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"Well," Aaron said, preferring to stand. "I realize now that this might seem childish in more than a few ways, but I'd actually like to discuss something I've had on my mind for the past few months. I've been fighting my fair share of rogue metahumans, crazed robots, aliens, and monsters for the better part of a year now. I'm just an amateur compared to someone like you,"

He pulled on his left earlobe - a nervous habit of his, reserved only for the most powerful of his anxiety attacks.

"I was wondering if it would be in any way possible for us to collaborate and establish a foundation for resolving future conflicts more effectively." He ended quickly, not wanting to waste Mr. Stark's time.

He mentally kicked himself. This was stupid. Someone like Stark accepting such a childish request? Aaron should never have requested this meeting. It wasn't even worth asking.

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Considers stopping by

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@anthony_stark: Leon knew the man's plan simply by his eye and body motions as he took the card. "your hoping i fight you, and judging by all your wealth your going to make some kind of countermeasure such as your suit or some gun to attempt to make my powers ineffective against you. my IQ is incredibly high." he stands up. "i won't use my most devastating powers since i wouldn't want you making a suit of them just yet and because it would destroy this tower in an instant and i wouldn't want that at all." he pulls 2 black katana. "however i'll let you in on a little bit of my strength, but only because you seem decent enough."

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"I was a child once, I had many ideas.." He opened his draw as he took out some sketches of suits "These were some of my ideas" He threw the sketches to the man.

"Look at me now, I will help you, You clearly have passion, What is it specifically you are needing? I will oblige"

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(No, don't invest with him! He's a jerk! lol)

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Tony pushed his chair away, "Let's go" He clicked as the window opened, he flew out hoping the man would follow him, and they would fight away from this compound.

He landed far , about 5 minutes away, on a desolate part of the city, a construction site. If the man could not fly however...this fight would not even start.

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@anthony_stark: a weird translucent vortex goes from leons left eye and it absorbs him. then he appears behind a rock and walks out from behind it as Tony arrives. "took you long enough to get here." He suddenly flies at a high speed right at him and trusts his blade at Tony

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Tony was a little surprised to see the man, Noting that in his suit that he could possibly teleport. The man had his sword's in his hand, He viciously raced at Tony, Attempting to thrust it into him, He engaged his left foot thruster, and his left arm flight stabilizer as he skilfully spun out of the way avoiding all damage.

Returning fire with a repulsion beam to the mans head with his right palm, attempting to not kill, but knock him out. He was not aware how strong the man was, this was to test his durability.

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@anthony_stark: Leon looks up as the repulsion beam flies for him. His eyes narrow almost like they were reading the attack then he holds his blade up and absorbs it into the blade and sends it blasting right at his left foot thruster and stabilizer the beam split into to as it flew at him. it seemed getting him out of the air was his best bet.

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The re-directed attack smashed into Starks foot, He buckled forward face-palming into the floor as his Mark One suit was not the best at keeping its balance. Horizon spoke -

"Sir, you forgot to turn on auto balance, I will do-so now" The AI turned it on.

Stark got back upto his feet and looked at the man. Suddenly jerking forward attempting to punch him in the jaw with 5 tons of force as he used his flight to further put power into the punch.

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@anthony_stark: as the punch hit he went soaring into the air but slowed down and suddenly froze in the air and turned around as though gravity was at his control. he then looked right at tony snapping his jaw into place. "i actually felt that." he then blasted at a high velocity speed right at Tony throwing a knife with 2 silver bells on them. the bells had a ghostly ring to them.

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@ragman1138: The punch connected, as this happened Stark automatically flew backwards getting ready for a retaliation, he retorted to the man "Really? Not even my strongest" He chuckled to himself, making note of the man fixing his jawline for future fights, all going into Horizons memory banks.

The two knifes were thrown at Stark at near incalculable speeds, Stark had just enough time to shoot one of them out of the air before another slashed into his right leg, luckily it was Armour, so he did not feel any-pain, however it had dug into one of his circuits, meaning he now had lost the ability to fire bullets from his wrist, that may have helped.

Horizon had already given him a plan of attack, Shooting a crane that was behind the man, Tony activated the magnets in his palms as he dragged the crane down, attempting to crash it into the man.

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@anthony_stark: Leon heard the creaking noise and looked back just in time to see the crane flying towards him. He rolled out of the way and suddenly stopped. he looked the man directly in the eyes and suddenly pointed at Tony with just one finger grinning. He was definitely up to something odd as the bells rang there ghostly sound and there was an extreme shift in the airs climate.

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The man dodged the crane, not to his surprise. Then Horizon spoke to Tony once again.

"Shift in Air patterns Sir, Unsure what is happening. Be aware" Stark then charged up his suit repulsion units, flying into the air to escape any possible ground attack.

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(Dang, I'll reply either tonight or tomorrow evening.)

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@anthony_stark: Besides the shift in the air climates leon then lowers his finger and sends more knifes flying with the ghostly silver bell attached to them soaring for his thrusts and wires of the suit.

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pees on your inferior armor :)

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@anthony_stark: Shadow heats up his sword at extreme temperatuers,heating also the armor.Than he releases the sword on the armor's hand,taking out his sniper and pointing at the arc reactor of the armor.He nodded.

"If you really wanna keep this up,you should know that your hand is melting and withouth this little reactor in your chest,the armor will become just a metal prision.Some shots in my head won't even scratch my helmet,my energy field will take care of them.I would surrender,no way you are winning this."

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pees on your inferior armor :)

Inferior, For now ;)

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"I," Aaron stuttered, looking through the sketches with increasing amazement.

"These are amazing! Thank you, Mr. Stark, I don't know what to say. I suppose asking for a job is out of the question? It would be an honor to work alongside you."

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Stark smiled at his passion for such works, reminded him of himself, He spoke "You have a job, what sector do you wish to work for?

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"Not to toot my own horn, but I'm one of the world's foremost biochemists. I even invented a helmet that allows me to communicate with ants. Just curious, but did you ever read about my work with Source Particles?"

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"You won't need security, I'm a kitten." Angel stands to his feet, he lets go of his staff and it fly's over to the door, jamming it from their side and blocking the security.

"and anyway this isn't a fight or a box, we're not going to rock em sock em, I just want to talk." Angel sits back down on Tony's couch and picks up what he thinks is his Dr Pepper, he spits out the scotch as soon as he accidentally drinks it, "BLEEAH, ew thats just disgusting, how do you drink that, you know what forget that, this act, I want you to pretend theirs a chance you can sway me, tell me why I should support this, aaaaaaann" Angel picks his own drink back up. "nnnddd GO!"

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Stark smiled at the mans cunning and enthusiastic approach to things...sorta, He walked behind his seat, sitting down as he quickly took of his helmet. He spoke "Pretend? If you are not intending at-all...Leave now, I will simply say, in simple terms, I don' think you want to make enemies with the United States, you already are a wanted criminal you know....but that can be wiped clean, If you agree to join - If you do, you will be given money, tech, training, safety, anything you desire - If not" He shook his head "Count your citizen ship gone"

( You will also be-able to join ma new team if you want in :P )

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Angel smiled under his mask as Stark kept lecturing him, "So forceful, YOU MUST JOIN, YOU MUST REGISTER YOURSELF, all this big bad government man schtick ages you horribly.", Angel picks up a brochure off of Stark's coffee table, "So I asked you to sway me but whatever, I have a question, how does me signing up benefit the world as a whole. Because trust me this isn't about personal gain, I'm fine with pot noodles and a small apartment. So why should I register?"

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@formicidae: "Ants? Very impressive, I have not I am sorry, But please write it down and I will take a look tonight, You can work in that section of our business, but I have another question..Are you registered?"

@amazingangel: "Of-course, do you blame me? It is my job. Stop being so brazen and realize the world is a lot bigger than your little thoughts, It's either I ask you to join, or somebody worse comes along and forces you too join" He laid back in his seat before speaking again "Well then, you seem like a good-guy, Joining me - working with me, you will be stopping some very dangerous individuals, terrorists, people refusing to join the registration, and not just refuse - they attack Innocent government officials, uncalled for, THOSE are the people I want to get"

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Besides the shift in the air climates leon then lowers his finger and sends more knifes flying with the ghostly silver bell attached to them soaring for his thrusts and wires of the suit.

Horizon tracks every knife in the air with ease, firing a counter number of shots from his shoulder mounted rocket launcher as all of the knives are blown out of the air.

Smashing forward at the speed of sound, Causing a sonic boom Stark then attempt to punch the man in the face yet again, but this-time with over 25 tons of punching power, mid-while, Shooting an assortment of 5 rockets at the mans torso with his shoulder mounted launcher.

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"Yes but I'm not one of those people, I've been assaulted before by your 'U-men', funnily enough after stopping a bank robbery," Angel stands up angrily as more of Stark's words sink in, "and another thing, I know the world is bigger than me, I deal with sh*t that you couldn't even imagine, I register my identity and I die, you guys can't protect me from the kind of things I have to fight, I have a nest here I register and I go on the run, I'm not going to register and I'm not running. I know how you guys do things, I know that Charlemagne Lebeau is the personnal enforcer."

"Since when did a police state become okay to you people."

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Stark laughed as the man was clearly taking things wrong "Lebeau?...I am a rival business owner to him, I am.." Trying to kill him... "I am, Opposing his movements, And those are his U-Men, not mine..Do not tarnish me with that same brush, you may not see it yet - But I am the best thing Mutants have got going for them with this movement - I am not going to kill people who refuse to join like some may suggest, I don't want any bloodshed that is not needed. But when people, like you come to MY home, and call me the bad-guy? You expect a reasonable talk? You came to MY home with aggression, you broke it" He clicked a button as the door that was locked burst open, Stark spoke "You clearly have passion....we could come to an agreement" He pointed towards the door "If you want though, simply leave"

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@nerx: The receptionist looks up at the man and speaks "Looking for Stark?"

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Yes, take a long time and I might have to settle for your entrails

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Upon hearing the news about the registration act and what it mean to people with powers.He deiced to go to The Peak and see if he could sign up .Sawyer walks and asked the receptionist "Is Mr.Stark in because I would like to speak to him"

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@shadowswordmaster: "Take a seat, sir"

@nerx: The receptionist looked up unamused "Threats will get you thrown out" Stark came down the stairs, he waved to the man to follow him.

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@anthony_stark: For a while it seems that tony had successfully crashed into leon. his fist connected and leon went soaring into the ground hard enough that rocks fly up all over...5 seconds later however the leon on the ground started pulling away into the sky, his body turning into a bunch of crows, which fly around circling tony as leon's voice echoes through the place. "the nightmare realm is mine to command." at this point leon attempts to use the illusion realms power and make tony's worst fears, nightmares and memories all come to life inside his head.

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He looked around for a place to sit ,but decided not fearing that he might break something"I'll Stand" he replied to the receptionist.

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"that is not a threat appetizer, that is a guarantee"

The man-monster hops up through the next level

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Horizon spoke - Mental intrusion detected, Initiate counter-measures

Tony suddenly went out cold, as a needle was injected into him and Horizon would take the fight for now-on until the mental intrusion ended. Tony was put into a type of suspended animation, his mind was not "on" until the counter-injection would be done, he could not even dream in this state.

Horizon spoke out-loud "Mental intrusion foiled" Then engaged a pulse of energy, attempting to electrocute the crows.

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@nerx: Stark sat-down, putting his hands on his chin he spoke to the man "Yes?"


Stark came down the stairs, dressed in an expensive suit, he beckoned the man up to follow him.

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@anthony_stark: The grows blast into feathers then reform like tar would and soar at tony but pass right through him as the sky was now full of crows. the crows that went through him all form into one place and leon appears behind him and swings his blade aiming for his kidney areas from behind. "so you're resistant to the tsukuyomi huh?" (the name of his illusions)

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Sawyer looked at the man in the expensive suit and started to follow him up stairs.

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@shadowswordmaster: Tony sat down in his office as the man walked in, He beckoned him to sit down then spoke "What is your name?" He smiled.


Horizon rarely spoke, it did not now. Horizon at the moment was not battle-tested, so the blade smashed into the suit, taking a chunk of metal away from it, Horizon spoke "Precisely" Before performing a spin of 360 degrees firing repulsors around trying to hit the man.

Horizon analysed the damage during the battle - Suit pressure not compromised, superficial wound -

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@anthony_stark: Leon was not prepared for that and gets hit across the face and goes flying but he backflips and lands on his knees looking up at Horizon "so there is 2 of you huh? well in that case." he holds up his hand and blasts black electricity from it. the electricity of tartarus. "i hope ur suit has a built in serge protector." he sends the black bolts flying at tony in an attempt to malfunction the life supports and cut him off from that guy in the ear piece.

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"Sawyer."He responded to Stark with a calm voice.He wondering what going to happen next.

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Horizon spoke - Sudden power-surge, suit at...100%..130%...170%...200%...250% Incalculable levels, suit will malfunction and go offline in 50 seconds...45...30...

Horizon charged up the Uni-Beam.attempting to expel the excess energy using everything the suit had to charge up the Beam, pointing it at the man it shot a 504% charged up Uni-Beam at him, strong enough to destroy first-grade Adamantium.

Horizon spoke - Power levels lowering...ll..o...lowering...500%...400%...300%..200%..Power levels reaching safe level..100%..80%..50%..Power levels dropping below safety measures, Initiate contingency one"

Suddenly the suit stood firm, as-if it was standing on a parade square

Horizon spoke - "Suit Re-booting, ETA 10 seconds...9..8.."

Tony was suddenly aware what was happening, He screamed.

"HORIZON YOU IDIOT! DON'T REBOOT DURING MISSIONS!" He was stuck in the metal Armour for the next 10 seconds.

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@shadowswordmaster: "Pleased to meet you" He gave his hand for a shake "What did you wish to talk about"