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the sun is hot as it beats down on the desert. a breeze slightly picks up some sand and carries it away towards a wondrous pyramid. inside the pyramid it is like a maze twisting and turning end over end. as you would travel through the pyramid you would Hieroglyphs on the walls showing what may lie in the future.  thousands of pictures drawn in blood telling many different stories of war and death.

inside what seems like an alien space ship deep within the pyramid stands a monster of a man. the being stood almost 7ft tall his face was as pale as a ghost and he had several marking on his skin that only he would know the significance. En Sabah Sur stood infront of what looked like a large glass tube that was big enough to hold a human being. apocalypse smashed on several keys as he stood in front of the apparatus.  the monster shouted many curses as he continued to smash down on several keyboards. suddenly a deep voice was heard from behind the massive being. "master our preparations are almost complete and im happy to please you by letting you know our first project is ready!" the servant said as he spoke to En Sabah Nur. Quickly apocalypse turned around wrapping his fingers around the throat of the servant. "Never speak of my children as if their just a science expirement now take me to her" apocalypse shouted as he released his grasp dropping the servant back to the ground.

apocalypse followed his servant through the narrow hallways of the enormous pyramid. Once they reached what looked like the same room they were just in a sinful smile graced the face of the monstrous one. slowly apocalypse walked over to the glass tube that held a female within it. as apocalypse stood infront of the tube he placed his hand on it smiling as he spoke to the seemingly sleeping female inside. "Ah my young feral nova i could have never asked for a better daughter" apocalypse said as he slowly pulled his hand away from the glass. the servant walked up next to apocalypse nervously speaking sire when do you want me to ready her for our ...er your plan!" the servant said as he readied himself to be struck. slowly apocalypse took his eyes off of his marvelous creation and glared at the servant. "As soon as we have collected the rest of my children we will be readying our attack NOW LEAVE ME BE!" apocalypse shouted out as he turned back to face his horsemen of pestilence.


the room was dark and seemingly empty as the dark one stood in the shadows of the corner staring into the bed of risky. apocalypse had many powers which he would always use for his own enjoyment but as for entering the Zero tower he found teleportation to be the best way. slowly apocalypse began to read the mind of the young woman that lay in her bed sleeping as if the world was at peace. the dark one could read thoughts of her father and how much she missed him. apocalypse could tell that she would make a fitting horsemen with her inner anger and her love for war. slowly apocalypse began to warp her dreams within her mind. he would slowly bring forth her father and quickly take him away. then he would morph himself within her dreams giving himself a fitting appearance and promising her everlasting power and the one wish she could ever ask for. apocalypse would promise to bring her father back from the dead.

slowly apocalypse left her mind and her dreams once again he glared down at the sleeping beauty admiring her battle scars. "sleep well my child for we have a world to conquer." With that being said the monster was gone without a trace of ever being there. but every night he would make his return and enter the dreams of risky until he could control her mind and manipulate her to his likings.

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Rumblings of an ancient power awaking deep within thee Egyptian desert had spread through the Vine World like wild fire. The type of evil that even the most dangerous and vicious villains where afraid of. As it where the Fraternity, a collection of assassins and killers, where in the mist of organizational change and in no position to oppose such a threat alone. The former Death Angel Assassin known as Morte Rapida had gone missing.

Word had come in that other teams around the Vine were also missing a team member. It was something in the air, something that those familiar with chaos could sense coming. The World was going to burn, and no one team was going to be able to stop it. Inside the hollow Fraternity mansion the Cajun known as Gambler sat at the foot of his newly born daughters bed his head resting on his hands. Things where different now, he had a wife, and a family that he would gladly lay down his life for. No longer could he be the reckless rogue he had grown to embody. Things like world domination and arch-enemies where no longer his single motivational driving force. He was older, wiser.

He rose from his chair, the lovely Esther Cotillard LeBeau standing in the doorway watching, as her husband leaned over the custom carved baby crib and gently kissed his daughter. She smiled her reassuring smile as Gambler walked towards her, removing her shawl and wrapping it around the troubled shoulders of her Cajun lover.

“Still no word on Morte?” he asked. The question however was rhetorical. Everyone knew something was wrong, everyone knew things where about to change, forever.

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11:16 PM

The 2008 Ford Mustang was forced offroad. The shells being fired from the van were able to pierce two of the police vehicle's tires. The criminals stormed through the city of Gotham, with no authority in their way to put their escape to an end. They accomplished in robbing money from the Gotham Bank, so their goal was to make it back home.  Their only worry was the Batman, a vigilante who believes is a bat. No one is for sure if he's both man or bat, perhaps both. This mysterious figure was able to stop dozens of crimes in just weeks. The criminals prayed the Batman would not show his face tonight. 
"Get the hell out of the way!"

 A man wearing a red hocky mask in the front passenger seat began to roll his window. The man stuck out his luger and began to fire at traffic ahead of the escapees. A couple of cars collided against each other as response to the gunshots. Others just stopped completely. The runaway van knocked a few vehicles that were in their path.  "No sign of the cops or the Bat?" Said the front passenger.  The driver looked all sides to indentify any possible threats.  "I don't think they can stop us now." The driver turned his focus on the road once more. They were now entering a bridge.

 Just ahead, the four criminals spotted something in the sky. It was gliding, descending down from the gray clouds.
"Is that who I think it is?" Said the front passenger. The driver began to nod. "Time to spit metal at the Bat, boys." The three passengers strated to laugh. They each pulled out their guns and aimed. The Batman's glide came to a complete stop when he landed on the road, just a hundred feet away from the van. The three men fired, but their shots were deflected when the Gotham Knight covered his frightening shape with his cape. The bullets and shells stuck onto the cape. With a shake, the metal objects fell from the cape.

 The oncoming van was only ten feet within range of the Batman. The wind was against the Batman, with those odds it would only seem to be against him. Though, the Caped Crusader was always suprising. The vigilante, with his electric current controlling gloves, changed the shape of his cape into a bowl shaped form. The wind filled the bowl shaped cape completely and sent the Batman in the air back.  The van looked like it hit the notorious Dark Knight, but where was he
? "Did we get him?"  Just as the front passenger made his statement, a hand from the hood of the van pulled out the man. "Oh, damn!" Said the driver.  It was quite for a few seconds, without any idea what the Batman was doing.


 There was a sudden metal clench that came from the back bumper of the van. The three men turned to each other , sharing confusing looks. The van came to a sudden complete stop. The three men turned their heads and looked outside the back window of the van. The quick vigilante hooked a powerful, metal rope onto the back bumper and the rope was then thrown over three beams from the bridge. The rope started from the van and ended on a black vehicle. The vehicle has been many times before in the Gotham news. The Batmobile was twenty feet behind the runaway van. The armored tank began reving.  "Oh, no."     said the driver softly. The black vehicle was put in reverse and pulled the metal rope with its powerful horsepower. With the rope going over three bridge beams the van was pulled up sharply. The van collided  inbetween two beams and stuck there. The van hanged upside. None of the three criminals would dare jump out of the vehicle and suffer a fifty feet fall. "Do you think he just plans this?" Said one of the back passengers. In an instant, a small gas bomb was thrown into the van by something from the outside. The criminals coughed until they eventually were unconscious.

Zero Squad HQ

Mild manner Bruce Wayne stepped out of the secret room, which leads him to the Batcave he built under the Zero Squad Base. His performance today was just a warm up, but hoped it was enough to impress the team. Bruce is the new guy in Zero Squad. The team is led by the heroic Ronin. The team also includes Risky, Moonshayde, One Shot, and Deja Vu. Risky, second in command, tested Bruce's skill. He succeeded in proving himself. Bruce admired Risky's skill and personality. But lately the admirement fell a bit. Risky has been acted different lately. she's become angrier and aggressive. It was notable she can be serious, but it was different now.

 Bruce stepped into his room and sat on his bed. He took the remote and clicked. The television lit up on the "50" inch LCD screen. After scrolling through channels, he came upon the news. The Billionaire rubbed his right shoulder. He could feel some pain, which is where a purple bruise covered his skin. As Batman he could ignore it at times, but as Bruce the pain just induces in his body.


 The first ten minutes watching television was all about tonight's spectacular. Headline of the night was "Batman ties up Crooks." As heroic as some may believe the Batman is, there was always controversy.  The Batman causes thousands of dollars worth in damage. Fighting justice is always going to come at a price. Just when the first ten minutes was interesting, the next news coverage was going to be the tip of the iceberg. There were discussion of unknown tremors occuring in the African country, Egypt. Somehow the tremors there were similar to the ones that have been occuring all over the world. There were speculations that they were all somehow connected. This was an intriguing case. A case that even convinced the Billionaire to get up and research these reports in the web.


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Oracle was usually a wonder. Never before had the intricate computer system misplaced any of the Fraternity members. This was a strange and unique occurance, and one that had kept her up most of the night. As required, each agent of the Fraternity was responsible for calling in to ensure headquarters of their safety. Morte had been missing for two days now. His com link had been located but he himself was nowhere to be found.

"Subject not found" the computer's mono robotic voice eluded from the speakers that lined the wall. An entire evening of hearing the same phrase, and Esther had had enough of it. She could feel the pressure mounting on her shoulders and the back of her neck as she brought her hand to the base of her head and leaned her head down, pushing the tips of her fingers into her temples.

The computer system hummed and buzzed and Esther paced the room of the office. The great family portrait hung above the cherry wood desk. The one of her father, the former leader of Les Assassins Silencieux de Noir had been taken down and moved to the hallway entrance. The mark of a dagger could still be seen in the canvas of the portrait. Florian's doing, all those years ago. He proved to be so much like his father.
 The room smelled of coffee and cigarettes. Esther had quit both habits close to a year ago due to the pregnancy, but now; now she had started again. Oracle never failed before, why today?

She picked the file up off of the desk and tied her robe around her waist. The black silk trailed the ground behind her as she adjusted her reading glasses to her face, rubbing her forehead with her right hand she closed her eyes as she ascended the staircase. She stopped at the door of Angelique's room. She wanted to check up on her before bringing the file to Gambler and tell him that there was still no word on Morte Rapida. She paused. There stood the King of Kings, looking as though he had not slept in days, worried sick over the condition of one of his deadliest assassins. He rose from his chair, leaned down into the crib and kissed the head of the young Princess. Esther stood and watched the eyes of her Cajun lover soften as he gazed upon the face of his baby girl. Becoming a father suited him, she thought to herself. He turned away and locked eyes on Esther who had been leaning against the door frame. She removed her shawl and placed it around Jean's shoulders rubbing his arms softly.
"No word on Morte?" He asked. She knew he already knew the answer. Her face darkened and her brow furrowed.
"No my love, none." She handed him the file and he pushed it away slowly.
"I don't need it. I know already, something just does not feel right..." The King of Kings took his wife's hands in his and brought them to his lips. "I'm afraid it might be time to look for him Chere."
"On your command, fearless leader. Say the word."

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Mobb Deep had just been through perhaps one of their most trying tests only a few days ago. They had been stripped of what made them "super" and sabotaged to go against the worst of the worst but proved that what made them heroes was something that was inside of their hearts. That right their was something that only they had the power to change.

The day was ordinary enough. The Mobb members were scattered around the mansion and they were all pleased to see that Alpha Guard and Ripcord had returned to the team after and they had personal mission that they needed to handle. Kurrent of course was doing what he did far to often, planning. He was constantly looking at urban maps and city schematics. Since he traveled via conductive material he needed to know where power lines and railroads where located since that is what he primarily used. He was also studying the LeBeaus. This has become somewhat an obsession. He believed that Gambler was responsible for killing his parents and for killing the family that took him in when he first received his abilities.

It was not 1400hrs and everyday no matter what was going on the members of Mobb Deep would meet in Briefing room of the Mansion and if they were not there they would call in. It was a way for the team to bond or give ideas or talk business. It was not a formal meeting just a time that the team would join together and be a team and to be honest that was Kurrent's favorite part of the day. The team all piled in the room. The ladies were all looking sexy as usual, Rip came in with a witty comment as he would usually do, Troop and Guard came in with drink and food all seemed well until Acer did not show or call in.

Acer has never missed a meeting Kurrent thought to himself this is not like him at all. With a hint troubled tone the Mobb Deep Leader spoke to his teammates, "Has anyone seen Ace".

After a couple of left to right nods Kurrent began to worry. Acer would always go off and do his thing that was nothing new but he would always say something. Then he began to think after met with ronin earlier that morning to explain that the LeBeaus made away with the documents of The Conference. He had called for Risky and she was surprisingly not answering his call. Ronin had mentioned something about a new evil Egypt had emerged and that may also have something to do with the sudden disappearances.  It all could have been a coincidence but Kurrent was not the type of man to believe in coincidence he need to have facts.

He reached for com link and tried to communicate with Acer but all he received was static. As the team chit chated amongst themselves he stood from his chair and began to speak in a authoritative tone. "Something is definitely wrong, we need to find Acer he could be in danger, this is Mobb Deep priority 1, check out his hang out spots anything that might lead us to him". His reaction might have seemed harsh to some of the newer members because it had only been a few minutes but by the look in Kurrent's eyes his team was sure to know not to question him.  They needed to understand that Kurrent and Acer were like brothers. They have spilled and shed blood together they also resurrected Mobb Deep together and in Mobb Deep a link on the chain can never be missing.

Kurrent's demeanor quickly changed from easygoing to strictly business as his team has seen many a time before as he walked out of the room..Before leaving he said aloud "Somebody roll with me, I'm going to the Zero Tower we might get a lead as to what happened to Acer there"

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The world was in peace again, once again in order.

She and her father sat in the garden behind their house. The warm summer sun shone upon them as they drank their beer and exchanged old war stories. "Way back in Vietnam..." "Years ago in Iraq..." "I tell you, Afghanistan..." "The first time was nothing, the second time Afghanistan..."  They laughed and joked and the anekdotes flew around like tennis balls from the one to  the other. The stories got wilder and more exciting as if they tried to surpass each other. Birds sang around them from the blooming trees and as the sun began to set it bathed everything inn a radiant golden light. Risky was so happy. There was her father wearing his general's uniform like he always had deserved and she wore her military garb of the Green Berets. He could not have shown greater pride in his face. Nothin could have been better. She was not only lucky but also happy. Maybe for the first time in her life. But there was a slight taste of irreality to it. The badges of honour of her father glistening too much in the late sunlight, the beer tasting strange as she did not remember it, the birds singing dissonant melodies. She tried to keep that all out of her attentionn but it kept getting harder and harder. Suddenly General Glasmann said:


“What’s up my daughter? Does your treason bother you? Is that what keeps your attention?”


“What are you speaking of Dad? I did not betray you?” Her voice became that of a little girl again, getting higher and higher before finally vanishing in the depths of her despair, her eyes filling with tears. How could he say that? He was her dad…


“Of course you did, stupid girl!You let me die!I died because of you!” His voice was full of anger and disgust. All his body spoke of the rejection he hurled towards her. “I had the choice to fight this savage green monster or not but I went. Not to protect all the people that were living there but to flee from you. You were such a disappointment that I could not bare your presence. This is because I died. If you had been more of a soldier I would not have died. Iw would be still alive!”


The atmosphere began to foul out of the sudden. The birds stopped to sing, the golden light turned to a red sick frightening red. But what was more of a horror to her was the way her father changed. In just a few seconds he aged many decades until he started to decay. Dead flesh ran from his cheeks like water and his eyes disappeared into his skull. A sickening miasma of stench sourrunded him and from his empty eyesockets he stared at her. His jaw made clackening sounds as he continued his accusasations. Even whe turned to dust right before her eyes his last words were not ones of love but of insult.






She woke up sweating inn her bed in the Zero Tower. With a reflex she grabbed for the familiar shotgun on her desk and pointed around with it like with a flashlight. Risky had never been prone to nightmares but this was a real bad on. The wooden shaft of the weapon comforted her and reminded her of… her father. How could this be. Why did he say sommething like this? WHY? Grabbbed by a sudden unexplainable anger she threw the shotgun in a corner of her room. WHY? She brought up her knees under her chin, curled herself up in her bed and began to cry silently…


The next nights weren’t any better. Sometimes the same dream came back haunting her, sometimes a new one tortured her where she was unable to save her dead and witnessed his dead by her own eyes, how he was crushed in his tank, how the armored walls of the tank came nearer and nearer till they broke his bones… Waking up screaming became accustomed to her the following nights. According to this she slept not more than two hours a night and the TV became a trusted friend in this nights. So she sat before it and zapped through the channels and stopped at the news channels. The televison bathed her in his cold and cruel and indecisive light every night. Images of war and slaughter flooded her mind and she started slowly to accept them as familiar. Finally they were everything that could put her to  sleep for at least a few hours. In the morning her friend s of the Zero Squad would find her on the couch and ask her what was going on to  which she would always reply with the same aggressive “Nothing!”


She grew more and more touchy the next days and the efforts of her friends, even that of good friends like LstPaladin, Ronin and Julia were brushed off with the same old nothing. Till the end of the next week she was not more than a nervous, aggressive and oversensitive wreck. Her friends and teammates almost didn’t know her anymore. In fact she didn’t know herself anymore. And what was worst of all: She didn’t know how to tell them or how to improve the situation…
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After the problems caused by the Researcher, Alpha Guard had decided to take a little break from hero work. There was only so much he could handle, and being with Mobb Deep meant even more battles then he had when he was playing it solo. Alpha Guard wasn't sure if any of his fellow teammates felt the same way he did, but Ripcord was also absent after the Researcher saga. When Alpha Guard returned to the Mobb Mansion, after an annoying battle with Omega Man, he heard about Mobb's latest adventure that they were calling The Conference. The Guardian of Good felt rather guilty that he hadn't been there to help, but his teammates didn't seem to hold that against him. Besides, he told himself, how much help would a kid with no powers be anyway? But he put the guilt aside, to focus on what Kurrent was now telling them.

Has anyone seen Ace? Alpha shook his head, he hadn't heard from Acer since the battle in the future Times Square, but no one else had heard from him either. Something is definitely wrong, we need to find Acer he could be in danger, this is Mobb Deep priority 1, check out his hang out spots anything that might lead us to him. Alpha Guard was startled for a moment by Kurrent's reaction, but recalled how concerned Kurrent had been when he told him that Mantoid was hurt during the Times Suqare battle. Kurrent cared deeply for everyone in Mobb Deep, Acer in particular. Somebody roll with me, I'm going to the Zero Tower we might get a lead as to what happened to Acer there.

Alpha Guard jumped up from his chair and caught up with Kurrent. I'm coming with you Kurrent, if what happened to Acer is any indication, I don't think any of us should be out alone. Besides, I always wanted to see the Zero Tower. As the two heroes headed for the Zero Tower, The Guardian of Good created a spy plane to provide fast and undetectable transport to the famous headquarters. With the plane on auto pilot, Alpha Guard had time to think about why Acer had seemingly vanished, and why Acer. Why not Kurrent, Mobb's leader, why not members like Sha, Ripcord, or himself, who were likely as strong or stronger then Acer. What was happening?

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the moon was high in the sky as shadows of bats flew over head and city lights shined on the ground of vine city. there was a slight breeze from the altitude of the building high atop the streets. En Sabah Nur had contacted a man by the name of morte rapida he had sent him a letter explaining why he should meet with him. apocalypse was taking a different approach as to how he would collect his horsemen. instead of kidnapping them and forcing them to join his family he would seduce them. over the years he often pondered as to how he failed so many times. The monster now knew where he failed was not in collecting his horsemen but by collecting them against their wishes. this time his horsemen would want to have the power of a god not have it forced upon them.

apocalypse stared up at the moon he knew the meeting would start soon as the wind gathered up blowing dust off the top of the building and out onto the streets. quickly apocalypse turned around to see the masked assasin. "Morte rapida i assume" apocalypse said in a evil tone with a sharp smile on his face. the dark one could see the hatred in the eyes of morte. he could feel the anger shooting through his body. En Sabah Nur knew at this moment he wouldnt need some cheap trick to convince morte to join his horsemen. he already wanted the power of the gods and wanted to rule with an iron fist. slowly  apocalypse  walked toward the killer assasin placing his hand on the shoulder of morte. "I have asked you here to invite you to my family apocalypse said with an evil grin on his face. And unlike your friends at the fraternity i can promise you power beyond your wildest dreams and i can give you the one thing you want more in this life than anything." En Sabah Nur said said he placed his other hand on morte's other shoulder. "i can give you vegeanace against all those heroes that ever stood in your way and the power to make any so called villain bow down at your feet"  Apocalypse then dropped his hands to his side and turned around staring at the moon "All i ask is that you come to my home on your free will" slowly apocalypse walked to the edge of the building he had explained how and where to go to morte and he would be at his pyramid waiting for his new sons arrival. 


Just as he had so many nights before En Sabah Nur made his unheard entrance into the Z tower standing in the darkness of the shadow's glaring down at his sleeping beauty. this one was taking too long. he had slowly made his way into the mind of the young soldier and warped her dreams into his very own playground. now it was time. Suddenly the molecules in the dark ones body began to change shape. his appearance shrunk down from a large monster of a man to a older smaller figure of a man that once struck fear into the hearts of enemy soldiers. apocalypse then walked over to risky slowly sitting down on her bed next to the sleeping female. he could tell his implanted dreams were doing their job as risky's body would often twitch in her sleep. "Ruby" apocalypse whispered to her as he placed his hand on top of the covers that lay over her body. "awake my sleeping child oh how i have missed you so much" apocalypse said posing as her fallen father. he watched as her eyes slowly opened. at first she was frightened not knowing what was going on. But apocalypse had kept true to his promises he placed in her dreams. he had taken the form of her father forcing her to beleive the promise he gave her in her dreams was real.

As risky's father apocalypse would spend an hour talking to her reading her mind to use that as a way to know how to act like her dad. as they sat there talking he spoke of a place they could go away from this so called hero team. a place they could go were they would never have to worry about either one of them ever losing one another. Then apocalypse stood up still posing as her father reaching his hand out asking "will you come with me ruby"


Apocalypse walked back and forth pacing like a father wating for his child to be born. The dark one watched as his three horsemen lay dormant inside their glass homes. For his plans to come true he only needed his last and final horsemen. Acer. He knew the young hero would show as his computers made him aware that the mobb deep member was missing from their team. the only qeustion was when would he show. "Master i beleive our guest has arrived" a servant said as he stood in the door way of the horseman's lair.  in a mad rush apocalypse ran over in a flash grabbing the servant up by the neck and squeezing till blood vessels began to pop in his eyes. "How dare you treat him like a guest he is family and shall be treated as such" the dark one said as he twisted his wrist breaking the neck of the servant and throwing him to the side. Quickly apocalypse made his way through the winding halls of the pyramid. "Ah acer my son im so happy you made it" apocalypse said as he stood glaring at the young hero. apocalypse knew there was noway he could truely get acer to come freely into his lair so he quickly continued with his plan. in a matter of seconds the room was filled with sleeping gas and En Sabah Nur watched as the young warriors body fell to the floor.

quickly apocalypse gathered him up and made his way back to the horseman's lair. within a few hours the dark one would be able to release his horsemen onto the world allowing them to wreak havoc across any nation that would stand in his way of world domination.
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As Ripcord raced down the road in his Toyota Rav-4, his mind kept replaying the events of the meeting at Mobb Mansion no more than an hour ago. It had all started as it normally did. Even though this was the first meeting since Ripcord had returned to the team, it was as if he never left. The team was all there, all except for Acer. Thinking back on it, it did seem weird to him, but at the time his thoughts were on other things. During his absence from the team, Ripcord had done many things that some of the other members of Mobb Deep would find questionable. He had killed three men in cold blood, and didn't feel anything. No remorse or sorrow. No nothing. Ripcord was changing, and he didn't know what he would be at the end of his transformation.

Pushing those thoughts out of his head, Ripcord remembered the meeting in more detail. Kurrent walked into the room, and as he scanned the room, his eyes locked on Acer's empty chair. Turning back toward to other members of the team, Kurrent spoke in a voice that even made Ripcord think.

 "Has anyone seen Ace". 

Come to think of it, even though Acer and Ripcord didn't hang around one other very often, Ripcord couldn't remember Acer ever no showing up to a meeting. He was as much into protocol as Kurrent was. Shaking his head from left to right to indicate he didn't know where Acer was, Ripcord watched as all the other member did the same. This was starting to becomeworse and worse by the minute. Acer was a lot of things, but he wasn't a flake. He always left a way to get in contact with him, even when he would go deep undercover. 

As Kurrent clicked the com link to contact acer, all he got was dead air. The others began to talk amongst themselves as to where Acer might be, but all that stopped as Kurrent's voice boomed throughout the room.

Something is definitely wrong, we need to find Acer he could be in danger, this is Mobb Deep priority 1, check out his hang out spots anything that might lead us to him".

Kurrent was serious. Acer and him were like brothers. Everyone in Mobb Deep knew this. They also knew that Kurrent wouldn't leave this alone. Not until he found out what happened to Acer and where he was now. Ripcord could understand Kurrent's intensity. Ripcord had once had a friend who was also his brother in arms. His name was Ry'Gil. He had watched Ry'Gil die in his arms, all he could do was hope that Kurrent didn't have to go through a similar experience. Kurrent was good at hiding his emotions, but Ripcord could tell he was hurting. He also knew that who ever was behind this was in for a world of hurt. As he began to walk out of the room, Kurrent turned his head slightly and spoke.

Somebody roll with me, I'm going to the Zero Tower we might get a lead as to what happened to Acer there"

At once Alpha Guard jumped up to go with him. Ripcord watched them leave, as he walked out of the room and head straight for Acer's room. He was sure he would find something that could lead to information about Acer. Once inside, he began to search the room for something, anything, but aside from a few old Hustler magazines, there was nothing. Walking out of the room, Ripcord spotted a book of matches from a place called Lucky Chan's Sensual Message. Grabbing the book of matches, and ripping a picture of Acer off the wall, Ripcord went into his room, grabbed his trenchcoat, and headed toward the parking garage.

As he arrived a Lucky Chan's, Ripcord let the engine of the Rav-4 roar as he sped towards the front doors of the parlor, and as he was about to crash through the doors, he enveloped the jeep in a haze of telekinetic energy and smashed into the front of the parlor. As a group of well dressed men ran towards the car, Ripcord kicked open the driver side door and opened his third eye stopping the men in their tracks.

"I have a friend that I believe might have been here recently. I want to know if any one has seen him. Then I'll leave. If one of you lies to me, I'm gonna destroy this store. Am I making myself understood?

As Ripcord dug into his trenchcoat to retrieve the picture of Acer, two men dressed in red and black stealth suits ran into the room with swords drawn. Keeping his eyes trained on the two armed men, Ripcord stopped digging in his pocket for Acer's picture and began to pull off his trenchcoat.

"I see you want to do this the hard way. Good, I was gonna destroy the store anyway."  

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ronin was doing what he does best. down stairs deep in the ZS tower ronin was battling it out with his arch nemesis. Even though the monster was now on the same side as him ronin knew that eventually darkchild would once again wreak havoc on the world. with a beast as powerful as darkchild its never a question if he will turn its only when he turns will ronin be ready. after an hour of the forver ongoing battle ronin's body showed sign's of wear and tear. ronin never trained on normal settings he always insisted on training in the danger room on the highest setting. He knew if he was to ever fight DC again he would have to be ready and fighting on a normal setting just wasnt the way to go about business. On high setting things became real you didnt even have it in your mind that the fight was just a VR fight because the pain was real and the hits hurt just as bed. As ronin was slung across the room his body collided with a crate as he smashed though it and laid on the floor. having a hard time standing up he slowly rolled over and mumbled several curse words at the monster.

from the outside julia watched waiting to call the session off. she knew ronin wanted to test himself but after watching his body become mangled she had to call it quits. instantly the room lit up and DC disappeared. ronin was still slowly getting up as blood dripped off of his body. "come on julia i had him right were i want him" ronin said laughingly. slowly ronin made his way out of the danger room and placed his hand on the shoulder of julia. glad to know you still have a human side to you girly ronin said smiling as the alarms began to blare off in the computer room. Ah sh!t what now. quickly ronin made his way to the debriefing room where bruce had called the meeting. things were starting to look up around the Z tower. the team had finally gotten their last member and he often proved to be a worthy friend and brother. Bruce was a very smart man and he could often find his way around a computer.

slowly ronin sat down in his chair. the table was a circle that away nobody would feel superior to another. ronin got this from his time on the ice dragons. as ronin sat he watched as all his teammates entered the room and took their seats. 6 chairs sat around the table all where filled except one. risky had gone MIA over the past few days. ronin stared at the empty seat. the last time ronin and ruby had talked something seemed to be bothering her. And for the first time since they met ronin felt as if she was hiding something. But still even with her MIA ronin didnt worry. he knew that she would quickly figure things out and all she needed was some time to clear her mind. Ronin knew all of this until bruce spoke up. the Bat talked about missing members fro several teams. 2 being Mobb and WAL.  Ronin knew for feral nova to go missing that something was wrong. As bruce began to talk ronin stared at the empty seat pondering about his MIA teammate. was something really going on or was she really just out clearing her head.

Ronin's attention was quickly brought back to bruce as the bat yelled at ronin to see if he was listening. ronin smiled as bruce continued to talk. apparently ronin needed to watch the news because bruce talked about how earthquakes rocked the planet all over and all of them seemed to be connected to one place. Egypt. then bruce began to speak of some prophecy's he had uncovered while in the midst of his search. the guy was smart ronin would give him that. the prophecy's spoke of 5 powers rising from the ashes of both good and evil out of egypt. ronin continued to listen until another alram began to scream through out the hallways. Ronin smiled as he stood up "at least the alarms still work!" the Z tower had been attacked a year prior just before the team disbanded and the tower took a massive beating. when ronin returned he did his best to fix up the place but still somethings were beyond repair. quickly ronin glared at the security camera screen that showed 2 allies walking up to his front door.

alright everybody look alert ronin said as he began walking toward the door. could it be that the Z team knows something that nobody else has found out yet ronin laughingly said. with just the five man team the ZS often was in the dark about things. none of the team paid very much attention to the news and most of their information came from the lackies at a small govt funded organization that paid the bills for the ZS. but with the addition of bruce wayne on the team the Zero Squad became more active than ever often going on missions and fighting off evil. As ronin approached the door he looked around at what a mess the living room was. beer cans littered the floor and tables. One shot was a hell of a drinker and ronin and risky didnt help out much with their drinking abilities. between the 3 of them they would kill 4 cases a night. just before ronin opened the door he turned to julia saying "um girly id hate to ask you to clean up after us but would you mind?" in a flash of blue beer cans and pizza boxes disappeared from the living room and filled trash bags in the closet.

slowly ronin opened the door to see kurrent and alpha standing at the door with a somewhat puzzled look on their faces. ronin greeted the 2 heroes and asked them to come in and take a seat. the feral ghost didnt know if they had heard about the prophecy but he was sure gonna let bruce fill them in.

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Outside the Fraternity's lair, The rain battered on his head like a thousand nails, His trench coat dampened more and more making it stick to his body like a fly sticks to rotting meat. Fumbling with a cigar in his hands, he let out a hearty sigh, only shaking his head before he spun around and made his way inside. Putting one foot in the door, He flicked his smoke outside and threw his soaking coat and hat to the floor. Taking a deep breath, he fell back into his favorite chair. Overhearing The Cajun and Bab's conversation of Morte Rapida. Morte was one of several who had been abducted from one of many teams and With word of power returning to a colorful character in Egypt, The vine was taken by storm.

"I think it's time to go look for him, Chere" The Cajun said.
"On your command, fearless leader. Say the word." Replied Esther as she wrapped her Shawl around his broad shoulders.
Drifter rising from his chair, headed to his room, simply said this "Morte ain't exactly a friend o' mine but I'll tell ya' now.........Assassin's stick together"

Even though Drifter and Morte had their disagreement's in the past, Drift had only respect for him. The man was revered as a Legend. Drifts eyes cut around the room before he headed up the stairs, about to gather his things for a large trip that was sure to come. But first, He had to take care of himself. Bandage his battle scars, Get a shower and throw on his war paint and the like.

Things weren't easy and they weren't about to get easier.

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Julia was standing inside the command center of the training room, watching Ronin fight against a person she want familiar with. All she knew was the information that was on the computers before her, he was a member of the ICE team and he went by the name of Darkchild, or DC. Julia watched as Ronin fought with him, sending blows and receiving blows. Every time he was hit Julia had to turn her head to the side, she hated seeing anyone of her friends get hurt.

As she stood there she her mind began to wonder off, thinking about her friend that was like an older sister to her, Risky. For the past few weeks she was acting… not like herself. Usually she was happy, funny, and always willing to show Julia some new fighting tricks and always willing to give her advice when Julia needed it. But now she was aggressive, and almost like… paranoid about everything and anyone. Every time Julia would even just say ‘hi’ Risky would blurt out ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT?’ It came to the point were the young girl began to avoid her friend, she was scared of her, but she knew something was wrong, and as much as she wanted to help her, she didn’t know how… and NOW Risky has been gone for a few days. Julia was worried for her friend, but Ronin, One Shot, her brother and the newest member Bruce, always reassured her that her friend was fine.

After hearing a grunt Julia’s head snapped up and looked over at Ronin, he was now bleeding all over, blood stated to drip down his body and upon the floor. Julia knew this was enough. Without a second thought she pressed a red button, causing the entire scenario to shut down. Julia then watched as Ronin made his way to her.

"Come on Julia I had him right were I want him” He laughed out.

Julia sighed and shook her head.
“Yeah and I’m not really blue.” She said with a laugh herself as she felt Ronin pat her shoulder.

Just then the HQ alarm went off, it was the meeting alarm that went off. In a blur of speed Julia took off, reaching the debriefing room before anyone else did, seeing Bruce standing there. “Whats up Bruce.” Julia asked with a smile as she sat down on a chair, kicking her feet up on the table only to receive a stare from her teammate. She chuckled nervously as she put her feet back down and sat correctly in her seat. “SO… whats going on?” She asked as the others finally came in the room. Bruce began to explain about the how there were tremors occurring in Egypt but from an unknown source, and now similar once were accruing all over the world. He then explained how at the same time, many members form other teams have gone MIA just like Risky had. One from Mobb Deep, Julia didn’t know much about them, and We Are Legend, who… Julia didn’t know much about either. The young girl didn’t really pay attention to news, or other things really. To her, if Ronin and the others didn’t tell her about it, it must not be important.  Bruce then began to talk about something of a prophecy, which only confused the young girl. Something about five powers, good and evil from Egypt… and… that’s all she really got. She scrunched her nose and tilt her head to the side, she was so confused right now. “So… what?”

Before anything else could be said another alarm rang throughout the Z tower. She turned to Ronin who smiled making a joke about them. Julia smiled as she then looked up at the security monitors, it showed two men walking up the front door. “Who are they?” Julia asked out loud, before anyone would have been able to answer her question the girl took off running and to the front door. She now stood in front of the door with a smile on her face ready to open it. That is until she heard Ronin heard him talk to her about cleaning up.

“Oh come on… all because I got the speed…” Julia said as she sighed and took off running once more, picking up empty beer bottles, pizza boxes and other things from the ground around the building. Almost everyone in the team were heavy drinkers, but Julia was way too young to start drinking, instead they would give her the next best thing, root beer. Within only a few seconds the area was picked up and Julia was now standing in front of the closet door, trying to push the trash bags in a closet. “I don’t think its going to fit!” Julia said as she tried to close the door, right when she managed to close the closet door Ronin opened the front door. Standing in front of the door were two tall men.

“Whoa…” was all that Julia said, they looked like the people she would read in her comic books, they wore tights, something like what Bruce wore, only not just black. Julia then ran up next to Ronin’s side and looked up to see what looked like to be the leader of a team. He stood tall as Ronin greeted the both of them. Calling one Kurrent and the other Alpha. She figured Kurrent was the leader of a team called Mobb Deep, a team that Ronin talked about. She watched as the two heroes walked into the building, she backed up slowly as she looked up at both of them, then smiled. “Do you guys want some water?” Before they could answer she took off running leaving a blue blur behind her, and came back with two cups of waters, offering them one each. She didn’t know what the two heroes were doing there, but she figured it must have been what Bruce just told them about.


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"Has anyone seen Ace".   Spoke Kurrent in a troubled tone.  Prima stayed quiet and watched.  She hadn’t seen Acer recently. . "Something is definitely wrong, we need to find Acer he could be in danger, this is Mobb Deep priority 1, check out his hang out spots anything that might lead us to him". Spoke Kurrent in a authoritative tone.  Judging by his stance he was serious. "Somebody roll with me, I'm going to the Zero Tower we might get a lead as to what happened to Acer there” said Kurrent as he stood up to leave.  Alpha guard quickly jumped up after that and went with Kurrent. 

            Moving from her seat Prima left the briefing room.  She looked around the house checking to make sure he didn’t leave a note or anything behind. Climbing up the stairs she went inside his room, searching for anything to show as to where he was.  Leaving the room she came up with nothing.  Things weren’t adding up.   Prima knew this was very serious.  Running down the stairs she hopped inside her car speeding to the z tower.  Even though alpha guard was with Kurrent it couldn’t hurt to have an extra hand.  Plus something told her that maybe they would have some more information.  Walking up the steps she knocked on the door. 

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It had not been long since the event known as the confrence had ended and during that event it was obvious to many that Acer was not to healthy his body had been poisoned and his health both physically, mentally and spiritually was rapidly decreasing. There were many doctors that came and tried to cure him but all failed him as the days passed by he felt himself becoming weaker and weaker. He spent a short time with his team after the confrence but day by day he grew distant from each member, even pushing away Kurrent someone he would usually talk to about his troubles, the two had grown to be like brothers and were 2 of the people to bring Mobb Deep back but not even Kurrent could reach into the cold Acer. They all tried to get close to him but he pushed them all out often acting vicious and angry towards them anytime they would come near to him, even Sha and Prima two of the people he cared for more than any other became scared of him, all he did was stay in his room and sit there he could feel himself fading away into darkness. His eyes had changed becoming much more malicious.

It finally reached the point where Acer had enough of being around his team he felt like they were smothering him, he choked when ever he was near one of them as he struggled to breath. Finally one day in the middle of the night he left the Mobb Deep mansion leaving no messages to his team destroying his com link and only taking a small amount of supplies. He knew somewhere deep down that his team would not be to happy about this and would come looking for him and if they did he would keep pushing them away. Acer continued to get weaker as his coughing became more frequent and violent often coughing up blood. Only some minor medication and strength of will kept him alive. Acer knew he would need to get better there was a voice there saying he needed to get better but that voice was clouded by an even more sinister voice. The voice kept speaking to him teling him he needed more power he wanted it and that in time this would be giving to him. Acer walked the streets and his mind was delving deeper into darkness as he wanted that power the voice spoke of he needed it to make him better so that he wouldnt become sick again.

Acer began to listen to the voices more and more and the more they spoke the more he felt like they made sense to him. They would tell him that his team never trusted him and that they felt like he was weak and jelous. They told him he was a patheetic excuse for a hero and that he failed as a leader. Acer became sinister to anyone who crossed his path. Was this voice his own sick twisted pleasures that he carried deep down the pleasure for wanting more power. It was true that he wanted more power and that he always felt like a failiure compared to the rest of his team, all of whom he felt better than him and he knew they felt the same way. Yet was this voice something outside himself controlling his every thought implanting these thoughts inside him. To him it did not matter because it had not took long before he finally submerged himself of finding this power the voices spoke of and make himself better. Acer wanted and needed this power to show them all just how good he was and that they will respect him, to him it sounded like he was doing the right thing but that was further from the truth.

After the confrence Acer had heard rumours of a ancient and powerful force surfacing in Egypt and he was drawn to that place, he didnt know why but there was something pulling him there a force of energy pulling while the voices were pushing him to go there. Acer had give into the voices so he headed for the location. Taking a plane from a nearby airport he left all the time it was as if he knew exactly were to go. Acer flew for hours before arriving in a vast desert there he made his way around untill he saw a large and magnificent pyramid more glorious than the others and it started to draw him in as he knew thats were he would find the answers. Acer landed his plane and quickly got out moving to the pyramid he headed inside moving through the long and winding halls were he was met with a large hulking figure who glared at Acer, he knew this was the being that was drawing him in and would grant him the things he so deprately needed. "Ah acer my son im so happy you made it" Acer looked at the figure who had eyes as dark and as sinister as Acer's had become. Acer just stood there not speaking only staring part of him was still reluctant of going with the being but before he could do anything a gas filled the area. Acer began to cough and struggle but then he collapsed and all that was left was darkness as his assension to power was about to begin.

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The Watchmen Clock Tower
 A towering building overlooked the city of Hong Kong and silently watched as its surveillance satellites and micro cameras caught every move that anyone important ever made.The building was fortifed by high tech weapons and the best agents the FBI,CIA,SHIELD,or any other government agency could offer.Inside was hundreds of rooms and armories that housed items of mass destruction and objects that even the gods couldn't touch.Yet,even a building like that had limitations;at least for the foot soldiers.Above,at the very top was the room that was only for one man...Akira Overdrive.The Ghost himself has access to every electronic device,and any missile range that he needs,not to mention the various laser orbiters that float above the sky.

For months now Akira has been tracking people of interest and things that in no way seemed connected with each other.As he sat in the chair that watched the thousands of monitors in front of him,contemplating in silence.He went over several manila colored folders in front of him then nonchalantly tossed them to the side after he was done.He began to speak to the computer and as he did,images where brought up of what he needed.

"Tremors in Africa,Alien Sightings near Cairo,not to mention the missing targets.Obviously someone is out there,taking what I want.I can't have that."

Akira tapped the glowing keys on the huge keypad and various faces appeared on the screen,with a simple look through the files he found exactly what he was looking for and a smile came across his face.Morte Rapida,Risky,Acer.They were there,and he knew one was missing,but the satisfaction of his find was enough for him to go hunting.Akira grabbed his jet black kevlar vest and holstered his two pistols,then latched on his katana and flat space gauntlets.His computer voice activated and it addressed Akira.

"Preparing the Blackhawk for.....?"

"Cairo,Egypt.Also,patch me into frequency  13579820."

"The Oracle program.Hmph.It's obsolete sir.

"Now,Now Jenny,I need to make a call.So enough with the jealous emotion program,just do it."

"Yes sir."

The Cyborg Assassin left the room and the sliding doors to the elevator opened with a slight ring,Akira stepped in and soon he was at the top of Watchtower.A BlackHawk helicopter awaited and a group of men saluted as he walked to the doors,and slipped on his black beret which bared the Watchmen symbol;An eye in the center if a clock.The men followed him into the chopper and it immediately took off.His earpiece went off with a blue light  and his computer spoke again .

"Your patched in sir.Transferring now."

Akira spoke as the transfer was complete and left a message to the receivers.

"Gambler,this AO.I have a proposition for you,I know where your man is,met at the Golden Pyramid Hotel in Cairo."

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Bruce spent almost the rest of the night researching about the sudden earthquakes happening all over the world. The Billionaire came upon some promising news and myths. But it wa his job as the egghead to talk about his findings to his teamates.  The Wayne stepped out of his room and walked to right into the briefing room just two rooms away.  Entering, he punched a red button on a wall and made his way to the meeting table. He sat there and waited for the team. He took a moment to look at his watch. Ronin and Moonshayde were suppose to be in the Danger Room training. The rest, who knows what they were doing. Just in a few minutes the ZS members stepped into the room and sat down. "What's up Bruce?" said Moonshayde. "Same as usual...living off my parent's wealth." Bruce chuckled a bit, then concentrated with what he had to say.

"Ahem..well....I was watching the news you know. I watched myself on television for a bit, when things just got crazier. You may of already heard about earthquakes happening all around the world, right? Anyway, I tried to do some research on it. I came with some facts, but as well as some crazy Egyptian Mythology. According to an article in CNN that I found, scientists compared the seismographs of all earthquakes that have occured recently." Bruce took a quick sip of his wine.  "All the earthquakes share a level ten magnitude. These earthquakes are shaking in a single chain, serpent like. It begins in Africa, loops down to South America, up North America, past Asia and Europe, then back to Africa. The exact spot where it begins and ends is in Egypt. And to be more specific, the pyramids. Something is generating within the pyramids and is casing a spread. I highly doubt Divergent, Transform, or Convergent Plates are the cause of this."


 "On the same topic, I found some Mythological legends about the pyramids on the  web. In old times it was said a great evil would rise from the African soil. An evil terrifying and dangerous whose goal was to control the world. You've probably heard the same old take over the world legend before, but I thought you should know.  Five powers, both good and evil, were to rise from the soil and...." Before Bruce could finish, the alarms went off. There was the possibility of intruders. Bruce rose up and followed Ronin. He followed him up to the door.  " alright everybody look alert."   A batrang appeared within Bruce's sleeve. He always had one just in case. Ronin opened the door and it turned out two members from Mobb Deep waited outside of the door. Apparantly one of their member went missing. Bruce greeted the heroes and began to discuss about his research.  

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the room was dimly lit as the monster sat on his throne. there were several computers set up all around him. the technology that he used well surpassed any human technology the world had ever seen. as apocalypse sat in his chair slamming away at the computer keys he listened as one of his followers made his way into the large room. "master it is time your children are waking up" the servant was very careful as to what he said so he wouldnt suffer the same fate that so many of the dark ones followers suffered. Instantly En Sabah Nur stood up and turned around to his faithful servant "take me to them!" Quickly the servant turned around making his exit out of the large alien room. apocalypse walked down the narrow halls of the large pyramid his crimson red cape flowed in the wind as they made their way to the horsemen's lair. As the servant entered the room he immediately turned to his side dropping to his knees and bowing down at the massive body that passed him.

apocalypse quickly made his way past his servant and stood infront of the glass tubes that held all four of his horsemen. the master of evil couldnt help but smile as he watched all four horsemen open their eyes for the first time in their new forms. for En Sabah Nur it was like watching his very own children come out of the womb of their mother. the dark one raised his arms out raising his head to the sky. "Awake my children awake and prepare yourselves for battle" apocalypse shouted out loud. His voice echoed through the great halls of the alien pyramid as the glass began to crack infront of him. apocalypse was a firm believer in survival of the fittest and he would be bent if he helped his children to escape their glass wombs.

suddenly the room filled with water as all four glass shelters shattered releasing a river to spill out onto the floor. all four horsemen fell down to the ground soaking wet. the dark one could feel the power of his horsemen flowing like a raging river through out the massive room. apocalypse stood there for a moment taking in the awaking of his horsemen. servants rushed around like ants bringing robes out to cover the bodies of the powerful creatures that lay infront of them. like machines they all stood at once forming a perfect line. "It is time for you to hold true to your end of the bargin and lay waste to any nation that refuses to bow down at your feet" apocalypse shouted as he spoke to the horsemen.

quickly apocalypse turned around and left the room and made his way back to his computers. little did the world know that those earthquakes that shook the planet were only the first part of his master plan. quickly apocalypse brought up several alien images on his screen. With a push of a button a massive electromagnetic pulse shot out from below the ground all over the planet where the earthquakes had opened up. This EMP would fry the circuitry of any electronically operated device. From computers to cars all the way to cell phones and even the registers at wal mart. Suddenly with one push of a button the world was sent back into the dark ages. Apocalypse watched from his alien monitors as planes began to crash into the ground and thousands of car wreaks littered the streets. with almost all communication the world would never see his attack coming. the horsemen would be free to destroy every nation in almost complete silence. the Governments would not be able to call for help from another country and most of all the heroes would have a hard time communicating with one another without their earpieces. apocalypse grinned at the world wide destruction he caused in a matter of minutes and with that he spoke "Check and Mate"

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Trooper had been a bit more edgy after the Mobb's entanglement at the Conference. He was really fighting for his life then and that type of fear would rest inside his heart from now on. It became a burden to him at times, making him less cautious and less likely to be the savior he once was. He knew he had to overcome these fears and he had to do it soon for the sake of his team. For he was not the only one rattled by these events he could sense disheartenment and trouble in others as well. Acer had received many injuries during the battle and they had not only left physical scars. The pain transcended to his mental state, making a much more lonesome and somewhat cruel being. Trooper always saw him that way, but he knew it was necessary to lead a team, but these were no ways of a leader at least not a leader of a hero team. Acer had shunned all of us and isolated himself, even from Kurrent, the one he trusted the most. Trooper once made an attempt to talk to Acer was nearly killed for it. After that moment Trooper made himself much more aware of Acer keeping a close eye on him.

One night, at about 2 a.m. Trooper's senses went off, disturbing his sleep. He knew something had to be going on with Acer he got up and teleported into Acer's room. To find no one there. He then looked to the window and saw Acer making his leave. Under any normal circumstances he would have immediately alerted the others but this was no normal situation. He allowed Acer to leave not because of fear but because he trusted that Acer would comeback when he was ready. A few days had passed since Acer made his leave and Trooper started to become worried. Acer wasn't in the best condition and he doubted that the bag he held contained enough supplies for more than a week. Though he had many concerns he kept the news of Acer to himself still, hoping that Acer wouldn't prove him wrong and would comeback to the Mansion. Still more days passed and Troopers concern got worse and worse, he started to reflect his emotional distress in the training room, fighting until his body would begin to shutdown on him. Sometimes he would lose control and nearly blow up the Mansion but he was able to catch himself before that happened. THrough all this he would still not speak of what he saw that night.

It was the day that the team had there little get together. He was sure Acer would comeback today. Or if he wasn't he would call us from wherever he was at and assure us his safety. Trooper walked into the briefing room with the drinks for the evening a mix of sodas, beers, wines, and water for him and was followed by Alpha Guard, who carried the food. He set all he was carrying down onto the table and went towards the window. His eyes desperately searching for something he knew was not there. He began to become frustrated as the thought entered his mind "What if he is dead," this rushed a ton of emotions into his heart and he tried to escape all of them. Counter measures were starting to manifest in his mind. He was having a mental self talk. "He cant die, he's Acer, Acer wouldn't allow himself to die." His train of thought was broken as Kurrent spoke.  "Has anyone seen Ace?" Trooper remained silent. "Something is definitely wrong, we need to find Acer he could be in danger, this is Mobb Deep priority 1, check out his hang out spots anything that might lead us to him." As soon as those words were spoken Trooper acted. Acer missing was his fault so he needed to take full responsibility for anything that happened from here on out. He teleported into space. Using his super senses he scanned the world searching for something resembling Acer. His senses aimed towards a large pyramid in Egypt. He could sense a powerful dark force there. He spoke into his comlink, "EVERYONE, GO TO EGYPT, THERE IS A LARGE PYRAMID THAT IS NOTICEABLE FROM EVERY POINT.  ACER, AMONG OTHER THINGS ARE THEIR, ALSO BE ON HIGH ALERT IT COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS."  He then flew towards the spot full speed, his danger sense amped up. He wanted to find Acer and take him back home. It was his duty 
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The trip to the Zero Tower only took around 10 minutes, considering the speed the Alpha Guard and Kurrent were traveling. As they neared the door, the hero Ronin, whom Alpha had heard of but never meet, opened the door and let them in. As the two sat down, a blue girl came and asked if they wanted some water. But before either of them could reply, the girl was gone in a blue blur, and then returned with two glasses of water. Alpha accepted one, and then listened to what another one of the ZS heroes, who was called Bruce, told them something that could help to explain what was going on.

Apparently, earthquakes, all a level 10 magnitude, were spreading like a chain, originating in Egypt, specifically the Pyramids. Bruce also mentioned an Egyptian legend that a great evil would arise from the African soil, whose goal was to take over the world. At this, Alpha Guard groaned silently, another take over the world nut, can't these villains come up with a goal a little more original, just to make things interesting, but he didn't interrupt. According to Bruce, 5 powers, both good and evil were to arise from the soil and...

Alpha Guard didn't hear the next part, as Bruce was interrupted by someone knocking on the door of the Zero Tower. When the newcomer entered the room, Alpha recognized Prima, a fellow member of Mobb Deep. While Prima was filled in by Bruce, Alpha Guard thought back to his last battle with Omega Man, which by chance had taken him to Egypt. There, he had overheard something that at the time had seemed unimportant, but maybe it was more important then he thought.

As Bruce finished speaking to Pmira, Alpha Guard spoke up. Speaking of Egypt, one of my missions took me there a few days ago. There, when I was near the pyramids, I heard someone tell someone else not to refer to his children as mere science experiments. At the time I thought I was just imagining things, but now I'm pretty sure I wasn't. You don't think that this evil captured Acer and maybe other heroes, and is performing some kind of experiment on them?

Supertooper's voice could then be heard over the Mobb Deep comm link. EVERYONE GO TO EGYPT, THERE IS A LARGE PYRAMID THAT IS NOTICEABLE FROM EVERY POINT. ACER, AMONG OTHER THINGS ARE THERE, ALSO BE ON HIGH ALERT, IT COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS. Turning to his teammates, Alpha Guard said Well I think that confirms it, something strange is going on at Egypt, shall we take a look and try to find out what? But before his fellow members could respond, or they could radio a reply back to Supertrooper, the comm links crackled and died. Soon, everything electric in the Zero Tower ran out of power. Alpha Guard looked to Kurrent, who said it wasn't him, but the same thing was happening all over the world. Knowing that Mobb Deep had to stay in touch, the brand on Alpha Guard's forehead glowed and created new comm link's for everyone on Mobb Deep, as well as the Zero Squad, ones that wouldn't lose power. The Guardian of Good then radioed a message to everyone on Mobb Deep, Guys, the new comm links you should of just received are from me, and they still have power. Kurrent and Pmira are with me at the Zero Tower, and while I can't speak for them, I'm on my way to Egypt and will be there as soon as I can. Alpha, over and out.

Alpha Guard then raced out the door, though not before thanking the Zero Squad for their hospitality, and recreated power for the plane that he had used to get there. The Guardian of Good beckoned to his teammates to board the plane if they wished, and after they made up their minds, Alpha Guard directed the vehicle to the spot Supertrooper had directed and set of on the flight to Egypt.

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Son of the Mobb Deep Member Supertrooper117, 
Brother of Known Assassin Kadaj. 
Powers: Magic, Superhuman abilities, Gravity control and Danger sense
Abilities: Swordsman, some dragon riding
Items: Materia (for magic use), Notebook that can kill anyone details on how to use it are unknown.

Light looked through this file that was gathered and stored in the U.S. governments CIA database. A sinister laugh rang out as he tossed the files into the fire, as he got up and grabbed his notebook. He opened it too a blank page and proceeded to write the vice president's name down in the notebook as he watched him speak at a press conference. He waited a few moments with a large smirk on his face, he whispered to himself a notion he acquired from his mentor and idol, "Boom baby"... And at that precise moment the VP dropped dead. Light began to laugh hysterically. "How can the government stop me... when there will be no government!!!! Hahahaha!!!!" 

He then grabbed his coat and made his way outside. He was walking simply for the pleasure of it. He tends to take walks after a killing. It was like his cleanser. It was raining tonight and he enjoyed as the water fell upon his face. It was a very soothing feeling, one he embraced anytime he could. He wandered aimlessly through the streets. Speaking to his shinigami when there were no other people outside. 

He stopped at a corner and then at that very moment to females seized him. One grabbed him from behind and placed a blade close to his neck while the other stood in front of him, pointing the sharp end of a sword at his left eye. he spoke, "So... are you with the government, or have you just taken the name dominatrix to a whole new level? No we work for the King of Kings and His Queen fool. WEll, is this queen as... well equipped as the rest of you. Arggggh we would kill you where you stand but they request your presence. They wish to present you with an offer you just couldn't refuse." 

They released him and made a gesture to follow as they ran off, using a grace of arcs and flips to over come obstacles. He took to the skies watching them with a bit of boredom. They stopped at the entrance to a huge Mansion and he landed behind them. The gates flew open and they walked up to the door of the Mansion. They opened the door for Light and he stepped in, throw his coat onto the coat rack, and jumped onto the couch, laying across it. THe two females said "Wait here while we go get them." He responded "wouldn't have it any other way."  
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The Zero Tower was an amazing sight to see. It was a building that had been through hell and back and had been home to some of the greatest heroes the worlds had ever seen. Upon arrival the Mobb Deep Affiliates were greeted by the Zero Squads leader Ronin and it was all business as soon as they enter the halls of the majestic structure. Soon after  Kurrent was introduced to The Gotham Knight a man that had valuable information about  natural disaster going on in the world. He also theorized that Egypt was the center of all the devastation but still their was no concrete information on what had happened to Acer or the Zero Squad member Risky. Suddenely a knock on the door brought Prima into the Z Tower as well. It was a good thing because they were going to need help helping the people of Egypt since everything was stemming from there. Before Kurrent could put in his two cents an urgent call came in from Troop who was in Egpyt already.......


Quickly Alpha said his peace and responded to trooper stating that he was on his way Kurrent quickly intervened and said "make room for us we are going with you" and then he looked back at ronin and TGK and said "We are going to need everyone possible, Acer is over their and we have to go get him and the people of Egypt more the likely need our help".


Upon landing Kurrent again check his com link that was manufactured by Alpha's power by making a radio check  to all that could hear. The weather in Egypt was scorching. It was easily 115 degrees and the people were all running away with as much bags as they can carry on their camels. The rich were piling in in their trucks, children were crying, parents looked nervous and shops seemed to have been cut in half after the earthquakes that had ripped the small town. From a distance Kurrent could see an enormous pyramid with a horrific black cloud over it and it was obvious that the towns people were afraid of it because they seemed to be running away from it instead of mourning their losses form the disasters.

Of course the heroes began to make their way towards the pyramid and as they did so Kurrent thought in his head , the life of a hero charge head on what people fear most. As he continued on the people became less and less until they saw only two men. One was going insane screaming in his native tongue and the other was trying to clam him and keep him on track away from the pyramid. When they saw the heroes the insane man muscled his way away from his companion and ran directly towards Kurrent. He went to his knees on the blistering sand right in front of him and began to say  هو قد ارتفع, النهاية قريبا............ هو قد ارتفع, النهاية قريبا and burst into tears The Excellence of Electrocution looked at that man in shock and said "sir I do not understand" in an annoyed but non threatening way.

"I'm sorry my friend" said the other man as he was trying to pull the crazy one  to his feet away from the heroes. "Wait" said Kurrent "what is he saying". The quickly responded "He is my brother he is saying, He has risen, the end is near, He has been saying this for a few hours now and I have not been able to control him" The Electric Ace nodded in acknowledgment and  as the insane man continued his rant Kurrent put his hands on the mans head for a second and suddenly the man calmed down and looked almost zombified. "Do not be alarmed" he said to the insane mans brother "I slowed down the electrical activity in his cerebral cortex, he should not give you much of a problem now just get as far away form this town as you can and make sure he gets some rest"

The brothers quickly left and Kurrent looked towards Prima as they continued for the pyramid and said "let's go get our boy"

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ronin watched as kurrent and his teammate entered the Z tower. for a second ronin thought about grabbing a few beers for the visitors. but he knew there visit wasn't for social purposes. reluctantly ronin allowed Bruce to share any information the team had with kurrent. the Z team are a very small squad that never hides anything from one another but most importantly the team never shared information with outsiders even if they were on the same side. Ronin's reasoning for this wasn't just for security purposes but because he watch far too many times as rookies would run into battle without a plan and get themselves killed. their was only 2 reasons for ronin allowing the information to be shared. one being his respect for kurrent's leadership and the other which went deeper than kurrent himself would know. ronin knew that kurrent was an old time friend of his once leader Renegade lantern and if he was a friend of his ronin knew he could trust him even if the emerald ace did lose his mid ronin still shared a silent respect for his former leader.

ronin listened in as bruce went on about what was happening and he talked about the prophecy's ronin began to come up with a game plan. but before he could even speak there was another knock at the door as the alarms began to blare off once again. "dammit we need to do something about that this is the third time today" ronin shouted as he stood up and made his way to the door grabbing for door and slinging it open. there stood a female who quickly made her way into the Z tower "sure come on in and join the party" ronin said as he shut the door behind her. before ronin could even take his seat his attention was placed on the comunicator's that mobb deep used. his enhanced hearing allowed him to hear exactly what was being said."EVERYONE, GO TO EGYPT, THERE IS A LARGE PYRAMID THAT IS NOTICEABLE FROM EVERY POINT.  ACER, AMONG OTHER THINGS ARE THEIR, ALSO BE ON HIGH ALERT IT COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS."  suddenly the lights went out and all the power was lost in the Z tower. "well that fixes the alarm problem" ronin said trying to lighten the moment.

quickly alpha stood up using his powers to make comm links for his team. then the thing ronin dreaded most came true. "Guys, the new comm links you should of just received are from me, and they still have power. Kurrent and Pmira are with me at the , and while I can't speak for them, I'm on my way to and will be there as soon as I can. Alpha, over and out!" ronin could tell that things were about to get f*cked up. quickly before alpha guard went out on his own the mobb leader spoke up taking action "make room for us we are going with you" then turning to ronin saying "We are going to need everyone possible, Acer is over their and we have to go get him and the people of Egypt more the likely need our help". As much as ronin would love to get his hands bloody he had to think about his teammates. he refused to put them in danger without knowing what was going on. ronin reluctantly watched the mobb team load up in their jet and take off. while he was on the ground ronin whispered to himself "i really hope god still sticks to looking out for children and fools!"

Ronin then turned around and motioned for the rest of the Z team to come back inside he had plans of his own. Ever since the researcher ronin had been spying on gambler and his faithful followers. he watched as the king of kings slowly began to change from an evil tyrant to a family man. the guy still had his evil intentions when it came to worldly events but somewhere deep inside the monster layed a dormant human being. luckily for ronin he missed the day in training where they talked about privacy for all US citizens. ronin also knew that morte had come up missing just as acer and risky had. sure this could all had been a coincidence and knowing risky they could all three be out drinking and partying it up.But not without so much as a phone call or even a note on the fridge. As the Z team all gathered around in the meeting room ronin began to discuss his plans with the Z team.

ronin talked about a truce between the now LaS and the Z team for a common goal. ronin's plan was originally to get mobb and the Las all together so they could all fight side by side against this new evil power. to him it was like killing to birds with one stone. the trio of teams would get their friends and teammates back together and the heroes might actually rub off on gambler himself. ronin was a father himself and he knew what it felt like to have a child and how it would forever change your life. Even in the darkest of human beings the smile of a child could reveal the good inside of them. but the plan for mobb was now out of the question with them on their way to egypt. Once ronin got the Z team to agree to try and work together with the Las he quickly blinked the team to their new lair/hideout/mansion/cave/tower/trailer!!!!!!

without even saying a word the Z team began to move through out the grounds of the Las territory with stealth and almost ghost like precision. once at the front door ronin stood ready for what he hopes would not be a fight but he knew when it came to gambler things never went according to plan. to ronin's left stood one shot wielding his rifle leaning up against the building ready to strike if he was needed and to his right stood Bruce also ready to attack if needed. ronin knew that the team appeared to be hostile but what kinda enemy walks up to your front door and rings the bell. ronin stood at the door trying to look as innocent as possible which was rather easy with both deja and moonshayde hanging above him like to circus acrobats. the blue fur duo had a way of putting a smile on anybodies face even if they were satan himself.

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The darkness a never ending abyss of torture and despair, people fear the darkness and why because there afraid of not being able to see what is around them they need the light to guide them to show them the way, like babies they need that light to take there hand and guide them around. Acer was like that but now he had finally giving into the violent urges with in his heart, now the darkness had taking a hold of him and molded him into its perfect warrior. Acer let the darkness guide him and he loved it because for once in his life he was finally free from the light free from the suffering of others. This was his new light and with it he would show them all that he deserved there respect they laughed at him he knew it he felt like everyone thought he was just a joke he needed this darkness this power to show them all that he was power and that they would all respect him and he would do anything it took to earn that respect he would make them suffer for there constant laughing.

Acer was there in the glass tube liquid surrounded his body he could not move his body untill his rebirth and assension to power was complete. The whole process was like being born for the first time the dark being that greeted him was his new father while the darkness was his new mother and both would mold him into there perfect weapon. Acer although not being able to move physically his mind was still some what aware of things going on around him. The one thing that was still there and the one thing more clear than any other was those dark voices inside of him. They were the dark passangers that came along with the ride as they spoke he listened when they told him what to do he would reply with out question. Acer had known that he had a dark side and he was more mentally unstable than most on his team often he would hide it behind a cocky attitude and a fake smile. You are my bitch an avatar for my darkness and absolute power, you will let me take you in my arms and mold you as my will see fits. You will do as i say obey every order i give you, now you are nothing more than my pawn and if you follow me i will give you the power you so desprately need and you will gain the respect that you want, they laugh at you Acer always laughing and talking behind your back no one loves you no one respects you they hate you give into the darkness give into the violent let that rage and anger grip you and drive you let go of love and laughter throw all other emotions away and give into me and ride fourth to POWER.

The voice spoke in a calm tone straight to Acer's heart, mind and soul slightly sinister but it spoke with a love that he felt no one else showed him. Everything that the voice spoke of made perfect sense to Acer and he let it control him now he was nothing more than a pawn of the dark passanger. Now as the process was nearly complete and new power came into him he had let go of all human emotions only rage remained a sinister anger that had made Acer nothing more than a weapon. His senses and awareness were finally picking up as he could sense the voices and movement around him. Acer could hear large heavy footsteps making its way to the tube in which his rebirth was taking place, finally the footsteps stopped. Acer slowly began to open his eyes like a new born at first everything was dark and blurry his body felt num as it surged with a new power, he was getting use to his new body and new power as he let himself get use to his change. At first Acer struggled slightly but he let himself give in and as he did his vision was becoming even more clearer and his movement was becoming much more fluid. Acer could make out two figures "Awake my children awake and prepare yourselves for battle" the deep sinister voice that greeted Acer earlier shouted out as his voice boomes and echoed all around as the glass began to creak and liquid began to leak. After just a few moments his vision became clear as the glass shattered and Acer long with the other three fell like ragdolls to the ground.

Slowly getting up to his hands and knees his movement felt limited at first as the power surged all around his body struggling to control it at first. His body was wet and shivering slightly but in time the energy warmed him up. Rushing into the room were people putting robes over the naked Acer drying him off and they rook a step back and admired each individual. Acer slowly got up and stood there like a machine cracking his neck and wrists. There stood his new father along with others looking at Acer muttering away as to how wonderful they looked he could feel them there energy was as much apart of him as it was them. Acer moved his head from side to side looking all around looking at the other's who had giving into the power. "It is time for you to hold true to your end of the bargin and lay waste to any nation that refuses to bow down at your feet" his voice raged at each one and Acer just stood there researching his new found power. Acer knew what he needed to do he had chosen his location he would make them bow before him and give him the respect he deserved. Apocalypse made his way out of the room and left the others alone with some pathetic group of servants. Acer moved to a nearby table and saw his gear laying there picking it up he got dresses and took his weapons ready for the destruvtion that was at hand. Not speaking to the others he kept focused on the task at hand. Acer could feel energy and he felt it when it was taking away and when it was moving. Acer felt a energy source coming for Egypt and then he felt other's members of his team were here he could feel them looking up the heat hugged his body.

There here so the flies have come to be swatted pathetic i will show them all show them that i am power and they will no longer laugh at me they will show me RESPECT.

Acer spoke in a dark and sinister tone he so wanted to fight them and destroy them but there was a job at hand he would make others bow down before him before he would make them bow down. Acer made his way out of the pyramid and using his new found power refracted the light waves around him making him invisible to the naked eye. Then masking his energy he finally got outside the sun beamed down scorching his skin and he looked around. In a sudden dash of speed he took flight his speed greatly increased as he made his way to his first location. Acer was the horsemen that would conquer europe and make them all bow before him and his new master. Acer quickly picked up speed and in only a short amount of time he made his way to his first destination, France would be the first to feel his power and kneel before him. Acer floated over this peaceful country all below him completly unaware of what was coming as Acer gave off a sinister smile the destruction was about to begin.

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It had now become obvious that the mysterious evil presence in and the disappearances of several key heroes and villains where connected. But the question still remained as to what purpose thee abducted would serve. All those who had been taken where already some of the most powerful in the Vine Universe and Gambler knew in the wrong hands they could be potentially unbeatable. He sat at the LaS council table while in deep thought. There was something unsettling about the whole thing, a feeling that an unstoppable force was soon to be unleashed upon the world. Already the Cajun had sent a messenger to track down his son, Florian. Who now resided deep in bayous of the Nawlings swamps.

After the Fraternity disbanded Florian left and returned to his families roots hoping to become his own man. But if Gambler’s feelings where correct, he would need every available ally he could find. And so when the LaS security systems picked up Ronin and his team descending upon the LaS mansion, the King of Kings simply shut down all offensive countermeasures and allowed them to make their way to the front door. With a wave of his hand two assassins dressed in all black and carrying nothing but a swords strapped to their backs, went to the door and let the newly reformed Zero Squad inside.

After leading the cautious Ronin and his affiliates to the main council chambers they bowed and took their leave. Gambler sat with his back to Ronin, his chrome pistol and a deck of cards laying on the table in front of him.

“Tis truly dee end of dee world when ones enemy comes offering peace. Wouldn’t you agree Mon Chere?” he said with a smirk as he turned around to face the group.

“Please, take a seat. You have my word that no harm shall befall you or your team while in my home. We both know dat something more powerful then anything we’ve encountered before is coming. And dat somehow our missing teammates are involved. But I fear is only dee beginning.”

The Cajun rested his elbows on the table and clasped his hands together waiting for the Road Warrior to present what knowledge he had of the situation and offer his terms for an alliance. Esther Cotillard LeBeau made her way towards her husband, seemingly appearing from the shadows before gently giving him a kiss and taking her place at the head of the council table. Any talk of an alliance would have to be agreed upon by the Queen and true leader of the Les Assassins Silencieux. Suddenly two female assassins entered, each with their head held low in a sign of respect.

"Sorry to disturb u sir, but there is someone here who wishes to speak to u"

Raising his eyebrow the Cajun turned his head and nodded, letting them know to show the visitor in

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Darkness enwrapped her wholely. Darkness was right of her, left of her, above her, beyond her. Darkness was in her. Darkness was everything. But this darkness was not empty. Living, moving and thinking data sculptures slid through her mind and told her everything would be okay again. Her world would be in peace again, once again in order. But for some purpose she knew they were lieing.That they were making fun of her. Mocking her. And a great anger arose in her like none she had ever known before. So intense. So cruel. So strong. So... powerful. It gew and grew until she could not bare it anymore. It was more than just a repetition of her dreams. it was more. She could feel how this anger, this rage started to spread through her whole body and... changed it. In a not very subtile but somehow pleasant way. Synapses were reconnected, muscle tissue was decomposed and rebuilt stronger, skin cells were continously hardened. But more important were the subtile changes that she didn't know how to describe. The data sculptures had words for it but those words were pure mockery too. Why were they doing this? What gave them the right? To speak of piece, comfortment and... her father? THEY HAD NO RIGHT!!!

I angry disgust Risky started to strike out at the cristallinne forms, smashing them with bare hands when she seemingly had no body. The paradox did not bother her, in fact she was not even aware of it. The pure rage in her whole being was all that mattered now. And with the force of this insane and unholy rage she smashed each and every one of the babbling figures that occupied her mind. All the time she heard that voice that she longed for hear what she always wanted to hear, the voice of her father, saying:
"Do it Ruby, destroy them all! I'm so proud of you my girl! Show them what you are made of! You're doing right! Go on! Continue!" Splinters of crystal flew through  the air showing ever new shades of darkness in their broken death. When she was donne  with the statues she went to the shards till they were nothing more than dust that did not give a hint of their former glory.

Now Risky was alone in that darkness. Heavily breathing when she even did not breathe at all. Looking around for more to destroy. But there was nothing. But that bothered her more than anything else.Because the voice of her father had become silent too. Where had he gone? Had he left her once more? Had she disappointed him once more? No, no, she mustn't, she didn't want to . Despair took hold of her once more. Bitter despair paired with unfathommable anger made her cry out: "Dadddy, daddy, daddy, where are you? Where have you gone?


The darkness begann to break up finally, showing tiny glowing fractures at first that rose up and grew to forked lightings around her. but she didn't care. All she wanted was her daddy back. She was a little girl again from whom the most important thing in the world had been taken. She continnued to scream. And suddenly the darkness broke...

She came out gasping, coughing and spitting out strange fluids while shards of glas lay around her. But those were not the only things lying around here. Others, persons that were somehow familiar to her, lay around her in that ocean of glas and fluids and were strugglinng to recover again. And then, then finally, she saw what she wanted to see and everything became clear for her. Of course it was that way. It had to be. This strange tall and hulking  grey figure infront of her WAS her father. And he always had been. How else could she have become a mutant when both her parents were flatscans? He had played the colonel of the U.S. as long as possible and then he had returned home. Of course! The adrenaline now constantly flowing through her body sang loudly a tantalizing melody in her ears and made it all clear. Now that she was united with her father they would achieve great things. Like an old and trusted friend her adrenaline, pressed in her veins through her altered adrenaline and noradrenaline glands, would stay with her forever now and enhance her to never known heights. And that all was her father's work. They were together now and together they would stand.

"It is time for you to hold true to your end of the bargin and lay waste to any nation that refuses to bow down at your feet"

Her father hold out his hand and brought her to his feet. She recognized her body had changed in more than one way because she was standing there naked with a perfect body that was her own and was not her own at the same time. All her minor flaws had disappeared and even her scars were not visible any more. Behind her her new brothers and sister got on their feet too. But she knew the atention of her father rested solely on her. With a gesture of his giant and majestic grey hand he showed her on of four doors with a symbol on it that  she could not decipher.

"I want you to go through that door, my little Risky, my gem, and take the gifts that I have prepared for you. With those you will be my champion. My WAR!"

Smiling and enjoying the now constant surge of adrenaline Risky did as her father bade her. This door was followed by a room where some servants awaited her with a red plate armour and a two handed axe. First she allowed them to put the armour on her. It was a strange feeling, as if it was made for her and enhanced her new found powers even more. Almost like invulnerability. Then the axe was presented to her and she took it. Strangely she was able to hold it with one single hand although it had taken four of the servants to just present it. and in her hands it felt as it almost weighed nothing. All that felt so great. as if she had taken on her well deserved legacy, her purpose. And then, when she stood there in the midst of all those beings admiring her the experience got complete when she heard her father's voice in her head, not the simple voice he had used when he had masqueraded as a human but his true mighty voice.

"My child, it is time to bring Africa peace! When only the fit survive there will be peace! So sort out the weak and bring the rest the peace that only the sword can bring! Show them..."

A strange alarm cut off his words and Risky held her breath. Would his voice return? Her rage grew again but then his voice appeared.

"Hahaha, some stupid heroes want to stop us from bringing the world peace. perhaps you know them, they are called Mobb Deep. Show them that they are unfit to do so. But don't kill them. Just disgraace them and let them live for  the great victories they had in the past. Perhaps they will evolve and see their error. Your new armour enables you to fly. So take of and bring them WAR!"

Risky had her orders and like a good soldier she would follow them. Using a entrance that suddenly opened in the ceiling she took off towards Mobb Deep. A single lasershot from her axe turned the sand infront of them to a fountain of glass. this was the warning shot. That being done she landed in some distance to them ans spoke:

"Mobb Deep, I am WAR, champion of my father and I command you to turn arounnd and leave this place. There will be no second warning. You can neither beat me nor any of my siblings or my father. Fighting would be suicide!"
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As the two men clad in red and black began to circle around Ripcord with their swords drawn on him, he had two laugh. They were nevous, the first sign that they weren't real ninja. The second was the way they hold their swords. More than likely they were just some guys with some training in the martial arts. He would make short work of them.

As Ripcord's forearm began to puff up, his skin split open and a tendril sprouted out of the slits on both forearms covered in blood. The pain was intense, but Ripcord had learned to live with it. Pain was the only thing that let him know that he was alive. whipping the tendrils through the air to take the blood off his tendrils, Ripcord watched as the men in the suits kept looking at a large doorway located in the back of the parlor.

Not wanting to give the swordsmen a chance to make the first move, Ripcord swung the tendril on his right arm to grab one of the well dressed men and tossed him at the swordsmen, and ran for the doorway in the back of the parlor. As Ripcord ran, he watched as both swordsmen tumbled under the man flying towards them, and kept began to sprint towards him. Seeing this, Ripcord had to admit that his first thoughts on the two men where wrong, he just hoped he wasn't dead wrong.  As one of the swordsman stopped just in front of Ripcord and pointed his sword at him as the second swordsman ran up his back and jumped into the air, fliped towards Ripcord and began to corkscrew down once he was over top of him, causing Ripcord to leap out of the way crashing into pile of chairs that were scattered around the floor when Ripcord drove the Rav-4 through the front of the parlor.

As his com link came alive, Supertrooper's voice filled the room.


Just my luck, 
Ripcord thought as he began to pick himself off the floor. He was stuck in this fight, and there was no telling what the outcome would be. Shaking some dust off as he stood tall, Ripcord's third eye began to glow with an errie blue light as his tendrils begin to straighten out. Kicking a foot stool at the swordsmen, Ripcord ran behind it and baseball slid with his tendrils extended at the men. As the swordsmen flipped out of the way of the foot stool, Ripcord slid under them and towards the doors in the back of the parlor. Jumping up and kicking the doors in, Ripcord is stunned as he sees a trio of monks sitting in a circle drawn up like the symbol for yin and yang. Turning back to see where the two swordsman were, Ripcord watches as the two of them disappear in a puff of smoke,and the doors begin to close. Turning back towards the three monks, Ripcord walks up to the circle and stands just outside of it. As the trio began to chant in a language unknown to him, Ripcord tried to take a step into the circle, but at once the trio open their eyes and he is thrown across the room. And spoke as if they were one.

"The one that you seek is no longer the same as he once was. He came for healing, but we could not help him. He is tormented. We can only offer our gift to those who are truly enlightened. He is now in the thrall of the dark one. "

As Ripcord let the monks words replay in his head, he could heard the last two over and over. Slowly getting up and remaining on his knees, Ripcord began to speak to the monks, hoping that they could tell him more.

Who are you three? What do you know of my friend? Who is this Dark One you spoke of? Why does he have Acer?

As Ripcord continued to stare at the trio of monks, the trio turned in his direction, and his mind was filled with images of war and death. Of assassination and murder. the at last a dark foreboding image of a mountain of a man who wore the shadows of the image like a cloak. Even though the image was in his mind, Ripcord could tell this was a man who understood power. That this was a man who was a leader of men, but most importantly, he could tell that the man in the image was pure evil and that he had to be stopped. As the images stopped, Ripcord began to speak again.

Is this the Dark One you spoke of? Is he the one my friends are goning after in Egypt? How do we stop him? And you still never told me who you were? Answer me!!! I don't have much time!!!

The monks began to look at each other, and began to chant once more ignoring Ripcord and his questions. As they began to chant, Ripcord began to yell at them at the top of his lungs.

Do you hear me, you sad sacks of sh*t? Me and my friends will confront this Dark One if he truly has Acer. We don't care how powerful he is. Or what he has in store for us. We'll get our friend back. Now, are you three decaying c#nt rags gonna help us or not?

At that moment the chanting stopped and Ripcord was rocked back as the Monks began to bore through his mind ripping out images. Images of Kurrent, the leader of Mobb Deep and his teammates. Of the feral ghost Ronin Alexsnder leader of the Zero Squad and his team, even and of a man who the members of Mobb Deep have hunted several times over, the King of Kings, The Gambler. And began to spoke once more.

Are you and your friends willing to give up your very lives to stop the Dark One? For that is what it will take to stop him and his horsemen. They will be unlike anything you have faced before, and they will come for all they you have. All of your love. All of your hate. All of your fear.  Everything you could deserve. They will take it all and destroy it on a whim. And it will take more than your fury to stop. Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for your friends? For this world?

Ripcord remained quiet as he pondered the question asked of him. He knew that if he had any doubt with in him, the monks would have known. As he began to think of his newfound friends even his enemies, Ripcord realized that it was about them. it was about the ones who couldn't defend themselves. The ones who needed heroes and he answered the only way he knew how.

Yes, I would give my life for them a hundred times over. Now, will you help us?

Ripcord watched as the room around him began to turn dark and and the trio of monks began to disappear, and in the blink of an eye, he is kneeling before an old woman dressed in a gown that looked to be made of spun golen and silver. As he began to speak, she placed her index finger on his lips and spoke.

By the time this is all over, my child. You just might have to. As for who I am. My name is Istaria, and I have a gift for you in your coming battle with the Dark One who is called Apocalypse, but you must not open your third eye unless you are in dire need.

Ripcord closed his third eye as Istaria removed her finger from Ripcord's mouth, and placed her hand on his head and in a flash of light, Ripcord found himself in the arid desert and no more than five hundred yards away from a huge pyramid, and began to walk towards it. 

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After giving his speech once more to Mobb Deep, Alpha Guard recieved contact with one of his teamate. Mobb Deep's missing teamate may be in Egypt. Noting his urgency, Kurrent needed to say his farwell and and more.  "We are going to need everyone possible, Acer is over their and we have to go get him and the people of Egypt more the likely need our help".  The Gotham Knight couldn't agree more.  However, Ronin had different plans to approach. He discussed to the team about allying themselves with Gambler's team, Les Assassins Silencieux. Bruce had some mixed feelings about the idea, but he thought it out rationally. Just this once, it's necessary to work with the villains to stop this new rising threat. With Ronin giving the dismissal Bruce quickly moved to his Batcave. He picked up his utility belt, put his boots on, cowl, suit, cape, etc.


 The stealthy band marched through the thick swamp like Navy Seals. The Dark Knight leaped from tree to tree, until they made it to the door.  Ronin advised the team to stay sharp. The Caped Crusader pushed on one of the ears from his batlike cowl. He activated the antenna within the ear. He picked up a discussion coming from the other side of the door. The Crusader didn't feel danger, but he would be ready to attack if needed. Two assassins opened the doors and allowed the heroes in. The team followed the assassins who led them to Gambler. The villain sat there, with his back turned away from the group. He had a pistol and some cards set in front of him. “Tis truly dee end of dee world when ones enemy comes offering peace. Wouldn’t you agree Mon Chere?” “Please, take a seat. You have my word that no harm shall befall you or your team while in my home. We both know dat something more powerful then anything we’ve encountered before is coming. And dat somehow our missing teammates are involved. But I fear is only dee beginning.” The Gotham Knight thought it was time to explain.

"In Egyptian Mythology, there is a legend that still lives on. It talked about a great evil known as Apocolypse , who wanted to destroy this world. I know your thinking, I've said that before. In order for the evil to  so, he would need to get a child. This child is special.  This world was suppose to be created by this child and can be destroyed by the child. This kid has the ability to alter reality. That is why its essential that we get the child before Apocolypse does. I also think the reason why our teamates are missing is because Apocolypse has taken them.  He needs strong beings to work under his command. Thus, they become his Horsemen. The Horsemen are his small army of great power. Imagine a small rodent. The rodent is fed with growth supplements and it becomes bigger and stronger. Apocolypse feeds his Horsemen with darkness and evil to make them grow in power. I advise both you and my leader..turns to Ronin..   that we take as much men and firepower possible. My first insight is to destroy the pyramid, but do what you wish."


Having that said the Gotham Knight curled his body with his cape and drifted back into the darkness. His bright lenses could still be seen in the shadows, until moments later they disappear. The Gotham Knight vanished.

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She walked down the stairs as she put a hand to the com link and contacted the other members of the team through Oracle. They had visitors and each of the team members were expected to be present for the meeting in "The Great Hall." She entered the room from the shadows and was followed by two servants, one carrying two water pitchers and the other held a platter filled with water glasses. She looked around the room and bowed her head slightly in the direction of the leader of the Zero Squad. It was not often that a hero would enter through the doors of the mansion of the Silent Assassins, it was a privilage. Esther's eyes narrowed as she looked at the hero shift uneasily from one foot to the next. She moved to the opposite side of the room, the long silk gown trailing behind her. She opened the cabinet doors and removed the oak box, walked back toward Jean, and placed it down on the table in front of him. With her back to the hero, Esther leaned down and kissed Jean passionately, removed a cigar from the box, and with the dagger she kept in her garter, cut the tip and set it between his lips. She struck the match and lit the cigar, then moved the flame to the cigarette in her lips and took a drag. She turned toward the hero, with one hand resting on her hip and stood at her husband's side as he placed his hand on the deck and shuffled through the deck of cards. She blew the smoke out between her lips and tapped the cigarette into the ashtray, taking a seat beside him.

This was their team. After the fall of the Hellfire Club, Esther and Jean had aided Florian in establishing the Fraternity. Betrayal and dishonor among the members lead to its dissolvement and after much thought, Esther returned to her family's roots and took hold of Les Assassins Silencieux once again, making the team more powerful and impressionable than before. With the support of her husband, the former Queen of Spades and the King of Kings bonded and together established a more powerful, threatening group of villains than had been seen in a long time. She sat down in the chair to the right of Jean and kept her focus steady upon the group of hero's. The chandelier hung low over the table illuminating the the edges of the room, setting a dark shadow over the faces of both villain and villainess. The door suddenly swung open and two assassins strode in bowing low, both of them staring at the ground.

"Sorry to disturb u sir, but there is someone here who wishes to speak to u"

Raising his eyebrow the Cajun turned his head and nodded, letting them know to show the visitor in. Esther leaned back in her chair and eyed the door.

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The group of heroes trekked through the small town that had been evacuated just recently from the uprising anomaly of the pyramid that was near them. It was about a 3 mile walk through the desert. The team had the ability to get their by other means but Kurrent suggested that they keep a low profile. They were going into this blind. The only intel they had was that Acer had been spotted there, that was enough to get them to check it out but still a the Mobb Deep leader had a feeling that was growing worse and worse as they approached the divine pyramid.

It was burning up outside. The scorching sand and the merciless heat was all but comfortable. After walking about a 1/4 of a mile away to the pyramid some activity was noticed. A man was leaving the pyramid and quickly the Mobb Deep Affiliates ducked down in effort to not be seen. Keeping his eyes locked on the person the Hero assured his team not to do anything hasty. He knew that Prima was a warrior at birth, she loved to fight and Alpha Guard was a brash young man. These are qualities that some people might dis like, not Kurrent though that is what he loved about them but at that moment they needed exercise tact and that is what Kurrent was best at. Suddenly the man they were stalking in front of them vanished in the blink of an eye appearing to be flying away. Immediately after the sand from the ground began to cyclone towards the trio of heroes complete with rapid and blistering winds.

"OH F^CK! scatter"......

Screamed Kurrent while the improvised sand storm approached. He knew that his team had the power to get away from the storm safely but he had to get a better look. He didn't say anything to his teammates but the man they were watching had mannerisms that resembled that of Acer. Quickly he stood and began to walk forward slowly and carefully, if that was indeed his friend he needed to be sure about it, at whatever cost. The hot grains of sand were cutting his skin and the only form protection his eyes had was an electrical spark that were coming out of them as he walked that burned away that sand keeping his vision unaltered by the storm.

The whole time he was walking he thought what was going on and if his teammates that scattered were ok. Then all of a sudden the cyclone split into two right in the middle where Kurrent was and the grains of sand were transformed into a glass. In front of him stood Risky with and axe in hand and she was not her normal self. Her and Kurrent did not know each other on a personal level but they have fought alongside each other before in different occasions. She spoke aggresively to Kurrent almost wanting him to react...

"Mobb Deep, I am WAR, champion of my father and I command you to turn around and leave this place. There will be no second warning. You can neither beat me nor any of my siblings or my father. Fighting would be suicide!"

As he looked at her the hero thought to himself "Whoever is doing this has Acer and Risky who else could they have taken and brainwashed, why is she calling herself WAR". He engulfed his body in electrical energy with jolts of electricity circling around his silhouette in a snake like fashion showing the "new" Risky that he would not shaken by words. His hands both lit up with a globe like arc and he said to Risky.......

"You don't mean what you are saying, Your name is Risky, You are a member of the Zero Squad. I read your file, your father is Edmond Glassmann, he was a soldier just like you, lower your axe Risky I can help you".
With that said he looked her in the eye ready to attack at a seconds notice if needed but hoping that his words someway, somehow got through to her and maybe she would be able to give him answers.

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Biting down hard One shots pearly whites began to grind on each other, All he needed was a clear shot and one of their greatest enemies would be dead, He was one of the few heroes who would not blink in the in the face of danger and would happily lay waste to anyone for the good of human kind, But Ronin had a plan he always had a plan.  He stood at the door like a security guard if any of Las so much as flex the wrong muscle a bullet would tear not into Gamblers head but into babs, He knew what it was like to lose someone you love and he wanted Gambler to know that pain if he so much as made a move against the Zero’s. He knew Gambler would have a similar plan if any of the Zero’s tried something stupid here today as well. This truce would not be the easiest of things and no doubt some people would find themselves at each others throats .

As the man motioned for them to follow , They moved down the grand halls past all the history of death and blood shed to a door . His hand wrapped tightly round the hilt of his gun he looked at Ronin who gave him a nod, moving forward One Shot placed a hand on the man shoulder “ I think we got it from here.” moving the man aside One Shots hand hovered towards the door handle, this was it ether it was going to all go off or the room would fill with tension . Ronin wanted One Shot to move in first his brain ran at 60 percent it allowed him to see a room faster then anyone alive, Make a choice and to fire before any other person had even pulled the trigger/

As the door handle  began to turn in his hand One Shot moved in his eyes caught the two leaders looking at him as he flashed over the room in mere milliseconds giving the signal to Ronin he moved in and stood near the door as discussed with the leader of the Zeros. He would cover the door encase they needed a fast exit and they could not blink out, As the man who lead them went to apologise to Gambler for not leading them in One shot turned and smiled .

“I will take a cold beer, Im sure you where about to offer your guests a drink”

he knew Ronin would be cringing in as he walked in, Don’t do anything to annoy them that goes twice for you one shot, Ah he loved when Ronin said that to him you think he would know better by now then to even put the idea in his head.. 

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Super approached the pyramid slowly but surely. He didn't want any surprises. If Acer was there he wanted to get in, get him and get out. He planned to run a smooth operation. But being on The Mobb he learnt that plans never go accordingly. He suspended himself 20,000 ft. above the pyramid. He used his super vision to scan the area, looking for any signs of Acer. He spots what looks like Kurrent and Alpha Guard. He focused in and Saw that prima was with them as well. THey were being heckled by a sandstorm. He knew they could escape it easily. 

He placed his sights back on the pyramid. his eyes searching constantly for signs of Acer. THen he saw it He saw Acer appear on the perimeter of the Pyramid. He watched him a little bit longer and then Saw him fly off. "Wow i never knew Acer could fly... and how did he make it all the way here from America??" These questions ran through Trooper's mind as he began to make his way over to Acer, to bring him home. Then a very powerful woman appeared right before his eyes. She was attractive though her face was very battle hardened and serious there was something, sensual about it. He ignored the thought as she spoke

"Mobb Deep, I am WAR, champion of my father and I command you to turn arounnd and leave this place. There will be no second warning. You can neither beat me nor any of my siblings or my father. Fighting would be suicide!"

He watched as his leader kurrent activated his electrical powers and spoke to the woman. It seemed as if Kurrent was ready to fight. Thats what he loved about his leader. Never backs down from anything. He was a real motivation to anyone in Troopers eyes...

 "You don't mean what you are saying, Your name is Risky, You are a member of the Zero Squad. I read your file, your father is Edmond Glassmann, he was a soldier just like you, lower your axe Risky I can help you"

He then retorted after Kurrent his response much more threatening...

Oh as if I haven't hear that before! Where do you all get the notion that your the most powerful!! How about you move out of my way and let me go after my friend before I destroy you and this f%^&%$*king pyramid!

He then braced himself for Impact as he knew this would definitely insight her wrath.... Danger Sense on full alert! 

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An Insight......

You never really know what drives a person to do what they do, or develop the characteristics which define their personality.  It's nothing but a lifetime of unique experiences which imprint themselves into your mind.  One instance or one bad memory can drive a person into having a dark mentality or cause them to develop a deep appreciation for life.  It can totally change the outlook one has on life, and warp the way it can be viewed.

Deep within the wondrous palace of the Fraternity was a chamber which inhabited the Living Weapon.  There he trained, meditated, and often reflected upon his life experiences.  It was where he felt the most comfortable.  There he worked closely with a fellow assassin named Gambler.  Even though they were very different in terms of demeanor, there was an understanding.   Gambler of all people understood the man known as Morte Rapida,  it often reminded the two of the term "Birds of a feather, flock together".  This saying held truth with the Cajun and the Ninja.  There was a sense of balance between the two.

When Morte was not planning a mission or fine tuning his abilities he often recounted what he has done, what he has become, and what the future holds.  Morte was a man of extreme focus, determination, and resolve.  These virtues are ingredients for making a man literally a machine.  When one has those attributes it's often regarded as tools which can be used to achieve greatness, or...., can be used to accomplish the most horrific acts that the human race is capable of demonstrating.  The one factor that many believe decides which can cause a person of such high quality to be great or horrific is drive.  A driven man has limitless potential to do the best or worse of things.  Morte was a man filled with resentment; he had no loved ones, no family.  It was all taken from him at a young age.  He turned to perfecting his craft of being an assassin, being a perfect killer to fill that void.  There was a vast emptiness which consumed the silent assassin; he had no one to turn to.  Even if he did have someone to confide in, he wouldn't let them get close.  This cold calculative man was a loner, he stood alone.  To show emotion of this magnitude can be seen as weakness. 

The resentment which dwelled within the dark warrior grew and sparked into anger and a need for vengeance.  Even for a man who had complete control of his emotions and could never be shaken, this dark monster inside often revealed itself.   His disdain for his fellow heroes and for the people he once protected caused him to stray from the path that many label as heroic.  The complexity of such an analytical person can only be defined as a constant internal confliction.  When a methodical person like Morte has a problem of any sort which a logical solution cannot be presented, it could often cause him to become unstable, think of it like a rat in a cage searching for cheese that isn't there, only the scent.  The human psyche is an intricate balance of emotions which lie dormant until triggered.  Many of us have a dark side, its part of being human; it's when we decide to tap into that dark side that shows how appalling we can be.

Four days ago..........

The Former Death Angels Assassin Morte Rapida was in Toronto Canada.  In the north eastern section of the city stands an abandoned building.  It's a seven story building which looks to be getting renovated.  On the fifth floor is an impressive machinist shop built of the highest technology available.  The shop is about 17,000 square feet and contained several complex instruments used in developing Morte's advanced weaponry.  The shop was run by an elderly looking man named Kontai Doshi.  Kontai has been declared an outlaw by the same monastery which trained Rixon Sole to become Morte Rapida.  Mr. Doshi was one of the scientific advisors who became a Monk in 1851.  Due to the Monks advances in age manipulation reverse progression, no one really knows his age, Morte's age is uncertain for the matter as well.  Kontai is visited once every three months by the anayltical assassin to re-stock on his blades, cerchi, and to replace his modified ninjitsu gi.   There is no conversation between the two, Morte is only in his presence for enough time to gather his gear and depart.  Kontai works for the death dealer not only for the ridiculous salary, but for the protection as well.  If it wasn't for Morte, the monks would have had him killed years ago.  Because of the fear of the unmerciful ninja's retaliation they let Mr. Doshi be.  Fear can be a useful ally.

After gathering his gear, Morte departs down the stairwell to exit the building.  As he enters the 3rd floor in the stairwell it becomes dark....then everything is dark.  He couldn’t tell if he was asleep or awake, conscious or unconscious.  It was almost as if he didn't exist on a physical plane.  The darkness encompassed everything, no light.  All that could be heard and felt were Morte's feelings of vengeance and disdain.  The feelings grew stronger as the darkness grew heavier, it was powerful, and it couldn't be resisted.  An abundance of emotions graced Morte's mind all at once at an incredible rate of reoccurrence.  Anger, Confusion, Rage, Isolation, Vengeance, were the feelings which were generated within this darkness and multiplied to the point of insanity.  Slowly out of the madness a voice began to gain clarity.  Morte concentrated on this voice as if it were a beacon trying to guide him from his nightmare.  The more he concentrated the clearer and more commanding the voice became..............

"I know you, I understand you, and there is no reason to resist my influence.   The world shuns a man of your caliber, why not shun them back?  You protect them, you save them time and time again, and in the end.....what have you accomplished?  Do they learn?  Or do they just develop another problem for you.  What happens when you cannot help them, do they remember your past deeds of greatness? NO, they just fault you for not being their savior once again, and then they hold you in contempt.  They live in a world of no consequence, a world which holds no realism, because they have someone like you to clean up after them.  That’s the problem; they have always had someone to clean up after them.  The only way they will learn is if you punish them.  Give them the death they so desire, the death they create from within themselves.  Let them learn what death really is; maybe they will no longer fancy it.  Be my voice, my soldier, speak for me, and speak for yourself.  Show them that they have wasted their existence; teach them the meaning of real pain.  Let them know of the type of despair they create for themselves on a magnitude only you can deliver upon..........Give them death"

Give them death my son."
- The Darkness

Morte awoke in a glass containment device.   He could vaguely visualize two bodies outside of the container.  He lifted his right hand, straightened his fingers out to where just the finger tips were touching the interior of the container and instantly shifted his body while tightening his hand into a fist.  The precision blow instantly shattered the glass container sending shards of broken glass into projectiles within the holding place for which he was being held.  Morte walked out of the container wet and without clothing.   He looked to see some familiar faces stepping out of the glasses to the left and right of him.  The dark ninja felt weak when exited and fell to his knees, as did the others.  He had no idea where he was, but he did not feel threatened to be there.  The Practitioner of Precision slowly stood up to various servants of the large being standing in front of him.  The servants covered him in a robe and bowed their heads waiting for their master to speak.......

"It is time for you to hold true to your end of the bargain and lay waste to any nation that refuses to bow down at your feet"

The large entity then walked out of the room.   Morte could see his gear laid upon a table in front of him.  He threw the robe off himself and began to make his way to the table.  He could feel a foreign power flowing through his body, it was intense yet addicting.   His conversation that had happened within the darkness began to replay in his head echoing slightly.  One piece of the speech re-played as if it were to be taken with the highest importance........

"Give them death."


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Walking up the steps she knocked on the door. 

            Prima smiled as she was ushered into the Z tower.  Immediately spotting her team, she went to go sit with them.    She listened as Bruce told all he knew.  It made sense that the missing people, the earthquakes, and the Egyptian story should all mesh.  Prima was more than happy that progression was being made.  She knew that both teams with a little research could take down the evil driving force behind the incidents.  EVERYONE, GO TO EGYPT, THERE IS A LARGE PYRAMID THAT IS NOTICEABLE FROM EVERY POINT.  ACER, AMONG OTHER THINGS ARE THEIR, ALSO BE ON HIGH ALERT IT COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS."  Said a voice into her ear.    After hearing that in her com-link, the power shut down in the z-tower.  Prima remained calm and quiet watching her teammates and friends.   She was surprised as Alpha guard stood up and restored the power and fixed everyone’s Com-Links.  She didn’t know he had that power but she greatly appreciated it.  Although after fixing everything, Prima wondered why he didn’t make his move to sit back down.  Guys, the new comm links you should of just received are from me, and they still have power. Kurrent and Pmira are with me at the , and while I can't speak for them, I'm on my way to and will be there as soon as I can. Alpha, over and out!”  Well that’s being a little hasty, Said Prima quietly as she watched him jump up and leave.  Turning towards KUrrent Prima began to speak “Say some….” But she was abruptly cut off by what he was saying.  make room for us we are going with you,” said Kurrent.  Turning towards Ronin he began to speak againWe are going to need everyone possible, Acer is over their and we have to go get him and the people of Egypt more the likely need our help,” he spoke.  Kurrent quickly got up and made his way towards the door. 

            Everything was happening so fast.  Prima was a person who moved at slower pace.  She always found a little planning and research went further than a split decision.  Looking at Ronin she knew automatically he wasn’t going to be Joining Kurrent in his decision.  Prima knew that she wasn’t going to leave her team for anything.  Getting up quickly she turned towards the Z squad.  “ Uhhhh well um We’ll be fine don’t worry. Thank you Bruce for your very valuable information and thank you all for your hospitality,” she spoke quietly.  Prima then turned around and made her way towards the plane.  Getting inside she chose a seat in the far back darkest corner.  She had a headache and needed to think with the little time she had.  

            As the team left the Plane they were greeted with scorching heat.  Prima was fine though she had the ability to regulate the temperature in her body.  She looked around her as chaos seemed to be strung about.  Everywhere people were running and grabbing whatever they could fit into their knapsacks.  Something was up something big for sure.   Prima looked towards the horizon only to see a huge pyramid with a black ominous cloud hanging over it.  It seemed as if the people were running from it.

            Prima watched as a man began to scream in his native tongue.  It was as if a spirit had come over him.  She watched as Kurrent looking annoyed tried to express that he didn’t understand.    Prima turned away from the spectacle she wasn’t in the mood for insanity trips.  Listening keenly she heard another man approach.  Most likely the insane mans caretaker.  He is my brother he is saying, He has risen, the end is near, He has been saying this for a few hours now and I have not been able to control him"  That statement came off a little funny to her.  Prima had small feeling the man wasn’t insane, but he wasn’t her problem.  Prima tuned the rest out as she looked at her surroundings.  Looking at the pyramid it wasn’t surrounding anything hardly.  There were no shrubbery or buildings.  Prima knew that if a fight was to go down they needed to at least have the upper hand in surrounding.  let's go get our boy" Kurrent spoke to her as they continued to walk.  Prima still remained silent.  She hadn’t spoken since she was in the Z-tower.  She was in a unfamiliar place and she didn’t want her talking to let her be a victim. 

            Soon they were close to the pyramid.  A man seemed to be leaving it.  He seemed strangly familiar and he looked so evil.  Prima kept her eyes on him, but made no attempt to identify him.  She watched as Kurrent made his way to duck down.  Beating him to it calmly she did it.  Kurrent looked at her and Alpha relaying to them to stay low and not get brash.  That was something he didn’t even need to tell her.  She had no intentions of picking a fight  not even knowing the persons capabilities.  The man they were watching seemed to disappear.  Before Prima could even think about what she just saw a massive cyclone of sand seemed to appear right in front of her.  She faintly heard Kurrent shout something.  Moving with haste she quickly flew her body up dodging the cyclone of sand.  Still levitating in the air she looked around for the cause.  Prima then came down to the ground for she spotted nothing.  She stayed in her spot though as Kurrent began to walk to where the mysterious man had been.    Suddenly the cyclone split in half bordering Kurrent on each side.  The sand grains turned into glass as it stayed suspended.    Looking around to her amazement Prima spotted Risky.  Risky looked different her eyes were void of emotion except for a darkness that lingered,   Her body was perfect in all aspects and even her attire was different.  This wasn’t the regular risky that she had known. 

"Mobb Deep, I am WAR, champion of my father and I command you to turn around and leave this place. There will be no second warning. You can neither beat me nor any of my siblings or my father. Fighting would be suicide!"

Prima listened as Risky spoke those words.  She watched as Kurrent’s body became engulfed in electrical power.    He spoke words to Risky probly trying to reach her.  Prima knew they were going in one ear and out the other.  Prima stayed her ground and watched whatwas going on.  She knew that a fight was about to take place.  Getting into a defensive stance, she awaited Risky and Kurrent’s movements.

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Oracle had given the call, A massive computour system called the members to the large table, Heros had entered inside the Assassins home for once, Normally those who dared step foot into their home suffered the fate of a blade to the neck, but not this time. No, With the aforementioned word of power rising back to a shady egyptian man, It seemed that these men and women would have to band together, and so stepped down the winding staircase in a tailored green suit was Drifter. A purple shirt gently tucked into his pants, and a green tie with a question mark hanging loosely. His cane which was also in the form of a question mark thudded the ground as he made his way to the table, His ruffled green pants rubbed together as he took his seat.

Reaching into his pocket, He drew out a box of cigarettes......not daring to touch Gambler's box of cigars, He had brought his own. Pulling a lighter to his lips, Taking a long draw off of it, he blew a circle of smoke into the air which soon disapaited slowly.  Looking across the table, He let out a sigh and threw his cane to the side before puffing on his cig once more, Waving his hand in the air, A servant came to him "Yes?" The man asked.

"Get me some wine please. Aged Red wine and get some cheese or some kindof snacks for the guests" "Yes Sir" the man replied before he skipped off on his way to fetch what he had been told to get. "And some beer for One Shot please" Called Drifter to the man's back.

Turning back around to the table, Drifter pulled off his cigarette once more and said while cracking a twisted smile

"Alright, Now, Of course other then the matter at hand, How is everyone's day going thus far?"

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During the flight, Alpha Guard used his Alpha Energy to create a sci-fie computer, that he hoped would give him access to information about the dark power Bruce had spoken about. Thankfully, his power seemed to be stronger then the force that had destroyed the power of technology, but he didn't want to overpower the other force anymore then he needed to. Although he didn't show it, creating working technology now was a good bit more difficult then it normally was, but getting information on the dark power was important. He needed to know what he and his teammates would be up against.

After a few minutes, he came across the legend Bruce had told them about. As it happened, there was more to it then Bruce had told them. According to what Alpha Guard was reading, The power that shall rise from the sands shall be so great, all the gods shall tremble at its name. And the offspring of the power shall be so mighty all the magic in Egypt will be unable to stop them.

Alpha Guard wasn't any sort of detective, but he could still put 2 and 2 together. Hmm, the voice I heard in Egypt was talking about his children, his offspring. And the other guy referred to the children as science experiments. From what I can tell, several super beings including Acer have been acting very strangely or vanished without a trace. Could it be that this dark power guy kidnapped them, and performed some kinda experiment, infusing them with some of his power, so that in essence they were his offspring, and is gonna conquer the world with their help. Oh boy, this doesn't look good.

Alpha Guard considered telling his teammates his hypothesis, but decided not to. They both were already worried, and telling them probably wouldn't make things any better. Besides, they probably had come to the same conclusion, or were close to it. They all knew that to rescue Acer they had to defeat whoever took him, likely this dark power, but if according to legend the power could make gods tremble, did they really stand a chance at beating him, if gods were afraid of its very name? And in legend, Egypt had some very powerful magic, so if the offspring were stronger then all Egypt's magic, did the heroes have enough power to stop them? Although Alpha Guard didn't know it at the time, they were about to find out.

After about half an hour, the trio of heroes arrived in Egypt. When they exited, they were not only met with great heat, but also with the citizens of the town they had landed by running past them screaming. While Kurrent and Prima went to investigate, Alpha Guard worked to secure the plane, as it was likely one of the heroes' best methods of leaving Egypt, and having to recreate it would drain him of energy that he would likely need in combat, as the dark power's offspring probably wouldn't all be in Egypt for long. It was more probable that some of them would leave to conquer other places.

After Alpha Guard had finished, the same being true of Kurrent and Prima, the three set off towards the pyramid that had the dark cloud over it, a cloud that practically screamed "Evil Here." As they neared the pyramid, a man was spotted leaving the great structure; the heroes ducked down so as to be harder to see. But when they started to follow the man, he seemed to fly off as a sandstorm formed and headed straight towards the heroes. Kurrent then shouted OH F^CK! Scatter... Alpha Guard briefly considered telling Kurrent to watch his language, but decided not to. The Guardian of Good leaped to one side, and formed an invisibility barrier around himself. But Kurrent just stood there, as the sandstorm engulfed him. An electric spark protected Kurrent's eyes, but other then that he had no protection. Alpha Guard was about to come to his aid, when all of a sudden, the sandstorm split and turned to glass. In front of Kurrent there stood someone who Alpha Guard recognized as Risky, a member of the Zero Squad.

Alpha Guard wasn't surprised, Risky was like Acer, kidnapped by the dark power to be one of its offspring. Risky then spoke, saying Mobb Deep, I am WAR, champion of my father and I command you to turn around and leave this place. There will be no second warning. You can neither beat me nor any of my siblings or my father. Fighting would be suicide!

Alpha Guard watched as Kurrent responded to Risky's, or War's as she was now apparently called, speech by engulfing his body in electricity, and saying You don't mean what you are saying, your name is Risky, you are a member of the Zero Squad. I read your file, your father is Edmond Glassmann, he was a soldier just like you, lower your ax  Risky, I can help you.

It was obvious what Kurrent was thinking, he hoped that his words would undo whatever had happened to Risky, but Alpha Guard figured the chances of that were very slim. So he moved behind Risky, still invisible, but gathering Alpha Energy in his brand, until he could hardly contain its explosive power. Power he could release in a second if need be. Alpha Guard and his fellow heroes may not be able to beat Risky, but one thing they could do was put up one hell of a fight.

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The words that the leader of Mobb Deep spoke were nothing to her. he was telling lies, lies that she had believed for so many years too. Of course her father was Edmond Glassmann but at the same time he was not. Colonel Edmond Glassmann was justfake image,  a hull that her father Apocalypse had used years ago. And when it had been time he had left. And now it was the time to return. It was that simple. But what would it be good for to tell them? They would not understand. No one but her father had understood her all of her life. Understood her lust for war that was so hardly surpressed and put to a good use now. How could they not see it? Si pacem vult, sic para bellum prepararet. When one wants peace one has to prepare for war. And Risky was WAR now. So Risky alone could bring the world peace. It was a necessity. Together with her new found siblings she would make the world a better place. And her father gave them the power to do this. Kurrent perhaps understood this better than he thought. the same moment he spoke his senseless words he was engulfed by sparks of lightning. Her new body urged her to attack and take him out. The adrenaline rush became even greater and she knew her physical prowess was enhanced beyond everything she had known before. Risky's grip on her battle axe tightened. A new sense alarmed her of an attacker from behind but Kurrent was her first target. He didn't knew Risky once had the chance to kill him in the Civil War and Risky never told him. She thought it was inappropriate to tell another team leader that she had pointed an uzi at him sometime in the past and just stopped from pulling the trigger because of an emergency call. This time there would be none.

"Okay, you wanted it that way..."

With stunning speed Risky took off towards Kurrent. Even she was surprised by the speed that she moved by now but that did not hinder her from using it to her advantage. The world gut blurry and took on a fisheye perspective in that Kurrent was the centre. He became the main goal for her aggression, the hate that she was overwhelmed by now and that turned her normally pretty face into a menacing visage. Madly she swung the axe at him pouring all her hate in her attack. She was used to lay everything in an attack and this was how she did now again. But with her new strength and speed that meant more this time...

She began with a series of axe blows, one deep, one high and one with the flat side coming from above while she held the mighty axe with one hand. When there would be the chance she would also try to deliever and knee smash to his face when he bowed down to dodge one of her other attacks.

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Acer floated high above the air looking over the european country known as france. Looking over this country he could not see anything it was all a blur to him, he was to far away from it all to see anything in great detail at the moment all france was to him was a giant rock with tiny specs of life. He could not see them but he could feel them like they were right there in front of him. He could feel there energy and not just the energy that surrounded them or there energy in total but he could feel each persons each individual energy like there beating hearts were inside of him.  There energies would change as there moods changed when they were happy there energy levels would rise and become brighter but when they were sad the level dropped and things became dark and disturbing. Some energies darker and more corrupt than others, oh how sweet it woul be to take all there energies drain there life force and make them suffer before granting them death.

He could take there lives here and now but where is the fun in just killing them all and destroying everything if he does that what is there for him to rule over and where are all the people that will bow down before him. Acer headed down to the country and to a specific destination he was going to paris to pay the president a little visit. His speed was much lower than he had the potential of achiveing but he wanted to take in the sites and sounds get himself familiar with it all before he would conquer it. Acer stayed invisible for now not wanting to draw attention to himself to soon. Mysteriously the power all over was shut off the entire country without power and it as not just france he felt the world had lost power save for a few small occurences.  Acer got to paris and the place was out in full glory despite having no power kids played and laughed in the streets, people shopped on the market places and it made him sick the laughter of children was worse than torture he hated it. There laughing at you the voice would say show them no mercy strip them of there lives they dont deserve life.

Acer landed in a alley way he was away from the view of others so he made himself visible. Walking out the people had no clue as to why he was there and what he was going to do. They looked at him knowing in a instant that he was from somewhere else but they went right back to what they were doing. As he walked around he could feel them glancing his way there energies shaked slightly showing signs of fear like they in a way knew what he was and the things he was capable of, Acer continued to walk now that he was on the surface all those senses of smell were much greater as a variety of wine and cheeses entered his nose and went to his mind. His body was aching to ed someone right here and now but he was taking a different path as to how he was going to take over. He walked and walked all the time the voices kept shouting away.  Finally he came to a large magnificent structure a palace of beauty he looked at this thing of wonder the elysee palace the place were the president was staying and the place france would fall to its knees.

The large structure was surrounded by a large wall surveyed by gaurds that patrolled the area outside and inside. Dogs on leashes being taking around, barb wire surrounded the top of the wall security was tight while the power was off but to Acer all this was just a wark in the park as his head bowed and his eyes turned dark skin became darker along with his energy as one by one all the gaurds and dogs that patrolled the outside walls and outside the palace dropped to the ground. They all began to shake as a smile so evil and dark that devils whimpered drew across his face, they all tried to scream but couldnt slowly he manipulated the energy inside there bodies and drew it away from the slowly and painfully they began to fade. There skin became pale a ghostly white as there bodies began to shrivel and decay from there energies being grabbed from there bodies. Finally he finished and they all layed dead like human skeletons as if they had died months ago and had not been fed in weeks. After that little dispaly he went inside the building and made his way to the presidents office. Anyone who got in his way dropped like vermin as flies feasted on there rotten flesh. Eventually he got to the presidents office and opened the doors revealing himself.

The president of france sat up as guns from his personal gaurd pointed at Acer but like the others they dropped dead. The man looked shoked and in fear of what Acer had just did he began to pace around the room crying at the horror he had just witnessed speaking in french shouting away before Acer in a dash of speed grabbed the man and threw him against the wall. "Shut up if you value you your life you will shut up" Acer spoke with authority and the man sat down and didnt speak "Who who are you what do you want with me please i have a family" the man spoke in a french accent fear leaving his voice. "I know about your family tell me how much to they and your people mean to you" Acer never removed his eyes from the man as his words struck fear into the man who at fist stuttered trying to get out an answer. "They mean everything to me" Acer smiled and laughed. "Good because if you value there lives you will sign it all over to me, you have seen what i can do and if you value the life of these people and of your family then you will give this country to me unless i will bring FAMINE" The man nodded giving in much quicker than Acer would have expected but this was France after all.  Acer then took the president and began to gather all other goverment figures as he took them to a news room where he gathered a crew to record a video. Using his own energy he gave the country power just for a little bit as all across France on large screens and televisions everywhere was Acer and the other goverment officials with a translator.

People of france the day has come where your pitiful lives will have new meaning as you bow down before me and my family as today i am your new lord and master now kneel or i will bring famine to this country and make you all suffer. The people laughed and he could feel it but right infront of there very eyes he drained the energy of the president and the others. NOW BOW BEFORE ME and they did as one by one they all got down giving into him as he was now decalared ruler of france. Now finally if you see any of these people attack without mercy and kill them all and if you do not do as i command i will take your's and your families lives. Acer using his energy created images of all the potential heroes neutrals and even villains that may come to france and when they came they would be met with a country willing to kill them to save there own lives. Acer went outside and shot out a large beam of energy signalling all of his position he would let them feel the energy as he would draw them in like flies to the web. Acer took off to conquer italy as when they came expecting to find Acer instead they would be met with a country ready to kill on without a moments thought.


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Darkness, evil, corruption, insanity, things that people of this Earth fear, and yet, what all of them have that live within them. Even the mightiest and bravest of heroes fall down upon their knees because of it. Even those who are not heroes fall because of it… Stephanie Ardor, the one that many people knew as Feral Nova and ‘The Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness’ and the loyal member of We Are Legend and L.O.V.E was even a target for it. Everyone knew her as cheerful, bubbly, funny and kind (for the most part), she could get along with almost anyone and make almost anyone laugh in a hear beat. But for the past days a thought of darkness lingered in the back of her mind. The thoughts of ‘What if…’. What if, she stayed with the ones who made her? What if, she never joined WAL? What if, instead of bringing the ‘light’ into the world, she brought ‘darkness’ to it instead? These thoughts lingered in her mind, like a poison, growing in her mind.  At night she could hear a voice linger inside, telling her to come to it, to search for it… to become one with it.

She was able to play off that everything was alright with her ‘friends’, able to fake a smile and crack a joke once in a while, but she slowly started isolate herself from them. First from her friends, then her Captain, then her best friends Angelic Reaper and Sha, then from her boyfriend Uchiha NeVann, until she was alone all the time. Keeping herself locked in her room, thinking of the dark thoughts that lingered in her mind. It slowly started to eat away her sanity, slowly made her unstable. She would burst out laughing for no reason, as she rocked back and forth in her room. Her friends tried to talk to her, but she refused to speak, she refused help.

Then one night, she snuck out, she left the team a note saying

‘Gone to Spain to think things out, be back in a few days.


Only thing, she wasn’t going to Spain, she went off to search for the voice in her head, the one that told her to search for it… the one that called itself, ‘Father’. She made it to Egypt were a massive pyramid stood, she walked up to it only to be greeted by a tall dark figure with a booming deep voice.

“Welcome, my daughter.” Was all that came from his mouth.


Six days later…

For the past days Stephanie was inside a glass tube, with different tubes and wires coming out of her naked body. She was slowly being reborn, all of her flaws she had as Feral Nova were slowly washing away, even as she slept she could feel changes inside her, she could feel herself become more powerful, more than she ever was. She could hear the one that called her ‘daughter’, she assumed it was her ‘father’. He would walk in, check up on her every day, speaking to her about his plans of ruling this world, bringing it down to bow to his name. How he would allow her and her ‘siblings’ to rule by his side, as his mighty warriors. At first, what little sane she had left thought it was nothing but gibberish, but slowly as the days pass, they began to make sense to her.

All this time she was trying to protect this Earth, when slowly it was destroying itself, bringing chaos and destruction to it on its own. War, Famine, Death, all of these things the people on this Earth brought upon itself. She would think back to her ‘friends’ at WAL, the ones who were the ones who truly brainwashed her into thinking that what they did was the right thing to do. ‘Light up the Darkness’ was what the Captain would always say. Now she realized what kind of bull crap that really was. There was no light to shine, not one that they wanted. However, her ‘father’ and her ‘siblings’ could bring a different light into this world, one that would bring forth the fall of the race of man.

Now today was the day, she could feel it, it was time, time for her ‘fathers’ plan to go into action, the plans he was speaking to her all these days.


"Awake my children awake and prepare yourselves for battle" She heard her ‘father’ yelled out. She could feel the energy coarse throughout her body as she began to make her way out of the glass began to crack, she then slammed her fist upon it and yelled out as flames engulfed her body, just then water and glass form the other containers fell upon the ground, flooding the floor. The newly born Stephanie fell the ground upon her knees, her flames dying out as she began to cough up fluid from her lungs and began to pull out the wires and tubes that covered her naked body. She then reached up and rubbed her gel covered eyes, seeing three other beings before her as well, her ‘siblings’ was what her ‘father’ talked about. All three stood up at the same time as servants rushed around them, throwing robes upon their shoulders.

"It is time for you to hold true to your end of the bargain and lay waste to any nation that refuses to bow down at your feet"

Stephanie nod her head as one by one the rest of her siblings walked off, her now glowing red eyes shift across the room. She stood waiting for her father as he then made it to her. “My young one.” He said as he placed his hand upon her shoulder. “You remember what I asked of you, do you not?”

She nod her head, her brown hair still stuck down on her head and dibbles of the fluid still coming down her chin. “I shall rain my fire upon the land of ice, I shall take no prisoners, and I shall show no mercy.” She said as she looked up upon her fathers face.

He nod his head in approval. “And do not forget, your are no longer Feral Nova, you are not that weak form of yourself anymore, you shall take up your true name once more, Nova X.” He then showed her the way to a room. The room was dark and cold, the room suddenly lit up as servants came rushing in with an out fit for her. It was gold and red. Her body suit was simply made out of thin sheet of red metal, her boots were made up from the same metal only it was gold. Her gloves were gold as well. Her outfit didn’t look much, but it was as strong as the others, bulky armor wasn’t her thing, and her father knew that. She then watched as five men brought in and presented a sword to her. It glowed a dark crimson red as she could feel the power radiate off of it. She slowly reached out and grasped it into her hands, she could feel the darkness radiating off of it, the power that was flowing through it was flowing through her. She could feel her heart pound with excitement as her blood rushed through her body. She began to laugh manically as she then yelled out and burst into flames, killing the servants instantly, not even ashes were left of them as she then flew out from the ceiling that opened up for her. 

She took off like a bat out of hell flying down upon ground level across the sandy plain, her now blinding white fire leaving a trail behind her as the sand parted for her as she flew, turning it into a wave of glass behind her. She could see her sister Risky fighting with some heroes, the ones from Mobb Deep. She knew that they didn’t stand a chance with her, she would have stayed and hand some fun with her, but she had her own things to do. She flew right past them, nothing but her laughing and roar form her fire was heard as she past them.


Within only a few minutes she could feel an icy chill hit her face, she then smiled as she knew where she was at. She made it, to Antarctica, the icy wasteland. As she flew through the blizzard storm that was going on at the moment she then cut off her flame and went free falling down to the ground, she then landed on the icy plan with a loud ‘THUMP’ as the ground below her shook. She then stood up as he began to look around, her glowing red eyes shift from one area to another, using her heightened eye sight she was able to see a penguins, fur seals ,and whales that occupied the area as well as some research stations that held no more than about ten humans. Nova X then burst into flames once more as she slowly rose from the ground, her blinding white flames were seen for miles as she could see. She could see as scientist began to make their way towards her, trying to figure out what the massive source of heat and light was. She began to laugh evilly once more, her arms raising to the skies as her hands began to glow. A huge ball of fire like energy began to form, it was the size of a two story home as she could then see the scientist finally reaching her.

“What are you doing?!” one yelled out as he jumped from his dog sled. “If you melt the ice, do you have any idea how many people will die?! You’ll kill BILLIONS!”

Nova X stopped laughing for a moment and looked down upon the man. Her smile was gone as she glared at him, only for her to burst out laughing once more. “I KNOW! ISNT IT WONDERFUL!?” With that she shot down her energy down into the ice, before even reaching it, the ice began to melt. She could hear the cries of help from the scientist as they began to melt from the heat of her fire. Nothing but laughing was heard from Nova as she then began to fly across the no mans land, continuing to shoot out her stream of fire that continued to melt the icy land upon impact. Within seconds she finished melting the continent known as Antarctica in the name of her Father. Also, destroying all islands in the process. The islands known as Australia, Japan, Philippines, Madagascar, Maurites, Seychelles, Maldives, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, East Timor, all of the islands of the southern earth was now gone, under water, leaving millions if not billions of people to drown. Even the coast of each of the southern continents were flooded. Places such as Chile were now gone, the left side of Argentina was half way under water, even South Africa was gone. But for some reason the water didn’t reach the northern part of the Earth.

Nova X yelled in anger, her plan to take out all of the islands in one sweep failed, she pondered for a moment as she floated above what used to be Antarctica, now just part of the ocean. A thought ran through her head. “The North Pole…” a smirk formed on her face as she took off to the North Pole. When she reached it she did the same thing, melting the polar ice caps. Nova X flew up into the air as she watched the water that was once ice race towards the lands. This time, the areas that were now under the water were, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, the northern part of Russia, Taiwan, Alaska, Hawaii, Northern part of Canada, all the Pacific coast of the United States and the Atlantic coasts. 

Now all cotenants coast were now under water. Nova X did her part in bringing the people of Earth to their knees, killing of billions in only a few hours.

She now took off flying to her next target her Father spoke about… one of the most powerful Nations in the world… The United States. Nova X flew at the speed of light to the one area where the flooding wouldn’t have affected the area, the one place that seems to be right smacked down in the middle of the USA, Kansas. She arrived in a blazing flash, her fire still seen for miles as she then landed on the ground of the city of Topeka. She watched as people began to run up to her in fear.

“Its Feral Nova!” One man yelled out in happiness.

“Feral Nova, you gatta help the power is out here and we have no way of communicating with anyone!” A police officer said as he walked up.

“Yes…” Nova X said with a evil smile. “I know…” With that she was going to start her assault on the city, unless, someone dared to stand up against her.

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Death now has a physical presence.  Morte Rapida had been an instrument of death his entire life, now he was either gifted or cursed with being the embodiment of what Death is.  He could sense the other Horsemen wreaking havoc on the earth.   His feeling of vengeance and resentment was now magnified to points where he relished the opportunity to unleash his trade of death and punish those whom he deemed unworthy.  With the newly granted power which was as enthralling as anything he has ever felt, the pieces were set for him to fulfill his destiny.  The dark ninja had his mind set; he knew where he wanted to strike.  Morte teleported, and much to his surprise, he ended up two continents away.  He no longer had boundaries on certain abilities.

The silent assassin now found himself in North Korea.   This was an area he knew very well from planning many ops missions on unsuspecting marks.  There is a heavily guarded and highly secure nuclear missile silo hidden underground in the city of Kapsan.  Morte knew of this silo, and this is where he intended on going.   Once he reached the gates the guards began to fire both small arms and field artillery shells toward the famed assassin.   He was able to use his compressional ability to cause the rounds to explode while in mid air.  The horsemen of death noticed that while he was using his abilities based upon existing energy manipulation that he was causing the soldiers to bell over in pain and forming legions on their skin as they were spitting up internal tissue.  The flesh was tearing itself from the soft muscle tissue that made up the esophagus; it looked like the men were coughing up bloody chunks of raw meat.  It seemed as if it was a super accelerated version of the disease called Leprosy.  They died within a matter of 12 or so seconds.  The whole compound smelled of rotting meat drenched in sour gastric stomach acid derived from the intestinal walls.   A soldier ran up to the silent assassin, his eyes bleeding, spitting up his insides begging for a quick ending, the unmerciful presence of death grabbed one of his Junsado blades and slashed the man’s neck beheading him instantly.  His body continued to move forward as a red fountain sprung out of his neck, causing the loose pieces of larynx tissue to flap and jerk violently before his body finally collapsed.  The man's bowels released as his nervous system shut down.  They were all deceased........Death had made his debut.

Morte made his way into the missile silo; he activated the ground control station.  The fire control immediately shifted the GBR (ground based radar) systems which communicated with a roving satellite system used for threat classifications and an extremely accurate targeting system.  He entered the coordinates of his target......Beijing.   There were 19 million civilians which populated the city.  This would be a great honor in the name of death; a sacrifice of this magnitude would earn him the right to be called The Horsemen of Death.  The dark ninja then activated the next two missiles and targeted two more cities.  These missiles were on timed release, the silo could only fire one missile at a time before re-arming the system and adjusting the satellite targeting application.  Morte then teleported from the stench covered compound.

The Horsemen of Death arrived in the city of Hotan China.  He casually walked from village to village exterminating all life from everyone within a 100 acre perimeter.   Men, women, and children ran as their faces started to secrete clotted blood from their eyes, nose, and ears.  They were unable to control their bowels, coughing up the tender tissue which made the internal organs within their throat.  Many were biting off their own tongues they were convulsing so hard.   A middle aged man caught Morte's eye as he fired at him with a shot gun.  The powerful ninja was easily able to deflect the bullets.  The man pleaded quickly before turning the gun on his wife and two sons.   Screams of agony and prayers to god filled the air; Morte was completely unfazed as he continued his journey through mainland China.


There was a slight gaze in the sky; a small trail of smoke could be seen with the keenest eye as it soared to the east.   Morte looked upward and smiled as weapon of mass destruction raced its way toward its plentiful target.   More and more bodies began to accumulate.  As death made its way through a farmer’s field cows began to scream, it was sort of an exhilarating noise; the dark entity never knew cows could scream in pain.   There were hundreds of them, and they all were screaming while excreting their body organs through every Orpheus of their body, it was truly a site for those who lingered in darkness.   Morte began to speak to the countless dead......

"Do not worry children of God; it will all be over soon.  There will be a new beginning for those worthy of life.  Those who survive will have earned the right to exist; you will no longer be given it.  The days of weakness and foolishness by a race of people who expect everything to be given to them have come to an end.  The ones who are weak and expect the strong to carry them through the trials and tribulations of life will perish, as they should.   I have no mercy, you will get no sympathy from me, and you have lived amongst us for long enough.  You will die; you will be sacrificed in the name of he who commands it.  I am death and I bring the worthy the gift of life.........

He repeats the last phrase -

I am death and I bring the worthy the gift of life……

The missile silo in North Korea fires off another nuclear tipped missile.  This missile is targeting Tokyo, Japan.  The silo now starts its re-arming protocols in preparation for its final target.   The first nuke begins its descent over Beijing.   It is now 13,000 miles above the city and increases its speed.   Morte teleports above the city to get an aerial view of his work as the missile soars right by him as it positions itself for impact.  Within a matter of seconds the entire city lights up as a powerful shockwave of fire radiates and expands violently while disintegrating everything in its path as an enormous mushroom cloud forms above the city.   The fire encompassed shock wave continues to expand outward at an increasing rate leaving nothing but ash within its radius.  In less than a minute there is nothing left of what use to be Beijing, China.  The wind current carries the deadly radiation toward surrounding cities killing millions in estimation.  That was the bonus of bombing such a populated country; death brings a bonus.


Death has arrived, Morte teleports himself on the charred location to admire his work as he prepares to finish what he started.


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All happened so quickly. Her strikes tore through the air so fast and so hard they sounded like thunder. They were so fast she even could not see them herself. Everything that appeared to her heightened senses were just blurrs. Mobb Deep was nothing more than grain before the scythe. While she attacked their leader the others stood around watching in in awe and terror at the same time. She knew those people from her former life, some of them she had even respected. Prima she had even counted among her friends. But they all were not comrades anymore but victims. They did not deserve to die by her hands. They were not worthy.

She let go of Kurrent, she even didn't know if she had hit him, her attention was already focussed on another thing. She had lost interest in her playthings. And she would throw them aside like the godess she had become. Slowly and majestically she stepped back, her red full plate shimmering in the hot desert sun, the world behind her brimming with heat and obscuring in the desert behind veils of heat.

WAR stood there in the sand, stretching out her arms and looking up to the sky. She could feel the energy rise in her, the one that gave her her name.From her own deep anger she conjured pictures of war, fight and conflict and drew from her own deep rage inside her. It filled every and each one of her cells and started to transcent through her pores till she was fully engulfed in fiery red energy. It was that powerfull, a surge of pure power, that it actually lifted her in the air several inches till even her toes were not touching the ground any more. There she hovered like a fallen angel, like a crucified sinner right in the air and began to laugh. it was a mad, disturbinng laugh that told of madness and absolute power.

Then she exploded. A blast of red energy rose towards the surprised heroes. Not a energy of heat or electricity as they were used to but a blast of pure emotional energy, the source from that all fighting and war emerged. Hatred, disgust, every feeling that lead the first caveman to pick up that stone and smash in the head of his neighbour.The very feelings that lead Caine to slay his brother Abel. The very feelings that had cause any conflict in the history of life, not only human but all life, was were concentrated in that one blast. This was her power. This was her birthright as WAR. And she used it against Mobb Deep at its fullest. She knew they were the best friends possible but even for them it would be hard to constrain their feelings. Her laughter intensified as she said to them:

"It was fun for a while, my comrades but I have to tend to some adult things now. Have fun with each other."

And so she flew away quite certain that Mobb Deep would fall prey to their aggression soon and begin fighting against each other. She had other plans. She headed to another present that her father had promised her in secret.

From where she was it was not far to the coast line. With speed that neared that of sound she raced towards a certain spot at the shore. Precisely in the water there. Water splashed up several dozen feet as she entered the ocean like a torpedo and made her way to the bottom of the sea where a huge flying fortress awaited her. Her present. It was only a matter of minutes before she could sit in the commodore's chair and readied the systems. Millions of Apcoalypses artificial and biotechnically and cybernatically enhanced soldiers were at her hand now and she had the possibility to use it. Moving enormous amounts of water the spacecraft started and took off. The continent of Africa soon appeared in her monitor. She studied the map of the scarred and wartorn continent that had to suffer under so many warlords and tyrants. She would be the one to change this. Under the rule of her and her father Africa would blossom once again. Her soldiers would take care of that. One single button would be enough. Like a sirene it called for her finger and seduced her with its glossy red colour. Pushing it would mean death to millions if not billions.

WAR pushed the button smilingly...

Several hours later:

Of course she could not have hold back from joining the battle herself. One like her just could not control her bloodlust. Hundreds of foolish soldiers had fallen under her axe this day and the number constantly grew. Fountains of blood sprayed her armour and her face as she hacked off arms, legs and heads. the slaughter was undescribeable. Without any measure. All those soldiers were nothing more than an army that fought against a foe that it could not defend instead of killing civilians. WAR would show them what it meant to be slaughtered. The conquest had started only some hours ago but it was about to be finished soon.

And she was right. Before the sun set on it the burning continent of Africa was the imperium of WAR, daughter and champion of Apocalypse. She stood upon a mountain top, an imposing figure in the blood red sun setting that spoke of the atrocities of the day, and looked at gigantic burning piles of bodies. Blood crusted on her but all she did was laughing.

The wind carried her laughter and the pungent stech of the burning bodies miles and miles. Not that it would make a difference. All of Africa looked the same: One single slaughterhouse caught up in constant war.
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Julia watched as one by one the heroes walked in, hearing what Bruce had to say. They all sat and listened as Julia listened once more as well. She didn’t fully understand what was going on, so she figured it wouldn’t hurt to listen once more. As they sat the power of the Z Tower suddenly shut down. Julia looked around as she could hear Ronin make a joke about it. The one called Alpha Guard quickly used his powers to make what looked like communication devices "Guys, the new comm links you should of just received are from me, and they still have power. Kurrent and Prima are with me at the Zero Tower, and while I can't speak for them, I'm on my way to Egypt and will be there as soon as I can. Alpha, over and out!" She heard the man said as he began to make his way out. Only to see the one named Kurrent stand up. "Make room for us we are going with you” He then turned to Ronin and spoke. "We are going to need everyone possible, Acer is over their and we have to go get him and the people of Egypt more the likely need our help."

Julia sat there for a moment, even though she may have been the youngest of the team, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t stupid. Mobb Deep was going to go in blind, not really knowing what was going on. She didn’t understand, either they were as powerful as everyone said they were, or the group was just crazy. She then turned to Ronin, he had to be a little smarter than that. It was going to take more than a few people from two teams to take down whatever was going on.

Ronin then spoke to them about his next plan, to go and ask for the assistance of one of the deadliest groups around, LaS. Julia’s eyes widen as she heard this, the two groups were total opposites to each other, why would a group who has different motives than them, work with them? Julia didn’t understand, but then again, there was a lot the young mutant didn’t completely understand. But she wasn’t about to question Ronin, he had way more experience than any of them in the group, after all he was the leader. Julia simply nod her head in agreement as she felt a hand be placed upon her shoulder. It was her brother, Déjà vu, giving her reassurance that everything was going to be fine. She smiled as suddenly the group was ‘blinked’ to the outside of LaS.

Like ghost in the night the team made their way closer and closer to the entrance of the building, keeping themselves hidden in the dark. They didn’t want to take any chances, even though they came in peace, there was a good chance the villains wouldn’t have cared. Julia could feel her heart began to pound in her chest as they then stood in front of the door. Her and her brother stood high above the team looking down at the door while the other three, One Shot, Bruce, and Ronin stood in front of the door. They two above were ready to pounce if necessary. She could tell everyone was standing on pins and needles as they waited.

Just then, the door opened, two assassins stood by the door, their swords upon the ground as they allowed the team in. As the team made their way in, Julia looked around in awe. The building was much bigger than the Z Tower and was full of exotic items. The two assassins bowed to them and Julia smiled as she quickly bowed back. They then made their way to the one known as ‘King of Kings’ the one called Gambler. He was sitting down with his weapons laid upon the table. He reassured them that no harm would come to them. Julia could feel her heart just keep pounding. She wasn’t going to lie, she was a little scared, but she did her best not to show it. She just had to keep reminding herself, this was for Risky. The rest of the team sat down, but Julia kept standing, she stood behind her brother her hands resting on his seat.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw something come into the room. Her yellow eyes shift the one who was married to Gambler, the one named Esther, making sure she wasn’t up to anything unusual. Yes Gambler swore that nothing was going to happen to them, but hey, you couldn’t blame a girl right? As she made her way in, she then nod her head to the team, and Julia felt a little better, she then nod back to her and shift her attention back to what was going on.


Bruce then began to explain the situation once more, and once more Julia listened, little by little she was starting to understand the whole situation. When he was done he stood back up from his seat.


“I advise both you and my leader” He spoke as he then turned to Ronin “that we take as much men and firepower possible. My first insight is to destroy the pyramid, but do what you wish." With that he walked into the shadows of the building and vanished.


“That’s so cool…” Julia said to herself as she then turned to see two female assassins walk in. She gulped as she watched them walk in and then bow down to the two. With their heads still lowered one of them spoke.

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but there is someone here who wishes to speak to you."

Julia’s eyes then turned to Gambler and Esther, Gambler nod his head while Esther eyed the door. Seemed like the two didn’t know who it was. So Julia too glanced at the door, she was just as curious to see who came walking through the doors.

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Light was beginning to fall asleep on the couch as he awaited  someone, anyone to come in and tell him what was up. He was dreaming about his throne in his new world... The colors were dark yet vibrant, radiant yet gloomy. He had a black and white suit on with a long trench coat. He sat in a gold encrusted throne and Watched as servants walked around naked... Cleaning, and doing other necessary things. He then is awoken from his sleep by the two women that summoned him from the beginning. 

"Sir...Sir... You must wake up sir."

They started tapping his face. He smacked there fingers away and looked at them. They seemed a bit frail compared to how they were before. It seemed there self-esteem was shattered. Or maybe they realized they were inferior to him and it saddened them. Either way he was pleased.

"Sir, the King and his Queen will see you now..." 

He rose up and smoothed out his shirt and tie. "Gotta make a good impression..." He thought as he followed the women. He watched as there hips swayed from side to side. The movements were mesmerizing. he re-focused himself. As they stopped he push the two doors open and looked around with a smirk on his face. He saw two of the biggest criminals in the world. He had been trying to kill them since 2007. Now they were right in front of him. He had to maintain his composure though. He couldn't just lash out at them in there own home. THat would spell death.

"Why hello all of you... I'm sorry I don't have the team Jacket or hat or anything but I'm here to make my position on the Les Assassin Silencieux known!"
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for the first time ronin put his head before his heart. for ronin asking for help from the LAS was like cutting his own wrists. they had been his enemy for so long and now here he was sitting infront of one of his most hated enemies. ronin's heart begged him to just jump across the desk and cut himself up a gambler sandwich. But even though to some ronin might seem well a bit angry alot and always would put himself in danger he was a very smart man. ronin would never put his team in danger and by attacking gambler now that would quickly allow his team to be taken being they were on the LAS home turf. the difference between ronin and most heroes was that he could always see the grey between the black and white. the black and white was that his team were heroes always fighting to save innocents and the black was that gambler and his LAS were always doing the hurting. but the grey was they had bigger fish to fry. this new evil had already seduced his most loyal teammate and second and command and had also done the same with every other team.

ronin sat there infront of gamblers desk listening to the so called king of kings. then ronin asked bruce to step forward and give gambler any information he had on the new evil that could bury them all. just as bruce finished up 2 servants walked in "Sorry to disturb you sir, but there is someone here who wishes to speak to you." they said as they turned and bowed. Quickly ronin stood up preparing to unsheath his claws at a moments notice. ronin knew that Gambler was a smart plan and knew just in case things went down the king of kings would have a back up plan but just as smart as gambler was ronin was also he had a fail safe waiting for the signal at a moments notice last arrow was ready and able at the blink of an eye. suddenly a man walked in saying "Why hello all of you... I'm sorry I don't have the team Jacket or hat or anything but I'm here to make my position on the Les Assassin Silencieux known!" for the first time ever ronin had turned his back to gambler showing somewhat a small amount of trust. ronin looked at the new comer with a puzzled look. suddenly a loud crashing noise was heard from behind ronin and in a blink of an eye SNIKT he unsheathed his claws and quickly turned around to face gambler. but things werent what they seemed gambler had just as much a puzzled look on his face as ronin did.

with a quick glance ronin could see that the window behind gambler and esther had been shattered and a small brick lay on the floor. instantly ronin rushed over to the window to look outside. he could see as the grounds lit up as if it was day light. he could see thousands of people standing outside the mansion surrounding the place. the mobb appeared to be wielding several guns and torches. quickly ronin turned around as the shouting from outside filled the room. just as ronin opened his mouth a loud bang went off from outside and he screamed in pain as a bullet tore into his flesh and exited out his abdomen hitting the ceiling above. ronin fell to the ground doubled over in pain as he held his waist and blood trickled out of the wound. suddenly thousands of bullets were crashing into the LAS mansion as ronin stared into the eyes of the king of kings "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" ronin shouted in anger thinking that this was all gamblers fault.

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The wall exploded in a rain of derby and grey dust as the French marched on the assassins. Perched up in a large oak tree hidden by the canvas of green sat an old hero, His eyes scanned over the area watching as dust and bullet filled the air, The oak tree was just on the out skirts of the Complex at least 12 meters from the battle that was now ensuing between the lower ranking members of the Assassins and the French little did they know what was going on inside as Gambler and Batgirl Babs meet with the government funded Zero squad. It was the same government that had sought out and found Last Arrow for this mission he was to liaise between the government and the Zeros he would be their handler.

The French moved forward closing the gap on the shocked Heroes and Gambler, But the Cajun had not lost his skill his men where ready and already fighting back. Gambler had rolled onto his feet and the rest of the Zero’s prepared for a fight Ronin screamed at Gambler as the Las co-leader  Babs also prepared for a fight. It would be interesting to see how they all moved to watch if their skills had improved. But his bow was already in his hands and the string pulled back as a French trooper headed towards Gambler. His pale blue eyes seemed to shift into the eyes of a bird as he took aim. filled the Las garden as the arrow span in the air passing past gun fire and chaos and shattering the advancing troops skull. The steel tip sunk  into the flesh and burrowed deep into

The fleshy part of the brain instantly killing the solider. Running along the strong oaks tree branch the crimson archer flipped into the air at the same time throwing his bow across his back he flew towards the roof of the Assassins home. Two arrows were now in his hand as he dug them into the roof tiles the sheer force cracking the stone in two. Sliding down he knocked roof tile after roof tile of the roof and to the madness below.

French and Assassin bodies littered the garden below as he slowed his decent and dove of the roof, The once emerald grass was now thick with a river of blood as he landed he sprang into action heading towards Gambler and Ronin. In battle everything happened so fast the world seemed to slow down and try and watch as single men tried to sway the battle in their direction, Grabbing Ronin by the cuff of the neck he looked deep into his eyes

“Solider get up and prepare to transport, this is war no time to blame anyone just move your ass.”

Turning to Gambler mixed feeling seemed to wash over him, Hate, friendship, Death. They where once brothers and bitter rivals but most of all they had been friends.

 “Gambler prepare who you must but we are leaving. We have a safe house this is a battle we need not fight we have larger things to deal with.”

He wondered how Gambler would react to seeing him alive

“We will hold them off while you prepare.”

Turning his crimson tunic swung behind him as he stood with Ronin at his side, His red mask tied round to the back of his head, Pulling his bow the sun shone down on them.


He screamed as the Zero went forth to fight along side the Assassins already in battle.

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As the desert sun beat down on him, Ripcord began to walk toward the pyramid. Using his enhanced sense of sight, Ripcord could see it as clearly as if it was directly in front of him. It was beautiful, and smooth. There were no grooves in it. It appeared to be made from one large block of stone, and Ripcord can't find a way in. He was sure this was the place SuperTrooper was talking about.

With his eyes focused on the pyramid, Ripcord took off his shirt, as it began to turn hotter as he moved through the desert, and wrapped it around his head. He knew he had to keep up the pace. He had to help his team. he was sure they were there by now. Knowing Kurrent, he was more than likely engaging the enemy at that very moment. Just the thought of it made Ripcord chuckle. That was the thing he admired most about his captain. He was a man of passion. He was fierce in all aspects of life. He loved with every fiber of his being. He fought for the things he loved with more than just his fists and power. he fought with his heart and his mind working as one. And there were few people he cared more for than Acer. Ripcord just hoped that that didn't make him become reckless.

As he began to pick up the pace, he could spot something close to the base of the pyramid. It was the others. They made it.  Just then, he spotted Supertrooper flying above the Pyramid staring at sothing around the perimeter of the pyramid, but he could not make out what it was. He hoped Supertrooper could find an opening as his senses were more advanced than his own. Then in a flash of light, whatever it was Supertrooper was staring at was blazing it's way through the sky at an incredable speed. As the sun glistened off his sweat drenched body, Ripcord remembered why in all his years on this dustball of a planet he had never visited any of it's deserts, but he had to keep going. He had to confrount the source of all this confusion. The Dark One. The one Istaria called Apocalypse. He was the one behind all of this, and if Mobb Deep could take him out quickly they could put all of this behind them.

As Ripcord began to think more on the situation at hand, he could only wonder why a person as powerful as Istaria wouldn't just handle this herself? And you did she search his mind for images of Ronin, Kurrent, and of all people, The Gambler. It was becoming all to strange to him. Ripcord understood his role in all of this. He was a fighter. It was what he did. It was what he was. Even as a child he loved to fight. And if Acer's disappearance was any indication if what was to come, Ripcord was sure he'd have his fair share of fighting and then some.

As a violent desert breeze began to blow sand around the area Ripcord was walking through, Ripcord began to strain to keep a visual on his teammates. He could see clearer the closer he got toward them. There was other person there with them. A woman, and she was armed was a wicked looking broadaxe. The woman had appeared out of nowhere, but Kurrent and the others didn't attack her. Ripcord thought this to be strange who was this woman and why did she stand in their way? 

Watching as the events around the pyramid began to unfold, Ripcord spots Kurrent begin to channel a massive amount of electrical energy, but just as fast as he does, the woman is on him as she begins to hack at his teammates with with a speed that he could just see from his distance. Seeing her holding Kurrent, Ripcord begins to run toward his team, pumping his legs with the intent of stopping the mystery woman only to watch her unhand Kurrent as if he was little more than an unwanted plaything and take a step back raising her arms as the sun began to beam down on her.

Fearing what was to come, Ripcord began to pour on the speed as the woman became shrouded in a haze of crimson energy that exploded all around Kurrent and the others, kicking up sand and making it impossible for him to see. Inching his way through the massive amount of sand, Ripcord began to call out to his teammates, but the sand seemd to shallow his voice. Deciding to stand still and let the mini sandstorm sweep past him, Ripcord waited for what seemed like ten minutes, only to find himself just outsid the semi-circle his teammates were making. The air around the area was charged with an almost psionic energy. It was as thick as mud. Ripcord had dealt with psionics his entire life, but this was new to him. It was different. He could only hope that his teammates were mentally strong enough to fight off whatever it was, and remember their mission.

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Within seconds the LaS mansion was under siege. Normal citizens, police, and even the French army had all converged on the assassin stronghold. Twisted and manipulated by the Horsemen Famine they believed their only chance at salvation rest with the destruction of every hero and villain in . The once majestic and vibrant city of love had been turned into post apocalyptic glimpse of madness. Blood flowed through the streets, the burned, and chaos reigned.

Without question or orders the elite killers of the Les Assassins Silencieux went to meet the mob head on. Bullets ripped through the mansion ricocheting  off the walls causing a deadly cross fire. Inside the main council chamber those in attendance immediately took shelter, some diving on the floor while others flipped over tables and desks. Ronin’s anger took control as he lashed out,


But the Cajun didn’t respond. Instead he tossed caution to the wind and bolted upstairs desperately trying to reach his baby daughter. Just as he reached down and removed his pride and joy, a Molotov Cocktail splashed inside the crib immediately bursting into flames. Gambler’s eyes blazed a bright red matching the intensity of the flames. Outside the assassins where putting up a valiant effort but the angry mob’s numbers where staggering. Meanwhile the return of a fallen enemy, sometimes brother, Last Arrow, was a breathtaking one. As he wasted little time in taking control of the situation and implementing his strategic genius.

Gambler wanted nothing more then to run through the mob in a bloody rampage of revenge, but Arrow was right, this was not the battle to be fought. They couldn’t risk losing a key member of either faction before confronting Apocalypse and his Horsemen. With Angelique secured in one arm Gambler vaulted himself over the side of the staircase landing behind a flipped over table. Drifter, Light, and Esther where all nearby and ready to depart.

“Whatever escape plan you have in mind Arrow, now is dee time”

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“Whatever escape plan you have in mind Arrow, now is dee time”

Arrow looked at the Cajun and the child in his arms, His eyes went to Babs and then back to Gambler, He never knew, The briefing had said nothing of a child, His heart sat in his mouth as he remembered the screams of his dieing children, He had lost them both in a fire it had only been the members of the NAO that held him back from his own death. Gun fire and flames brought his mind back to the fight at hand. As he looked at Ronin Arrow nodded at the leader of the Zeroes they would know what to do and how to move. First the brother and sister would move forward and block the advancing French mob, Confusing them by teleporting and striking at random, One shot would stay near the rear utilising the space to throw in smoke grenades and flash bang confusing them more, Turning to Ronin Arrow stared at him.

“The plan has changed Gambler and Babs will leave first with the child take the Las as well but protect the child this is no world for her to be in just now we will hold the line until im sure the child is fine and then come back for us Ronin move”.

He looked at the rest of the Zeroes he was not their leader and nor did he want to be but with Ronin being the transport and risky being out of commission for the moment they would have to trust in his words, he would not see another child pass away not here not now, his eyes where red and stinging at his soul, He was making a choice based on his feelings not on his mind. He turned firing off arrow after arrow into the forth coming mob his shots never missing their mark.


The rest of the team seemed hesitant to move until Ronin gave the nod and then they sprang into action, They would all do their own thing but the job would get done and they would stick roughly to plan . They where a rag tag team brought from all over the world and never worked with anyone before, but you stick them with each other and you have an unmovable force.

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Amongst all the chaos around him one shot smiled as he lifted the cool beer to his lips, as the sweet bronze nectar rolled down the neck of the bottle neck it just touched his lips as the bottle shattered into a thousand pieces , The glass took to the air dancing with the sweet liquor of the gods before hitting the floor and soaking into the rug beneath his feet, Dropping to his knees he looked at where his loved one had fallen and did not hear the great speeches behind him, Nor did he see the Hero of Legend make his appearance he just knew it was gone and in that moment rage took over, His body began to shake as he stood walking past Ronin and Gamble. His blood boiling to the surface.


He screamed running head on into the mob his gun firing in a rain of deadly bullets. The mob froze for a moment as his blood curdling screams filled the air as he tore into the heart of the mob.

“She just wanted to do what her life intended and you Killed her, She never fulfilled her destiny. …. YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK”.

One Shot scream as he judo throws one man into another.He was a good man insane as hell but a good man, Very few knew the side of One Shot that Ronin so feared he would show. The rest of the Assassins stared in amazement as he moved past them looking for the person who shot his beer and he would find them and God help them if they did not  have a good reason for what they just did.

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The Sky had turned orange as Paris burned. A Small part of her thought it was satisfying, Another more sinister part of her wanted to go out into the blood soaked streets and roll in the blood of the masses, and still another part of her cringed as she saw people gunning each other down. She stood on top of the LaS headquarters, watching the fire rage through Paris. The Heat was picked up on the wind and little embers flew around the mass of bodies pushing into the mansion. As soon as the mansion was breeched she moved, disappearing in a cloak of darkness.

She reappeared in the lower portion of the house as people poured in. She quickly launched herself into the air and landed behind the table where the Lebeau family was huddled with their daughter. She eyed the family and knew she would do her best to protect them, because they were part of her own family. Jean spoke to someone she could not see and the moment the name of the person left his mouth Kiara turned her head to stare at the long thought dead Michael Lockhart.

She watched him from where she was as he gave the orders to the ZS, but not hearing a word of it. She tore her gaze from him and looked at the Lebeau’s and spoke quietly, “Take your family and get out. I will stay behind and stop as much of them as possible. The hero’s will not be able to hold them off alone.”

She didn’t wait for a reply, what she had said was final and her decision. She may have been part of the group, but her decisions were her own. Gambler had always known that and now even Esther knew this. Her eyes glittered with rage as she moved out from behind the table and gave the oncoming crowd a sinister grin as the air around her shifted. The room seemed to fill with a wind from out of no where. A shadow appeared behind her and seemed to reach into her and pull out her true form from under her skin. The beautiful woman that stood before them was now half of what she was. In an instant her sword was out and scratching against the floor in anticipation, ebony wings glinted in the fires around them and her Angelic face cocked to the side as she spoke to the crowd before her.

“You might want to leave now. Or I can force you too, but I am sure either way some of you will die. Then the survivors can speak of how you died valiantly at the hands of Lilith. Or have you all not heard of me.”

She gave them a malicious smile but the crowd would not be deterred. They were stupid with hunger and surged forward towards her and the rest of the people around them. One of The Zero Squad jumped into the crowd his gun blazing as he attacked at the loss of his beer. Kiara shook her head and began the fight, she slaughtered the people around her in a wave of blood. Her sword sliced cleanly through necks, backbones, arms, stomachs, and the room filled with the coppery sweet smell of the blood. She grabbed a woman who was coming at her with some sort of cruelly crafted spear. She licked the blood from the woman’s face and then threw her into the oncoming crowd. Soon she reached the hero, One Shot, who was shooting the people in the crowd and spoke over the screaming voices of the people around them, “We can not all move them. When the Lebeau’s are safe I will stand in the midst of the crowd and set the house and everything in it on fire. When we get out of this, I’ll buy you a truckload of beer. Pass my message onto your comrades and the assassins that are left.”

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The tables had quickly turned on Risky as more members of Mobb Deep began to show up and surround her with intention to harm if provoked. Mobb Deep never wants to hurt heroes that fight the good fight but if need be they will do so without hesitation and the way Risky was talking it was become apparent that she might need a little more "influencing" to get her to understand what she was really doing their.

The Modd Deep leader was ready, he has seen Risky in action before and was thinking in his minds of ways that he could counter probable attacks that she might do but he did not know that she was now an altered woman gifted with more severe and unknown abilities. Before doing while still keeping eyes on his target, he spoke into his com link and said "Alpha Guard, if you can hear me complete the mission, follow the trial of the guy that caused the sandstorm I think that is him. We'll handle this over here "

She unexpectedly attacked with ferocious speed swinging her ax at Kurrent with painful results. Her speed was all too much for him to handle and after the first swipe that gashed his chest she continuously repeated the same slashing motion. All Kurrent could do was cross his arms out  in front of his face to cover himself. He expanded the arc in his hands to add some protection because at this point it was known that he would not be able to counter anything that she was throwing at him.  His KFM training helped him keep his balance and he tried his best to move at his hips to avoid dismemberment . Had it not been for the electricity the was freely flowing in the exterior of his body  and his vibranium wrist guards he would have surely been dead but the power of the swings were still enough cut Kurrrent open. The fresh cuts throughout his upper body looked like they were tiger stripes just before they began to flow slowly with bright red blood. She was still not finished what should have been a killing blow instead came in the form of a knee that hit Kurrent in the left side of his face right where the H brand was. it had so much power behind it that it lifted him off of his feet and sent him hurling through the suspended glass that Risky had created when she first appeared.

Laying there in the shadow of near defeat the still conscious Kurrent could see that Risky would not come to finish the job. She would leave the heroes but before doing so she showed them why she was now calling herself WAR. Using magics that were unknown to him WAR delivered a the very fabric of War into the mind of the heroes before her and then she was gone not turning back to see what result it might bring. The Electric Ace could fell his limbs and tried slowly to stand. His body was aching in place that it had never ached before and his cheek bone was cracked preventing him from speaking legibly.

The images rushed through his head and suddenly his body temperature rose to dangerous heights. He was becoming consumed with anger and rage. His body was felling no pain only the urge to attack something. This went on for a moment but something in his mind knew that it was wrong. He stood up with blood shot red eyes and looked around arming himself with his brass knuckles in each hand. The first thing he saw was Prima and he quickly limped up to her the whole time trying his hardest to regain himself. When he was an arms distance away from her he instantly threw a straight punch towards her chin in hope to KO her for a least a moment. Right after the punch he channeled a jolt through his feet  that sent him back several feet to get away in case it didnt put her down. On each side of him he could see both Ripcord and Supertrooper and using an  amount of wattage that could put out an elephant he fired a charge at both of them with each hand.

Oddly enough Kurrent knew what he was doing and when he attacked and he was not under the complete influence of WAR. Kurrent's will power was his strongest weapon more then his electricity or even his fighting ability. It took alot of inner strength on his part to overcome what WAR had done and he only reacted the way he did was because he was an advocate of humility. He knew that if his team did in fact fall under WARs spell that he alone would not be able to take them out and they would understand why he did what he did when this all got sorted. With his ability to speak taken from him he could not reach them that way so he had to act first. In his mind he knew that those attacks would not keep them down for long but what he had learned in his short time in Egypt was that everything that had happened was stemming off of that Pyramid and Risky, Acer and whoever else was off the handle could be brought back from whatever was in there controlling them. Remorseful for what he had tried to do to his friends Kurrent turned around and began to limp towards the pyramid determined to uncover the mystery, leaving a trail of blood in the sand from the injuries he had suffered.