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DISCLAIMER: this thread is being written from my phone... I'll edit it soon and make it all spiffy and whatnot as soon as possible) : ) also, posting this as Visage.

We were born. We grew up beliveing in a world where on this country all things are possible. We understood that we were all equal, we were all part of the cloth that made this country whole. But we realized, that we were different. We realized that because we're different, and because we were part of this country that meant we could not witnessed as equals.

Truly, it has been the story of our country to do all it could to break those that dared march to a different drum. But today, we gladly proclaim that we are different and that we embrace our cadence.

The Pariahs are a team of terrorist like misfits. Not all are criminals, but all have given up their alliegence to the United States of America.

Rules: for now if you want to join just ask. But you have to be willing to swear alliegence.

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The Pariahs? Boss. (Rick Ross voice.)

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Dig how you kept the lines grey

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@Surkit make no bones about it, we are evil.... Throws grenade
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Why is it when I read I think of Achmed the Dead Terrorist? Good luck!

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@Surkit it looks more like the helmet you wear on a short yellow bus, but whatever.