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  1. Was your character impressed by someone's performance? Maybe there's improvement your character wish he can do?
  2. This is where you want to be after a fight, an event. You can remind other players your character's background.
  3. Character can have interactions with themselves.

Report: Everytime after a fight. Or whenever you want to join in.


Deadite: [Dreaming in his sleep] Deadite is stressed by what he had witnessed earlier, the war scene inside the Justice League's base.

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Drifting in the void of space I think over the scuffle with Angeni. While she doesn't have anywhere close to my raw power she has a massive edge in skill. I should do something about that, after all I'm surrounded by the most skilled martial artists alive.

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Stardust zipped through the atmosphere of a lonely planet neighboring our strange comic book earth. The swamp, the decadent behind this atmosphere breed strange life and strange human.

Deadite learned about this planet's existence from a local Vine & Lilies bookstore's book collection, it's a used book he later purchased after finding it. It was a planet often overlooked. His mind often travels into imagining the planet's environment, when he's dreaming.

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So this is more like The OOC nexus lol I like it, everybody can congregate here when their unsure of something mid rpg without bracketing in thread

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How am I ever going to tell Cain that Mr.Name was a renegade dupe?

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Wondering how he's going to be free to participate other people's event if he possesses a very neutral, cosmic mindset.

Looking at the plant sitting darkly in the balcony. Am I no different than this, in the eyes of the heroes and villains?

"Soon I'll have to choose a side."

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@_Creed_ said:

How am I ever going to tell Cain that Mr.Name was a renegade dupe?


Your Kidding...

I Swear i'm going to have to start looking for other family members to kill if Longshot doesn't surrender soon.

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@shadowknight666: XD

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I'm getting closer and closer to Impero, i msut keep a watchful eye out for the man, try to understand who he is. Then depending on that, strike him down with ease, rise him up above the rest of the world, or let him be who he is. Either way, Jah give me guidance on the mystery man.

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While grafting humanoid body-parts into my bio-mechanical frame over the vivisection table I have always wondered the heights I would attain should I attempt to go for higher quality raw materials. So many beings without 'gifts' yet they persevere through the hard times with great tenacity, Fowler wonders if he can do the same.

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@Soul_Rebel: Ease? You're in for a surprise my friend :)

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@Impero:Hmmm, i would be surprised if you lasted longer than a second when battling me... or maybe you're right and i would get crushed by you. I've haven't had the time to read your battles. :(

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@Soul_Rebel: LOL

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@Deadite:have to ask how does this work? i read the op but i am still not sure i get it.

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The Keresh have escaped my notice. How? Perhaps an attack on that base they hold near Earth is a way to get our message of righteousness to them.
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  1. One of the thread's best function would be to link character's thought-post into the same area. If you have a battle with someone, afterward, you notice he posted on this thread, you can read it. By doing that, you're learning more about his character. A cross story link.
  2. You can also think of it as a monologue room. Same reason why you would have monologue (to express your thoughts out loud) when you're role-playing with someone. You want to add depth to your character, personality, memory, emotional state.
  3. It's a stream of consciousness, you may post stuff that resemble your character writing his diary.

Is it really meant to be private? No.

I'm leaving the restriction flexible so people can still likely interact directly on this thread, why not, after reading someone's secret thought that was meant to expose something about themselves for you to read, maybe you want break in and show them your interest.

Hope this helped (:

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@Deadite: Yes it does thank you very much.

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Well, I'm certainly not bored anymore. I'll see if I can salvage it all. In the meantime, I wonder what trouble I could stir up elsewhere.

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What Cameron does in her free time

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