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(The Pyro Imperative Part One)

When everything chances, when the tides turn and your existence lacks meaning. What do you have? Who are you and what is your purpose? Nothing can ever truly be yours, nothing apart from your thoughts. Thoughts that remind you of the past - A past that may have never existed. Confusion though? That is yours forever.

Pyro knelt down crippled by the thoughts that once gave him hope but now gave him misery. His mind in an abyss of pain unable to fathom what had just happened. One minute on ShatterWorld the next?...Where? Looking downwards at his mighty hammer that was once a beacon of hope to slaves he had once given freedom was now nothing more than a ruined reminiscent of his past. A warriors tear slithered down his cheek as he grasped the hammer, his hand tightly gripping it as if to hold onto his distant memories. Taking a deep breath the exiled King took the grip by both hands, heaving with all of his might the ground trembled underneath his feet as the hammer was broken free. With one almighty heave the hammer swung into the air followed by a orchestra of lighting and thunder in its wake, lighting up the sky.

"I will NOT submit to destiny this day! NO! - MY FATE WILL BE IN MY CONTROL!" Spinning his hammer to the side as it smashed through the air, creating a vortex of wind and lighting as it traveled, faster and faster until it was just a blur. He grit his teeth and scrunched up his face as he harnessed his inner power- His birthright as a King. Attempting to create a vortex that would bring him back home, back to Borgas who he had left, he hoped he was not dead "I summon thee great temporal shift of shatterWorld - OPEN!" Pointing his hammer forward hoping that the usual interstellar transportation system would open and take him back home. But to no avail. "I COMMAND THEE!" His voice shook the air with fury while his eyes beamed sadness. Nothing. Not even a whisper. His hands dropped to the sides as he shook his head pained, he then caught the glimpse of something, a subtle light flickering in the distance.

Taking no delay the exiled King spun his hammer once more parting the air - Punching his fist forward carrying himself with the tremendous momentum shooting forwards with incomprehensible speeds shattering the speed of sound and deafening any wildlife in the area with his sonic boom.

Following and chasing down this light only made it travel faster and faster, so faster and faster the King went until he could keep up no more. Hope diminished as the light carried on further and further until there was nothing, no glimmer, no hope. He shook his head once more. He had been tortured for 10 years without fault, 10 years of pain and hardship had come to this? Giving up so easily...Never. Smashing forwards faster than he had ever traveled before his armor dug into his skin at speeds like this, his face was being whipped by the air before everything changed once more. Going momentarily blind his eyes adjusted slowly to be faced with something comparable to the devil it'self, what can one do but wither in fear when faced with such adversity? You must face it like a man. Like a King.

To be continued.....

( Oh, and how did he escape Part One? Well his hammer teleported him through the link I mentioned to an unknown location :P Kinda forget to mention that hehe xD )

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@pyrogram: Hmmm...You're good

you're really good


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Nice work man