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Hey derrrrree!

Welcome to the thread, thanks for taking the time to view it.
Have you ever been on the "What does your character think about the character above you" thread? Ever accidentally got into a IC conversation because you just had to reply to someone's opinions of you? That can derail that thread, and makes it a bit less enjoyable for the others.
So, this is a thread purely for random interactions like those. Completely non-cannon, random, and spontaneous. Consider it a sort way to experiment with talking with some random people's characters. I found that this can actually help spurt some amount of ideas, or in the least ways of people getting more involved. 
This isn't a place for battles or long, thought out posts. Just for the kinda stuff that ends up happening in other threads on accident. You can just say something like "somebody wanna talk with my character?",or you could bring a pal in to do it with random characters because your bored or something. Just know that anything happening in this thread isn't cannon unless those specifically involved make it so. It's just a melting pot.
Dang, I might be wandering in tall grass. I sure hope a wild Mod doesn't appear...
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Just so I know what the exact use is, can you tell me in one sentence what it's for?

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@Surkit: Random, non-cannon interactions as a way of either fighting boredom, experimenting with some people you haven't really worked with, or just as a casual melting pot for ideas.
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@_All_The_Lords_Huntsmen_: ah ok so like a nightclub meets thoughty thoughts.