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Hello my brethren! Welcome to the Order of Monks!

The Order of Monks (Indigo): The Monks are believers in bettering themseves to better the universe. They believe that making yourself better will allow you to thrive in the universe. The indigo rings of Monks gain strength for each life that they help change.

Herald: Zool(Joeagentofhand1)

Our base of operations is the planet Hylia. It is a nice planet with a constant temperature of 73 degrees F. if you choose to live on this planet you can choose to live in the castle(this is what I would suggest, but it is up to you) or make your own house elsewhere on this planet. The entire planet is a field like mountain region with rivers and lakes in certain areas.

The inside of the castle is actually bigger than the outside:

At the very front of the castle is the power battery where you can recharge your ring. Each room is made to your desires. There is a dinning room where you can eat whenever you like. If you wish to eat with the entire team here are the hours:

Breakfast 9 am-11am

Lunch 12 pm-1 pm

Dinner 6 pm-9 pm

Brunch(only on Sundays) 9 am-1 am

We also have a library filled with every book made in creation. In the library we have a fireplace and reading area. If you prefer video games we have an arcade room that contains every video game created. There is also the living room where you can converse with friends and coworkers. The back of the castle contains a very beautiful garden.

A big part of the castle is the training room. We have two types of training (1. work with a senior member and (2. computer animated training. Both are great ways of training. If you do not like these methods you can fly around the planet and practice by yourself.


A very important part of being apart of this team is the Indigo ring. Anything you can think of is created by this ring. If you are on planet you can say our oath and appear in the castle. To recharge your ring go to the power battery and say:


We also allow dual membership if you are a part of the Order of Valkyrie, Saints, or Paladins.

Outside of the planet we have a defense system that let us know if an enemy is attacking. If an enemy does attack a forcefield will be put up around the planet.


1. If you want to be a member just pm me and I will try to get to it as soon as possible.

2. If you are not a member and want to just come on the planet, please pm me.

3. There will be no destroying of the planet or castle.

4. Most importantly show compassion :)

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Wonderful. ^_^

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Wonderful. ^_^

thank you :)

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Monks BABY

I'm using Grimm for this

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(Good job! :D)

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@Feral Nova: (Thank you)

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Meditates in the fields, his staff balanced across a perfectly postured levitating lap

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nizzok >_>

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@__Grimm__: Nok?

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@__Grimm__: "Still ever studious, I see." Zuri said after descending on to the field. "I won't be outdone," she hovered in a seated position next to her fellow indigo and closed her eyes.