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He shake his hand Robotic hand"I would like to talk to you about the registration act that is going and how I would like to sign it."He respond hoping he didn't crush Stark's hand while shaking it.

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Stark shook the mans hand, firm grip - He spoke "Nice shake, Very powerful, You came to the right man, What powers do you posses?"

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@anthony_stark: Leon seized his chance. dodging the uni-beam just barley, He closed his right eye and suddenly black flames blasted out from his left eye soaring all at Tony attempting to fry him in his own suit. The flames themselves were 90x hotter than normal fire and could burn for up to 7 days straight on nothing. as the flames soared in a great blast of death heading for Tony leon's left eye started to bleed as he realized the beam has singed his clothing, those were his favorite pants. physically it didn't hurt but to his ego however it was a big hit

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He took off his glasses and deactivate his hologram to show Stark who he really is"I'm a cyborg,that can control machines,manipulate electricity,fly at mach one at most and lift 30 tons at most." he gave the answer with a straight face.

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Suit reboot in 9...8...7..

The fire engulfed the suit, if it was not for properties of the metal being the best of any-kind, he would have been burned instantly. However as the flames engulfed the suit, it was started to burn and kill Tony inside, from the raw heat.


The heat started to destroy the circuits in the suits back, the ones that stabilized the Horizon control, suddenly the suit re-booted ahead of time, Tony instantly shot into the air creating a sonic boom that shattered the ground underneath him, He spoke to Horizon "Last time I put you in control..."

Horizon spoke - Sir, You are suffering major burns, please..get to safety...suit at 20%.

Tony flew towards Peak tower, Upon reaching his location he attempted to land, but simply fell onto the ground, popping out of his suit he ran inside.

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@shadowswordmaster: Tony nodded to the man, interesting, He spoke "Would you be interested to join my team...Enforcing the Act?"

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@nerx: Tony rubbed his chin and leaned back in his chair, taking a whisky and sipping it "I'm listening..." He put the drink down and folded his arms "Is this about the Registration act?"

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@anthony_stark: Leon ports after him after he manages to put his smoking pant leg out. He ports into Peak towers, unfortunately Tony had already run off. he walked through the door and looked around ."Tony where did u go?" he said, obviously he enjoyed fighting

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@anthony_stark: *a huge Shock wave comes up as if something big landed*

Tony- Mhhh must be my special agent, heh.

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@ragman1138: Tony appeared in a new suit of Armour, followed by 25 members of Force Division 9.

He spoke "Thanks for teleporting back-in, We have locked onto your specific energy and that will not be happening again" Tony had been analyzing the man the entire fight, learning about how he could teleport and finally, using Horizon, the building now had a tracker placed on the specif energy residue the man gave off, if he teleported inside again it would create a vacuum, directed solely at the man throwing him out...Not yet though -

Tony spoke "You put up a good fight, I can now improve my Armour against future conflicts, thank you" He initiated the clearing process as he magnetized his feet to the ground, targeting the man with a dedicated vacuum strong enough to tear apart a mountain, if the mad did not leave on his own, he would be ripped apart.

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"Yes I would be interested in joining your team to enforce the Registration Act."he said in a upbeat manner.

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@shadowswordmaster: He smiled, and slipped a paper to the man, "Sign that" He clapped his hands together "Welcome to the Enforcers"

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@anthony_stark: Leon laughed a little. " such a cute threat, i got other ways of getting in and out of here however, after fighting you i can see your in some serious stuff. My interest in joining the team has suddenly peaked, now relizing that you have the right idea's and interests. So in order to spare some lives you might wanna call off the girl scouts over there" motions at the division 9

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@theacidskull: "Hello, what is your name?"

Fixit, Joe Fixit, you hired me to...

*Smiles as the hat covers the eyes*

...Makes sure people stay in..... check.

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@anthony_stark:(Did the Vine F up for you) "Hmm, maybe I got my facts mixed just a tad, I've been stuck in a rip in space time for a couple of months so you can excuse me if I don't exactly know what's 'in' right now, so bear with me and another thing you provoked me before I flew off the handle back there," Angel sits back down, "Close the door, we still have things to discuss."

Angel looks down. "So you're telling me that their won't be any bloodshed, I know how these things go down, you're never gonna register everyone, you got aliens, gods, demons, creatures, criminal masterminds, the whole smorgasbord do you really think you can control a world this crazy."

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He looked at the paper and took a pen from Stark's desk and sign it with the name Sawyer , because that is the only name he identifies with and ask"When do I meet the rest of the team Mr.Stark."

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@shadowswordmaster: "Soon, I have booked you a pent-house, if you wish to live here"

@ragman1138: Division Nine left as stark spoke "Let us have a talk" He went over and sat on his office chair yet again.

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@amazingangel: ( Nope >_> )

Stark clicked as the Doors slammed shut, he spoke "I will not lie to you, People will die...I cannot control the world, but together - We can at-least make it a more bearable place...starting with Halo's eradication"

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@anthony_stark: So It;s obvious you got your stuff together here." he conjures up his own chair and sits in it watching stark's body and eye movements. "If a mutant does not sign up with the registration do you kill him/her and are you experimenting on them?" trying to get a grasp on stark's intentions he follows up "And what good is signing? if mutants were gonna commit crimes, they would do it anyways whether known r not?

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"I will not be killing anybody...my job, simply is to enforce the act, If people ATTACK us, Then I step in - It is the job of the police, FBI, CIA and other agencies to actually attack mutants who do not join, I just organize etc..I do occasional get involved though, when problems arise and the normal contingencies cannot cope" He took a sip of whiskey "I have no knowledge about experiments.." He was not lying, he did not. "And your last statement is like saying, why make murder illegal? People are still going to murder"

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"I will take pent-house Mr.Stark because I don't have a place to stay and besides I need to charge up time and time again and this place is perfect for it."said to Stark

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@anthony_stark: True..very true indeed." leon conjures up a bottle of german wine. "so basicly this is like finding out the protectors from the destroyers huh?

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Sawyer put on his glasses and activate his hologram system"I will be at the pent-house if need anything else form me"he said before leaving the room to go to the pent-house.

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@shadowswordmaster: "I will be in-contact soon" He waved his new ally off.


Something like that, Now...Are you joining my squad?"

He laid back in his seat.

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@anthony_stark Following the...incident...at the planet Reach, Carol decided to take an easier job. She took a look at the assignment the peacekeepers gave her, acting as a NATO liason to Stark. It seemed simple enough, getting some time back on Earth and as far away from the...event...as she possibly could. Bearing the symbol of NATO on her chest plate, the peacekeeper eagle on her right shoulder, the Frankenstein symbol on her left, and the American flag on her back, she flashed her ID to the guards that marked her as a high ranking official within NATO under the classified Peacekeeper corps and quietly told them.

"Can you inform Mr.Stark that he's just been assigned a liason from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization? He's moving up places." She informed the guard as she handed them a verification chip. "Plug this into your nearest computer system if you need confirmation, it'll patch you up with one of the NATO big wigs who'll corroborate." She told them bluntly.

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@anthony_stark: Leon nods "yes but know this...if i find out that there is experimentation on mutants here, i'm going to slaughter all of the scientists that were responsible."

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"As will I" He folded his arms and leaned back in his seat "We will be attacking mutants though..who pose a threat to national security...or simply my own life"

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Stark got a call as he was busy looking at one of his suits, He pressed his ear as he spoke "Send them up" NATO...Great...He sighed sarcastically, this was going to be fun. The receptionist spoke "Head to his private office now"

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@anthony_stark: With a respectful nod, the armored hypersoldier stepped into the nearest elevator and pressed the button to his floor after going through a public layout of the building from a cursory glance at the tower's wikipedia article to make sure she was heading to the right floor. After suffering through a few minutes of elevator music, the speedster stepped out of the elevator the moment the doors swung open, glad to be out of that claustrophobic environment...there was just something about elevators that set her off. She gave a brief nod to Stark before waiting to be seated or put at ease.

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@anthony_stark: "Simple, I can give you what you want for a very cheap exchange"

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@ragman1138: "if they pose a threat to a person/persons life or loved ones then by all means the perpetrator should be killed." he drinks half his german wine. "i'd say we have the same views for the most part. so what accommodations would i be getting for signing with you?"

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Stark was listening to his favorite AC/DC music while she was coming up, He was simply admiring his suit helmet as he waited for his guest, she came in - Without turning his head he spoke to her charmingly drink in hand with his special particle analyzing glasses on, allowing him to see like a micro-scope.

"Hello my NATO friend, Take a seat" He turned his head towards her as he walked over, planted his hat on the table and gave out a hand "Who do I owe the pleasure of greeting?"

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@ragman1138: "You get a penthouse, money...basically whatever you want...what do you want infact?...." Scratching his hand as the heat from their prior fight had injured him, luckily he was starting to take the Peak serum, so he now had a healing factor.

@nerx - "What do you want?" He sighed, hoping it was not a stupid suggestion.

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@anthony_stark: Pulling up a chair and easing herself into it, the weary veteran willed her helmet to start folding off her face and into the back part of her armor before giving off her identification. "Nice, more of a breaking Benjamin and Linkin Park fan but, nice." She started off to be friendly before getting to the topic at hand.

"Agent Carol Allison, N.A.T.O Peacekeeper Corps, Frankenstein division. Much of what I'm about to tell you is classified, we're disclosing it to you due to recent setbacks we've suffered and a need to reconsolidate at the home front and we've determined you'd make a good way to try and reconnect." She started off, deciding to hit him with just how big the organization and what it did a bit later.

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@anthony_stark: Leon could tell the heat from his fire has scorched stark more than he intended so using his divine like powers he lowered the climate of the room to help starks skin cool off at least until the healing factor had fully repaired him. "Guns, laptop, room to crash in, internet, access to experimental materials and chemicals." he pauses. "i like testing out how different chemicals reacts, fighting and making poisons or new weaponry. something i'm sure somebody of your wealth could pull off right.?

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"Linkin Park, I endorsed them once.." He walked over casually before taking a seat and sitting opposite her, Tilting his head to the side he grinned, intriguing "My pleasure to meet you Carol" He raised his eyebrow "What set-backs...Give my some history here please" He smiled as he laid back in his seat, taking a drink of whiskey before setting it down carefully.

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@ragman1138: He chuckled as he noticed the temp in the room change "Easily...consider it done, Let me ask you once again - Are you, yes or no. Willing to aid me in combat? You have proven yourself able, and I want you to be in battle with me if i ever need you" He gave an honest smile.

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@anthony_stark: I am indeed willing to aid you in combat." he made his german wine refill n starts drinking again. "you got a bar and cigarette dispensing place here right?"

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"Undesirables, it is common fact that you have made leaps and bounds in promoting a pro-hero legislation. My proposition is as simple as they come, where you give them to me and I give you good materials in return"

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@ragman1138: "We have everything, Everything that you need" He clicked a button as he spoke to the receptionist "Prepare a room for our new employee" He smiled to the man.

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@anthony_stark: "We were set up in the thirties by France and Britain in response to special metahuman black ops groups by Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and Soviet Russia. We focused on our supergeniuses and reality warpers, who helped us make scientific miracles. We already had working faster than light travel, cloning, energy weapons, cloaking, nanofabrication, and space ships by the time thirty four rolled around. We had a covert cold war all to ourselves up in space, dicking around with other planets and on earth behind the scenes. After Pearl harbor, America got involved, and we went from the Entente to the Peacekeeper Corps." She began, deciding to hit him with the full force of the information right away, handing him a datachip that would confirm every bit of this and patch him into the Peacekeeper data network.

"Well, the Axis didn't stop being a problem after they lost on the ground, their space assets just kept on trucking, and then we started having problems with the Soviets and later the Chinese. So we had a massive land grab. We already met some aliens before, but now we started forcing them off their planets once we found any evidence of actions planned against Earth. I don't know how many of them were actual threats, but we soon developed over a hundred thousand planets in our little clubhouse. We never shared any back home though, policy of secrecy and all, not even the cure for cancer or AIDS was allowed to be sent back." She went on, sighing and frowning, obviously not happy with that particular decision.

"Recently we started picking up on the mother of all space scraps. On earth we discuss about millions of people, in space millions of planets, this one? Millions of galaxies minimum. We panicked, scrambled for ways to protect Earth without needing to kiss alien ass, and we stumbled upon technology left by a long dead race called the Masari. It was the jackpot, their technology was beyond anything we could ever dream of. We needed more, so we raided a planet called Reach. That was a mistake, we underestimated the defensive assets placed on there. Some of our most expensive assets were lost on that planet, the Masari A.Is started shutting us out from their left over tech, and we've pissed off something majorly powerful and got ourselves neck deep into a metric ass load of prophetic bullshit if you'll excuse the terminology." She explained calmly, the Data network, if activated would show him a brief look over of various peacekeeper operations and the disastrous battle of Reach, in which Dornan, recently upgraded with some scraps of Masari technology, was permanently lost.

"The higher ups are scared. The Masari A.I's threatening to bring down something major onto Earth in retaliation, a major universal power now has us in it's crosshairs, and at least two alien gods now have a legitimate beef with us. We need to resolve current conflicts on the homefront if we're going to be dealing with a large scale alien assault. We're hoping you could help us do it peacefully without having to deploy major assets planetside to stomp down the jackboot on the civvies here and fortify the planet before E.T comes over and hands us our asses on a silver platter." She finalized gravely, locking her fingers together as she did so.

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@nerx: "You want me to give you people?"

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@anthony_stark: sweet." he replies "so is there anything else that is needed? or should i make my way to my room."

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Tony prepared for a possibly long and either boring or highly amusing story, But he had no idea what this would entail, or what he was dealing with. He rested his hands on his chin as he looked at her speaking, listening intensively. His first thought...he needed to make himself a suit, that was capable of space flight, it seemed like the first and logical step. He had never even attempted a deep space suit, he had reached the earths upper atmosphere, but never space.

Folding his arms as he listened carefully, this was very interesting indeed. Many thoughts were shooting through his head, Cure for AID's? He could cure that...if he wanted too, but his advisers advised him against it. He was, in his mind only weeks from giving the cure however...this may prompt him too.

"Hmm" He nodded thoughtfully as she spoke, He spoke himself "I will help" He was going to go into suit production mode, just in case.

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@nerx: "What do you want me too build you" He nodded.

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@anthony_stark: "Good, we have some intelligence about the situation space side if you need ways to help defend the Earth. We feel that it may be time to reveal to the Earth that we're neither alone in the universe or safe in it. Additionally, I am authorized to bring you some examples of Masari tech, see if you can crack the security algorithims we couldn't." She said as she detatched a space folding disc from her belt and planted it on the ground, pressing a button that opened up a hole to a pocket dimension and retrieved something that started off small, then had it's spatial dimensions altered until it returned to normal size.

Roughly one and a half meters or so long, the machine seemed to have taken something of a beating before hand. "Sorry about the dings on it, we have to hammer this thing with mass extinction event grade weaponry repeatedly to get it down and overcome the self repair. Should still be mostly intact though. From what we gather, it was meant for biocontainment. The beam it has can go from laser pointer to punch a hole through the planet, the shielding and armor are bastard tough, the thing's got a mini-FTL drive that can hop across the galaxy in a second, the thing's cyberwarfare system drove three A.I's batshit insane, and the power core's got a similar power output to a star." She went over the features as if it were a car.

"Scary thing is they were "extremely basic countermeasures" in the war they were fighting before the Masari vanished off the map." She grimaced.