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The Home Of Shayla Lopez Thursday Night 12:00am

It was another Normal Night, Sha was lying in her bed not able to close her eyes and sleep because of the loud taps of the rain drops and the POUND of the thunder and lightning. She got out of bed and put her robe on She walked down the hall and peeked into Matina’s room; she was sound asleep Sha smiled and then went down stairs.

Something made her feel uneasy her Darkness was stirring, something in the realm of Darkness made Sha’s power awakens on its own, but she didn’t take heed to it. She Turned on the news and made a pot of coffee. She heard something that appeared to make a loud bump sound, she slowly walked to the door and looked out, and there was nothing but a black void. She looked around and then went to her room, getting back in her bed she felt a tug on her heart. She placed her hand on her heart and then looked around she sighed and then leaned over to turn off the light.

She turned on her side went to sleep, Coffee had the opposite effect on Sha it made her drastically tired and she quickly fell asleep.

???: This is no time for sleeping…

Sha heard the voice and jumped up she couldn’t see anything; she thought she was losing her mind. She turned back over and went to sleep

???: The darkness you wield such a powerful manifestation!

Sha jumped up again this time to see a dark figure cloaked in a hood he was just hovering as if he could not touch the ground. Sha didn’t take the time to see what he had to say she quickly awakened her Dark powers; but the man extended his hand and soon Sha’s darkness disappeared

????: Foolish Ninjan……Your powers are no match for mine…

He waved his hand and little white figures Jumped from the darkness with zippers for mouths and a symbol on its head, Sha had seen it somewhere before but she didn’t remember where. There were five little creatures they all jumped on Sha and smothered her, a dark wave began to form around the house and Sha founded herself drowning in Darkness.

???: you used the darkness like you owned it Ziccarra… but..it was never really yours to begin with..Welcome to the world of nothingness!

Two weeks later

Michelle climbed out of her bed to  get ready for her 12:00 class while getting ready she turned on the news only to see that Shayla Lopez had not been seen in two weeks, crime had risen but not to a crazy amount. Michelle had been interested in Ninjan history since she entered CSU so it was her favorite class. Her Professor Dr. Miles had claimed to be the Authority on Ninjeta, and Michelle had gone to her for a lot of information.

Michelle was walking with her friend Ellen to class when she saw her Professor carrying two gloves to class. The gloves looked Familiar but Michelle didn’t dwell on it too much.

She sat in class and sense no one had any concerns on the work they had to do she asked. ANYONE HAVE ANY CURRENT EVENTS.  Michelle raised her hand and asked

 WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DISAPPERANCE OF SHA AND WHAT EFFECTS WILL IT HAVE ON US. Dr. miles looked at Michelle and gave her an evil look and then told the class it was dismissed.

Michelle had remembered she needed to turn in a book, so she returned to Dr. Miles office. She looked around for her but she couldn’t find her, her eye caught an amber glow coming from the basement, she didn’t believe there was a basement in the school but she went anyway. She began to walk down the long narrowed Stairs of the school and saw the sacred Zillah a sign the Sigma six used to wear on their uniforms. Michelle was finally convinced that Dr. Miles was actually Hayden Miles #1 of the sigma’s.

As she walked to the lab she saw a pair of gloves that had the royal ninjeta crest on them She knew for a fact that these belong to Sha Lopez. She ran home, fast as she could but she ran directly into Hayden. Hayden was ready to kill Michelle when she was saved by a local hero known as the Genesis Archer. He distracted Hayden long enough for her to get away.

When she made it home she ran in her room scared, at what would happen to her. She knew that with only his skills alone the GA wouldn’t be able to take on a skilled Ninjan such as Hayden, so she had to help she ran up stairs to her backpack and removed the gloves placing them on her hands.

She zoned out everything became blurry and black…..

When she awakened she found Ga hovering above her looking it shock, She stood back and looked at him surprised he managed to survive against Hayden. Michelle felt powerful  her arms had increased in size, aswell as her breast, her hair was shorten and she no longer needed glasses. She was the first ever Earth Ninjan.

She went in hiding so she wouldn’t have to face Hayden miles.

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Trooper lay high above the clouds resting in the atmosphere. He smiled as he listened to the low hum that was the speech of the world. All the people, talking all at once, in all different languages, was caught by his superhuman ears. He needed a rest from all the mishaps happening down there. About two weeks ago, a close frenemy of his, Sha disappeared. He'd did his best to try and find her but his affords were naught as he was able to get no leads. Then in the next week a new villain showed on the scene but he was quickly dealt with by some odd hero. Things were getting hectic fast and Super didn't like it. He sighed and flew back down to Colorado. He walked into his old school, CSU, interested in new talent attending the school. He walked straight into the admissions office and used his superspeed to obtain the names of all the high averaged students and leave. He flew to his building back in NYC with the confidential documents. He began to analyze them and stopped at a strangely familiar name. Michelle Stanford, the name was intriguing to him but he couldn't understand why. He returned to the school withing the moment and began asking around about her. Most of the students were unfocused and instead of answering his questions they would become starstruck and beg for autographs. He ignored them and made his way inside a classroom. A woman stood at the front erasing the board. Troop, feeling a bit uneasy knocked on the wall. “Um, hello?” The woman turned around and gave a soft smile. Her features were delicate and sensual. She put the eraser down and made her way over to him. With each step she made Troop felt a rush of adrenaline. She extended her hand and looked him dead in his eyes, the smile never left her visage. “Hello, I'm Professor Super. May I inquire why we at CSU have a superhero on our campus?” He grabbed her hand and shook it slightly. Her hands were soft and warm like... a babies bottom?

“Um yes, I want to know a little bit about... Michelle Stanford.

Oh dear, she was a wonderful student, always completed assignments a head of time and always on task in class.


Yes she disappeared about five days ago... Are you investigating her disappearance?

Well now I am, can you tell me what went on the last time she was here?

Oh nothing out of the regular... except for the something weird with Dr. Miles. I can't really explain what it was but it had Michelle a bit shaken up.

Wait... Miles, what is this Doctors first name?

Its Hayden...why?

And what does she teach?

Ninjan History, what are you getting at?

Umm there's no time! I need to find Michelle quick.

But wait..TROOPER!"

And he was gone in a flash, he needed information and he needed it soon, before Hayden found and killed what might be his relative...    

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Michelle had disappeared for the time being, she didn't want to be found by Hayden. She had been gone for at least two weeks; she was alone in the Wilderness with nothing to eat, but with a huge arsenal of Powers at her disposal. The rain tapped against her clothes keeping her wet and cold. She could hear the roar from bears deep within woods. Michelle needed to get something to eat, if she didn’t she would die plain and simple. Hayden knew something about Sha’s disappearance, and Michelle knew it; but she didn’t have the courage to confront Hayden. Through the pitter patter of the Rain drops she could hear someone approaching her. She turned around to see the piercing Red eyes of Hayden miles, At least she thought it was Hayden, the figured actually turned out to be a grave yard keeper, who ran the local Grave yard a few miles down the road. He offered his hand to Michelle, picking her up off the ground and escorting her to his red Pickup truck.  Michelle got into the Passenger seat of the Truck as the man got into the driver seat. Michelle rang out her hair and then looked around the truck, the man then asked with a raspy voice. WHERE CAN I TAKE YOU? Michelle looked at the man and then said a little Shaky. FAR…FAR FROM HERE! The man revved the car up and drove off, towards the south eastern part of the state. Michelle’s eyes began to doze as she shifted into sleep. The ride began to turn from smooth to bumpy, like they were riding over cobble stones, the treading woke Michelle. She gazed around to see vast green pastures of land, and livestock, they were in the suburbs of Solace city, where Sha used to live.

Michelle exited the car and entered a barn where she agreed to stay; she looked in the room and saw a blonde girl. She sounded a bit country but Michelle could understand her perfectly. Her name was Maya and she too had been found in that forest, the only reason Michelle could tell was began the razor Sharp shrubs had cut and nicked her ankles. She showed Michelle her room and then disappeared down the steps. Michelle looked around the prune smelled room and then sat on her bed. She missed her mom, but she knew if Hayden got her mom she could never forgive herself.  As the night set in Michelle began to wonder around the land eventually going into another barn. She glanced up at the gigantic spaceship and her jaw dropped. This ship no doubt belonged to sha; Michelle didn’t waste anytime climbing into the cockpit and looked around. The sound of a Weapon being discharged grabbed her attention. The blast came at her full speed but she was able to jump out the way.  Michelle turned around and much to her surprise; it was a local Superhero names solace.

Solace: You’re going to tell me what you’re doing her darling,

Michelle looked at her and then speared her through the Window of the spaceship, they rolled around on the ground grunting and punching. Solace knocked Michelle’s hand towards the Space ship and the gloves she was wearing activated the Space ship. Michelle looked at the Ship, as well as Solace, they then looked in awe at each other.


Hayden after hours of meditation had locked on to Michelle’s position and was already in route, to take her out. With her current powers Hayden would snap Michelle in half.