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The Middle Kingdom

One the surface, the Middle Kingdom resembles the rest of the world. The same ambience of decay and gloom shrouds it, highlighting its most sinister aspects. The major cities are over crowded hives choked with faceless, impersonal skyscrapers, anonymous hordes of frantic workers, vice tongs, and teeming, disease-infested slums. In the countryside, rural folk hack a subsistence living, if that, from trackless jungles and defoliant saturated craters, all while praying for protection from the monsters and spirits they know exist just out of sight. In the Middle Kingdom, it is all too easy to step around the nearest corner or the next bend of the road, then simply... Vanish.

In many areas, principalities grind their subjects to paste under gun butts and tank treads. Every year, thousands of people simply disappear, never to be heard from again. Government "facilities" and political prisons are veritable abattoirs that were once interned, no one emerges to tell tales. Ancient families and secret societies manipulate entire economies from behind screens of honor and propriety, while family vendettas from the days of the dragon emperors and devil samurai are settled in boardrooms and back alleys alike. Most people are ingrained simply to look the other way, and thus, even legitimate investigations often become fruitless endeavors, punctuated by noncommittal shrugs and blank stares.

The Cursed

The Middle Kingdom is haunted by a variety of supernatural beings, remnants of past Ages of the world. Vampires prowl cities and shantytowns, while the jungles and mountains are home to shapeshifting demons. Wily sorcerers weave their spells in suspiciously nondescript curio shops, ghosts avenge unhallowed deaths or guard their mortal families, and fairy folk curse those who fail to honor the ancient ways. Although often at odd with one another, these beings differ from their Mortal counterparts, for they see themselves as part of a greater family of spirit beings. Collectively, supernatural beings are known by many names, but often refer to themselves by the Chinese word "Shen." (God) Unlike supernaturals in the Material plane, Shen take relatively fewer precautions against discovery. The supernatural here has less need of hiding and sanctioning, for it is unobtrusive enough to mind its manners. Conversely, the Middle Kingdom's mortals, as a rule, have learned to ask fewer questions. Let the Night People walk their road, the elders say, and they will let you walk yours, unless the gods frown on you.

The Middle Kingdom.

Of bones the city is made,

Plastered with flesh and blood,

Where decay and death are deposited,

And pride, and ingratitude. - Lord Sun Pao.

The Golden Palace of the Jade Dragon Court

The Golden Palace of the Jade Dragon Court, is the Imperial Palace of The Middle Kingdom. It is where Lord Sun Pao lives and rules as the Dragon Emperor, and it is where all the Dragon Emperors had ruled before him. It is a huge Golden Structure made in Ancient times by the very Dragons of the East that it still draws Chi energy from. Its Golden peaks are decorated with all manner of precious gem stones. It is said that the very Palace was molded from the great Dragon King of the Easts hoard of gold itself after war with the petty Elder Gods that lusted it for themselves. The legend says that they could not take even a single golden coin for themselves, so they attempted to melt the gold with their lighting storms. The lighting did melt the very gold of the Dragon King, yet this did not anger him, instead he molded the Palace from the melted gold, and crafted all his gold into this one prized piece. Then the Dragon King was truly happy, and the Elder Gods were humbled. And so with this act, the Dragon King went to the cave of his birth to sleep, and the Elder Gods were wise enough not to give cause to wake him once again. And this is were he still sleeps to this very day. So says the legend. The Jade Dragon Court is a room crafted entirely from Jade within the Golden Structure. It is the most holy location within the Middle Kingdom, as no feet have ever touched it, save for the ones of the Dragon Emperor's themselves. No one else is permitted to walk on the Jade. For the punishment would be eternal suffering by the Elder Gods themselves.

The Great Principle

The Laws of the Dragon Emperor.

The way of Origin: Remember whence you came, for it is the unchanging whole of your purpose.

The way of Lineage: Heed well those who have come before, and respect those who come after, for they are all part of the truth.

The way of Integrity: Maintain your honor and trust in all thought, word, and deed, for the behavior of one affects the entire community.

The way of Obligation: Understand your duties to your brethren, to the forces of the universe, and to yourself, and do all to fulfill them.

The way of Propriety: Practice correctness in all that you do, for the Great Cycle, in its every aspect, has its own nature, and that nature must be followed.

The Imperial Family

Lord Sun Pao: The Patriarch of the Pao family, and the Emperor of The Middle Kingdom.

Serinah Pao:The Crowned Princess of The Middle Kingdom. Also known as The Jade Princess of Shadows, or simply by Princess Serinah.

Ren Pao:Sun Pao's younger brother. Serinah's uncle. Ren Pao is currently locked away in a secret prison for crimes against his Emperor, he attempted to assassinate him a few years back, and lost an eye in the process.

Empress Najjah:Serinah's birth mother, Sun Pao's Ex wife, and the Ex Empress of The Middle Kingdom, recently murdered by Sun Pao himself. Not a Shen, Najjah was of an African race of Vampires completely different from Sun Pao.

The Shen

To be Shen is to be cursed. It is a half natural life caused by the chi (Qi) in ones spirit essence to be unbalanced. because of that difference, many have chosen to live inside the Middle Kingdom because of its location, it is neither here, nor there, in fact it is in both places, and not in either at the same time. A dream some might say, and the would be half correct, and half false. For the Middle Kingdom is located inside the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is the great curtain that divides the real world from the dream world, or the spirit world. It is here that all of this takes place, and it is here where many gods, demons, and alike call home. The most common of which are the Shen.

Shen are bore from human, except they are made into more. They are connected to many of the beasts of Asia, were they make their home. All around Asia, from half of Russia, to Malaysia and everything in between. It is like a glove that is covering the whole of the land, two world form one, and they Shen call this place home. The beasts most common to be placed among the Shen are these.

Dragon Clan: Very few of these Eldest Shen are left, they are counted among the Lords of the Courts. Known for Wisdom and Might. The Pao family are of this Clan.

Tiger Clan: Make their homes among the Mountains, and keep to themselves for the most part. Known for Strength and Rage.

Crane:Make their homes in the mountains along with the Tigers. Known for Wisdom and Speed.

Snake Clan: Live in the countryside and stick to simple lives most often. Known for Speed and Poison.

Mantis Clan: Live anywhere warm and are nomadic creatures. Known for Speed and Rage.

Spider Clan: Very few of these are left, do to bad choices made by their ancestors. Known for Agility and Stealth.

Rat Clan: Many of these live in the cities and under the cities as well. Known for Agility and Poison.

Shark Clan: Make their homes in the great seas. Outnumber all the others. Known for Strength, Speed, and Rage.

Monkey Clan: Make their homes everywhere. Are shy yet curious, by nature. Known for Wisdom, Agility, and Stealth.

OOC Rules

No destroying of anything without my consent

You must sell the law enforcement etc.

The palace compound's restricted areas e.g The Jade Court, training grounds etc. cannot be entered without my (IC or OOC) permission

If you want to do anything involving the Middle Kingdom outside this thread then ask first (certain people are exceptions to this rule)

No godmodding

(Thanks Impero, for making this last part, I just edited it, because I was feeling lazy, and he already said it best. ^__^)

(Work in progress.)

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Asks the Emperor to let her half a home <3 awesome work as always. May wana mention where it is geologicaly,though ^_^
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@Clara Mass: Looking forward to it <3

@_Astrid_: Thank you.

@Surkit: Home sweet home.

There is still a lot I want to add to this, but I feel it is a good start.

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@Serinah_Pao: Absolutely, you hit the ground running.

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@Noir_Anarchist: Yeah I still need to add that bit. It is located inside the Gauntlet. Read my Umbra thread. The Gauntlet is the great curtain between the physical plane, and the spiritual plane. It is the earliest stages of the shadow plane... Like a medium zone. So this realm is actually a blanket over most of Asia. Its a part of Asia that no one ever see's except the people who live there.

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This will be open once I get it finished... I just wanted to see if it was something people would be interested in. I guess my questions have been answered, I love you all.

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Now pleads for a hhome there <3 empires are fun but sometimes all on one planet it seams a tad silly. This one though isnt the usual which helps it stay new :)
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@Impero: You understand where it is located right? Read what I was saying to Noir above babe. The Palace is inside China. In a different plane of reality.

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Fowler entered the kingdom to see a couple of Jiang Shi prowling about, he is amused at their movements and so he mimics their hopping and follows them along to wherever they go

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The Shinobi had been many places in the past few months,with the hopes of uncovering the mystery behind the rogue splinter cell group he had found out about in Madripoor. His previous teacher the Dragon Sage had mentioned a place like this in his many opium binge rants and suggested visiting it,for it was where he was birthed and now the Ronin had taken his advice unexpectedly. All things led to the Jade Empire and its many cursed inhabitants,and Falcon walked through the rainy streets looking for clues to the mysterious organization, but first he would have to lose the tails that followed him.

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@Rumble Man:

// You must have found the only group of Jiang Shi Unliving in The Middle Kingdom. This is based off Mollyverse not actual Asian mythology... Creative liberties and what not. Most of the Vampires are completely different... All stuff I plan on adding tonight or tomorrow. <3 //

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Epic stuff Naamah.

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//oopsies, besides the ones that I have found what other beings live here//

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@Rumble Man: // They are mostly based off the beast kingdom of china legends, Tiger, Crane, Monkey, Mantis, Serpent, Shark, Dragon, Spider, and Rat. I will explain in more detail tonight or tomorrow when I finish my thread. Until then write whatever you want <3, and we will just call it non cannon fun.//

@PaperRonin: A young child born of the monkey Shen notices the stranger and thinks nothing of it. He doesn't seem out of place among the many faces, the only thing that gives him away is his eyes, and the way they are scanning everything. He is an outsider. The young one tugs at his pant leg and tries to sell him some of his mothers homemade spicy chicken dim sum.

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Molly is amazing and I love everything she does.

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I love the thread btw. Im looking forward to some canon works between us.

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I <3 you sooo much!


I feel the same way. I enjoy your writing quite a bit actually.

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: Thank you,that is much appreciated. :)

I love the whole clan thing you got going on.

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@Gambler: They all have perks and flaws. I could see you playing a Snake. lol

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The Dragon Emperor, strengthened with the blood of centuries, seems to be a part of his Jade throne. His golden robes drape over the legendary Jade furniture, making it impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. In his mighty nimble fingers he holds a cup of Oolong tea, exquisitely crafted from ivory bone. The hands of a skilled master, and the principles of bone crafting.

"Beautiful... Is it not!?"he asks, his servant, he has to yell, for she is not permitted to enter the Jade Court."It is indeed a beautiful piece of work."The ivory bone has a slight yellowish tinge to it, and an unusual heft, and it is as cool to the touch as the day it was crafted.

"It would be perfect if it was full."the Emperor says before quickly drinking the tea within. The servant girl bows her head, as a sign of understanding. She grabs a long staff with a bowl attached to the end of it in her hands, and she slowly reaches out to her Lord."With poise."he remarks, a smirk on his face. She is new and he is testing her will to serve, to be her best, as he does all his subjects.

She grunts slightly as her body strains, but she is able to steady her extended grasp with her strong legs, and hold the bowl still. His smirk turns to a smile as he places his cup into the bowl. Once he pulls his hand away, she slowly and very carefully retrieves, both the bowl and the ivory cup. She takes the cup and fills it to the rim with a fresh serving of Oolong tea. Then she places it back into the staff's bowl and very carefully sends her Lords drink out to him."It is even harder when the cup is full... Like it is often times in life."he smirks. She grunts even louder this time but she is able to serve her Lord."Carefully my Lord... It is very hot."

His mighty hands grasp the cup showing no signs of worry. "Tea is meant to be hot." he looks at her as he looks at the bowl to check for spillage. She didn't spill a single drop, for the first time in months, he was satisfied with her performance. He smiles. "You may go for now... I will be needing my pipe in two hours time." she bows her head again with a smile on her face, as she slowly backs away, and takes her leave.

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Fowler takes a roll of newspaper and laid it out on the concrete as he laid to rest, looking up on the vast structures as he makes an angel on the ground.

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@Rumble Man:

Princess Serinah see's Fowler laying out in the street making angels on newsprint."What are you doing?"

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He noticed her from the other group with the assassins yet he did not fully know who she was outside the group

"I was lost in sightseeing so I thought to have a rest and plan out my activities here for the rest of the days.

I happen to like this place and I decided to make newspaper angels"

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@Rumble Man:

The Princess decides to lay on the street next to the odd being and mimic him."I have heard of you from my many contacts Mr. Fowler is it?"She is interested in understanding this being to some extent she finds him to be a bit odd, but charming in some strange alien sort of way.

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He folds his paper angel as she started to follow, he gave her more sheets of newspaper as she starts to fold

"Yes, it is and forgive me for my rudeness dear but I never got a chance to know your name. What should I call you?"

He has so far finished two paper angels, they are placed close to each other