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Finally, a thread that might work well with this alt! :)

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@feroz:Come on over to Mouse Island! (:
Also,who is this? :P

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Can I be Mistro's honourable guest to this wonderful island? :)

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@ian_idyll:Of course (:
All are welcome on Mouse Island. :D

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@mastermouse: oh i know that, but can I be The honourable guest :P

I shall stay at your palace and we can admire your kingdom while eating its famous cuisine (which is what exactly? Other than the obvious)

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@ian_idyll:Sure,sure sure.(:
The main food is exotic meats from the wild animals living on the island,along with tons of cheese obviously :D

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@mastermouse: The only reason the Throg is still alive is because Chuck Norri's' vacation house is at the top of the mountain, and Throg makes sure nobody breaks in.

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Mistro sat in the courtyard on a tree stump,under the starry night sky, a bright fire cackling in front of him. Even though he was king,you would never be able to tell, he simply wore a black vest, ever since he ditched the cloak. Around the fire were five more mice, these mice were the ones who guarded the castle when everyone else slept. "
King Mistro,tell us the story of Throg once more." the mouse directly across from Mistro said. "Yeah! You know the story better than anyone!" "I heard you saw Throg once!" two other mice said. "I never saw him,no mouse ever has, I was merely told the story by our mage." "Ah,hes a weird one him, aint he?" a mouse said with slight dissatisfaction with even the mention of the Mage. "He may be a bit odd,but he is to be respected and undisturbed." Mistro said sternly. The mice, loyal as they all were, nodded without another word. "Now then,I will tell you the story of Throg."

The Myth Of Throg.

Mistro waved his hand over the fire, it moved about in an odd way before turning almost white. If you really observed the fire,you could see the mountainous region of the Island. "How'd he do that?" a mouse asked eagerly in a hushed tone,clearly in disbelief. "shut'cha trap,boss mans got a story to tell" another mouse said quietly,staring into the fire.
"Nobody knows how the island first came about. It's obviously an Island of myths and magics, but in the beginning, there was only Throg and the Balrog. The way I know it is like this"
Mistro waved his hand over the fire once more,and it shifted and danced around the edges,but in the center of the fire was a clear concise image,of Throg idle in a land of ice and snow.
"The Island in the very beginning was nothing but ice and snow. This entire Island was his. One day, Throg was sitting atop a mountain, staring into the sky. The air was freezing cold, the sky was dark, and every breath Throg exhaled was a giant gust of frigid wind,shaping the land. The Island's peaceful arctic serenity would be forever changed when it came."
The fire flickered again, showing an ice mountain somewhere on the Island. The ice mountain began to crack, the land shook as if there was a massive earthquake. Then, the ice mountain split into pieces, and melted down, revealing, a volcano.
"The first volcano on this island, sent from hell itself was formed. The volcano bubbled, and then burst,spewing liquid magma all around. The Balrog was born. Almost as if the demon was born knowing its purpose,it immediately took flight towards Throg. Throg, being the eight-thousand foot behemoth he was, swung one of his colossal arms, immediately smiting the Balrog. This went on for a long time, until, Throg realized a new volcano came every time the Balrog was born. That, was the beginning of the Land Of Fire. Centuries of time passed, where Throg remained idle in his arctic wasteland, and the Balrog became more and more powerful."
Waving his hand,for what he knew would be the final time, the fire flickered,showing magma creeping into an arctic tundra.
"The Balrog wanted to melt the entire island, and Throg knowing killing the Balrog would not fix this, locked the Balrog in the Land Of Fire with Mystical energies.The Island,after years and years of natural processes, developed into what it is today."
The fire revered to its natural form,and Mistro sat back, "And that my friends,Is the legend of Throg." The mice were so stunned,all they could manage was nods and murmuring.
"Now then,back to work!All of you!" he yelled out,good-naturedly.

Mistro sat up from his excuse for a chair,and set out towards his throne. Suddenly, he remembered a mouse scout had returned earlier that day with news of an Ook camp being established near the kingdom. "Dumb beasts." he muttered as he took a seat on his throne.
If you were to walk into the Kingdom, you would be thoroughly confused as to how Mistro was king.
Mistro,was simply wearing a black vest, with a device strapped to his wrist, while all the other mice were wearing simple mid-evil time clothing. All of the mice were certainly a sight to see, humanoid, bipedal, four foot tall, mid-evil dressed mice were certainly an oddity.
Light crept into the throne room through the massive glass windows,marking the beginning of a new day on what Mistro calls Mouse Island.

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Remember kiddies, the most important thing to protect is ye whiskers” He slowly began to polish his whiskers with his hand. “You are the future of the Kingdom, Never lie down and wait to die” He said, bowing flamboyantly; before grabbing his hat and marching toward his bell tower.

Through the sensitive receptors on his whiskers; the dingy taste of misfortune blew against his face. The Mouse Kingdom with all its mysticism had slowly been turning into a breeding ground for war.OOKS moved across the lands gaining an anticipatory position on the Kingdom. The Aegis Guard, as they were dutifully regarded as; protect the inner sanctum of the Mouse Kingdom, O_Din was one of them. (Pronounced O_Dean)

Walking with a posh strut the Mouse Knight moved toward the King’s Chamber where he hopped to gain an audience with the King before heading home. Locating the Mouse Primer was a challenge in itself; the humble attire of the King made finding him problematic.

Coming to a halt before the palace doors; he saluted the guards with his Epee; before stating his business. “I Request Audience with King Mistro; tis urgent” The guards both glance at the high ranking knight; and opened the palace doors.

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Mistro sat atop his throne,and watched the sun creep up into the sky, shining brightly on the castle. "A good day to kill Ook's indeed." Mistro said with a genuinely cheerful tone.
Breakfast was being served within King Mistro's chamber, young mice scurried about, preparing food and serving it to everyone else. A large plate was laid in Mistro's lapped, consisting a local animal,smoked, covered in a thin gravy sauce,on the side was a loaf of bread with cheese sprinkled along the length of it. "That will be all,thankyou" Mistro said,nodding to the servant who had brought him the food. It was relatively loud and chaotic within Mistro's chamber, mice laughing and talking amongst themselves. All of this while,the Kings mind dwelled on other matters.
The Ook's have been seemingly more vicious as of late, perhaps we send an extra squadron of mouse this time around?
Deciding that he had people to figure this out for him,he ate his meal without another thought on the matter. Almost immediately,a young mouse scurried over,taking away the empty plate. "Attention,attention please." Mistro's voice carried through the room and everyone fell silent. "Thankyou, now I know some of you may have heard about the Ook's, but know this, we have the situation completely under control." With a little grin,he said "Now go enjoy your breakfast." Just as he said it, the chamber doors opened,looking on curiously, Mistro saw @o_din "Ah,hello,what is it you need?" the room quieted as soon as Mistro spoke and everyone quietly awaited a response.

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“You’re Royal Majesty; I have come to pick your whiskers about the recent rise in OOK activity” His nose got away from him; his attention almost immediately divert to the food on the table. “Are those…peanut butter rolls?” He asked, completely sidetracked. “Huh-oh right yes” He stammered shifting his attention back to the King.

“I would like your royal acquiescence to employ a small regiment to the exterior of the kingdom; to ward off these beast” His attention momentarily shifted back toward the breakfast feast. Having spent most of his money on booze; he could do nothing but look on in envy.

'(Going to Post in WTT I'll bbl)

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@o_din:Mistro sat quietly, running his fingertips along his whiskers,listening to the mouse intently.
Mistro took mental note of O_din mentioning the food,and looking over at the table filled with it.
The mention of Ook's caught his attention immediately,and he leaned forward, paying more attention.
Perhaps a squadron or two couldn't hurt. he thought. "I will see to it,that a squadron is sent out, and I would hope that you would accompany them.Perhaps even I'll go along." Murmurs of disbelief and whispers of doubt spread around the room. "What?You think your ol' king Mistro can't handle himself?" he said jokingly, the crowd laughed in assurance. "Oh,and take any amount of food you like." he said,gesturing to the table,covered with what was quite literally a king's feast.
Time to speak with the military general. he thought, as he walked out of the throne room.

[Sure sure,take yo time and stuff.]

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(I find this thread to be extremely cute! XD)

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The persistent murmurs of skepticism fix Odin’s attention on the King again. “If I may your highness; what if something were to happen to you outside the walls?” Slyly making his way toward the food; he sifted through the traffic at the table and found himself a seat.

“I do believe a squadron is more than enough to handle the ooks mmhmhmph.” The end of his sentence was disturbed by the peanut butter roll he jammed in his mouth.

“Can you pass the butter?”

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"Nothing will happen to me,I've faced much more formidiable opponents than the Ook's." Mistro said with complete certainty that he could handle himself. "Though I appreciate the concern,there is no need to worry about me." Mistro's mind wandered for a moment,thinking about when he would venture out with the squadron of mice to deal with the Ook's.

"I will handpick a squadron,and in an hour or so, we will leave to take care of the Ook's." the crowd began to yell about who should go to fight,and who was better warriors then who.
"Settle down,we deal with this sort of thing all the time,and you know it,no need to get all riled up."The mice settled down once more,to the general chatter of breakfast.

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oh snap it's my turn

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@mastermouse: I will try to get a post up in the morning but I havve to catch a flight so no promises.

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@_pow_ said:

Some cool beans you got going on here duder ^_^

It's catching on! Cool beans.

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@mastermouse: (So, how does one join, or find this Island of mice?)

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@feroz:If you want to be a mouse,simply let me know.
If you want to come to the island,simply sail/fly here. (:

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@mastermouse: Ah! I'll see what I can come up with, with this account. Might be able to fit well. Maybe Master Mouse will look at Feroz as a worthy ally against the Ooks.

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Odin turned his attention back to the bountiful banquet, he didn’t bother to dabble in the back door politics of choosing of warriors. His finesse approach to fencing and battle tactic contrast the slash and burn style of the Mouse Warriors. “Well then if there is no swaying your will my liege, then may I suggest you have the blacksmith forge you a new rapier?”

Penetrating the soft spot of a grape with his tail, he moved toward the King’s location. “Shall we rally the troops?” He said, removing his hat humbling himself before the Almighty.

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@mastermouse: can I make a mouse mercanery or a mouseanery if you would prefer.

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@ownagepants:Sure. :P
However, there are no guns/tech on the Island, so if he uses stuff like that you have to explain he went off the Island at some point lol.

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@mastermouse: he uses swords crowssbows traps stuff of that nature.

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@ownagepants: I will work on my post should have it up today.

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@ownagepants:Lol you tagged yourself.
Take your time man. (:

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@o_din: @mastermouse: @mastermouse: Aranar sat in the tavern rubbing his whiskers in one paw and downing his ale in the next Aranar was the leader of the mouse brigaders the only active mercanery group in the entire kingdom which meant buissness was booming along his journey. Aranar had earned a reputation for being a nasty sort and as such all the parents of the kingdom warned their children to stay away from one eyed aranar on account of him only having one working eye the other was lost in a fight with a paticulary nasty ook cheif not that Aranar did not give worse then he got .

He was sure after that even the ooks told their children to avoid Aranar the red another of his nicknames he was assigned it because his eye the working one that is was a piercing shade of red his red eye had more of an infamous reputation then Aranar did.

Let them talk Aranar always said as long as he had his men good whiskey and a good battle they could say whatever they wanted Aranar rubbed his eye or rather the bandana that was on that side of his face covering his eye. When jarold the stone came lumbering in all excited like the oaf alomst ran into a table he was so excited about something . Jarold was one the biggest mouses in the kingdom his mother passed away from the strain of giving birth to such a large child and his dad wanted nothing to do with him.

So he grew up like Aranar an orphan and even though he was strong as hell he was very stupid which meant Aranar had to look after him even now though jarold had become a great fighter he still barley had more brain cells then an average ook if that jarold reached Aranar's table "boss the king is gathering troops to go battle the ook's ".

Jarold said almost biting his tounge in the process Aranar stood up "well what are we still doing here a job from a king is bound to be high paying go gather the boys and meet me at the castle gates we will be waiting for his majesty their.

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@ownagepants:[Awesome.Love the character. I may reply tonight lol]

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@mastermouse: thanks had to write on my tablet so I was unsure about it.

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Got damn I like this thread.

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@shanana: thanks I got a plan to introduce a new threat and also second handidly tie in one of my villains.

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@ownagepants:New threat?
Interesting,also I would like to know about it please thankyou.

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Thoughts of war and fighting clouded the mouse king's mind, he nearly missed everything Odin said. "Ah,yes,yes I will rally the troops." Mistro said as he made a mental map of the kingdom and the Ook camp location. "A new rapier?" he questioned, just processing what was said earlier. "No need,my blade is forged from the toughest of metals, it shall never dull against the skin of my enemies." After a moment of pause, he had his plan sorted.
Twenty archers to circle the Ook camp in silence, twenty foot soldiers, five on each side.
"I will rally the troops, when I am finished I will seek you out, make what preparations you feel you must." Hopping down from his throne, Mistro strutted off through the throne room and out to make plans of war.

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@mastermouse: Aranar and the other brigaders gathered at the palace gates to request that the job of pushing the ook's of the border's be given to them they were not entering the castle though not that the gate guards had the stones to stop them but Aranar had a feeling the mouse prince would be in a far more listening mood if him and his men did not break into his castle he had always found that castle invasion was one of the worse ways to try and get a job .

Cassius and Terry two of the newer mouses to join the brigaders they joined despite protests from their parents as all their brothers had joined with the mouse army which they figured would be boring so they chose a life of adventure and danger and joined Aranar's ranks . The two were good fighters no doubt they had been trained by their father who was an ex royal guard for the king he was particularly angry about their choice in fact he sent a rather nasty note to Aranar or so he figured after reading the first sentence the mouse chucked it in the fire after which he sent a letter back to their father thanking him for his newest recruits and also asking him to write more letters in the winter he would need materials if he was going to stay nice and toasty.

The brothers spoke up "why do we gotta wait out here for the king why not just go kill the ook's then come back and ask the king to pay us for the work we did ""ya makes sense to me "the other brother replied the two of them were not particularly bright ."Because son that is not working that is called free labor and it is a bit hard to negotiate a price when we have already finished the job "Elroy said Elroy was an older mouse who joined up with the group when it was first founded even though he was older then his superiors he took his position on with grace and acted as a father figure to the rest of the group Elroy's family was slain by a band of ook's and when the band first found him he was knee deep in a swarm of the buggers fighting like a mouse out of hell i mean while the band forced Elroy back it was more like they were saving the ook's then Elroy.

But after he joined Aranar tracked the band of ook's down that killed his family and the band slaughtered them and since then Elroy has sworn fealty to the red eyed mouse which he has honored to this day he was clearly the smartest book wise in the group.Aranar looked back at his chattering army and told them to hush up as the king would soon be here and they needed to look like a unit not a bunch of chattering mice.

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Atrocity had never been in such an odd place before. The Mouse Islande surely was unorthodox, its majestic landscape and exotic beasts, all gave a misterious tone to the location. He had been wading for hours, attempting to get out of the verdant turf. Luckily, he had found the castle. Knocking on the door thrice, he tried to contact the inhabitants.

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@ownagepants:Mistro was strolling about the castles long corridors and massive rooms. He had spoken to the mice in charge of running the military, an attack on the Ook's was set up. Preparing for the attack would take time, it would not launch for at least a few hours.
Most of the mice were in the main courtyard eating lunch, so Mistro was not bothered too much by people interrupting his walk.
As he neared the gates, he could hear the chatter of mice, slightly confused he walked with a slightly quicker pace. Immediately seeing Arnar and his group just beyond the gates, the mouse king spoke. "Arnar, I assume you are here about the Ook's. I have few words for you, I will fetch you when the attack begins, and you will be paid handsomely."
Assuming this was most definitely a sufficient statement for the mercenary mouse, Mistro continued his walk.

@atrocity_ After a while more of walking around, with his incredible hearing, he heard three knocks at the castle's main door. Feeling the knock was of somewhat urgency, instead of walking, he teleported.
Slowly pulling open the incredibly large doors, Mistro was greeted by what looked like a giant robot. "Who are you,and what are you doing here?" he asked, thoroughly confused.

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A mouse! The inhabitants were mice. Everything on the island was stranger than it seemed. Clearing his head from all thoughts, he focused on telling the truth. "Well, I am Atrocity, a bounty hunter. Recently my ship fell around here and I was wondering if you could aid me to fix it." He extended his hand for a steady handshake. "I am new to Earth, but I believe you would exchange a favor for another, no?"

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@atrocity_: "Well alright then. I am Mistro, king of this land." he said, shaking the bounty hunters hand. Taking a moment to stroke his whiskers and consider his options, he decided to help Atrocity. "I will help you bounty hunter, but you will help me in return." Wasting no time wating for a response, the mouse king stated his terms. "You will help me hunt a pack of Ardmuks, a wild native animal to this land, and then I will help repair your ship."