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6 months ago- Inception

"Edward we have reports of a robot/android going nuts at customs in Dover port. Coordinated attack, lots of radio chatter, Priority one, shots fired."

The cityscapes and countryside blurring into one as the burst of speed brought Eddy into sight of the infamous white cliffs of chalk and the busy harbor port of Dover. Tailing off his speed as he met the port itself the sonic boom in his wake bursting around him as he stopped. The loud crack of pressurized air echoing around through the large metal containers. "Eyes, do we have a sighting?, at location no movement" accessing the scene around him as he awaited the reply a loud hum built up in his ear, the earpiece beginning to heat up singeing his lobes. Pulling it out of his ear and quickly throwing it to the ground the champion suddenly became aware of a red glow in the shadow, a beam of light a laser perhaps, aiming at his chest.

Exploding from the spot as fast as his feet could carry him Edward dived at the figure into the shadows the impact unusually hard and cold, his opponents grip vice like on the prince shoulder. The robots hand suddenly beginning to glow "Scanning process.... Model upgrade acquired sending data to mainframe." Unsure what upgrade the machine could gather from a simple firm grip, the prince knew what had to be done stop the data transmission. The two of them crashed to the ground the princes mind already alive to the objects around him and how best to stop the transmission. A simple gesture of his right hand bringing a shipping crate hovering above the two of them, Edward's left hand reaching up to the cold metallic fingers on his shoulder prying them off as quickly as he could, fighting back the robots own strength. Unleashing a viscous kick his foot sweeping the robots standing foot away sending it crashing to the ground, the sound punctuated by the drop on the shipping grate. The princes mind lifting and dropping the huge metal shipping box over and over till the remnants resembled mere scrap.

"Clean up team needed shipping section 4, threat down. Mentioned something about a mainframe i think its trying to acquire data this was just a scout."

Present day- The reveal

The prince of power paced as he waited to be called into the press room. His nervous pacing highlighting the tension within him as he prepared to make his first public speech to the media in what seemed like years. His focus had been elsewhere and it was now time to start answering the question that plagued the country the world and himself once and for all. A simple beckoning gesture from a royal guard and his direction changed as the linear pacing veered off taking him through a curtain and up to a heavily microphoned stand. His emergence as usual greeted by a torrent of camera flashes filling the room with a sort of simulated lightning. Acknowledging the crowd with a simple nod of is head the prince placed his notes down and braced himself.

"Hello, and welcome to Windsor. Some of you may wonder why i have called this conference and where i have been lately, i have seen a few tabloids publish some interesting theories and alleged proven leads but i'am here to set the record straight. " Considering the weight of the next sentence and the change it would bring to his life he shuffled his notes hoping the words would some how fall into a less sensationalist order. " I'am the man the paper have been calling the flag wearer, or the blue blur. I'am not just a prince of the realm but also a mutant. I know that some members of the law enforcement agency have branded me a vigilante. This is a lie. Until now i have worked as an agent of the nation working side by side with the best men and women we have. But this is not enough.

This world is deep set in a mess of exploitative and rogue politicians, untouchable criminal organisations and people of mass destruction. These are things that need to be stopped and i am here to announce i have found some like minded souls and we have pledged ourselves to improve the world around us. For the sake of the people and justice itself we will make the difference politics or war cannot, fighting the peoples fight where ever that maybe.

May i now introduce you to the the team, the Justice Society."

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5 months ago

A clam cloudy day with a chance of a storm coming in New York City .The crowded street filled with people and he was wearing a suit with his armored shell underneath hiding from the people around him.He made sure that he didn't draw attention to himself but his hair did draw some looks from people .

He reached central park to relax also see if there is any wrong doings there .When he was about a minute into the park a robot crashed though a group of trees and landed a couple of feet away from him.The robot seemed to be okay but it doesn't seem to be friendly.The robot slowly getting up and turning around and started to scan Sawyer.

"Scanning process.... Model upgrade acquired sending data to mainframe."

Sawyer charged with his fist hitting the robot in the face when it said scanning but it might be to late.The robot didn't budge Sawyer hit him but all it did was stand there doing nothing for four seconds and then it started what it seems to be a jetpack or a booster from it's back and tried to fly away and it succeed in it's escape.

What was going on and what was the machine talking about when it said sending data to mainframe?

Present day

This was another day but this day was important because he and people around are going to reveal of the Justice Society which is the new up and coming team on earth.He was not alone other people were in on this a lot of them or everyone of them he didn't know but in the plan to get to know them in the future.In his armored shell that was his body and his sword in it sheath on his back and he stood waiting the for the reveal along with everyone else on this team.

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4 Months Ago

Sara roamed the streets of California, Taylor had insisted on going to a concert of some band Sara didn’t care for as such she had instead been given money. So off on her own for a rare moment Sara was enjoying herself in a fit of shopping. Evading the people after the rag tag group of individuals considered a family had gone well. For all her youthful looks she wasn’t the innocent person she appeared to be. Nor was she the generic nobody she tried to make herself out to be. With bags in tow she watched as a imposing machine suddenly impacted into the ground a series of cars being thrown into the air.

Dropping her bags the young blond quickly darted towards the sight. Leaping into the air she took hold of the vehicle straightening it before kicking it to the ground where it could land more smoothly. The step repeated another two times successfully saving the innocents before the robotic being even touched the ground. Then however the mechanical being spun with a powerful fist directed into the fine cheekbones of Sara. Bouncing off the asphalt the blond halted when slamming into a wall of a building shattering windows on impact. “Owe owe owe. God I wish I actually had control of this ability and not have to feel like this.” Struggling to her feet the teen then dashed forward at the robotic assailant. A small sonic boom going off as she raced at the machine.

To follow was a titanic clash of impeccable strength and speed, with the mechanical marvel having the obvious upper hand. For obvious reasons as she was the underdog, for while Sara had plenty of strength and speed she had no reason to learn any combat prowess. Strength and speed were her benefits not hand to hand expertise. Because of this the girl rag dolled across the streets, well more then she would happily admit to. However as the machine neared it’s killing move the eyes of the superior being glowed. Untill in a flash of violent red light her eyes released a flash of super heated near plasmic lightning. Successfully blasting a whole into the robot.

“Scanning Process…Model upgrade acquired sending data to mainframe.” Remarked the dying robot.

“Crap I just gave a robot laser vision didn’t I?”

Present Day

Sara like any nineteen year old heroin was a mix of excited and nervous as hell for her first TV appearance. She’d gone through the process of making sure her outfit was as spotless and pristine as possible. She would of bothered with make up but well that was never essential for her in the first place. On her uniform was an S an underground trade mark of hers in a way. The S stood for her heroic name Saraph, which really was just the angel Seraph but with an A replacing the E. Sitting as poised as she could and desperate to not smack her bubble gum in a playful fashion the blond rocked her chair back and forth in the best manner of patience she could provide.

Speaking was her boss in a way. Prince Edward Windsor, who she had to admit seamed pretty cool. As he spoke the inner monologue went like this. ‘Where is Windsor exactly, it’s a nice play but what are the deets? Yeah I am a little curious why we are having a conference thing? I don’t know you well enough to care where you been, granted now I’m curious. So the article saying you were hitting on some pink haired girl with a thing for cell phones was a lie! The nerve. Those names are cool, I just get thug trash talk assuming the S stands for something dirty. I hate thugs. Mutants rock, that cat suit guy Nonex or whatever shouldn’t of died, think I said his name wrong. Lol I can’t call the vigilante bit a lie you got me beet there as well boss man. Wait the best isn’t the best or our the best better then me? I am confused thanks flag wearer.’ She popped a pink bubble before continuing to ramble in her head. ‘Politicians ain’t rogues, exploitive and manipulative sure but I don’t think they want to smash the system. As for organizations and stoping them got to agree there. We need some kind of global catch phrase, not Britania or Merica, but like Earthica or something. But not Earthica that sounds dumb.”

Stepping up to the podium and just barely fighting back blushing she looked to the camera. “My name is Sara Hunter though if you’d call me Saraph that would be cool.” She took a moment to blow the hair from her face. “I’m not a super government trained person. Nor am I some powerful mutant. I’m just a girl who was tampered by science resulting infinite possibilities. I can’t say I’m the greatest heroin ever. I do promise however I will never stop trying to make this world a better one.”

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"My names Amazing Angel and I fight evil……I really didn't really think this intro……KICK ASS MUSIC!"

AMAZING ANGEL!!!!! #guitar rif#

An over the top anime cartoon of Angel rolls against a harmony of electric guitar and faux 80's lyrics sung in over the top Japanese.

He stands triumphantly on top of a seemingly dormant volcano while the forces of Heaven and Hell clash behind him.

#SHOCK! 嘘で強化ナイフでスラッシュ#

#SHOCK! 夢ダウンゴクゴクがきらびやかされていることを市#

The Volcano erupts gloriously with a flurry of fire and hell, it clouds the sky with deep red blood rain, Angel crashes through the title at blazing speeds on his makeshift surfboard.




Angel surfs though the sea of molten lava as a strange floating orb of light flies next to his head, "Guardian boy am I glad to see you, let's get me out here" the light orb then transforms into a white helicopter that takes Angel away from the furious volcano.

5 Months ago- The filming site of Angel's new reality show

"Wait a sec why is it in Japanese?" The camera operator moves his head away from the screen where Angel's over the top TV show opening plays, Angel looks away from intently watching on another screen and turns to the camera operator "Seriously dude? we're about to shoot on this damn rooftop and now theirs a problem with the opening being in Japanese " another voice echoes from the set "yeah I always wondered about that, like wouldn't people watching at home think it's in Japanese and just turn over to something in English" Angel turns to the assistant clearing paper cups and taking out trash, "Why would people turn off if they think it's in Japanese, we have subtitles don't we?" The camera operator swivels his chair around "But c'mon Angel no one sitting an home face deep in their lunch is gonna wanna read their TV" Angel sighs for a minute "Well maybe we're going for a more upscale cliental, the kind that doesn't mind being enlightened while they're being entertained" "It's a reality TV show, we're going for anyone who'll leave the T.V. on while they play Farmville." The assistant walks back on to the set a second time "oh yeah and why does it show all that volcano surfing and fighting monsters bit if it's a reality show" Angel turns abruptly to the stage hand. "BECAUSE I DO FIGHT MONSTERS AND SURF VOLCANOES BECAUSE I'M A GOSH DARN SUPERHERO!"

"Also why is it anime…" "BECAUSE ANIME IS AWESOME!" he exhales calming himself down "Okay why is this a problem now what with you seeing it before and…" "I never saw it before" Angel massages his forehead "I told them to show everyone the video last facken week" the assistant perks up again and raises his hand, Angel nods his head and waves his hand acknowledging him "In their defence Mr Director your not always around to direct and it's sometimes a little difficult to hear what you're saying with the whole full face mask with a cross on top, I mean how do you even see…" Angel interrupts "I CAN SEE JUST FINE JERRY!" Angel calms himself down one more time "Y'know what, I'm sorry I yelled, just kinda stressed and such…" he clasps his hands together, "Okay here's what we're gonna do, Simon" The camera director waves his hand, "you're now the director, Jerry" The assistant waves his hand "You're now assistant director, pay rises all around out of my own pocket, the Japanese anime opening stays in and CAN WE PLEASE GET THIS THING ROLLING THE OFFICIAL AMAZING ANGEL CHEERLEADERS ARE GETTING COLD OUT HERE ON TOP OF THIS TALL ASS BUILDING!"

The now assistant director notices some strange goings on in the street below, "Yo boss theres some weirdo in a trench coat stumbling around down there." The now director looks over "We had this street closed, it's been closed all day." Angel confidently turns around to asses the situation. "Don't worry guys probably some poor misguided soul stumbling away from the local watering hole, I'll jump down give him a pat on the shoulder and some bus money." Angel gracefully leaps down off the high rise skyscraper, a short blast from his down facing guns slows the inertia enough to make for a soft and painless landing. The large and mysterious stranger remains completely still and eerily quiet, he moves his head slightly as he hears the click and clack of Angel's heavy boots on the sun drenched tarmac, "Yo big man, I like your coat where'd you get it?" He stays still and silent, not moving a fraction, not swaying or wavering, "Angel back off from this guy he seems strange, we'll get the cops in here" said Simon as he remained sitting in his pristine new directors chair, Angel scoffs at the comment "No worries Simon, this guys no problem." Angel walks closer toward the strange tall man in a tan leather trench coat, he clicks his fingers loudly, slightly alerting the stranger to his presence, his head drops a few millimeters and his neck turns a few more rippling and wrinkling the surface of his collar. Angel clasps his hands together and puts on his 'executive' voice, "Heeeey sorry to bother you sir but we're in a the middle of filming here for a big TV show, it's a little something we're doing to raise some money for charity" Angel begins to talk under his breath "and maybe net me an Emmy." his voice returns to normal volume "but mainly it's a fun charity thing for underprivileged kids and donkeys in poor countries... and trees and stuff, so if you could vacate the street just for a couple of hours, we're almost done here then you can get back to…uh whatever it is you're doing." Angel walks even closer to the stranger, "Yo dude sorry to invade your personal space but…" Angel suddenly notices a lifeless, still body at the feet of the mystery behemoth, he was obviously a crime fighter, Angel didn't recognize him but the signs were all there, a tattered and colourful suit covered in cartoon thunder bolts and his own blood. "Oh sh!t" The killer turns sharply, analysing Angel from bottom to top in a fraction of a second, "A deceased who walks" He speaks in a course mechanical voice. "why are you breathing?" "Why aren't you?"

*ZIIOOON* The killer turns with incredible speed firing a powerful heat blast from his red glowing eyes, Angel noticed the similarities between this new ability and the power he assumed the dead hero on the floor had, it was just Angel's assumption but he'd learned from past experience that he could trust them, "So you like powers huh big man?" Angel raises his guns up to the hulking humanoid, "then you're gonna hate me.", the civilians are his top priority, that maybe dead man on the floor is his second, Mr. Flattop over there is his third, go time! *VOOSH VOOSH VOOSH VOOSH* Angel fired shot after shot from his pair of holy handguns the unusually bright white hot muzzle flash made it impossible to see behind them, Angel decided to use this to his advantage, he would create a series of force fields suspending his handguns in the air as they rained fire at his newly debuted adversary, he would use his time distortion to double back to the movie crew currently in distress, Angel realised that the eye blast that missed him had cut a hole through the high-rise building being used to shoot his 'awesome' new reality TV show, Angel could see the building crumble before his eyes, the dust exploding like a hand grenade in a children's sand castle, the corners of the building buckled and the floor fell to a slanted angle, Angel sprints up the opposite side as it rapidly declines, facets of falling debris whiz past his face like oncoming traffic, "GUARDIAN!" the strange but helpful entity currently taking the form of bright white dove flutters around him, "Yes" Guardian replies, "Guardian we need to get these people off this building this building fast, I'm thinking passenger plane." Guardian floats to the other side of his mask, "are you sure you can handle that?" Angel turns his head confidently, "Time to find out." Angel keeps true along the same path as Guardian swings to the other side of the falling building, the cocky crime fighter dives up top to the roof catching flying glass in his hands, Guardian begins to re-assemble as Angel's new aircraft, "How do you plan on carrying all these people Angel, especially since you are without your pistols" Angel glides along the tilted floor "Truth be told Guardian I haven't thought that far yet!" He studies the newly formed plane and the still crumbling building and something seems to click in his mind, "Okay okay I've got something, take the plane down low, as low as you can." Angel begins to mould his staff into a strange unknown shape. "Guardian did they have playgrounds when you were a kid?" Guardian now in position replies "A playground no, a pile of rocks and sticks yes." Angel pushes against the floor catapulting himself off the edge of the high rise but not before stabbing his new insane creation into the buildings edge, he flew through the air, his staff flowing behind him like a humongous glowing trail of silk, "Time to stick the landing." He crashes into the passenger bay of the plane, barely able to stop himself from flying out of the other open side, "Guardian! close that other side!" a white net materialises on the open side, "Angel I am still confused to what you are planning." Angel lines up his new creation, the long lines of silk fabric. "This buildings already falling down but it's falling towards us, these people are already sliding, I can't grab any of them I don't have nearly enough time and I'm going so fast I'll probably rip most of them in two.... so then I thought slide." "a slide?" "I keep the building together long enough that they can slide into your waiting lovable arms and don't worry about them crashing into each other, I've got that one covered too" Angel finishes measuring up his safety slide, a slight trickle of blood rolls down from his right nostril. "Okay, go time!"

"AAAAHHHH!" "HELP ME!" "I DON'T WANNA DIE!" "WOULD YOU GUYS SHUT UP! I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK OVER HERE!" As time returns to normal the civilians screaming and crying in fear shoot off of the bending building barely contained by the bumpers on Angel's newly crafted fun slide, he focuses on the bowing shape of the slide, the current position of the building, maintaining gunfire on the behemoth in the streets and using what little energy he has left as life support for himself, while he was still human Angel had never been very good at spinning plates, y'know the circus game, the few times he'd ever tried it ended with loud crash and ten pounds out of his wallet for new ones but see one or two things have changed since then, he learnt how to spin two plates on his fingers, two on his toes and one on his tongue while doing his taxes, he likes to pull that one out at parties. "A slight problem Angel" Angel continues to wither, looking paler and gaunt he replies "What is it Guardian, I get a little crabby when my entire life force is leaking out of me like I'm a damn pasta strainer" The inhuman enemy turns his head with neck breaking speed, "HE'S SEEN YOU!"

"HEY TIN CAN!" Angel leaps from Guardian's construct, he manages to catch the monster's attention with his loud insult, our heavenly hero increases his Angel Armour to it's most durable preparing himself for impact, he didn't have anything else left to use, he'd studied enough free running to know he needed to shift his momentum, if he was going straight down he'd slam into the ground like a cartoon anvil, he also needed to move forward fast enough to catch the robot's attention, *THUD* he had momentum but it wasn't enough, his right leg buckled as it his the floor but he still managed to roll out, he hobbled toward the giant but damn it if he didn't hobble quick, with every step he took he managed to divert enough energy to slightly heal his leg and increase his speed, as this point the metal man was ignoring the blasts from Angel's guns, like he'd adapted to them, he's gotten used to one hundred fifty caliber phaser shots to his chest every millisecond. Angel launches himself off the floor, catching his guns in mid air, "Bicycle kick!" Angel fires a barrage of kicks at the mechanised torso, his speed is incredible, his legs merely a blur as the clack of magic boots on cold hard steel rings in the ears of everyone in a ten mile radius. His last kick was directed at the robot's indestructible skull... this was a mistake. "oh sh!t" The hulking titan wrapped his fingers around Angel's frail breakable ankle, quicker than a flash he tightens his grip whirling him around like a spinning top on steroids and throwing him back first into a two tonne semi truck.

"Angel you're not breathing, the ships loaded, I need to take these people away... now." Angel remains motionless, blood gushing from the cold iron beam going through his chest and glass from the truck windshield piercing into the back of his skull, the glass had splintered into the cerebral cortex while the pole had punctured his lung, breathing was heavy but Angel didn't care, he didn't even know how to breath right now, his cranium cracked like an egg all he could do was watch as the inhuman machine set his sights on the fleeing airplane, “….hey… junk… can” the machine slowly shifts it’s head toward Angel, analyzing the heap of blood and guts crumpled on the side of the road coughing up blood as it attempts to speak, “why… don you…pick on…” the steel beast lifts Angel up with one arm, peeling his chest off of the metal beam, the twinkle of pieces of broken glass hitting the floor fills Angel’s bleeding ears, he seemed to regain a fraction of hi senses as he came face to face with the horrifying perversion of science. “You know you’ve got quite a soft touch for an evil mass murdering killbot, you must be a real hit with the robabes” Angel sniggers to himself “Robabes.. I really gotta write that one down some time” the machine stares into Angel’s mask, “Let me help you with that big man.” Angel de-materializes his mask, revealing his true face to the monster “I’m doing this all personal cause I really want this to sink in tin man, I know you’ve killed people before and I know that that’s the whole reason for your existence is to kill people, that’s the plan for you, what you were born to do, that’s what is supposed to happen for you, I’ve heard the rumblings of your amazing powers and abilities but if I were you I’d crawl write back through the cat flap of whatever doctor was stupid enough to whip you up and hide there because you wanna know something” Angel leans in closer to the machine, blood staining the whites of his teeth and eyes, “You weren't built to meet me!” *TZZT* He pulls his gun out from behind his back and stabs it into the machine’s right arm, using it to inject a powerful EMP charge and release Angel from it’s grip, the back and forth between the two was a strategy, stalling the monster long enough for Angel to summon his staff back to him, “NOW!” the staff warps itself mid air into a glorious warhammer spiraling at a deadly pace, *CRASH* it collides with it’s metallic face and sends it careening off into the distance, Angel struggles to get to his feet as his exhausted body slowly repairs itself from the normally fatal damage of getting hit by a truck, “What a little b!tch..” Angel can’t see the incredible killing machine but he can hear to the sirens wail in the distance and the tattered remains of a former hero still lying on the ground, Angel’s mask appeared back over his face again as the authorities approached. “Excuse me Mr. Angel” A bewildered Angel turns around to the police officer holding a phone up to his ear. “It’s for you, It’s about the Machine…” Angel puts the phone to his ear as he kneels down attempting to revive the dead hero.


"This isn't a PR thing, I'm not here to sell to shirts, I'm not talking to the audience down there.." Angel turns to the camera, leaning over the top of the pristine podium adorned with the royal crest, his teammates and new 'boss' Edward Windsor had already spoken at the press conference for the world’s new super team but right now he didn’t feel like much of a team player but frankly he didn’t really care about that right now, what he did care about was the creature that beat him. "I'm not being funny and I'm not playing around, if you can see this and if you can even understand the words coming out of my mouth then know that we’re not over, I got knocked on my a$$ but so did you and we both got up, next time that won’t happen. Mic Drop!” Angel takes the mic off the podium and drops it on the floor, he stares into the camera and walks backstage, eyeing up his new teammates before he departs through the curtains, it’s time to end this.