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@mastermouse: (Mistro was his first contact on Earth xD Great to start a friendship =)

Apparently, this land was not an ace when it came to technology. It also seemed do adopt medieval costumes. Alike some civilizations he met on his years as a bounty hunter. He grinned and pulled his plasma rifle from his back. "I see, King Mistro. Will you accompany me on this journey? I might not acknowledge this animals. Yet, I'm sure this Ardmuks will be no longer a problem."

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@atrocity_:[Yaaaay! :P]

Mistro's mind was dwelling on how odd it was too have a technologically advanced space bounty hunter, here on an island of magic. Oh,thats kind of like a big version of mine. Mistro thought when he saw the bounty hunter get his plasma rifle. "I will go with guide you to their natural habitat." after a pause,and listening to Atrocity's last statement. "I hope so."
Quickly walking through the gates assuming the bounty hunter would follow he began their trek.
[Walking there would take like two hours IC time,so you can skip time and just say we got there if you want :D]

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@mastermouse: (Well, I'm going out of my PC now. Will coninue later =D Also, we could write the dialogue as they walk down there xD Make them friends.)

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@atrocity_:[Alrighty,byebye and yeah yeah yeah,Chewie and Han. :D]

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@mastermouse: As both figures traipsed on the silent forest, the David and the Goliath, except for their alliance, Atrocity could notice his temporary ally had some sort of technology he carried within him. A weapon of some sort. He couldn't help but smile. "A fan of technology, I see. What can your weapon do, King Mistro?"

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@atrocity_:The forest was massive, but they were nearly there, a few miles or so until the Ardmuk camp, plenty of time to talk. "These you mean?" Mistro asked as he unholstered both of his blaster pistols. "Simple blasters really, four blast types, plasma, freeze, stun, and a traditional laser." Realizing he had said weapon, in a singular form, he thought maybe he was referring to the G.D.S. "Or do you mean this?" he said as he holstered his blasters and pointed to the G.D.S. "This is what I call the graphic device system, or G.D.S for short." Deciding a demonstration was best, he tapped the screen and teleported teen feet in front of Atrocity. "Aaandd it doesthis." Tapping it once more, he became invisible.
Mistro then finally teleported back to Atrocity, uncloaked and said "Yeah I like tech, and thats what I got."

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"Hmm. Impressive, King Mistro." He spoke whilst charging his own rifle. "This is my basic equipment, I have much more on the spaceship I mentioned earlier." Aiming at the closest branch he fired a single plasma projectile. "This is my plasma rifle. It uses the air surrounding us as ammo to create plasma." Switching to both of his pistols, he shot once against another branch. "Normal laser pistols. Seem common, but they do the trick. I also have many other functions on this armour and a jetpack. I need to acquire the camouflage mode somehow."

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@atrocity_: "Thankyou." he said automatically as he watched intently, every move on the space bounty hunter. Dismissing most of the other tech as they weren't incredibly interesting, Mistro's interest was in the suit. "That's an intriguing suit, I would never wear one, I feel it's not natural. Anyways, what does the suit allow you to do, other than fly?

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@mastermouse: "My suit is what maintain me alive, King Mistro. On my hunts, this suit gives me the edge, it analyzes opponents to uncover weak spots, it has heta vision, night vision, x-ray vision is currently malfunctioning. Retractable claws. It also enhances my speed, reflexes, balance, strenght, etc." The bounty hunter said as it was the most orthodox information. "A decent armour, I would say."

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@atrocity_@warsman"Interesting,very interesting." Mistro said quietly to himself as Atrocity talked about the armors abilities and functions. "A very advanced suit it seems." Mistro had seen power suits before, but never quite like this. "I would most definitely be inclined to agree." Due to Mistro's animal instincts, very rarely was he comfortable being restricted, which he felt having any sort of power suit would do.
Coming up on a hill where the usual Ardmuk camp was, he found nothing. Tattered tents, cloth, bits of wood and such scattered the grounds. "It seems the Ardmuks have been ran out of their home." Mistro said, not very surprised, this happened often on the Island. "Don't worry, I will still help you fix your ship, however, under one term." The mouse king took a long pause here, knowing it was a big decision. "I become your space-faring partner." he said quite cheerily. The prospect of going into space had always appealed to him.

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@mastermouse: @warsman

As soon as they reached the campsite, what seemed the home to slightly more advanced creatures than Atrocity would have imagined. Crouching, nearly achieving Mistro's size, the bounty hunter perceived the unthinkable. The animals had fled. They had been stalthy and muteless, chating on the lower volumes, yet, those animals were clever. Or something had scared them. Still holding firmly his gun, attentive to any movement, he was caught off guard by Mistro's odd request. "M-my space-faring partner?" He never had a partner before, yet, one more head could be wondrous if the ship had any flaws during the flight. "This is somewhat soon, King Mistro." He paused, gazing the small figure. "But I really need aid and, well, space is too quiet. Company might be decent." He extended his hand towards Mistro, a signal of approval. "Welcome aboard, Mistro."

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@atrocity_, @mastermouse:

The footfalls came abruptly and loudly, falling one after another as the shape descended from seemingly nowhere. The Avatar of Aggression made his presence known like a tidal wave, exerting the pressure of the countless enemies scythed down by his savagery. Even when standing at his full height, Atrocity would only come up to the Xiphoid process of his sternum. With a simple backwards arc in his spine, the Eternal Warrior would unleash a vicious headbutt towards the bounty hunter should he rise to face the Profound Titan.

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@atrocity_: @warsman:

"Wonderful." Mistro said with genuine joy as he shook the space bounty hunters hand. A king and a bounty hunter flying through space together, it sounded awesome."I'm sure we will have many journeys, and wonderful adventures."
Suddenly, from what seemed nowhere, came a massive man. He stomped his way towards the duo faster than you would expect of man of his stature to move. Arching his back and thrusting his head forward with raw power, Mistro couldn't react fast enough, the giant man was going to headbutt his knew space partner.

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@mastermouse: @warsman: (Kay, time to sell this sht!)

Atrocity barely had time to shake hands with his new partner. The mouse had what it took. Passion for technology and a brave heart, perhaps, they would even become friends. All of sudden, the loud noises approximated, a known figure emerged from the woods and headbutted throrughly Atrocity, sending him flying for a few meters. Instantly activating his jetpack whilst soaring backwards, taking an advantage of the impulse, he fired two plasma bolts towards the figure just to halt midair and almost chuckle joyfully. "I cannot belive it is you, Warsman! Last time we met, we were on a battlefield smashing skulls together! It has been years, my friend." As he knew Warsman, e did not change his defensive stance, acknowledging the Eternal Warrior could attempt another stroke.

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With a surgical genius, Warsman retrieved a monstrous sword from a sheath on his back. A blink of an eye separated him from death. Instead, he used the opportunity in order to cut out the offending objects that now sailed towards him in the form of two star-hot orbs of incandescent energy. The first bolt consumed half of the nameless blade he wielded and the other finished off the truly titanic weapon, leaving little more than molten slag attached to a handle.

He flung the device carelessly at Atrocity's feet.

"And once again, battle brings us together again,"

At this point, he turned toward the mouse king with a simple gesture of recognition.

"Your highness," he bows his head a little. "Please pardon my intrusion into your land. I had come looking for the one called Throg, but found you talking to an old friend of mine instead."

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Mistro was shocked at the sudden revelation of an old friendship between the man and Atrocity. The mouse king was even more shocked when Warsman regarded him as your highness. Happy with the sudden and deserved respect, he reciprocated accordingly. "Throg has receded deep within the barren lands I believe, no use going after him anyways." After a slight pause, and processing what Warsman said Mistro spoke once more "Don't worry about being on my land, I assume you to be an ally."

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@warsman: @mastermouse:

The bounty hunter waded towards both allies whilst chuckling. Placing his hand over Warsman's shoulder blades. "It was how many years ago? You were one of our most skilled fighters, my friend. It's great to see you again." He turned his look to Mistro. "So, King Mistro, shall we proceed to my vessel's location? I would like to fix it soon. I captured a distress call from space, perhaps of my race. I would like to follow it as quick as possible."

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"A pity," Warsman responded coldly to the new information about Throg. "Perhaps he could have been a suitable challenge,"

He turned his attention back towards the bounty hunter coming towards the two once more. The muscles of the Indomitable Icon did not betray any intent of attacking his old friend any further, however, and he stayed motionless.

"If you consider war to be an ally, then perhaps we could work out an agreement," he mentioned cryptically.


"I would say how many, but I do not want to feel old," he replied, remembering the battlefield well. He had favored Atrocity's species in the wars and spent his days traveling the conflict zones, turning each once he participated in into a bloodbath.

"Are you planning on returning there?"

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@warsman: @atrocity_:

Looking at the space bounty hunter atrocity, he responded quickly "If you wish to leave now, we will leave now. Anywhere into space, we will boldly travel."

Then turning his attention to the giant man warsman, he said"I was unaware you were that powerful." It was spoken with a sudden underlying respect.
"Im sure we could work something out." The mouse king said with certainty, he wondered what sort of deal he could make with a man such as warsman. His mouse mind only dwelling on the thought for a few seconds, before his attention snapped back to the two he was here with.

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"Indeed, my friend. We are old, very old." Atrocity laughed. "Oh, yes, Warsman. They were in trouble, now they either are all dead or still fighting off the invaders. I doubt the war has stopped. I shall come back and, if needed, aid with what I can. I just hope I am not late."

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The Avatar of Aggression nodded, content with the mouse king's answer.


"If you return, there is no guarantee that there will be any survivors. I saw battle in those sectors just a few moons ago. It is a grim time for your people, one which I will heartily return to, for your species still garners my favor."

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@warsman: "It's good to hear, my friend. They are strong, I believe I shall return and end that endless war once and for all. I would be grateful if you could aid me, friend."

@mastermouse: "Now? I wouldn't say such thing. I still need to finish some contracts, may I leave the ship with you, my friend? I shall return when we are ready."

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@warsman: @atrocity_:

"Sure of course, I will have round-the clock protection of your ship, and it will be repaired."
Mistro said with certainty only a king could provide.

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@mastermouse: (wait aren't you atrocity i remember he said he was mm).

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@mastermouse: @atrocity_:

The Lord of Battles considered this, if only for the opportunity to return to the fray of war that Atrocity's people had been consumed in for so many years now.

"I follow only the direction the winds of war push me. The Green Tide is migrating. You know of what I speak. Space-faring Orks, drifting on asteroids towards this sector of the Milky Way. They would give you an insurmountable obstacle so early in your journey. Too bad they pose me an irresistible challenge," he said with a crude little grin and laugh.

"I'll clear the way for you and meet you on the battlefield. No sooner, no later. My road will be one of blood and corpses, not of negotiations and parlay."

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@mastermouse: tag me when you are gearing up to fight the ook's.

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@mastermouse: As Aranar and his men were returning to town while they waiting for the mouse king's message that they were to come assist him a voice called to him from behind "Aranar Aranar "the voice called hastily the one eyed mouse turned toward the voice it was one of those apart of his scouting unit his name was la'mire. La'mire was a bit of a scaredy rodent he surprised everyone when he asked to join the group's scouting squad the most dangerous job's were given to them but he did his job impressively and had currently pulled off many feat's although he was still a scaredy mouse the smallest thing made him act like the world was ending.

"What is it this time La'mire did you see an Ook in the forest again "said cassius mockingly but in a somewhat respectable way the others laughed at the joke although La'mire did not seem to notice the comment in fact the look on the little mouses face was one of such pure terror everyone was taken a bit aback "what is it La"mire"Aranar asked wanting the know what had the mouse so spooked.Sir it's about what you asked us to look into we did what you told us to and investigated the ook's to see if it was them and sir when we got to the nearest ook tribe while it was a rather small one they were all dead and not by any normal means ".Aranar looked questioning at La'mire "what is it ""sir i can't explain it lucius told me to bring you with me back over their so he can brief you better and so you can see for yourself".

Aranar started to follow La'mire but then turned back for a moment "Elroy if i am not back before the king come's then tell him i am unable to attend you lead the men into battle you know all the formations and i have faith in you but most important you are to tell no one where we have gone and i mean absolutely no one you got me ".

Elroy shook his head and Aranar scurried off following La'mire out fo the city and deep into the forests he would get to the bottom of this and he would handle it not the king or anyone else.

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@shanana@ownagepants@warsman [You guys don't have to post if you dont want. :P]

The sounds of a mouse war were easily heard throughout the kingdom. The sharpening of swords, the gathering of armor, the war chants. Mistro had assembled the army within only twenty minutes, the Ook camp was much found out to be bigger than expected. This was not going to be a battle It was going to be a war.
The mouse king had faith in his twelve hundred soldiers, armored in what would've been standard a long time ago. Iron chest plates and leggings, along of course with trusty iron blades. Mistro stood in front of them all, he looked completely different wearing a simple black vest.
"We have no time for talk of war. We march now." The army cheered and yelled, the mice always loved battle. "It's gonna be a good one." The mouse king said to himself as the army marched out, him simply walking along the side. The massive doors they came slowly came to a close, with a massive thump as they finally shut.
It was time for war.
The army marched for an hour or so, on their way to the Ook camp in the forest.

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@mastermouse: although Aranar will be investagating a new threat we talked about so elroy will be leading this was covered in my last post.

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I don't even remember what going on

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@shanana:Going to war with the Ook's :P
You don't have to post lol

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"Where war brews, it is his solemn duty to fight. Not for any side. Not for entertainment. But wherever battle begins, death must follow. And the Lord of Battles must ride, bringing a dread midnight chill, and the scythes that glisten like a hunter's talons."


The mouse-king and his subjects lined up in perfect rows and columns, parading their banners with such pride. Attention to the last detail on their uniforms. Spit and shine polish. Nothing out of place. A perfect little mass of bodies.

Their opponents, rallying together at the last minute, with only a phlegmy holler of "FIGHT" to stir the lummoxes out of their holes. A crude contrast to the refined tastes of the rodent horde. They were armies he had seen so many times before. Both of them. Arrogant, hungry for victory, but at what cost?

Did they not yet understand the pain of loss?

But for the living to understand pain, it must be inflicted first. That is the first rule of agony.

A third force appeared out of the mists, sunken into the saddle of an equally pale and stricken steed. A heavy cloud absorbed the coming battlefield. Before the first casualty yet to be inflicted, a darkness swallowed the land as if a massacre had just occurred. On both sides, soldiers were beginning to commit horrendous acts of depravity, desperate to escape the trials of combat before the inevitable happened. But for most of them, they just stood there, transfixed, as if waiting for a pistol to go off in the distance so that they could begin running. To where? They could not say.

But along with the shroud of inescapable despair came something else. Perhaps the best way to describe it could only be a simmering rage. If they would not run away, then they would only run forward. The carnage could not be helped now. The Mortician of the Battlefield did not expect it any other way. He simply watched the aggression rise and tremble at the seams.

Only the commanders had the power to start the war now.

Only Warsman had the power to accelerate it to a new level of horror.

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@arquitenens:*Pokes with stick*
Whatcha doing over ere on ma island?

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