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This will be the RPG spot where the fighters will be able to put how they got there and why. Also any other can post that they our in the audience and give opinions on the fight. You can also move around from one fight to another. But make sure to keep it in RPG form. One paragraph at the least(four sentences). All contestants should only post here once. At the end of that post should be them being set into there arena. But the actual fight will start in its own separate thread All normal rules apply. All short comments should be posted in the tourney Ooc(One you came to first).All fights should be titled like the following TOAA- (Fighters).



Demon sat on his thrown. It was in the middle of the large planet. Its size topped the suns alone. Doom thought back to the previous days. He had spent his last week recruiting the most vicious gods of the time. Fortunately for the other he would not be participating. It would only be his entertainment. But he had a plan his mind to challenge winner. By that time he would know all of the winners moves. Well the winner wouldn’t be know as the winner. He would actually be known as the One Above All. Or maybe Demon would just let the winner keep that little fame. Demosapien had been busy helping Thanos get back the Infinity Gauntlet. For Thanos was like a brother to him. He then offered Thanos a position to referee the tournament. Thanos accepted. He also made his way from dimension to dimension. Recruiting Thanos, Galactus, Living Tribunal, and Odin.


At first he planned to join the tourney but he ended up not joining because of all his tire form the last few days. He would just relax and watch. After all chances were he was more powerful then all of the others. He had not actually done the recruiting for contestants. There were only advertisements. He watched as large crowds began to form around the arenas. The battle area was set with four different arenas. One for each battle. There was soon a crowd of million of heroes and villains. Shouting for the tourney to start. He laughed at the fact that he could kill them all. It was almost too funny. As he stood the crowd cheered larger but some of the heroes began to boo him. Just because he was evil. He would now give a small speech.



He watched as his contestant made their way to the area where they would be paired up. There was fear in his eyes as he looked into his contestant’s eye. Boken, Dark Child, White Phantom, Man of For Ever,Resonate, red guy(?). There was another guy dressed up like a red assassin/ninja. Had this guy been serous to join such a tourney? Demo looked at the man hardly. It was only when the mans eyes flashed in the light did Demo know who he was. It was Doom The Devil. Forget what you heard in the movies, fairy tales, and fable. This was real dam thing. There was also someone else he noticed. Man of Forever the balance keeper, he had known MOF because he always messed up balance. He made evil higher that the good. He then left his seat and appointed the fighters to their opponent.


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He sat there in the Pa’jae bar awaiting his drink. He then thought to himself “It must suck not knowing I’m about to kill them.” It was true sometimes he felt bad. Asking for goods and services then killing them soon after. It was as if every world he destroyed had no idea what was coming to them. He wasn't even a known local. He just showed and sh!t began to go downhill. But no one lived to tell the story of surviving him. For his name had not been Doom for nothing. The bartender soon brought him his drink. Demon used his mind powers to change the channel to the game. He may not have been human. But he loved their habits. For watching a television let him relax and relieve all pain. Hold on did I say pain? What the hell was I thinking he is pain. After about 30 minutes earth time, he rose from his seat. He then reached into his pockets and placed ten dollars into the cup. As he walked out he rubbed his hands across every seat in his path. This had been his favorite bar. As he walked out and let the doors slowly close behind him, he had a small thought of not destroying it. Well maybe he didn’t have that thought, but it was worth a try. He turned and glared at the building for half a second. Soon the building just collapsed. On it was the red symbol that was left on everything he destroyed. It was his mark, his signature. As he walked through the large streets every building he looked at seemed to collapse.


Why was he so evil? Why was he so vicious? As they say… the world may never know. He continued to destroy everything on that planet. It was as if he couldn’t stop it. It was like a game of football. The objective was to fuk up anything in your path and get to the other damn side. And he was on his way. It was funny to him how even his minions could not be destroyed so he knew there was no one in any dimension who could destroy him. He tore through both Greek and Olympian gods. It was almost too easy. It was too easy. But it had been his closest minions that turned on him. The ones who he gave large amounts of evil power too. The only ones that would have any chance against him. As he continued his path of destruction the temperature began to rise. He began to move faster. But he wasn't fast enough. Lightning struck around him. Well it struck like lighting but it was really hellfire. Dam! It wasn't as if he was about to be killed or anything. But he had set this automatic carrier for if he gotten into any trouble he couldn’t get his as$ out of. He had never actually needed it. Most times he would be gone before it came for him. This time he had been so caught up thinking that he lost track of time. The fire rapped around his body, he did not fight it for he was still destroying this planet. As the fire carried him in the air. He pulled out his demonic sword which he called Diablo. He aimed the tip of Diablo at the planet. Fire surrounded the blade. Soon there was a large red line of fire heading for the planet.


The orb would slowly but surely destroy the planet. Leaving his mark on the surface. The carrier hellfire continue to take him along for a long ride. He just sat back and enjoyed the ride. For on thing he didn’t have a lot of was relaxation. Always someone who needed to be killed. But what then. If he killed off all dimension there would be nothing left. That must mean that he needed to lay off dealing death. He was like a big red bomb, and he was ticking. Soon he found himself among the realm of hell. Millions of demons bowed down to him as he made his way by. They all closed their eyes so they would not look at his own. He found himself slowly lured down to his throne. Soon one his warlord minions came and bowed to his feet and then began to speak.


“My lord, there is an One Above All tourney and I feel that it is essential for you to know. For you really are the One Above All. All of your best minions will be there.”


He hated the fact that all of the minions he gave his strongest evil to, made a One Above All tourney. He had to look into this. He dug deep into his mind, which was like a copy of the universe. He saw the tourney. And as the manager he saw one of his favorite minions. Demosapien. He also sensed the power of his strongest minion Morgoth. But overall he had been the only OAA. The thing was some of his minions didn’t really know they were his minions. They didn’t know that the divine power they have was given from him. As he looked around he was disappointed that his minion Cytorrak wasn't there. If he was going to this tournament he would make a master entrance.


Doom walked over towards Demosapien. Demosapien glared down at Doom. In Demosapien eyes was fear. He was hoping not happy Doom joined. Out of all of the people there he and a few other knew what he was capable of. But his mouth had dropped when Doom moved over with the other participants. Hyperness began to jolt up Doom’s spine. He was about raise hell. Doom waited till he was paired with an opponent.
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Boken walked into the arena.

"This is a good day to show why I am the pesent day Boken."

Boken looked around trying to find his opponant, but he was no where to be found. Boken then Checked his weapons. His 2  .9 milimeters were loaded so was his .38 revolver. He fully charged his Sinestro Corps Ring. His shades were perfectly dark. No one could see his eyes. He also ran his fingers across his Blade. Then he jammed it in the ground and dropped to his kness.

"Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and a 1000 other ancestors including you Boken, The Original Boken. Help me find the strength to overcome my opponant. I know i can already go to the Third power of Boken, but the Fourth power elludes me. Help me call forth this distructive power."

Boken placed his sowrd back into its sheethe and returned it to his back. Boken brushed the Dirt off his knees and adjusted his jacket. Boken saw that it was bright out so When he did fight it would most likely be during the day. Boken then used his ring to transform himself into his sinestro corps uniform.

"Hrmmm spandex doesn't really work with me."

Boken then used the ring to change it. He was now wearing a T-shirt that bore the Symbol on it and black pants. His shades also changed to Yellow. Boken then walked into the stands and noticed Doom and Demosapien.

"You Two pull anything tricky in my fight you two Die."

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"Right this way, Mr. Kosokov."

A woman in a suit led the Red Dictator to the best seat in the entire arena: a small room overlooking the fighting area filled with expensive cloths and furnishings. A rack on the wall held bottles of wine and a table underneath was littered with glasses of all shapes and sizes. Nearby a small shelf held containers of scotch and miscellaneous other alcohols. Taking a glass and pouring himself some wine, he motioned for his guide to leave.

He walked over to the thick glass window, which was stained with blood on the lower panes. He watched as the crowd yelled for the fights to commence. They were silenced by a commanding voice that came from below the observation box. Warsman looked down and watched as Demosapien made his speech, which seemed to terrify the crowd as much as inspire them to more chanting for violence.

Warsman drained his glass down his throat, the wine better than he expected from such a dreary place. He took a seat in one of the large chairs that bordered on the edge of the observation box, which were counterweighted by equally large furnishings, where observers watched the fights on the screens jutting out of the ceiling. Businessmen and women filed in every five minutes, almost like clockwork, each mistaking Warsman to be a fighter due to his physique, but instantly they rejected their suspicion once they saw his face or heard his voice.

The observation box and Demosapien's throne were on two seperate pieces of construction, the throne slightly lower than the box, giving the impression of a pair of steps on a staircase. Fighters began to file out of immense doorways. Warsman recognized some of them, but couldn't put a face to a name at the moment, the insenscent chatter of those around him too annoying for him to ignore and concentrate against. He contemplated killing them all, but decided that it was bad publicity concerning his status as ruler of the Neo-Russian Empire.

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*Zee would be in his throne in his mighty slumber. Even when asleep he was awake. He had eyes all over the area. Zee had done something nobody would believe was possible. He took over a continent. Although small to same he didn't just take over he had made it his own. This place was now covered with zeeniomals. Impossible to evade. From the smallest big to the sound elephants it was all his. He controlled them all with ease. Zee's power was enormous always growing. He however had it contained in a dragon body while his real nature was really the demi god. Something he didn't like using so much because he had fun in this smaller body. Today was a different day however.*

*As the dragon slumbers one of his zeenimols would approach him with  news. It was a lion however it could talk but Zee didn't give it that chance all there minds where connected as one. He merely opened his eyes the first pair at least. He'd stare at the lion as he yawned at it exposing his vicious teeth.*

I zon't know if zey are ready for zome real thing? I wonder if zhey will even be a match for me? I've got zothing to lose. Zeenimols of my kingdome give me enery!!!!

*He'd yell as he would then rise up from his seat and all of a sudden the lieing look like it was materializing and started going to Zee. It wasn't the only one however many more would start coming towards him. It was like a copy cat of multiple man. They kept coming and coming into Zee. Then stop. He would put all four of his arms down as he left about half of the others at there place. He would then start walking to the ground as he soon started merging with it and sinking into it. Soon enough the mighty Zee was gone and emerging infront of the area rising from the ground. While he rose he would look around and try and feel the energy of the others. Even from a distance he now realized he was around a few other power houses. He even had a second of thought whether this form would be enough for this fight. But as soon as the thought came left as he entered the area and looked at the stands already seeing the other contestants.*

Zo zhis is what I'm up against  huh?

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While sparring with Hercules,White Phantom reviewed events which had occurred recently. Earlier in the day, he had received a message from someone called Demosapien, asking him to join in his OOA Tournament. Later on he had figured out that the OOA Tournament was a contest being held by Demosapien, during which some of the strongest beings in the world would do battle to discover who among them was the One Above All. At first, White Phantom thought it was pointless. Why go just to fight for no reason? But he had also learned that he would fight not a hero, but a villain.

Figuring it was a chance to eliminate another one of those trouble making bad guys, White Phantom had agreed. Besides, it wasn't often he could go all out with his powers.

After joining, White Phantom returned to Lucifera. He had to make sure he was at his prime when he went to combat, and what better place to train then the home of his trainers. Having completed a race with the Qilin, a wrestling match with a Griffin, and other training exercises, White Phantom decided to just take a flight. Flying always helped to calm him down and clear his head. Despite his confidence in his power, he was still nervous about facing his opponent. From what he had learned, he would be incredibly powerful, possibly as strong or stronger then Set, the god of chaos. In their lase encounter, White Phantom had narrowly won, and only by destroying the ankh from which Set drew life. But White Phantom doubted his foe would have a weakness like that. He was at his prime in power, and when he was at his prime he was a formidable force. But White Phantom had little doubt that his opponent would be at his prime as well.

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Boken was startign to get irritable. He was stareing at his watch and then back at the arena.

"G&^ D@mn it. Where is he. Oh as soon as he gets hereI'm going to show him the true meaning of Death and fear."

Boken looked at his ring. It was glowing a yellow aura. He smirked as he looked at his costume.

"wow this is really sumthing i never expected to see myself in again. Atleast the Ring still works and the costume stil fits."

Boken liked his lips while he pulled out a piece of gum. It was a piece of Cobalt from 5 gum. He kept his 2 .9 milimeters at his side in his holster. It was a Black holster made out of 100% Itallion leather. He kept his .38 in the front of his pants. His shirt was baggy enough that you couldn't see the gun at all. His shirt was black and yellow. the right side was yellow and had the Symbol of the sinestro Corps in black. the left side was solid black. On his back it was all yellow with a nother sinestro corps symbol on it. His sowrd was on his back, but yet it was in another universe. You see Boken controls a universe that is occupied by absolute nuhtingness. all there is is light years and light years of Darkness. Boken leaves some weapons and other items there so that he could have easy access to it. Boken then pulled out a corona and began to drink.

"Bah this is discusting. It needs lime."

Boken reache into the negaverse and removed a platter of  limes that had a bed of ice under it. He cut up One of them and then shoved it to the bottom of his bottle.

"Now this, this is a good beer." 

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The tournament was assembled by the Demi-god demosapien,it was for Eternals,Gods,Godesses,Avatars,and creations of the highest cosmic order,yet none of these categories included Assassin,Mercenary,or even Super Powered Hero.Akira Overdrive was none of these,not even close to being a true god like Thor or Zeus or the others that had been assembled to fight,he was in fact a speck of nothing compared to the mere power that these beings had;Akira was in trouble-at least thats what he wanted them to think.

AO made his way here by a mere chance of luck and was only invited because of his reputation of surprising foes and fans.Perhaps he was just there to be a "stomp on" in the first round and make the tournament go faster.Whatever the reason was,the crowd began to silence as the arena got a deep chill and the air began to freeze,even Boken's drink froze over.An apparent small contained blizzard stormed into the house of battle as if it was a tornado of pure cold ice and snow,a body began to form and the peoples eyes were glued to the maelstrom of frost.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Akira's feet formed first after the ice began to build up his body,then his abdomen then his head,then rest of his body.He pulled off an amazing entrance to coax these people into believing that he was a supreme god of Zeus-like caliber,though it only impressed a few as he got little applaud.H efixed his shades and arrogantly rose his hands to the others that were there and the fans.


The ghost let his comment resonate then put his hands down and awaited teleportation to the place where he would face Boken.

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Boken noticed that his Beer is frozen. He became enraged and launched it in the air. he blew it to piescec useing his ring.

"Akira. you'll pay for this."

Bokenclenched his fists and wated eagerly for his battle with Akira. He was in the zone. The last Mutonian was ready to win and become the One Above All and Become the true God of Darkness from his people.

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Invited to some tourney about who was the greatest viner...hahaha, what a pathetic excuse. We had all seen the ultimacy that was proven to be the greatest fighter, but never had said anything about it. The one good thing about this was, however, who he would be facing...Darkchild, a man known for his battles of epic proportions. Once one of the greatest villains of the world, he had slowly crept into a rut with his sanity. Now, they fought alongside in the Ice Dragons, but even still...he wanted to know what that power had been known  to be like back then.

What kind of man was he to be able to fight Final Arrow and Kain Echnida? Obviously something to be reckoned with...and Jack...heh, Jack was no one. Just a man that could manipulate lightning...but he would see what exactly he could do with his sky breaking light in the next match...

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*Zee would feel quite the chill arise in the area. This would only mean another contestant would enter in. HIs energy signature was different wasn't at all weak but it showed he was one who stayed around gods. Zee guessed he stayed around the mortal men. He probably wasn't trying to show he true potentional yet meaning Zee wasn't the only one holding back at the time. Soon enough he would start to heat himself up and look towards the one called boken. He had quite the short temper and was rather eager. He then see that he had something planned up his sleeve as well. The chances are those would be the first two fighting. He had front row seats. He still kept and eye on the other contenders however to make sure nothing sneaky was tried.*

*Just then Zee would notice another one come in as well. It seemed this one was his. A smirk would arise from his face as he entered in this studying around as well. Zee would point to White phantom as he said*

Zee  you on Zhe battle field.

*Soon enough Zee would start disappearing turning invisible and next thing known he would be seen on the field holding up all four of his arms. He would hear the crowd screaming and cheering. This was definitely a plus for him. Sound coursing through him. He couldn't help but take it all in literally feeding him as if a baby left to eat its own food by its self.*

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White Phantom kept his hand on his sword as he entered the arena. In a gathering like this, an enemy could be anywhere and strike at any time. Of course, White Phantom figured he was being a bit overcautious, but he gripped his sword anyway.

While looking around, White Phantom noticed his future opponent. Zee Crusher. It seemed that all he had learned about Zee's power was true
. He was in a western Dragon like form, but with 4 arms. Nothing new, but impressive all the same.

While scouting some more, White Phantom witnessed Zee appearing on the field with the crowd cheering. It looked as though Zee was soaking up the noise like energy, which was probably exactly what he was doing. If Zee drew power from sound, then he would likely grow stronger all the time. In order to have a chance, White Phantom would have to do the same.

The Lucifer's mind continued to work at a breakneck pace, processing everything he saw, planning out his battle strategies, every tactic he knew, he was putting to use. And he began to grip his sword even tighter.
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Darkchild walks through the arena watching all start and waits for his moment almost forgetting he had to fight fellow Ice Dragon Resonate. The boy was becoming much like a man with his powers and he wanted to fight Darkchild from some time. But Darkchild knew if he fought him back the he would have torn Rez apart without any remorse now he has more than a little control over his powers.

Resonate waits for darkchild in the middle of the ring. Darkchild smiles his trademark smirk and leaps from the seats landing right in front of Resonate. He stands from his knelled landing looking up at Resonate "So brother...how about we start this huh?"

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Demon stood up as everyone quieted themselves once again. The rings had been formed by the strongest metal known to mankind, and any other race. This would make the rings nearly indestructible. Also he was about to tell the crowd the twist.


The twist is that the battles will be set high, high into space what we will see here will merely be a holograph. Let the battles begin!”


Demon teleported next too warsman. Slitting the throats of two of warsman’s bodyguards for getting to close. The room had been all fancied up. Demon hated fancy. He saw no point at all in it. He looked at War. He was about to try to make a money bet.


“So who’s your money on? I myself would put my bet on who was going to the finals on Doom and Boken. Also you and a few others shall help me judge the fights. Just send me a pm on your vote for each match.”