other quarters of the country, this was the least effected, but still no-better than a third world country, day-to-day business was almost no existent, this section actually had food-banks and other shelter for the population. But it was still ridden with disease and crime, again international aid was cut off and so was the internet, in fact nobody in the whole country had the internet beacuse of the disruptions of the communication lines since the Pyro Crow bombings that had still not been repaired and had no plans to repair them.

The South

This was the most business orientated side of the country, still barely a third world country as they did not even have an established government apart from the occasional talk from the military in the country that were trying to hard to keep control, this was making money from the prostitution, illegal arms and drug making that was now not illegal beacuse of the lack of law. People sneaked in from all over the world and were sold slaves, weapons and drugs at cheap prices, this was quickly becoming the new Somalia of the world.

The West

This is where the "government" of the country resided. Hiding inside of the "Royal" Palace the building was simply a place for the leaders of the military who were in-charge of the country too take aid money that international helpers had given and use it to fund drug rings and buy weapons and other things corrupt officials do.

This was not that heavily defended, it had round the clock military stationed around but an attacker that was trying would easily be-able to attack the base. The government was not really run at-all, so taking it over would do nothing but a distraction until the next corrupt official took over.

The Royal Palace

The Wall

Constructed by Peak Industries, this wall stretched across the entire country in four lines, spitting it down the middle vertically and horizontally. Constructed from Reinforced concrete this was a very sturdy wall. It could take a Tank round and still stand, but a second, and then a third will probably cause a hole in the side, however, if this hole was created an instant response by the Valenzuela response squad would be ready to defend against any attacks, or any civilians trying to escape their dedicated zone.

The Venezuela Response Squad - VRS

This was not like any normal army, they were more like a dedicated SWAT team who were soldiers, civilians and US marines gone rogue. This meant that while some where highly trained and able to perform to an amazingly expertise level in the field, other members of the Venezuela Response Squad - Or VRS for short were a little incompetent and a liability. The usual ratio was for every good member you had, you had two bad members.

All borders of the country were being monitored by the VRS, There were no conventional ways in without getting past the VRS, but many unorthodox ways people possibly new were available.

Officer in command

US Military

US MILITARY - This section will be filled with defenders after the NPC situation is resolved.

Force Division Five - Peacekeeping division

This squad of 100 Suited troops were stationed inside the Royal palace, never leaving but always prepared, hidden away in-case of an attack by any remnants of the HALO corps or Hit and Run groups that over-run the Royal Palace. These were Mark Two Suits. Not the strongest available but more-than capable of defending a country already in this state of ruin.

They served as a beacon of fear, wherever they turned up the consequence would normally result in Death, the population feared the words "FDF - Force Division Five" and it was sometimes even used as a swear-word, "Five OFF!" Was said to people, it was like cursing them with death for example.

This squad were rarely used, but when they were anybody who had a slight bit of self-preservation left the vicinity.


  • Standard CV Rules apply
  • Once the NPC rules are made - Abide by them for any future invasions
  • Slightly restricted access - If you can find a reasonable way of getting into the country, Realistically it is Open access. But find a way to get in plausibly.
  • Selling etc..
  • PM me and you can set-up a guerilla sqaud etc..

This location is being re-done - The old event ended and thus, a new era for Venezuela will arrive.

Any Questions message @pyrogram or @anthony_stark

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[ This is.. beast mode.

I LOVE the post apocalyptic feel. ]

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@amaranth_strix: [ Thanks!!! That is what I was trying to give across! :D )

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Pretty badass son. Nice to see the residual effect of the war in play. The layout is tight as well.

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The global environment has been turned on its axis. We are killing us.

This revolution will be televised. If we can count on the trusty media.
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@quintus_knightfall: We are...agreeing. Someone needs to set stuff right.

Quin's going hero mode again?

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Wow. You guys are worse than Charles.

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@quintus_knightfall: How could you ever bore me? It's not possible!

Every-man on the planet just wished he heard those words come from a woman.

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What is this 'ruins of Venezuela' thing? I know of no 'ruins'. Venezuela is a wonderful, wonderful place. >_>

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@quintus_knightfall: I'm always nice. We were partners, back in the day.

Hah! I never did learn of your dark side stint.

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@nerx: Right, of course. Those rebels are always ruining everything.

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@premonition: They will be recycled into MRE and fed to the impoverished sir

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@nerx: Just don't call it Soylent Green.

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@quintus_knightfall: I'm always nice. We were partners, back in the day.

Hah! I never did learn of your dark side stint.

In character few people do :P really just the family.

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@nerx: Excellent. Put McDonalds to work on that.

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@premonition: Even better, I have my own food chain as a stand in. Yes, we sell McPropaganda.

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"Go go go!"

The VRS commander shouted to all of his men as they infiltrated a rebellious strong-hold in the northern sector, over 20 members of the rebellious group that was unnamed but fancied themselves as a military coup was attempting to gain control of the north. Over 100 VRS men had been stationed too attack them, the base that the coup were trying to use as a HQ had been snitched out by an informant, the base was under an old rail-way, one entrance to this base was an old tunnel, the VRS had captured the direct entry route and pinned the rebels down, firing an RPG blowing up the initial defenses 2 of the rebels were murdered easily. The man in charge of the VRS operation spoke "TAKE CONTROL!"

The VRS charged into the blown up base using weaponry stolen from the US military after the Peak war, walking in aiming at anybody who got in the way they swiftly shot at a militia member ending them as a bullet tore through there abdomen then another 5 the rebels head. They continued firing an nonsensical amount of bullets forwards until every VRS member had to re-load, upon doing so the smoke cleared and the damage had been seen, 15 dead rebels on the floor. Blood and guts everywhere.

The VRS were in the middle of re-loading as 3 of the rebels jumped out from a ceiling hiding place, in-front of the VRS one of the rebels using a razor sharp hunting knife decapitated a VRS member, the other 2 rebels did the same until the officer in command of the VRS took out his pistol and swiftly ended the 3 rebels with a well placed shot to the head.

He stood over one of the nearly dead rebels who was still breathing and spoke "Scum" Followed by a gunshot blowing the rebels head up.

He turned his head to the other VRS members and spoke "One rebellion down, over 100 more to go"

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@nerx: [ He is in command of the VRS response team ]

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((Any notes on peacekeeper presence? I'd like to see your take on them))

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@agent_california: ( I don't wana cause aggro yet, once rules made I will add possibly if allowed )

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@agent_california: ( I don't wana cause aggro yet, once rules made I will add possibly if allowed )

((OH and I like your speeches, don't worry, Carol can keep you safe, BY THROWING YOU INTO MORE DANGER!))

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@anthony_stark: He just wanted some loot, and the rebels had alot of it. But of course, Trips infamous luck, the rebels he was trading with just had to get jumped by the new Venezuelan ass kickers. Trip cursed with British slang under his breath as he was covered in rubble, hoping these guys were just going to have a few more laughs and leave. Clutching onto his bag of military grade morphine he played dead among the bodies.

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The leading officer caught a mans finger moving in his vision, he peered down at the man who appeared dead.

Taking out his 9mm he pointed it towards the mans head and spoke in a sinister and pure evil tone "Are you alive?" His voice was deep and tipped with venom.

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@anthony_stark: Trip remained silent, though his body was still, his heart was racing like a jackhammer. He could feel his head pulse against the barrel of the man's weapon that was placed firmly against his dome. This was going to get bad.

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He looked down at the man, the leader of the VRS had powers, not a special mutant but it kept him ahead of the game, however hearing heart-beats was not one of his powers. He was just about to turn around when he saw a single drop of sweat fall down the mans forehead. His eyes widened in his helmet, pressing the gun towards the mans head he attempted to stamp on the mans right ankle, attempting to break it with an uncanny amount of strength, possibly super-human. Announcing that he knew he was alive.

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@anthony_stark: *CRACK* Went Trip's ankle, broken in the worst way possible. The goon bit on his tongue so hard he actually sunk his poorly taken care of teeth into the spongy flesh. His knees tightened as hard as he could so his entire body wouldn't flinch, but even then, he just couldn't stay silent. "F*CKING HELL!" He cried out as he rolled over and clasped onto his shattered ankle.

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The VRS response squad leader then attempted to lift the man up by the scruff off his neck and speak in a dark and deep tone "You're coming back with me" If the man refused the neck lift, he would attempt to simply shoot the man in the chest multiple times, he did not play with rebels.

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@anthony_stark: "Hold up! HEY come on!" Trip was a thug, a petty criminal, not a super hero, villain or anything of the sort. His slender frame was picked up easy by the troop even though h struggled, he wasn't even close to being up to par with a soldier of any brand. "I'm pretty sure we can just, TALK about this or something eh lads?"

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The VRS leader held the man as he turned him around and attempted to put a make-shift handcuff on him by tying his hands with a scrap on metal cable, then putting a sack over his head and finally carrying him towards a van and putting him inside. Again if any resistance was shown, the troops would open fire.

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@anthony_stark: "F*CKING YANKS!" Trip wiggled and squirmed, he really did not want to go to prison, not again. So, with much distaste, he did what he usually does in this sort of situation. He rolled off the man's shoulder and fell face first to the ground, quick to get up and run for the whole in the destroyed hole nearby, but he knew he wasn't going to make an escape...

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@_trip_: The driver in the truck speed forward blocking the only exit with the car. The leader of the VRS stepped out of the truck and spoke deeply "Wrong move" He attempted a pistol whip towards the mans face then a single gun-shot between his feet. The 15 members who were standing around all circled the two men, shouting "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" as they raised guns in the air and shouted louder and louder, they started to fire bullets into the air.

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@anthony_stark: "You have GOT to be fecking kidding me!" Trip stood up after rubbing his fat lip, looking up at the towering example of a perfect killer. Trip dusted his denim jacket off and raised his fingerless gloves fists in a cliche boxing stance. Charging towards the man he went for a feign punch at his chest before actually going to kick him right in the jewels.

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The man ran at the VRS leader, he steadfast as the man kicked him in the jewels, not even squinting or making a noise, the years of military abuse, pain and suffering had stopped him feeling any amount of pain these days, the pure agony and terror he had first gotten bestowed against him with the wake skinning of his ankles at only age 15 had made him learn pain was only a weakness, he channeled the pain of the strike to his testicles, instead of shouting in pain he used all of the energy inside of him more constructively, attempted to punch the man square in the jaw, force strong enough to dent concrete.

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@anthony_stark: And that was it, the punch way to powerful for any human connected with Trip's bottom jaw, shattering it, and sending it upwards to the point where it caused brain trauma. His body fell straight back without any sort of hesitation, for Trip was dead. He laid on the dirt floor with his still shattered ankle and now a jaw that killed him.

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@anthony_stark: ...You punched a human being with the force to f*ck up concrete..Right in the lower jaw..Of course he is fecking dead! XD)

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@_trip_: ( Well...Well...Now I feel bad..Sure you are dead? >_> Maybe not just seriously wounded if we take you back to base <_< )