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@deadpoolrules: A member of Division 9 stopped the man as he had seen the fight on CCTV, He pushed his robotic hand at stopping the man "Why did you do that? and who are you?"

@_trip_: "Tony is busy, and answer me - I am head of security, You are NOT seeing him unless you clear with me" His shoulder mounted gun aimed at the vampires head.

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@anthony_stark: "Your little pea shooter there isn't going to do you much good squirt, what are you? Like forty three?" He stuck his tongue out, looking at the room he was in. "I "broke" in to talk with Tony, I have some important science crud to speak with him about, something a goon in a tin can like yourself is paid not to do so hows about you take these chains off me before I shame your "security" eh?" Trip smiled politely, yet his eyes were filled with the promise of blood shed.

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@anthony_stark: "Which part of the no interruptions did this guys understood?" he thought while turning his head around.Shadow didn't answered,he slowly moved his hand down to his sword's sheath and payed attention to the robotic armor,analyzing possible weak points.At the minimal signal of agression he would attack that soldier.

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The sound barrier broke as Ajax rocketed towards The Peak; he landed on two feet with enough force to send cracks through the concrete. He immediately started off in a powerful stride in to the massive building and made his way to the receptionist desk.

"I wish to speak with Mr. Stark...immediately."

Ajax was different on this day, he was more stern and ridged...something was on his mind.

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@_trip_: He closed his mask, as a metallic voice echoed through "No" He turned away as he clicked his finger, they were not stupid, they saw what it had done last time, a loud noise, 5x louder than the one before emitted. Attempting to torture the vampire.

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@_ajax_: The receptionist nodded, she made a call and then spoke "Please sit sir, he will be with you soon"

@deadpoolrules: The suited man folded his arms as his shoulder mounted gun pointed at Shadows head, he spoke "Go home boy"

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@anthony_stark: Trip this time only grinned while breaking a sweat, he wasn't just going to scream because somebody intended it, he comes from the first night dimension, this was kiddies play. With little effort, he flexed his slim arms to shatter the chains that held him, using magic to summon lipitoare to his right hand while laughing.

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@anthony_stark: That was what he was expecting,an ironic smile appeared in his face.Unsheating his sword quickly,he tried to cut the armor's turret.

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@_ajax_: Stark came down the stairs, he beckoned the man to follow him up the stairs into his study.

@deadpoolrules: The War Machine Grabbed the sword in mid-air, he attempted to twist it out of the mans grip then fire 5 rounds into the mans head with his shoulder mounted gun blowing him up. Who attacked a metal man with a sword?

@_trip_: All 10 guards in the rooms shoulder mounted guns suddenly pointed to the man, firing over 40 depleted uranium rounds at the man each in under 10 seconds, keeping a steady aim throughout the leader outstretched his arms, both repulsors ready to fire at a surprise attack.

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Ajax followed quickly as the two moved up the Starks study.

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@anthony_stark: Trip took three bullets in random parts of his body while he was busy conjuring up some blood magic, opening his hand to create an orb that absorbed all the bullets to create a rough metal sphere. "Now, to see Tony.." He mumbled to himself just before the leader fired his repulsion blasts, turning into mist and releasing the orb from his grasp. Trip would be on the other side of the cell door while the orb exploded into a mess of shrapnel and hellfire.

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@_trip_: The three bullets that had connected and were embedded into his body now exploded. They were strong enough to blow up a tank.

The guards shielded their faces as shrapnel embedded itself into all of their suits.

Horizon talked "Total Room lock-down" All the Doors locked, creating a magnetic force-field around the room. Nothing, not even mist would be getting through the force-field.


Stark entered his study as the man followed him, He sat down, took our a drink of whisky, and offered the man some before speaking "My name is Tony, What business did you have to talk about?"

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"I don't drink any more, being a super human takes away the ability to enjoy it...but thanks" Ajax said with a shake of his head.

"I know who you are, do you know who I am? I'm here about the registration act; I saw your press conference. I consider myself a modern knight, a protector and because of that, I wish to join you for the greater good of this planet."

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@anthony_stark: Trip howled as his body was blown apart, but the son of a vampire king and a demon queen made him far more durable than a mortal tank. He cracked his neck as a retort to the massive holes in his body that the bullets left behind, very slowly they started to seal up. "TONY STARK" Trip said in a smooth shout, as he took lipitoare and forced it against the field, very slightly starting to create a gap in the field that would take time to reach passable size. "Come on down you ya' big talker!"

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@_trip_: The armored leader walked upto the man and patted him on the shoulder before speaking "He is not coming,he is busy...But...I can get the AI to talk to you...in the form of Tony, it is 99% the same"


Stark smiled, "Ahh yes, I would be glad to accept you. Just.." He handed him a paper "Sigh here, and you are in, do you wish me to give you anything? Or simply work for me? WITH me?"

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@anthony_stark: The man would be putting his hand through mist, for only a few fractions of a second before, Trip frustratingly recalled himself to the first night dimension, completely unimpressed with the lack of Tony stark.

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@_trip_: Shoulda booked an appointment ;)

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I enjoyed that.

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Dr. Palmer waits at ground floor for notification that Mr. Stark will have a meeting with him. He had to put in for an appointment several months ago, but he counted down each day with growing anxiety. Meeting a scientific mind such as Mr. Stark's would be absolutely amazing and he wanted to try and establish interest in an alliance of sorts.

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"First of all, what does signing this paper verify and what does it outline? Secondly, I will work with you; I've never been much of a team player but working for somebody is definitely much lower than working with somebody" Ajax said as he pulled the sheet of paper towards him.

He took a quick glance and grabbed a pen off the desk, waiting to sign until he heard what Mr. Stark had to say.

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"This simply states that you will now be working with me, and get 1million Dollars a year for it, if you wish" He smiled as he folded his arms and leaned back "Do you require..training...Tech? Anything..? And you will have a pent-house on the top floor"


Tony stepped through and greeted the man, He clapped his hands and smiled before speaking

"Let's boogie on upstairs now, Follow me"

He started to walking to his study.

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(interesting place)

Leon walks into the place and to the receptionist. "where's stark

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@ragman1138: "Sir, Take a seat" She clicked a button alerting Tony.

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@anthony_stark: Leon walks over and sits in the seat. Scanning around the area with his eyes not trusting the place. his eyes had a grey ring like pattern all around them.

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Horizon logged the mans visit in it's memory bank.

Stark came down the stairs, looking at his new visitor, He was currently in his mark one suit busy, but he had a little time to speak, he shouted "Here, Follow" He walked to his study.

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@anthony_stark: Leon gets up and follows stark down to his study. His eyes look normal now but for the fact that they just turned red. He shifts the enchanted mask on his face. He did not want to be ID'd by anyone

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Stark jumped to his seat, sat down and took out some whiskey, twirling it around he took a sip then spoke "So...?" He looked at the man as his helmet went onto his face, he started playing Tetris.

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@anthony_stark: Leon stares him. "not that long ago i heard your speech on the television about your support with the registration...why do you side with the registration?"

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@ragman1138: He folded his arms, turning his game off , his mask slid up his face as he spoke "Are you against it?"

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@anthony_stark: yes indeed i am against registration." he replies. "I don't see why mutants should have to register purely because of their gifts." he stares at stark over his mask

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@ragman1138: He leaned back in his seats, "What was your intention in coming here" He would not entertain somebody like this man if he wanted a fight.

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@anthony_stark: My intention is to find out why you support making mutants register just because they are different than everyone else." he had no intent to attack unless attacked 1st

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@ragman1138: "Well if it is all the same...Can never be too careful, so I am going to.."

His mask slid over his face, He spoke "It is either I do it, or somebody worse forces it onto people, with death. So what do you want, me, asking them to join, or me, forcing them"

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@anthony_stark: it means very little to me, i won't ever register whether asked or threatened although any threats to register and i'll kill the perpetrator." he leans back as well. "why do you see this as the right idea though?"

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"I am just putting my defenses up, not a threat" He thought "Well, For a start, It will make sure atrocities cannot take place, People will be held accountable, police officers are, why not heroes?"

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i can see what your getting at in a sense. although what if a hero is forced to kill somebody in a fight. i wouldn't exactly call myself a hero but there have been occasions where i have had to kill a perpetrator because of some things."

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He laughed a little, "Killing...Whatever, That is fine, True Heroes kill, its life" He folded his arms as he looked outside of the window, then back at the man "You are registering"

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@anthony_stark: Leon shakes his head. "I still can't see how its fair. i am registered with the states as a civilian but i won't register because of my abilities. thats like saying that all black people or other people that don't fit a majority standard sorta say must register under their races and not as citizens. It's giving me a lot to think about though. maybe one day."

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@ragman1138: "I am sorry, You are in my home. You have broken the law by stating you will not register to an official, Like myself" Tony clicked a button on the desk "You are not leaving with registering, If all Black people could cause the death of hundreds, then they would also be registering"

Horizon spoke to Tony in his earpiece "Total room lock-down, Force Division 9 alerted, Heat and Magnetic shields activated"

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"I require none of those things, although I will gladly accept the penthouse to stay in. Consider me in."

Ajax scribbled his signature on the bottom line of the sheet of paper and slid it towards Mr. Stark with a slight grin on his face.

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Tony smiled as he sighed the paper "Me and you, We will make a fine team. What is your stance on attacking non-registered MetaHumans?"

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@anthony_stark: Leon looks around the room and he grins. "you know this stuff won't hold me in here for more than a few seconds...right?" He could easily get out but decides to stay awhile and indulge him. "what do you think by locking down the place is gonna solve exactly? and are you planning to fight me. if you are then i welcome the battle. "

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Ajax replied with confidence, "If it is for the greater good, than so be it and it shall be done."

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"Y-Yes sir," Aaron said nervously, keeping pace with the illustrious businessman as best he could.

"Before we begin, sir, I would just like to mention that I am a huge fan of your work."

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@formicidae: Stark smiled "Always nice to meet a fan" He walked to his study and sat down, He looked at the man "So, what business did you wish to discuss?"

@_ajax_: "Good, Go to the reception and get your key to your room, I will be in-contact with you soon"

@ragman1138: "I don't want too fight you, and don't think you can simply escape...I have the whole US military on my side, if you think you can win - Go ahead."

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"Perfect, thank you. I look forward to working together" Ajax said as he turned and left the room.

He received his key from the receptionist and walked back outside, and took flight with incredible speed.

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@anthony_stark: The whole U.S. military huh? hmm" he thinks to himself. "yes i do indeed believe i can break out of here. Just out of curiosity, did you plan on holding me here until i conformed to having the government spy on my every move? " he pulls out a cigarette and smokes it. the smoke was dark blue but had no odor to it."

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He handed the man a card, He spoke "Call that number when you are feeling reasonable" He clicked the button on his desk as the lock stopped. "Or, We can fight, Your call" Hoping the man would fight, he wanted to analyse him during combat, then create a counter suit based on the powers of the man.