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maybe this has been i don't know, too lazy to go that far back.
you are in this world, you are the only superpower person so what power would you chose?
you only have 1 power and would be for evil or good.
please for the love of god don't chose the power of suck or abrosed everyone power because you are the only one and be a nobody?
so choose

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Super speed!

And I'd be good, of course. :P

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fine no taker i go first then.
illusion so when i need the money i can go to the bank so i can confuse the living hell out everyone there while my illusion keep them busy i just discoonent the camra and simple take the money and walk out. even cops show up and start shooting they be shooting at nothing or innocent. heh not my promblem if they someone kill.
if none of you guess yet i may be evil with no bloodlust in the head just material need.

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I'd want some Telepathy! 

and i'd be quite Hancock-ish....No getting up early...you get saved only if it's on the way....not bending over backwards for some random
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I would want Reality Manipulation powers
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Darkness Manipulation

if you get on my nerves your going into a portal!

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Master Fire manipulation ^_^

If you ever piss me off, I can blow you up from the inside out! :D
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Death Touch^^

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HoIIow said:
"Death Touch^^"

i wonder how you live your with that kind of power
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Teleportation ^^

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i though more people will be here oh well