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It was midday, a cool breeze danced around Shadow Tiger as he casually leaned against an office building. He was wearing an orange sweater with a white strip going along the sleeves. Underneath was a black t-shirt and a small necklace. Black jeans were what Shadow Tiger was wearing for his bottoms on this cool day and had high top, red Converse AllStars. The weather was nice, but the sun's rays beat down heavily upon the noisy city of Los Angeles. Shadow Tiger raised his hood and tossed it over his head, thus protecting his face from the sun's rays. Some people passed by and looked at him as if he were some sort of delinquent out to destroy the world's well-being. Shadow Tiger ignored these passing glances and only focused on his fight he was about to have. He rolled his sleeves up, scooping away some of his sweat along the way, and reached into his right sweater pocket. "Meet me at this place,"  the note said with a map on the bottom. Shadow Tiger waited patiently as the day passed on.
Shadow Tiger reached into his left pocket and brought out his iPod. It was one of the first additions, so it wasn't that great. "Why waste all that crap," Shadow Tiger always said. "If an iPod is used for music?"
Shadow Tiger plugged in his head phones and stuck the left one in his left ear and the right in his right. He looked down at the non-shining, dull screen as he scrolled through his songs. "Here's one I haven't heard in a while," said Shadow Tiger as he tapped the center button. Whispers in the Dark by Skillet started beating through all of the wires and circuitry, through the speakers, and onto his eardrums as Shadow Tiger closed his eyes and quietly listened to the song.
Another cool breeze swept upon that Los Angeles day, causing Shadow Tiger to become less tense even in L.A. The young man quietly listened to his Skillet song as he awaited his next opponent. Shadow Tiger started to take deep breaths, but his heart just wouldn't calm down. Shadow Tiger stuffed his hands in his pockets and leaned his head back against the wall, waiting for his opponent to finally arrive.
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Walking to his first real fight in a long time Yuri seemed very eager to get to his opponent Shadow Tiger. Yuri was strolling down the breezy midday California street with his right hand in his pocket while holding his gunblade by his side with his left hand Yuri was wearing a Black short sleeved T-shirt with a Phoenix on the back he was wearing a pair of black fitted jeans and black boots on his feet. He was thinking about the infomation he had gotten on Shadow Tiger "able to take control of people if he jumps in their shadow hmm very interesting" Yuri said to himself with a smile

Yuri was nearing his destination he could see a few people standing near the location he asked Shadow Tiger to meet him despite having info on Shadow he did not have a picture. Yuri could see that there was a woman and her kids, a man in a wearing a suit and tie and a guy leaning against the wall listening to a I pod. I breeze went blowing Yuri's hair from in front of his face he had reached his destination he leaned against the wall waiting for the Shadow Tiger to show himself.

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Shadow Tiger was totally relaxed as he listened to all of his old songs in that lame iPod. The breeze was flowing around him and cooled his body off. A little girl who was with her mother and siblings ran up to Shadow Tiger after the ball the were playing with rolled up to his feet. Shadow Tiger opened his eyes as he felt a sudden nudge against his foot. He looked down and saw a dark red ball with blue stars on it right next to his feet. When he looked ahead,  Shadow Tiger spotted the little girl running towards him. Shadow Tiger stooped down and picked up the ball with his right hand and waited for th girl to reach him. Without a word, Shadow Tiger crouched down and extended his right arm, offering the ball back. The little girl smiled and took the ball. "See mommie," called out the little girl as she turned around and ran back. "He's not a bad boy!"
Shadow Tiger couldn't help but smile at this. Little did the little girl know, Shadow Tiger had already destroyed numerous small villages that were essential for farm land. Shadow Tiger stood back up when, suddenly, he felt a strange aura coming from around the area. Shadow tiger scanned the surrounding area on the cool October day. He saw a man with a buisness suit walking by, three joggers, the small family still playing with the ball, and a young man walking in his direction. Must be him, Shadow Tiger thought as the young man walked towards him. Shadow Tiger relaxed himself as he started walking up to the approaching man-in-black. Shadow Tiger put his hands in his pockets and stopped about three meters away from the man. So, Shadow Tiger thought. He's got a gun, eh?
Shadow Tiger tried to stare at the man, but he could only look at the gun-blade he had at his side. Shadow Tiger took his hands from his pockets and removed the headphones from his ears. He lowered his hands, fists clenched, and asked, "Are you the one I'm supposed to fight." Shadow Tiger had a rather bored look on his face as he asked the question. But his facial expression became more and more serious as the tension grew. A huge gust of wind swept the air as Shadow Tiger awaited his opponent's answer. This was no coincidence, his opponent was a stronger one.
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"Are you the one I'm supposed to fight?Shadow Tiger asked Yuri with a bored expression on his face "Yes I am" Yuri said while cracking his right fist and flexing his biceps. "Do you wanna do this right here or would like like to move to another location" Yuri asked Shadow Tiger, Yuri could see the expression on Shadows face changing as he kept on talking "For someone who hides in the shadows he sure does dress in bright colors" Yuri thought to himself while rubbing the back of his head with is right hand.

Yuri began to walk off
"If you wanna fight me meet in the Parking lot complex behind this building" he said out loud so everyone in the area heard him he began to think of his battle plan while walking to the parking lot he was checking his ammunition he had his flares, .22 calibur rounds and his 10 tranqulizer bullets.  While in the complex he waiting for Shadow tigers arrival tapping his foot as he leaned against the all. Yuri pulled out a stick of bubble gum and began to chew the fight is about to begin.
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"Do you want to do it here," asked the man while flexing his biceps. "or would you like to move to another location?" Shadow Tiger smirked and looked up. "Sure. Another location would be good." Shadow Tiger hated innocent people to get in the way. But he would still kill them if he had to. Shadow Tiger did not believe in unnecessary fatalities and did not intend to have any during this fight. His opponent rubbed the back of his head as if questioning something on the inside. He began to walk off when he suddenly said aloud, "If you wanna fight, meet me in the parking lot behind this building." Shadow Tiger's spirit dampened. Sure, let the whole world know we're about to fight, Shadow Tiger thought. He began to follow the dude with the gun and the apparent ego issue until he sensed many people stare at him. Shado Tiger suddenly stared right back at the people and emitted large amounts of tension and fear into their very souls. The bystanders immediately looked away and scrambled off to do something else.

Shadow Tiger continued his walk into the parking lot to see his opponent chewing gum and waiting impatiently. Shadow Tiger walked toward him and stopped about five feet away. He popped his knuckles and cracked his neck. "You ready?" Shadow Tiger asked. Before his opponent was able to reply, Shadow Tiger was already running towards him at great speeds. His breathing became more quick and his heart raced as Shadow Tiger suddenly leapt over his opponent. He landed gracefully behind the man and crouched. Shadow Tiger quickly lashed his right foot out at an attempt to sweep his opponent off of his feet. Shadow Tiger tried to take an opportunity to try to get into his opponent's shadow and force him to shoot his own head with the gunblade he held in his left hand.
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Yuri waited patiently in the parking lot complex for Shadow Tiger to arrive he looking over the railing down to the floor below he was on the fifth level of the complex he could see Shadow entering at the bottom of the complex. Yuri cocked his gunblade he was about to be in for a fierce battle. Yuri took off his shirt revealing battle scars on his back he began to loosein his muscles by doing some stretches he raised his right arm over his head and pulled it by the elbow with his left hand he did the same thing for his left arm.

All of a sudden Yuri hears a faint cracking noise and
"you ready?" Yuri turned around before he could reply Shadow Tiger was rushing at him at some amazing speeds Yuri had alittle trouble following Shadows movement at first. Shadow then leaped over Yuri landing very gracefully on the other side of him it didnt even seem like he made a sound when he hit the ground Shadow made an attempt to sweep Yuri off his feet Yuri jumped off his right leg to avoid the trip attempt but before he could get the left leg off the ground  Shadow connected with his low kick sending Yuri twirling in the air he recovered  and caught himself before he slamed into the ground and noticed Shadow Tiger was going for his shadow "trying to finish me off quick huh well it wont be that easy" Yuri said while he took a large step back making his shadow avoid Shadows Tigers attempt to take it over.

Yuri clicked a button on his gunblade the blade part of the gun went down revealing a large barrel Yuri fired off a flare that covered the area that last 5 mins at max he cocked the blade back up into position and went charging for Shadow Tiger  he started to make several attempts to cutdown Shadow he took five slashes towards his chest he then reached his hand out gathered energy and took a shot Shadow's chest with an energy blast.