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"AGGGGHHH so very, very bored. Broke all Kid devils high scores on his computer, read like a dozen books and still nothing. Whats the point of being a superhero when there is nothing to be super for?. "

"I'am sorry sir i cannot help you with this question. Do you have another?"

Looking slightly bemused at the apparently above state of the art AI that couldn't answer his simple dilemma. Eddy walked away shaking his head. This place is like a ghost town, where the hell is everybody "Sir the rest of the team.." ,"SHUT THE HELL UP , cant answer a simple question yet when i walk away you become a conversationalist " Walking into the Kitchen the prince of power begins to pour himself a tea hoping to calm his anger and boredom. Then the sound he longed to here, fearing he was going space crazy and the sound of footsteps where in his mind the champion dashed to the corridor towards them.

Spotting Stephanie he pulled himself back slowing to a stop yards from her "Hi Steph, you bored?. Wanna Go on patrol?, see a film? go somewhere?. Please i am so so bored."

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"Computer how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?!" Stephanie walked quickly down the halls of the moon base with the entire jar of chocolate chip cookies in her arms, her face covered in chocolate as the sugar high hero shoved another cookie in her mouth. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the HQ was gone, doing stuff... she wasn't sure what kind of stuff... but stuff she didn't have to do. BUT OMG IT WAS SO BORING!!! Nothing to do at all! Except for trying to annoy the hell out of the HQ's AI computer system, which wasn't going so bad.

"It depends on whether you are talking about Africa or European woodchucks."

Throwing her head back in laughter she patted the wall with her hand, leaving a chocolate hand print behind. "We BOTH know I'm talking about European woodchucks."


With a giggle fit she turned the corner where a long stretch of the hallway leading to the kitchen was. "Computer, if I go skidding along the ground, what's the chance of me hurting myself?"

"Stephanie, with the data I've collected from you over your time of stay here on the Moon base, there is a 100% probable chance that you will hurt yourself."

"Perfect!" The hero gave a wide grin as she began running down the hall for a few seconds before she began skidding along the slick flooring. She yelled in excitement as she suddenly lost her balance, tripping and stumbling forward until she actually slammed into the wall, the cookie jar breaking from the impact, causing the delicious treats to scatter all over the clean ground. "OMG!" she yelled out in horror, she was soooooo going to get into trouble!

"Hi Steph," Was all she heard.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!" she yelled back until she realized Edward wasn't scolding her, but asking her to do something with him. "Oh!" quickly wiping the chocolate off her face she dust her hands of the remains of the cookie jar and began to ponder. "Yes to EVERYTHING! I haven't been on Earth for like... WEEKS! It'll be nice to be able to go outside without having to wear a spacesuit." She smiled as she grabbed Edward, walking off to the transport area of the HQ.

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"Lets go"

The two champions stroll into the transporter room. "I have an idea go with me on this" pausing for a second "Teleport us to a random city...Now" Edward smiling as Nova's face looks kinda of confused. Their two forms fade and reappear somewhere on earth. Looking around the two champions try to gather their bearings .

Turning and seeing an old women staring upwards into the branches of a tree Edward walks over, hearing his approach the old women speaks "Aidez s'il vous plaît, mon pauvre chat est coincé dans l'arbre" The princes French was rusty at best but he understood the words for please, cat and tree. That was all he needed. Looking up into the branches Edward could see a small black cat sitting high in the branches. Reaching out with his mind the champion tries to shift the creature from its lofty perch trying to be gentle and not harm the little creature. His telekinesis gently tugging the little fur ball that gripped at the branch beneath it firmly with his claws. Increasing the pressure slightly Eddy managed to drag the kitten free and floated him gently into his arms.

Gesturing to hand the freshly freed creature back to its owner the little cat lashed out at the prince "Son of a B*tch" the little monster running away into an ally. Turning to Nova Edward wipped the cut on his chin "Well that was a less than successfull rescue but a rescue none the less."

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Stephanie watched as Edward did his magic, saving the kitten from the tree and then watching it turn into the spawn of satan and attack him! She yelped, jumping back as the cat hissed away, running into a nearby ally. The old woman went running after as Nova couldn't help but chuckle. "You did better than what I would have done, I would have just ripped the tree from it's roots and shook the damn thing till the cat flew out." The older hero joked as she playfully elbowed Edward. Just the, she felt a tug on her outfit. Arching her brow she looked down to find a boy standing next to her, he couldn't be more than five or six years old. "Oh, hey there little buddy, what's up?" Stephanie smiled at him as she knelt down on one knee so she could be at eye level to him.

Just then the boy began speaking to her, but in french, and very very very fast, like a rapper on crack. The hero's eyes widen as she leaned slightly back, she had no idea what the boy was saying! She looked over at Edward who seemed to have a slightly amused look on his face. 'Help me' she mouthed to him, begging for assistance as he looked over at the distance. "Kid said his parents have a flat, he needs your help." he whispered over to her.

"OH!" she turned back to the kid and nod her head. "I can totally help you!" Which was kinda sorta a lie... Stephanie had NO clue how to change a tire of a car.

But the kid was so ecstatic that he grasped her hand into his and began pulling her away from Edward, the two walking, maybe, a block before she saw a small black car on the side of the road with who she assumed were his parents, arguing and pointing at the car. The boy then called out to his parents as they looked over at the two with a shocked look on their face. The mother began rambling to the son as she looked at Stephanie, the parents almost amazed that she was there before them. The boy began speaking back pointing at Nova then pointing back at the car. The father then took a step forward, speaking to her just as quickly as the little boy did, omg was this family made up of rappers!? He was pointing at what seemed to be the tire jack and then back at the right back tire that was obviously flat. "Hhhmm..." she knelt down next to the tire jack as she began fumbling with it, only to find out that it wasn't working. OH! It clicked in her head, they needed her to lift the car so THEY could fix the tire. Stephanie nod her head to them. "I got this guys." she smiled as she crouched next to the car, her hands reaching under the frame as she slowly stood up, the right side of the car being tilted to the left so the father could get to the flat tire. The little boy clapped his hands in excitement as the mother pulled out her phone, taking pictures of what was going on. The hero couldn't help but give a wide smile as she stood there while the father was seen scrambling o change the tire. Just a few minutes later the father gave a thumbs up to Stephanie and as gently as she picked it up, she set the car down. The new tire in place as she dust her hands.

The family cheered as they came around her and gave her a big group hug. Nova laughed as she hugged each of them back before pulling away. Kneeling down to the boy she ruffled his hair. "Now you be cool and stay in school, you got a good head on your shoulders." she stood up as she waved by to the family before making her way back to Edward.

Finally reaching him she had a bright smile on her face. "You know what, I kinda like this more than getting my face beaten in by bad guys, we need to do this more often."

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"Indeed Nova, its surprising how much more relaxing having your face shredded by a pet cat compared to be jaw jacked by some super villain..."

Looking into the distance Edward could see a road sign "Guess we should find out where we are, 1 second Nova" zipping off to the sign and back again the prince of power questioned Nova "I suppose you don't know which way is west do you?, we are in Dijon. Famous for making mustard apparently. We should buy some" Edward searching his pockets for his wallet "Crap only have pound and dollars, no euros" A Chorus of high pitch screams filled the air followed by the sound of charging footsteps. "UMM NOVA your not big in France by any chance are you?" before his teammate could answer they where swarmed by the group "Edward..... Your majesty... Eddy can i have a photo... can i get an autograph" Smiling to his fellow champion he started to rapidly sign everything held out in front of him before turning to Nova "would you mind getting a group photo with the girls" Before adding telepathically "so we can get out of here"

Posing with one girl handing from each bicep and the rest around him like a class photo the champion smirked to himself "This hasn't happened in awhile. Good to know the folks at home still love me i guess.", "Nova, how about we stop by Paris for a pastry and head over to the UK?, haven't been home for awhile. May even be able to stop at mothers for tea"

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“Dijon?” The hero had a puzzled look on her face as she shrugged her shoulders. She had surprisingly never been to France before. “Oh! Mustard! Isn’t that the one they call poop on?” She remembered when Mr. French back at WAL tried to explain to Stephanie that the mustard wasn’t called ‘Poop on’ but ‘Poupon’, apparently… it sound different. “OH I GOT MONEY!” Stephanie reached into her pocket… oh wait… the costume didn’t have any pockets. “Erm… never mind I lied.” Stephanie chucked as she rubbed the back of her head. “I’m still not used to this costume.”

Suddenly screams were heard from a distance, causing the hero to perk her head up, her eyes widen, looking for the danger that must have been coming at them! Only to see a wave of women rushing towards the two heroes in every direction! Stephanie let out a shriek of fear as she was shoved out of the way and knocked down by dozens of women of all shape, size and color. Turning around she looked to see Edward had been surrounded by them like a lion to a helpless lamb.

“NOOOO THEY GOT EDWARD!” She dramatically yelled out stretching out her hand to her poor comrade. He was cool and collective about it though, a smile at his fans as he signed autographs, nodding to the women and being a true gentleman. Standing up she grasped the iphones and cameras and began taking pictures for the women. The two heroes began waving bye to the giggling women who were walking away.

Stephanie stood there for a moment with a slight frown. Most people didn’t even realize who she was, since she hadn’t really been to Earth much since her resurrection. Not to mention the now blond hair, blue eyes and new outfit would totally throw anyone off. She wondered if people even remembered who Feral Nova was.

Her head snapped back at Edward with a smirky grin on her face when he told her about going to Paris. “is that a challenge to a race?” While Edward was a fast runner, Stephanie was a fast flyer. Her body began levitating off the ground as she posed as if she was getting ready to run. “READY? ONETWOTHREEGO!” she yelled out so fast that you could barley understand her, her body turning into nothing but a blue and red streak of blur as she flew towards (she hoped was) Paris. But before she could stop, she totally passed the Eiffel tower! “AAAAAAHHHH!” she yelled at herself as she stopped in mid-flight quickly turning around as a gust of wind suddenly slammed into her from her speed. Again she took off, flying as fast as she could before stopping at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

Looking around she had a wide grin on her face, did she just win?!

"About time, slow poke.” Came from behind her.

Slowly turning around she saw Edward standing there with a smug look on his face. “No fair! You cheated!” The fellow hero laughed as people began gathering around the two, tourist made up most of the crowed as they began pointing at the due, ‘ awing’ and taking snap shots. “Hey you think we can grab some French Fries? I’ve always wanted to see if they taste the same in France.” She half way joked as she looked up at the Eiffel tower. “You know… I honestly thought… it was taller.” She spoke as she leaned back a bit to take a better look.

"Wait... we don't have to eat snails... do we?" A look of horror came on her face as she looked back over at Ed.

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Edwards smug smile was ear to ear. "I didn't need to cheat Nova, the advantage of being on the ground is i can see where things are, you fly above the clouds types might as well be blindfolded when it comes to finding a specific place. Though i do go through boots alot faster my way. " Waving to the sightseers Eddy laugh at Nova suggestion "French Fries are only called that in America, In England they are called chips in France they are called pomme frites or frites for short. As for can we get some, why not could use a snack did just run like 190 odd miles i think, judging by the time it took"

Leading his teammate away from the base of the tower the two champion strolled over to nearby frites stand "Oh an Nova they usually have mayonnaise with their fries not ketchup. They may have some but i doubt it"

"bonjour monsieur deux portions de frites s'il vous plaît" See i remember the important bits of french, food and basics. Due to a lack of Euros Eddy handed the man a £10 note way more than the charge of the food. "Désolé, pas d'euros" the vendor looking relatively pleased with the deal. Handing Nova her portion using the last of his ropy french "Bon appetit" as the prince of power starts to tuck into fresh portion of frites the sound of sirens starts to approach. Looking into the crowd Edward could spot them parting a few hundred yards ahead of them. Trying to spot the source of the commotion Edwrad tilts his head. Spotting a lone man running towards the two champions.

Looking straight at Edward the runner ducked back into the crowd emerging firing. A beam of light striking Edward square in the chest sending a shower of frites over him as he fell backwards onto the ground . Shaking his head the prince started to pull himself back off the ground as a swarm of pigeons swooped down on him. The feral mass pecking at him as they try to get at the tasty fried potatoes. " Why cant i come to this country without being attacked by pigeons" thought the champion as he fought to free scare the flock away and find the man who had ruined his snack and now his day.