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Nathan's eyes slowly fluttered open, he was comfortable, too comfortable. As his blurry vision started to clear up a bit, he realized he was in a a bed in the medical wing of the metahuman affairs helicarrier. "Aww great..." He mumbled as he tried to move but his shoulder writhed with pain as soon as he did. After laying there for a while longer, a doctor and Director Lees himself entered the private med room. As soon as Nathan had sight of the Director he clenched his teeth shut with anger. Lees stood back a bit from the bed while the doctor explained Nathan's injuries to him. "Well, agent. Your wounds are mostly easy to recover from. Your shoulder suffered a prolonged amount of time dislocated when you passed out at sea, this will cause a bit of strain for a couple of days but nothing serious of course. Next you seem to ha-" Nathan shook his head while putting up his hand. "Doc, just tell me when I am allowed back on the field.." He didn't have time to know about his botched mission and the results, he just wanted back out.

The doctor paused for a moment before shuffling through the clipboard of medical stats. "Hmm...Three days, tops..". Nathan sighed while giving the doctor a glare of frustration. As the doc became more unsettled, Director Lees stepped out from the shadows and patted him on the shoulder. "Doctor, I would like a moment alone with agent Breda..". He obliged and made his way out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Lees sighed as he pulled up a stool and looked at Nathan with that cold and serious expression he usually wears. "You did good out there agent, I know you didn't bring him in but this was the first we have seen Caldwell in years, that is good enough for us right now..". Lees pulled a file out from his coat and tossed it onto Nathan's lap, which he promptly opened and saw pictures of a U.N building in flames located in Manhattan.

"However..It seems he wants to make a theatrical comeback. You of course are briefed on the mutant crisis, them fighting for their rights and the terrorist actions that have been done by both sides..Well it seems Caldwell is involved in this little game". Lees taps on the photo of a charred corpse found in the lobby of the building. Nathan inspects it closely while listening. "The now late Senator Robert Wales, closet mutant and supporter of mutants rights. He was caught in the explosion at the building. He was no side victim, it seemed to be timed at a perfect point where the explosion would kill him and him only, how the bombs were placed without detection is still in the dark". Nathan looked away from the photo and back to Lees. "How do we know that Caldwell was involved in this attack? I mean we know he is out for the mutants but whats the link here?" He asked with a raised brow. Lees then gestured him to flip the page, Nathan with his skilled perception saw Caldwell's face almost immediately in a crowd from the photo of outdoor security footage. "Ahh...Like that.." Nathan stared at his face for almost a minute before closing the folder and looking at Lees.

"So..When were you going to tell me Caldwell was one of us? An ex agent.." That teeth gritted expression returning. Lees was at first surprised that Nathan knew about it, but then knew Caldwell would have said something. "That is classified...Agent Breda..The only thing you meed to worry about is recovering in three days and getting back on the field, then catch this son of a bitch before he blows up another person..". Lees glared at him before standing up and pointed at the folder. "Read that file well Agent, your assigned as head of this operation to take down Caldwell" He said while turning away and walking for the exit. Nathan held his tongue, but not before his last words to the director before he left. "Must do something pretty bad to be erased from all the files...Eh Director?" Nathans words were oozing with anger from Caldwell being kept a secret. These words made Lees stop in his tracks for a moment, then continued to leave.

Nathan yawned and opened up the folder once again to look at a mug shot of Caldwell, staring at it as if he was standing right there in front of him.

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Good stuff, I like this rivalry a lot.

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@_Creed_: Like reading a crime novel, badass

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@_Creed_: Let the games begin ;)

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@Amaranth_Strix: @Surkit: Thanks guys :)

@The_Assassin_ said:

@_Creed_: Let the games begin ;)

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@_Creed_: You can't handle me

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@The_Assassin_: I think that is something to be tested, no?

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@_Creed_: We'll see in due time Nathan... all in due time...

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@The_Assassin_: I just hope that telling me my cat puked in my living room isn't your only evil plan XD

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I'm liking the connectivity here. And well written fun.

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@_Creed_: Your cat is my most trusted spy >:D

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@Arquitenens: Thanks ^_^


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@Arquitenens said:

I'm liking the connectivity here. And well written fun.

Same here. Having all the CVnU events tied together keeps it from being a bunch of discontect stuff like Prime was.

Plus one Internets to you guys.

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I'm not entirely sure what everything in that last bit means, but okay!
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AMAZING Story...Cliched title XD