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Summary of Sephirim

 A separate and secret group of TM members have stalked the Dark Prince through time and space. They eventually caught the beast and destroyed him completely. The Tenth magnitude Hq was also destroyed during, the time of the dark fathers dead, resulting in active team member to withdraw from the team. veteran team members were then scattered into other teams, throwing away memories  of  Tm with no guilt. Mof was never seen again after the fall, some say that he has become insane ever since but it has not been proven yet.

After the fall of tm Sephirim became a life less soul, Depressed that his beloved team had disbanded. Seph planned to start his own organization , but didn't not make an attempted due to lack of notability.Sephirim then returned to japan to live an normal life, he mainly wanted to see his father. Sephirims father was a legendary warrior known throughout the world, he had traveled and fought throughout the world with a powerful vampire named trauma.When Sephirim returned to his village he found out that Truama slayed his father for his sacred sword of the hell flames from that day Sephirim was  in pursuit of the  heartless trauma. Sephirim was able to find him in Europe, seph challenged him to a battle in the roman Colosseum. Sephirim was nearly killed by the powerful vampire in his epic battle.. Sephirim then returned to japan after his battle to find his long best friend rayne waiting for him in his fathers home for a team request offering.

 Seph then eft the ice dragons behind to Start his own clan, leaving His beloved team was bittersweet but he had his own Morales to attend to that led to another path.Seph Then created the hatebreed a team bent on wiping every single vine team out . The team lasted for about 7 months before crashing to the ground along with His hopes and dreams.I became depressed and homeless,Seph wasted all of my profits on The hatebreed. I was forced to wander in America with no money or idenitity, Seph was a nobody.He then resorted to robberies to gain money to survive with the money He then returned to my homeland japan.

Seph returned to the home he once lived in before he left to join the variates of teams. It was a beautiful dojo left in the same condition that he had hoped it would be.He was glad to be back at His home living an average human life with no worries , seph was back into His  primitive cultural style that he once treasured. it felt so great even though he didn't have enough money as he did when he was with the teams,money wasnt everything tough.

One day  he went hunting for some deer and was interrupted by a man coming out of an portal. seph knew something abnormal was going to happen to me. He gave seph an offer to come with him and he came. the man brought him to an old team leader of Seph called mof. he lead the second team sephirim joined called the tenth magnitude, it fell because of the death of the god dark father. mof Offered him to join a developing team called the Bladed angels.Sephirim was forced to deny the offer because of moral differnces.

One dya Sephirim decided to go to The Nin lives coffee shop For breakfast, He encountered his old Comrad andferne, Sephirim felt bad being in his presence so he was about to leave the shop, Andy grabbed his shoulder and offered him to rejoin the Ice dragons, sephirim couldnt deny the second offer. He rejoined the ice dragons happily

At the Lair

Ive trained Long And hard for this battle, I trained in the Harshest regions Of This world To master my skills in Combat. My Fighting Styles Have become Adroit and unmerciful, I will kill waht ever Opposes The Peace And Tranquility Of this beautiful World. I will defend anything That is Defenseless, I will Harm anything That is harmful without question. My duties as a hero Are to be taking Seriously, whoever stands in the way of justice will be killed. Its a shame That my brother Man Of Forever does Not see the path of justice.

I was Hanging out with the rest of The Ice dragons In The back yard, The Sun  Was Phosphoric beaming its hot rays upon my back making me Perspire Uncontrollably, The white Fluffs Clouds Parted Over My Head Supplying No Shade from The sunbeam, there were No wind gust  were available, an the smell of Fresh Sedge Filled The yard. The Birds  And other organism Of the Large Yard Created a Congruous Melody that made the setting more comfortable.

I was sitting a wooden Bench table Laughing at  some of Rayne 's random Jokes, Paladin was At the Grill as usual Making His Famous Bbq ribs that I loved so Much, Lexi  was In the Pool with andy resonate and jax Playing Marco polo, It was A cool Day to Chill out and have some fun, I wanted to have Some fun Before i Went out To fight Mof, I knew If i came out Victorious From My battle i wouldn't feel the same about myself anymore. Paladin Called me Over To pick up my plate of food, i ran Over to him eagerily. My Plate Of Food consisted Of Potato salad red Rice And The Most Delightful Barbecue ribs That i couldnt wait to eat.I walked back over to the Bench table and began to Chow down at my food,as i ate the delicious Potato sald i began to reminisence abou the old time in the tenth Magnitude.


 the skies were Lachrymose Filled with dark Grey Clouds that Allowed No Sunlight To be expose to The Gloomy Perimeter,   Violent winds Roared At 30 Miles Per hour Shifting The Pine tree,s of the Meadow To the West, The Grass was  Consumed By wet soil, making a mixture Of Sedge and Soil form. The rain Poured On my head heavily Mixing the sweat with the water as it rolled down my face Onto my lips, My hair  Stuck to my face Because of the moisture of the rain.

Me and mof were Training for upcoming battles that we might have, he thought it would be the best option for us. we always had an intense weekly spar, Mof would win Sometimes, i would win Sometimes, we were basically equal To each other , so it made the sparring better for us both. Mof was a powerful warrior without a doubt , he had the abilities to manipulate matter,Manipulate Time, Absorb souls,Manipulate Probability, Indestructibility, Longevity, Agility, Weapons mastery, Unarmed Combat,exclereated learning, and photgraphic reflexes. I Learned how to manipulate time from Mof When I first joined  the Tenth Magnitude, it wasnt an easy task at all.

This fight was the hardest of all Spars Ive experienced with Man of Forever, he actually started using some of his powers on me, I felt like he was trying to kill me, so i felt more Frightened Than Usual. i came at him with a couple Of slashes with my katana, but some how he ended up knocking me to the ground, it was weird beacuse i had several bruises all over my body after his attacks, i think it had something to do with him manipulating time or something. I came at him with some Physical attacks, I regret Doing that beacuse it resulted in me losing the fight. A few battles after that i lost again and again and again. I made a vow to myself to beat Mof One Day In a Serious fight to prove who's stronger.

Back To Present

As I ate my Food I thought about my battles with Mof, How they Turned out in the past, I knew Mof would not go Down very easily, i would have to  Put everything i have into this fight. I will Crush Mof, despite Our brotherhood. I picked up my plate and walked towards the garbage where Paragon stood, he was talking to Copy about something, i was really interested in them so i went down into the basement of the ice lair and  prepared my weapons. I wasnt planning to show mercy on my Opponent, i will treat Man of forever like every other foe, he is not my brother in battle.

I went into The Nigresence on the basement And flicked on The light switch so The Lustrous Light of the electric bulb Could Emit its Brilliant  Light into The basement.A whole Arsenal Of weapons displayed On every wall In the Basement.i Went and grabbed a bow and arrow my katana, and Ninja Projectiles. After Grabbing my Equipment I went Upstairs back into the yard to talk to rayne about Mof, Rayne and mof Had once battled before, and rayne was victorious so I wanted to get Some Of Mof Weaknesses down for mY own Advantage.

After talking to rayne i decided to get ready to Depart to the roman Colosseum, This was an excellent place to battle even though the area was unstable from my battle with trauma, i still wanted to fight there because i wanted Me And mof's battle to be legendary. I also Invited Rayne and Andferne to watch my battle, I want some Of My comrades to Witness this epic event, i want it  someone to talk about how Diabolic i could be on the battle field. rayne and andy agred to accompanying me To watch me battle, And hour later we Left towards rome to the Ancient Colosseum.

The arrival

It took Me Rayne And Andy 5 hours to reach the Colosseum, The stadium was definitely Unstable, A massive crater that i created was in the Middle of the Colosseum, broken Pieces of Pillars And other debris was scatter across the Battlefield, as the the wind blew softly across the arena surface ,little grains of pebbles were carried into th gust making the air unsafe for the eyes.raYne and andy walked off to the arena Stone bleachers to watch my battle. i waited for My Brother  Man Of forever's arrival, this battle is something that would be held in my memory forever.

I stood in the arena waiting for my dear friend Mof
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MOF was in his room of Bladed Angel's team. He set at his desk staring at the wall. He never sleeps so he has a lot of time on his hands just to think. He did go insane after the brake up of Tenth Magnitude but didn’t go through with his plan to annihilate the Vine after the Civil War. Fortunately for everyone all he did was mope around the west coast of the He met some people and ended up in Area 51. After stopping the escape of getaway aliens and experiments he met Ruin Cross. He was given an invitation to join the new team and he accepted. That gave MOF a new purpose and it got his mind back in order. A few things happened after but that's not what we are her for...
A knock was sounded at his door. "It's open..." Ruin walks in and says "Um, what are you doing? Never mind. You gotta letter." MOF replies "I have a mailing address now?" "Well it’s from somebody from the Ice Dragons team." The Blue Giant stands up and walks over to retrieve it. "Thank you. Anything else?" "Um, no. Tell me what it’s about ok?" MOF turns around. "Sure..." He sits down and opens it. He smiles after he reads who it’s from but then he makes a confused face as he reads the content. "He wants to fight? Earthlings must think it is a sport or something." He is already dressed and armed so he walks down stairs.

"It was a challenge, Ruin." "I would tag along but I have the annual dragon bathing today." "It’s fine. You don’t need these shades do you?" "Nope. We could use the natural light." "Good." MOF pulls them down and walks out. He rolls up the shades and holds them under his arms. His MOF-Cycle appears and he rides off to
. He is there in no time do to the speed of the flying motorcycle. He lands and steps off his motorcycle. It vaporizes as he walks away from it. "You wanted to fight here, Seph? It’s a little rundown don’t you think? I'll be ready in just a second." He leaps up to the top of the highest side of the half destroyed arena. He hangs up the shades but that is nothing until he shows what is on them.

The curtain on the right, had an image of a blue dragon which represented the Ice Dragons. The banner on the left had the sigil of The Bladed Angels. Finally the drape in the middle had the infamous shattered skull logo of the Tenth Magnitude team. MOF wanted it to be sentimental of the two brothers. They both went their different ways and joined different teams because of their morals. But they will always be united by the legacy of Tenth Magnitude. The Man of Forever parachutes down to the battle field.

"So this is what you wanted, brother? A battle that will be remembered for ages." He looks up in the stands. "And spectators to bring the legend home which ever way it may end. Well then... Let’s get to it." MOF hollers to his brother which was on the other side of the Coliseums. MOF new what kind of fighter Sephirim used to be but he didn’t know what new things he had learned from his new team of Heroes. The Glowing Warrior gets in an unarmed fight stance and reaches out his hand palms up. He then folds his fingers back and forth, enticing his friend to strike first.
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 I stood in the of The  Ancient arena waiting for My brother to arrive for our Savage Engagement, I i stood in the a Large crater Observing The Razor sharp Projectiles That Trauma Had used to obtain His Victory In our Encounter, The battle with The Vampire Trauma was A  Bleeding wound That would never heal.I Balled my Fist Up Tightly Thinking about How close i was to my Death. I wasn't to sure If i was going to Kill Man Of Forever In this fight, I wouldnt know how to handle the situation if it had to come, I hoped that i could Injure Him Badly resulting in Him Conceiving  To a lost.

 The cloudless Meridiem deaden Sky was cloudless with Not source Of Illumination For The Desolate Ruin Stadium. The Scent Of rain filled the Air followed By a Turbulence of Strong Wing gust The Flagged my clothing violently, The debris Crashed into my face forcefully
 Creating small whelps on face face That irritated me, The heavens above Roared With Lustrous Thunder Bolts, Soon Dismal rain clouds Slowly Hovered over  the Battle zone  In lachrymation.  The gods above  Loathe this Battle , it was An event Thaat they truly didnt want to occur.like i said before this battle is fate and fate is truly inevitable

Knew that Man Of Forever would be here soon, I began to think about negative thoughts so i would have less guilt about this fight, if a emotional situation ever occurred in this battle, i did not want  any sympathy to arise resulting in deception. I walked aaway from th crater slowly and waked towards the large Ice dragons banner, , i knew that the ice dragons was my new family and there was no way that i would let past feelings get in the way of Ice. I then turned To The Shatter Tenth Magnitude skull, I began to feel sick to my stomach, i couldnt bare to look at our logo, it was overwhelming. I didnt even dare look at the pathetic Bladed angles banner.

"You wanted to fight here, Seph? It’s a little rundown don’t you think? I'll be ready in just a second."

A loud Cocky voice echoed the arena over encumbering the sound of the showering  rain ,I looked over towards the source of the direction and i see Man of fore Gliding  towards me  with his large white parachute From a collapse arena wall.  I flipped backwards In and landed on  a short west distance away from Mof By My ice logo tapestry , Mof stood in 3 point stance near his Balded angels logo with a face of disappointment. I could tell Mof did not want to fight me, it looked as if he still saw me as his swron Brother Of the tenth magnitude. H

"So this is what you wanted, brother? A battle that will be remembered for ages." "And spectators to bring the legend home which ever way it may end. Well then... Let’s get to it.

the sonority of mof 's voice caused a fragile Pillar to collapse making me Shift towards the direction that i heard it Cautiously. I tuned back facing mof , I glared at him angerly, i wanted to give off an impression that i lost all feeelings for him, that our brotherhood was dead. Rayne and andy began to Cheer  for me, i couldnt help but to smell cockily it gave me an ego boost, i became more confident in this fight, i felt like i could destroy mof without ease now

Man Of Forever its been long since ive last seen you, Im sorry that  we would have to meet on these circumstances, but i understand that you have created a new organization with a warroir named ruin cross?Our organization is illegal and must be  Terminated, it does not provide anything positive for The world, it was created off of you and ruins Selfish action. Im sorry brother, i know you will not disband your organization , so i will be Taking you down by force

 I grabbed the end of my Blade and unsheathed it verociously, as the blade Rubbed against  My scabbard Sparks were conjured followed by the The friction of metal. I Stance Myself in custom Made Armament Ninjitsu, This Technique Is specifically made for the use of Light weight swords such as katana's, This fighting style Is also based on speed and defense more than power, Only them Mo adroit of warriors is able to use this style.  Well fighting in an open meadow of developed this stance.

Now Man of Forever Prepare to experience something Indescribable to words

Ii charged at my opponent at Appalling speeds, The Determination To fight Consumed my actions making my action  more vulgar towards Man of forever. I terminated Within In 10 feet of range of Mof Before Throwing my Sword horizontally towards Mofs to Head,I knew he would be able to doge the attack easily i just wanted to make him flinch. Afterward s I vaulted Into the air and Withdrew 2 kunai's almost instantly, invisible to the regular hum an eye, I then Launched the Kunai's at Mof's Torso area. then I Vanished leaving a smog of white smoke hover ing in the air, I reappeared over Man Of Foevers head  Attempting a  Vulpine  360  vertical Somersault kick Aming for his temple.

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The Ex-Leader of TM was still in position when the winds picked up. He looks out the corner of his eye at the sky and sees the storm clouds forming. "Even the weather gods are displeased with this battle." He thinks. He looks back at his former teammate as his red cloak flaps as if it were alive. The old sons of the now deceased Dark Prince are a very proud people. No matter which of them you talk to there is no doubt how strong they are just on the way they speak alone. Sephirim wanted this fight to prove he was greater than his friend and uphold his team's beliefs.  Man of Forever accepted this fight because he will fight anyone who challenges him no matter the power level or past alliances. And they both a very vocal advocates of their new teams as well.

Seph gives a short speech on MOF's new alliance and how it was the wrong thing to do for any man. "He calls me by my full title and says he will destroy the legion of the Bladed Angels... by force? If he wishes to do that then he will have to defeat me first." He says in his mind.  Unmoved MOF watches a man, who he can’t help but see as his little brother, prepare to destroy not only his body but also their friendship. His current enemy's sword glistens as he holds it out and says. "Now, Man of Forever, Prepare to experience something indescribable to words." MOF says to himself.  "You have now idea, boy... Words are all we are..." Referring to the fact that they are RPG characters.

The Dragon of Darkness runs at him with speeds cheetahs would envy. The katana swings at MOF's neck, but holding his stance he uses his matter manipulation to change the hard metal of the blade into liquid. The silver fluid spills onto MOF's face and armor but he wipes it off. He did this so he wouldn’t get hit and so Seph could no longer use that weapon. Then in a second the warrior was in the air. MOF could see that Sephirim launched something in his direction but he couldn’t see the actual object. A rapid "Tink-Tink" sound was heard as the Blue Giant staggered backwards. He looked at his chest plate which now had two scratches the exact same size. "Knifes of some sort." He thinks then he looks back up where Seph once was. But the only thing that was there was a fog.

In his peripheral MOF could see Seph reappear, but not quickly enough for him to dodge or counter. The bicycle-kick was successful. The force knocks MOF's head to the opposite side and his body and legs follow. The Balance Keeper reaches out first with one hand so he doesn’t hit the ground. After much of his weight was on that arm he pushes off it and his other arm comes around. He lands on that hand then pushes off as well. He soon lands on his feet after accomplishing the cartwheel. He smacks his hands together to get the dust off his palms. MOF looks at him and chuckles a little, just as he often did in the old training sessions.

MOF drags his right foot behind him and moves into a running position. He takes off as if he was an Olympic sprinter who just heard the starting gun fire. He spins around and stops running then stomps on the ground in front of Sephirirm. He uses his matter manipulation a second time to shoot the ground up under his brother. It worked much like a catapult and MOF wants it to make the boy fly into the sky against his will. If it works MOF will stop time and jump behind him as if he teleported then return time. While Seph in front of him he releases his shield from his gauntlet and tries to smack his friend in the back. MOF uses his probability manipulation so that his spine will ether snap after it was struck by the indestructible shield or after he hits the ground. After Sephirim most likely hits the ground MOF will parachute down again.
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The sword Flew over Man of Forever's head violently seeking to carve through His rough flesh, Man of forever was able to evade the attack successfully by Transforming the matter of the sword into a liquid substance, Seph had nearly forgotten about His ability to transform matter into any type of substance. The Silver liquid Poured onto Mof's face Like water, Sephirim wasnt surprised that he was able to evade his fist attack so easily, he actually planed his battle scenario otu quite well. Soon after Mof Maneuvered his unmerciful attack, Seph's Kunai's Crashed into Man of forever's Chest plate with Petite force. he was Unaffected by Seph's attack it was like throwing to plastic knive's at a rock. Seph also excepted his kunai attack to fail, but he though one of the kunai's would penetrate his armor.Then Sephirim Final attack the 360 somersault kick, collided with Mof head Brutatly making him  lose balance and cartwheel  back to his feet.

After his Onslaught of attacks, Seph flipped backwards away from mof to hear A chuckle come from the large blue warrior. It seemed that Mof Took Sephirim's attack for a joke and it pisssed him off. Mof knew that Seph did not like to be laughed at, especially in battle, it was degrading and offensive. Seph Became arosed with anger making him Stop the ground With Bestail force creating a small crater beneath hir right foot. Sephirim stared at Man of forever to await his tunr to attack patiently. He then Switched his Fighting Stance to kung fu, he was ready for anything Man Of forever Could throw at him. Seph glanced over at Andferne and Rayne to see if they were watching this fight, they seemed impressed with his Landed attack.

Man Of forever then charges at Sephirim with Surprisingly swfit speeds with his fot steps Thumping the earth Loudly, he then Terminates infront of sephirim And turns around the opposite way away from Seph, Seph Flinched in paranoia when  Mof Stop his run, He then stopped the ground Vigorously. A shock wave of Earth came towards sephirim and went beneath his feet sending him flying into the air, as sephirim Flew into the air, he withdrew to more kunai's, this time they were explosive, he Threw them at mof as he was vulnerable from His Gamma Rock wave attack. the all of a sudden Thing's feel weird,  the sensation was indescribable, the all of a sudden seph Blinks and  he feel a hrad metal Surface crash into his spine painfully. Seph darted to the ground like a comet A Hit the floor Sending Large chunks of rubble and debris into the  air from the impact.Ugh, Seph Pushed himself up Like he was attempting a push up and got to his knee's, he arched his back downwards and a loud crack was heard. Ok he tried To kill me on that one i Got something for him

Seph jumped to his feet and  watched Mof Parachute In front of him but in far range. Seph squatted his legs and balled up both of his fist, he became tense growling vehemently into the air, a Immense amount of energy beagn to channel throughout the main arteries of his body, The pressure from the energy was so great that small wind cyclone's appeared around sephirim. he became Luminous with A purple aurora, and his growls turned into High volumes screams of agony. His body began to separate into two Duplicates of himself. this process took about 5 minutes until there were 3 Sephirim's on the field. One of the sephirim Dashed at Man of forever with a horizontal slash aiming for Man of forever head, The other cloned jumped into the air and  started to throw a barrage of explosive Kunai's at The Blue warrior, the originally sephirim Began to Channel A white orb of energy in his right hand to attempt a devastating attack that would  end the friendship between Mof and him for good.

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MOF watches his brother get into seated stance and starts screaming. The energy spun around him and the only thing MOF can think of is, "I am definitely learning how to do that." Then the boy splits then splits again. "Yup. Definitely learning that." One swings a sword at him but he leans backwards matrix style letting him pass over. He straightens back out then readies his shield as the explosives come. They explode on his shield and MOF is saved. Then the Alien sees the ball of energy flying at him. He throws his shield right at it at an angle. The blast hits off the laser shield and reflects off into the sky and the shield crashes into the ground. The Blue man looked at the clones but couldn’t remember which one was the real one. They surround him in a triangle and then he relies he doesn’t want to take a risk and kill the wrong clone.

He holds his hand out to his side and a thin column raises from the ground. He grabs it and it detaches from the ground. He twist it so that it is horizontal then he Trans-mutates it to steel. Then suddenly a blade shoots out of each end of the staff. He starts spinning it just for show letting the light shin off it. The Man of Forever didn’t want to use his sword in this fight because every time he used it a life was lost. He doesn’t want to destroy his friend completely. He points at one and the ground jumps up and tries to incase in earth. He stops time then runs over to one then returns time (teleports). He attempts to smack him in the neck with his metal rod. Then MOF flips over him and tries to kick the last one in the face. His steps back and holds his double bladed staff at attention.