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Bubbles was frustrated. What if this happened when it wasn't a friendly? What if they just shrugged off everything she threw at them?

On the other hand, this was Stark. She doubted many bad guys would be able to put up this kind of fight. In fact, how she felt now must be like what they feel like when they see him waiting for them.

Hopefully one day they'd see her that way too.

She let go and got back in her suit, then landed and reabsorbed the armor into her body.

"OK, Obi-won, whatcha got in mind"?

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The technological genius folded his arms as his face become visible as the helmet seeped into his skin "For a start my bubbly fun, We need to teach you how to become separate from the suit and not depend on it - The Peak serum gives you strength and the suit gives you wings, but if the suit is broken and you do not know how to fight without it you will be lost...so.." His own armor faded away as he was now in silver business suit that was actually an incognito metal layer that overlapped his skin "We fight, hand to hand without the suits" He then gave Gloria the instructions through Horizon how to make Bubbles a underlying armor as he donned a Wing Chun stance like she had previously shown "Wing Chun ehh? I have studied it a little..never passed the first grading but lets boogie with that motion" He adopted the traditional Sim Lum Tao stance with his hands pointing at her center line as he beckoned her forwards.

( Something like this )

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Stark jumped at the chance to have some fun, He then grabbed his friend as he walked him out of the office as they began walking towards the elevator "Lets get a taxi...and go to a damn club"

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Sawyer is in his room sharping his sword with what it looks like a stone of sorts but when he but he tries to sharpen it he cuts the stone instead.


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Now this is a thread I aint seen in a while.

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@xenon_: (Sorry , but this reminds me when the Enforcers were still a team and invade Vens.)

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Peak Industries

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. The monotonous sound of the clock echoed in the silence of Wade Hallows’s mind; the 27 year old Peak Industries intern sat at his desk twirling a pencil betweens his fingers. Despite being in a position that most people would fight tooth and nail for interning at one of the world’s leading global tech companies; Wade hated it Tick. He hated the people he had to work for he hated sitting at a desk as the clock ticked by wasting away. Tick. Wade would rather wearing a at home owning some noob bitches in COD Black Ops II then having to put on a fake a smile for these fake people. Tick. The Peak Industries intern would rather be wearing a flannel shirt unbutton to reveal a white t-shirt with some mystery stain on it and a pair of jeans then this tie and dress shirt. He would rather pick up his keyboard…Tick…walk up to his two face...Tick…cheap…Tick…arrogant…Tick…prick of a boss…and bash his skull while Wade laughed hysterically. Tick. Snap. The pencil in Wade’s hand snapped in two as the sound of monotonous clock continued to tick away as the video game addict looked around to see the chaos that was spiraling around him. This people are f*cking idiots running around with their heads cut off…in fact they are be better off with their heads cut off. All around the intern people were scrambling in a panic getting that file or this information Peak industries had recently enter a spiral of chaos and now it seemed the world’s leading company may be dying with his iconic creator. Now the so called “loyal” employees weren’t going down with the ship like their captain and instead choice to flee like cockroaches trying to make off with whatever they could and get something for their years of dedicated service to Anthony Stark and Peak. Wade smirked a little the one thing about being an intern that he truly enjoyed was that while he did this errand and that small job for these arrogant pricks he learned things; what they did, who they saw, who was sleeping with who, the top secret projects, the declassified information. Wade stood up and headed to the area of Peak Industries that only him a few people knew about where he would meet his contact to gain access to the top secret Hollow Project. While most people tried to steal and sell the obvious shit; the numbers, the blue prints and formula to the Peak serum, and more Wade intended to get the exclusive shit.

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Leon fades into the room through the shadows and stands in a dark corner watching

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Tanjad the 25 years service intern manager for Peak had worked with Anthony and his parents for over 25 years, helping create the organisation from nothing, helping to sustain it during the parents deaths helping the press scandals during Peaks failures and during the Venezuela conflict. He'd been loyal to the end. And this was...the end, and now he had nobody to be loyal to anymore. His arms folded Tanjad saw his associate waiting inside of the location previously disclosed. Walking over he pat the young intern on the shoulder and spoke having previously turned off any cameras in the area "Hollow Project huh?" Smiling he pat the man on the shoulder "Follow me"

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"Heh. Love what he's done with the place."

A figure stood in the centre of the deceased Anthony Stark's primary lab, the likes of which had stored a voice and eye recognition device designated to Jacob Stark should he have ever wished to enter the lab. It seemed Assault's counterpart's brother had failed to deactivate the system following his supposed kidnapping.

"Was probably busy."

Chuckling darkly at his own joke, the crimson clad crusader strode around the expansive space, observing the various suits of armour situated around the place, some dismantled and left out in the open, forgotten in the midst of one of the world's greatest industries' CEO's life. And there, a prototype of the Assault armour, formulated by Anthony himself for his younger brother to don and utilize as a means of redemption.

"That worked out great, didn't it little Jacob?"

Assault clapped his hands smugly, having found what he'd intended on stealing from the laboratory upon departing from the Hellfire Club. The Peak was but a pit stop, situated alongside the path towards Helsinki, the schizophrenic saviour's true destination.

"The final piece to the puzzle. A weapon befitting of a name such as Assault."

A massive crimson bow laid out before him, the final product having been created by the older Stark months ago. It possessed a fraction of the armour's capabilities and even stored an AI replication of Jacob Stark's Summit implant. The antagonistic protagonist removed that immediately. He already had enough voices in his head.

It was possibly the most advanced form of a bow ever created, formulated and constructed by one of history's most intelligent beings. Nonetheless, it was nothing compared to any of Anthony's other projects, and had been laid aside almost minutes upon completion, the philanthropist hero already onto greater things.

"Gotta give it to you, Stark. This'll make a classy tool."

Assault inspected it carefully, fully absorbing it's incredible complexion. The device could create arrows made of pure energy nigh instantaneously, which would allow an endless amount of ammunition for the young hero. Hundreds of other capabilities were locked away within the confines of the weapon and the crimson clad crusader savoured the sheer ability the device would enable him.

Not five minutes later a scarlet silhouette leaped from the Peak's expansive rooftop, clearing the distance between itself and an accompanying skyscraper superhumanly. The moon smiled down upon this being.

Great things lay in wait for the living weapon.

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@pyrogram: lmfao yeah brutha! Throwing a twist on the whole archer vibe :)

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@assault: Looking forwards to seeing it done, good luck with the vibe!

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@dexter_stark (Here!) @amazingangel (Get on Dexter if you're not!)

- System reboot...60%...70%...80%...88% -

...Unable to process data...

-Corrupt data found-

...Encrypted files corrupted beyond initial repair...

-Complete system purge engaged-

...Software memory rewritten...No memory of prior events....

-All previous data flushed from systems-

..Deleting files...Enforcers...Stark...Venezuela...Knightfall...HALO...Dexter...Jacob...Paragon...Albert...Angel...

-New protocol engaged-

..Engaging emergency protocols...emergency contact engaged...

-Requesting person of unknown origin to visit Peak industries-

...Phoning unknown subject "Dexter Stark"...

-Find a viable suit-

...Uploading AI mainframe into viable Mark Three suit inside office...

-Upload complete-

-Who am I? -

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A limousine stopped by the entrance of the tower, from which a man flanked by two legion security members emerged. Stopping them with a friendly hand, he stepped forward and straightened his tie as he sought to enter the building. "The man who built this may be dead, but somebody's got to deal with his toys." He said to himself in a deep, baritone voice while he pushed past the entrance. He looked around the building the same away a conqueror would look around a city about to be folded into his empire before finally turning to the receptionist.

"Ah hello, I'm here to talk with your employer about business." He said with a disarmingly warm grin.

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The receptionist looked the man up and down before pressing a red button "Send...the CEO down" Smiling back up she pointed to some chairs "Take a seat sir" She turned back around shuffling some files.

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@peak: Nodding, the man pulled out a seat and took out a newspaper to read, smiling as he did so while awaiting for his reception to arrive in earnest.

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The acting CEO Chris Contev walked through the reception before the visitor, smiling he nodded "Sir? How could I help you"

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@peak: "Ah yes, just the man I wanted to see. I couldn't help but notice your company has been a little...stiff without the guiding vision of it's leader. But I'm here to help." He started as he stood up, offering a hand to shake, an easy smile on his face.

"You see, I always keep an eye on my competitors, and yours has been quite the exhilarating opponent for me to match wits with. But now I see a way for us to turn our former competition into cooperation." He said, giving him a nod as he waited to be brought to a meeting room.

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@aleksei_andreinov: (I can't be asked to log onto Peak right now lol)

Shaking the mans hand he nodded "What are you proposing?"

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@pyrogram: "There was a time where I would be informing you that I was buying you out, but now...perhaps a merger would be best? The Stark family would still have a company to return to, and we would help set your company on a path to mutual profit for us both. With our combined assets we would dominate the industrial world." He said cooly, smiling easily, never wavering in his tone.

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"Buying us out? I think you're mistaken"A smile appeared on the mans face "The Peak is not, and has never been a shareholder initiative - the company solely rests in the hands off...the Stark family"His eyes looked into the distance, back to the man "No deal" He said flatly "This business will flourish without external outputs"

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@peak: (As Aleksei) "Hmm...disappointing, but perhaps there is something we could work on. You remember the deals that Stark made with the peacekeepers and his little excursion into space? Well, I've learned that there may be a problem." He said as he took out a vile containing a glob of brown-yellow biomass.

"One of their samples of the Thoughtsin parasite extracted from their ring. Capable of infecting any and all organic tissue and turning it into a monster linked to a hivemind. And it knows where Earth is after munching on plenty of humans. But I'm a proactive man. I found that there is a cure for it, but I will need your help mass producing it." He continued, injecting the vial with DNA from a creature taken from Exemplaria, a Me'traynid Genestealer, causing the biomass to suddenly seize up, wither and die.

"Unfortunately, right now the city is under attack by ODESSA and I am unable to get into the city limits. I know that you have some men who can get in, get into the sewers and secure some Genestealer biosamples? If my hunch is right, we may need the Vaccine very soon."

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"I have the resources and man power for this" Chris exclaimed as he looked over to the receptionist "Bring...Bring...Call Horzion, tell it to bring us a suit" He then looked up at Aleksei "I've got just the robot to help you get in...and then we can mass produce whatever you need"

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@peak: "Good, you'll need to have it breach through the blockade set up by the Nazis and head into the sewer systems and bring one of the creatures back alive. You'll be able to identify them by them being much bigger than anything with six limbs has any right to be. Once we have a live sample, we can begin mass production of a preventative and a cure."

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@pyrogram: Taking out a PDA from his infinite dimensional storage belt, Aleksei offered the man a map of Exemplaria, Nazi strongpoints, and a live feed on the siege of the city as well as a map of the sewer systems and a map of last known Genestealer hive concentrations.

"Good luck."

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@peak: Soz haven't posted back yet, been pretty sick today and can't get my brain to work.

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Los Angeles, California, One of Anthony Starks now condemned penthouses, Two Months Ago

"Hey there sexy" "You want a good time" "Wow Mr Stark" "You're so bi-i-i-i-i" Dexter Stark sits on the edge of a king size bed, drinking his dads leftover hundred year old scotch and marvelling as possibly his fathers greatest invention, holographic escorts..... well maybe not his greatest.

The room barely lit by the malfunctioning ladies of the night, they weren't anywhere near finished yet, they were jittery, shifting from side to side erratically, they faded in and out, from too dark to eye burningly bright on the flip of the dime but the worst defect about them is they turn on when you walk through the door........ and the genius Tony Stark never had the chance to put in an off switch. Dex had moved in to one of his fathers old love nests, it was a pretty smart arrangement when you think about it, he would rent several several apartment buildings in a few different cities and use his portable helper robots to renovate at zero cost, of course you can figure out why he had them, whenever one of his conquests fell asleep in his luxurious apartment building he'd jump in his expensive car and run to one of his other palaces to sleep like a baby, don't tell Dex he wasn't hurting though.....Dex always knew he was hurting.

In the aftermath of Venezuela the government ripped his assets from him like a vultures feeding on a fresh carcass and the Stark empire was a pretty big carcass, before his untimely death his dad had left his some controversial business logs on a number of different non internet connected prehistoric computers, this apartment housed one of them, the email notifying him of their existence was sent a few weeks ago, a week after the bank had foreclosed on the house his mother died in, thank the Heavens for public computers. The email gave him the location of the first computer, Dex's feet were blistered and bleeding after the two day long hike from New York to L.A., when he arrived he was in no mood to argue property ownership with the bums who had taken residence in his dad's old place, he wasn't proud of how he got them out.

Dex studied the cryptic string of numbers that clogged up the computer screen for months, it looked like something from a science fiction movie, numbers fell like raindrops but nothing seemed to fit, there was no code, none of these numbers were any different from the last and come to think of it none of them were even real numbers, they were strangely distorted with lines in the wrong places and spaces where their were none, Dex stared at it for even longer it didn't even

The sudden explosion of the computer threw Dex out of the trance, he felt strangely different, like his head was heavier than it was a mere minute ago, he stood to his feet cracking his neck and brushing his hair out of his eyes, "SIGMA DELTA BRAVO ECHO ONE FOUR AURORA, Horizon activate order ENFORCERS VENEZUELA KNIGHTFALL HALO JACOB PARAGON ALBERT ANGEL......... DEXTER STARK!" *SHUFT SHFOOOOM* The sound of a mechanical door below his feet rang loudly through the room, then suddenly stopped, Dexter suddenly noticed that the humble broom closet in the corner of the room was no longer just that.

"Dexter this is your father, I m speaking to you now..... well probably from beyond the grave, either that or I just got drunk and stumbled in here myself, if that is the case there's an extra bottle of tequila in the dryer" the image of Tony Stark points at the screen and clicks "if this is Dex than I guess you're wondering what the hell that thing with the computer was, well let's face facts you haven't been afforded the same privileges I was but one thing I didn't have when I was sixteen was me.......uh that doesn't make any sense, I actually had me once or twice a day when I was that age, had a couple of others two, anyway before I died" He knocks on the wooden table "I downloaded my unified knowledge of robotics and engineering and a couple of the other sciences, nothing else no computer can hold my brain.......except yours, Sterling told me about your brain Dex, it processes information one hundred times faster than an average brain and even fifty times faster than mine, he told me about you Psychic ability and thats when I knew the shift could work, the shift of my brain to yours, you have the opportunity to become a great man Dex, greater than me......... See ya around Kiddo"The image of Tony Stark takes a swig of his scotch and leaves, the message ends.

"Bye Dad" Dexter gazes over the heap of junk and scrap metal, he scans the work bench for something of use, "What do we have here?" he lifts an old Peak glove from the depths of the metal wasteland, it was an old model but it would work....... work for what he had in mind.

Present Day

"Hello?.....Hello who is this?"

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In the aftermath of Venezuela the government ripped his assets from him like a vultures feeding on a fresh carcass and the Stark empire was a pretty big carcass,

(That's not true)


I'll reply sooooon!

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@cara_hunter: He is dead.

Peak Industries is still ultra-rich.

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Eh I was just assuming with that one, if ya want I can change it to tried?

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Remember Stark took over the President. Peak is actually richer since :P

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I got confused with that story arc, anyway the more you know I guess. :P

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All of Starks tech and science knowledge, I mean a computer can only hold so much Stark...

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@amazingangel: That's true! Horizon held that shit for him though. Peak was just his suits name technically.

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Cool cool, I'll edit Horizon into the post instead of Peak.

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Since Stark is dead can I have this? I have an idea for an in-character development lol

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