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Location: Champions Island, that morning…

The sun’s light beamed down from the heavens upon the beautiful city of Champions Island, it’s warm comforting light reaching to every inch of the island, casting away any form of darkness into the deepest corners of the city of heroes. Since the formation of the team, its members have faced grave threats, from an alien invasion that threaten theirs and all Earth’s very freedom, to government conspiracies and the wrath of the gods, and a hunt for mythical dragons which lead the team into an icy abyss with some of the world’s most demonic forces. But even through all those trails and challenges, the Champions of Peace prevailed. And now, with the world seemingly at peace the mighty heroes have now been given the opportunity to enjoy this rare time of tranquility; but as for one Champion, his world was anything but at peace…

“Lights: On.” A shallow voice spoke as a low beam of light suddenly flashed within the dark meeting room of Champions Tower, the light bouncing off the steal table which sat in the center of the room, casting the shadows into the far corners. A smaller beam of light cast itself upon one of the empty chairs; following with next chair as one by one the lights came on from above, circling each empty chair counterclockwise until finally reaching the last chair. As the light flashed on, a uniform coated in the bright colors of red, white, and blue appeared from within the darkness. “Computer: On.” The same shallow voice spoke once more as from the center of the table, a beam of light shot up towards the ceiling, creating a wall of several holographic screens; each containing different information on each and every member of the team, past or present.

For a moment the young hero’s emerald eyes began to skim through each member’s files as they passed by. “Computer, search: Dodd, Jason. Codename: Eclipse.” Within seconds, all of the tiny screens were absorbed back into the center of the table as they began to form a much larger image. Leaning back in his chair, his soulless eyes were now staring at a life-size hologram of the Champions former leader and Charles’ closes friend as it slowly spun in place. Hovering just in front of the model, little bits of information were floating just above the model’s knee caps. The system cataloged all information of each member that had been gathered, but was now only displaying some of the more basic info such as Eclipse’s name, age, height, weight, eye color, and so forth.

But out of all that information, the Star-Spangled Hero’s eyes looked upon one bit of information that glowed before him; he’d lost count of how many times he read those words over and over in his mind, literally spending minutes doing so as if those were words would change his life. But the truth of the matter was, it wasn’t what he read that would change his life. [Eclipse Status: Active], letting out a deep sign, his lips slowly parted, “Status, change: Deceased.”No, it was the words he was forced to change them to that forever changed his life. He watched as the computer changed the status, erasing the old one and replacing it with the new. Picking himself up out of the chair, his head hung low as he couldn’t find the strength to look at the image of his best friend any longer, “Computer. Lights: Off.” And in the blink of an eye, the young hero was consumed by the darkness around him.

Making his way down the hallway, the windows looked down at the beautiful city below, the suns light glimmering through the glass. It had a few months since Eclipse’s death, and even now only a few people knew the exact details of his death. As far as everyone knew, Jason died like he would have wanted…a hero. But as for a select few, no one would every truly know what role Charles had played in the death of one of this generations greatest heroes, nor would they ever understand the grief he would forever have to carry. But for today, none of that would matter, for today would be a day no one would ever forget.

It came without any warning; its very size sent fear down his spine as its mighty waves crashed through the city, destroying everything in its path as it over took the whole island. It was unthinkable, unimaginable, incomprehensible; but most terrifying of all…it was unstoppable. For out of all the powers on earth, out of the smartest and brightest men and women, with the greatest heroes assembled to defend this world, no one could have imagined it would be the very world that would send the hardest blow.

 His eyes flickered open as they stared up into the smoke filled skies; clouds swirled above blocking out the very light of the sun. Lifting himself to were his upper torso was now face-up, he could not imagine what his eyes were seeing. Buildings destroyed, offices now in ruins, and streets flooded with debris; Champion City was gone. Picking up his tattered and battered body up, his suit was torn and ripped, blood trickled down his forehead leaving a streak of crimson red across his face, and along with a few broken bones; but considering he was now on the rooftop of a building three blocks away from where he was just mere seconds ago, it could have been a lot worse.

 Standing at the edge of the half destroyed building, his eyes peered out upon what was once the home of the world’s greatest superhero team. Hundreds of people were now dead, dozens of heroes were on the island, and no way to contact the outside world for assistance or support; he was on his own. Pulling out his undamaged communicator he pressed the button on the side, hearing the static which told him it was still functional, the young Champion of Peace did the only thing he could think of.

 “I don't know who is listening to this or if anyone can even hear me, but if you are listening please hear my cry. Your city, your very home has been destroyed. Hundreds of lives have been wiped out in a matter of seconds while hundreds of others still hang in the balance. We have no one to contact for help and we have no idea how extensive the damage truly is…but from where I stand, minutes ago I could see a city of angels yet now all I see is nothing but utter ruins. So to all my fellow heroes, to my brothers and sisters-in-arms who are able to help, to simple anyone who can hear the sound of my voice, there is really only one thing I can truly say in a time like this and I pray that each and every one of you will heed it...”

Lowering the communicator away from his mouth, with bolts of pain flowing through every vain in his body, War Killer lifted his father’s mighty shield into the air and with one powerful voice he sounded the call, “CHAMPIONS UNITE!”
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The sounds of waves hitting cold hard steel, " This is it boys D day , lets send them Nazi sum B*tches back to hell" Edward shook his head at the (English) sergeant who spoke in a clearly American accent using words no self respecting Englishman would utter. Why do they always higher the Brits as the bad guys and not as the actual Englishman. The English actor was now on screen his German far more passable than the Americans English " Now thats what Shakespearean training and stage work gets you, genuine accents and pressence" the champion says to himself. Looking down at his drink the Prince of power has a jurrasic park moment as the water begins to ripple before he can react a serge of telepathic energy hits him like a sledgehammer sending him head over heels off his sofa. Thousands of screams and shouts burst into Edwards mind like a hand grenade of pain blowing up his cerebral cortex. Clutching at his head the champion grimaced as the images continued to flood into his mind the weight of the images pinning him to the ground helpless.

The house rocks , quakes and finally spins around Edward as the sound of thunder and shattering glass fills his ears and his body becomes suddenly cold, his lungs become breathless as the champion tumbles and sinks into the water. Fighting to control his mind Edwrad franticly struggles to pull himself to the surface before he drowns. His lungs acheing at the first breath of air and his head continues to flash the horror picture shown in his head. Treeding water it dawns on the champion, Psionic feedback loop. Natural disaster of what would have to be biblical proportions had set his telepathic fail safe alarm. The champion clutches at his belt and pulls out his COP's communicator nothing , it had been so long since it was last used it must of ran flat. Pulling the remnnants of his kitchen apart Edward pulled his way through the rubble which was once his home towards his front door away from the coastal side of his property and in towards the city.

No time for armour no time for anything Edward thought as he hit the ground running dodgeing the fallen trees as he closed down on the city. Edwrad stopped as much in shock as anything else as he heard a large thunderous clap, spinning back towards the sound the Champion watched as the park island tilted up sideways and was swallowed up by the sea. Diving into the water and swimming deeper and deeeper towards the islands foundations Edwrad watched as the foundations started to come apart in front of him. Reaching out the champion tried to hold them together, incredible weight began to push down on him as the champion used every once of himself to fight the failing structure around him on the verge of blacking out under the strain he hears a voice deep within his mind.


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It was early morning, the sun was up and the birds were chirping, Champion City was the place to be. The team was enjoying the time of peace, Ryan was no exception. He was curious though, curious about the recent events that had happened to him. It was just some time ago that he had faced his doppelganger that had trespassed from his world to this one; the result of the fight allowed the teen hero to gain new abilities, whether he liked it or not. Ryan was in front of his mirror looking into his own eyes, not out of narcissism, but rather for the curiosity of his new powers. The teen hero looked at his own natural forrest green eyes and he then blinked with the thought, a memory. The memory of his origin, the reason why he became the Crimson Eagle. Ryan opened his eyes and the color changed to a dark blue. One blink after another, one memory after another resulted in the same thing. A change of eye color. 
Reverting back to his natural eye color, Ryan walked to his family picture that hanged on the wall. Taking it off, he slides a small door that concealed a handprint scanner. Placing his hand on the cold metal plate, the green line went up and down, taking Ryan's print to great detail. As soon as it was finished, a green light flashed and the wall containing his suit opened. Looking at the suit, he reminisces the death of his parents and the reason for his path of justice. Putting on his suit and equipping his gadgets, Ryan was ready to patrol the streets despite the fact that it was peaceful. 
With the sound of his utility belt clicking into place, the Crimson Eagle took off into the streets of Champion City. "Help me!" a young child called. Ryan looked down and saw a little girl pointing at a tree, her cat was stuck. It wasn't an emergency, but it was something, Ryan flew down and gently took the cat off the tree branch and gave it to the little girl. "Thanks!" she happily said as she skipped away with the cat in her arms. Ryan smiled, the thought of happiness warmed his heart. Looking around, the people were happy, they weren't in a rush, they were calm. A wonderful setting on a beautiful day... a day that was soon going to be devastating. 
The city skies turned glum and dark and screams were heard. The teen hero turned around, but it was too late. The massive wave hit Ryan as if he he received a punch from Overkill. The water was strong, the pressure was insane. Ryan was soon crashed into a building, blinded by the water in his eyes and the debris surrounding him. Ryan tried to swim up, his cape was tangled around him, and as an act of desperation, he took out his 'Eagle-rang' and began to cut through the cape. Free from the binds, he flew up and landed on the roof of a building. Coughing up water, he heard his communicator:  

“I don't know who zzzz listening to zzzzz anyone can even hear zzzzzzzzzzzz listening please hear my cry. Your city, your very home has been destroyed. Hundreds of zzzzzzzzz been wiped out zzzzzzzzz seconds while hundreds of others still hang in the balance. We have no one to contact zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…but from where I stand, minutes ago I could see a city of angels zzzzzzzz I see is nothing but utter ruins. So to all my fellow heroes, to my brothers and sisters-in-arms zzzzz able to help, zzzzzzz anyone who can hear the sound of my voice, there is really only one thing I can truly say zzzzzz like this and I pray that each and every one of you will heed it... CHAMPION'S UNITE!"

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James strolled through the park, munching on his hot dog. The fried onions went down a proper treat. Finishing the tasty snack off, he wiped his hands together, and then his mouth with the napkin the hot dog had been wrapped in. Suddenly, there was a scream from behind him, and he turned, ready to take down a bad guy, but instead saw a girl about his own age pointing at him and screaming. She ran up and screamed right by his ear. "Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod! You're one of the Young Champions, aren't you!" Richter grinned. He was still getting used to being famous like this, having people notice him in the street. He took the piece of paper and pen that was being thrust at him, and gave her a smile that was meant to look cool, but probably looked geeky. "Who am I making this out to?" He asked, uncapping the pen. "Uh...Jenny." She said, not quite comprehending that other than creating earthquakes and chucking massive rocks around, James was just like any other teenage boy. He signed the piece of paper, scrawled his name, and then, just in a spur-of-the-moment thrill, jotted his cell number at the bottom. "Call me sometime." He said, smiling.
Now something was wrong. His smile faded as Jenny ran off, squealing a high-pitched scream. His face lost all colour. It wasn't just the sky going dark. It was like a warning from the Earth itself. "What the..." He looked up, the sight before his eyes unbelievable. The massive wall of water seemed to hang over the island as if a threat. For a moment it seemed to remain still, then fell forwards. The wave easily reached the park, and Richter seemed to freeze. Water. No! Can't swim. Run! Run! Rooted to the spot with fear, the water hit the teen, and knocked him down. Held down by the pressure, pushed through the flooded streets, Richter flailed helplessly. Oh god oh god oh god! I'm going to die! Suddenly he felt an arm wrap itself around his neck and pull him out of the water. He lay there for a moment, wheezing gently, then coughed, floundering like a fish on dry land, spitting out as much of the salty water as he could. He opened his eyes, and saw the girl he'd signed the autograph for standing over him. "Oh...hi. Not very impressive, huh?" He asked, chuckling softly. He sat up, testing if everything was where it was supposed to be. He was hurting bad. His communicator buzzed in his pocket, and he pulled it out, surprised it wasn't broken. Guess it really was waterproof. He clicked it on, aware Jenny was watching every move he made.
"I don't know who's listening to this, or if anyone can even hear me," Came War Killer's voice from the communicator. "What's that?" Jenny asked, her eyes wide. "Just my Champions of Peace communicator. It's waterproof, that's why it's still working." The speech had not stopped, and he had missed some of it. "...home has been destroyed. Hundreds of lives have been wiped out in a matter of seconds while hundreds of others still hang in the balance. We have no one to contact for help and we have no idea how extensive the damage truly is…but from where I stand, minutes ago I could see a city of angels yet now all I see is nothing but utter ruins. So to all my fellow heroes, to my brothers and sisters-in-arms who are able to help, to simple anyone who can hear the sound of my voice, there is really only one thing I can truly say in a time like this and I pray that each and every one of you will heed it..." James grinned. He loved this part. Waiting a few seconds, he shouted at the same time as War Killer. "Champions Unite!" He yelled, a wide grin on his face. Jenny looked at him and he smiled. "You know how much I'd love to stay, but sorry, I have to go save the world." Although an exaggeration and an age-old cliche, he thought it sounded good. Standing on the relatively sheltered ground, he pulled up a slab of rock, using it to hover over the now fairly calm water. After the main wave, it was unlikely that anything major would happen. All the power was in that one wave. And it truly was devastating. The damage was enough to bring tears to his eyes. A metropolis, a stronghold for superheroes, protected against superhuman threats, virtually destroyed by nature. He'd probably cruise around the city now, clearing up rubble and saving citizens.

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Anyone who knew Peter Matthews a few months ago would absolutely not recognize him now. No, not because of some figurative change that had made him into a new person. No. This change was much deeper than that. More powerful. And more tragic. Everyone knew him as "Overkill, Earth's Mightiest Mortal." At 20 years old, he stood a proud 6'2" and showed power in every detail that he had, down to his brown eyes which showed determination in all things. If you looked at him now, you would ask when Pete was going to tell you about his younger brother. But, much to your surprise, that is not his younger brother that you are looking at. That is Peter himself. His right eye remained unchanged. But his left was now a brilliant blue. He was also two inches shorter and looked no older than 18 despite his 20 years of life. He was almost a completely different person. Well... Parts of a different person. And this different person is one who shall be remembered for eternity.

The events surrounding the death of Jason Dodd were clouded for everyone, even the majority of the Champions of Peace. Peter was one of the few who knew exactly what happened. With the hero named Eclipse's last few moments, he asked Peter to do something that no one knew he could do even with his vast powers of energy manipulation. Overkill had never attempted to absorb life force energy before, but Jason asked him to on that day. And because of that, one could now see much of the Teen Wonder in Earth's Mightiest Mortal. Peter remembered a news report about heroes once and a line about Eclipse in particular. The reporter said "There is an Eclipse inside everyone, waiting to do the right thing in times of need." For Pete, this statement was a reality.

Now, the apartment of Peter Matthews

Peter sat on his couch next to Blair. She was playing with her puppy, Zachary. He couldn't help but smile as he watched her. He liked seeing her happy which was more difficult to do recently. She seemed uncomfortable around him. She had a good reason though. What else would a girl do when her boyfriend suddenly looks a lot like her dead brother? He tried his best to hide Jason from her. He didn't use his new fundamentalist abilities around her unless he needed to. He didn't attempt to swear because every time he tried, Eclipse ended up editing him. And as he is doing now, he always tried to keep her on his right side. The side with his brown eye.

In his left hand, he held an open can of Dr. Pepper. In the fridge, there was dozens more like it. Anyone who knew Peter would be shocked by this. Peter hates Dr. Pepper. But, Jason loved it. And now, Peter couldn't stop drinking it. He stood and walked to the glass door which led to his balcony. He wanted to talk to Blair, but making conversation was difficult for him now. Looking toward the water, he found something to talk about. "Hey, Blair. Come take a loo-" His face turned to one of shock as he realized what he was looking at. A tsunami had just his Champion City.

He turned quickly and saw Blair. "Grab Zachary, we gotta go, now!" He ran into the hall and pulled the buildings alarm. Blair was right behind him. He looked at her. He knew they had to spilt up to try and save as many people as possible. He touched her cheek. "Alright. We gotta go help. Keep yourself safe out there." He kissed her, wanting to linger on that moment longer, but he had to go. He turned and ran down the hall. Running turned into flying, then he burst through the window and saw what was happening. The entire city shifted as it began breaking free of it's foundations. Peter knew that once the foundations were gone, the city would move away from them before sinking into the ocean.

He flew as fast as he could to the underside of the island, taking a deep breath before plunging beneath the waves. Moving to the city's center, he found a large air pocket and moved into it, inhaling again. He knew what he had to do. He flew to the top of the air pocket. Holding the city on his shoulders, he lifted as much as he could. No one could hear his roars as he strained to keep the city from sinking. The waters flooding the streets added to the weight, but Overkill pushed himself to the limit. If he had his communicator, he would tell the team what he was doing. But, he left it in his apartment. With the rushing waters shifting the island in his grip, Peter couldn't lift it out of the water. Maybe he would be able to when the water receeded. But for now, he would keep his city from sinking.

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There is a time and point in everyone’s life where they feel they need to branch out and do something more for themselves. This was the exact feelings of Imari; she was born in Sri Lanka to a peddler and was his most prized poession; with her he could barter anything just by throwing her hand in Marriage around. She on the other side didn’t like it; at all. While her hand in Marriage was in the workings; she stow away on a cargo train set for Saudi Arabia. Despite the different culture she managed to make a life there.

She saw how the women in Saudi Arabia were being treated and decided to do something about it. Her fighting skills were mastered back home in Sri Lanka (To be explained later). She took on the name of Honor Legend after one of her favorite American Hero’s Honor Girl. In the city where she lived she managed to stop and prevent many atrocities against the Saudi women. However in Saudi, she had these horrifying nightmares of her mother back home. These nightmares culminated in her believing her mother was dead; which she later found out she was. With no reason to return home Imari headed for America.

When she arrived in America; she was scouted by members of the old Omega Justice team; however the political world turned that whole team into a corporation. In turn they turned around and sponsored her giving her the gadgets and items needed to continue her life as a vigilante; from there she would join the COP’s. Everyone had a story something deeper than what they showed; her’s was clouded and confusing. To the members of her team she had never spoke, mainly because she couldn’t speak English but she didn’t feel a part of the family.

Despite being in the best physical shape of her life Imari often woke up very early to condition her mind, body and soul through a chi exercise. Being up as early as she was, she often caught the sun’s first peak over the city skyline. The illumination process was a slow but steady one; she could see the city come to life with the sun was. On days such as this people filled the streets fairly quick. “These Americans start work very early” she said out loud to herself in her native language. The morning wasn’t really her thing, sure she woke up to do her chi test but after that she usually slept until the night time. It interested her more she felt like she was the queen of Champion City when the sun went down. In a weird way she related so much to the moon; the cold and dark nights were reflective of her past; but she didn’t shun the sun as it was a precursor to the rest of her life. Slowly getting up from her seat; she slowly walked back to her home. She turned back looking towards the sun, it seemed as if her smile brought on a dark and glum presence. “What the hell?” She said in her native lango. A huge wave smashed into the city; she lived on the outskirts but the devastation was wide spreading. From her home she could just sense the angel of death quickly spreading through the city. It didn’t take her long to suit up; hopping in her own personalized plane; she sped quickly down the streets, but her destination was not to the main part of the city; there was nothing she could help with there. She counted on her friends to handle the death and destruction part of the situation.

She took it upon herself to handle the dirty work, which was keeping those who thought they wave was a free pass at bay. She pulled up in front of the local penitenary; and could already see the prisoners trying to escape. Over her communicator she could hear the call to arms. “CHAMPIONS UNITE” she never actually said it, but she understood what War Killer fought for. Placing her hands on her grappling hook; she propelled herself over the barbed wire fence and in front of the main entrance. As she walked into the pits of the prison, she muttered the only thing she knew in english. “Champions Unite….”

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Kid devil walked through the rubble that was once champion city with his large 450 pound dog walking beside him. Warren heard a moan coming from under a small  rock he  lifted the rock up under the rock was young girl she appeared to be around 14 warren summoned a small blue flame the young girls eyes widened she was already freaked out enough from nearly being crushed but seeing a bright red demon with fire in his hands? This was making the young girl freak out warren calmly said “relax I’m one out the good guys this blue stuff heals people hurts like hell for me though.” the young girl stopped trying to run off warren crouched down and fed the blue fire in to her wounds and bruises in a few seconds she was fully healed except for some blood lost he carefully picked her up and stuck her on the back of his dog, canis canis didn’t like it much but he was fine with it for the most part. Warren felt the ground shake “aw come ‘on! This f@ckin thing is going down?!”   Warren started running toward the end of the city he had ran about a mile canis and the girl probably not far from their original location warren was starting to run out of breath he slowed down he passed a Jewelry store he saw a crook of some kind with metal hands stealing jewelry this angered kid devil he ran towards the criminal his eyes where glowing blood red kid devil was officially pissed off he ran in to the building   “put it all back now!” warren yelled in anger. The crook cockily said “who the hell are you supposed to be”  “my name is none of you god damn business put the f@ckin jewelry back now!” warren was way past his boiling point he was seconds away from killing this piece of scum it took every bit of will power he had not to hang him by his intestines the crook replied “who is gunna make me?” warren quickly said “me!” warren jumped at the crook  knocking him down warren punched the man in his jaw a few drops of blood flew from   the crooks mouth. Kid devil continued his vicious attack on the crook not holding back for a second he kept punching the criminal shattering bones with every punch the criminal was a bloody mess but breathing. KD stood up he was breathing heavy his fists drenched in blood he tore off the    metal hands like tin foil he gave the half asleep criminal one last warning “if you so much as steal a dime   I will find you and next time I won’t be so gentle.”  Warren walked out of the building and continued running for another two miles before he reached the edge of city he stood there for a moment and took deep breaths to expand his lungs kid devil took one last breath and jumped in the water he swam down deeper to the bottom of the ocean the whole city was becoming unstable he did the only thing he could think of he started making warp steel support beams to   hold up the city temporally   he wasn’t sure how long it would last but he hoped he would be lucky and it hold until proper repaired where made he quickly swam back up to the air and swam over to the dry land   and crawled back on to dry land and coughed up some water he had swallowed on his way back up from the bottom of the ocean   “where’s mantoid when you need her?” warren lies down on the  hard ground and closed his eyes for a second before being awoken by his dog , canis licking his face “alright, alright I’m up.” Warren stood back up and began looking for other survivors of this disaster and wondered where he left his champions of peace communicator.

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“He’s really gone…they’re all gone.” Laura mutter to herself as the wind swept away her tears. She couldn’t believe it was happening again. The past few months had been littered with death like the litter upon the streets of New York: Nurse Jane, Eclipse and …Hesperus. That little devil, how could it have been that someone she hated so intently could have hurt her so much when he died? The emerald eyed assassin sat perched upon the roof of the Champions tower. It was the tallest sky scraper around the area and from here you could see entire Island. The panorama of images swept past her eyes as she made a 180 degree turn to view it. Everything was quiet, peaceful at least for most Champions it was.

She felt selfish and spoiled for doing this, isolating herself amongst the clouds like she above everyone, like she was the only one to feel pain. It wasn’t just her that had been shaken by the recent happenings she knew that but it still hurt. She began to question why she had let it happen, why once again she had allowed people enter her heart people who were now long gone. In her right hand she clasped a half empty can of Dr Pepper, something whenever she thought of she could only muse over how Charles managed to get her hooked on that stuff. A weak smile slid across her ghostly pail face as she balled her fist. “I should never have joined!” She shouted out in anger her teeth gritted against one another.

As if to mock her the wind began blowing harsher, beating against her bare skin. She lowered her head in internal agony as tears began to swell up in her eyes. Charles didn’t understand, it was her fault all of it but he was relentless piling himself up with work and trying to block out the past months with work. No doubt it had put strain on their relationship, but there was something more to it. On the final nights before Jason’s death, when she was alone in her hospital bed Eclipse invested time with her. When War Killer was off in the night, dressed in crimson and midnight Jason was the one who comforted her. He assured her that things would be alright, that Charles would return the same old Boyscout she once knew. With all the time she spent with him at those last days it was unavoidable for a deep friendship to bloom.

Letting out a deep sigh she chugged down the remaining Dr Pepper drink and then threw the can toward the horizon glaring at the taunting sunset that spoke the soon ending of another day. Just as she was about to climb down from the ceiling she saw something. A plane? Boat? Maybe an oncoming storm…no it was vast and wrong color. Straining her eye sight using her enhanced sense a deep fear dawned on her. “A Tsunami…” It was crazy, impossible but here it was like a visitor the host was dreadfully unprepared for. She’d never get down in time. She had left her communicator in the lobby of the top floor. If she screamed no one would hear her.

Yet like always the jade eyed mercenary would never stand and watch anything unfold. Getting to her feet she skidded down the slanted roof her eyes steadily awaiting the drop. She was over a dozen stories high, if she was unable to hook her twin talons into the wall she’d end up making a very strong impression in the side walk. Without thought, or sane reason present she leaped off the roof flying toward the ground below. Her reflection raced passed the glass window panes as if she was watching her life fly by her. Using her heightened senses she could hear the colossal wave approaching its target. “God give me strength…and keep them safe.” With that she spun in mid air to face the blur of windows that she seemed to be racing past. Clenching her fists with one jagged movement she dug her hands into the glass as the momentum of her fall dragged her down. But like an anchor her speed began to subside and eventually she was at a standstill on the 5 floor.

Kicking through the already broken glass she staggered a bit winded before looking around at the dozens of eyes that stared at her. Her ragged hands dripped blood down on the carpet as her hair was blown in all directions. “You…need…to…” but the words were unable to make it past her throat. Pushing the pain aside she just pointed toward the large window on the opposite end of the lobby, and through it could be scene a very large wave approaching. Some people ran in panic other people dropped to their knees, some went and hid in corners but most ran. “Excuse me miss.” A young woman’s voice said from behind. Turning her glance she saw a young brunette with some bandages in her hands as she started mending Laura’s wounds.

“What are you doing! Run!” Talon insisted with a slight hint of ferocity. The blue eyed woman just looked up at her and smiled doing her best to hide the fear that Laura knew was behind those eyes. “I’m not like you, I can’t just heal or fly away. The wave will hit me whether I run or stay.” “You might have a better chance.” Laura insisted urgently as the woman continued to wrap bandage against the Lycan’s battered hands. Time had seemed to slow as the insanity and nonchalant of this woman’s demeanor shocked her into passivity.”If I die today, I would not want the last thing I do to be running.” As if in slow motion the wave crashed through the clear window with such force that it shot deadly shards of glass in all directions impaling all in its way. And just like that Champions City was no more.

Minuets later

Pain shot through every vain as Laura couldn’t seem to find the strength to get up. There was some light like that of a smoldering flame about to be snuffed out as the sun was still setting. Drenched in her own blood and water the emerald eyed assassin sat herself up. Her whole body seemed to groan at the thought of movement but she ignored her better sense. “What happened..” her voice was weak and her body weaker, who knows how long she had been submerged underwater before managing to wash ashore. The Champions tower was now totaled snapped in half like a stick. The smell of death lingered in her nostrils like an overpowering stench.

She could feel her body slowly begin to heal itself, if only everyone could have had a healing factor. Taking in one final deep breath she sprung to her feet her foot claws digging into the ground to stabilize her. She swayed like a tree being tossed by the wind as she tried to take a few steps forward. Lifting her right hand to wipe away the blood her eyes locked onto her now fully bandaged hand as the memories of the mysterious lady flashed before her eyes like a scene in fast-forward. Where was she? Laura’s eyes began searching the area full circle, her nose couldn’t latch onto any kind of scene for the commotion and chaos around her was too overpowering.

“Help…” it was weak but loud enough for her feral ears to pick it up. Neck snapped to the right as her body followed her nose to tons of debris. Kneeling down she began picking some up, throwing it aside and continuing this until she saw a sight that caused her eye to leak. A mother cradling her little baby in her arms as if to protect it from the harsh impact of the water. By the time Laura had gotten to her the mother was already dead but the child, the baby was breathing. Quickly Laura slid the infant out of the dead mother’s cradling arms and looked the child over, it was a boy. Holding him in her arms she climbed out of the ditch she had just dug and looked around in astonishment, there were probably dozens more scenes like this out there, how could something like this happen without warning.

Walking a few miles she managed to help out any survivors she could find, she wandered if there was anyone else out there, she wondered if Charles had survived or if his life as well was so swiftly swept away. She couldn’t fall apart now go look for him, as much as she wanted to there were innocent lives that needed her help. Out of contact and destitute she managed to find a stable warehouse that had not been too torn apart by the wave. But nothing was really stable, the island had been broken into two pieces from what she could see each separated by a large segment of water, and due to its instability there were consistent tremors. Settling the group of people there she encouraged them to go look for others and get resources. Sadly she couldn’t stay, there was too much chaos left unsolved too much questions that needed answers…too many people she loved that she needed to find.

Walking out of the warehouse and staring up at the partly darkened sky she could see clouds from all direction gathering around the now vulnerable island as if to seek out vengeance. Sniffing the air once again she tried locking onto anyone familiar scent but couldn’t get any of the smells to make any sense. Feeling weak and helpless Laura knew that she could do nothing in this state. Lifting her eyes to the heavens and last rays of light that were given off from the horizon she whispered “Gemini.”

With that a radiant blue consumed her body as it glowed from her chest outward. A Beautiful sword fell from above like a lightning bolt and metalized in front of her. The deep sapphire blue blade hummed as she clasped it tightly in her right hand. With that her body began to elevate slightly as she shot up to sky now fully viewing the havoc that had occurred due to one sudden catastrophe. As she hovered high in the air a sudden pain, like that of a stabbing to the chest. Cringing in pain she dropped a few feet but managed to regain her height. But again like before but heavier the pain resounded in her chest.

“Gemini what are you doing to me!” she groaned trying to compensate ignoring the pain but it grew stronger. Someone was in trouble, someone she had used Gemini on she didn’t know who but she had a feeling in her gut that time was running out. Racing in full speed she flew oddly enough to the boarder of the crumbling island. It was scent, vague and polluted with salt water but she picked it up. Someone was down there. Taking in a deep breath she dived head first into the water, seemingly flying at full speed under the island that once use to stand with such vigor. Eventually she saw an air pocket and the scent got stronger. Submerging from the deep she found herself face to face with.. “Eclipse?” She strained a bit her heart almost stopping and her mid air flight almost giving way. The scent was almost identical to his but it couldn’t have been him.

It didn’t take long for Laura to realize what he was doing and quickly she had an Idea. “Don’t let go, I’ll try to relive your stress.” She said pointing her sword upward toward the ceiling of the underwater air bubble. With that like a drip almost she pricing the earth and with great force and unknown power she burst through the layer and found herself in the heart of the island. Isles floated, the reason this one was sinking because its weight was had increased due to it severing itself from the other three, because oddly enough when combined the weight was distributed better and no doubt there might have been air pockets and gaps in the earth that allowed it to float. Now with it shattered each was unable to cope without the other.

Like a drill she forced her way through the dirt and sand she needed to make larger air pocket within the island so it would have better chances of floating. Who knew how Ecl…that individual of significance had been there, the fact was he couldn’t just hold this place up forever. Managing her way eventually with one strong shove she heaved out the dirt she had dug through and accumulated. Like a geezer it burst out from the islands hull into the ocean. With swift calculation she knew she needed to plug that hole or else would come through and the whole island would be in its previous predicament. With a blasé from Gemini she managed to make the entrance of the tunnel collapse hopefully now clogging the air inside.

With that she returned swimming underwater to the hero who she had seen so valiantly holding up the mount all by himself. “I know we don’t have time but…” she paused a moment stared deeply into his eyes then a look awe overcame her. “Over Kill…your back.” Words escape her as she couldn’t hide the joy behind her eyes. It had ages since she had seen him, the connection she had must have been made from when she healed him during the Skrull Invasion months ago, and now he was back. Earths Mightiest Mortal oddly enough very different in appearance. “It’s good to have you back.” She said with a weak smile as he released his hands from the dirt ceiling to reveal marking hand prints from where his were. Glancing up he chuckled slightly. “Well that wasn’t really the impression I wanted but it works.”

There was no time to catch up there hardly any time for catching each other’s breath. If the islands were failing due to their foundation being knocked off then this wasn’t the last heroism these two friends would have to commit. “We should check on the other islands.” Over Kill suggested, with a simple nod of her head Talon agreed and the two were off like missiles directed to one target. Up ahead of them Laura could see a small figure but hands stretched out as he desperately tried to keep the largest piece of the island together. “He’ll never be able to keep them together, our best bet is to keep them up but let them separate.” Laura communicated telepathically with Over Kill.

“I’ll help out Edward you take the other..that is if you can handle it?” she threw him a teasing smirk. “Hay I am not called Earths Mightiest mortal for nothin’!” he said and the two parted to complete their grave task ahead. It was a horrible sight, she could see the ground literally splitting above Edward’s head as the massive weight was practically on his shoulders: Time was running. “Need a hand…or two.” Laura messaged as she swam up beside Lazy assumed a heaving stance. “I’ve got back up, Over Kill will handle the other island we just need to get this one safe.” She continued her mental messaging giving her team mate the Idea. The two of them safely let the two isles go their coerce and split, now the hard part was getting them stable. “Can you hold it for a moment?” she questioned but he affirmed her undoubtedly.

With that Laura aimed her valiant blade toward an underwater mountain was several yards off. With a strong blow of fire she managed to cause an aqua landslide causing the crumbling foundation to be aided by mud and rock. Then aiming her blade she released a blue flame that melted it and made it hard. With the help of Edwards Super strength the two managed to set the helpless ilsnad upon solid ground once more. She was quite amazed at both Edward and Over Kills endurance, if it wasn’t for them the entire island and their inhabitants would have been long gone. Looking over she saw Over Kill who had managed to handle the smaller island and also put on a firm foundation. With that one great disaster was averted, but there was still a lot of work that need to be done.

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Make no mistake Destiny loved the calm of it all. There was at the moment peace and tranquility and all she had to do was manage small troubles of the world. The moment was however just that, true peace was still eons away. Seeing the world from the heavens for a century she knew well that there were but moments of tranquility. Long as sin had a presence it would strike that was why this team existed. For now however she could enjoy raves parties and helping the police. Deep in the fathoms of her mind though she knew it would come crashing down. Rumor had it and evidence in actions supported it, a team possibly the fabled Hellfire Club had infitrated the goverment. Even though they seemed gone history said they had a tenacity for revival. Meanwhile Tenebra was in orbit an empire built around murderers rapists and terrorists. If such things still lingered, there was no lasting peace. In all her understanding however she could have never predicted what was to come. The biblical scaled tides of destruction made her blood rise. The mind of the rejected angel perplexed by guilt.(PARAGRAPH1)Destiny stood surounded by men and women with guns pointed towards her. The wind maid hair and clothing dance and doves seemed to flutter in flocks around them. A drug deal had been prepared to go down on the roof of a sky scraper near the edge of the island. Enjoying the view as she waited the redemption seeker sought to confront them and put it to a quick end. She reached into her back pocker with her right hand her left resting on her hip above her blade Forefather. If she moved an inch they swore they would open fire. Getting out of this ment speed. Her index taped and the click of safety switches was heard, now. The knife and sword were drawn in an upward arc in a blinding flash of motion. Gashes going from the lower thighs, working its way across the chests of the next two and finaly cuting into the necks of the final two. Killing not in mind she drove her blade into the ground and focused on healing. The six men would awake in a cell with scars but otherwise they would be fine.(PARAGRAPH2) The seventh man stood in the doorway and clapped, his eyes were red dry by the looks of it he was on a meth high for a good two days consecutivly. "I alearted the popo sexy." Requiem niped the urge to kick him off the roof. "Rather than kick my ass though we should talk or something." The blades sheathed as she gestured the man to continue. "Why did you do it, we steal, lie, have killed once or twice, hell I even comited adultry last tuesday. Look at you even I can tell your an angel and im usually bias." He grinned almost with charm if not for reaking of drugs and dressed in a horid mix of leather browns and bright vibrant colors. The woman shrugged as she contemplated her answer. "I have reason to believe the HFC or TI will strike again because we used vengeance as a motive and that alone speaks against a greater good. I believe in an eye for an eye, who gets to decide who pays and why though? If everyone lives by an eye for an eye all we get is a world that's blind. However if nobody loses nobody wins and we are controled by fear. I should put these people away but is it my place to say who lives or dies?" (PARAGRAPH3) The two took a seat on the ledge backs turned to the coast line. Of all the talk of ethics the two found themselves talking to someone they never thought they would hold an intelectual discussion with. "Ok, I think I can get that, but why let so many live? Is it better to let a guy like Final Arrow or Nerx monsters of myth live? If Kurent fought them to the end chased them off till death would not his untimely death be avoided? There was a civil war around this time last year. Many died, I would think casualties of war were bad. You claim to fight for everyone but then let death befall someone. If you don't try and save one how do you expect to save many?" The angel who's faith and resolve was more and more questioned as she resided on earth was confused. All this time she saw her actions as justified but were they right? End the corupt soul and coruption spreads, let the corupt man live and coruption may spread faster. "Tank caused a explosion equal to Hiroshima if we destroyed Tenebra would we be any better than that psychopath? A nation of thieves is still a nation. Is it right of us at any time to act first? Her sentance stopped as the two cops entered. That was when they saw it in all it's apocalyptic horror. (PARAGRAPH4) The wave was beyond any scope scene before from what she knew. Not even the meta human comunities could produce such force. It wasn't man but nature. Was the gods acting against her alone, had the champions done something wrong? The city would shake and crumble beneath the waves and their seemed no reason why. All these deaths without cause or blame and she was powerless. Sisters of battle fell all around her defending heaven, there deaths received requiem they were valiant. What harmony, what celebration could come of this? Snapping herself out of her state of mind wings quickly bursted from her back feathers flooding the air as she quickly shielded herself and the fellon at her side. Then it hit and the world faded to black, her body racked by pain and breath held. Blacking out her and the criminal were left for the tide. (PARAGRAGH5) The world seamed to be spinning after blinking sevral times and trying to stand on her feat things started to clear up. About five miles away was the remnants of the building she was standing on no more than ten minutes ago. The bodies of the drug dealers and the cops were not to far away. Bones shattered from the force of impact shattering bones. iT was only after seeing that the man she had been talking to was alive that she realized her own condition. A car dented was near by and her shoulder blades felt like they were on fire. Folding them over so she could get a better look she saw how bad they truely were, Alot more red made up her wings than it should. By the tattered remains and bloodied feathers she put it together that it was best to put them away. "You saved me, you could of flown off and likely saved a few in the streets. Rather than save yourself or others you went for the closest ones to you?" The man looked at the angel in the eyes confused beyond all beliefe. "Like I said if you dont try to save one life you'll never save any." The man took her hand in thanks. "Names Eric and whatever it is that brought you here I thank them or it for doing so." Destiny smiled before pointing him to a make shift hospital going up. In the distance she could see a shield going into the air glistening from the sun. Matching the few words she picked up from her comunicator, (PARAGRAPH6) Requiem said a prayer as she walked towards the iconolized hero. Bodies wounded men and women and ruble filled the streets. She did what she could when possible as she headed for the newly founded leader of the team. After geting to him she realized he was just as banged up as the other survivors. In all this destruction it seamed nobody was able to gget clear. "Maybe we should give you a black eye. Got the read and white on your face going a blue bruise would make it all match." A faint grin trying to make light of the situation graced her features. "In minutes will likely have histeria in the streets added to the already big problems. Where should we start? I've never seen anything like this."

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Smoke and dust filled the skies as a blanket of death covered the whole island. Within minutes heroes of every shape and size appeared from every direction to answer the young Champions call for help and now were doing their part to save whatever lives they could. Still standing upon the same half destroyed building, Charles stood at the edge of the roof as he looked down upon the desolated city below. But suddenly a scream of pure terror sounded causing the young hero’s eyes to peer down at the building just across the street from the building he was now standing upon. Narrowing his vision towards the building, seeing as part of it had literally been ripped off and now the inside of the building was now visible.

Hearing the same scream, his eyes zoned in on a young woman who was literally dangling on a pipe that was sticking out from the side of the building. Knowing he needed to act fast, he prepared himself to leap from the building he was on and onto the roof of the building across from him. Taking a few steps backwards he gained enough distance to get a good running start, but as he neared the edge of the building the roof began to shake and tremble knocking Charles to the ground. Suddenly the whole building began to crack and shake more violently which only told him that the island was now more unstable than he previously could have imagined.

Tearing through the streets below and up the side of the building, the entire top half portion of the building began to break apart. Seeing as the crack made its way across the top of the roof Charles quickly got to his feet as he fled towards the same edge he was just running towards moments ago as the whole top section of the building began to cave in on itself. Leaping into the air, dust and rocks were thrown into the air as a chunk of the roof now caved into the rest of the building, leaving half of it now at a slanted position of about a 140 degree angle.

Still in mid-jump, knowing he wouldn’t make the jump now he quickly pulled his shield around slipping his feet through the shield’s straps he now found himself shield-surfing down the side of the building. As glass began to shatter behind him as he motioned his body left to right, guiding himself to avoid the already broken in windows. Now nearing the edge of the building, using it to propel himself into the air, his shield falling towards the street below as his body was now sent soaring across the street. Screaming as she began to lose her grip of the pipe, War Killer swiftly slammed into her just as she was about to fall, wrapping his arms around her as they rolled into the building. Charles had hoped his suit would absorb most of the impact, but as he rolled into the building he felt a sharp crack shot up through his right shoulder.

Letting out a sharp groan of pain, with the woman still wrapped within his arms, their bodies came to a slow rolling stop. Lifting their heads, they both watched as the building Charles had just leaped from now began to crumble completely to the ground, sending a heavy cloud of dust into the air. Feeling the sharp pain running down his should right shoulder as he unwrapped his arms from around the woman, he was simple relieved to find her completely unharmed aside from a few cuts.

Making their way in the streets, still holding onto his beat-up shoulder Charles gentle slid his shield around his back. Hearing what appeared to be some kind of emergency sirens, the two could see what appeared to be the islands emergency response team who had set up a make-shift hospital a little more than a block away. Making their way down the street, they were both quickly greeted by two emergency workers and a nurse who began to tend to their injuries. After a few moments, the nurse had wrapped Charles’ shoulder in a bandage and alerted him that he had cracked part of his collar bone.

"Maybe we should give you a black eye. Got the red and white on your face going a blue bruise would make it all match." A voice said jokingly. Lifting his head, Charles found none other than Requiem standing before him with a slight grin on her face. “Heh, get back to me at the end of the day and see if I have any more bruises then; it’s good to see you Requiem. Nice to know that there’s an angel here in the middle of hell.” The Star-Spangled Hero said with a chuckle in his voice as he got to his feet as he was now standing before her.   “In minutes will likely have hysteria in the streets added to the already big problems. Where should we start? I've never seen anything like this."

Pulling out his communicator, a small holographic diagram of the entire island appeared before them both. “Believe it or not, I’ve seen worse. But right now our main focus should be trying to restore power back to the island, there are going to be hundreds of people who are going to need a hospital and but those places are going to be useless unless we can restore power so they can use their equipment,” he said as he placed his fingers upon the island diagram, pinpointing where the islands power generators are located, “about a mile underneath Champions Tower is the generators which power the whole island are located; we need to get those things up and running again if we are going to save any more lives.”

With a light tap, the diagram zoomed in on where the islands penitentiary was located in the city. “Right here is where the nearest entrance to the tunnels that lead to the generators is. If we reach that we should have a straight shot right to them.” The hologram vanished as he put his communicator away, taking a few steps forward he took a deep breath as he turned back to Requiem with a smirk on his face, “Can you fly and carry someone at the same time?”

Now being carried in her arms as she used her majestic wings to carry them high above the city, Charles could see truly the devastation that the city had undergone; still unbelievable to him that something on such destructive levels could have happened in just mere minutes. And as they soared high above the pillars of smoke and dust, only one thing was on his mind: where was Laura? But as the penitentiary now became visible below, he could only pray that she was okay. “Lose a little altitude just above the prison!” He ordered as they began their decent, allowing them both to see as the prisoners who were being held within the cells of the prison were now fighting their way through the prisons defenses and out into the city streets, starting riots and causing even more damage if that was even possible at this point.

“Alright, here’s the plan: I need you to circle around and try to keep these freaks contained while I make my way into the prison. Once I make my way inside you can either follow me in or stay out here, it’s you choice. But either way, good luck and stay safe!” He shouted before then breaking her hold of his arms allowing his body to drop towards the prison that lied just below them. Smashing in through a skylight on one of the upper-levels of the building, he rolled upon the ground to help soften the fall as he rolled up into a slight crouching position. Clutching his right shoulder, he had managed to roll on his left side hoping to ease the pain of the right but feeling a splitting sting. Not wasting time, he dashed down one of the cell blocks which were now empty and left to rot in this ruined place of a prison. But as he made a quick right turn down the hall, he was forced to stop as a wall of fire cut him off from his path.

“Well, well, well. Look what we got here.” A deep voice said as a large black man a skinny white punk made their way through the firewall. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a true blue all by his lonesome; Ricky why don’t you and me teach him about what happens when you lock us up.” The large man said as his skin now began to coat itself in pure bronze metal. “Oh crap.” Charles said as he quickly held up his shield. The sound of metal clashing echoed down the cell block and was quickly followed by the sound of a body being sent crashing through solid brick walls. Rolling violently across the floor, his body finally slid to a dead halt. Lifting his head up, he found a girl around his age standing silently before him in a black ninja-like uniform. With blood dripping from his lips, he gave the girl a short-lived grin as he managed to moan, “S’up.”

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Edward could feel every fibre of his being begin to crush and break down under the huge weight on his shoulders. His strenghts levels had never been put to this kind of test and they where way beyond breaking point, every second the islands immense weight forced Edward that little bit lower in the water as the fibres of his muscles began to tear and his bones reached the point of complete failure. In the coldness of the water the champion heard a voice “Need a hand…or two.” moving as little as he could he replied " Whatever ideas you have better do it fast, i cant hold this much longer.". Listening to Laura's plan Edward groaned as the weight shifted above him with one of the islands slidding away from the two of them into Overkills grasp. The weight still crushed down on the prince of power the two halfs together kind of propped each other up alittle now alongside Laura he was bareing the weight of half of the city, way more than he was meant to handle.

Closing his eyes to try and distance himself form the pain he continued his best atlas impression , the weight of the city baring down on him like the weight of the world. “Can you hold it for a moment?” Lauras question was innocent enough but the stress of the situation filled Edwards mind with vile words to respond , hes body under such stress was clearly wanting to lash out and end its tourment. Nodding back at Laura he felt the surge of weight fall once again squarely on his shoulders and he kept his eyes closed focusing on not letting the team down. Bubbles rushed past the champions face and the words " That should hold it for now, we need to get back to the surface and help the rest of the team out ." Moving out from under the island Edward tread water for a second his body ached he could barely move and then the mental flashes hit him once more. The flashes flooded his head once again with thousands of voices, some he knew some he didnt and then it went quiet his mind and body shut off like somebody flicked a switch.

Edward floated to the surface unconscious

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Taking out the goons happened to be no problem for her; she extended her hand to War Killer fully aware of who he was and what he meant to the world. Even though she could speak in her native language she opted not to; she typically was one to speak with her body through actions and mannerisms. The prison lights flickered on and off, though she was trained against it, she got a cold and unsure feeling in the bowels of her stomach. As she took the lead through the narrow halls of the prison, she occasionally glanced back at the injured War Killer. She wasn’t at all concerned about his wounds, sure they were ghastly but they were really life or death injures; her ability to read his current body state told her he could make his own way at least until she found somewhere where first aid could be performed. Letting WK move into a lookout room; she stalked behind him, making sure that the close was clear before she performed first aid. Taking out combat gauze she quickly wrapped his right shoulder with the intent on keep his tendon intact.

She could tell how his body naturally leaned towards the left that there was something impairing his equilibrium, she also noticed how much pain he was in when he made is crash landing moments ago; Yeah she saw that too, she had just happened to be hiding back into the shadows when he did it. The lights once again flickered on and off each time they did so, Imari wondered off further and further way from War Killer eventually leaving him in the observation room by himself. The tactic it’s self was kind of messed up; depending on whose perspective it was based off. To Imari, she left War Killer alone for reasons that would soon be clear. To War Killer maybe he thought Imari was abandoning him for whatever reason. To the three inmates whom had slipped into the room; they only saw one person that person being War Killer.

Imari winced from deep within the hollow dark corners of the room; slowly growing closer as they drew closer to Charles. Reaching down on her gold utility belt; she quickly removed a flash bang; the good thing about it was it carried that old artillery whistling sound which tends to freak everyone out, it was always good for a chuckle. Removing the grenade she tossed it in the air; at that moment the light’s flickered back on and the huge bat-like Indian hero jumped from the balcony ready to engage her enemies. No sooner that it hit, the grenade went off causing the three prisoners some confusion and increased the fear factor of the whole situation. Imari reacted quickly; kicking one of the men in the gut; then quickly rebounding with a somersault kick to the chin. She didn’t have time to watch him stumble over a whole pile of lumber; she was too busy messing around with the other two.

The two guards tried to flank her, one coming from the left with what looked like a ball and chain; how the hell he got it being locked up in prison was beyond her. The one on the right held his dukes up ready to fist fight. Sadly for him, he was going to get it the worst; she hated people who thought they were good enough to square up with her. She lunged at him with a flying kick, which didn’t knock him off his feet; the guy with the ball and chain came in pursuit but was dispatched by the clang of War Killer’s shield. This took Imari by surprise as she had forgotten he was there. Sort of. The last prisoner came back again with a two by four; this was ended quickly when she removed her red sun blade from her hidden sheath on her back. Its crimson glare could be vividly seen in the flickering light. This was always the fun part, watching as the prisoner realized that his piece of wood would do nothing to weapon that was going to eat right through it. Sheathing her weapon again, she pulled out a small black device and shocked the prisoner rendering him unconscious. She didn’t have the time to play around with him. Since entering the prison she had one task, which was activate the “riot control” features of the prison, while this would not guarantee that all the prisoners would get back in their cells it would ensure that none of them left the prison. Still communicating with her body, she gave War Killer and long and cold stare as if she were asking him if he was ok. She could do this job by herself; removing her grappling hook; she opened his hand and then gave it to him. After sharing a long and cold stare; her head slowly titled up; to the roof and his way out. There were people on the outside that needed to see HIS face; there were people that were going to look for him as their symbol of relief; those were the people he needed to be worrying about, these people here in these slums…were hers. Imari turned around at the exact time the lights flickered out; and when they came back on she was nowhere in sight.

Fighting her way down to the third floor, she couldn’t help but smell a familiar smell one that she undoubtedly smelled before. Somewhere in Afghanistan; this woman once belonged to the illustrious Murder Inc family before the huge split; she happened to be a very important operative within the group and had a pretty big operation going on in Solace City and Watsonville which is probably why she was moved here; she seemed to be the only one down here guarding the Riot control conduit.

Removing a batarang; Imari pulled back and tossed it at the Riot control conduit; hitting the button and turning all of the riot control sensors on locking her in the prison with its hospitable prisoners. Dropped down to the main floor she came face to face with the one once called Cardinal; or Cardinal Prospect depending on who was asked.

“You again!?” the prisoner spoke taking a fighting stance ready to engage the young hero. Imari stuck her hand into her cowl and pulled out another grappling hook. She fired it above her as if she were going to exit. “Oh no you don’t!” the woman screamed running towards Imari with ill regard to what could happen. The young teen swung back and kicked her backwards back into her holo-protected cell this locked up the third floor and all of the outside doors and gates in and out of the prison. As she ascended up to the roof, the sarcastic ass Teen waved bye to her adversary very sure she’d see her again. Now wasn’t the time to play “bloodsport” there were people to save.

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Boring, tedious and dismal Michael was bored today beyond belief I mean he loved taking time off and just sitting messing around but today was something different there was nothing to do no fun to be had.

Stepping into the elevator Michael and the rest of the passenger’s began to descend the floors of Champion tower. Packed in the elevator with the other people around him it was warm and he felt a sickening sensation but it wasn’t the heat something felt out of balance the ground below them began to shake and the building cracked and parts crumbled to the ground trapping everyone in the elevator’s under debris and dust.

Bright silver light all around disorientating very disorientating getting used to the light Michael looked around and in astonishment he and the other people were surrounded in a small silver energy shield that he had unintentionally created *This is new* staring at shield in wonder one of the other trapped people he suddenly realised they were buried under rubble. *We have to get out here I wonder….I mean…if I made…it*

“Mister” looking down a little girl was tugging at his jacket to get his attention “Are you gonna get us out of here Im scared” “Huh oh yeah don’t worry Im going to get us out of here as fast as I can” turning to the other people “Okay stay calm Im going to get us out of here I just need all of you to stick together” the group of people and the little girl ran together and kept close.

Blocking out all noise the shield dissipated and a lightning bolt broke through the rubble letting the sunlight flood through. Looking up the city was destroyed building’s were crumbling, debris was washed down the flooded streets and an array of people were panicking.

*zzzkt..zzzkt* I don’t know who is *zzzkt..zzkt* *piece of crap guess I’ll have to go with plan b* Out in the air Michael focused on the air around him and heard the voice of War Killer be carried on the wind “.......so to all my fellow heroes, to my brother’s and sister’s-in-arms who are able to help, to simple anyone who can hear the sound of my voice there is really only one thing I can truly say in a time like this and I pray that each and every one of you will heed it CHAMPION’S UNITE”

Turning back towards the group of people behind him “Okay If all of you would make you way to the nearest hospital and along the way if you happen to find anyone injured and take them I would be so grateful I have other thing’s to be getting on with but be careful the island’s still unstable so stay safe”

Rising into the air Michael saw the full scope of the destruction caused by the tsunami a fire had sprung up covering a part of the city. Soaring above the city Michael created a multiple downpour’s until the fires were under control.

Descending down towards the ground Michael saw a body lying in the water landing on the sandy beach he speed off into the water knee deep. He knew who it was lifting him he was right it was Edward Windsor unconscious wading through the water Michael set him down on the sand bank. Reaching for his communicator Michael sent out a message “Champion Down location…” suddenly something cold hit him in the back of the head. Looking around three inmates of the prison had escaped in the confusion “Well, well look what we got here a half pint hero and another knocked out one this should be easy get’em” instantly the two smaller inmates charged forwards, free from the prison their own power’s were restored the faster of the two ran forwards his own arm morphing into a metal blade went straight for Michael’s throat dodging this Michael caught him by his weapon and his other wrist and sent a powerful electrical jolt through his system knocking him unconscious. The second had snuck up behind him, covered in ice the inmate touched Michael’s bare skin and if it were anyone else the frostbite would have killed them but he was protected from the natural elements one of the benefits of having weather power’s or whatever they were. Smiling Michael changed into his diamond form and head butted the inmate knocking her out too.

Getting to his feet he saw the look of joy on the third inmate’s face confused Michael drew the energy from inside himself and extended his arm but nothing no lightning “You relay on your power’s to much kid well my own power’s are Power Negation so let’s see how good you really are!” Putting up his fist’s the inmate rushed towards Michael and swung for Michael’s face ducking Michael preformed a back hand spring and kicked the inmate in the face staggering him. Running forward Michael rolled and kicked him in the face again this time knocking him out “Hmm can’t fight without power’s bet that hurt without powers didn't it jackass”

Running back to Edward he was still unconscious seeing his communicator half buried in the sand Michael picked it up and finished his message “Champion down Umbra Storm requiring Medical assistance ”. “Hey Hero” spinning round more of the inmates had broken free from the prison a large group of them surrounded the both of them *I hope I can do this*

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My feelings are shattered. Everything I ever love ends up leaving me. My family, my friends, and now my best friend. Over the past few years everyone including us even thought of each other as siblings. Since we always bickered back and forth about leadership, what kind of toppings we want on the pizza, and even what to watch on tv. Not to long ago.. Very recent actually the two of us had a life changing moment. Father Time took us back to the moment when i decided on what to do with my life. The moment when my Father died in my arms. Together Eclipse and I watched it from a far. Just before that we talked to my father before he came to his last scene. He told us that he was his son. My Brother.

Is it Destiny? We met sometime after his death to be the founders of a team. Then to years be on another much larger team together. The night him and i met he saved me from dying. After Moonglow had been killed VT and I went after Jason to save his life from a choice that was pure suicide. I blame myself for not trying harder to save him from dying now. What if i could have practiced my powers more, or what if i was more smarter. I could have tried something. What if i could have opened Moonglow's Book of Shadows instead of keeping it hidden. I should have done something.

Now my boyfriend had absorbed apart of him. It's not the same. Whenever i now look at him i see Jason. I hope i get used to it, because breaking up with him because of that wouldn't be good to do.. Yeah i love him, but i'm in so much pain right now. One of the people who i'm supposed to confide in is showing me a constant reminder of why my life is currently as hell right now. I'll do anything to have Jason back...

Now i'm standing here all by myself with my dog while everything is literally falling apart around me. People are in danger. Everywhere i go. Hell follows me.

Looking down i noticed a long piece of glass that was an inch longer than the length of my hand. Maybe.. If.. I just.. It'll only take a second.. Then this could all stop.. No.. Yeah.. Grabbing a hold of the glass i stare into it. I wonder if this may be a way to help everyone around me. Without me they'll be able to live happier lives without a curse living amongst them. I notice my reflection as i bring it towards my neck. Now i get to my with my daddy, Yuki, and Jason..

However, i turn my head to see Zachery staring at me. He has been with me since around the beginning or close enough at least. Looking at him i see nothing but a pure soul of kindness. He is sad for me i could tell. There is something different from him than most Dogs as well.. I don't know what it is yet.. but i'll find out soon. Looking into his eyes he tells me i can't give up now.. I need to do my best to help others that are in need.. I shouldn't be standing here stalling. My family needs me.

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Kid devil wandered around the rubble of champion city angry at the criminals for taking advantage of the wounded city his eyes where clouded with rage. He heard a faint moan coming from one of the piles of rubble he ran over to the shortest heap of rubble. The red devil picked up a large piece of rubble searching for the source of the moan he threw scrap all around the area. Warren stopped for a moment and listened for another moan he couldn’t hear it anymore Warren closed his eyes and looked for the heat signature of a human body, soon he found a faint heat signature underneath a pile of scrap metal someone must have cleaned up. Warren slowly opened his eyes and ran over to the pile of scrap and quickly threw the rubble aside he found the body of an elderly African American male, recently deceased. Warren stood there for a moment of silence before he ran off “uh guys gals where are ya?!” he yelled as he wandered around the city. Kid devil walked on to the beach he saw several  escaped inmates hovering around two people he couldn’t tell who they were from a distance but it didn’t matter to him he was still angry  that was a good enough reason to beat them up. He bended down and pulled a six inch survival blade out of his old army boots and held it in his right hand as he pulled a silver handled switch blade from the pocket of his blue jeans with his left hand and threw it at an inmate’s leg it flew through the prisoners knee cap causing him to fall to the ground Warren ran as fast as he could to the escaped prisoners and people he soon found out were umbra storm and Edward. Warren quickly leg swept two prisoners they fell to the floor. The other inmates turned around to face Kid devil they began powering up soon a purple and brown lizard man, a living stone statue, a man with a flaming head, a rhino like man, and a female criminal with shape shifting abilities stood before Warren all of which were awfully mad. As an instinct Warren stabbed the guy with the flaming head in his shoulder with his six inch survival blade KD took away his flames that guy was finished. “Alright one down four two go.” He whispered to himself the stone man ran over to warren and punched Warren in his chest knocking him down for a moment. The teenaged demon teleported over to umbra storm and Edward “uh wanna help bro cause I think they want to eat me.” Warren pulled to black handled switch blades from his brown leather jacket and got ready for another fight “uh is eddy still breath in?”

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James' feet touched the wet ground of the now split island. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he looked as though he was having some kind of fit, as his body shook. He was part of the earth, just another part of the island. He was aware of a battle, many large, heavy footsteps, followed by a pause, then a thump, probably as an attacker ran, punched, and the person he was aiming at was hit, sailed through the air, and landed heavily. James ran along the ground towards the fight, his bare feet slapping against the wet road loudly. As he ran over the park, the noise changed from SLAP SLAP SLAP! to squelch squelch squelch. Still, he didn't stop.

A few moments later...

He'd been closer than he had originally thought, arriving at the scene quickly. Three Champions were already on site, but the massive living statue that towered over James would indicate they did not have the situation under control. His wet hair back as he looked up at the monster, James gave a slightly evil grin. "Hey! OVER HERE YA BIG ROCKHEAD!" The heckle had done its intended job, and gotten the lummox's limited attention. "Yeah, that's right, you dummy! Come and get me!" His yells taunted the statue too much, and he ran over, letting out a loud roar. As he punched, James barely moved out of the way in time. His speed was better than he'd thought. And yet..."You know they call me Richter for a reason, yeah?" He asked, delivering what appeared to be a gentle tap to the rock man's arm. What he really did was stimulate an earthquake measuring approximately 3 on the Richter Scale, and caused the stone's right arm to crack, fracture and break into pebbles, measuring approximately 7 on the OUCH! Scale. "You really sure you want to do this?" He asked, closing his fist. He looked around the stone giant at Warren, Umbra and Edward. "Ya think next time you're fighting a ROCK giant, you wanna give me a call? You know, a little "hey, dude who controls rock, there's a massive rock man beating the tar out of me, come over here and toss him about a bit, please"."

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After a bit of joking around Warkiller gave the orders of what to do next. Flying both of them to the prison was far from easy on battered wings but she put aside the pain to get them their things were far more important than her personal comfort. When the waves hit one of the first places to be struck was the prison. COnsidering it was also heavly surounded by water it was also hit relativly hard. What this meant was power went down along with any back up generators. Because of this inmates got free and quickly things turned into a massive riot. With death toll's from the wave heavy and no acess to any valid escape routs things went more or less from bad to worse. Soon enough the masses had turned on eachother. If the criminals couldn't gain freedom they could atleast carry out their vendetta on those who locked them away. Security was always under par when it came to the idea of prison riots Destiny knew the turn out before even ariving. Security managed order because A they had the guns and B they had control of every door. No power no doors that just left guns. When you're already the worst kind of people around sacrificing thugs to get to a guard and taking his gun was no big deal. Once enough guards were down the struggle of suppremecy would be over. If her and Warkiller didn't entervine odds were the town would have a list of problems runing rampid. In all likely hood there were probably some who allready were in town using abilities to get around the bumps in the get away plan.

Entering the mess hall she finally came across a few of the convicts she was told to lock back up. Regretfully the odds were hardly in favor of the fallen angel. Four of the men had managed to get their hands on guns one of them a twelve gauge. The four of them had fliped over four tables two for each pair of gunmen. It was far from perfect but it did stop most bullets the guards would of had. The other tables had been organized into a rough trench like pattern behind them. A large number of thugs were hidden around corners with any blunt object or shank they could get a hold of. And then near the very end where the other exit was sat a woman. Her hair was a mess and looked a mix of red and green, She had stripped down to nothing at somepoint and covered herself instead with wood and vine. Aparently finding what was needed to activate her own powers again and from there becoming queen bee. Its to bad her comunicator was busted and her wings were a mess because back up or flight would have been really helpfull. "Note toself next time wings are a tattered mess don't over your leader a damn ride." These were the words she wispered to herself as that floral loving broad stood up and her men did the same.

"Free room and food, you think youreselves beter people. All the while where also in a room freezing and tasting trash. The only diffrence between us and the homeless in conditions is we dont get to chose which rock we live under. Enebitably we find ourselves out of here and continue are actions. You do not halt the wickedry of man just put it on pause. All the while you feel good though where treated poorly. Whatever hapend to an eye for an eye." Destiny roled her eyes in annoyance why did she get the raving mad woman. They were worse then madmen, girls always came off b!tchy in the process. Add their filthy mouths and poor sence of dress to the god awful smell of this room and a shower sounded like heaven. "It's not my job usually to say what punishment is wrong or right just promote you seek redemption when you can. The people chose your fate those like me just fight for the people." To Requiem's response came another speach about something or other ending with an order to open fire, "Damn why do I get all the chatty ones today" Destiny mocked as she drew Forfather.

About three stories up was a shattered window nolonger bared up thanks to the antenna from a nearby point of the roof crashing trough it. It was from here the group all heard the sound of metal grinding against metal. Hearing it stop instead of looking up the group of gunmen opened fire on Destiny. Only to find the bullets bouncing off the concrete floors as another woman stood by Requiem. Her arm unfolded revealing machinery beneath as her fingers shifted into barels. A quartet of gunshots went off in unison each of the gunmen slumping over the tables blood pooling onto the floor. Requiem looked over at the woman in anger, she looked younger than Cell Phone Girl or Kid Devil, seventeen at max. She stood at about five foot three and her blue eyes seemed more like lights. Her hair was a deep black with strands of blue and she dressed like she was going to a concert more than here. "Look Requiem I caught wind of Warkiller's anouncment figured this was the best place to stop first. Names Daliah Nightingale or Andromeda and I want to help." They still had thirteen or so thugs to take care of let alone the woman in charge, she couldn't argue. "Fine but no more killing Nightingale." Noding in agreement they charged any later and the gang would have came to.

Requiem's wings may have been useless now but the balance picked up from it was far frome gone. Balancing on the edges of the makeshift baricades she dispatched those in her way. A slash with Forfather made the first one lose his eye a small stream of blood arking across the cement. Jumping to the ledge across from it her blade jabed a man in the gut, far from fatal but much like the blow before it stoped the thug in his tracks. Runing along the edges she targeted the next two men who were planing to use pieces of the bathrooms as bats. Bringing her hands up so her free hand touched the blunt side of the blade she casted a split bolt of lightning that knocked the two unconcious. Droping to her knees she briefly slid. Her blade switched hands as she wacked the next thug in the knee with the blunt of the blade and leaped at the next criminal. Her heel coliding with the man's nose. Breaking the bone and giving him a massive headach he fell as well. Geting to her feet she looked to see Andromeda. Her methods were clearly abit more rough around the edges as one could tell from the moaning and groaning. She had taken out the other seven though.

That left the flower power crazy woman. Sadly she had more ranting to do. Branches and vines broke through the floor and snaked through the room. Slowly she was trying to turn the place into a rainforest that tortured people as she made her speach. "I am mother nature the will of a god. How dare you subject me to a dank cave where I can not grow. My will is eternal, my dream" she continued to rant on the two women simply looked at eachother. Glowing blue eyes looked strait into crystalin ones to make clear it would be fine. "May I please shut her the hell up?" Daliah asked, Requiem shruged "f--k ot go ahead." With that Daliah's other hand folded into a small rocket launcher and fired a two shot burst above them. A second later just as the crazed woman was saying something about the sun rising a catwalk fell on her head. The teenaged cyborg turned back to Destiny "if we can get the power back on I can probably hack the mainframe" the angel cut her off as she gestured the teen to follow her. "Forget the technical parts I won't get it we just need to see if Charles has done it yet."

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The island was in ruins, the massive wave took down multiple buildings as if they were dominos. On all fours sputtering water from his mouth, Ryan looked onto the city from a building that withstood the impact, for now anyways. Getting up, the cape-less Eagle heard a loud crash west of his position. To his horror, the great Champion Tower had collapsed. His hands were trembling at the sight and soon, there was trembling under his feet. Suddenly, the building Ryan was standing on split in half and sucked the teen hero in. A great pile of debris clouded Ryan's eyesight, and the sound of screams and crashes was deafening to his ear. The building laid there, on top of the hero and whoever else was under the rubble. Pain was around his whole body and something was pressing against Ryan's left leg in which he gritted his teeth as he held back the pain. Lifting his arms out, he tried to push out of the rubble, and he did, only to discover that sharp metal rod stuck out of his left thigh as well as his communicator being crushed by the rocks. Carefully grabbing the rod, Ryan slowly pulled out the metal and dropped it on the ground.  The warm blood on his leg slowly dripped down to his foot, looking down, Ryan soon reached into his belt to pull out bandages to wrap around his thigh.
How am I going to get help now? Ryan wondered as he bandaged his leg. Help, A faint voice called. The teen looked around, Is anybody there? Soon, a small rock rolled and hit the floor. Ryan turned around, the rubble was moving, a survivor. Ryan dashed to the pile of rocks and he pushed aside any type of rocks that were in the way, and there she was, the little girl he had saved earlier. She was pale from the shock, her lips were dry as if she hadn't been hydrated for ages, and her body received multiple cuts. I remember you, she said with a small smile. Ryan was glad to hear her soft voice, glad to know she was alive. My mommy... she was here too. Lifting the girl up with care, Ryan knew she needed medical attention, her bones felt misplaced. I'll get her, promise. The sound of a siren was distant, but heard. Ryan flew to the street with the little girl at hand and stopped the vehicle, Get her medical attention, she may have some internal bleeding. The medics complied as look through their window, they strapped her to the gurney and said, If you find anyone else, take them to the evacuation center, and with that they drove off.  
Going back to the rubble, Ryan scraped through the piles of rock dozens of time, lifting steel beams to find anyone trapped. There were multiple bodies, sadly, none of them alive. Only six made it, none of them, the little girl's mother. Going building to building, wreckage to wreckage, Ryan found more and more survivors, and sadly, more and more bodies. Wait! Someone called, look! someone's behind us. A woman, was limping behind the group of survivors she then collapsed, most likely out of exhaustion. The teen hero ran to her location and lifted her up in his arms. My daughter... she whispered. Is fine, Ryan answered, I'll take you to her. She smiled out of relief and closed her eyes, she was tired, who wasn't after what happened.
Leading the large group to the Evacuation center in the city. Ryan held the woman in her arms and slowly went down the road. In the distance, a large group was in sight. Ryan stold the survivors behind him to stop. Changing to his eye color to gray, Ryan's vision enhanced and he saw the large group from the distance. 20 or 30 guys, some armed with pipes... all escaped from jail. Ryan turned around and faced the people, the Evacuation center is in the center of the city, go take the other route, I'll deal with these guys. The people did what they were told, and they walked away in a different direction. Take her to the center Ryan said as he handed the woman over to a man with some strength left. The teen again looked towards the large group as they grinned at the sight of the lone teen. 
Well, well, well, look who we have here. A young champion. Heh, it'll be nice beating the living snot out of you. The group circled Ryan, with some having pipes at hand. Outnumbered and tired, Ryan responded, I'll let you guys leave without a scratch on your heads, if you go back to where you came from peacefully. The group laughed, and one random guy shouted, Yeah right! Get him! The group swarmed Ryan, one sounds of pipes clanging and bones breaking was heard. Eagle punched and kicked through a couple of the guys. Without notice, one guy grabbed a live cable and shocked the teen. Aaaauuuggghhhhh!!! The teen fell on the floor, his belt taken from him and his great strength had gone.  
A hit on the eye, a kick to the stomach, a punch to the face. Ryan was dragged around and beaten by the thugs, all of them happy. His eye was bleeding, his ribs were probably cracked, his cheek and lip, swollen; and his body was unable to resist. Two of the thugs grabbed Ryan by the arms, while another took the fallen cable and walked towards Ryan. The sound and sight of the cable was enough to know what the thug was going to do to the teen. What a weakling the thug muttered as he shocked Ryan, a kid, and you call yourself a hero. Girls like the bad guys anyway, after this, I'll show them what a good time they'll have whether they like it or not. Hearing those words, rage built up inside the hero, his eye color turned red and he let out the great concussive force from his eyes. Blasting the man into the building along with the rest of the group. The men holding Ryan ran off, scared. Screaming with rage, his head tilted upward and the red concussive energy ripped through his mask and went into the sky. Closing his eyes and catching his breath, Ryan went down on the ground, exhausted and unconscious.

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Imari soared high above the dilapidated city in her “Nighthawk”; the whole prison thing seemed to be just a minor task on things she wanted to accomplish for this city; her next goal was to activate the emergency release valve deep within the city; so she could at least clear the streets of the water. She spent the whole ride, gazing at a penny on the dash. She got the penny when she first arrived in America; she actually had a whole collection of pennies just like it, with the same date and everything, only this particular one was her favorite. She loved just running her index finger across it all day; she knew the groves of the penny in and out and in this depressing time; it calmed her nerves.  The ride began to grow bump; buildings around her slowly began to cave in and crash down to the surface below. Though she wasn’t immune to the death and destruction around her; she was able to keep a calm demeanor in the whole ordeal; It wasn’t really her condition that made her this way more so her past. As her plane soared over the city her jet began to appearance a bit of turbulence; as the plane sent her rocking up and down; she without a seatbelt remained perfectly still and completely focused on the grooves of her penny.

“In-coming” her voice activated security system alerted; and swayed the craft from a head on collision with a blast. “haaaa” Imari remarked a bit surprised at the energy blast. Glancing out the window she saw what seemed to be a downed member of the Champions. Opening her Echosphere; she hit a button and it automatically told the plane to land. The plan did everything it Auto landed in a dry, and wide enough area so that it wouldn’t damage anything else. She slowly walked towards him, stepping lightly on her feet as to not leave a sound. Her cowl barely scratched the surface of the ground; her presence unknown to anyone who was still lurking in the area; like a curious kitten she made it to her downed team mate. For a few moments all she could do was watch him lie there unconscious; she slowly kicked at him however he wasn’t budging it was only then did she hear the sound of people starting to gather around her.

She could feel the vibrations from their ungraceful steps on the wet ground; there was no doubt that they came to finish the job. However, she was blessed by God, because she had no fear of pain, there was no fear of defeat, or death. As they drew close to her, she took her fighting stance; watching as they quickly moved in circling her. She only needed to watch for one, there was going to be one bold man that tried to attack her first. She slowly slid around the circle testing exactly how much space they would give her. As she returned to her downed comrade, she could hear him coming, attempting a haymayker. Imari acted quickly by ducking down into a handstand so that the back of her knee rested in his elbow, using her powerful leg and arm muscles pulled him downwards to the ground. His shoulder could be heard cracking as she pulled him down, however this didn’t stop another man from running up on her; as he moved closer to her autistic body, she could feel him moving in the vibrations; this would cost him as she quickly turned around and put him to bed with a reverse roundhouse kick. The man whose shoulder she broke slowly started to rise to his feet, but he was put to bed as well with a powerful strike to the face.

“I got her” one man screamed as he was able to catch Imari from behind, his friends grew bold and ran up to assist, The legend kicked off the ground and planted her two feet in the chest of the first on-coming victim; she then pulled down; slipping through the man’s grip pulling his pants down in the process; the embarrassed man bent down to pick his pants up; but The Legend put him to bed as well by pushing off her back legs and connecting with a spinning roundhouse kick.  Imari glanced back over to Ryan who stilled seemed to be lying unconscious; she knew as long as he was safe she didn’t need to worry about it. Three more thugs ran up to her, but she quickly intervened by running at the first thug sending a kick; that he managed to duck, however her wayward kick connected with the second thug knocking him out out impact; still using that momentum she did a leg sweep which took the third thug down.

A fist came screaming across her face, which knocked her back into a dumpster; the thug that managed to duck her first initial kick was back. He came in and kicked the side of a trash can a strike that just barely missed her; she opened palm struck him in the chest and then sent a powerful kick directly into his rib cage taking the wind right out of him.  They were all done, every last one of them laid in sequential order to how they were knocked out.  Imari started over to Ryan but something stopped her progress a small mouse resting in front of her eating something that had been projected from the trash can.

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN” Imari screamed, whilst holding her head, the sight of the vermin was intensified by four in her eyes and it scared her, she continued to let out the piercing scream hoping Ryan would wake up and come to her aid.

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Seeing as she extended her hand towards him, he gratefully took it as he picked himself up off the ground. “Thanks.” He said to her but getting no reply back as she stayed completely silent. Following behind the girl as she took the lead down one of the hallways, he quickly recognized her as one of the team’s newest members, Honor Legend. Noticing her glancing back every few minutes as they continued down the halls of the prison, he clutched his shoulder tightly, feeling a rush of pain surging from and down his whole arm. Leading into one of the lookout rooms of the facility, Charles sat down as Imari made sure the close was clear before then beginning to perform first aid on the Star-Spangled Hero.

Realizing what she was doing he released the grip he had on his shoulder, allowing her to rebandged it. Moving it just barely, he could still a stinging source of pain that told him that it would probably take a few days before the wound was completely healed. Moments passed and he was all bandaged up once again he grinned at the nice work she did. “Thanks for the…” He began to say as he looked up, only to find his new mysterious friend gone like a puff of smoke, “…patch up. Okay, that’s going to get annoying.” He whispered to himself as the light flickered on and off overhead.

But light a bolt of black lightning, Honor Legend reappeared behind him completely catching him off guard as he realized he was just about get jumped by three inmates. She moved   like she was born for this, how her body moved from one thug to the next, her she elegantly threw herself towards danger, meeting it head on as a bright light appeared from a flash-grenade, causing to turn away as his eyes become overwhelmed by the intense flash. Shaking off the dizziness, he quickly turned back around only to find Honor Legend still moving across the room, almost bouncing from inmate to inmate; causing Charles to smile at her impressive feats.

But that smile quickly vanished underneath a now more serious look as his eyes locked on to another inmate who was taking advantage of Imari being distracted, which the young patriot noted was one of her possible weaknesses: She was overconfident and underestimated these punks. Seeing the inmate approached the silent ninja from behind, noting the large ball and chain in his hands, Charles realized he could do some serious damage to her. But he would never get the chance to as Charles swiftly sent his shield flying through the air, sending it smashing into the side of the inmates skull, sending the thug crashing to the ground unconscious as his shield ricocheted up towards the ceiling, hitting one of the corners precisely causing the shield to land right back in War Killer’s hand.

“I guess we’re even.” Charles said to her with a joking tone in his voice as for a split second, Imari gave him an almost astonishing look as if she didn’t expect that as she then focused her attention towards the last of the men, finishing him off with a device that rendered him unconscious. Looking back at him, he stared into that black mask, staring through the material and into her very eyes before she broke the stare and approached him. Detaching one of her gadgets from her belt, she placed what appeared to be a grappling hook in his hand as she lifted her head, directing his attention towards a small hole in the ceiling that lead to the outside world. Nodding back to her as if he were saying “good luck”, he watched as she once again vanished within the shadows of the prison. Drawing his attention back towards the ceiling, he raised his arm as he aimed the grappling hook as a loud poof sound echoed down the halls as the grappling hook fired, hooking onto the ledge of the roof. Realizing that he would never make it to the generators from here, not with all of those inmates running around, he had to find another way.

The grappling gun began to retract, lifting the young hero into the air. Pulling himself up out of the hole, he was now standing upon the roof of the prison. His eyes staring off in the distance, he saw as what was left of Champions Tower remained standing high above the rest of the city. That was his next destination. Suddenly though, the whole ground began to shake. “Another aftershock?” He wondered as he stood his ground until the shaking ceased. Looking off towards the beach, he could see four people near the edge of the water. Pressing against the side of his mask, just above his right eye, he activated the lenses in his mask to zoom-in, identifying those on the beach as fellow Champions, Umbra Sorcerer, Richter, Kiddevil, and Edward Windsor who appeared to be injured.

Performing a font flip off of the roof, his boots dug deep into the sand as he stuck the landing. Making his way over towards his fellow teammates, he approached them as he knelt down beside Edward. “What happened here?” he asked them as he looked over Ed’s body to see if there were types of wounds that needed medical attention, “Uh, we don’t know. I found him here lying on the beach when we were all attacked.” Umbra answered as he stood over Charles’ shoulder. Taking a moment to think over the situation, he then stood up as he explained to them their next course of action. “Alright, there’s a medical facility that hopefully is still operational just a few blocks from Champions Tower; we’ll take Eddy there and let then tend to him while the rest of us make our way to Champions Tower. There’s a tunnel system that leads to the islands main power generators which are located a mile underneath the base of the tower. Richter, you will most likely be needed if we run into kind of cave-ins down there.”

Grabbing Edward by the arm, Charles and Kiddevil started to carry the unconscious Prince of Power as they began their journey towards Champions Tower. Taking only a few minutes, they were only a few blocks from the tower when they arrived at the medical facility War Killer had spoken of. But suddenly Edward began to shake, causing Kiddevil to let go of him and move back as Charles clutched both of Ed’s shoulders as he tried to calm his friend down. “Ed, you need to calm down…we’re your friends remember? We just need you to calm down so we c--” but as Edward’s eyes shot open, Charles found himself being sent flying backwards as his body slammed into the side of an already ruined car.

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A dull hum buzzes through Edwards ears and he begins to open his eyes. He felt dry though he remembered last being in water, turning around and scanning the horizion the champion could only see bright white like he was inside a giant shoebox of light. " Where the hell am i?, where is Champions City ? my teammates will need me." his mind filled with questions but it reaped no answers, all there was was white. Hours day and years felt like they passed as the champion sat exhausted from attempts to escape. His hair and beard had grown out of control and his mind was begining to shatter like damaged glass, how had so much time passed without him dying of starvation or dehydration it didnt make sence. Edward curled up on the floor like a lost child, his head in his hands and his tears dripping through his fingers. The silence broke like thunder " A lifetime of sollitude belongs to you champion. My gift unto you like the gift i was given all so long ago."

“Ed, you need to calm down…we’re your friends remember? We just need you to calm down so we c--” Edward's body sprang into life like a puppet on electric strings. His convulsions sent out a telekentic shockwave which hit his fellow champions like a tsunami paired with his flaylings limbs throwing the rest of the champions away with their usual devistating force. A dark smile spread across Edwards face as an unfamilur voice passed his lips, lacking both his usual British charm and his fine diction " A lifetime i have waited and a lifetime you will repay, i am the forgotten. You will remember me." With the punctation of his statement Edward raised his hands to his side and and gestured away in a sweeping motion sending everything smaller than a double decker bus flying away from him like leaves on a breeze. Turning towards Warkiller the champion dashed ducking low as he braced for Imapct at high speed .Edward grabbed at his fellow champion and continued moving at high speed, his intentions where clear take him away from the others and take him out of the equation early. Stopping like a bullet hitting kevlar he let go of Warkiller and stood his ground starring him down.

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"So your a Champion of Peace right?" the young teen asked the angel. Requiem replied with a nod of her head.  "I had no idea they recruited angels, what do you think my odds are of taging along?" Daliah asked in curiosity, Destiny looked her over again. Guns encompasing one hand a retractable spike in the other. From her legs were blades great for wall runing or more likely removing limbs in a fight. Then again to wield that kind of finess and skill she had to consist of some discipline. Even if she did look like a drug favoring teenager. She stoped herself there, it was not her place to judge a person for look. Must have been social behaviors rubing off on her.

"I'm a long shot from the people in charge. I can say you would be a nice adition however. Think that girl Boom Boom would take a likeing to eachother. Least long as you two don't stab eachother first." The angel smiled as they continued down the prison cells. A few fights came hear and there, nothing big though. Thats when they stumbled upon a large number of people unconcious or wishing they had been. "If I had to bet I would say this was mostly Honor Guard don't know her this seams her style though. Girl deserves some damn props." Andromeda agreed by releasing a rather long whistle. Warkiller isn't here though and no status report yet to sugest trouble or a sucessfull op." The teen looked at her before adding her take on things.

"I did some hacking not enough to intrude but enough to get a idea who I'm helping. Odds are he couldn't take the time to fight this oncoming group. There for he ran off and likely was distracted by more allies in need of asistance." Requiem looked at her slightly dazed.

"Sh!t if I knew I was with private detective Nightengale I would have just let you do the thinking." The cyborg smiled pleased with herself. "Well Ms. Robocop that means we get whoever was left from the fight don't it." As if on cue the the hallway they would need to take seamed to flood with convicts. Aparently not having much escape routs they desided to go completly hostile on all those responsible for puting them in here in the first place. Most were orange jump suit wearing uglies of various races. The rest who were insulting to the human race in Requiem's eyes were uglies in white tank tops and just the pants of the tacky orange get ups. Humanity had so much to offer and yet it seamed they got more people like these men and women daily. They deserved what was comeing there way.

Forefather cracked with energy and bolts of lightning droped on a small group of the thugs. The five men droped unconcious and muscles convolting. Another man came at her from her right aiming to club her in the skull useing an old rench provided by originaly a rusted drain. A quick motion and the pipe was blocked and the palm strike she delivered to his exposed chest shot him backwards. Droping and spining on her heal another man droped as she knocked his feet out from under him. A fallowing downward kick hit his chin and put him out of the fight. From the trickle of blood she guessed he lost a few teeth. By the time the woman was done eliminating her group Andromeda was at the exit. Destiny smiled at the sight. Here she was charging in taking time to dispatch eatch pile of filth. Meanwhile it was the kid who was trying to get things done. Who just shot the enemy and went to the objective.

The rest of the way was no major hastle finally the two made there way to the security room. From here Daliah could get back up generators runing and they could get to the sewer and head to Champion Tower to meet up with the others. That being said Requiem made way to the door and kicked it inwards. Enough strength was behind it to almost knock it from the hinges. As the door kicked inwards a large fist snapped outwards knocking the angel backwards. The angel slid across the floor in the doorway stood a behemouth of a convict. Scars covered his face and arms clearly he had seen a good fight or eight. His shirt was a size to small and helped show off his extensive muscle tone. Probably was inspired to look like that Arnold Swazentager or whatever his name was, for years. In his left hand he held a chain used for towing cars a nice choice she remembered a time when she used one it was bone shattering. As Destiny tried to get to her feet the chain came down. She was pretty confidant this was going to hurt lika a b!tch.

Thud the chain was caught in the small teenagers hand. "You're in my way." Her hand unfolded again and reshaped itself into the firearm. A low energetic bark came from the weapon and the man's head was gone. Steam rose from the wound as the body dropped and blood pooled out across the floor. Offering a hand to Destiny she then moved to the computers. "Sorry old habits and instincts made me respond instantly. In ten minutes I can have the back up generators and security measures funcitoning. The systems will seal off the doors puting the entire place on lock down. Knock out gas will also pour into the compound. This will halt this issue untill time is no longer an apsent luxury. With that the cyborg distatched her arm. A few more motions and the limb was a useable gun. "Watch the door would you Mother Terminatrix."

Fifteen minutes later power was up and the prison was on lock down. The door to the security room they had both welded shut and baricaded. Now they were in the sewers heading for the building Destiny had been calling home. The sewers reaked and they stepped in a giant pudle the entire time. Seeing as the city had been flooded it was fair to expect water level in underground places was to be expected. Requiem didn't mind she was to concerned for her team and home. Edward and Scion were alot like a brother potentially more. Kid Devil, Cellphone Girl and the others she looked after when she could wanting to be their guardian angel if nothing else. Talon and Warkiller were two of the most admirable people she had known and now the place where so much went down was in ruin. Even if memories remained and could be remade one couldn't restore the damage done from losing so much. Come a moment of redemption or a signal of the apocalypse Champions wouldn't be the same and yet as always they would still need answer the call. That was their perpose, as for Daliah she just complained. As the two made way threw the dank, disgusting rusted sewers she went on about how it was going to take hours rinsing out the gunk in her gears let alone the smell.

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Ryan's head was throbbing and his heart was pulsing at a steady pace. The blood from his face dyed the water under his head red as his body was in pain from the beatings as every muscle in his body was sore to the touch. He had saved the people from what could have been a tragedy. Ryan was a hero, but for some reason he had used the one emotion he promised not to use as a source for combat: rage.

What a weakling
A kid, and you call yourself a hero...
Girls like the bad guys anyway, after this, I'll show them what a good time they'll have whether they like it or not.
...whether they like it or not. 
...whether they like it or not.
...whether they like it or not. 
NO! Ryan's eyes shot open only to see Imari in front of him. A sense of relief came upon him, but he was curious to what she was screaming to. Hearing the sound of metal rolling on the floor, Ryan turned to see a little mouse crawl out of a can and scurrying off into a nearby alley. Ryan soon got up, only to fall on his knees again. Imari, though still a little jumpy from the mouse, approached Ryan with humility and helped Ryan get up on his feet. Thank you, Ryan said as he placed his arm around Imari for support. She was a very kind person and well focused on missions despite her autism and Ryan knew that he needed to support her in any way possible.  
Imari soon pointed her finger at the street corner sign. She wanted to go to the center of the city, most likely towards the remains of Champion Tower. Perhaps the rest of the team would be there. The teen nodded at his teammate and they slowly walked toward the heart of the city. For Ryan, the heart of the city meant two things: the possibility of meeting the rest of the Champions and a way to find out how the little girl was doing. The teen hero imagined her smile as she found out her mother was alive. Thoughts like those inspired Ryan to walk every step towards the city despite pain plaguing every muscle in his body. 
There it was, the center of the city, the site of the evacuation center, the site of the tower, the site where everyone will meet. Ryan dragged along with Imari holding him until she had suddenly stopped. He had looked on in confusion towards the heroine. She soon bent over and picked up a pair of sunglasses that had a slight crack in one of the lenses. The wet item was then handed to Ryan. Again, he looked on in confusion as he grabbed the sunglasses from her hand. Sensing the misunderstanding, Imari pointed towards her mask and then pointed towards Ryan's face. Placing his hand on his face, he had realized that his mask broke off, most likely from the force of his powers; smiling he placed the sunglasses on and thanked the heroine.  
From there they advanced entered the center of the city and the evacuation site. The people were distraught after what happened, most of them with an array of mixed feelings. Some wondering about the survival of family, some relieved at the sight of family, but all and all, most wanted to forget what happened. Imari then laid Ryan down on a chair as a medic attended to his wounds. Looking up, he smiled at Imari and thanked her before she left. Ryan gritted his teeth as the attendant tended to wounds and bandaged his body. Hey! a voice called. The teen looked up only to see the little girl and her mother. The girl ran to Ryan and hugged him tightly. The teen smiled out of happiness as well as trying his best in concealing the pain he was in. Her mother smiled and said, Thank you for rescuing me and my daughter. I don't know what would happen if she was-. Her words were soon cut off by the sudden burst of tears. I wouldn't have let that happen. Ryan responded in a soft tone. The woman smiled and went to hug Ryan as a sign of thanks. The pair then left, but the little girl came back running with something in her hands, Oh, I forgot. Someone gave this to me to give to you. Thanks again for everything. Bye! She soon turned and left with her mother. Ryan looked at the package, it's brown paper wrapping was tied together with string that also had a card in in. With curiosity, Ryan opened the package and read the note.

 Found it in the wreck.  
Can't believe you still have this. 
See you around.

The teen's eyes widened behind the sunglasses as he looked around the center. Looking back at the item, he looked onto the family photo from his room. The glass was cracked, but the photo was intact. Ryan smiled as he looked on to the memory and in the distance on a rooftop, there was a man looking on with binoculars. He soon turned and walked away saying, See you around... little brother.
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The ever unique beautiful smell of an overdose of flushed goods. The stench enough to make Destiny's nostrels burn and oh how anoying it was. Daliah had no clue how jelous she was that the cyborg could shut off such sensors. Andromeda just walked on through without a care. Ever sence they found an escaped thug with a shot gun they had advanced slowly. Slow enough that the angel began to curse refusely. The prisonmate was a nobody droped in a second. If there was one though they could expect more of them.

It was over whelming to the angel how vast and diverse the world could be even in its underbelly. Of course change of scenery started with concrete walls around the base of entrances and grew consecutively worse. Gradually the tunnels would fade into a moldy green color a sign of age and of course the harsh nature the sewers had gone through. Finally as they neared an entrance point it became all about rusted pipe and water loged drains. Sure this was no splenderous sight to behold by most standards and smelled god awful but Destiny was still captivated by it. Humanity had flaws by the dozen enough for her to find reason to condemn them sooner than take them in. Each of the dozen hardships though had a jem worth fighting for. Be it the determination of Warkiller and Edward, the beauty and fortitude of Talon and CPG, or the hope for a beter tomarow that came with the young like Kid Devil or Andromeda.

This was it the map Nightingale had pulled up marked the Champion Tower as being right above them. Requiem snaped out of her thoughts knowing they were close. It had proven to be just in time for her to duck an oncoming punch. Figures the thugs would be chasing towards the Champions. A majority had put them in jail in the first place. Maybe the five before the angel and android were everyone, perhaps they were not. Either way it was important they stoped those infront of them. Leaping into the air Requiem avoided a blow aimed at her feet. As she dodged the low kick her foot snapped into a kick aimed at the mans head. Making contact knocked him into the pipeline droping one of the three she needed to contend with. Another punch came towards her face, tilting back dodged the blow allowing the fallen angel to retaliate. Grabing hold of the convicts arms she performed an acrobatic flip. Her feet colided with the base of his chin, a broken jaw would be his wake up call. That left one more for Destiny, the one who had just managed to land a elbow jab to her left eye. Another blow came and Destiny caught it, squeezing till the bones snaped. "Shouldn't hit a pretty lady" a lightning fast motion and the third criminals head crashed through the pipes and into the wall. "She might just mess with your head."

Andromeda as scene previously had no desire for restraint. The first of the thugs droped in a second. Takeing hold of the arm and snaping it backwards bone fractured spilling blood across the ground. That left one more to contend with he had skill for a while he dodged and weaved out of attacks. Then it ended her elbow coliding with the gang bangers rib cage. A metalic snap was heard and so came the blade. A spike erupting from her arm and driving into his chest. As the blade concealed itself once again the man droped. His blood oozing from his wound not fatal definantly a cripling shot however. With the criminals done both women climbed the ladder into the tower.

Champion Tower a beacon of hope in the world, now like so much else a home to ruin. Be it from the will of gods, nature, or the actions of some vengefull villain everything was damaged. In the short while she lived in the utopia she found a home. One mending the whole in her heart from exile. There might not have been pearl gates but the crystalin glass was a nice follow up. A fair trade, not for landscape though rather for the people. While a tear might have come down her cheek at the sight of the damage there was still hope. As painfull as things were walls could be refirbished. The Champions of Peace were her family the people their task to keep safe. This tower could fall, so could a dozen more, as long as she had them it was exceptable. The spark plug Nova who never let spirits drop, the engeunity of lost champions like Eclipse, the never yielding blade of Overkill these were the important things. Champions didn't get their names from the place they worked in. They were looked to because of their will, that was enough for her.

Wiping away a tear and straitning her snow colored hair she motioned for Andromeda to follow. A gradual climb brought them towards the power system. The generator for the tower and atleast a portion of the city. To be hounest neither of them knew for sure, and while Nightingale could look it up that didn't read well. Hacking into a teams mainframe and then saying you want to join was not a popular theme. Requiem did know though that the newly instated leader and close friend would be heading hear however so the two women waited at the door. One a fallen angel who was now more dressed in gray then the usual white. Requiem could thank the grime and smoke for that. The other a seemingly normal teen with black clothing and blue highlights. Behind her atire and young features a mix of wires amd machinery. Soon as she spoted Warkiller she got to her feet Andromeda at her side. Destiny didn't manage to see if anyone was with him. "Obviously I can provide any needed spark, Andromeda hear can tap into any systems giving us trouble at the moment. The cyborg would like a spot on the team if posible, what say we get things up and runing again." Requiem addressed him as if this was just another day. The thought of this possibly not being worth continuing or any other form of self doubt she wouldn't allow.