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@The Psyentist: "Your a smart girl. I think you'd find a way." Milo entered an upright seated position, his feet dangling. "So, about this voice?" His eyes followed her own, trying to catch the slightest twitch or jump that might indicate a betrayal. His senses told him everything was fine but he was having trouble trusting them lately. "She can do nothing for you. If you wish to find a true solution, speak with me mortal." Isamu made his opinion known with a lazy growl in Milo's mind, apparently growing tired of the Tranquil's choice to ignore him utterly as of late.

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@Tranquil: The doctor grinned haughtily. "I'm a genius. Smart is an understatement." She bit her lip, her eyes narrowing as she thought on the voice. She wasn't a telepath precisely, she couldn't read minds, though she was capable of feeling sentience. She could possess a single mind and body at a time. Her powers should be able to distinguish if there was another entity inside Milo. His mind did seem to be pulsing with a strong energy that could suggest telepathy. She wondered if the energy was coming from his own mind or the mind of the voice. The sentience seemed to indicate it was indeed a secondary presence; it wasn't mere insanity. She didn't like using her psy-jump on clients for the obvious reason of keeping her powers secret. But this voice... could be a threat if it was the thing responsible for his knowledge. She should put an end to it. "You want to get rid of it? I'm not sure if there is anything I can do... but there might be. I could try."

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@Warsman: (Whatever Wars might do. Are there any good interaction threads that might prove a more fertile common ground?)

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@The Psyentist:

(Elysia. Warsman doesn't move much, he's more in the 'plot to take over the world' business.)

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@Warsman: (Well, we'll have to think up a reason to get Xandra to go to Elysia...)

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@The Psyentist:

(Lots of shiny tech and magic for her to play with.)

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@The Psyentist: "Do not trust this devil. She is more cunning than you know." Isamu's warning was heeded silently as Milo took another moment to study her before speaking. "I don't believe its that simple. You see, the entity is bonded to me. Without it, I don't think I will live. I'm more interested in learning how to control it." His gaze fell to the window behind the sultry vixen, Dr. Steele, thinking to the incident that cursed him with Isamu in the first place. "You never told me what you could do. Is it telepathy or telekinesis? Or both?"

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@Warsman: (Magic creeps her out. It's a school of power she very unfamiliar with, too volatile. She has science interests. Are there any obvious people with powers she might want to eat? She does enjoy absorbing powers temporarily. If someone is mouthwatering enough, she might make a trip. LOL)

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@The Psyentist:

(Warsman has mutant prisoners who have attempted to overthrow him. Some human ones too, but they're not as appetizing I would assume.)

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@Tranquil: "Then I should find out more about this voice if I am going to deal with it." Again he inquired as to her nature. "What I can do, might be able to assist you. I am not a telepath. Would you be willing to let me speak to the voice if I could? It might require your own mind to be reduced to an unconscious state for the time needed."

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@Warsman: (Mm. That could work. I'll have to think something up. Prison of mutants... it's like a freaking buffet!)

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@The Psyentist: "With me unconscious, there would be little to stop this entity from claiming my body." Milo shook his head in defiance, refusing to trust the persona masking Doctor just yet. "There has to be another way."

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@Tranquil: "Well... I suppose I can keep you conscious. It might get very crowded with three consciousnesses floating around. I usually paralyze the body, reducing the mind to a state of unconsciousness to address the unwanted entity. And yes, I will be going inside your head." With him conscious during the psy-jump, she might not be able to erase his memories of the event. "I trust this will all remain confidential..." She eyed him coldly.

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@The Psyentist: "Hey, that's my line." Milo responded to her cold disposition with a warm smile, appearing completely unphased by the plan of action. Isamu barked complaints as Milo stepped back onto his feet. "So how does this work?"

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Alexandra stood to her feet, returning his smile. "It's best if you lie down. Easier on the body once it's detached from your consciousness which will be with me during the confrontation."

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@The Psyentist: He leaped on the couch, adopted the position he held before, and closed his eyes. "Everything's a go, doc."

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@Tranquil: "Perfect." She whispered soothingly. "Now, try to relax..." Her eyes began to glow red as she leaned forward toward him. Her body phased into his own, her mind entering his. She stepped into the space in which his consciousness resided emerging as her true self, the mistress of the mind. She tossed her golden hair back as if the psychic stroll was the most natural thing in the world, her shapely body clad in white leather. "Well, where is this voice?" Her icy eyes wandered around impatiently.

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@The Psyentist: Dual red light pierced the atramentous emptiness that was his subconscious. Milo reawoke besides Dr. Steele, looking nearly identical to his physical body, minus the clothes. Which he didn't noticed until he felt a sudden draft between his legs. Looking to the Doctor he shrugged. "I'm comfortable are you?" Milo laughed then took a couple of step forwards, seeming to bang on an invisible door. As the large malevolent kitsune Isamu made his presence known the entire area was illuminated by the fiery orange glow sifting off of his gargantuan form. The demon fox spoke, its many tails fluttering behind the large golden arched gates it was sealed behind. "You have brought her here, against my wishes. Why? She cannot grant you control!" The fox roared loudly, but being within Milo's consciousness made the noise transform into discourse that the mortals could understand. "You see what I'm dealing with Doc?"

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@Tranquil: "Quite." She spoke coldly, her hand on her hip. The doctor turned to watch him summon the voice. She cocked an eyebrow at what emerged, rather unfazed by the display, casting a bored glance toward Milo. "You're being controlled by a Pokemon?" She cleared her throat. "And you, creature. Speak to me yourself. He didn't bring me here... I could just as easily have forced my way inside. Now, what are you, and why are you here?" Folded her arms over her corseted chest.

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@The Psyentist: "Controlled? No. Plagued? Yes." Milo said stiffly, trying to will some clothes onto his body as Dr. Steele called out to Isamu. "You command no authority over me child. My essence hails from the primordial Zenku entity. It unfathomable power is the only master I answer too. Now, correct your tone and perhaps I will enlighten you."

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@Tranquil: "Right..." She watched him struggling. "This is YOUR mind. You are how your picture yourself, imagine some proper clothes." She tugged up her own white glove before returning her attention to the creature. "That means nothing to me. As for my tone, that's just the way I talk, if you're so powerful, you can deal with it without your feelings getting hurt. I'd like to know why, if you are so great you inhabit this petty little human." She pointed at Milo before turning to him. "No offense." She smirked.

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@The Psyentist: The fox, one standing on its hind legs, now fell into a human like seated position, leaning its head against the gate that was its prison. "His instructors have sealed me inside of him. I could not leave if I wished it so." Milo rose to his feet, finally dressed in a fine tailored tuxedo. "I gotta start dressing like this more often. So, what I miss?" He said, eyes shifting from Isamu to the Doc.

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@Tranquil: Alexandra eyed his new attire and smiled at Milo. "Much better. And this fox creature was just informing me that your... instructors put him here. Care to explain that? Sounds like you're being used as a kind of prison." She stepped forward in her high-heeled boots, extending a gloved finger to touch the bars. "But clearly whoever they are did a shoddy job of imprisoning an entity if he's so vocal." She grinned. "He's sort of cute though. I'd like to slap a collar on him and teach him to roll over." Xandra looked at Milo with a wry chuckle. "Don't worry... I'm still talking about the demon fox."

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@The Psyentist: "Good because I don't do collars... Unless you asked real nice." He grinned sarcastically, then took a seat, this time a wooden chair materialized beneath him. "Okay. The Zenku, is the essence of all chi in the universe. My master had the entity locked away in an urn, with the some of the same seals that exist on my body now. I'd show you, but I think you've seen enough for one day." Milo's smile returned with a wink then he continued. "I touched the urn like an idiot and the Zenku infected me with its chi. Had my master not interfered the Zenku would have used my body as its doorway back into our realm. And god knows what would happen then. So he cut the chi flow short, the portion I'd already absorbed created Isamu, the nine tailed pikachu." The kitsune scoffed at the name Milo had given him, turning its face to the opposite walll. "Even though he's like a baby compared to the Zenku, he's still leagues more powerful than anything I've ever seen. If I can learn how to control him, I can get full access to his power and I won't need these seals anymore." His eyes focused on Dr. Steele's as he finished up the explanation, admiring the watch on his wrist. "Do I get to keep this?" He said, pointing at the watch gleefully.

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@Tranquil: "Asking nicely would take away all the fun." She pondered the tale that was told to her, raising a gloved finger to her red lips. "First, where is your master now, and why hasn't he come up with a plan? Second, is there anyway to transfer him to another object? Third, is there a way to break up its essence into smaller pieces to place into other people or things that is more manageable than this thing... since this seems like a smaller version of the Zenku."

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@The Psyentist: "The Impero always has a plan. The question is who will it benefit?" Isamu chimed in, his interest in the conversation growing as he realized this was his only entertainment for the moment. Milo spoke up in spite of Isamu's words. It was in the demon fox's character to defame the Impero. "He's constantly trying to make everyone out to be a snake. Except himself of course." Isamu wiggled his whiskers, scoffed at Milo's words and retorted. "I am a fox, not a snake. We hunt, we do not stalk." Milo shook his head and laughed. "Hate to break it to you, but your furry friends aren't known for being real warriors in the jungle. Oh and as for your questions Doc, only ones that can answer them is Isamu and my master. I doubt either will do so. I've been trying to get information out of them since this happened. They're very tight lipped."

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@Tranquil: "I might have to agree with the fox on that. Not everyone may be a snake, per se, but everyone has an angle. I know nothing of this Impero or his intentions. But I have one of the two with me here." She smiled sweetly toward the fox. "Isamu, tell me your story. I've heard his side." Alexandra knew that sometimes she could obtain information about an enemy but just letting him speak.

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@The Psyentist: "I will not witch. There is nothing to gain from expanding your knowledge. Milo has access to mountains of information he neglects to indulge in. If he is to ignorant to study then he will remain so." Isamu's tone was emotionless, yet the Tranquil could feel a sense of eagerness coming from the beast. "You want to tell us," the keijijo Airbender said, making eye contact with Isamu as he strode up towards the gate. "But you don't want to become useless do you? Because we won't need you if you give us what we want." Isamu cast his glance away, once again detaching himself from the situation.

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@Tranquil: "Very well, stubborn brute, then you are of little use to me. You are trapped inside this man. As you said, he won't use the resources available to him. But he is paying me to make you less of a nuisance. I have no reason to aid you. So, let's see about shutting you up, pretentious canid..." Xandra's eyes glowed red, a reddish light emanating from her hands. She was a mistress of mind and matter, but in this realm the two are one and the same. She placed her hands against the bars that held Isamu, the psychic energy flowing from her weaving between the bars, crackling as the threads were laced together into a dense, ruby-like substance. The beautiful crystal was intended to encase the creature into a more secure prison, diminishing Isamu's connection to Milo's mind and body for as long as it could stand.

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@The Psyentist: The crystalline form enveloped the glowing fox and for a long moment its body stood frozen. "I think it worked," Milo exclaimed, eyes wide, a sense of relief washing over him. "Your amazing, well worth whatever inflated price your going to charge," the sound of shattered shards hitting the ground made Milo's shoulders dropped as he turned to face the freed Isamu, now licking its paw nonchalantly. "I take that back. You still amazing though. Consider it a consolation prize."

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@Tranquil: "Hmmm." The doctor pursed her lips, tapping her foot in irritation. "Hardly encouraging. Well, stifling this grease fire didn't work..." She muttered coldly. As if in response to her icy demeanor, the temperature around her began to drop... or rather the closest physical description of what happened. She blew out a frigid stream of air toward the fox.

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@The Psyentist: The fox spat fire from its mouth, an instinctive response to the subzero pressurized air sifting through the gate and towards his titanic form. The collision canceled out both substances and the wily Isamu smiled a toothy grin, menacing in appearance. "How are you doing all that?" Milo asked, curious as to whether these were other powers she possessed, or if she was that mentally powerful.

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@Tranquil: Alexandra rolled her eyes at the fox. "Congratulations, you are a colossal pain in the arse." She tossed her hair back before turning to respond to Milo's question. "The mind has a different set of rules. Everyone has the potential to control his or her psyche to some degree, moreso with training. Certain metahuman individuals are able to bend the rules, become creators of whole universes. It all seems tangible, but it is all almost more of an illusion. I can make the space in your little mind seem infinite. I can add voices and throw some..." she cast an irritated glance toward the creature, "out." This wasn't the full extend of her ability, but he didn't need to know the more tangible damage she could do to his mind and body, siphoning memories, controlling his body, stealing his life-force or even giving her own. As her mind and body was melded with his, she had only to vie for control with his consciousness... and of course the consciousness of the fox. Some people with especially strong minds could keep her from possessing them. Telepaths were stronger psychically, but the nature of their abilities did leave them more open to her possession, her psy-jump.

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@The Psyentist: "So you can see the two second fantasies I was having about you when we first met?" Milo chuckled. She'd already been inside his mind and seen him naked, so he had no problem putting it all out there at this point. "So where do we go from here? Seems Isamu is a little more resilient than expected."

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@Tranquil: "I haven't accessed your personal thoughts or memories, no, just what you've shown me." Her ice blue eyes narrowed. "But now I am curious. That's always a bad thing for mortals... um... I mean, well... to be honest, I'm not sure... where to go from here He has resisted the tricks that usually work on unwanted entities in a person's psyche. I suggest speaking to your master. If he has locked this thing away before, he must really be a prig for leaving this thing to muck up your mind. I could try to fight it, but to be honest, I think it will be a stalemate just like the rest of this whole ordeal. It's really starting to bore."

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@The Psyentist: Isamu giggled, muttering "Failures," as he did so. "I think we've done enough digging for one session Doc," Milo's smile widened, becoming a bit more perverse. "Unless you wanna fulfill some of my more base desires, you mind taking us back to reality?"

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@Tranquil: "Oh, please..." Alexandra smirked before dissolving from view. She emerged back into her office, standing in front of the couch on which Milo lay. She smoothed down her skirt and waited for him to regain normal consciousness.

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@The Psyentist: He awoke a bit slow, feeling as if a good nap was interrupted. "Well, that was fun," he said as he rose to his feet, now towering over the petite doctor. Milo reached into his pocket and retrieved his wallet, sifting through wads of cash then looked to the ice cold Alexandra. "So how much do I owe you?"

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@Tranquil: "Two hundred and fifty. It's always helpful with insurance. If you can handle the monotonous bureaucracy." She held out her palm. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry I was unable to do more. If you ever need more traditional services, I'll be glad to take your money. I mean, help."

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@The Psyentist: He handed her five fifties and a twenty then put his wallet away. "I am my own insurance. And I won't be seeing you again unless their's going to be a dinner table in between us." A wink and a grin were his goodbye as he turned and made his way out of Dr. Steele's office. Stopping at the door, Tranquil turned his head back to the doctor, "Sorry but I didn't get your number. Nor your first name."

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@Tranquil: Alexandra couldn't help but smile. "Alexandra. It's on the door. Unfortunately, Mr. Archer, I have other clients to see now. Perhaps I'll see you around." Perhaps even for dinner... she licked her lips at the thought.

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@The Psyentist: "Perhaps." A nod in her direction and the Air Apparent vanished, a gust of win left in his wake, its origins unknown with the window in her office closed.

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"Supers and their dramatic exits..." She shook her head and sat down at her desk.

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(I like the way a gust of WIN sounds. xD)

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@Tranquil: (Phffffft. Sounds like hot air to me.)

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@The Psyentist: (Hot air? I like that too. xD)

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@Tranquil: (Wind bag.)

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@The Psyentist: (That was terrible. lol)

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@Tranquil: (I stoop to dry humour. It's another air joke...............)

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@The Psyentist: (I think you should quit while your ahead unless a gust of win flies your way. You see? It works! XDD)