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Thus is the joining of X and Lya. The rules are known by everyone here, if you dont know them, you dont belong here so go away.

please be nice to everyone (yes EVERYONE! Obi be nice to D, TJ, be Nice to Jack! aswell as everyone else.) for everyone here is here for us, not to be shot down by you. as for the aboved named, I have asked them myself to come here, So please, i do beg everyone. be nice.

Before the wedding would even start, before so many joined in this clearing within the woods, A young figure of a girl stood in the very middle. As tradtion it was the brides family that paid for the wedding, since though she had no father or mother, She would make it, all of it. Magical and wild as she could. She had a soft smirk on her young face, Her green emerald eyes almost blazing with energy and power, which is always did right before she was able to use her powers, not offend did she use her power for something like this, so tthis was going to be fun!

her eyes gathered to where the people would be sitting, She rased her hands over the ground around her, slowly, but still with speed, trees poped from the earth, with vines twisting and turning about it, and it formed chairs with flowers of soft pinks and reds. no whites, she didnt care much for that color anyway. the rows of chairs where arched together by vines rising up and down thus making the arch walk way, At the front, where the groom would stand, She gave a smile with a blush as she thought of X once again. Her heart gave a skip as she thought more on why she was doing all of this, vines of green and goldish brown wraped around eachother, causing a gap in the very middle, the wedding arch way. Taking some dirt form under her, She held it tightly in her hands and poured some energy into her fingers to heat the sand so hard, with such power, that it turned to glitter, Taking a deep breath, She blew the glitter out onto the arch way, flowers apeared all over in all sorts of colors, and glitter shimmered in the bright large moon, She tilted her head as she called for the fireflys to flicker around the place. then a path of glowing mushrooms sprouted around making pathways.

off to the side, she had made stands for all types of drink and fruit of all sorts, some sweet and salted meats aswell where there to offer the guests. With a sigh, she bowed her head to rest her energy levels, All was ready, all but herself.
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((D, please, this is an rp, you must rp, not just post like that, >.<)

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Today was not a day of a mission, it was a day to see two old friends gather in holy matrimony. Hayden put on something nice to wear today, the old black and white suit. He was one of the first to arrive. There he sat in a chair next to his fellow We Are Legend friends. Peering at the beautiful scenery he could see a variety of different flowers that were in the room. There were stands at a corner which guests could help themselves with after the wedding.

Watching and waiting he continued to look around. some minutes later, the bride walked out towards the arch way. She walked with a gentle beauty. X was lucky to have a girl like her. Hayden smiled and couldn't believe the day actually came. And it's now here and he could only smile with joy that his two friends would hitch.

There was one thing Hayden forgot. He forgot to put the present in his hands away. He quickly stood up and ran to a  table where gifts were placed. Hayden had gotten Lillya and X a team portrait with a golden frame with angels crested in it. Lillya may of not be a WAL member, but she surely is treated as one. She will forever be a friend to the team. Hayden ran back to his seat before the wedding would officialy begin.

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Jack woke up from his drunken slumber, unshaven and dressed in rags like he was every day he thought nothing of it...but than it hit him, today was his sister's wedding!! Scrambling to do the best he could, Jack quickly shaved his stubble while he drove to the wedding ceremony and beat some stranger walking down the street for his fancy clothes, rushing to get to the wedding on time. By the time he did arrive there he realized he had arrived early and though relieved felt extremely embarrassed.

Shuffling into the back row of chairs set out for the outdoor wedding Jack sat down quietly hoping to avoid notice, he was here for Lya, but other than that weddings and public events made him feel awkward so he felt it best that nobody notice him, especially nobody with a grudge against him, he could congratulate the couple afterwards anyways. Doing his best to get comfortable Jack just sat back and waited.

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It felt like magic to him as this was the night that he was going to marry the woman he had loved in a outdoors wedding in a forrest like atmosphere that was lit well enough by the torches surrounding the area since it was the dead of the night. The stars he noticed around him was twinkling even brighter in the sky as if it was a sign to him like the people from far off planets was watching this somewhat non traditional style wedding. For he wore specially made black clothing for he wasn't comfortable wearing a tux it just didn't naturally suit a strange alien like him so he wore these clothing that was very formal yet comfortable for him. The magical energy he felt surrounding the area was looming all around them which he could sense with his unusual set of senses as it amazed and filled him with wonder. For soon he was going to be a husband after this ceremony was over which sort of filled him with dread with all these random thoughts of how there marriage could all go wrong between them.

Usually he is a man who shows no fear though usually it is because he had showed no emotion at all but after all these years it was slowly getting to him. Looking at all the people who attended there wedding seeing all these familiar faces in the crowd who had took time from there own lives to make it to this very special occasion. Things like these are rare especially for the ones that last forever as he even noticed Bio Guyver in the crowd taking the gift he was holding in his hand and placing it on the presents table. He was one of his best friends here in the CV for it was rare to see other people with Guyvers and he was the first person similar to X who had befriended him. Probably most of the people who came to there wedding only came because they were much closer friends of Lya then to him which kind of disheartened him but he was surprised that there was so many people who appeared for this event.

Turning his attention down the isle he saw the most perfect being before him the only woman in the world he thought he could ever actually share forever with. Lya looked like how own personal angel of the night to him sent down from the stars to be his for if he had a heart right now inside of his body it would be rapidly beating as he kept watching her.  X in his heart of hearts hoped to make her a good husband not to never disappoint her for he would be very sad in some strange way if he ever manages to disappoint the woman he deeply loves in his heart. Pushing aside all these doubts and fear in his mind as he did something he rarely does for it was like he didn't know how to do it but he managed to somehow do it which which to smile.  Standing there with both of his hands on his side as he glances next to him at his best man and his groomsman who were going to be the ones who were going to help him through this wedding for he had watch many get married it was a once in a lifetime X himself was lucky to find somebody special that actually wanted to marry him....
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Ruin quickly dressed himself with his best occassional tuxedo. After putting on his most expensive alligator dress shoes, he grabbed his car keys and was out the door. He hit the alarm to wake everyone, in The Bladed Angel's palace. He dashed down the secret get away pole, as he came to the front door. As he exited he ran across to the coast of the island, once near water he leapt into his Sean John motor boat. As he pressed hard on the pedal, he was soon dashing across the ocean. In moments he found himself away from the isolated island and on the coast of the U.S.A. AS he stopped beside the bat docks, he hopped onto land. As he walke to the end of the wooden plank, there was already a vehichle there. Waiting for him. It Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren. He hopped in, and inserted te keys into the ignition.

As he did so he got a good grip on the steering wheel and pressed down on the pedal. Today was a very special event, and he did not like to be late. AS he drove off in the stick drive car, he realized he wasging in the opposite direction. However, he did not stop. He increased the speed of the car, as he hit the hand brake and drifted the car in a complete U-turn. He hit the pedal, and was now once again swarming trough an array of cars. Finally he came upon he actual event. Stopping the car instantly and stepping out with a lit cigar in his mouth. He walked glamorously unto the seating area. As he took the seat, thoguhts flew through his mind. He remembered how hard it was for him to coem to this event. He had to convince himself that it would be the best thing to do, if he wanted to get over the past. his was the most difficlut time he ever had attending an occassion. Not because of physical difficultie, but mental diffuculties. But still none of that mattered right now. All he wanted was a womenvery special to him, Lillya Wildchid, to be happy.

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Elian jump off the bed frighten
“AH!”the alarm at the Bladed Angels castle had been set. Grabbing his two Hi-power guns he yells“I was dreaming of Maggie Q!! Why things always happen when I actually get a good night sleep?”Elian gets up from the bed wearing only his sponge bob boxers yelling
 “This building better be on FIRE! No one wakes me for nothing!!”Elian was walking to the door and he notice a note nailed to the door that read(X’s wedding)“Oh! Snap! That’s right my boy is hangs himself tonight!”Elian grabs the only clothes he has other than his Mercenary suits, a black long jacket whit a shirt and black pants along whit some white sneakers to dance in the after party.

Elian looks at himself in the mirror
“damn Elian you looking a bit dead..” He said to himself as he looks at his reflection.“well I guess having Shape Shifting ability pays up for something”He uses his shape shifting ability to look like he did once before his death.
 “OH! Damn! Looking good G'Bandit! Just a little hair gel and the honeys will be melting at your sight.” Said Elian practically worshiping himself as he puts on his cologne just like when he was a kid.

Elian walk out the Room all dress up and for some reason he was careen a sword along whit him and a small gun in a holder hidden in his right ankle. He head to the living room and scratch his head while looking through the window he can see his leader leaving on a boat. “by the time he gets to the wedding I’m going to be getting my game on whit the Maid of honor.”Thought Elian as he laugh to himself. Elian then teleports to his garage and as always leaps on his custom made Hayabusa. He switch it on and accelerates as he always does just to hear the engine. “OK! All set! I got my clothes on my hair tight, looking good well I’m ready to go so lets go!” Elian accelerates heading straight to the wall at high speed and when he is about to crash he uses his teleporting ability disappearing out the palace.

A portal opens at the wedding and Elian is launch out the portal in his motorcycle landing on the forest drifting on the ground lifting dust as he shows off his motorcycle. “Yea! That’s right I’m here!”He looks around (crickets) He notices the wedding is nowhere around that area.“Now where the heck did I landed?”He checks his GPS on the screen on the motorcycle. O_O “What the hell am I doing at El Junque? Damn teleportation it never fail on start trek” Elian teleport again and this time arrives at the wedding location he sees the beautiful scenario and gets a bit frighten and nervous, Elian is not very social and his comedy escapes him whenhe is unmask.  He parks his motorcycle next to a tree and waits to see a familiar face humming the sponge bob song. Since he is not good meeting new people. Is for sure that no one will recognize him whit out his mask.
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He woke up late to find his that his girlfriend was already in the bath he bathed he shaved he cooked they ate and hurried to the wedding.
Seeing how busy the traffic was they had to fly to the wedding  and leave the car behind in a traffic jam.
Half an hour later Yoshua dropped down from the sky with his enchanting date to see this joyish event in matrimony

Shouted *hi guys* to the quarreling crowd outside with many happy responses and a few who weren't so nice.
leaving they`re present on a table and sitting down only to see a beautiful ancient forest filled with light and happiness 
and lots of heavy old magic hanging around.
Knowing how X felt a few hours before he took a few anxious looks to the arch which he was sitting next to.
But his own girlfriend reassured him that they will get married today.

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MOF is sitting in his chair staring at the wall when the B.A. alarm rings. MOF had been to 4 weddings in CV previously and had been late to 2 and completely missed another. Him being on time is in the fore front of his mind until he actually gets there. He stands up and walks out of his room. He was already dressed in his crimson red suit because he put it on the day before. In no time he is down stairs and out of the door. As the Blue Giant stands out side the castle he looks down. "I hope my not wearing shoes, doesn’t disturb any of the other guest." he says before looking forward again. The ocean is the only thing between him and the woods where the wedding is held. Without warning the MOF-Cycle materializes and he steps on. Ruin and Elian, A.K.A. G'Bandit, have left the grounds and are on their way if not already there.

When he is comfortably seated he grabs the handles softly then in a flash he is in the air and headed towards the forest. Its not long before he is descending in the area of the wedding. Some of his friends and people he has never seen are already there and waiting. As he walks up he stops walking and has a face of confusion. "Which side do I sit on? The Groom's or the Bride's? I am close to both of them." He thinks then decides to sit on the Groom's side randomly. When he sits on the all natural pew a soft crunch was heard and a sweet aroma surfaces from the flowers. Soon he will be traveling back in his memory of his ordeals with each of them as the ceremony actually starts.

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Adélaïde looked at her watch for the umpteenth time in the last two minutes as she made her way across a Parisian street. Looking at herself in the glass window of a small boutique she was walking across, she quickly passed a hand in her long, curly black hair and looked at the dress she had chosen for the special occasion. Said dress was rather tight and a vivid green, much like her eyes, and flowed down to the ground, giving the young witch a very elegant look. Satisfied, she resumed her hurried stroll down the street, mindlessly playing with her magical cards as she did so. Looking at her watch once more, she realized it was time. Stopping in the middle of the street, she looked around and walked into a dark alley where she would be alone. Closing her eyes, she tapped into her magical abilities and picked a card out of the deck. The enchanted deck of cards, which Adele had inherited from her ancestors, not only had the ability to summon mystical spirits, but also to forecast the future in some occasions. Opening her eyes, Adele looked at the card that fate had picked.

The Light

The Light. A good omen.

Placing the card back in the deck, she pulled out a different one, this one she had chosen. Holding the card up, she focused and accessed her powers. The card represented an image of a shadowy figure, cloaked and mysterious. Once she felt ready, Adélaïde whispered:

"Shadow, create a wormhole of darkness and take me to the wedding."

The card began to glow and, moments later, all the shadows in the alley started to move. They twirled and moved towards Adele, until, all together, they formed a pool of shadows right in front of the sorceress. Not hesitating for a minute, Adelaide stepped into the darkness and disappeared. At the wedding, a swirl of shadows appeared and dissipated, bringing Adele into view. The French witch discreetly walked over to the bride's side and sat, excitedly waiting for the ceremony to begin.

She had a good feeling about this.
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Mark walked in. he was abit late . Checking his watch he noticed he was like almost 30 seconds late. Still not on time but he was happy. Long time friend X was getting married and Mark was happy . He quickly dropped his gift next to the others . Walking through the left wing of the wedding area he opened it . Quickly he watched himself. Being to loud would screw up the wedding and he wasn't ready to do that. Not to his friend. openining the door silently he slipped in. Only the person(s) next to the door noticed him. Mark gave no mind to them and checked his watch again. Looking up he saw X in a tuxedo and the ceremony hadn't started yet. "Whew.......... on time ." Mark gasped silently as he walked behind the massive pillars in the area. The wedding was beutiful . Nothing could stop this one. Mark hadn't really known Lillya but he knew that she made X the happiest Man on the EARTH. Mark looked . The team was here . Some of them giving him strange looks since he was the only one standing . 

Nodding he looked towards the front of the area. There was on last seat . Somone must have moved at the last minute cause this place was jammed to the brime with heros. Mark again looked around only to notice he was the shortest and mabe the youngest person in the wedding. Mark laughed silently to himself not making noise.  He was going to have fun at the after party . Slowly dipping his body he hunched over making sure he blocked no one noticed him which failed miserably. Sitting down Mark blushed . Everyoen had been looking at him for a split second and he didn't like all the attention . Still happy he sat there . He loved his friends and this one was going to be hapy for life.

Still working one joke in he said quietly" i'm not tien yet hahaha:

Still remembering the gift he thought of it in his head. A beutiful pearl dress for Lillya and a suit for X acommpaning that was 2 tickets to a show in New York on Broadway. If they couldn't make it at the time they could switch it out for another one .

"Hope they injoy the gifts , They were quite heavy" Mark said nerviously waiting for the ceremony to begin

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The Alarm rings throughout the castle of the Bladed Angels. Siphon awoke from his bed throwing the covers to his side. Today his friend's Lilya and X would unite in holy matrimony. He was happy for them and hoped they'd have a happy life together. This was something he himself needed to work on, so that he could settle down one day and give up being a vigilante.

Lamont quickly washed in the shower and shaved his peach fuzz on the tip of his chin. ''Have to look good at the wedding'' He dug through his closet searching for his all white suit  with the black tie and white gators. This was only for the most special occasions. He got dressed and and fixed his collar. ''Well here I go'' Ruin, G'Bandit and Mof had already left for the wedding located in the forest.  Lamont steps outside and flies off toward the forest. 

Fifteen minutes later, he arrives landing in a seat. He senses that Lliya's energy levels are high. He could sense that she was nervous and he was nervous for her as well as X. Nothing would ruin this day fro his friends. He sways his head from side to side seeing familiar faces and ones not so familiar. He sat anxiously awaiting the start of the ceremony.
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Though the tree's the young girl watched as everyone started to gather. bitting her bottom lip, she turned away and strolled to a near by tree, covered in spiders. She locked her gaze on one, then touched his back softly with a long slinder finger before letting the spider crawl on her skin.She brought it up, in the palm of her hand to her lips, then carefully kissed the back before giving it a very very soft whisper, The spider jiggled before leaping down from her parted fingers to the ground where it, aswell as many other spiders of that breed.They crawled over her bared feet, then they started their magic. crawling like a dance, from her bared toes up her calves weaving silk threads as soft as star light, as light as the kiss of air. it flowed unlike any other cloth she had ever felt, as they touched her thighs, the silk started to thicken, the spiders tickled her skin, but she didnt move, her arms spread upwards to the heavens as she felt the spiders flick and dance over her naked body. in no time, they jumped from her finger tips to the tree and faded into the wood. Slowly she lowered her hands and looked down into a pool of water at the spider silk that was draped over her body. almost see though, but fair and innocent to the eyes, softer than satin, lighter than normal silk. The spiders had also graced her head with a fair headdress that sparkled as she moved much like the dress itself. She was ready...She sweaped down slightly and gathered to her some lillys of white, red and black. White for hope, red for love, black, for the past that was now left in shadows as the future is now shinning brightly for them both. She took a deep breath and looked out at the gather of their friends and loved ones.

"nok nea..oura koe`na.." she whispered as she stepped from the tree's, the light glittered on the threads on her legs, arms and face. her dress flowed like water over her body as she took another step and looked to her darling X. Then waited..

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Warsman didn't have to show up. Hell, he hardly wanted to. A guy he fought once in the past, almost ended up in a box because of it, and to top it off, he was getting married. However, this would be a chance to hopefully make it as uncomfortable as possible the 'groom' having someone who tried to tear his head off in the same room, a church even! But, Warsman was religious, no matter how insane or bloodthirsty he may seem at times, and he respected his former enemy's wish to have him appear at the shindig.

He threw on a white tuxedo, complete with red tie tucked underneath the chestpiece and a ceremonial blade he dusted off from his storage of Egyptian weaponry - a scimitar by the looks of it, etched with gold and finely crafted, still sharp too. This he put in a scabbard at his side, smirking at the fancy embroidery of the sheath itself.

It was meant to be in the eaves of an unnamed forest on a map enclosed within. The directions weren't that difficult and Warsman, er rather Mister Kosokov, found himself on the edge of a mass of green that glittered with a periodic gold. Frowning a bit, he walked along a path that was opened underneath an arch of silvery boughs bent and hunched into arms that embraced each other among the hand.

The path seemed to continue on forever, winding and twisting, as if the forest suspected evilness in the air around the cyborg. He had a human face and body, but his legs creaked silently with a mechanical drone and his right hand was kept in his pocket or gloved while at social things, its owner forever claiming it was injured somehow and needed rest from the light. Now, he looked from one silver-skinned tree to another, taking into account that the green and gold of each leaf was not common for an autumn time of year.

Sighing again, he increased his pace slightly.

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Just as he thought no one in the wedding recognize him they just walked right in front of him and didn’t even recognize his motorcycle but Elian recognize them. Ruin, MOF, and Siphon where already sitting down
“Oh! Guess who arrived and is blocking the view of the guess”
Said bandit to himself as he saw Mark looking for a chair. “He-He-He” laugh Bandit Evilly as he got off his motorcycle grabbing a rock he jumps up to a tree to get a better view and stretch his arm far back aiming at Mark but then he remembers what he promise Ruin Flash Back
“Fine Boss, I promise not to bug Mark during the wedding”

Bandit snaps his fingers and shrugs “Fine I’ll let him be today.” Elian behaving for the first time He throws the rock backwards since he was noty going to need it. (CRASH!) O_O The sound of a broken glass was heard all over the wedding and all the guess where looking straight at Elian who was sitting on the tree “Oh! Crap!” Elian Smiles and Waves “Hi” He says blushing in shame. Elian then he Jump off the tree and landed. When Elian looks back to see what he broke there he felt the cold feet, He turn pale as a ghost while he saw Ruin’s  Mercedes Benz SLR windshield all shattered. “I am so dead when I get home” said Bandit as he looks back and everyone was still looking at him.
“Uh... I’ll just sit down how about that?”
Said Elian smiling feeling like a idiot as the people began to mumble. Elian sat down in the very last seat hoping they all forget about it when the ceremony begins.

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X could sense her though he didn't know how yet he figured within his head it must be the special connection between the both of them making him know where she was at the time. While watching her he was trying to keep his feet from dashing off and ruining there wedding by his cold feet for he would never do such a cowardly thing. For in his mind he always believed when a person leaves the wedding during ceremony it was because they could imagine themselves with that particular person. Though he wants to be with Lya with all his heart and soul for his love for her was beyond words that he would like to spend of the there lives together. Yet he had what people on the planet had cold feet as for he was unsure of this whole thing in his head which was hard to keep him from shaking on the inside though he still remain calm yet cool with his composure. Now the butterflies were fluttering around inside of him like crazy driving him to think irrationally about the wedding which usually never happens for him. As he slowly turns his head looks out at all the people at there wedding sitting on the seats provided to them as he thought in his head that all there friends came to support this holy union. 

It would be bad by letting all of there friends down by choosing the cowards way out by suddenly leaving his own wedding all because of his own nervous which drove him to leave so suddenly. Temporarily squashing these feelings of doubt in his mind for they were useless emotions that he shouldn't be feeling at all for they would only cloud his thoughts making him not thinking clearly in his mind. By letting the instinct within himself take over he had manage to temporarily suppress the emotions that flooded his mind with all these strange thoughts and feelings. The feelings of his stomach being in knots were slowly fading as he had regained an unemotional outlook on the wedding in his head by letting them get the better of him. His cold silver eyes now were watching out trying to figure out who he could trust amongst the nearly endless rows of guest to help him make sure nobody disrupts it.

These butterflies were still fluttering though not as much as if the wings were ripped off as they were now twitching on the ground as it was no longer bothering him. The ideal of leaving Lya at the alter had past though he knew that when the ceremony was over her was still going to have those doubts running through his mind. X couldn't figure out a way to be rid of them for they were starting to become annoyance inside his mind as he was trying to make them stop. Slowly the attention from his own random thoughts were silenced as he watched Lya in her wedding gown step out from behind the trees always looking beautiful which made him smirk. For these tidings of fear was replaced with thoughts of love for her and the fact she was the only person he thought in his mind he possibly attend his eternity with. Hearing those words she whispered he translated in his head as he had he was breathing slowly trying to keep his mind clear of these fearful thoughts in his mind letting himself go through with the wedding. The music of the wedding march was playing as the wedding was beginning as he kept breathing as he plant his feet firmly on the ground as he dug his shoe cover feet ensure he doesn't make a run for it.
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Adélaïde had been waiting for approximately 10 minutes when the music of the wedding march began, indicating that the ceremony was to commence. She had been chit-chatting politely with various guests as they waited for the couple to make their entrance, but Adele was there for the wedding, not for small talk.  The first few notes sent shivers down her spine as Adelaide realized she was very excited to see the wedding ceremony begin. The whole atmosphere had her wondering about love, passion and how magical it all was. The young sorceress was about to lose herself in her philosophical thoughts when she snapped out of it, realizing this was not the moment to start daydreaming as she did so very often. Indeed, this was the moment to focus solely on the wedding and watch as her friend Lya went through one of the most important steps of her life.

The Wood

Just before either of the fiancés made their apparition, Adélaïde decided to add a little magical touch to the wedding. Taking a card out of her enchanted deck,  she whispered a few words before the card began to glow. The glow gradually took the form of a silhouette and, when the light died down, what looked like a small nymph had replaced the card. The spirit of nature nodded at Adélaïde and took off, flying high up into the sky. Moments later, as the nymph put her magic to work, petals of flower began to fall from the sky, summoned by the magicks of the card. There were petals of every color but pure, white ones seemed to be dominating the lot. The petals floated downwards slowly and peacefully, creating a scene that looked like it was taken straight from a movie.

As she watched the petals fall slowly, Adélaïde smiled and waited for either the groom or the bride to make their entrance. This was her gift to the happy couple.
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Cly slept there, on the ground, surrounded by one of Esmeralda's wings. It was warm, and protected from bugs and the sort. He awoke suddenly, waking his dragon in the movement.

What is it Cly?

I just remembered that I had something important to do today, but it is lost somewhere in my memory.

Would you like me to pull it out?

Sure, do your thing.

After a few moments, Esmeralda found the information, clouded by many other things.

I have it, here it is.

Oh, duh...of course, how could I forget? Today is Lya and X's wedding. Let's go.

Cly jumped on Esmeralda, and they took off.

Two hours later

From high up in the air, a clearing in some woods was spotted by Esmeralda. She tucked her wings back, and they went down, faster and faster. They cool breeze beat against Cly's skin, which felt good under the beating sun. A hundred feet from the ground, he jumped off Esmeralda, and grabbed the edges of his cape. He glided down to the ground, moving considerably slower than falling. Upon almost reaching it, he let go, and leaned forward, tucking his chin. He hit the ground, rolled, and stood up. Behind him, Esmeralda softly landed.

Cly looked at both X and Lya. They sure looked ready for this. He could see the dedication in their eyes. Glancing at the size of the crowd, he hoped that there would be a larger turnout. He walked over to a chair, and sat down. Using his thought speech, he said to Esmeralda:

Now, I have three rules for you here.

One, devouring the food. I know that it is suppose to be for everyone, but well, you would just wipe it out in seconds, leaving none left.

I will resist, even though my stomach is pulling me over there.

Two, please, try to stay somewhat quiet during the ceremony, I don't want you to be distracting.

I will be silent, it will be as though I am not there.

Three, please, please, please, don't light anything or anyone on fire, got that?

I understand, fire stays in the mouth.

Cly sat in his seat, with anticipation of the wedding ceremony. Esmeralda lay down, behind the area of chairs, resting.

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Running late Gwen and Desiderina rushed out of the car and swept up to the edge of the woods to find a good position. Their dear friends Lya and X were joining and the two beautiful red haired women stood out at the back of the crowd but they took their place and waited. Waving gently to their friends Desi leant into her mum and whispered, "she looks wonderful mum doesnt she" Gwen smiled down at her daughter and smiled "she does honey she does" the music swelled up around them and the ladies watched the happy couple standing in the field. Gwen could feel the magic in the air, Lya had done a beautiful job, the forrest was lit up and magical. Gwen turned to her daughter and smiled taking her hand as they watched. The air was full of anticipation and love, everyone present were here only to celebrate them, all animosity put aside once again for a vine wedding, only joy and love were wished towards the pair
Squeezing her daughters hand she bent down to her, "honey did you grab the present?" Desi nodded and closed her eyes, a ball of light shone in her hands and appeared a glowing sword which was wrapped in pale blue silk, the gift was the sword of eternity. Aphorite herself created the sword for Desiderina to give to the couple. It was a symbol of eternity and love and would guide and protect the couple.
Laying it down at the foot of the tree Desi stood back up and took her mums hand again to watch the wedding

Sword of eternity

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The trees sang in riddles
Maddening, though it was
They were all in giggle
In the face of wedding-buzz

Murmur and rumor was rampant in the crowd
As the Warsman was left to the clearing
With no guard he must past to be allowed
And swiftly to a seat he took for the hearing

Of the birds in the trees
And the presents stacked high
Of which his gift was not
For on the ground it was nigh

A shard of a living star
It was and beauty was it
Nothing it would mar
Only mirror that of which it was carved

This he put in a box of heavy metal
And locked firmly within
Kings would kill and die for this
All contained with the tin

He smirked as the crowd was silenced
And to the stand the priest did take
Groom and bride stood abreast
And a faint whistle the birds did make

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A few hours before the wedding to be:Court
He was being court-marshaled at the U.N committee for not killing a wanted terrorist and there by letting him escape.
But out fear for the superhuman community of the world they let him out to commit to his formal duties as a priest of all belief.

A hour before the wedding to be
: Sadness
He made himself ready to do what he learned from his father, grandfather, and all the fathers before them. 
Reading sacred texts with words who where from a long forgotten secret religion way before his own.

He avoided all human contact till the wedding for that would easily break the words of sacrament.
When looking for his old dusty suit amongst the age old souvenirs from around the globe he looked sad.
Preforming weddings while having no wife of his own even tough he didn't take a pledge of discretion.
Seeing old war foto`s of dead allies and innocent enemies alike and of sad memories burnt in his heart mind and soul.
Even more so when he put on his old armor not even dusty or discolored after 53 years of absence on his body.
He cried till he couldn't cry no more being left out of a normal live for 70 years.

Moments before the wedding to be: Happiness
He wiped his tears of his face while putting his new suit given to him by his good friend Kha Tha La on above his old armor. 
He then puts his old clear white helmet that helped him trough many battles in his room.
While feeling it for all the old battle scars from bullets and grenades *still white as light after all that blood*.
He looks back at his old memory altar to bring back the good old happy moments with super heroes and heroins long gone.
Takes a long deep breath and a big smile as he slowly walked to the teleportation door which leads to the forest where the magical joining is held.
the wedding:
Looking at all the guests who joined the wonderful wedding all those humans mercenaries magicians vigilantes and demons and gods.
Thinks by himself *thank all of you immortals for not letting me be the oldest guy around here*.
He puts on a big smile when he looks back at the crowd again.
And lay`s down the holy book most suited for this wedding down on the stance locking the sacramental pledges for good.
Then waits for the wedding to commence.
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 Sherry tugged uncomfortably at the puffy sleeves of her light blue dress. She'd been on Earth for six years now, and was used to wearing shorts and t-shirts for just about any occasion. But this wasn't just any occasion; it was Lillya and X's wedding! It was the first wedding she'd ever been to. She hoped she wouldn't mess up. Stepping out of the front door of her house, she waved good-bye to her adoptive parents and ducked when her dad tried to take a picture of her. She waited until she was down the block and out of their sight before she threw off her way-too-tight matching blue shoes, crouched and leaped lightly onto the nearest house's rooftop. By bounding from one roof to another, she left behind the city within minutes and was soon greeted by the soft sounds of the forest. The tree branches waved gently in the breeze that traveled through the woods.

 Walking on the soft grass that carpeted the ground, she soon spotted familiar faces in the small crowd that had gathered for the ceremony. Lillya really had outdone herself! Pink and red flowers were wrapped around trees in the shape of chairs. Petals of every color imaginable danced through the air. She waved to a few people that caught her eye and went over to drop off her gift for the soon-to-be couple, a lush bouquet of delicate flowers, frosted in ice and sparkling with beads of clear dew. Sherry had performed a little bit of magic from what she knew, to ensure that these roses will be fueled by Lillya and X's love for each other, and never die. As their affection for one another grows, so will the flowers.

 She set them down and wandered over to the chair-shaped trees, her neck craned up at the scenery, admiring the beauty of the place. Seeing an empty chair next to Wars, who looked unlike himself in a white tux, she went over, nodded at him, and sat down, waiting excitedly for the ceremony to begin.

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A sudden shape from seemingly the air itself did produce a girl near at hand, who in turn came into the chair who provided a sullen and empty neighbor to the Warsman until now. She looked at him with ebony eyes and nodded, expecting some sort of link between the two. He recognized her to be named as Sherry and he nodded back, placing a hand in pocket and the other on the hilt of the ceremonial blade, tapping the latter impatiently.

Henceforth, the noonday came and a light mist heralding a heavier storm did come from the sky. It was faint, nothing to get drenched by, and it was comforting in contrast to the thicker humidity of the autumn day.

He turned to Sherry and began to ask, "How did you get here so quickly? It was a fifty mile drive from where I was."

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Felix's breathing was heavy as his wings beat against the air in a mad fervour. He might not have known X for as long as the rest of his new team, but he was under no circumstances going to be late. Thinking back to two days ago, he remembered how he had planned it out. He would fly to Venice to pick up the first part of their gift, a trip across Italy. Then, he would stop in Scotland to pick up his only inheritance from his birth family, his grandfather's kilt. Then, finally, he would return home to finish the second part of their gift. This part he had been working on for quite some time. He had set several nano-scopic 3-dimensional scanners around the clearing that the wedding was being held in. From that, he could make a recording of the whole day for them. The ulitmate wedding video. He set down outside WAL headquarters and looked down at his watch at the time, only to find that he had just half an hour to get to the clearing! Realizing he didn't have time to put the kilt on and cursing under his breath, Felix morphed his clothing into an exceptional dark green suit. Breaking into a head long sprint, he started making for the forest, only to be jumped by some scruffy maniac who beat him over the head from behind and stole his clothes! Cursing again, he started back to headquarters to retrieve his Grandfather's suit. "It's better this way. I should put some effort into how I look for this."

Stepping out into the sunlight wearing the kilt and bright green jacket, ceremonial claymore slung around his waist, he removed the jacket so that the metal wings could burst forth from his back. He took off towards the ceremony. as he flew he dropped his human colouration, so that his metallic skin shone brightly in the sunlight. Arriving just as it was about to begin, he set down just outside the clearing. As he stepped in, a gasp escaped his lips as the beauty of the scene met his eyes. It was the most glorious thing he had ever seen, beautiful flowers glowing softly in the moonlight, torches dancing,  the arch gleaming brilliantly. But what completely took his breath away was the flower petals softly raining down over it all. He caught a single white petal in his hand and looked closely at it. "Incredible..." Shocked from his stupor by the stares he was receiving, he quickliy moved forward to take his seat on the groom's side. Though he had met Lillya on one occasion, they weren't close enough for him to sit elsewhere. He glanced at X standing under the Archway. He was dressed in a strange black suit, and an unusual aura emanated from him. "I'll be. He's actually happy!"

Seeing everyone else turing to look back, he followed, and saw something even more Breathtaking then the clearing. Lillya had started floating down the aisle. Her very being gave off an ethereal beauty the likes of which he had never known. He smiled as a tear came to his eye. "It's actually happening. They finally get their happily ever after."

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Sitting there Mark thought of how small he was compared to others . They were giants. He was the young jock from around the corner. He was the neutral who got down and dirty but yet he was small. Mark then began to wish he had a growing super power but knew it wouldn't come any time soon.  As he stood there he gave thumbs up to X. Mark was extremly happy as he had been before. Now his friend would be married and live everly ever after . Taking out a small note book and pen Mark began to write to himself. He didn't think of what he would wright cause he already knew what to wright.

Remember to get a girl that loves me and exepts me for the person i am when i'm older

Putting the notebook and pen back in his pocket he began to hear some noises. At first he didn't give any thought , but then hearing peoples head turn he also. The noise was the esentric wedding music for the bride. As she bound towards the center rows of seats Mark was astound " Didn't know X could catch one like that ." Mark said in a half heart joke. She was extremly beutiful . Flawless in ways unimaginable. The gown was beutiful even though Mark couldn't prounounce the name of it. It almost made Mark want to cry but he didn't.

" Have to stay strong for the after party."

Mark muttered to himself in a joke. The people around him were historic. all about like 80 they couldn't hear him so Mark talked without having to worry. Now the rest of the wedding was about to start. The I DO'S and all of the celebrations that would be historic in X's and Lily's wedding.

" I hope this lasts forever." Mark said to himself also staring at X's soon to be wife who looked better than everyone combined and multiplyed.

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As She saw all the faces of men and women she had known, and some she had only met once upon a time, and some, she never new, but she didnt care, today is the begaining of all, yesterday is history, tomorrow everything will be new, nothing shall be the same, So it didnt matter if she new anyone, just that they where here, to join her on her journey, sure it was only a few feet forward, but it was so much more to her in heart and soul, it was like...an adveture she never could even dream would happen to her.

When all eyes feel onto her, she felt the heat rise in her cheeks. 'move girl...move..go to him...fallow this path...' a thought voiced in the back of her buzzing mind. Taking a shaky breath she took a step, her bare foot moved forward, her movments where no where near as fluid as her dress was against her slinder legs, She moved with grace, as only a elf like girl could. as she started, the grass felt so differnt under her feet, as though sending shocks of extiment though her body. petals of magic fell all around, she didnt make this, But she had a feeling on who did, they fell into the spider silk on her hair and stuck there, but it only added to the beauty, Though they didnt stick to the dress. The wind played in her hair of wildfire red, making it dance around her face and arms, and her bare back, as if catching the petals of all colors. as she pasted the chair like trees' she saw some of her friends, Gloom, whom she had a strong feeling made the petals, She gave her a thank you wink. Then her eyes fell onto a large dragon, what kind of magical wedding could there be with out a beautiful dragon to add to the beauty of the place. a flash of red she saw beyond the dragon, and there stood two fair women with flaming red hair, much like her own, She gave them a soft nod, then looked to warsman and the woman sitting next to him, she gave them both a sweet smile that sparkled in her wild eyes. Then as she walked closer to the front of the clearing, she saw him, her heart could of stopped and she wouldnt of known it, There he was, X standing there, his eyes locked on hers, as if staring right into her soul. She didnt rember walking after that, but found herself right next to him, a smile shy on her lips, a light that sparkled in her eyes, then she blinked and grinned joyfully to her beloved X.

With her sharp ears, she heard young mark mutering to himself, and saw him place a pad of paper behind him, She gave him a soft playful wink that a friend would give to make a smile shine on his face. Then as she looked back to X, She let out a giggle, she couldnt stop it, Her soul felt like it was bouncing around in her body, and that was seen by the soft glow in her emerald green eyes. Her energy, her power was rising again. she couldnt help it, it worked with her emotions. Trying hard to keep it down she looked to the old preist man and gave him a soft bow of the head, it was her custom to show the rightful respect to the keeper of the holy words.

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While he is sitting on the living bench with his teammates he takes everything in. The magic splendor, nature's bliss, the flow of positive emotions that surged through everyone. It was wonderful. Every once in a while the Blue Giant feels content like this. Usually only at weddings when one, or in this case two of his friends, have found love and decided to take the next step and jump the broom. Everyone knows a Balance Keeper can’t have this form of love. So MOF takes pleasure when others do. And he just likes to get in his good suit and do something other then kill and keep balance.

Suddenly it seams everyone has rushed to their seats and was perched up for what was coming next. The characters were waiting for the entrance of the bride. The Glowing Man stands and so does many others. Turning around to see Lily walk down the isle he doesn’t care if anyone behind him can see. All eyes were on her and it seamed like there was a spotlight on her, metaphorically and actually. Because the trees of the forest swayed only letting the sunlight through on her. The corners of the White-Haired Warrior's lips curled up and he was filled with joy to see his friend of many years pass him.

It may seam strange but the Man of Forever feels connected to her on a level that is higher then friendship but lower then love. As if they were related. Like if they were siblings or of the same family in a past life. The main reason for that is their take on the Balance. But there are many other characteristics that they share. We won’t get into those right now. Many times they have been in stories together and fought side by side, but once they even went head to head in a battle that almost ended her. Even though they both had mind changing chemicals rushing through their bodies, MOF couldn’t let her die.

As he is now facing forward once again and his attention is off her and on his friend and brother in arms, which everyone calls X.  He chuckles slightly as he looks at his friend. He is a lucky man as everyone has stated before, but once again MOF goes on a trip in his memory. They both were recruited to B.A. by Ruin and helped start the team from scratch. MOF would train the many Zone Warriors and X would construct the security systems and build the Zero Bots. Even with his accelerated learning, MOF will never be on the same level as X's technological intuition.

is usually when the two get the most time to bond. The connection you get when you’re in battle trusting someone and knowing they have your back will even put enemies on the same page. One day a meteor crashed and transformed the Zone Warriors into foul monsters along with the creatures of the sea. It was hard to kill the young trainees but they couldn’t let each other die under the foot of those mutants. MOF come back to the present as Lya finally reaches her stand. And when she does the Overgrow Smurf takes his seat. The vowels will soon be said...

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As Cly waited in his seat, he couldn't wait for the ceremony to begin. Then, something popped into his mind, something that he had forgotten. He cast his thoughts to Esmeralda, who was lying down on the ground.

Esmeralda, I need you to do something for me.

What, don't I get to stay and watch?

Yes, but I forgot to get X and Lya presents.

Oh, I will go.

With that, Cly told her what to get, and she was off. Patiently he sat, awaiting her arrival.

2 hours later

Esmeralda was carrying something, as she flew back, as quiet as she could. She set it down, a small distance away from the gathering, and resumed her resting place.

I did it Cly.

Thank you so much, I can't wait to see it. Wait, let me drift my consciousness into your body so I can see it before we give it to X and Lya.

Cly drifted to Esmeralda's body. As he looked through her eyes, he saw it, in all its beauty.

Wow, you really outdid yourself this time.

Resting on the ground, was a stone bench, built for two. It was made from two solid different pieces of rock, fused at the middle, carefully crafted by Esmeralda. It was perfectly smooth, with no cracks, and had beautiful intricate designs throughout it. It wasn't too heavy, about one hundred pounds, and rested on four wide, non tipping legs. Engraved upon it, read:

This is truly, the most memorable day of your life. Whenever you gaze upon this, treat it as a symbol of each others never ending love, and know that two parts can join, as one. Cherish every moment, so that not even a single second is wasted, because your love is too dear to you. It won't always be easy, but together you can overcome any obstacle. Now, may joy and good fortune await you the rest of your days.

-Your friends, Cly and Es

Wow, Esmeralda, that is beautiful! I couldn't have done it better myself, well...actually, I couldn't have done it. It is stone!

Cly's consciousness drifted back into his own body, which was slumped back in the chair. He sat up straight, and felt much better that he and Esmeralda had came up with a gift.

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He readjusts himself on the bench after it began to splinter his bottom. His teammates and everyone their seem to be under the spell of the glorious and serene setting around them. Nature and man dwelled in harmony on that day. Siphon felt at peace, a feeling he hadn't known for a longtime. It was good to take a rest from the destruction and the burdens of the industrial world he knew so well. Beautiful flower petals began to fall from the treetops above onto the ground as if the plants themselves felt this feeling shared for the new couple about to join together in the journey called life.

Siphon grew frantic as he'd realized he hadn't gotten them a present, but he was reassured when he found it in his pocket. It was a beautiful emerald necklace for Lya and a ruby ring for X. As long as the two were together, they jewels would give them the strength to face any obstacle they faced, together.

X stood at the front of the aisle looking eager to wed his wife to be. Siphon began to linger on his past  love. She had disintegrated in his arms, right before him. Love was his weakness and he wouldn't let any get close enough to be hurt by him or his powers. Right then, at the wedding, he was vulnerable for he had felt this love between his two friends and the rest seated in the rows behind him. his fingers rapped on the bench anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bride.

Just then, the crowd stood up as Lya began to walk down the aisle. He let out a big embarrassing smile that could been seen from any angle. He hadn't smiled in a while either. As she slowly reached the priest and X, everyone took their seats and awaited for the exchange of the vows.

The two stared into each others eyes ready to  share their life together, maybe start a family and grow old together. It seemed simple,but who wouldn't want this?
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After sitting in his chair as he was doing for hours talking to his date mesmerized by her  beautiful brown eyes.
They stood up and walked around a little arm to arm and saying hi to MOF, the soceress Gloom. and Cly with his precious friend Esmeralda as they walked by giggling about what Mark was mumbling to himself.

They finally stopped to enjoy the presence of animalistic plants and several species of elementals
By the little creek that's flowing downhill next to the wedding
He looked at Jasmine and tough she is so smart beautiful and cute.
wonder if we`ll ever get married like X and Lillya as he thought that their hands met
And then he knew that she knows what he thought they softly smiled to each other.

Suddenly a tree nearby started saying to another tree that the magical bride is approaching.
They hurried to their seats where Yoshua stood by and watched happily to see his old friend Pieter being the priest in the matter for Pieter had doubts about being present at all a few hours before the wedding started.

He looked in aw as the beautiful Lillya arrived and was almost blacked-out.
As he felt her body was leaking pure Green-world energy.
He hasn't felt so much of it in any mortal before.
Also he felt that she was keeping a lot more locked up in herself.
Shaken and trembling by a few blows of that power he stay`s put.
Honoring the woman who can control such raw basic energy as he slowly takes his seat while she arrives at the altar.

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X was now looking at the faces of all the people who had managed to come to there wedding it amazed at all of the friends and associates who had come to the wedding ceremony who were sitting down awaiting for the ceremony to begin. As he looked out at all the people that he could recognize even the people he didn’t really know that well enough yet he was still grateful for all of them for he knew that when they came to the wedding they were showing support for him and Lilya. It amazed him that even Warsman showed up for he always respected him even after that that extremely close fight between the both of them though he never expected him to show up even when he had sent him his invite to this wedding. For it seemed all the things he has done in the past and will do later on in his life didn't seem to matter for all that mattered to him was this moment in time which he will cherish forever in his memories. This was one of the most important things he had to do in his entire life it made him sort of frightened in the beginning but now he was standing strong knowing he will be the husband of the woman he loves. The butterflies were flapping around like crazy inside his stomach but he didn't let them bother him as he stood by the alter keeping his composure as he had a unemotional look on his face. 

When he had locked his eyes on her he had could hear her giggle as he smirked for he only could guess she was giggling at the fact that she was happy this was happening that they were getting married to him or she could of been nervous. Yet he was nervous still though he never physically showed it for he was trying to suppress it so it won't ruin there big day for that nervousness could of cause him to get cold feet. Turning to her with an actual smile on his face this time it stayed not even fading a little bit as he turned to face the priest as he occasionally looked over at his bride. Slowly his left hand had reached out as he grabbed onto her hand so it could help ease his nervousness for even the bravest of warriors were scared of something. In his case standing at the alter with his fiancée standing right next to him getting close to being husband and wife scares the hell out of him for it was the main reason why he was so nervous right now. Eventually the nervousness had subsided within him though in its stead it filled him with love and happiness knowing that the fact he could start a brand new life together. As he waited for the priest to start the wedding he couldn’t imagine living his life without her in it which made him glad that he somehow found the courage to ask her to marry him. Pondering inside of his head he tried to imagine in his mind the happy life that they will start together as husband and wife which actually managed to make him blush. Thankfully only the priest and his fiancée was the only people who could of seen him blush for he wasn’t much for showing his emotions but this special day has made him let loose a lot of the bottled up emotions inside of him.

His cold yet unemotional silver eyes occasionally made a glance at her as the smile faded again to have it replaced with another smile for that is the reason he had a very deep love for Lilya Wildchild. For she brought out the hidden qualities he had buried deep within himself that he never thought it was possible to access that part of him but he was seriously wrong when she had stepped into his life. His life was a mess yet it was now in order because of her there was nothing in his mind that was ever good enough to repay her for all kindness and love he didn’t think he had it in him to feel. Soon he turned his head to the right as he had taken a long hard look at every guest with his unusual set of eyes as he looked at them knowing he had chosen a great woman for himself which he was going to marry. Sighing as he let out the nervousness from his breathes as he squeezed her hand a little tighter as he kept remembering he was the luckiest man on earth for marrying the woman of his dreams.
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walked in sort of late, but sees that no one notices and so takes a seat to watch a wonderful time on this day. Thinks to himself "what a wonderful time for those two, sigh".

Sits on his chair watching the happy future couple in their most happiest time of their life.

Just sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and sits....thinking

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Lya gave a soft smile as she took X's hand in hers. She didnt wait for the prest to say anything, she turned to face him. Her green eyes sparkled like wild as she looked into her lovers eyes. She gave his hand a squeze telling him that he can start, this was their wedding, nothing they did was wrong at this point in time. She new what she would do, and couldnt wait to shair it with him, as she couldnt wait to see and hear his vows. She was shaking, not from fear or cold, for it was still really warm out side, even after the sun had set.

the fire bugs light up the air as the glowing mushrooms lit up the pathways and each chair like tree. That way the glow was enough to cast a soft glow around the intire place.

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He looked at all the people quarrelling to take their places whilst the bride slowly walks down the path.
Most of them he doesn't know enough while some he got to know before the wedding.
He looked further and saw that the energy of the forest started to react to every movement Lillya makes.
what a strong energy she has then i looks over to the groom seemingly shaking from happiness.
then he is smiling at the bride as she took a small bow towards him makes a small pagan sign with his finger.
*the vows if you please*....

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He knew that he was late for the wedding as he hurried about to get dressed. Finding what suit he could that was clean as he ran for the door. Slipping on his last shoe he opened up the door and leaped into the air, taking flight high into the skies as he raced at the speed of light to the ceremony. As he blasted through the sky he only had one thing on his mind, the thought of his own marriage so long ago. That day had been the happiest day in his entire life and Andy knew that Lilly and X would soon know that feeling as well. The sheer happiness that it meant to find that one special someone. To find and marry your soul mate, to Andy there was no better feeling in the world.

Landing gracefully several yards away, he quietly made his way towards one of the seats in the back. Trying to stay as low key as he could. A smiles crossed his face as he saw the bride and groom, he knew that today would be a good day for a wedding.

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"OMG, I'm the Best Man I can't miss this!" Kadaj charged through the forest on his dirt bike. He sped past trees and branches trying to make it to the wedding before the vows were made. He'd felt so terrible about the whole thing. It had slipped his mind and even when X reminded him about a day before Kadaj still didn't bother to remember. He hoped that X would have no animosity against him. He hit 125 as he tore through the dirt and grass on the forest. He took a sharp turn and nearly crashed into a large rock. He patted down the chest pocket of his leather jacket as he zoomed straight ahead. He felt the box for the ring in there and let out a long sigh. "If I forgot that, Lya would probably kill me herself." He popped out a wheelie as he saw the cake for the wedding. He sped up a bit, the spedometer read 135. He set himself up by letting go of the handles and standing on the bike. He quickly threw the handle to the left and leaped off. The bike veered to the left and crashed into a tree while Kadaj landed in the middle of an aisle. He ran over to X and pulled the box out, opening it to reveal a round, golden ring with a secret enscription on it. "Here you go man!"        

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X with his cold yet unemotional eyes had noticed that his future wife to be give him a soft smile as he could feel her hand in his own which comforted him which slowly eased his own fears of going through with the ceremony. Now when he saw her turn to face him he too would turn to face her as he looked deep into her green eyes with a smile on his face as he was now extremely happy he had found his soul mate. If he had a actual heart it would be beating like crazy though not because he was afraid it would be beating rapidly because he found a person that he was willingly had given his heart to in love. Lightly squeezing her hand back as soon as he felt her hand squeeze his as he just let out a sigh as he was now filling with pride and happiness for this joyous day which will live on in his memories forever. He had everything in place for he memorized his vows to her for he hopes that she will love them when he says them during there wedding ceremony. For he couldn’t wait to share his vows to her since he put a lot of time and effort into these vows which would tell her how happy he was that they found each other like it was destined by whomever runs the universe. It took a lot of willpower to not move from where he was standing so he could wraps his arms around Lillyana to reassure her that there love will last the ages.

Soon his eyes watched the fireflies roam around the place as they light up the surrounding area with there luminescent glow around the entire place. Even the insects are here to pay respect to the joyous couple tonight by lending a hand to light up the entire area which to him says that they were happy that they had both found happiness in each other. Though watching the fireflies buzz around the forest as the lit up the area he saw an unexpected person to arrive at there wedding to watch them go through the ceremony of marriage. This day seemed to just get even better as Andferne one of his best friends had manage to take time off his busy life to attend the wedding ceremony. For X believed he was too busy with things to attend but he could see him from where he was sitting in the crowd in the back row trying to remain low key. Yet he was able to clearly see him as he turned his head to all there friends who came to give them there fondest wishes during this joyous day which made him smile. Though he also smiles for another reason for to just say thanks to all of the people who came for he knew they had a lot of things to do yet they put it aside to attend. Turning his head to look straight at Lillyana as he never knew true happiness till he had found his true love for if he knew how to cry tears of joy would be trickling down his cheeks right now.

X had then turned his head to look over at the priest who had graciously was going to perform the wedding ceremony as he nodded to them as he nodded back to him. Then out of nowhere with his sensitive ears he could distinctively hear the sound of a engine of a motorcycle cutting through the forest which was coming towards there direction. His attention was back at Lillyana as he took a few minutes trying to remember the vow that he had written which the priest wanted him to say to his beloved angel of the night, Though he could hear even with his superhuman sense of hearing the sounds of footsteps that were very familiar to him which he could tell that this person was running. As it took him a second he realized it was Kadaj who was running towards the alter for it seems he was almost late for his wedding which would of been extremely bad. Being that the best man who was as of this moment was carrying the wedding rings he would be extremely pissed off if he didn't show up at this opportune time with the ring he still has on him he hoped. For if he didn’t have the rings Kadaj would have to answer to a very pissed off bride and groom which would of meant a lot of bad things would of happened to the best man if he wasn't carrying the rings. Luckily the best man had ran up to the alter on time as he felt the gold wedding ring being placed into his hand which made him shake his head a bit. For after the wedding he was going to have a very long chat later with Kadaj about being responsible also being on time for a persons wedding especially when that particular person is the best man. In his head he was pondering inside of his mind that he should never give the ring to the best man for he should of kept it on him just in case the best man had flaked causing him to be almost late for X's wedding. Right now that didn't matter to him right now for all he really cared about at this time was marrying the beautiful person in the world and start there lives as husband and wife.

Sighing a bit as he tried to gather all the courage he could muster within himself as he knew this was going to be the most heartfelt words he had ever said in his entire life. These words all came from his heart for these vows weren't just mere words to be said for they express how he truly feels for his true love and hopes that it will inspire others to find somebody that they can connect with on a level that could deem them there soul mate. Holding her hand tightly as his palms were becoming a little sweaty as he was feeling nervous again though he was not going to show it physically as he spoke in a very calm yet hopelessly in love tone of voice as he spoke to his vows..... "Though I could say that I had fallen for you Lya at first sight yet I know it took gradual amount of time for both of us to realize what we truly meant to each other. For it just took that one shining moment in our lives that had turned my world completely upside down when you have given me a purpose for my inane existence. It was the night when you had really showed me that what you had felt deep inside for me when you had taken me by surprise when you kissed me before you left the Awesome Spot. For I cannot account any other time in my life that I was at my happiest for without you my night sky would turn into pure darkness for you are the stars and the moon who shines your light down upon me. In my heart and in my mind I cannot help to be thankful for that night for you had made me feel happy whenever I am near you. While we were separated from each other I knew within myself that you would always come back for you are the only person in this life who could fill this emptiness inside of me. A piece of my heart will always belong to you Lya no matter if we have good times or when we are sharing bad ones. For this marriage will have its shares of difficulties but if we share these burdens together nothing in this universe will ever be capable of breaking our bond of love. For marriage is never easy though deep within my soul I know that it is all worth the headaches and pain knowing that we will be standing by each others side for as long as we shall live. You are the greatest thing in my life and I will try my hardest as your husband to not to disappoint you Lilya Wildchild....."

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Upon hearing his beloved words, she felt the tears start to rise in her eyes. She wanted to kiss him, hug him so tightly and tell him ever thing her heart could say, but the thing is, no words came to mind from her heart. She had no vows to say, but she had so many to show him. and show the rest of the people that gathered for them. Soon he stopped speaking, She looked from him to the preacher, then back to him.

She closed her green eyes, the wind was soft on her face and on her almost bare body. the way the silk spiders threads moved on her body felt enchanted to her. It helped her thoughts. She reached her hand without looking, to his cheek, and touched it softly. Then a shock wave shot though from her body over very soul within one mile. It didnt hurt, but was warm sweet, like a rare magic of timeless powers. so strong and rich, free and wild, untamed yet unharming. the power greater than a super nova shot though the wave though each body, The powre had only one word, Only one true meaning. Love. Soft enough to bring forth tears, Yet strong enough to tear down moutains. Hard enough to walk though fire, Light enough to charter the stars that where now blinking magically down on the gathering. Though each person got the feeling, none was greater than the feeling He got from her. Tears of sweet warm light rolled from her eyes as she opened them to show him more of the vows she felt so deep in her soul it was shattering her, but she wouldnt give it up for nothing in the world, the feeling grew with each second, each touch it amplfied beyond all mesure and thought, It was. It was just. It was magic. It was everything within the realm of time and beyond. it was more pure than the light from the day's brightest star. it was more pure than the most innocent laugh of a child. more real than the world was green and the waters deep. Everything flooded from her before she let it go back into her soul and heart, peace was left in its wake.

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He listened carefully to the groom`s words and watched the bride`s affection and while that he made a seal to strengthen they`re bonds.
As he didn't think that two vows were needed to comment a strong magical trust between two people
Certainly not this happy couple whom both have no past he stood straight and spoke with a strong dark voice.

Do you Warrior Guyver X take Lilya WildChild as your lovely wedded wife to be forever hold?

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While he was standing at the alter with his beloved angel of the night as he looked over at her as he could sense she was overcome with emotions from his vows of love to her. Right now he wanted to stop the wedding for a few moments so he could kiss and hold her in his arms for there are few words in this world that he could say to express how he truly feel for his angel of the night.  As he was standing there he notice that she wasn't saying her vows which deeply worried him for he was taking it as a sign of doubt on Lillyana doesn't want to get married. Though he had a lot of worries on his mind eve before the wedding because of the idea being so final that he was going to spend the rest of his life with her which scares the hell out of him. Slowly he extended his hand to her as he grabbed a hold of it as the seed of doubts were growing inside of him again. Before he had stuff down the doubt he had made inside of his mind but now it had returned to a important part of the wedding as he kept himself unremarkably calm. It was gnawing up inside again that feeling was horrible like it was making himself feel like he should run from the alter for that feeling inside of his body was eating him up inside. Yet he stayed right where he was standing for he turned his head to look over at his fiancée as he stared at her with his cold yet unemotional silver eyes. Just by looking at Lya he knew it was going to be alright for he was strapping himself down to marry this beautiful elfin goddess before him for this was the greatest thing he was ever done in his entire life. X was going to write a new chapter in his life as a married man for he was more then willing to start a new life with her by getting married and possibly start a family together.

Apparently he could sense that she probably hadn't made her vows to him though that was fine with him for he had just made up the vows to her on the spot. It didn’t matter to him if she didn’t write her vows that was alright with him for he knew in her heart she deeply loved him. With his eyes he noticed that she looked over at the preacher for as she had looked over at him as he still had that happy smile on his face. It was a very big achievement for it was the only time he knew of that he was so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling at her. Taking a breath of air into his body as the wind was blowing as he enjoyed the cooling wind on his face as he was standing at the alter which felt rather calming. As he stood there he had enjoyed the magical atmosphere in the forest as he had turned his head to look over at all there friends again with his cold silver eyes. Just with his eyes he then maneuver them as he got a full view of his future bride in her beautiful wedding gown on her body for he could tell that she was almost bare under her dress. 

After a second he had then turned that smile on his face as he knew they were going to have fun going on there honeymoon after the wedding. Rubbing his cheek into her hand as he loved the caressing his face as he just let out a sigh of relief that soon they were going to be husband and wife. X was feeling this strange energy surging through her body as he had somewhat had a concern look on his face which wasn’t shown to there guests. Upon Lya releasing the energy from her body he could feel the energy through his entire being as he looked at her as the look of concern had faded away. It was suddenly replaced with a look of love as he felt her love energy as he squeezed her hand showing her that he shared the exactly the same sentiments with her. In fact he thinks that this was much better then any vow ever written for there was something much more deeper. For wedding vows were just words that express how you felt for that person which made his vows superfluous in comparison. When she let out that energy of love from her body she wasn’t just speaking words for his angel of the night was showing everybody how she truly felt this day which were more then words could ever say at the time.

Taking his right hand as he lifted it up as he had wiped away her tears even though it was tears of joy he rather not see tears in her eyes. Though he wasn’t crying or anything he remained eerily calm at the time even though he was just holding himself back from crying too. This was one of the few occasions that X was actually able to cry though he kept pushing that thought in the back of his head. Even the most strongest and the most bravest of warriors are known to shed a few tears in this kind of joyous occasion of the joining of two different people who were meant to be together. As the energy dissipated he was still fighting back the impulsive urge to kiss her as he wanted to show her so much in just that kiss that mere words can never ever show to a person that they deeply love. Standing still in place as he felt this peaceful feeling within his body as complete silence had filled the entire forest. Quickly the silence was punctured as he heard the preacher say something which had ended the silence as his attention was turned to him. As he looked over at the preacher who asked him the second most important question in a persons life that was asked by another person. With complete confidence as his cold yet unemotional silver eyes glanced over at the preacher as then turned his gaze directly looks over to Lillyana as he spoke with complete confidence in his tone of voice. “Yes without a doubt in my mind.”
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He looked right into his cold unemotional silver eyes and nodded yes with his eyes open.
while making a unseen age old luck symbol with one hand and cited ancient texts of blessings in his mind.
He turned ever so slightly to the bride looked into her eyes and asked her with a with a strong dark voice.

Do you Lilya WildChild take Warrior Guyver X as your trust immortally strong husband to be forever hold?
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The  Elf closed her eyes and smiled brightly as she opened them to see only X. The same X That she new she couldnt live without. from this moment on, they where all eachother would see. "Aye..Forever and a day." She whispered as she held onto his hand tightly, as if fearing this was all a dream, and if it was, She prayed to never be woken again.