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@sora_thekey: Alexandra looked up from her desk, her eyebrows knitting as her head was pulled back by the unsettling proximity. "Yes, I believe it says so on the door. What can I do for you."

@nerx: "I suppose I did... you're with the, um, catering agency or whatever it is referred to?"

@killer_rabbit: She took the envelope. "Hm. Maybe you should have checked before handing it to me. But of course. Come back if you think my services can be of assistance."

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@the_psyentist: "Gulch & Gatherer. We enterprise on specialty foods"

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@nerx: "Ah, yes." The doctor smiled.

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@the_psyentist: "I just came here for a survey based on food preferences"

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@nerx: "Oh?" Her brows raised.

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@the_psyentist: "Since we will be working as your institution's catering services we will conduct surveys so we can better feed your faculty and student bodies with dishes that appropriate on their nutritional needs. So what is your favorite blood type?"

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@nerx: She pursed her lips. "Most people are unaware of my unusual preferences, so I would appreciate if this was kept confidential. However, I have not noticed much of a difference in the taste of the different blood types. I prefer metahuman blood for variation, but not knowing what I am ingesting can be dangerous."

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He smiles at her reaction

"As with all my clients I keep their confidentiality as the highest priority, some of us enjoy the flesh of naughty children while others simply quench on blood. Metahuman blood is a commodity that we can prepare for you, as for the type what kinds of meta blood can you ingest? since they do have a rich variation"

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@the_psyentist: The alien female tapped at the door while waiting for a reply in the waiting room.

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@nerx: "Well, I prefer to hunt and get it straight from the tap... so to speak. But I'm desperately trying to reform my ways for the sake of propriety. I'd have to ask that any blood you procure for me or my students be done in a humane way. I haven't really found a blood that I haven't been able to ingest. I haven't tried to eat many spiritual sorts, I don't know if they even have blood." She shrugged.

@celtic: Alexandra opened the door and looked out. "Well, hello. I'm Dr. Steele. I assume you have an appointment?"

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@the_psyentist: He seemed perplexed by the sudden rejection. After noticing her obvious discomfort he tried to explain: "Alex, it's me! Are you okay?" The man decides to sit across the doctor's desk and create some space between the two.

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He shows her a page from a set of documents

"Well it depends dear, I have seen personally some wayward elder vampires trying to drink some blood with inherent wrongness inside them. Once I had to scoop up a sanguine after her episode of binge drinking, it wasn't nice but her meat made a nice dish for some ogres. Some blood have properties that are lethal, say blood that converted matter to flame or even blood that can make organisms detonate at atomic level. As you can see the blood we provide is given straight from our human processing plants, they are as human as those saps would treat their chicken."

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@the_psyentist: Hi Miss I-Forgot-what-your-name-is!

Sorry I slipped away the last time! While I was at the C.R.

AH Got An emergency Call. Just Dropped By to say something.

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Zaniel sits down, for the third time in the room. Not nervous at-all this time. Sitting quietly. Waiting.

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@celtic: "Very well. Please, come inside." She motioned for her to ender her office.

@underdogz: Hm?

@sora_thekey: Her eyes narrowed. "I'm sorry, I don't think I recall."

@zaniel: Alexandra stepped from her office. "Oh, good day, Zaniel. Please come in." She smiled at the angel.

@nerx: "Well, I suppose it is rather ironic considering how they treat animals in slaughterhouses."

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@the_psyentist: Zaniel smiled back as he gracefully walked into the room, pulling open a chair he sat down, he interlocked his fingers as he spoke "Hello" He nodded respectfully "I came bearing a question...Also, remember I talked to you and...I said I may need to find a new life?...I may be able to retain my old life, and my new...the question however" He stretched his arms behind his back then folded his arms "Revenge...Yay or nay..." He gave a simple question, no context, he had his reasons.

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@the_psyentist: After an answer as distant as that the man wondered what to do next. "Oh no, I must've done it again" he said under his breath. "Wait, you are Alex Steele here too right?" He got closer again. "You are the--um, the 'supernatural shrink' right?"

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"Humans are no different from those animals in a purely biological standpoint, they just define and make excuses to elevate themselves into a higher standing"

"rest assured that our methods are humane"

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@the_psyentist: Well I guess I gots to go The Werld needs me! SEE YAH!!!

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@sora_thekey: "I AM Dr. Alexandra Steele, and I do treat super humans." She blinked. "What do you mean 'here too?'"

@nerx: "Which is why it is still socially unacceptable for me to drink blood that has not been given with consent."

@zaniel: Alexandra nodded. "Yes? Any decision?"

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@the_psyentist: "Would you like blood substitutes then? or better yet I can get people with disabilities in the mind whereas consent is a flimsy term"

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@the_psyentist: News of the unfortunate resurrection of the Metahuman Registration Act has strongly captured the Charismatic Catalan's attention, instinctively prompting him to oppose what he believes to be injustice and oppression. Seeking to gather as many potential allies as possible, the intellectual aristocrat decides to approach the Hellfire Academy's headmistress. Perfectly fitted into a luxurious white, tieless Ermenegildo Zegna suit accompanied by a lavish, inner black dress shirt, Andres, with characteristic poise and postured class enters the familiar office of the White Queen. Calmly closing the door behind him, his left hand fitted into his stylish pants' left pocket, he begins, "Alexandra, tis been a while". Utilizing the implanted, technologically sophisticated zepto-supercomputers in his brain to search through his Mente de Dios system, recovering memories that strongly suggest Alexandra's hatred for the Metahuman Registration Act. "Have you heard of the registration act?", he asked, "It has resurfaced. I will be straight to the point with you. I intend to oppose it, but I will need help. If you are willing to help, contact me. I'm certain you know how", a smile of perfectly blended charisma and politeness forming, "Adios", casting a farewell wink before departing, off to gather any potential allies.

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Then, the man said under his breath, "how do I explain this?". After organizing his thoughts he finally said: "Please don't freak out... My name is Zach Theo. I am, what you call, a dimension jumper and where I come from we are married." He paused for a moment to see her reaction...

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@the_psyentist: Marcus wandered once more into the "good" doctor's office, still heedless of her warnings otherwise, and made his way over to her desk. He slowly lowered himself down into the seat, propped his feet up on the desk, lowered his hat down over his eyes, and settled in to wait for her to show up. He had quite a bit on his mind and he was tired of having to talk it out with just Artemis and himself. The way he figured it, Alexandra was paid to listen to other people's thoughts anyway. At least he would be talking to another living being here.

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We had a thing, for a moment.