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When some of the most powerful heroes in our planet got tired of people not appreciating them, hey decided to go to the other side. Now, our planet is rules by the mighty villains. Only a few heroes still stand, and with this, a rebel alliance has united. The small team is recruiting all rebels. But isn't strong enough to even think about a battle with the villains. Choose your side.

Villains: Be the dominant force in the universe, hunt for rebels, kill your enemies, fight for the rank of the world leader.

Heroes: Join the Rebels, go to the other side, risk your ife to save innocent people, while trying to save your own from the villains. Make new alliances, or be a rogue.

Normal rules applie.

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Have fun.

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Mantid looked around him. Debree and blood covered the ground. His face was covered in scars. He picked up a wallet from the ground. Ten dollars were inside. No ID inside. He put the money on his pocket. He started to float into the air slowly. Destruction surrounded him.

"It's time for heroes to rise once more." Mantid whispered to himself. The shapes on the floor started to make different figures. They were the bodies of dead people. Mantid flew into the skies, and in search for the much needed heroes.