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It was sundown.A warm brisk air blew over Rayne as he sat on the edge of a six floor abandoned apartment building roof with a calm and relaxed expression.The sky blazed with fusions of colors, from red to violet to orange and more.The breath taking scenery was something that he always enjoyed.For a while he had known a young ninja by the name of NeVaan, surname Uchiha,who had resembled himself in the greatest and had shown high potential as a fighter.It was time to see if he lived up to that expectation.

Looking halfway back, Rayne shot a confident grill at his opponent.

Alright kid, its time to see what your made of

Standing up, he stood on the ledge of the abused and dilapidated roof.This building was definitely going to crumble before the fight was even halfway over.

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As the sun fell from the sky NeVann was making his way back from a training session, for awhile now he felt a presence of someone or something following him but he paid it no mind as he stoped and looked up to the sky. He turely hated the city but all that was forgotten by the dust it could create, clouds in the sky looked as if they were aflamed dancing in the sky. Soon a breeze began to pick up from behind him sending his hair flapping infront of his face, taking his left hand he brushed from his face as he caught a figure standing on top of a what looked to be abanded apartment building. Alright kid, its time to see what your made of.. seeming to be carried by the same wind the sent his hair flying up did the word crash into his ears. NeVann finally turned his body and looked up to see a man standing atop of the roof with a very confident look about him.

So you want to see what I'm made of, fine who am I to turn down such a request. But seeing that you must already know who I am may I ask, what is your name

He replied back as confident smirk of his own ran across his face, as he continued to look at the man.

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So you want to see what I'm made of, fine who am I to turn down such a request. But seeing that you must already know who I am may I ask, what is your name

The words that the young warrior muttered brought a luminous smile to Rayne's face.Looking down at the young ninja that looked oh so familiar he replied:

My name?

Without the slightest of hesitation, Rayne had already been gliding through the air in a free fall somersault.As he descended from the six story structure, his open GI flapped and wavered with the speed of his descent, hair swaying elegantly.As he hit the floor, a small Thooft sound was heard as he touched the concrete street, his knees bounced from bent to upright as he gathered his composure.

Kazatoshi..But you can call me Rayne

A smirk stretched out on the Dark slayer's face as he answered the question of his curious soon to be opponent.

Well?What are you waiting for kid?Show me what you got!

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Kazatoshi..But you can call me Rayne

NeVann was told after watching Rayne's display alittle bit grace fliping off the building and landing before the young ninja. As he looked upon Rayne he noticed there was something very familiar him but he couldn't put his finger on it, shaking his head to focus on the matter at hand NeVann dropped his training bag. Right before it came within inches of the ground he quickly kicked his leg to side sending the bag into an empty stairwell. NeVann figured Rayne want to get this thing started as he was told Well?What are you waiting for kid?Show me what you got!

This should be fun, but remember you asked for this.

The smirk that onces called his face home faded as he reached his left hand behind his back and bringing it back infornt of his body a kunai spun on his index finger before he clinched his fist gripping it tightly in his hand. Then rushing at Rayne the ninja waited till he got within a foot of him jumped up torquing his body clockwise he looked as if he was going to throw a spin kick with his right leg. But that was only a faint the true kick came from his left leg aimed right for the mans temple, then planting his left hand that was holding the kunai he bent his right leg and as quickly as it bent he shot it back up trying to catch Rayne's chin before spining on his hand and land back on his feet. But that was not the end of his attack as his touched NeVann pushed off darting pass Rayne's side where swung his kunai in a backhand motion planning on leaving a cut across the side of Rayne before stoping behind him in a keeling postion, he stood to his feet standing back to back.

Do you wish to see more?

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As the young eager fighter cast his bag aside he stated simple words:

This should be fun, but remember you asked for this.

Grasping a kunai from his back, the young ninja maneuvered the blade in a swift motion, showing his obvious expertise with the weapon.In a quick instant the young ninja named NeVaan had already taken to the air above Rayne, jerking his body in a gymnastic play, giving the appearance of an oncoming right kick.Rayne easily deflected the blow with his left forearm but the next attack he wasn't as prepared for.Within the split of a second, the ninja's left leg had targeted the side of Rayne's head.Bringing up his right hand, Rayne had been able to block the fierce blow with the back of his right fist.As the kick collided with his defense, Rayne grunted from the force of the attack.The young ninja was strong, and by the looks of it, this was going to be an interesting battle.

Transferring himself back up to posture on an impressive spinning handstand, NeVaan stood back to his feet and dashed back at the Dark Slayer with the intent of bringing his blade across Rayne's torso.Seeing the oncoming strike from a mile away Rayne quickly sidestepped the slash from the deadly ninja.Gliding to his left, Rayne paused for a second to look down at his abdomen.Suprisingly, a small nick had found itself opening up on the right side of Rayne's stomach, his whit GI with a small tear as well.

Impressive I must say.Now It's my turn

Grinning avidly Rayne commenced his onslaught of Jyuuken styled attacks.Darting at an extreme speed Rayne brought back his left arm and extended an open palm thrust towards the chest of the young warrior.Following up, Rayne brought around his two legs in a series of round housed kicks aimed at NeVaan's face, which was trailed by a mid right elbow to the abdomen.The speed of the oncoming attacks were none short of ultimate speed, and not even the most agile of martial artists would be able to avert the blow easily with so much as a single scratch.The battle had officially begun.

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Standing back to back with Rayne atfer his serise of attacks he could tell that he wasn't going up a normal fighter, the defleting of his kicks with one arm wasn't a simple feet. But it seemed that the man was was going to enjoy this fight as well as he said Impressive I must say.Now It's my turn NeVann just smirked as he turned around and saw the slit that was made in Rayne's Gi by his kunai. As the wind began to pick up his hair danced infornt of his face and dark brown eyes as they filled with excitement of battle, but soon that excitement would turn to focus as Rayne rushed with blinding speed. Rearing back first Rayne extanded his arm with an open palm at the ninjas chest, overlapping his wrist to form an "X" throwing them at Rayne's wirst and sidestepped to his left parrying the palm sticked aimed for his chest.

Your a spee...

He went to say but was cut off as he saw the fighter body shift and spin going for a round house, ducking right before the kick reached his face he spun planing on countering with a kick of his own. NeVann's hair moved freely like it was trying to escape from his head as he came up with the back of his right leg, but he was unaware that Rayne was already going in motion for a second round house kick. Like two tree trunks their legs collided with one another, yet the recoil of the impact forced him to spin back performing a full 360 before stoping and catching his balance. The recovery time it took him to finally balance himself cost him greatly, before he knew it there was a pain in his stomach that was caused by Rayne's elbow. The air in his lungs ran out like it was finally freed from its prison while his eyes widen and his pupils dilate then contracted, the force of speed and power that was use sent him flying backward. Sliding back with his his left knee slightly touching the ground every few inches till he finally stop slumped over with his left arm pressed against the ground and his right arm across his stomach trying coax the air to return back to his lungs.

Starring at the ground he realized the warm ups had just ended and the real fight had just started, finally breathing normally again his head rose up and starring at Rayne was not the dark brown eyes from a mintue ago no these were a bright crimson red that had three tomoe that looked like extra pupils reviling his Sharingan was activated. Then without a word or any expression on his face he seemed to disappear only leaving behind dust, dirt and pieces of trash that was on the sidewalk to roam around in the air. Displaying not teleportation but raw speed not his fastest yet but still an impressive amount he reappeared infornt of Rayne unleasing three font upward kicks in a bikecycle peddling type fashion, before landing and throwing a serise of round houses and sweeps. Sending out four of each high then low his left leg extended out came back in and then extended again, hoping that out of reaction Rayne would predict the last sweep and try to avoid it but the last one NeVann threw was a faked and with great speed sprung up quickly channeling a mid amount of chakra into his clinch fist. In a jumping corkscrew motion he went to force his fist into Rayne's chin, before landing and performing five wide backflips to put a nice distance between the two.
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As Rayne's elbow connected with NeVaan's stomach, the young ninja was sent skidding back in a crouched position while trying to retain his breath.When NeVaan had revealed his bowed face, something had changed.His eyes had glowed with a crimson flare, a burning passion for battle.Using sheer speed and quickness, the young warrior managed to appear in front of Rayne within a matter of split seconds in a miraculous demonstration of his tremendous agility.Rayne had found himself defending against an onslaught of kicks and sweeps that the young shinobi had thrown at him.The first kick had connected with Rayne's chest sent him a few feet into the air, the following sweeps and kicks were defended as Rayne used his vast reflexes block the attacks.The last sweep launched by NevVaan had been a feint attack in order to trick the Dark Slayer into defending his lower region and it had succeeded.Thrusting forth his right fist in a corkscrew manner, the powerful young shinobi landed his punch directly into Rayne's chin.


Rayne thought to himself as the punch made its way to his jaw.He knew he had no time to defend and all he could do was brace himself for the bone shattering punch to come ahead.The punch collided hard with his chin sending him flying backwards in a torpedo like spin.As he came close to the ground, Rayne put forth his two hands in a hand stand position, using them to vault himself into a back flip recovery.The combatants flipped simultaneously at the same time, giving themselves the mirror image perspective of their opponent.As Rayne stood back in his battle stance position, he felt and tasted a warm salty liquid run down the side of his lip.The kid's jab was no joke.He was serious now.

Ok.Looks like you've got some speed on you kid.But lets test how quick you really are!

Within a flash, Rayne blazed through the distance between him and NeVaan and halted in front of him for a mere second and grinned a deathly smile.Fading like spirit departed, Rayne teleported behind the young ninja and unsheathed his katana with a deadly silence.Holding his blade like a dagger he brought it down upon NeVaan's chest with a tremendous deadly speed.

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Dante V. Inferno says:

"Dante steps into the battle and summons his ever-burning hellfire to destroy Rayne and Uchiha."


This is a Role playing fight between Two members of the forum. Unless invited or permission granted, its impolite, ignorant.

Your role playing skills need a lot of work as well

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Yes, there is a delete button, its red.

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Wow..Total violation..F#ck!n tards...

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As his bone crashing punch connected and went to backflip away NeVann had no clue that slayer had recovered and was doing the same, if anyone was standing and watching the two it would have been hard to tell which was which if they were wearing the same clothing. As the two stop the stared at each other in their respective fight stances, when Vann noticed he drew first blood as he saw a thin stream or red run from Rayne's mouth. Being stared at so seriously he wondered what Rayne was about to do next, Ok.Looks like you've got some speed on you kid.But lets test how quick you really are! Rayne told him, then moving like a beam of light the dark slayer appeared standing face to face with him. The Sharingan could barely keep up with the quickness that was just dispalyed, at this point timed seemed to slow down if not stopping completely as he clinched his right fist and went to deliver another punch. AS his fist cut throught air to meet his opponent face, Vann was surprised when it looked like Rayne fade just phased through it until the image of him just faded right infront of the young ninjas eyes.

What the...

Was the only words he could get out as he truning around only to meet the cold edge of Rayne's blade, the slice was so swift that he didn't feel it til seconds afters the damages was done. Once the pain began to set in Vann felt his body go numb for a breif moment as his kunai left his hand being pulled to ground, a crimson coat began to cover his white shirt quickly consuming it in no time at all. As the numbness went away the pain kicked in forcing him to slump over placing his right hand over his chest, the pavement under him got a shower of blood and as the pool started to grow it ran of into the street. Struggeling to control his breathing his right hand still over his chest started to glow with a light blue tint before changing to a orange redish color, the air around his hand began to heat up as he channled more fire elemental chakra to his hand and then extending his index finger he ran it down the cut on his chest. GUHAAA!!! he couldn't stop himself from screaming out and the smell of burning flesh filled the area as he closed the slice running down his chest stopping more blood from escaping his body. While still shaking a bit he made his way back to his feet and leaped backward a few feet, landing as his hand came together in the form of a tiger hand seal he stood there closing his eyes and started breathing in deeply. The atmosher around his legs became slightly visible as he focused his energy and couched down slightly, placing his right hand around the sheathe of his sword he poped the hilt of it with his thumb when suddenly his eyes opened.

So blood for blood huh, but you drew more then I did. So lets even it out.

He then vanished again as if he could use a teleportation aswell and reappeared behind Rayne slicing at his back. This was only the begining of his blood dance attack waiting for the balde to touch his opponents back he would continue moving at this speed to leave cut after cut at different sposts wanting to draw more blood from Rayne before, before appear ten feet away and turning his sword were the blade would face outward runing down his arm he made a set of hand seals and inhaled deeply before exhaling Katon: Gôkakyû no Jutsu, "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique" rushing out of his mouth came a huge flamed ball twice his size directed right at the slayer planing to engulf him in it.