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What would be better for a gun for hire than an aircraft?

Creed Crowns, spy and gun for hire extraordinaire, what else is there to know? Maybe the fact that he is working on something big, putting time and dedication into the creation of something new...And for Creed? That is a shocker. What does he have planned? To expand his business a bit of course. The world is an oyster for people that are looking to make a quick buck, mercenaries, hitmen, bounty hunters and spies are everywhere on the globe, so why not band a few together to share the spoils? After winning a fortune by using (more like abusing) his probability manipulating powers in a high stakes game of poker, he put that money to some good use. A mansion? The Knightfalls have dozens. A country? Warsman owns that corner of paradise...Something new, something that would stand out above the others...No really..Like actually above the others.

An aircraft, maybe not the most advanced to date, but a very decent old model. Give it a name like the Outlaw, and she is good to go.

The aircraft is about the size of an airliner, equipped with a generator running on fusion energy, a source that never runs out or low. Inside are dozens of rooms, some being living quarters, a rumpus area, pilot control room and armory to name just a few.

Rules and other info.

  • This is in fact a "team" of sorts, a group of grey bars banding together could be considered more like a group or posse let alone something as official as a team.
  • Any and all grey bars can join, but you NEED to be an actual neutral, that means no allegiance to anyone but the few friends and the group you have, no other teams, no other causes, makes things alot more simple.
  • The group will be for hire for most "gun for hire" type work.
  • The Outlaw is almost always at sea or in the air, so now just "waltzing in unannounced" sort of stuff, just give me or a group member a shout.
  • Post often! If you are in the group, keep this place living! When you are bored and don't have anywhere to post? POST HERE! And other guys! Interact! It is the difference between a group that won't last long, and one that will.
  • Have fun, or die!
  • PM me if you want to join up.

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Looks cool man.

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Good luck :-)

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blows up aircraft, watches it crash, dances around the fire


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Is it odd that my first thought is I wanna see what a collision between this place and H.A.R.D. headquarters would be like?

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@QN5: Thought crossed my mind as well.

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Alright let's make it happen! Someone call up E Slade! Time for a good ol' fashioned game of chicken in the sky!

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With E Slade missing..I smell a takeover XD

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@_Creed_: He's not missing. He's on Max Knightfall a lot.
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@QN5: Even still XP

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@_Creed_: Sounds great for deployment

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@Kamikaze_: You bet ;)

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Scorn took the shuttle to the flying base. He would have much preferred some fancy place underwater. Air carriers were getting a bit overdone. But humans had a need for breathing actual oxygen. The amphibian stepped aboard the vessel, his bag slung over his shoulder. His black eyes scanned the interior.
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The MacAbres arrived on deck. Patch's green eye moved around, taking in all the sights with its advanced vision. He zoomed in on a woman's posterior. Switch smacked him on the back of his head with her palm. Ghost stepped out from the group in a white trench coat, his skin covered in strange tattoos. "Yup. This is the place. It's a lot nicer than mutant town, right? Should have plenty of opportunity for work." He pointed a finger at Patch. "No stealing people's body parts."

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@ScornXY: Creed was standing behind the large man, his hands in his dress pant pockets while giving a slight cough.

@Dichot: "At least not on the live ones.." Creed's smooth voice spoke out while walking up to the group, a fresh cigarette in his mouth and a dashing smirk to match his attire. "Name's Creed, and this is my ship, and i'm guessing you are looking to be apart of the crew here?"

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@_Creed_: Ghost adopting the role of leader extended a hand toward the man in greeting. "If you'll have us. Name's Ghost. Each of us here... we're like a family with our own unique skills. Could be useful to you. This is Rip..." he motioned to the brown haired man clothed in black from the neck down who nodded in response, "Patch..." the unusual patchwork man gave a mock salute, "and Switch." The young woman smiled amiably. "Pleased to meet you, Creed."

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@Dichot: Creed smiled humbly while grasping the man's hand, a firm shake. "Great to meet you all, about time I get some people on this heap. (Yeah forgot to say, the only person that has been on here was Creed before you showed up XD). Plenty of spare room all over the place so make yourself at home.."

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@_Creed_: "GREAT." Patch began wandering about. Rip, feeling the need to supervise the man-child, followed after him.

"I assume you have room here?" Ghost's grey eyes wandered around. "Then maybe we can get some drinks or something, get to know one another? 'Cept her." He pointed a thumb toward the girl. "She's not old enough." He smirked.

Switch glared. "I can be the oldest one here." Jess morphed into an old woman version of her preferred form.

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@Dichot: "Hey hey, up to you guys" Creed chuckled while putting up his hands. "Come with me.." He gestured the gang, sticking his hands in his pockets while walking on the deck.

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@_Creed_: Ghost shrugged and followed behind their host. Switch returned to her usual form and walked beside the tattooed man.

Ghost MacAbre chimed in as they went. "So, what is it you do, Creed?"

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@Dichot: "I live.." He shrugged while walking up to the hull doors, giving it a slight kick with his dress shoe to get it to slide open, walking in. "Been a bounty hunter since I was sixteen, dabbled in the spy game since nineteen..Just another way to make a living right?" The gang arrived in a hangout room, a little dingy, but quaint. There was a few couches and a large window that overlooked the ocean down below.

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Creed laid back in the pilot's seat while having his headphones on and was browsing the latest bounties. Finally, his casual daze was snapped when he noticed a rather juicy bounty on the boards, removing his headphones and leaning in to read it. "..Wow.." He mumbled while drawing a cigarette to light up, rotating the chair to the comm mic.

Goood evening hitmen and bounty hunters..Creed here..Got a nice bounty here for a one Michael Clinton Caldwell, contractor is slapping down a sixty mill for him alive, dead? Zilch..

Creed flicked the comm back off, getting up from his chair to walk on over to the counter where he kept his pistol, swiping it off the table and into his holster. "Red king it is.."

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@_Creed_: Switch perked up. "Spy game, huh? I've been thinking about getting into that with my unique talents. Maybe you can teach me some things! Well... long as you aren't afraid of a little competition." She winked.

Ghost grinned at her enthusiasm, shoving his hands in his pant pockets. "I myself mostly do buglary stuff. Don't have to worry about locks or cracking safes or getting caught on camera when you're a veritable ghost." His grey eyes glimmered as he faded from sight, his voice continuing. "But I'm also an artist, tattoos previously. Brother was always trying to straighten me out, make me a hero type. Get a real job. But thievery just comes naturally." He faded back into view with a newly acquired bottle of water.

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@_Creed_: A large thud resounded as the woman's means of transport landed near the back of the jet. The red and gold haired pirate making way into the plane soon after, an abundance of large suitcases being dragged along. The mercenary seemed to be sucking on a sucker, a bright blue object on a stick seeming unlikely to be anything else. In truth it was a gem, slowly being liquified and sapped of energy. It was like a drug to Kayle, of course nobody asks a girl armed to the teeth if their a drug addict so she had few concerns. "For alive instead, thats a shame."

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@Kayle_Rez: "Makes the hunt alot more fun.." Creed was seemingly behind the woman, who knows how long he had been there, inspecting her aircraft.

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@_Creed_: "No it don't, I want to waste ammo not spare it." The girl turning to face her employer remarked. "That and it means LAW doesn't get to play" her eyes gesturing to the aircraft. "TM 700, a power armor/aircraft that you can't play with. That's like my one rule, I don't share my toys."

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@Kayle_Rez: "Right then, your toy is safe.." Creed smiled at the woman, his casual nature clashing with that of her confrontational nature. "Creed Crowns, you are standing on my toy.." He chuckled before giving his dress shoe a tap on the deck floor. "Plenty of rooms on board, just take your pick. You are the fifth person to join up, looks like the place is getting popular.."

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@_Creed_: "Kayle Aurorez, one nickname being Pocket" a gentle smile on her face as she generated a handful of bullets from thin air. A faint alluring and playfulness in her nature despite also being confrontational. "It's a nice toy, may want a tour sometime not surprised such a nice boats been able to generate a fair sized crew."

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@Kayle_Rez: "She may look nice on the outside..Heh..A bit of a mess inside..Come on, lets give you a small tour.." Creed gave her a smirk and a wink before putting his hands in his pockets and started walking.

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@_Creed_: The pirate took a second to place the series of bags in a room. Later on she'd need to do some organizing of it. A series of guns, mechanics and cash likely to make up the most of the room. "Id call that mess just being homely" she joked as she started to follow him. "Where to first?"

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@Kayle_Rez: "Well if you really wanted, we could start in my room first.." Creed half joked while looking back at her while still walking. "Hows about the lounge?"

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@_Creed_: "Sorry I don't flirt with people with a poor ship tour comes first. The lounge works, would suck to get into a bar fight and not be familiar with the bar."

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@Kayle_Rez: "Hey, can't blame a guy for tryin' alright?" Creed plays off the rejection smooth while chuckling, his high spirited nature made sure of that. The two mercs walked into the lounge with a large window, at the moment, empty. "And here is where the moral debates ensue.."

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@_Creed_: "Nope I really can't blame you. I'd tried the move a few times myself" the comment an hounest one. Raised by pirates she was about as much trouble as any of the most troublesome members of a crew. "Like how theres no alcohol or drugs at all in this b*tch" she remarked with a slight laugh. "Or do you mean the debates on who gets paid the most after a good mission? Sure you might catch the guy, but if I was the distraction that made that happen, who gets the better check?" Kayle making light about how droll the room was at the moment.

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@Kayle_Rez: Creed hopped onto the couch, grabbing a cigarette and lighting it up. "The crew usually bring their own booze, selfish like that..And you need to remember the fact that not including you and I? About six people on board.."

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@_Creed_: "Shame, doesnt hurt to share that. Toys and cash is where greed should be." The woman remarked tossing the stick away and pulling out another sucker. "And I was just using it for the statment. Im aware we got more here then just us. Moral debates seemed more praubable to be about cash and targets then the justification of shooting someone."

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@Kayle_Rez: "Well from what I here, a pretty brag worthy bounty was posted yesterday..That is if you want to square up against a modern robin hood.." Creed closed his eyes and took a drag, waiting to see if it got Kayle's attention.

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@_Creed_: "Robin who?" The alien unsure of the Earth born myth. "Makes no difference though, of course im game for such." A moment taken to check the ammo of her submachine gun she nicknamed Slick. The small bullets glowing a faint green light "Its against my policies to back out."

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@Kayle_Rez: "Well i'm glad the bounty wont go wasted, I am on one that is really conflicting with my schedule.." Creed laughed while opening his eyes again, pointing over to the bounty board at the one listed as "Michael Clinton Caldwell" and made a gun noise while looking at it. "That's the one there.."

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@_Creed_: "I could help with yours as well, not like I'm running low on ammo." The pirate remarked before looking at the board. "Thats a nice profit, gonna be hard to evade making a kill. For the cash however it's worth not targeting the head. Any clue where to find him, or if anyone would be joining me in this hunt."

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Amaranth attempts to contact the Outlaw, and Creed, through a radio transmission. "This is Amaranth. Is Creed available?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: Creed cracks the set of chopstick apart while stirring up his ramen noodles, using his foot to flick on the comm link. "You're talking to him.." He said before slurping up a few noodles.

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@_Creed_: "I've some information on some bounties if you are interested Creed."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Does a bird fly? Of course I am interested.." Creed chuckled while leaning into the mic to listen.

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@_Creed_: "The one known as 'Quintus Knightfall', I believe we spoke of him before, he has a fourteen million dollar bounty on his head. I know the general area he is going to be in, and I am willing to split the bounty with you and your crew."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Fourteen mill!?" Creed shouted, throwing his noodles on the counter and leaning in. "You have yourself a deal Amaranth..Just name a spot to meet up to talk about this further.."

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@_Creed_: "I'm in Madripoor right now, meet me there."

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@Amaranth_Strix said:

@_Creed_: "The one known as 'Quintus Knightfall', I believe we spoke of him before, he has a fourteen million dollar bounty on his head. I know the general area he is going to be in, and I am willing to split the bounty with you and your crew."

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