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Looking at his fellow Ice Dragon, Andy knew that he had chosen correctly in entrusting a Blue Lantern ring to Simon. He would wear if proudly and help sway the odds of this coming storm in their favor. With hope being able to save countless lives in the process. Word had spread that the Red Lanterns were attacking Mogo in force. The Lanterns were going to need help, they were going to need a plan. "Simon if we are to beat back the plague that is the Red Lanterns then we are going to need help. I want you to search out for the Green Lanterns, have them send their best to Mogo. I fear one of our fellow blue lanterns is in danger there and needs our help. I will go and find an unlikely ally in this war of Light. I will meet you there my friend, stay safe, and keep hope alive". With that Andy had taken to the skies, a light blue trail behind him. His destination... home. As he lowered down Andy could feel the power of the ring waning. His mind racing as he started to think what was going on. Had they been too late? did the Red and Yellow Lanterns already win? What was depowering his ring. He knew that he was losing hope. The destruction caused around world, losing his brother, all were taking its toll on him, but there was something more. A reason beyond that for his ring to flicker with power instead of surge. He knew then that he had to find another way to bring Hope. Hoping in that it would recharge his ring once more.

Passing through the doors of the Ice Mansion Andy's voice called out. "Paladin, brother. Where are you? We can use some of that divine spark of yours in fighting back this darkness. Paladin?" The mansion seemed to be eerily quiet, as if no one was around. Minutes passed by as Andy called out for Paladin as he searched the grounds and still nothing. Then a ghostly visage appeared before him the face of LstPaladin, son of Preen, God of Thunder and Lightning. "Andy, my brother in arms. How fare you?" It was then that Andy began his story, of what had all happened. The number of Lanterns that were all around, the threats that were on the horizon. Of finding his long lost brother to only lose him to the Red Lanterns. "We are fighting a losing battle my friend. We can desperately use the help of a God right now". Paladin's face looked saddened by the request, for he already knew the answer that was before him.  Without saying a words the head of Paladin disappeared and before Andy now was a gate way. Beyond the portals door was a Rainbow bridge...

Stepping through the mystical gate Andy was then greeted by a giant of a man, standing nearly seven feet tall with rippling muscles. A single calling horn draped around his neck over the impressive armor he wore. His voice was strong and booming "Welcome to Asgard mortal, friend of the Gods. The Son of Preen is expecting you. Follow the path and you will find your guide through the golden city of the Gods. Always remember, I will be watching you". There almost seemed to be a threat behind those last words. The guardian of the bridge taking his job extremely serious in protecting his home. The multi-colored bridge seemed to stretch on forever, but then he came towards the end. A massive gate stretched across with twin guards on either side. The gate was open and in the middle was his guides, as promised. A curious, and talkative trio of gods who were known as the Warriors Three. Every step of the way Andy's ears were filled with the exploits of these three and their grand adventures. Over and over they talked of slaying dragons, trolls, and goblins. Of defeating Loki, Ulik and Fafnir. The list and tales went on and on until the reached the humongous castle.

"We go no further my friend. What the son of Preen has to say to you is for your ears only" Opening the doors they allowed Andy to enter, shutting them behind him as he made his was through the marvelous palace. Entering a protected room full of guards Andy came face to face with his loyal friend. Paladin was dressed in regal attire, his trusty hammer strapped to his side as the two greeted one another warmly. "I am sorry my friend but I will not be able to help you in this coming storm. This war of light, for I must enter the Odinsleep. A long tradition that feeds the life force that is Asgard. I have no choice in this my friend, I hope that you understand and forgive me". Clasping his hand in his Andy assured his dearest friend that he, of all people understood what he must do. As he turned to leave Paladin spoke up once more, this time his voice not having the saddened tune it did before. "Wait brother. You did not think that I brought you all the way here to leave empty handed?" Curious Andy had turned around to see that Paladin was now wielding his powerful hammer in both hands. Motioning for him to come forward. "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. Take my hammer brother, for I will not need it in my sleep. Fight with the fury of a God of Thunder and Lightning. Go forth with the blessing of the Gods!". Reaching out Andy grasped the mighty mallet in his hands. Instantly he felt this immense power wash over him. A feeling that was more than a hundred times more powerful than when he had first wielded the blue power ring. He could feel his body strengthening, the sheer power that was not at his fingertips was unthinkable for a mortal. Andy now wielded the power of a God! "Thank you my brother" were the final words spoken as Andy returned to Midgard.

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His arms folded across his chest, his reddened skin wrinkled by the hurricanes and floods. Mogo was growing desperate to try and cool the pain. His atmosphere was tearing itself apart trying to make the heat of his infection stop. But it was like applying lotion to a parasite. The Red Lantern sprites moved through his earthy flesh, making everything they touched into veins of red-hot anger. Steam wafted from his body. The Czar's cape moved with the winds and his black hair stuck to his neck and face. His mouth, once overflowing with red, was simply simmering, preparing to boil over.

"Please...make it stop...you will never win...I only wish to preserve those lives I can...including madmen such as you and your cohorts..."

Mogo's voice was weaker than before. Warsman's eyes closed and opened.

"Do you hear? Cease this insanity!"

"I hear, Mogo. But I do not care. We are so close to New Oa. Why can't you realize that I'm doing this for what's best? The universe can survive without the Green Lanterns. The universe can be united through what I bring, through what I am."

"Yes...no...NO!!! I see not what good comes from this..."

"For all your wisdom, I don't think there is foresight within you. That is what makes you and your corps weak; you do not see what is truly available. You just think that you have all the power to wield. But you forget that there are others with the power to usurp and take away your blindness. That way is paved with blood because of the audacity of others. And it is with blood through which my ring is fueled."

"I see...then there is indeed no hope for you?"

"My conscience is clear."

Rain slapped down thicker and in sheets, as if Mogo was attacking Warsman through blows of wind and water. The Red Lantern remained stationary, for he knew nothing could be done. The rings of Renegade Lantern were deactivated. Mogo could do nothing. Warsman and his corps could do nothing. Floating on his own powers, he watched as the corpses of those unlucky few who were too driven by hatred floated underneath him. They were too blinded by power. They were too blinded by his power, his gifts to them. He felt like he was watching the horror of Genesis, when God flooded the Earth for forty days and nights, only to watch His sons disappear into oblivion. Mogo opened his gaseous layers and allowed the dead to pass through eternity in silence, followed by the sea he had produced. The rain continued. The atmosphere closed and another sea began to form. He felt obligated to reach out a hand to save a few, but kept his hands tethered to each other. Those lives were wasted from the start. Renegade Lantern only sealed the fact that what Warsman was doing was a suicide mission.

But, he didn't take into account what Warsman was capable of without his ring. He didn't take into account how many more lives would be taken now that Warsman had no limitations.
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New Oa

It was several days and not an ounce of life came from the man dubbed Renegade Lantern. Still two guards were detailed to look over him everyday without fail. The Guardians knew that when he woke they would get one of two things the man or the monster. They had to be ready for what ever happened because when his brain began to function and the power that was brutally put inside of him starts to react again the Light War would be under way as it was written in the Book of Oa .

Guardians Temple

Guardian 1 - We must dispatch some officers to Mogo

Guardian 2 - And how do you presume we do that

Guardian 1 - In a ship if me must, even though they have no rings they are still officers of the Green Lantern corps

Guardian 3 - We have a responsibility to the universe

Guardian 2 - Right now our responsibility is  the prophecy

Suddenly a desperate knock came from the door. When it opened it was the doctor that was charged to looking over Renegade Lantern. He was severely beaten up and blood trailed from his nose and mouth. When he finally caught his breath he spoke "Renegade Lantern is awake..............he took down the two guards and took their rings as soon as the light shined in them once more the................then.........he flew off"

Guardian 1 - The guards are they alive......

The doctor responded quickly "Yes he took them down with his fists and feet then did the same to me, he left in the direction of Sector 2814.

Guardian 2 - Yes the prophecy is finally coming to pass the rings of the lanterns are probably coming back online as we speak

Guardian 3 - Number 2 do you not realize that he is not well, he is only a man and not that he has two more rings we do not know what kinda of damage he will cause

Guardian 1 - Yes he is only a man but he is a man That has lead the greatest champions of sector 2814, he has been trained by its greatest warrior and has defeated it's greatest villain we must trust the book. He is the Chosen One the one that will start and end the Light War for the greater good.
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The Orange lantern took the ring. He had just beaten and killed a green lantern. This happened in no time and he had already forgotten his name. The reason was not because his mind was weak or defective but because he did not care the lantern. To him infected with the power of the light a living being is only meat. Meat waiting to be chewed on and devoured by the burning glowing orange fire of the ring around his finger. He looked on at the ring. Each second it got closer and closer to getting on his hand and forever giving him the power of the Guardians of the Universe. A power which the original Orange Lantern Larfleeze has wanted for some time but never had the chance to take.

It was time. The ring was on his finger. As soon as it was activated by the powerful will of its new host.  

YES THE RING IS MINE MINE ALL MINE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HA HA Hu wha whattttttttssssss hhhaaapppppinnnnng some..... thing is wr wrong SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY RING


No nothings wrong in fact things have finally been going right.


Oh shut up you feel that you feel that pain the burning on yur finger thats me that what you greed has brought you



Me I didn't do anything it was you you and your greedy little ring. You though you could kick me out of my body and turn me into something I hated well guess what you would have one but then like every other little piece of garbage you bit off to much. The lanterns ring is powered by will and like the orange ring woke you up it woke me up. I'm the will of this body. Something good you your just a monster your not me. You something I need to get rid of and you've just helped me do it by being you



 The power of the two rings battle it out. The energy flows out of both tearing apart the ground beneath Midnightist. Currently two side of his personality fight for control. One is the greed inside him brought out by the orange lantern ring. The second is his will recently awakened by the power of the green lanterns ring. Midnightist body struggles to deal with the power of both. The energies and even the uniforms combat each other. One his right hand the orange ring tries to maintain the look of an orange lantern while on his left the power of the green ring tries to turn him into a green lanterns. It seems more like a deadly game of tug of war with Midnightist as the rope being pulled into two different directions ready to crack under the strain and pressure of both.

Inside his mind in the dark room the orange ring trapped Midnightist will he reappears out of the darkness wearing a green lanterns ring.  


You don't have to shout I'm right here

Suddenly tiny particles of of orange light swarm together like a whirl pool in mid air. The take on a human form and then the light shatters like glass revealing the orange lantern form of Midnightist.  

I figured if i was really going to beat you I needed to fight you in here and not out there


The orange lantern Midnightist uses the power of his ring to make a giant fist and smashes the fist into the ground. His target was the green lantern Midnightist but he got out of the way in time. The green Mid pulled back his hand and uses the power of the ring to form green daggers in mid air and fires them at the orange version. The orange Mid makes a shield and the green daggers get stuck in the shield. The orange lantern takes the daggers out the shield and chews them crushing the glowing green energy and then spits it out on the floor. He then makes tendrils with the power of his ring and sends them towards the green Mid. The green versions flies through the path of tendrils. The tendrils then follow right behind green Mid and then try and stab him but he speeds up and the tendrils hit the ground instead. He turns around and wraps a green chain around the tendrils and pulls the chain and shatters the constructs. He then grabs the chain and turns it into a mace and swings it hitting the orange lantern. He doesn't have time to dodge and gets hit and bounces on the ground from the attack.



 The orange lantern gets up holding two machine guns in both arms and fires the bullets at the green Midnightist. In response he makes a green shot gun and shoots at his orange version. Finally after neither getting a shot in green Midnightist hits the orange version with a shot gun blast and he hits the solid black walls of the room.  


The green Mid takes this as he moment to win. He flies oat his copy making a regular 9mm gun and at close range he get the barrel against the orange version but at the same time the orange Mid makes the same weapon and facing each other they pull the trigger. both versions focused their powers into the ones shots and a massive combination of orange and green energy filled the dark room. At the same time in the real world the fighting powers of the orange and green rings let out a massive energy just like the one made inside Midinightist mind. The wave destroys everything nearby him. When the dust clears his human figure can be seen and out the dust he emerges a hybrid of green and orange and all he can think to say is WOW.
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The Aranko Nebula

"The Intel we got from some of our Earth-based Lanterns report that this "Hyperion" freak lost all of his powers for reasons they have yet to determine, The Red Lantern Ring is the only thing that gives him power of any kind right now. Nevertheless wielders of The Red Rings all have one major flaw...if you remove the Ring they die. Their heart doesn't function anymore, that job now goes to The Red Ring, which makes them more vulnerable than any other type of Lantern in existence." A young female Kree-born Green Lantern explained as her group approached a burning Skrull Science Vessel. "Do whatever it takes to get that Ring off of his finger! Got it? Good! Let's do this people!"

Suddenly the vessel's hull ruptured and from it Hyperion emerged firing energy-beams from his eyes, beams so hot that they instantly vaporized anyone and anything they came into contact with. Specifically...The Green Lanterns themselves, who were all no doubt shocked by this as they saw a handful of their comrades perish in the blink of an eye. A Male Shi'ar Green Lantern turned to his team leader and glared at her angrily. "I thought you said he lost all of his powers Yuna! If that's true then how the $%^# is he doing that?!"

"He...He did! Our Intel was correct! We had it checked and verified a hundred times over! He...Priests of Pama...he only lost his Cosmic Cube-based abilities, his natural-born Kryptonian abilities on the other hand...they only went into a state of dormancy. #%^*! Lanterns! Scatter Formation!" Yuna shouted as Hyperion channeled a stream of Liquid Fire through his Ring and fired it at his adversaries, killing several of her fellow Lanterns in the process. "Son of a #$%^*!"

Without any warning Hyperion descended upon Yuna, grabbed her by the back of her head, kissed her and then with his lips still locked onto hers vomited copious amounts of Liquid Fire directly into her throat and down into her stomach. When he let go, Yuna spontaneously combusted as the acidic Liquid Fire ate away at her body from the inside out. The other Green Lanterns looked on in horror as one of the most experienced officers in the Corps they had ever known melted into a burning pile of blood and guts. Several of the rookies who had been brought along for their first time out on the field immediately took off, ignoring any threats of having their Rings revoked by their Superior Officers.

Upon hearing the frantic screams of the Rookie Lanterns, Hyperion turned to face the remaining Veterans and grinned at them as he caught site of the looks on their faces. "Oh, this is so good it just has to be fattening. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!"

The Green Lantern Planet Mogo, Hours Later...

Storms of Red and Green Light tore through Mogo's atmosphere. So bright this light was that you could see Mogo from about as far as the easternmost tip of the God's Eye Nebula. To anyone not aware of the actual nature of these anomalous storms, it was an incredibly beautiful and wondrous sight. Hyperion swiftly made his way into the thick of the storm where he found hordes of Red Lanterns tearing through legions of Green Lanterns like they were wet tissue paper. Left and Right people of all shapes, sizes, races and genders were being slaughtered. Hyperion had to keep making course adjustments just to save himself from being torn apart by groups of departing Green Lantern Rings or sliced apart by the broken tusks, claws, spines and pincers of dead aliens. As a couple of departing Red Lantern Rings made their way out of the storm in search of sentient replacements they were snatched out of the air by Hyperion.

"You are wasting time trying to find sentient replacements for your fallen Masters. Our numbers are dwindling and fast. We cannot afford to wait. For now you belong to me." Hyperion said as he slipped on four more Red Lantern Power Rings onto his right hand. He grinded his teeth almost as if trying to hold back a great deal of agony as power emanating from the four extra Red Power Rings surged through his body. "Nggghh! That burns! Burns like Hell!" After managing to push past the pain and get a hold over the existential power, Hyperion took the fight directly to The Green Lanterns themselves. As he moved through the storms, Hyperion began killing any Green Lantern that crossed his path. But as time moved on, the burning pain emanating from his right hand began to take it's toll on him.

"Why won't it stop burning? Why? WHY?! COUGH! COUGH!" Hyperion's body began to convulse as flames erupted forth from his arm. After getting a grip on himself Hyperion began desperately trying to pull off the extra Power Rings only to find they had literally welded themselves onto his fingers. Removing them would be an impossible task...even for Hyperion himself. And to make matters worse the more he used their power, the worse the pain would get. The Red Light of Rage, once a source of great power for Hyperion, had now become poison or more accurately...a Cancer. Or perhaps this was all just a test...a test to see if he was truly worthy of one day regaining the greater powers he had lost.

Raising his fist into the air Hyperion began pouring out a never-ending wave of cosmic fire from his Power Rings. Moments passed and after having burned countless Lanterns, both Red and Green, to death. Hyperion stopped, grasped his arm tightly and sighed in great relief. The pain was gone...for now.  He couldn't help however but feel like this incident with the overloading Power Rings was only the beginning of something much worse. That what he had done to keep himself from being eaten alive by raw power was only a temporary solution to a very serious problem.

That is when Mogo's atmosphere began to undergo massive, catastrophic shifts in it's natural weather patterns. Hyperion watched, fascinated, as the entire planet was swallowed by a flood and consumed by a hurricane of epic proportions. Then without any warning Mogo unleashed it's atmosphere allowing the corpses of literally millions of Green and Red Lanterns to pass in silence into the vacuum of space. Hyperion used his laser vision to blow away the corpses as they came near him and against his better judgment grabbed five more Red Lantern Power Rings and slipped them all onto the fingers on his left hand.

That is when he noticed that unlike the five rings on his right hand...these ones were all deactivated. For now they were just normal rings...so Hyperion used that. He poured the excess Red Lantern energy that was trying to tear his body apart into the other rings thus allowing him to turn the rings back on, immediately they began to feed off of the limitless amounts of energy feedback and in turn gave Hyperion total control over the power that once threatened to kill him. Hyperion turned his attention back to Mogo and watched as another massive sea began to form and caused further destruction to the planet. Suddenly Hyperion felt the presence of Warsman hovering somewhere over the planet.

But for some reason his ring, like the five Hyperion placed on his left hand to regulate the overabundance of energy flowing from the five on his right once had been, was deactivated. But if Warsman's Ring was inactive...then how was it that the five on Hyperion's right hand had still been up and running all this time? Hyperion needed answers and fast. So he rushed to Warsman's side and showed him the ten brightly glowing Red Lantern Power Rings on his fingers. "Warsman...why am I the ONLY Red Lantern here whose Power Rings still work? And yes, I took nine more Rings for myself, it may seem a little selfish but their wielders were dead. Bite me. Sorry...anyways...what the $%^# is going on?! All of The Green Lanterns as well as our fellow Red Lanterns are dead and powerless and Mogo...well damn, you did quite a number on him. Good job Boss, but I'm getting sidetracked. What is going on? Why are they still working? Not that I'm complaining of course, I love being powerful, it makes me feel special. But...I mean, your Ring is the Prime Red Lantern Power Ring. The one that allows all the other Rings to function! And it's not on! You don't think it's me is it? Have I become a living Power Battery or something? Because I am telling you right now...I am not going to be The New Central Power Battery for The Red Lantern Corps once we get it back up and running...if we get The Red Lantern Corps back up and running that is." Hyperion asked, staring Warsman directly in the eyes as he did so.
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“Well much has happened since I came here. When I first came to this reality my only goal was to get back home and fight the war. But now…..now it’s like every thing has changed in more than one way. I………I feel like I’ve truly changed that I’ve truly found a place where I belong. But back to the point not long after I arrived in this word I met a guy. Now I know all of you would be holding your breath but he’s not like that. If any thing he’s some one I look up to and helps me a lot a lot like a um……father I guess.
His name is well William Greystoke but I call him Hunter. He had a team that……..well………..I can’t really tell you about but it’s the kind of team that I don’t feel like I’m the only dangerous one lets just say that. Not long after I joined there was an issue in the desert with guess who……..yep Apocalypse….it appears he’s in this word to as well as ours. The mission got altered when my fellow team mate had some unfinished business to do. That was when I met Isaac my……uh…….so called guardian he gave me this really freaky sword…….Gemini’s its name. I have not yet mattered it but all I know is that I don’t want to.” Talon paused and leaned back in her chair going over thoughts pondering what else to tell them. She was preparing to send a message from her reality to the one from where she was born.

Ravaging her hands through her hair she sighed and began to type “After that we had to leave so another member of my team (Who I can not mention) got us to this place called Sector 13. I was there for only a few hours until I went on my own excursion that lead me to almost getting killed. But gladly my partner and close friend Damnation Lee. We then devised a plan to take out Apocalypse so together we did good and I used Geminie……….” “Beep….Beep” Looking to her left she spotter her cell phone. She sighed and answered it “Hello”
“…………………………………” “Is any one there?” “huh………uh……….huh” “I said hello?”  but no one spoke. She put the phone down and got back to her thoughts and putting them down “Well ok after that I sort of just went solo on my own and got captured…..yah I know you guys are gasping aren’t yah but it was SHIELD. They tortured me and well turned me into one of their agents…so yah after that things  got…” but soon Talon stopped something was glowing in her room. She looked toward her dresser and to her shock the bright  Violet ring of hers was glowing once more.

“Dang it” she said to herself getting up. Outstretching her hand she clasped it around the vibrant right and smiled. “I knew things were just beginning”.  As soon as she placed it on her finger her eyes glowed bright violet and she soon found herself dressed in her Violet Lantern uniform that suited her nicely. It was time to fight and though Talon still had doubts about this whole love thing she was going to take it. She would make a difference. She would be what she always wanted to be: A Hero. Rushing outside she knew that the rings had been awoken which meant that X23 was now on the loose and she would be coming for her. It was sad to think that her own self would try to kill her but a lot of people wanted her dead what would another one do?

Her emerald eyes glanced around looking for any singe of danger. Her black hair blew violently in the wind. “Wow” Talon soon saw Nichol standing behind her eyes all wide with astonishment. Talon lowered herself to the ground and looked at the girl. “Yah wow” she said smirking. “How?” Nichol asked. She knew that her powers had been gone but know she had them back and she wanted to know how? “I….I don’t know”. Nichol then looked behind Talon in fear. Talon could see the fear in the girls eyes and soon turned around and standing before her as a red Lantern. “Oh Shit!” she said out loud. “That’s a bad word!!” Nichol shouted with a stern look on her face. Talon just shrugged.
With out warning the thing lunged toward her. Quickly Talon grabbed the girl and shot off into the heaves at full speed. She could not risk a full confrontation with a Red Lantern not now not with Nichol in the way. It was to dangerous but the Red Lantern did not care it wanted to rip her apart hell she knew what it wanted and it would not be nice. “Where are we going?” Nichol asked her blue eyes having fear run through them. Talon looked into the young girls eyes and knew she needed to get the girl out of here and fast but how….?  Then stopping dead she noticed that she had left the earth atmosphere and was now in space. It took her a moment to realize what had happened.

But her admiration was cut short as a blast of read energy came from her right. In fast motion she dogged the first blast holding onto Nichol. This was wrong she needed to get the girl out but it was to late so all she could do was protect her. And Talon had every intention of keeping this little girl safe. Then like an animal it lunged at her. Using her ring she created a shield around the girl and few to intercept the beast. Meeting it head on head it’s nails dug into her arms as she glared into its raged filled eyes. “Your…going..down” she said. She continued to hold on to it. It began to bite her and gnawed at any part of her body it could get. She needed to get it away from the girl and so she directed her coerce set back to earth.  Just when she saw it ready to spew out the vomit like substance she grabbed its hands and flung it toward earth will all her might. Regaining her breath she flew to see what had become of the monster. It was strange how she use to be like that maybe with a little more sanity but still the same.

She could see the large crater that came from impact. Rubble was tossed aside but gladly it landed in the middle of a field and no body was hurt. Wait why did she care. Why all of a sudden has she cared about safety of a girl who she had just met? Looking around there was no sing of the creature and soon Talon gave up searching and flew back into space to get Nichol but was horrified at what she saw. X23 stood there before her smiling that devilish grin of hers. Talon could just stare but soon X23 spoke “You think you are love huh, well I’ll tell you this at the end you won’t survive cause you’ll merge with me weather you like it sister or not we will become one and nothing else will matter.

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The road to redemption was a long and strenuous one. Slight had, in the last days of his life, destroyed hundreds of lives. But that was because there was a force within him that lead the destruction, the Dark Oracle. Being the compassionate being he was, he felt great remorse for what he had done. There was no way to justify, make up, redeem the actions he’d taken, but he had to try. Although he knew that the journey was one filled with obstacles, and b-sides that would want to lead him astray from his goal, regaining purpose. With that there was a grand pain that still resided within.

The death of his entire family, their presence was what made him want to protect the world from what he’d become. There were words that had to be said to them, secrets that he wanted to reveal, and turmoil that he wanted to resolve. But now that could never happen. Slight’s emotional state was just as unstable as his power he knew today. His anger, which before the journey to the path he was currently on, he was never quick to anger. And yet, the slightest thing would make him fly off the handle. The sadness that he felt on a daily basis would fluctuate. Sometimes he would just cry, trying to release some of the heartache. Other times, he was like a mental patient, envisioning every possible scenario, the pain becoming incapacitating. His veins coursed with revenge, hatred, and pity for the entity that committed the mass murder.

Slight knew that he could not totally blame anyone, even himself. He was definitely a different person during his rampage. The Dark Oracle had taken his humane thoughts away and he became something that had to be stopped, a force of nature, a killing machine. No one close to him knew of what he’d done, and he didn’t want to keep it a secret, but he also knew that it was for the best. After a couple of weeks he felt back to normal, or as normal as he could be now. It was time for him to go home and do what was needed from him.

As he flew to , thoughts ran through his mind. Thoughts of how his fellow Outsiders would welcome him. If they knew the atrocities he’d committed, then surely they would hate him, shun him and do what they must to stop him from ever doing so again. Coming upon the base there was an eerie silence that made him feel as uneasy as possible. Shaken, he put his trembling hand upon the print scanner, and the door opened. Everyone but Holly Cross the team leader was there. Everyone, Power Surge, Magick, Crysta, Iron Ninja, and even the new members Blue Baron, and Arctic Rush, was there to greet him. Well not just him, but anyone that came.

While flying to this place, he knew that taking his revenge was something that he had to do, something that if not done, would only end up in disastrous ends. He thought about how he would gain allies, but realized that he already had them. His New Outsiders, his new family, his only family. “Hey everyone.” His voice was weak, and low. They responded a s cell “Hello.” Their voices were somber, and for a second he thought they knew of his deeds, but Magick spoke up. “We thought it was going to be Holly, but your just as good” A pressure was released from his heart, no one knew of what he’d done. At least not yet.

A few days past and he came upon the decision. If he was going to lead this group of shunned individuals then, he had to lead them in every case. Slight went over the intercom “Everyone, meet in the briefing room ASAP please.” He himself was already there when they started to show up. After everyone had arrived he began “I know that you all look up to Holly, she is a great leader, she is our leader, but right now I need you all on behind me. That is why I here-by officially take the position of co-leader of the New Outsiders. This position will only be active when Holly’s not around. Do you accept what I have said?”

Power Surge was the first to speak up. “Sure thing” like an obedient flock, they all fell into place, accepting their new leader.

Slight began to feel more and more at ease with his own decision. “While I was gone, something awful happened. And while I do not feel stable enough to tell you, know this I am now in need of you guys full support. There is a lot going on out there in the rest of the world, and we have not been a part of it. Neither to help, or hinder the bringing of the evil I saw while on my trip away. I have spoken to the leader of the Ice Dragons, and a personal friend of mine Andferne. We are officially allies of their team, and in turn, I hope to build our relationships with other teams, like WAL.

The group just nodded and left the room. As he turned the lights out, he couldn’t help but feel an even greater stress. Stress from not being able to tell his own team that he’d killed people. Although his reason was fairly good, there was still no excuse for what he had done. But this was his first step on the road to redemption.

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 The sirens went of loudly in the Ex Hq , people were swarming around like roaches in the Hq, bumping into each other like football players rushing to take out a receiver. tris tan laid in his bed  comatose, clueless to the evnts that were going on at the moment. "  WAKE UP BOSS, THERES AN EMERGENCY!!!" a Ex merc said has he usted through door roughly. The startled trsitan feel from his bunk bed and landed on his face" come on man, what the hell is going on?" tris said distainfully as he was lifted  to his feet by the tall african american merc. The merc wore a leather chainmail customly equipped with a Metallic curciass, pauldrons , and greeves" we must head to the confrence room quickly , its urgent, and you will be needed for this event Hunter" Ex  dusted of his wife beater , and threw on a pair of sweat pants  and slippers , and followed The merc out of his dorm. The two mercs  mad their way through the smooth silver titanium corridor, bumping into rushing soilider  in the process" people dont have no f$#@!%$ manners these days..." Hunter said angerily  as he posted upon to the wall to dodge a hoard of marching mercs" theres no time for that sir, we must concentrate on the manners at hand" trsi looked at the merc angerily as they increased pace" how the hell am i suppose to concentrate ona situation i am clueless about?" The merc just ignored tristan's reply and accelertaed his pace

They reached the dome like conference room, it was hot and muggy, the azul lights reflected against the transparent surface of the walls and ceilings. a long rectangular table was stationed in the middle of the room, and it was surrounded by about 40 discordant  reps that silenced once they took notice in Tristan" what the hell is going on Jay?" tris said to the merc that escorted him to the room" go and find out for yourself , i will get the jeep ready in front of the main entrance" tris  face became blank" sir why dont you come down here and take a seat? we have much to discuss."  tris massaged his temple, and made his way down the trinity of steps that brought him to the confrence table. He had the feeling something bad was happening , and he had to do some thing about it. he reached the confrence table , and glanced at everyone directionlessly " well dont just stand there , take a seat" Tris sighed  miserbaly and sat down in the chair" having a rough day sir?, you look a bit gloomy there" one of the reps said , tristan scratched  his cheek and shrugged his shoulders prepared to reply" well  thats not even the case,i just dint know what the hell is going on, and its pissing me off, this is my vacation week , and you guys send some faggot to wake me up ...why did you do that?"  the cluster of Ex hunter Reps were apalled at his statement" oh my ....well  you see , you are one our best mercs , and also if it wasnt for you financial investments , this organization wouldnt be here, but we have a Global crisis at hand sir , you see  we will not get in depth with the major crsis right now, you will get to that eventaully, but for the meanwhile, there's...." * what the helll man?  this is my V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N, what the heck do you think this is ? interrupt my only Vacation week of this season?" silence f came upon the hollow confrence room.Tristan massaged his face , agitated  by the dilemma" well sir we understand  that it is your vacation, but your are our best merc, and most of the others are out on missions already , it would be impossible to find another merc at your skill level to handle this situation, but we are prepared to make a proposition" tristan looked up at the lead rep" a propsosition? what kind of proposition are we talking about?" tristan asked , with obvious curiosity beaming from his face" well we are prepared to offer you a 10% salary increase " Trisitan smirked at the offer , and begean to contemplate, he was getting 4,000.00$ for every mission" well thats not enough for me, how about a new assortment of weapons also?" The representatives looked at each other , confirming if this offer was resonable or not" well we know you tristan, if we were to say no, you would reject the mission, so wel will give you the assortment of weapons, we will make the offer after this dilemma is over, but right now we must discuss what you must do now, we wasted so much time  opposing this case that i cant even give you a full summary of the sitaution. At this moment , there is something going on in New jersey, we dont know what it is , bit its wiping out buldings and innocent women and children, we need you to head towards new jersey , and investigate the disturbances in the area.if  it is a being, exterminate it , and bring back proof of your  sucess, now hurry , Jay is waiting for you in the jeep, they will take you to the chopper at the edge of the island, now hurry"

Tristan Stood up from his seat and touched a button on his mountain gear watch ,he was surrounded by a bright veil, and after the veil faded , he was dressed in a  black ski mask, with a leather padded bullet broff vest , under was a thermal under armor capable of adapting to any temperature. On his legs he wore black and white camouflage pants with a pair of combat boots." alright lets do this " Tristan ran out of the confence room into the corridor, everything was calm now , no people rushing out anywhere, it was fairly empty. he made hs way out the main entrance of the Hq. The sun beamed its brilliant rays into his face, the wind gust were turbulent , pushing the grass blades in wahtever direction it traveled." over here  Tristan " jay yelled , as he waved his hand signaling where he was , he was on the rocky road that pathed inifinitely  along the island. Tris jogged towards the jeep quickly, the breeze strained his eye's as he tasted the pure island air, he hopped onto the back of the jeep, and they immidiately took off" so now you know whats going on eh?" jay said  as he glanced at the car front mirror" not exactly, all i know right now is that im supposed to be going to new jersey because there's something there F#cking with everyone" jay chuckled at the way Tris replied" well you'll see for yourself, its more to it then that,  you'll see what happens, your in for one hell of a mission man, just make sure your perfectly strapped and everything, because your going aganst a powerhouse , all i have to say to you is , good luck  ahahahaha"

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In front of him stood the Legendary Andferne, a symbol of hope. Simon and Andferne was engaged in a deep conservation. "Simon if we are to beat back the plague that is the Red Lanterns then we are going to need help. I want you to search out for the Green Lanterns, have them send their best to Mogo. I fear one of our fellow blue lanterns is in danger there and needs our help. I will go and find an unlikely ally in this war of Light. I will meet you there my friend, stay safe, and keep hope alive", spoke Andferne, before The Golden Man can respond The Lantern of Hope took out into the skies. Perhaps, He already knew what Simon's response would be. With this show of confidence and respondibility from Andy, Wonder Man went into the other floor where Annie laid unconscious. Scooping her up into his hands, Simon slowly took off into the air. Flying at speed light, Williams activated his ring power and created a royal blue force field around them, so the dusk sediments in the air would not eradicate Annie when moving at such high speeds. Side tracking, Simon went towards his secondary home, the Ice Mansion. Upon arrival Simon sensed another being in the Headquarters, so He came to a sudden stop and used his enchance vision to scoop out the face of this being. It was the famous blues of his Leader, his Brother, entering what appeared to be a portal, more like a bridge to another realm. Before Simon could react or question him, Andy was gone. Flew towards the guest room on the left side of the mansion, then phased through the wall using cosmic power. Gently placing, Annie on to the bed, He searched the oakwood desk by the small cherry oak wardrobe near one of the windows with the blue and white curtains. Finding a sheet of paper, and a red inked pen, Williams wrote a note to Annie. Explaining on where she was, and the areas she shouldn't enter in the mansion for her health sake. Also instructing her to alert any member that contact or come to the Hq, where the main battle is to be fought.

After placing the note into her right hand, Simon phased through the wall again, and took out to find any green or blue lanterns that can help in the struggle. He decided to also come in contact with his friends and his loved ones. Activating his telepathic power, Wonder Man tried to communicate wih his best friend, Talon. "Talon, I hope You are doing well in this current crisis, Are you safe? Listen, The Red Lanterns are slaughtering mogo, So far Andferne and I are planning to help against the Red Lanterns on Mogo but even our stammering might is not enough to enable the living of mogo. I need your help, If You can, meet me at my watchtower where I took you once. Use the secret passage to enter." After Simon dropped the telepathic link which He tried to reach out to Talon. Soaring throughout the skies, high above in the clouds, Wonder Man watched down on the land which was in chaos and destrcution as this war of the lights ripped the cities and possibly even the cosmics in half. Simon had to act and fast to enable the survival of posibbly the universe from this war. Approaching Manhattan, Ny, Williams' eyes were set on manhattan, the buidings that collapsed and damaged, the casaulities, the havoc that was spread across. As He came closer to his watchtower that still stood and passed as a ordinary building, Simon heard the cry of something, someone, flying down low and landing on the damaged ground, He saw and felt the presence of a Red Lantern, the lantern of rage. Walking up to a little boy who was on the floor, in fear of the being in front of him. "But it was in their nature, They fear anything that they can't understand but in this young boy's case, I understand his fear, Red Lanterns are like the bringers of death. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. These men just want to watch the world burn'', thought The Golden Dragon to himself. The little boy screamed and cried in fear as the Lantern grew closer and closer. But Simon sensed a changed in the Lantern, his Ring power it was......different. It power source was not the same, as the Red Lantern was about to probably kill the boy, Simon crashed into the Lantern with great speed and crashing him into a small store. Rather than continuing the battle, Simon flew towards the boy and examined him.

As the boy  was about to open his mouth, Simon picked him up quickly and flew off towards his watchtower. Setting up a force field, Wonder Man went at light speed to prevent the red lantern, from gaining on him. His current agenda was not to battle but to save a life. Entering his watchtower, Simon put the boy in the care of his only family, his butler. Wonder Man flew and phased into his room, and closed his eyes. Enabling his telepathic power once more, The Golden Guardian attempted to open a telepathic communication to every blue and green lantern alike. "Fellow Lanterns, I am Simon Willaims of the Ice Dragons. Andferne and I planned to help end the war, enable the survival of mogo and the earth but We're outnumbered. You need your help with this struggle. Aid us so that You may return home, if not, the Red Lanterns would ensure that You have no home to return to or you cease to exist. Meet with us at the Ice Dragon's Headquarter, so we may work on a plan. Simon Williams, over and out."

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Russia, Months ago

"Welcome to my military."

Words befell on deaf ears for all the Drifter could hear was the chanting of death, destruction and blood lust. Like an Animal craving raw meat, he pounced to his ring but he didn't have too. No, The ring slid onto his finger like a glove and with force, fire shot off from both his arms as he gritted his teeth into a crooked smile. The smile curled and the between the cracks of teeth, blood flowed forth, representing the hatred that boiled from beneath his toes and outward from his body. Whilst his black and white costume simply changed to that of Red and Black, a twisted H symbol showing itself upon his chest...and from his hateful twisted lips came forth the word..



Mogo, Present

The Czar had finished his speech but it was time for the Prodigal Son to inject his own twisted ideals upon the beastly planet.
"Mogo" TheDrifter whispered into the vast vacuum that is space, yet knowing inside himself the planet would hear him. For Mogo was not just a planet anymore...he was going insane.  "Stop foolish boy, you're master has--tort-- NO. HE HAS TORTURED ME ENOUGH. BE GONE. I will not--become this...animal that you have become!" The planet bellowed.

"It is too late son." The Drifter patronized with a cold hatred in his voice much similar to The Red Lantern's before him.  Mogo responded once more "I am not your son, I AM-MOGO. I AM A GREEN-LANTERN"
"Listen to you boy. You are nothing. Even now your voice contorts and twists around the hellish fire WE are made to spew forth from our mouth's Mogo. You are Warsman's as am I"


"That is enough" The Czar said as he patted his son on the shoulder. "That is enough" He reassured.

"Yes Sir" The Drifter responded.

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The Royal Llama Bar and Grill, London, UK

Lindon sat at the bar, his whole head exposed, clearly showing off the cyborg part of his body, a fact he usually kept very secret. The other patrons of the bar eyes him nervously, as they had done for the past two weeks he'd come in. This time, a quiet murmur went around the usuals in which they discussed the absence of the beautiful, yet altogether skanky, woman he was usually with. Lindon heard these people, as they were sure he could, but he did his best to ignore them. His watery eyes settled drunkenly on the television screen, which was reporting the rogue dismantling of the Hero team Veritas, Incorporated.

The waiter walked over to him, sporting another glass of whiskey. He set it down next to Lindon and waited for a tip, and then when none was forthcoming, he turned and looked at the television, which had a large picture of him on it.

"This man, a member of Veritas known for killing multiple men during the incarceration, and break-out, of Kurrent, is now missing in action. We've heard no report as to where he is, what he is doing, or if he even knows that Veritas is no more. More, at ten."

The waiter turned and looked at Lindon suspiciously, noting his drunken posture and his red, watery eyes.

"'Scuse me, mate, but yer not the man that were on the telly, aye?" The waiter knew the answer, and Lindon knew that he knew. He looked at him, and his cyborg eye zoomed in on the man's face, before he nodded. The waiter fell away, absolutely terrified, as patrons began to shuffle out, muttering. A man with long, flowing brown hair and an awesome beard walked over and sat next to Lindon, and he turned to him, breath reeking of gin and lime.

"'Ey, mate. Me name's Russell Brand. You may've 'eard of me, pretty damn famous, I am. Anyway, mate, I was over there, mindin' me own bus'ness when I saw yer face there on the screen. I says to meself, 'There is a man who knows excitement.' I mean sure, I can 'ave sex for thirteen consecutive hours. But you, yer a crazy bastard, killin' a few bobbies during a break-out..."

Lindon looked at the man, vaguely intrigued by his ridiculous attempt at conversation. He decided it wasn't worth the effort to speak, and turned away from the eccentric man, shaking his head. The door opened, and a dark-haired, small-breasted woman entered, eyes set on Lindon's back. She walked slowly forward, her tan hands clasping her belt-buckle. As she began to speak, Lindon stood and slipped past her, sliding into the Newham streets and disappearing quickly, his super-speed kicking in.

With Veritas gone, Lindon needed a new angle, and he thought he knew where he might find one. The rings had been depowered, but for how long? He needed to find the Orange Light.
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He sat in his world looking at the mess they had created of the power given to them . All people are diffrent and i gave them diffrent ways to use there diffrences yet they chose to make war on each other i vowed i would never reveal my self . i gave this power to see what would become of it .He stares unblinkingly into the cosmos.  If something is not done I for see a war like no other the question on his mind was should he act and if so on whos behalf. He could tip the scales to any ones favor ." have i grown so out of touch with humainty that i would let the cosmos be consumed ?"


he paced back and forth there had to be an answer that he could not see oh the irony that the most powerful being int the cosmos seemed so powerless . by nature i am neturel and should not take sides but in this is a flaw because neturel is a side and with that he scooped up some of the grey sand and balled up his hand and a bright light engulfed his hand as he opened it a ring was formed a grey ring. It lifted it's self into the air . He looked at it non blinking and says" now go and find a person with a good head on his shoulders who will weild you well and with that the ring shoot towards earth . He sat in his chair and rubbed  his temples . He wanted to say god help use but if there was a god this would not be happening now would it

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The lights of cars flashed below him, as the sheep of the world went about their days, how little they knew what stood above them in a mighty sky scrapper. A tangle of glass and iron mixed together to form another modern building that tried to stand out above the other that looked just like it. Arrow had requested part of his style be built into the building, At the top sat a small gothic chapel of his design, Each stone had been crafted with his magic to make it dark noir and columns twisted in many different direction, an array of multi coloured stain glassed windows made the inside a spectacular sight for the eye’s. This was his office Arrow stood looking out over his new empire, after the ball the HFC all set out on their given task. Arrow found himself in charge of a large company in the big apple. Arrow limited held arms deals for most of the world’s armies and some not so well known mythical armies.  His long pale hand touched the cold glass “interesting”  there was a change in the air not many would have felt it but it was there.. “A new Asgardain god, well that is interesting” a small crocked smile broke over the angelic features.

Spinning round Arrow’s eye’s narrowed as he felt another shift, a flutter of wings and an array of sounds was all he could hear as the room shone with an unbelievable light and as soon as it had arrived the sound and light was gone and in its place stood a man with golden blonde hair, the top half of his body rippled with muscle and perhaps the most magnificent part of this man where two giant white wings, each stemming eight foot long. He facial features would make the heart of any teenage girl flutter and melt the heart of the elder ladies of the world. After he made his spectacle the man’s deep blue eyes met Arrows. “An Asgardain, We felt it Lockhart do you care to explain” his voice was like sweet nectar and danced along the rims of Arrows ear’s. It was a trick they used to make weaker people fall into their trap, Arrow himself used it often. Moving round to a table that sat where the alter would in a church arrow sat down.  It would take a moment for the Angel to realise what Arrow had done with his office.  “What blasphemy is this” the angels wings flared up again “Be still Gabriel, you enter my office without my consent and “Arrow stood “DARE EXCUSE ME OF YOUR MISTAKES” the arc angel moved forward his fists ready “The Asgardians where meant to be wiped out along with the Olympians and here we find ourselves with a new so called god to deal with.”

Rolling his eyes Arrow sat back down “I do not care of your affairs; I have my own to worry about. As for the Asgardians Odin stepped down and removed his people from the world. Did you really think they would stay gone this long? Last Paladin did not spark your interest” Gabriel fell silent “And what about Aries you have felt his presence recently as well?” Arrow was no longer looking at the holy creature that stood before him but began signing some work in front of him. “I would think heaven would need its Arc Angels to draw the line and prepare for war then antagonising one of its former allies” The Angel took a deep breath “I do not fear you, do not forget I was there when you killed Cerberus, I saw what your battle with Hades did to you” leaning back in his chair Arrow seemed amused by this. “ask yourself Gabriel, why did your mother send you to see me, I know you may not fear me but someone up there is certainly worried. “

The angels face exploded with fury and before he could move he found himself stopped by another angel who entered the room “Gabriel  remember yourself” they echoed each other perfectly, all but the eyes. This angel had green eyes “hello peter” arrow said from behind a smile, Peter turned and now stood at Gabriel’s side “Excuse my brother he is still young and not as wise to your games as I am. I see you are still doing your best to insult our mother.” Arrow nodded “Now you have taken to much of my time, you may leave the way you came or do what the mortals do and take the door. As I said to your little child, I do not care of the worries of heaven.” Peter bowed and took a step back “Oh and Peter the next time you or one of these little pets wish to insult me” Arrow flashed across the room and now stood behind Peter “Make an appointment” he said before making his way to the church doors “I will remember that Lockhart” and the two angels where gone. Walking out onto the roof top Arrow began to laugh “oh gods how you play with mortals, but fear them more then they fear you. The games are a foot.”

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Silence. Dull, boring, silence. The moment was short lived. He could heed that his legion of Red Lanterns were not far behind. For the only words to disrupt the peace were “Hate!” and “Rage!” They were beginning to soundless like mindless zombies, and if the irritation didn’t stop soon he would surely discard of them. Once again being consume by the ring’s force, he pledged the oath:

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all...
That is your fate!

The Violent Brute stood quickly, straightening his posture. The Titanium Alloyed helmet he he had been wearing made him appear as an imperial figure.  had been He grimaced at the figure he had been gazing at. Several flashing colors in the sky he knew it had only been what he despised most. Other Lanterns. His ring began to glow vividly, signaling his attention. He scorned it for it’s frustrating act “What is it now!” The fiery red slowly died down, “You need to kill. You need to kill.” The hell-bent voice seemed to take over him as he set out to complete the task. He needed to kill, to satisfy his lust for blood and his satisfaction of hatred, and he knew that only the ring could choose the perfect candidate.

He reached out his left arm and held it palm-open before him. Several small micro-beams of red light shot from the ring, quickly forming a scarlet orb. A matter of images flashed upon the orb, all of those who had implanted hatred into his heart. All of those who had cause him to become this natural pandemonium. The illustrations began to flash even faster as sparks began to pop al around the orb. Soon the speed of the images had become too fast for the naked eye to make out. But merely seconds soon after, the pictures came to stand still. He now understood this process. It wasn’t about who he hated, it was about the rings hatred. It had always been. He knew because the image on the orb was not a person, but a group. A group of green lanterns! He clenched his immense fist over the orb, once again conducting its power.

He rested both his arms at his side, as a beam of hard red light energy blasted from the ring and propelled the Crimson Champion into high elevation. He could sense the abhorrence of the red lantern cohort that followed. It crossed his mind on several occasions that it would be best to simply eradicate them now for they posed a threat to even him because of their dire hatred. However, the petite intellect that still lay as a fraction of his mind told him they would be needed in the Light War. However, still being under his command, he didn’t take any chances. He had made it mandatory that they wore muzzles. Due to their lack of intelligence, it took some time for them to understand what he wanted them to perform with the muzzle. However, once he had showed an example of placing the muzzle on the mouth of one of the lantern’s the, which the creature quickly removed, he incinerated him without any hesitation. By then they got the message.   

They had been soaring through space at prominent speed, in pursuit of a green energy signal he had picked up light years ago. He knew that the only way he would be able to track such a vague energy source was if they were moving in a pack. Just how he wanted them. Finally he had reached his destination, the collected group of Green Lanterns had assembled themselves. And there backs were turned to him. He smiled, apparently they had not gotten the memo to divide and conquer. He extended his left index, which bear the ring, and pointed out the green Lantern’s. “Eeny, meny, miny, moe!” His target become set, his finger was pointing at the Green Lantern known as Ferro. Still keeping his finger set, he turned to his vast army “He’s mine. Capture the rest of them. I want them alive, they must feel real torture, real pain!” Instantly a beam of ruby solid light energy in the shape of a blade was whistling through the air, as it raced to its designated spot. The back of Paragon's skull.
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"Talon, I hope You are doing well in this current crisis, Are you safe? Listen, The Red Lanterns are slaughtering mogo, So far Andferne and I are planning to help against the Red Lanterns on Mogo but even our stammering might is not enough to enable the living of mogo. I need your help, If You can, meet me at my watchtower where I took you once. Use the secret passage to enter." She could hear Simons voice in her head. “He’s alright” she thought to herself. But she had to deal with X23 nothing else mattered. But the moment she turned her attention back to her counter part X23 was gone. “Dang it!” she shouted. Her voice echoing on the vast emptiness of space “Wait” she thought to herself. “I’m actually in space.” Though she had been through this already she had to go through it aging.

The vastness of space was beautiful she marveled at it. A tear ran down her cheek as she remembered where she came from. Her word. This sight was an every day thing for her when she was back home. She lived on a colony and though there was a war raging around every corner with humans she still had forgotten the beauty that space could offer. It had not even been a year and she had already forgotten her world. Though she knew if she was to return she probably would never come back to earth 616. This was her home now and this was her war. Her world would have to wait for she had a responsibility to this one. What she wanted required possibly leaving this world forever. “Nichol” she whispered and soon jetted off to where she had left the girl.

She was relived when she saw little Nichol sitting down. Her Shield had withstood the attack an every thing seemed fine. She soon embraced the girl and flew back toward earth at full speed. Seeing that she was reaching the ground she came to a halt and looked at the girl. Nichols wild blue eyes just gazed at her in amazement of the entire situation. Talon knew that X23 would go after those closest to her and right now Nichol was the most defenseless and closest to Talon at the moment. X23 was a monster ruthless and having no feelings. Though Talon felt empty with out her she knew that merging with that weapon would be a death desertion.

Her feet finally touched the earth soil as she placed Nichol beside her. She need to get to Simon he needed her and strangely enough she wanted to see him. Placing her hands on the girls shoulders Talon looked her in the eyes. “Now Nichol..” she began but soon stopped as she smelled a particular scent. Turning her head around she soon saw that dark haired black eyes young man that he never left her. She soon stood to her feet and walked over to him. He eyed her a moment evaluation her attired and the Violet ring and sighed. “Wow Zenith, your pink” “She’s Violet!” Nichole shouted her voice high pitched. Isaac rolled his eyes and ignored the little girl. “Perfect timing Isaac” Talon said grinning slyly. He stood still a moment and dared asked “why?” “Because I have a job for you”. Isaac did not like the sound of that yet he asked again.

“And what is my job” Placing her hand on his shoulder she spoke “Isaac I need to you take Nicole and keep her safe. I have to go see a friend and you need to watch the girl.” Isaac looked at her astonished as if he had just found out a horrible secret. “M..me look after a mortal girl….me a Phoenix watch a….an adolescent girl?!” she could hear his shock but had not time to argue. “Isaac if I don’t lots of people are going to die, I need you to keep her from X23 take her to your home!” He looked at her and smiled nervously. “I don’t have one”. Talon was curious as soon scanned Isaac a moment. “Then what do you do all the time” “Watch you” he repied calmly. “And when you not?” Her tone was much sterner and the look in her eyes was suspicious. “Talon I would not be a good guardian if I took my eyes off you so I do not. When you sleep I sit beside you bed and watch you. When you are awake I watch you and when you shower I watch you and happen to hear you beautiful voice.”

Talon felt like skinning him but had to regain her composure. She would have to wait till the girl was out of sight. So through clenched teeth she spoke “You little piece of shit!” “That’s a bad word” Nichol shouted form where she was. Isaac looked at her with a grin. “Talon I will watch the girl for you though I think it best for you to use Gemini to teleport it is the quickest way.” Talon did not really want to just let this go though she was a teenager and had to at least act like an adult and move on. She outstretched her hand awaiting her sword to appear though it never did. She then looked at Isaac and he seemed as baffled as she. “I…don’t know” Isaac said knowing she was going to ask. But soon a light went on his head and he soon shook his head as if trying to forget it. “Isaac what is it!” she said desperate for an answer.

“Gemini can only be summoned by Zenith.” “But I’m Zenith as you keep calling me” “Yes but You are not all of Zenith” Isaac could see she was still not catching it “Don’t you see Talon you could summon Gemini before because you were the fully and completely Zenith. But now….now you are only Talon with out X23 you can not wield Gemini. Unless you are to become one again with her like before. Gemini will remain dormant.” Talon had always disliked Gemini. It had caused her so much trouble but now it was gone and there was a possibility of never using it again. And for the first time she missed that blasted sword she missed it terribly. But staying strong and showing no fear for Nichols sake she looked at the girl and smiled. “Be safe and listen to Isaac.” Nichols smiled devilishly and ran toward Isaac hugging his leg. He looked as if he had just seen some one killed. Talon could not help but snicker slightly. Looking at Isaac one more time she said “Thank you my friend.” “Be safe Zenith” was the last he said as she accended into the air and flew off.

As she flew she remembered the words that Simon Williams had said to her. The moment they met. It was one of the best days of her life. Williams was a dependable strong man. Her was a true hero a great hero like Andferne. And fro her to be friend with such a man was uncanny. If she was to look at what she was: An assassin, weapon, monster she cloud never figure out why he cared for her. Yes he considered her a friend but why. What had caused their friendship to be created and to grow so strong? He was such a worthy man and yet she was an unworthy creature a animal. She smiled for is Simon was to hear what she was thinking now he would say something brilliant and so inspiring that it would leave her dumb founded. “Me getting involved with you, or not, makes no different. The people who are trying to make this World worse aren’t taking a day off, so how can I? How can I hang up my cape for one day in the World that we live in? I chose to stand by your side.” Yes words like that touched her. He chose to be her friend though she did not know why but one day she’s ask him.

Approaching the Manhattan bridge she soon submerged herself underwater she created a Shielding so that she could breath and remain dry. She wondered if her knew she was a Violet Lantern. She wondered it he knew what she had done as a red Lantern . She wondered what he would think if she was to tell her. Would he forgive her? Would he just reject her? But she did not know what to do. She could only hope that she could tell him the truth with out him hating her. She could see the entrance and got in with out any trouble. She did not move or look around. She waited patiently for Simon Williams. Her hero, her protector and her dear frined.

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Bright white sparks sprayed behind a fast moving car, as Cly skitched it. Valor cut into the ground, sideways, attempting to slow it down. It wasn't happening. His fingers losing grip, Cly barely managed to keep his hold. The back window shattered, as an arm stuck out of the window, toting a MP5k. A fully automatic stream of bullets shot towards the dragon rider. He felt one enter his side, then one hit his right hand, the hand that he had been hanging onto the car with. Blood sprayed out the side of his hand, the pain too much, Cly released his grip. He fell down to the pavement, at 80 miles per hour. A semi-truck that had ridden up close behind him, in league with the criminal that Cly was trying to apprehend, pushed the pedal to the floor, as he felt the semi truck jerk upwards a little, running over the knight. Cly had just become roadkill. The semi-truck passed, and looked back in the mirror. Expecting to see a lifeless pile of remains, the man's eyes widened when he saw Cly, laying there, covered in an Indigo hue. Cly opened his eyes, shocked that he wasn't dead. Actually, he felt that uninjured. Wow, that's a first. He sat up, and saw the Indigo hue covering his body. No...way. About one month ago, when I lost the newly acquired power, I thought it was over. Now it has returned to me, at a time like this? The timing couldn't have been better.

Cly rose into the air, and sped toward the semi. Another Indigo streak sped through the air, and came up alongside him. Hey stranger, what are you up to? Cly smiled. I had been out for a casual walk, when I saw a speeding car, outrunning the police. I jumped toward it, as it passed me, and skitched it, trying to gain some ground on it, then I got shot, fell off, and would have been crushed by a huge semi truck, if not for the power of the ring suddenly activating. That sounds too good to be true, like something that one could find in fiction or something. Cly laughed, and pointed to the two speeding vehicles. You can take the big one, I'll go after the one in the lead. Dragon and rider sped off, both flying through the air.

His arm went for Valor. Cly moved on top of the car, cut the top off, grabbed the two gunman by their shirts, and pulled him out. The two gunman shot at Cly, but soon stopped as they saw that the bullets bounced off the Indigo hue. They were mad, and yelled, "Hey! You can't just make a shield like that!" Cly smiled. "I just did, sue me." At the same time, Esmeralda came toward the semi, and focused with her ring. A large beam shot out, grabbed the semi, like a tractor beam, picked it into the air, removed the driver, then set the semi down. That was too easy. Cly watched in amazement. You never cease to amaze me. Now, let's take this trash to the dumpster. They flew off, dropped the three criminals at a jail, and sped back towards the wall HQ.

Cly and Esmeralda came in through the window, and landed. Cly sent out a telepathic message to the entire wall HQ. Everyone! The rings are back online, and if you see my face randomly appear in your dream, and say this to you, my apologies. Taking out a WAL communicator, he was about to send out a message, but found it was out of batteries. Oh, come on! These were suppose to be Energizer! The knight opened the back of the device, and touched the metal sides with his fingers. Electricity began to flow through his fingers, producing small sparks. The communicator activated, and he sent out the message, "This is Cly. The lantern rings are now back online, which means that the others are most likely as well. Just like last time, something big is going to happen. We need to meet together, and make a plan for action. Cly out." Like you could make a plan. Hey! I'm smarter than I look. Esmeralda rolled her eyes. I know the truth. Cly stood there, waiting for a reply.

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looking out his window  surge saw talon fly up into space "the war has begun" surge said as he leapt out the window and flew after talon hoping that he could catch up to her before the fight began. As he began to enter space, the memories of the day the destroyed phamtreon returned to the surface.

"We're under attack, we need assistance!" crackled a voice over the radio.
"Come in, Clawslash, are you there ?" yelled Drake, a grizzled middle aged battle veteran that has seen more battles than any other dracokin before him. Knowing that Clawslash  and his crew were either captured or killed caused drake grief "I'll see you again one day old friend" drake said as he looked  out of the comm towers window.
"M'lord, is everything all right?" asked a soothing voice from behind drake.Upon turning,Drake was looking at his wife, Alexia.
"How has training been going for our little warrior?" drake asked.
"He has surpassed the master's other students in weeks where it took you months, lifemate" Alexia replied with a grin.
"Well then I should get him something to celebrate but what?" Drake said as he tried to think of what to get his son for a gift due to his hard work when he remembered how much his son wanted his dragon necklace. "I have the perfect gift for Io" Drake said.
"What is it?" Alexia asked.
Drake took his dragon necklace off and held it in his right hand for Alexia to see "this" he said
"he'll love it" Alexia replied with a grin.
"Where is Io?, I would like to give this to him personally" Drake asked.
"He's asleep" Alexia said.
"I'll give this to him when he wakes up" Drake said as he noticed someone peeking out of his son's room.As he gave Alexia a furtive gesture to be quiet he walked up to Io's room with the silence of a cheetah stalking it's prey, drake opened the door and with a quick glance noticed that Io wasn't in his room.
"Honey, he's isn't in his ---" Drake's voice trailed off as he saw Io sitting next to his mom.
"You little ninja,how did you get out of your room when I was in front of it?" Drake asked.
"You have a weak spot in your defense, it's above you, I crawled along the ceiling and managed to slide through the opening that you made when looked around my room." I said with a grin.
"You'll make a better emperor than I am now, because you adapt to any change in your enemies stance. On top of that you know when to fight and when to be stealthy" drake said as he put his necklace around my neck.

Ten years later.

"Cover me!" I shouted over the explosion as I ran toward a group of freedom fighters pinned down by gunfire.
"Whats the situation" I yelled to the soldiers as I put my back up against the flipped car
"We're out of ammo,sir, and we've lost six people already" one of the soldiers explained, his face caked in debris and dried blood.
"You all go get some ammo,I'll cover ya" I said
"Yes, sir" the leader of the group said with a salute"Everyone follow my lead, The Emporer here is going to show the Virasites how a real Dracokin fights"
As the group of soldiers ran back to get some ammo from the main group, I transformed into my half dragon form and leapt out in front of the retreating group and started unleashing energy blasts from my mouth at the oncoming virasite forces. It seemed to me that every time a Virasite fell,two seemed to pop up in it's place. Seeing that I was outnumbered  I grabbed a machine gun with my tail, two with the hands on my wings, and two with my hands and started shooting at every virasite that got within four feet of me.
"We're surrounded!" yelled one of the soldiers.
Upon hearing the soldier's  voice I turned and noticed that they were completely surrounded.
"Get down!"I yelled as I started shooting at every Virasite that surrounded them.
"I need to get  to the control room, can you guys cover me ?" I roared over the sound of gunfire to the leader of the group.
"We'll hold off these freaks as long as we can, you better get moving,sir" the leader yelled
As I ran  toward the control room,I suddenly stooped and saw a group of virasites with bombs crawl up the side of the control tower.
"No,if they destroy the control room then I won't be able to start the countdown" I said just before the control tower exploded into flames.
"it's been a long time since we spoke, isn't that right, lifemate?" came a voice from behind me followed by a clawed hand that left a cut across my chest where my heart was,causing the flesh to  dissolve as if acid was poured on it.  

"Feels like someones eating you alive, I know the feeling" said a young female draco that had splotches of purple virasite covering parts of her body.

"Vera!" I yelled in shock.

"So I see you remembered my name after all these years" Vera said with an evil grin.

In the blink of an eye, all of my memories having to do with Vera came erupting to the surface of my mind, when I proposed to her,the day we were married, when she was taken by the virasites and, how I fought to keep her from being taken.

" If you think that our history together will make me go easy on you, then you are a fool, when you became a virasite host I lost all the love I had for you" I yelled at Vera.

"Don't yell at your wife like that,son!" scolded a deep voice as drake and Alexia walked out of the shadows.

"You are not my parents! they died when I was only fifteen years old!"  I roared in rage

" Yet, we stand before you alive" drake said calmly.

"Do you remember our peoples creed, never give in, never give up?" I asked

   "Yes, do you know what it means?" Alexia asked

"It means never give in to your enemy and never give up on what you believe in" I stated " you have done both, you not only joined the virasites, but you gave up on me, so you are no longer considered a dracokin, much less considered my parents!" I declared.

"well then, I guess the time talking is over" Drake said before charging at me and pinning me to against the wall. I could feel the air in my lungs being pushed out of my body as I was slammed against the wall before I collapsed to the ground. Vera leapt up onto the rafter above me  and  stretched her right arm as if it was made out of putty and wrapped it around my neck before lifting me up into the air high enough for my feet to dangle just above the ground. I felt the last amount of breath in my lungs leak out as my eyes closed.

"look at you, the mighty Io, the one dracokin that inspired so many, about to die at the hands of a virasite, you're pathetic" echoed a voice. I immediately leapt up to my feet and noticed I was in a black world expect for the light that shown on me.

"who, what are you!" I roared "where am I ?"

Suddenly, a huge set of red glowing red eyes appeared in front of me.

" you my young friend are in between life and death, as for who I am, let me show you" the voice echoed. behind me another beam of light appeared and i heard footsteps. As i turned around  a dracokin looking exactly like me expect  the color of his  skin was black and his eyes was red, was standing in the beam of light.

"Hello,brother" the dracokin said with a smile.

"You must have me mistaken for someone else, I have no brother !" I snarled at him

"You don't see how we look exactly alike, we were twins you, the dragon of life and I, the dragon of death, call me Chaos" the young dracokin said.

"How do I get out of here?" I asked

"All you have to do is think back before you died and you'll enter your body" Chaos said

As I thought back, I could feel the ground under my feet turn into water. As I fell into our realm, I noticed that Chaos was with me.

"Since we're twins we can fuse together, doubling our power and unlocking the legendary full dragon form." Chaos said.

"Alright, lets do it" I said as I absorbed chaos into my body.

"Now I can help you wherever you are, you were chosen to be the legendary being that can go full dragon at will" Chaos' voice echoed in my head.

"He's gone, now nothing can stand in our way!" Vera cheered  as she threw my body across the room. At that same time I opened my eyes and shifted my body weight, plnated my feet on the wall, and rebounded right back at her "Greetings from hell!" I roared.

"What!" yelled a shocked Vera "you were dead!"

"If I was dead could I do this!?" I yelled as my feet smashed into her chest sending her flying into the column behind, causing it come crashing down on top of her.

as I handspringed up onto my feet, I looked at Drake and Alexia "I'm back, with a vengence" I growled at them. As I shot four pyrospheres out of my mouth at them, I felt a sudden jolt of pain coming from from the wound on my chest that Vera's attack left.

"What did you do to me !?" I roared in pain at Vera as she climbed out of the pile of debris as the skin on my left arm melted.

"All I did was  put a virus in your body. What it does is simply cause your skin to melt  whenever you  use an energy attack" Vera said as she dusted herself off " As you can see it does it's job very well"

"did you forget something ?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"you mean your hybrid form and it's ability to quadrupale your attack strength? I made my virus have the same effect, since your energy attacks are stronger,you'll feel four time the pain" Vera snickered at me.

"What you forgot is that I heal faster than any other dracokin" I chuckled as the skin on my left arm regenerated.

"Nothing heals that fast!" Vera Screamed in shock.

"The reason I can heal so fast is due to having a mutation which allows me to regenerate in mere second and makes me immune to any virus or diesase." I  said as I stretched  out the muscles in my left arm.

Suddenly, I felt a huge amount of pressure on my neck as Drake caught me in a headlock.

"I see that your blind spot is right behind you." Drake said with a chuckle.

"Yeah it is, but I have a new trick that covers it, let me show you " I said as the spikes on my back shot out, causing drake to let go of me before he got impaled.

"When did you get those!?" Drake exclaimed astonished.

"What, you mean my spikes? I always had them, just didn't know how to make them extend until I met my brother in the death realm" I explained as I cracked my back to set the spikes back in place.

"Then you shall die!" Drake roared as he extended his right arm at my exposed heart, hoping to rip it out before I could retaliate.

As I made swung my right fist at Drake, he ducked under it and shoved his hand into my chest before closing his hand around my heart.

"Time to finish this!" drake exclaimed as he started to yank my heart out of my chest.

"I don't plan on dying again" I roared as I grabbed his arm with enough force to crush a skyscraper, which caused drake's grip on my heart to weaken just enough for blood to flow, then threw him against the wall,  upon realizing I was still alive I managed to get to my feet and slammed drake with my shoulder, without missing a step I shot the bladewhip out of my right hand and wrapped it around drake's neck, caught the rest of it in my left hand and began to pull as hard as I could.

"goodbye, dad" I said as the bladewhips bit into drake's neck, causing a river of blood to run down his neck "any last words?"

"yes I do, you remember the day ten years ago when I said that you would make a better emperor than I, well what I see before me is my son about to kill me. have you ever wondered why Alexia and I surrendered so easily,? It was to protect you, because you were the only one who could rally the others to fight the virasites, but as of now you are the only dracokin that can't be taken over by the virasites and to ensure that the dracokin race does not become extinct I give you the gift of immortality until you find a new lifemate and have a child, then your child will recieve the gift" drake said. After speaking, drake managed to kiss the bladewhip around his neck and whispered in my ear "by the power of the elders I hereby give my bloodline the power of immortality". All you could hear afterwards was the sounds of metal cutting through Drake's neck and of jetting from the remains of drake's neck as his body collapsed to the ground.

Upon seeing that I had no more need for my bladewhip, I made it retract back into the biohousing in my arm.

As Alexia came to and climbed out of the pile of rubble that fell on her, she looked franticly around the room before her eyes came to rest on Drake's headless body at my feet.

"No!" Alexia screamed as she scrambled over to Drake's body before looking me in the face.
"how could you,How could you kill your own father?!"

"Like I said, my parent's died when I was fifteen, you are nothing more than a pale imitation that needs to disappear frommy mind" I said as I wiped the silver ichor off my face. All of a sudden I felt a huge amount of pressure on my throat as Alexia Pinned me to the wall.

"let me go, mom" I said as the gold color of my iris' flowed into the whites of my eyes " or would you rather follow dad to the grave, cause I can make it happen"

Upon hearing the tone in my voice Alexia pulled me towards her then slammed me into the wall.

"you think that you can talk to me like tha..." Alexia managed to say before my tailtip speared through the back of her head and out through the mouth covered in blood.

"goodbye mom, say hello to dad for me" I said as I pulled my tail out of her head and shoved it up through the bottom of her head right behind the lower jaw and all the way to her brain. As I pulled my tail tip out of Alexia's, her body collapsed with a thud. Before I Had time to turn a round , I heard an inhumane scream which sounded like a mix between some kind of roar from an animal and metal scraping together. As I turned, I saw Vera standing up,blood covering the right side of her face, surrounded by virasites.

"Kill him! He's the only thing that stand between us and complete control of the galaxy!" Vera shrieked,barely able to contain her anger. As I was surrounded by virasites, I remembered what chaos said to me “   you were chosen to be the legendary being that can go full dragon at will” echoed in my head. As the circle of virasites closed in on me, I felt the urge to unleash animal within and rip out every virasite’s throat with my bare hands. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain run down my right shoulder to the left side of my body as a virasite slashed me with it’s claws. The pain sent me into such a frenzy that the spikes on my back became twice as long as a greyhound bus, the muscles all over my body quadrupled,causing my strength and speed to skyrocket off the charts, the tip of my tail split in half and became a scythe blade covered in tiny serrations. my vision increased to the point where I could make out every vital organ in someone’s body After my transformation was complete I let out a roar that shook the planet. as the virasites closed in on me, I closed my wings,then flung them open with enough force to send all teh virasites around me flying in every direction like ninepins. Upon seeing my new form vera yelled “I’ll take care of you myself!” as she cracked her neck charged at me. As her fist was about to slam into the side of my face, I reached up and caught it in my right hand. In anger Vera swung her left foot at my left side, then hit me in the face with a flurry of punches from her free hand.

“That tickled” I said with a grin “now if you’ll excuse me, I have your species to destroy” I Continued to say as I threw Vera up against a wall, which caused a piece of metal to fall down on top of vera’s legs, pinning her. seeing that there was no more enemies for me to fight I walked up to where Vera was and cut a piece of metal big enough to cover my exposed heart “now all I need is something to hold it in place” I said as my gaze fell on Vera’s wings, I grabbed a hold of them and ripped them off of her back causing her to shriek in pain,then took a few pieces of the leathery membrane and tied them to the metal and tied it around my back  making a metal cover for my heart. after doing that I flapped my wings, flew out of phamtreon’s orbit and turned to face it.I created an energyblast that was two times as big as phamtreon in my mouth and shot it straight at phamtreon. as the energy blast flew towards phamtreon, twelve dracokin freedom fighters looked up at the energy blast “he did it” the leader shouted “we won”

when the energy blast hit phamtreon, it exploded into a thousand pieces, as I looked at where my homeplanet once  was I felt pain all over my body as my skin melted and then cooled thanks to the extreme cold of outer space. Taking one last look at where phamtreon once was,I turned and flew off into space.

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On the deck of a large hallowed pirate ship, sitting on the top of the steps of the enchanted ship was the young master of Fantashia, Denisus. He was a young man from the Nexus that had embark on a journey on earth in search of his hero, U-Gen, also known as the Mystic Rider from the Nexus. The journey began about two earth years ago, and still not even a single bloody clue he have found from the hero. The young man appeared to be giving up on his mission as he carve a knife on the deck sulking on his failure.

The wind before the trouble boy twirls in a fast motion and out of a whirlwind wild leaves emerge spreading along the wind currents that whooshed to the ears of those at close. From the whirlwind a beautiful Kunoichi emerged down on one knee with her arms spread and head bowed. She was wearing a old Shinobi stile orange kimono, a large scroll and a sword strapped to her back. The beautiful ninja girl addresses Denisus as she arrives, “I can feel that something troubles you once more, Denisus.” said the Kunoichi as she stands before Denisus. The child of fantasy with his lowered sad face he says “It is nothing, Tiara.” But the Kunoichi had more than one way of knowing something troubles the boy. As she sits besides him on the steps of the boat, she tells him. “Your aura fades with lies, Denisus. Tell me what troubles you.” Denisus then after sighing he replies to Tiara’s concern. “We’ve been so long away from the Nexus, fighting all kinds of creatures all over earth, and yet! Not a clue of U-Gen. Nothing. I feel like I’m wasting me time, lassie.” “Umm, I see” said Tiara after listening to what bother the boy.

The pirate ship keeps its steady course as the squeak of the wooden deck is heard on the background. The Kunoichi looks pensive for a second and then with a smile she says to Denisus. “You can’t let that take you down. You very well know that U-Gen is more than that. He is not just the memory of a powerful nexus knight, he is your hero. Fallowing he’s steps and becoming like him is what keeps you going, so don’t let this mission get the best of you.” said Tiara before she pauses and with her left hand she pats Denisus’ shoulder before saying “Besides, Is not like we lost a small puppy. U-Gen was the best of the best, I’m sure he is fine, he was unbeatable. Armies fell to his knees! There is no power on earth that could of taken him down.” Denisus is seem to be cheered by the words of Tiara toward his hero. With a mild smile on his face Denisus with a cheerful tone he says “Yeah, Tiara, you are absolutely right!” said the enthusiastic Denisus as he stands to his feet gazing to the sky above with hope.  “There was no stopping the Mighty U-Gen and I‘m going to find him, no matter what!.” said the boy of fantasy. In the overview, Denisus’ ship (the blue cloud) is seen crossing through the skies, visible only to newborns and some children. But not to the unbelieving eye of men.  

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Slight woke up in a cold sweat, he had had a nightmare. He looked over at the clock, it read 3:44. Recently he’d been restless. Going to sleep all hours of the night, not being able to wind down from the day. He knew why, but getting it off his chest was a completely impossible thing to do, at least at the time. Slight knew that going back to sleep was going to be impossible, so he got up.

He slipped on his blue and white striped pajamas and went out of his room. Restless, he walked down the hall, with every sense heightened, he could hear the breathing of every roommate. Being here felt right, but completely wrong. Slight knew the New Outsiders were his only tangible thing close to family, them and his friends abroad. But he felt that he needed to be out there in the world doing what he could to make for killing all those, people, for flooding the eastern seaboard. The conflicting feeling battled within him, but one prevailed. He had to leave, to do what he needed to do on his own, then and only then would he be able to tell his comrades what he’d done.

Going to the first floor of the estate, he walked into the kitchen. The black and white tiles were cold, but shined with brilliance even in the darkness. He turned the lights on, and one by one they lit the room. Slight grabbed a pencil and a scrap of paper from the basket containing both. He began to write “Dear my fellow New Outsiders. I know that only recently I have returned, but now I have to leave again, for no other reason than that I have unfinished business. Trust me I will come back, and then you will know the whole truth as to why I leave you all. Until that time when I return, be safe, stay together, and TRAIN…there is a lot coming our way, I feel it.”

Slight signed his real name at the bottom of the note. He posted on the refrigerator that is where he knew it would be seen. By this time, it was 4:00 in the morning, and the sun had not yet blessed the Earth with its rays. Before he left he grabbed his clothes, and some food, and some money, just in case he needed to do anything that cost. He opened the door and left. It seemed wrong on his part to leave them like this, but at the moment it was all he could think to do.

As time passed by, the sun rose and lit the sky. Now he was on a search for the man, or monster that had killed all those people on the bridge. Slight didn’t even think that he would need computer access, and the truth was he didn’t know where to start. But he knew how. Finding a public library he walked in and applied for a temporary pass to use the computers. When he logged on he noticed that the person opposite to him kept staring at him. It looked like she was trying to figure out where she’s seen him from. “Never mind.” He thought. He typed into the search engine ‘Yellow Monster’ the results came up and each was different. Some were toy advertisements, and some were blogs for fashion critics. This time he was more specific. ‘Yellow monster attacks bridge killing hundreds’ this time what he wanted came up. He clicked on the new report, and read on, he was surprised to find out that a notification of his disastrous tirade didn’t make it into the new report. Then he clicked on the link for similar stories. It brought sightings and testimonials. “This is what I needed. The last place one of those things were seen was in . His head fell back in frustration. The next few days would be like months before when he had to go to only to find nothing there for him. But if this is what he had to do, he would do it.

After finding what he needed, he started to play around and do some research on his name, jst to see what came up. Nothing. Then he typed in “extreme storms on the eastern seaboard” growing in curiosity. Another report came up, and it read “Unusually severe storms have caused major flooding across the Eastern Seaboard. Many major cities now face evacuation. No word on the cause, but it is suspect seismic activity, although there is no evidence supporting this theory.”

Jovial, and a little offended, Slight sat there in his chair marveling at the idea that no one knew of his digressions. He looked from his screen, and saw that the woman that was looking at him before was gone. She left his mind, just as easily as she slipped away. He logged of and left the library. The sun shone brightly on the morning, and he took flight not knowing which way was his destination. “ here I come.” Slight loved that place, it held so much history, the architecture was amazing. Something he always marveled at. On his way there, he thought “What if I never had these powers?” An entire host of thoughts came rushing through his mind. “What if?”

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Blind. They were blind. All of them, including the Red Lanterns, all except for him. If hatred was not the single most obvious force in every last being in all the cosmos, then what? If hatred was not found in any moment in time, then what would history be? He realized this and exploited it to unify, cut out the weak, and make the strong that much more powerful. His followers were mad dogs and he alone was still sane enough to hold onto some manner of leash. But his hand was strict. His hand was stone. Sometimes, he wondered if the leash would snap and his armies would turn their insatiable hunger and anger back on him. Instead of fear and loathing, though, the thrill of controlling such power invigorated him, gave him reason to provide for their endless hordes.

They were not merely his pawns, but his children. And from the tiny black walnut embedded in his chest, pride emerged and a cracked smile budded from his lips. Suddenly, a glowing-red beacon of light approached Warsman. It was Hyperion, but what in God's name had happened to him? He began to speak in a hurry and without proper introductions. Warsman's face contorted into a fearsome, dispassionate frown.

"You'd better have a good reason why I'm not personally teaching you how to address your superiors, private," he said, his hands locked behind his back.

"Warsman...why am I the ONLY Red Lantern here whose Power Rings still work? And yes, I took nine more Rings for myself, it may seem a little selfish but their wielders were dead. Bite me. Sorry...anyways...what the $%^# is going on?! All of The Green Lanterns as well as our fellow Red Lanterns are dead and powerless and Mogo...well damn, you did quite a number on him. Good job Boss, but I'm getting sidetracked. What is going on? Why are they still working? Not that I'm complaining of course, I love being powerful, it makes me feel special. But...I mean, your Ring is the Prime Red Lantern Power Ring. The one that allows all the other Rings to function! And it's not on! You don't think it's me is it? Have I become a living Power Battery or something? Because I am telling you right now...I am not going to be The New Central Power Battery for The Red Lantern Corps once we get it back up and running...if we get The Red Lantern Corps back up and running that is."

He thought a moment, trying to assess what spewed out of his mouth. Warsman held out his own ring to crush down what conspiracies Hyperion thought were taking place. A small star of red light shone from his middle finger.

"Renegade Lantern is alive and well. His power over the rings will be cut short soon, so don't worry about your collected power,"

However suave he appeared, the news made Warsman's mind race with possibilities. Hyperion was always greedy. But that never stopped him from the most gruesome killings outside of Warsman's jurisdiction and that of his elite fighters. That never stopped him from being bold. Warsman fought the urge to smile as he spoke again.

"I sense that New Oa will become a rallying point for our enemies. The Guardians have known of our presence for as long as our rings have existed. They will spare nothing to have us ended. If that is the case, then we must do the same," a pause, a short breath, and he continued.

"I want you to lead the assault on New Oa alongside my son Marcus Specter. You will attack as soon as the Green Lantern veterans order their grunts to keep in line from the sight of their fledging big brother. They will expect us to crash Mogo into New Oa. I want you to pay attention to this part, lieutenant," he said, expecting Hyperion's new rank to garner new respect for his leader.

"Mogo will detonate precisely fifty minutes into the fighting. Take whatever numbers you can and push yourselves onto the surface. Kill for shelter. Wait until after Mogo dies and then my descent. From there, you are under my command again. Understood?"

He expected, also, a spontaneous "yes sir," otherwise he would repeal Hyperion's new rank and give command of the initial assault to someone with more military structure.


A thunderbolt struck and the rain slowed to a halt, red grass lapping up the water and converting it into a thick cloud of hot steam. Warsman froze. Everything seemed still. New Oa was in sight, a tiny speck among clouds of green. But it was there, a target for the coming storm.

"What was that?"

He fell and touched the ground with his feet, kneeling, and placing a hand on Mogo. The grass wrapped around his flesh, but recognized the color of his ring, and backed away in awe. The blades danced like fire and in the midst of a sea of green, a crimson marble inched toward its center.

"Sir...YES SIR!!!"

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In the ruins of the once proud VV base where this whole thing started the downfall of those that he saw as powerful an forever, it was taken away. And now without a ring he is bored, but his true family are those who stand beside him in the coming war an they still do. Atop a downed statue of Mags Precise stands guard watching all playing with a mound of dirt in his hands, flicking pieces of it off into the horizon as along with Darkchild they are bored. Darkchild himself sits on the steps to his throne his mighty chair obliterated when the sentinals destroyed his home they sit waiting. Light kicks a rat that walks in front of him screaming "FOR!!!" then bursting into a fit of laughter. Charon sits with his back to the enigmatic Darkchild, watching at his ring hoping for it to shimmer on he turns to Darkchild "Brother....when we recieve our power. I can feel the others popping online an reactivating but we still havnt, do you have a theory why?"

Darkchild without gesturing that he heard his brother flicks a rock and it bounces off the wall slapping Nightwolf in the side of the head. Then he takes in a deep breath an replies
"Renegade wants us to be one of the last to be reactivated, and if not him one of the Guardians who did this wish it to be that way. Why? because we are the match that lights the powderkeg of fireworks that they call Light Wars. I feel it deep in my very soul that our only service to this war is to start it an thats it, BUT I will be damned if I will be used in such a way an then tossed aside like a common whore. Once the rings reactivate we will begin this war, but we will definatly not be tossed to the side. We will destroy all that get in our way and...we will never stop destroying."

A silent voice is heard in all of their minds, it starts off as a whimper then turns into a full blown scream as it roars back into power. A shinging glimmering light bursts from all of their rings filling the midnight skies with a bright almost intoxicating light. And on all of their faces a smile etches its way across ear to ear and Darkchild stands. The light illuminates their faces and the famed uniform of the Darkchild Lanterns slinks over their bodies their emblem forming on each of their chests, as the light that formed from their rings subsides they all turn to Darkchild their leader says "It is time my broth"ers." And he sends an image into each of their minds of their destinations, Precise is the first to soar off into the blackness of space followed shortly by Light an Nightwolf. Charon and Darkchild stand behind watching  finally he gestures with his hand for Charon to take off.

With a wide smile as Charon takes off he sighs deep before blasting off from the old VV and soaring deep into space.

Few million Lightyears later, Darkchild is the last to arrive at the destination. His liutenents all aligned in formation he snaps his fingers as portal after portal open and he says to his liutenents "Something wicked this way comes MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!" Corpsman after corpsman walk through Darkchilds portals, these openings rather than portals he tears in space allowing for the ring bearers who were chosen throughout space to make their pressense known. As the last of the Darkchild Lanterns walks into open space through the openings Darkchild snaps his fingers for a second time and they all close. And the full scope of their destination is seen


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Success always comes when preparation meets oportunity-Henry Hartman

Nighthunter sat alone in an abandoned building of New Oa, it was both interesting and ironic that the centre of the universe, the place where the Green Lantern Corps reunited and called headquarters was now almost completely empty and without any kind of light, the guardians had left a long time ago along with Renegade Lantern, Nighthunter had reached New Oa just a few minutes before the rings went off, without any way of transport Nighthunter had to remain in the dissolated planet waiting for the rings to reactivate or for someone to come and help him get back on Earth.

Without any living being to talk to Nighthunter had lost all sense of time, however he hadn't wasted any moment as even though his ring couldn't shoot, create, fly or help him breath in space anymore he was still able to communicate with it. Nighthunter knew that no matter how much experience he had gained through the various crisis and missions he had gone through over the years as a hero in the light of war that was about to explode he was one of the most inexperienced ones. For the last month Nighthunter had listened both awake and sleeping the ring as it told in a great resume the story of the Green Lantern corps, the great legacy that they had carried through millions of years and the great feats that some of the greatest ones had done over the course of the years, not only that but he had also used this to study and learn various strategies used by the veterans in order to use their ring at their highest capabilities by using it in ways never thought before.

The power of the power ring is only limited by the courage and the imagination of it's user, in some cases there had been wielders that had so much of those things that had even overcomed the limits of the rings, the green light of the emotional spectrum shined that night as much as the legacy that once carried it's light through all the universe, there are now only a few Green Lanterns left and the few that remain are mostly rookies, in the meantime new corps raised, each one representing a different color of the emotional spectrum and every single one of them with their own missions and ambissions.

"I wish I could be a Blue Lantern" confessed Nighthunter in the shadow even if no one there was going to listen to him. "I've always admired Andy, everyone knows that but secretly I've always have been a little bit jealous of him, I've always wished that I could be as heroic as Andy, I wish I could inspire the same courage and hope that he inspires to me and my teamates, to the complete superhero community and to the whole world. I've been a long time here and I haven't heard of things on Earth but I'm completely sure that wherever Andferne is, he has a blue ring on his hand and he is the one person that will end the war." after speaking to himself Nighthunter then went to sleep once again, the next morning he felt a great warm next to him and when he woke up he realized that his power battery once again functioned.


After that the Green Lantern uniform of Nighthunter returned and he took flight toward Earth sector 2814, he had a feeling that something big was about to happen on Earth and that for some reason he had to be there. As Nighthunter went towards the planet that saw him born he noticed the various stars, planets and other things that surroundered him, he waited for a few seconds and then realized that the universe was even bigger than he could ever imagine and then he couldn't stop to think of how small he and everyone on Earth really was, if he died he would be remembered on Earth but the cosmos would keep like if nothing happened.

"Sometimes it takes a big man to realize how small one really is" whispered Nighthunter quoting the movie 3:10 to yuma which he had saw a few years ago, then he once again was able to see the Earth but as he came closer he saw a very familiar face comming on the same direction, a face of a warrior that he once called teamate and leader, but that much had changed for both of them and even when Nighthunter had gained a power ring it couldn't compete to what the man in front of him had gained.

"Long time no see" spoke Nighthunter with a loud tone as soon as he put himself in front of the one man that had gained what was thought impossible, the complete control over the emotional spectrum.

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The month stranded on Oa without a ring had been a long one. The stress of his wife being in the homicidal clutches of some of the most despicable scum in the universe was getting to him. Every minute he was seperate from his girls without contact worried him more and more. To make things worse, without the rings active to translate the other languages of the variety of Lanterns, no one could understand anyone, making for a very lonely time, despite being on a planet so bustling with activity. The only creature Paragon could find there, was his prisoner.

The Sangheili Paragon had captured back at the mansion was still only showing minimal cooperation, despite having lost all it's remaining fingers. Everyday, Paragon made his way to the brig where the creature was being held, and attempted to squeeze as much information as he could from the monster. On occasion, several other lanterns would join him, just to watch some of the techniques Paragon would use, despite most not being able to understand a word either of them said. Several times, the Elite had broken free of it's restraints, and gave the hero a run for his money, being both stronger, and quicker than him, but luckily, other Lanterns had his back.

After what seemed like forever, one day, Paragon's ring finally came back online. Across the planet, the chants of the Green Lantern's oath could be heard as officers charged their rings to full power, save for one. Paragon was waiting, since he felt he could still pull more information from his P.O.W., and didn't need the Guardians overseeing his less than orthodox methods for extracting information. The walk down to the brig went quickly, as his footsteps eched down the hallway, to where the Sangheili was being held, which was different from other days. Usually, the beast would shout insults down the hallway, as he could hear Paragon approach. Instead, there was nothing but silence. He turned the corner to the cell, and found the Elite laying in a puddle of it's own blue blood, with the logo of the DC Corps eeriely drawn on the glass. "That son of a..." Paragon restrained his language, just as the ring in his pocket silently announced a message.

[Unknown presence approaching Sector 00]
[Extra-dimensional vortexes opening in Sector 00]
[Lantern 2261: Mogo, approaching Sector 00. Situation: Critical. Requesting backup]

Paragon quickly teleported outside and looked to the sky. He could see GLs fly off towards Mogo, who appeared to be slightly smaller than the earth's moon, due to his distance away, but Paragon could still see something wrong. Flashes of red and green would flash over the surface of the sentient planet, and he could almost swear he could hear the planet screaming in agony.

"Alright, Mogo. The Corps is coming to help you." thought Paragon, as he recharged his ring on his battery, and took off into the sky as fast as he could. As he approached the massive planet, something off in the distance caught his eye. A flash of yellow light. Paragon quickly turned his attention from Mogo, to the new quickly growing, and approaching threat.

"Attention, Lanterns: This is Lantern 2814.1. I need a squad to join me. We've got some yellow bogies approaching from sector 30. Repeat, need a squad at my position now for an interception, before this gets any worse." Off in the distance of space, Paragon could see a good thirty green streaks heading towards him for backup. His eyes narrowed, as he looked back toward the fast approaching members of the DC Corps. "If you've done anything to my wife, I swear to god, you bastards won't wish the hell I'm going to put you in upon anyone...."

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"Renegade Lantern is alive and well. His power over the rings will be cut short soon, so don't worry about your collected power," Upon hearing those words and seeing Warsman's own personal ring glowing brightly Hyperion began desperately trying to pry the extra rings off of his fingers, the burning sensation in the pit of his stomach, the one that indicated Hyperion was about overloading with more power than he could handle had returned. "I sense that New Oa will become a rallying point for our enemies. The Guardians have known of our presence for as long as our rings have existed. They will spare nothing to have us ended. If that is the case, then we must do the same." Warsman continued, apparently not noticing Hyperion's awkward desperation to remove the extra rings, which was slowly becoming more and more impossible by the second.

"I want you to lead the assault on New Oa alongside my son Marcus Specter. You will attack as soon as the Green Lantern veterans order their grunts to keep in line from the sight of their fledgling big brother. They will expect us to crash Mogo into New Oa. I want you to pay attention to this part, Lieutenant." Hyperion stopped fidgeting with his Rings after hearing Warsman confirm his advancement in rank and as a result dropped his jaw in astonishment, which he quickly closed shut as he straightened himself out.

"Mogo will detonate precisely fifty minutes into the fighting. Take whatever numbers you can and push yourselves onto the surface. Kill for shelter. Wait until after Mogo dies and then my descent. From there, you are under my command again. Understood?" Warsman said, his eyes demanding a quick, immediate and respectful response.

Hyperion saluted the Czar without any hesitation and after pushing past the pain in his stomach managed to say. "Y-Yes sir!!"


Hyperion and Warsman froze and immediately turned their attention to Mogo as a thunderbolt struck the surface and the rain slowly came to a halt. Red grass began to lapping up all the water, turning it all into a planet-wide cloud of incredibly hot steam. Hyperion turned his focus away from Mogo for a second as New Oa came into sight.

"What was that?" Warsman asked, though Hyperion was not sure if the question was directed at him he replied to the inquiry anyways.

"I...I think it was...COUGH!...Mogo...COUGH!" Hyperion's eyes went wide as he found the burning sensation was getting worse. After trying to shake the feeling off, Hyperion followed Warsman to the surface and upon landing was immediately wrapped up in a series of crimson-hued vines. Hyperion struggled around wildly but once the vines came to recognize the color of his rings they let him loose and promptly dropped him onto the ground with a loud thud.

"Sir...YES SIR!!!"

"Hey! COUGH! Wait a second! I need...COUGH!...your help getting nine of these...COUGH! COUGH!...damn things off! The extra power is burning me...COUGH!...alive from the...COUGH!...inside out! I can't...COUGH!...take the pain anymore! For the love of God...COUGH!...get them off!" Hyperion pleaded as the burning sensation suddenly spread throughout his entire body. The vines slowly rose back to the surface, wrapped themselves tightly around his fingers and began to pull at the nine extra rings as hard as possible. When they finally came loose, Hyperion went flying directly over Warsman's head and crashed into a nearby tree.

Hyperion shook his head, cracked his neck and then looked at his fingers to see that now there was only one Red Lantern Power Ring on his right middle finger, which of course was the one that had been given to him originally...and nine ring-shaped burn marks on the rest. Hyperion sighed in relief as he returned to a more stable level of power, he then looked up as the nine rings ascended into the heavens, obviously going off to find new recruits. As for Hyperion himself he rounded up as many Red Lanterns as possible as well as Warsman's son Marcus and took to the Heavens. New Oa could be seen shining brightly like an emerald star in the black, lifeless void of space. An emerald star that would soon be consumed by Celestial Hellfire.

But as Hyperion and his forces got closer and closer they caught sight of bright glowing streaks of green and yellow lights heading towards one another. Apparently the DC Corps had also decided to pick today to attack New Oa as well and hovering on the front lines to meet them was none other than the Green Lantern known as Paragon, whose wife and children had been supposedly kidnapped by DC himself. Hyperion grinned widely and along with Marcus ordered his massive army of Red Lanterns to start moving faster. Minutes later Hyperion, Marcus and The Red Lanterns descended upon New Oa and began launching their devastating assault against both The Green Lantern Corps...and a small number of DC Lantern Corpsmen.

"Green Lanterns. DC Corpsmen. It doesn't matter whose team you are playing on...you're all going to die at the hands of The Red Lantern Corps anyways! HAIL WARSMAN!" Hyperion roared as he descended upon Paragon. He then swung his right fist at Paragon, hoping that if the hit landed correctly he would fracture Paragon's jaw and would take him out of the equation as fast as possible, giving The Red Lantern Corps more of an advantage out on the battlefield. Meanwhile, in the distance...Mogo could be seen approaching New Oa at incredible speeds. It would now only be a matter of minutes before the total annihilation of The Green Lantern Corps would become a reality.
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Time passes slow for an entity that never truly existed. Always pondering the face to existence and understanding. For an entity with such power to never unlock it is a shame. Yet for an entity to have great power and never use it is a curse in itself. But what if that entity which was once so feared in its own real goes to another? What if it breaks its own mold and gains something so alien to what it bevies in. And how would it cope with this knew thing it had acquired. What if it experienced individuality for the first time? How should it cope how would it come. What if that being is not truly evil just mislead down the wrong path. How should it regain its right to be called good? What if that entity understands love for the firs time? What would happen if it embraced it. The individuality the hope the being your own person and the love all at once. Some say there is no hope in for those who are evil that evil will always loose. But I’m here to prove those some that they are wrong
She drifted among the comic strands of this new galaxy that she had found herself in. Her Black eyes gazing at any thing that moved. Though space seemed a bit under her league she embraced the non gradation pull it had on her. Though her understanding of this universe was limited she had been to countless other. Destroyed many more and killed thousands. Living among the body of Talon was pleasurable. When she would go on her killing sprees then X23 could be unleashed and do what she does best. A weapon merged with a Weapon sad thing for both.  X23 had remained locked up inside this girl Talon. For she had been with this girl for thirty-five years . Thirty five painful agonizing years for the both of them. Yes Talon had lived that long. Did you think the mind of a 16 year old was so complex did you honestly think that Talon had become so dark so evil over a time span of 16 years . Oh no it was much longer than that.

X23 watched the countless body’s float around her. She had encountered a slight problem on her way back to her fellow Red Lanterns. It was a simple issue that she soon handled for they could not imagine the ultimate power that she wielded. Even before the Red Lanterns X23 was strong she was a weapon she was a monster.  She killed for pleasure se was the darker side that Talon could offer in any battle. But she would always be locked away. In a cage watching Talon the girl who she word to protect enjoy her life live a life while she remained locked inside only watching. And it angered her much. She had forgotten why she agreed why she wanted to stay with the brat. Yes Talon had gone through great pain but what about her. What about X23 had Talon so easily forgotten her turn origin was it locked up with that guardian Isaac. For he of all people she have told the truth to this girl yet he conceals it from her and leaves her to bevies she can be normal when truly she it not.

She might have been a Red Lantern but she had sanity and a meaning for what she had done. Though some of the Lanterns were raging animals not her. She had control over the power both of the Shadow and the Red Lantern and with this power controlled she could easily take out any Lantern she came across with. X23 resembled Talon in may ways they were sister were they not? She had long black hair and if she wanted to emerald eyes but she always enjoyed black. Part of her right arm seemed like the hand of a dragon or beast. But that was where her power was formed. In the separation of Talon though Talon still posses Gemini X23 made sure to get something from her: The Shadow. And like Gemini it was a mystical weapon with a much darker purpose especially for her.

She could hear that bumbling fool Hyperion one of Talons nemeses speaking to her leader Warsman. She respected authority but Hyperion….he was an interesting being.  Yet and bumbling fool at the least. The rings had been reactive because of the Renegade Lantern and so it would remain until the war was over yet she sill heard his words. “Hu” “What a fool indeed”

"Warsman...why am I the ONLY Red Lantern here whose Power Rings still work? And yes, I took nine more Rings for myself, it may seem a little selfish but their wielders were dead. Bite me. Sorry...anyways...what the $%^# is going on?! All of The Green Lanterns as well as our fellow Red Lanterns are dead and powerless and Mogo...well damn, you did quite a number on him. Good job Boss, but I'm getting sidetracked. What is going on? Why are they still working? Not that I'm complaining of course, I love being powerful, it makes me feel special. But...I mean, your Ring is the Prime Red Lantern Power Ring. The one that allows all the other Rings to function! And it's not on! You don't think it's me is it? Have I become a living Power Battery or something? Because I am telling you right now...I am not going to be The New Central Power Battery for The Red Lantern Corps once we get it back up and running...if we get The Red Lantern Corps back up and running that is."

Yes authority and respect did not belong to this man. Hell it belonged to non of them. Though she had not interacted with any of the Red Lanterns she knew Warsman his mind it was an interesting place. He had a vision like all good leaders and he had a will and great power. “Now let’s see how long he can survive” she whispered. These Lanterns were animal containing no restrained not even sanity though she could see that Warsman contained enough to make her feel combatable. Yet Hyperion could at least speak. In annoyance she had killed a few of her own. They were annoying little animals so she took the liberty to shut them up. She smiled slightly and looked at the blood on her hands. Yes she enjoyed the red color that filled her hands she hungered for it. Turning her eyes to Warsman and Hyperion she could hear her leaders reply.

 "Renegade Lantern is alive and well. His power over the rings will be cut short soon, so don't worry about your collected power.”
“Yes worry only about the battle at hand fro that shall be every ones down fall.” She said again to herself. X23 had a way of talking in riddles never fully able to be understood yet would always have a double meaning in her words.

 "I sense that New Oa will become a rallying point for our enemies. The Guardians have known of our presence for as long as our rings have existed. They will spare nothing to have us ended. If that is the case, then we must do the same. I want you to lead the assault on New Oa alongside my son Marcus Specter. You will attack as soon as the Green Lantern veterans order their grunts to keep in line from the sight of their fledging big brother. They will expect us to crash Mogo into New Oa. I want you to pay attention to this part, lieutenant," She snickered “Him he will lead us all to ruin if not carful Warsman” she whispered. Though no one could hear her words she still spoke them. Hyperion for Lieutenant she would not be lead by him. Yet he did exhibit areas of pleasurable features though she knew him well enough and this was something that her and Talon both agreed on. "Mogo will detonate precisely fifty minutes into the fighting. Take whatever numbers you can and push yourselves onto the surface. Kill for shelter. Wait until after Mogo dies and then my descent. From there, you are under my command again. Understood?" “Yes sirrrrr” she growled and flew off before Hyperion could catch a glimpse of her.

Her black hair blew behind her as her dragon like hand remained in front of her. She then felt an odd sensation but pushed it aside there was another battle to be fought and she would be there to fight it.  She then got to the planet but remained on the outside not touching the ground. Any way space was a place the enjoyed. She could soon see Hyperion and Warsman approach the planet and enter the atmosphere. “Bumbling Idiots” she whispered and followed from behind.  She then watched as it appeared that the green life was alive in an odd way “Day fo the trifed” she said as she saw Hyperion fall to the ground. Now that was amusing to say the least but then to watch him plea oh yes that was the best part.

 "Hey! COUGH! Wait a second! I need...COUGH!...your help getting nine of these...COUGH! COUGH!...damn things off! The extra power is burning me...COUGH!...alive from the...COUGH!...inside out! I can't...COUGH!...take the pain anymore! For the love of God...COUGH!...get them off!" And to make thing ever better once they were off her flew into a tree. She laughed quietly and smiled. “An amusing tactic Hyperion.” She said not letting him hear her. Yes this was a very eventful and amusing time. But X23 had found earth and this universe to do that a lot. She then watched as the new Lieutenant gathered new troop and lead them. But she remained out of the sight of these mortals.

Approaching New Oa she could see the brilliant jade light that it gave off. Such a shame it would soon be destroyed. "Green Lanterns. DC Corpsmen. It doesn't matter whose team you are playing on...you're all going to die at the hands of The Red Lantern Corps anyways! HAIL WARSMAN!" ‘”yes hail fools”. She soon engaged in the bloody battle but remaining close to Hyperion watching the fool un-fool himself. She did not dare to show mercy. Only pain and hate. She killed all she came in contact with not even giving them the option of becoming a Red Lantern. But this was not her battle the True battle would be facing Talon and convincing her guardian  to merge with her. But why would Isaac listen to her for one reason the only reason for X23 was Isaac brother…..
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So much had changed on Mogo and in Nano himself he now stood a shining beckon of hope on a planet that was on a course for utter destruction. He looked at the bodies in front of them, these people where once innocent until the power of the red rings corrupted them the way they had Mogo. But Nano would not let another corps member die not like this. The leader of the Red Lanterns had under estimated him, thinking nothing to spare a moment to look for the former Green Lantern. That would be his own fatal mistake, Nano’s mind wondered as he sought out a place for his plan to work. Mogo had opened up and now left a path for the Red Lanterns to start their war, how much hope could one man bring an entire planet. No this was not the way to think, Nano pressed the ring against his chest and he knew what had to be done in order to save the world from the savagery of the red lanterns. It took him three hours to slip past the many red Lanterns that filled the air of Mogo and now he stood in a place that only a few Green Lanterns knew about the inner sanctum of Mogo himself. Biting down on his lip Nano entered the now red beating heart of the once gentle giant; the heat from his core was almost unbelievable if it was not for the protection of the blue ring he would be dead for sure.

 He walked until he could no more and stood at the persuasive of his own mortality, looking down he found what he was looking for the beating heart of the living planet. It was pushing harder then ever before as if powered by pure rage, this was no longer the Mogo he once knew and looked up to and now he wondered if the planet would ever be the same again. Unlike normal Lanterns Mogo’s ring was in fact around him, Nano had no other option then what he was thinking and this was not the time to hesitate. Walking to the edge he threw himself off and towards the heart of the mighty planet. Nano screamed against the roar of the beating heart.” IN FEARFUL DAY, IN RAGING NIGHT, WITH STRONG HEARTS OUR SOULS IGNITE, WHEN ALL SEEMS LOST IN THE WAR OF LIGHT LOOK TO THE STARS FOR HOPE BURNS BRIGHT.” As Nano hit the heart Mogo began once again to explode his heart rate began racing and where Nano once was now shone a bight blue light that entered Mogo’s heart.

A blue wavve exploded over the surface of Mogo, some of the red lanterns sensed it and fleed from the planets surface the others where caught up in a tidal wave of hope. The world once again began to change as hope entered the gentle giant, “Power ring now at twenty percent” Mogo’s tree began to take root and the lush green began to return “Power ring at seventy percent” His whole essence began to glow a bright white light as the Red Lanterns where stripped of their rage, Mogo closed the gap and his ring once again began to shine green but this time the planet was a bright blue and entering the minds of all those around him the gentle giant began to utter the words the galaxy had been waiting for “In fearful day and blackest night, none will escape my blinding light, Look to the stars for hope burns bright, when green and blue lanterns untie”  POWER RING AT TWO HUNDERED PERCENT. Mogo was reborn now controling the green and blue rings, he cleared his body of all red lanterns and stopped his course, Now was the time for hope to shine bright in the war of lights.

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Tiara the Kunoichi feeling accomplished after having brought back Denisus’ fighting spirit, she smiles happily. But celebration is quickly interrupted. Like lightning traveling through the surface of the ship’s deck, a neon blue glow spreads all over the ship as the vessel trembles like in a quake. The Kunoichi stands up and drawing her sword she asks what worries her “What going on?” Denisus looks around, then on the sky he notice several stars glowing with different colors. Denisus is also wondering the significance of this event. “Something troubles the ship. There must be something very wrong somewhere.” said the young Nexus warrior. Then from all surrounding a very deep hallowed voice is heard,

“Of this you are correct” said an omnipresent voice.

“Who said that?” asked with curiosity filling his voice the captain of the blue cloud.

 “ My name is not of importance. I am an astral force from the Nexus with a message from the emperor to the captain of the blue cloud. Forces of unimaginable power have been activated all over this star system. They hold within their grasp the legendary lantern power rings. These have been distributed and activated some time ago.” Denisus looks up to the sky curious and he replies. “So, what does that has to do with me? I mean, why now and not before?”

 The omnipresent voice then said back to the captain of the ship. “We were always vigilant from the Nexus. but the ones who call themselves guardians of the universe ask us not to intervene with their burden. We chose not to get involve and now the consequences are upon us.  Denisus, you have been chosen to step fort representing the Nexus against this threat. Been a master of the ancient art of Fantashia and wielder of  Sun Wukong's staff, we expect nothing less than victory. But beware, the rings of power are nothing to underestimate. Farewell, captain of the blue cloud.” The feeling of the astral presence vanishes as the vice fades away.  “For an Astral to had been sent to us just for a message this must be a big one Denisus.”  Denisus’ knees were shaking, he swallows hard before he said “I was just thinking the same, lassie” Tiara then walked over to Denisus and stopped right besides him and to fill him with courage and hope, she tell him. “But you know, a battle of this magnitude might attract U-Gen. You don’t want to let the mystic rider down, do you?” after those words a smile is draw on Denisus’ face as he looks at Tiara and replies, “He wont be, missy”

  Denisus then takes a few steps back and closing his eyes he raises his hand above as he shouts “Korinos I seek your guidance!” Right after those words right on the middle of the deck after an explosion of glitter magic clouds a tree just grows from the surface of the ship. The tree then opened right through the middle and a old man with a very big bearded emerges with droopy eyes. “Master Denisus. You called?” Denisus looking at the large old man he says “Korinos, we need guidance to what is upon us! What can you tell us?”  The old man sits below its large tree and shares its knowledge. “The power rings have corrupted many. Heroes and villains alike. Some have fully lost their goals and now their desire is only power while others are trying to fight it. Although you are powerful, you will need allies to face the potential threat that will oppose us.”  Denisus listens to the wise old sage and stepping fort he ask “Where can I find an alliance? I am willing to have company for the sake of the mission, and the earth.”  The Wise old man then stands to his feet. He walks pass the tree and walked over ahead of the ship, Denisus and Tiara fallowed him and watch as the magic emerged. From the hands of the wise wizard a burst of glitter makes a staff appear. With a swift thrust of the staff  a crystal on its very tip began sparkling and a trail of mist commanded by the staff set the trail of the voyage to the allies. The boat as is Denisus’ wish it changes course fallowing the trail of mist.

“Fallow the mist, it will take you to the allies.I’ve done my part, the best of luck to you, master Denisus” The wizard as Denisus and Tiara watch, he walks back into the three and it disappears into a mist as if it never happened. Denisus looks at the “breadcrumbs” as he awaits to find the alliance of the light.

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Darkchild watched as the corpsmen of the other two nearby factions of Warsman and the Green Lanterns approached. A smile etched on his face as Paragon was the first to appear he could see even at this distance that he had hatetred written all over his face. Darkchild snapping his fingers a fellow corpsman flew towards him "Find the one who has her, bring her to me intact that understood soldier?" The lantern nodded an flew away in a streak of yellow light against the blackness of space. Turning around Darkchild faced Mogo and with a  twisted smile he gazed towards Warsman "I know you can hear me, do not take this lightly Warsman. I never liked you or the people who decided to attach themselves to you. Especially the wannabe god, at the moment none of your men are at a great importance to use or kill. All I want right now is to rid myself of the approaching Green Lanterns. I will take Paragon on myself we have a little...business to settle so get your dog to pull back. He can have his fun with the boy if I allow Paragon to live not anytime sooner, so as I am asking politly I would advice your man to pull back."

Darkchild stands between his troops bringing his hand up he lets it fall pointing to the right an then with the other arm pointing to his left. The DC corps were now flying off "Troops....destroy all Green Lanterns. And if the red ones decide to act like morons....take them out as well." They all fly off in unison leaving Darkchild along with his liutenents, soon a lone Corpsman flew up to him handing Darkchild a limp body. A womans body, taking in a good sniff of the woman he sighs grabbing her by the back of the neck and holding her out in the direction that Paragon was coming "STOP!!" he screamed towards Paragon with a sinister smile on his face "Wouldnt want anything to happen to your lass now would you? All I want is you Paragon. I never liked you so I think its best we talk one on one before this all starts yes?" turning his head back towards his liutenents "Charon (takes a deep sigh) Go help protect the planet Mogo, show Wars that his defeat is not intended to happen...yet. The rest of you...make yourselves useful take them all out." Finally it was just Darkchild with Tempest in his grasp she gasped for air then with a smile Darkchild says " Oh yeah forgot you need air right?" and a thin coat of energy surrounds Temepst "This will keep you alive long enough to be of use."
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Darkchild. Somehow he was everywhere within Warsman's mind. Minutes ticked by and King Hyperion had left to battler the already bitter fight. Warsman inched his hand into the air and a beacon of red light blotted out all colors on Mogo for a moment, then everything was purple. Mogo was being healed through purification and love. Warsman floated into the void of space and watched as his plan crumbled around him. He held onto his wrist as Mogo passed him. He knew the one responsible. But how did he get so much power? He responded back to the Yellow Captain.

"My dogs are unleashed. They are your problem now."

Warsman cut the transmission short and opened a second one to his elites, to those sane enough to still have thoughts within their heads and open ears to listen with, ones not clogged with the screaming of death and the triumphs of war. Only the greatest of his Lanterns would survive. He needed quality over quantity at this point in time, when all other things failed.

"Mogo is out of the equation. New Oa's gravitational pull will ensure impact as will Mogo's. If not, then they will tear each other apart. My elites! The Yellow and Green Lanterns have formed an alliance against us, as do the Blue Lanterns. Mogo is now our enemy, one who burns our flesh with unholy fire,"

He kicked at nothing and soared into the rear of his army's formation, the sheer number of them too dense to make out his elites from, but he knew them to be at the front and where the fighting was already beginning.

"I brought you all here. Let me show you why I'm your leader."

Erupting out of the formation, Warsman's mouth overflowed with venomous red ooze, splashing across a Green Lantern's face and causing him to yell in sheer agony. Tearing off his arm at the wrist, biting at his ring, Warsman ripped ahead and impaled a second with the exposed bone. Cursing and screaming a bestial, foaming breath, the Red Lantern formed a ball around him and curled up as if in an over-sized womb. Spikes shot out, stabbing men and women in green along the face and torso, or just knocking them back with hot slaps of razor-sharp edges. Grunting, he pressed forward, slicing through dozens of Green Lanterns before slamming into the DC Corps' flank, tearing several to shreds on impact. Raising his arms and extending his legs in a violent motion, the blades of his shell shot into surrounding yellow-coats, killing or causing them to flee because of the pain. When exposed to a greater fear than they can comprehend, Yellow Lanterns are weak. That is why Darkchild commanded them so efficiently, because he never taught them about others with power like his. Gnawing at a yellow-coat's jugular vein, his last breaths a desperate cry for mercy, Warsman raised his jaw out of the flesh and spat on another, whose torso instantly burst into a cruel hissing sound.

A smile. He was enjoying this. He missed it. He lusted for it. The yellow-coats surrounded him and tried to outnumber him. Fists, blasts of heat vision able to carve holes into solid steel, and the gnashing of teeth were their rewards for such bravery. Cracked jaws, blood, and dismembered limbs scattered the center of the DC Corps' formation. They were distracted by him. They wanted to prove their worth to Darkchild. They wanted to die if he was not pleased. Warsman ensured their wish. He delivered their punishment for being weak.

Mogo, already shouting from the pain of his flesh being torn by war, implored peace and the fighting to stop. Red Lanterns too crazed to know better latched themselves onto pieces of rubble, biting them, only to be burned into a purified state --- nothing. Green and Yellow and Red corpses already littered the battlefield as grunts threw their lives away and captains held on bitterly to their purpose to lead and to uphold what boot camp had taught them. For many, this was their virgin fight, their first, and (for many), their last. Mogo screamed as the pain of gravitational differences choked him and New Oa, bringing untold tons of debris between the two and further littering the killing zone. The Yellow Captain should have heeded his warning that the Red Lanterns never die without taking someone with them.

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one mounth has passed since Matezoide gained his Indigo ring,he now could feel like the ring was actualy alive
"This is Cly. The lantern rings are now back online, which means that the others are most likely as well. Just like last time, something big is going to happen. We need to meet together, and make a plan for action. Cly out." yes Cly,i know that,mine have been on for 20 days
Cly,this is Matezoide,meet me at WAL's reunion room
He was at the training room of WAL,mastering his ring in everyway he possible could,Cly had already leave
SIMULATION:ACTIVE,SECURIT PROTOCOLS:OFF,said the cold voice of the computer,Matezoide never undestood why securit protocols are required,it is tought real fight you can real train,that is something he was taught since he only had 3 years.
Ok,ring,you ready? Yes,show me what you learned after one mounth the ring "said" in Matezoide's head,some would think he was mad,but he wasnt after all,it seens his natural use of weapowns enabled him to "talk" to his ring
suddenly 1000 ninjas appeared,all of then armed with powerfull katanas and shurikens things looks bad...to then  suddenly Matezoide's arms glowed in an indigo light and soon his arms were in a indigo light and assumed the shape of giant machine guns,Matezoide just pointed it to the ninjas and they started to shoot,in seconds 800 of then were dead,of course the others felt fear,but this wasnt real,just a simulation,simulations doesnt have fear,nor hope,and they all charged,Matezoide stood there and as the ninjas were getting closer,a explosion in the middle of then happened,once again it was Indigo,a Indigo bomb created by the ring resulted in that,Matezoide turned around
this power is incridible,i never tought such a power existed Well,now you can see how much power we have Matezoide didnt said anything,but smiled as he turned around and looked at the window i feel great power,power from rage,very powerfull,i promissed to the others i would not kill again,but...i feel i will have to in order to survive,everyday of my life,i wonder,will Nova,Cly and the others kill if...when need to?

Matezoide leaved the room and went to where he marked to meet Cly,as he leaved a Ninja was stalking him,but Matezoide pointed his finger back and a beam went tought the Ninja's hearth,the body and the others disapeared as Matezoide leaved the room


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Only the dead have seen the end of the War - Plato


The fire burned of hope and melted the flesh of the unholy, leaving them dead and behind and thrown like dogs into the fire of self loathing.  and even as Marcus Specter's words fell off his lips, he devised himself a plan but not just any plan, a plan to kill, a plan to reap revenge, a plan to have Nano's head on a platter.

That afore mentioned hero had successfully ruined the plans of the Red Lanterns but the son of the Czar wouldn't allow the Green Lantern to ruin his family, all he ever knew...his home. It took him years in a concentration camp, of adamantium bonded his bone..of death and of pain to finally have the pyschopathic incarnate of narcissism as a father...and he was'nt going to lose that.

A Rifle flew from his finger tips of boiling energy, the clip and the barrell formed and the scope fell into place and as it did so, a single fiery bullet pierced through the head of a weak Green Lantern absently floating in space without a care in the world. A smirk curled on the blood thirsty Red Lantern's face as  Blood splattered against the midnight sky and arranged itself in a celestial pattern and passed through the stars. Screams of Agony went out as yet another bullet fired off hitting into the crotch of passer-by Green Lantern but why were there so many? He was headed to there base..

"WARSMAN" He screamed with pangs of pain in his neck and throat as it erupted in a bestial roar into his ring,  "I am headed to New Oa's Power Battery. King Hyperion, follow me if you want to live to see the drums of war beat once again."

A battle had brewed, like a storm in a tea cup we watched it happen...and we would watch it end.

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She could see the plan unfolding in its right and manner. It was a good plan bu tall good plans have cracks in them. Even the ones that you least suspect. This was one of them. Ther battle had soon began many fell. The Red, Green and Yellow Lanterns all seemed at each other’s throats tearing at them especially the Red. Like ravaging beasts they took any and all opportunities to bring downfall to the other teams.  She watched in intrigue as it all unfolded. Though no one might of thought of after the war. For each action shall bear a consequence some great and some greater. Though their minds were consumed by war though the Green and Blue Lanterns were interesting to her. They fought to win for they knew what would happen if they did not.

X23 felt like getting involved like fighting someone or thing. Though she did not know how these things works. Was she to ask or just leap in with what do these humans say ”Guns a Blazing”. It was an interesting thought though she scenes that the change in the battle was immanent. Waksman’s plan was to good to perfect and that would be its downfall. Though she doubts that he would even have thought that far. Pride was something that all these villains had in great quantities. Her black locks floated aimlessly in the non gravitational plain know as space. Though bodies also did the same. Countless dead corpses.

She study them carefully. Some had no eyes others their mussel was leaking out of their thighs. Yellow puss surrounded some of the wounds. The hand and arms were stretched out and floating. If some one was from afar they would possibly mistake this for a doll. Their eyes stared blankly out at the nothingness that seemed to consume their body. Blood leaked out of their mouths that had remained open for the last cry of pain. Some of the dead were elderly yet some were younger. Boys she could call them. But all dead every last one of them. Space had become a grave yard that welcomed the dead and the lost.

Her black eyes stared at the flashes of light that was coming from New Oa. It was interesting to see the rebirth of the planed Mogo. She watched as its surface was consumed with a bright light. That from which was the hero Nano doing. A great act that was and for him to do it alone was even better. A valiant man he was to commit such an act and to change the tide of battle so quickly. She then turned her sights to Darkchild. Interesting not a fool yet close. But did she not call all villains fools and was that not a compliment. He was as interesting person bearing the bearing the ring of fear and leader of the hosts. He had already picked out some one to face for no doubt the Green Lantern Paragon would not be facing him unless he had something he wanted.

Yes Paragon a hero a strong Green Lantern the world desired more of these. Though some fought for the rush of battle others for the purpose and the future and other things. She sighed reluctantly and looked at hr hand with a devilish smile. “You bear a ring and you bear a responsibility do you not” she said to herself. The dawn of war had broken yet there were some that were soon to arrive some that in time would die just like the others. She could see a being know as The Drifter also a Red Lantern it appeared as if he had a plan. “Oh good more fools to lead us to destruction.” Yet she knew what he said and would intervene and speak to a mortal only for a moment. "I am headed to New Oa's Power Battery. King Hyperion, follow me if you want to live to see the drums of war beat once again." So with speed she flew down toward them both doing her best not to bother and look at Hyperion she asked the one known as the Drifter before he jetted off. “May I inquire if I may embark with you on this expedition of endeavoring to regain the tied of battle to our favor?”

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"Mogo is out of the equation. New Oa's gravitational pull will ensure impact as will Mogo's. If not, they will tear each other apart. My elites! The Yellow and Green Lanterns have formed an alliance against us, as do the Blue Lanterns. Mogo is now our enemy, one who burns our flesh with unholy fire," As Warsman's message was broadcasted directly into his mind via his Power Ring, Hyperion, whilst in mid-swing, stopped himself from hitting Paragon.

Hyperion turned and looked towards Mogo, Warsman was right. Mogo had changed in color from Red to Purple and to make things worse several of The Red Lanterns under his and Marcus' command had been transformed into Blue Lanterns, while other Red Lanterns had simply run away in fear. But Hyperion wasn't like them. He obviously hadn't been affected by The Blue Lantern transfiguration and he was not affected by the fear that had sent several other Red Lanterns running out into the black starry abyss that was the Universe. There had to be a way to defeat these Green, Yellow and Blue-coated bastards all at once...no one was invincible...not even Hyperion himself was invincible.

Suddenly a large number of Green Lanterns dog-piled on top of Hyperion and took him to a place where they would not accidentally harm their fellow Green Lantern Paragon while they desperately fought to bring him down once and for all using any tactic they could come up with that could be used to their advantage. They knew what Hyperion had been doing to various groups of Green Lanterns over the past few weeks and a lot of them had either been friends or family members to these Lanterns. But just like the Lanterns they were trying to avenge Hyperion began blasting his way through them all by continually switching between using his Heat Vision and "Liquid Fire" Plasma Vomit powers.

When most of the Lanterns were dead Hyperion tried catching his breath only to find himself coming under attack from DC Corpsmen now. Interestingly enough, he had known one of these particular members of The DC Corps who were attacking him for literally a century and a half: Kryb. Hyperion hated Kryb and thus made her the primary target. Hyperion focused all of his attention directly on Kryb since she was the most powerful member of this small group of DC Corpsmen and began vomiting a massive stream of Liquid Fire from his mouth.

Kryb and all of her infant prisoners cried out in agony as they were set ablaze by Hyperion's relentless attack, with Kryb now distracted Hyperion leaped on top of her and using an energy construct in the shape of a spiked dog leash...with the spikes inverted. Hyperion then began to pull on the leash as hard as he possibly could while Kryb thrashed around, desperate to get Hyperion off her back. "Submit, you childnapping whore! You cannot resist the power of The Red Lantern Corps! Not even the combined might of The Green, Blue and Yellow Lanterns can resist us let alone stop us from acheiving our goals! Face it...this is a Red Lantern's world and you are just living in it!"


Kryb's muscles became locked in spasm for a second following the snapping of her neck and then like that she was dead. The other DC Corpsmen, astonished by what Hyperion had achieved, fled in fear. For the first time in his long existence, Hyperion felt...good. Really good, the hunger for more power which gnawed at him for so long had been literally burned out of his system and in turn gave him true focus and clarity of the mind. He could now do whatever anyone needed him to do without his lust for greater power distracting him all the time and sending him off on wild tangents. Using this newfound focus and clarity to his advantage, Hyperion channeled all of his rage through his Power Ring...the only Power Ring he ever needed...and blew a wave of incoming Green Lanterns to Kingdom Come.

It was then that Hyperion noticed that Marcus Spectre was tearing his way through a couple of Green Lanterns in an attempt to reach him. "I am headed to New Oa's Power Battery. King Hyperion, follow me if you want to live to see the drums of war beat once again." Marcus said as he blew a Green Lantern's crotch off. Responding with only a nod of his head, Hyperion rushed over to Marcus' side and stayed close by in order to deflect the attacks of incoming Green Lantern assailants as they began making their way to New Oa's Central Power Battery. It was then that a Red Lantern whom Hyperion swore looked exactly like his nemesis, Talon of The Wolf Pack, appeared before them and blocked their path.

"May I inquire if I might embark with you on this expedition of endeavoring to turn the tide of battle back in our favor?” The Talon look-alike asked, keeping all her focus on Marcus and absolutely none of it on Hyperion himself. That act alone set off Hyperion's radar, there was something not quite right about all of this, alas it was Marcus' decision as to whether or not "Talon" could come along and so Hyperion said nothing and turned his attention towards a Green Lantern assailant, whose head he blew off before she had even had a chance to get a hit in.
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One hour ago

Precise was gazing at the stars above him, surrounded by his fellow lanterns and his leader, Darkchild. A man that could not only create fear, but demand it. All were waiting for that time the rings would be switched back on, yet Precise had other things on his mind while his mind was finally clear from the influence of the ring. He had performed gruesome acts in his life, but every one of them was to serve a higher purpose to bring control into the world. He instilled fear, but with it came order. This was something that wasn’t happening now.. pure utter mindless destruction was before him. And he wasn’t sure if that was a path he wanted to take. His fingers grasped the yellow ring and twisted it around his finger in a circular motion while these thoughts were crossing his mind. Every moment his mind became clearer, the less he wanted to deal with this whole war.. Just when he made his decision the rings were turned on, a bright light surrounded his body. The decision had been made for him, his mind was clouded once more with thoughts of destruction and fear by that little rings influence, how such a little metal object could bring so much chaos and confusion with it he could never begin to understand.

He turned around and faced DC with a sinister grin on his face. Merely illuminated by the yellow light in the darkness of the eerie night. ‘It’s time to play god..’ Were the last words he uttered before blasting off in a yellow blaze into the night followed by his comrades.

Current time

‘Fools.. all of them..’ This single thought crossed his mind as he watched the mindless slaughter of various lanterns alike. Yellow, Red, Blue, Green… it didn’t matter. All of them thinking so small.. There are more ways that involved winning a battle then simple and mindless slaughter. Darkchild knew this, he instilled fear, He went for the leaders to break their will.

And to instil fear? Well, the former assassin had ways of his own for that, quickly commanding a few yellow lanterns to follow him, Precise left the battlefield behind him as the streaks of yellow, green and red stripes in the night became smaller every second. That was until he reached a planet, a dead planet, no life on it, seemingly useless. But it was accompanied by a asteroid belt. Even though he was in space and his mind was clouded, Precise never forgot his main power was his control over earth.. he would not be dependent on a simple object like a power ring. His cunningness was his true power. The ring only magnified his potential. With his arms held wide to each side a blinding light emanated from his body as several of the asteroids began to move in his direction.. at first just five.. then 10.. then dozens.. The stone comets gathered around Precise as he instructed his fellow lanterns to do the same. Only they used other methods of rounding them up, constructs of yellow nets, cables filled with the floating boulders. All dragged behind them as they made their way back to the battlefield..

“Lanterns! Now is the time to instil true fear!’ He shouted at the yellow lanterns with a strong firm voice as he made his way closer to the battlefield. Hundreds of asteroids dragged behind him. The shouting of battle cries and death wishes drowned out the screaming of pain as he drew in closer to the battle. While lining the asteroids up perfectly for the mayhem they were about to cause.

“Unleash hell!!”
The cyborg shouted, just seconds after the command was given the asteroids were slung towards the battlefield crushing red.. blue… green, even some yellow lanterns. But casualties were a given in any war.. At least this would break the willpower of some of the less experienced green lanterns. Hope would lost by the blue lanterns. And the red? The red would be fuelled by their rage and starting to be more and more careless, eventually leading to their downfall.
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“Darkness oh how you call to me. The light fades into the blackness of shadows and only you and I remain. You engulf me like a warm lover until we are intertwined as one. Darkness time and again I call to you and you answer, my soul longs for you. I shall take your hand in mine and stretch out across the face of the Earth and beyond once more.”  

He walked with his hands out stretched in a familiar place. As his fingers brushed the leaves and peddles of the plants he passed through, they shivered and turned the color of coal. The smells of this place brought back memories, some he cherished and some he wished he could forget. The big white house stood in front of him quit and alone, only the sound of the crickets of the night and a slight breeze against the leaves on the ground told him that it wasn’t a photo. The little gate creaked as he passed through it, just like he knew it would, and the rope swing rocked back and forth below a large oak. He could still hear the laughter of a little girl that he’d pushed on this swing only a few short months ago. This was the happiest time of his life.   

Life The word fell from his lips like red wine, sweet with taste. His life was no more, he had given it up freely and he would not take back that sacrifices. He made his way up the three steps of the porch and put his hand on the door. The handle melted away at this touch leaving the door to swing freely. He roamed through the house slowly, looking at the faces in the pictures on the wall. Going from room to room he moved quietly without any need for light. He pushed open quietly a door that led into a little room with camo print and G.I. Joes on the ground. The little boy lay sleeping in peace making a slight snore as he dreamed. He pulled the blanket over the boy’s shoulder covering him up more. The boy didn’t even stir under his gentle touch. Slowly he made his way to the next room, the pink and purple made his heart jump as he did the same thing to the little girl in her crib, covering her up from the cold.

The last room, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he walked in. The smell of jasmine and lilac filled the air like a summer breeze. She lay on the bed, the sheet barely covering her and once again he lust to have her. He could feel the old desires of his body more and more when he was near her, because she was its only desire. The bed was empty next to her, oh how he wanted to lay there for only a moment. He would give another life just to be with her. With his dark hand he pushed away her hair revealing her red lips and he kissed her ever so gently. She tossed and pulled the blankets over her and a rush came over him.

A blue ring sat on her finger, shining in the night. He stepped back out of shock and looked down at his own ring shining blackness out into the light. Then all of the memories came rushing back again.

Sweat dripping down his face, his back aching, and final sweet rest.

No more. There would be no more rest! The dead would rise and walk the Earth and beyond once again.

He scooped up the woman of his dreams and she laughed as she woke, kissing him fully with passion. Her eyes opened as she held his face in her hands, she saw only the face of her husband, until he opened his eyes. The black glow escaped them like smoke from a fire. Shock filled her quickly as she saw the face of death. A single tear fell from her eye as she thought about the fate of her children.

Do not cry my love. But before he could finish his thought, her dark brown eyes turned ice blue. He stepped back into a corner of the room and could see the attack coming fast. He lowered his head as he faded into the shadows. He knew that would be the last he saw of her. With that he was gone.

Stepping out of the shadow of a great mountain, dust rose from his feet as he walked to meet his troops. Thousands upon thousands of warrior stood in long black robes waiting for his command.

We will snuff out the light of all worlds’ and only darkness and death will remain! It is now time for war!

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As he flew off, Slight’s mind raced, and raced against his better judgment. Something was pulling him back, telling him not to go to this far off place. Telling him that it was the wrong place to go. He stopped, and hovered in mid air. The ocean sat calmly below him. It looked so pristine, so pure, ethereal. It was calling him, the entirety of it yelled out for it’s master. He could not deny its voice. Was that what was pulling him back? Either way it didn’t matter.

Slight delved into the water, going deeper, and deeper and deeper until there was nothing but black coldness. The sun’s light did not bless this depth with warms or light. The creatures that lived in the part of the ocean made their own light. They did what they must to survive the harsh nature. In his place suspended by his own mastery of the element, he saw the animals that lived in this depth. Their strange shapes, and colors all of them holding one thing in common. Well more than one, but one that stood out to the confused Slight. They all cared less about the other animal that swam next to it.

Disgusting. Such lack of empathy for their fellow neighbor. And then it hit him. “He’d displayed the same characteristic in this time. Over the last three months Slight had been through every emotion possible. Anger, joy, sorrow, and bliss. Each emotion was met with the bitter realization that he’d lost everything. Rage coursed through every pore in his body as he thought. Still within the oceans holds, the Oracle Force emerged. He shot out of the water at blinding speeds. The water’s surface opened up like the parting of the great . He flew off into space watching the Earth grow smaller as he went on. His destination was unknown, but it didn’t matter because he was now under the control of the Oracle, brother of the .

He’d left the Earth to be taken. Without so much as a goodbye, he left, and he didn’t feel on ounce of remorse. As he watched the planet, there were colors. Amazing, and brilliant. At first he thought might have been aurora borealis, but these were streams. There was red, green, yellow. Most of the colors of the rainbow. Then it hit him. There were more being like the yellow one, and they were all headed in the same direction. Slight followed, leaving a trail of ice blue energy behind him. Faster and faster he went until he caught up to the scene of what could only be described as holocaustic. There was a massive storm, and death in between. Red and green lights shone brightly and went out.

His eyes widened, seeing the utter disregard for life, almost made him vomit. Is this what the universe had to offer? Bloodshed? In the midst of the raging battle which Slight wanted none of, one of the red lanters mentioned the name of the place he was in. Mogo a beings that was obviously of importance; but not to Slight. He was focused in on one being. The one that held the yellow glow. Then the red one shot forward demolishing green and yellow suits, furthering the destruction. This Mogo character was leader of the Green suits. It was until he took a closer look at one of the dead bodies that saw that it was wearing a ring. It glowed with the same color as its suit. “So they get their power from a ring. How pathetic.”

By now the Yellows had lead another reign of destruction down. They had many warriors, each of them did. Slight was alone, and knew he had no hope of even getting close to he target, unless he allied himself with some other force with numbers as great as their. He felt a presence coming. It wasn’t a threat, but he knew that it was going enter into the battle that was at hand.

Friendless, he sprawled his options out. He could either face his enemies and probably be ambushed by all the other ring bearers. Or he could wait until this force showed up, and he would aid them in the fight that had already cost the lives of many.

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The stars were streaming by him like streaks if light as he flew with light speed. His destination was calling to him, with the rings power he could feel the suffering of all those dieing and losing in hope. He could feel one of his fellow Blue Lanterns losing his light, his life hanging in the balance between this way. Then there was another presence, someone had created another Blue Lantern, and this one held immeasurable power. Andy could tell he was now a Composite Lantern, a blending of Green and Blue. But who would be holding such a power?

The answer was clear as he slowed his speed. Just before him was the magnificent planet known a Mogo. The Light bearers Composite Lantern. But something was not right, within his luminous glow he could feel the dieing light of his fellow Blue Lantern. To make it worse Mogo now seemed to be on a crash coarse with New Oa, the gravitational pull being too great for him alone to maneuver against. Gripping his shield in one hand and the mighty hammer in the other Andy soared on, going straight for the Core of Mogo. Using his own Blue Rings power he searched for his fallen comrade and within moments he saw the limp body of Nano. Rushing to his side Andy slung the shield around his back and tried to use his ring to replenish the lost energy of Nano's. Trying to awaken to dampening light that was his power ring, an effort to give him hope once more.

He could see that his wounds were dire, something drastic was needed if he was to save his life. Then, that was when he heard the soft whisper of his friend LstPaladin. "Use Mjoilnir my brother, the hammer holds the power to heal him". The voice then vanished and Andy's eyes were locked on the mighty mallet. Gripping it now in both hands he pointed it towards Nano and shouted "HEAL!". A bright light flashed throughout the inner core of Mogo and engulfed everything in its midst. When the light had subsided every wounds that his old friend had suffered was gone, there was now a pulsing power from his ring as well. The lights flicker was alive once more.

"Nano, Mogo, our work is not done just yet here. If we do not stop your current path then countless more lives will be lost. I for one will not stand for that. Fight with me, lend me your power and let us show them why our Light Burns truer, why we were destined to Save Lives!" Wielding all the power that was in him Andy focused it all on the impressive hammer. He could feel the belt of strength, his own ring helping to power it. But there was more, slowly he felt more power surging into his ring and powering it even more. First was Nano, pooling his own power from the Ring with Andy's and then next was Mogo. The massive planet lending all of it's power Andy, letting his Will be enforced. A scream filled Andy's lungs as he finally unleashed all that was stored inside of him. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" With this scream a bright wave of blue energy blasted out from Mogo's core. The lights edge reaching all the way to New Oa itself. Red Lanterns began to scream in pain as their bodies started to fight against the virus of their rings. Some would die from the cleansing, those who had wielded that power for too long. Others would be returned to normal and float there unconscious. While the chosen few would have their devilish Red rings transformed into Blues or Greens, fitting more of what their real life was now like.

But the surge of power did not end there, as the blazing blue light faded away there was no sign of Mogo in his last known location. During the spectacle that was the Light Show Andy had focused his powers on the hammer. Tapping into its impressive teleportation abilities. With the combined strength of all he was with Nano and Mogo he was able to transport the entire planet Safely outside of the gravitational pull. Exhausted Andy felt the fatigue wash over his body from the procedure. New Oa was once against safe from a disaster like never seen. Countless lives had been saved and now it was time to End this war! "Mogo, release the troops. Nano, lead the way. I need a moment to gather my resolve". With those words and gigantic opening appeared in Mogo's surface. Flying out from the living planet were dozens upon dozens of newly created Green and Blue Lanterns. Various plant life had been given temporary life to fight in the War of Light. The rallying point had arrived.

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30 Minutes Ago - Throughout his life many different feelings have emerged. Those include: Compassion, hatred, fear, hope, will power, greed, and most notably dealing with death.  Yet, when each one had it's time to manifest within the heart of Closure, not one had the ability to consume his soul and change his personality.  Today seems to be differential from any other day, for when Closure looks at the skies above he sees a stream of the elegant color..green and the everlasting beauty of blue.  It was not every that Closure could in actuality sit down and looks at the majestic world he called home.  The blue eyes of the man seemed like a never ending ocean as he looked at the water below him.  Closure was at the beach, and with the grasp all the surroundings in the area he forgot the name of the beach he was currently residing in.  "How I wish I could be a symbol of hope....so that I may become a protector of this fine planet...if only...if only.."  With that said, for the first time in months an emotion filled the heart of Closure like faucet water being poured into a fish bowl.  "Though this may not ever happen, I man can always hope, so that one day God will grant his meaningful wish."  A woman standing nearly five feet of Closure stood in amazement as she heard the young man speaking to himself.  Without hesitation she began to power walk, due to laughter erupting from her mouth.  Not caring for the woman's opinion, Closure continued to look at the sky above and felt his heart warm as the cloud above shifted into a very unfamiliar sign.  "My hope has payed off due to being undoubted, and now I shall hopefully embrace the gift God has to offer."  Rising to his feet Closure spread his arms apart into an exact 180 degree angle.

 25 Minutes Ago - Out of enticement, Closure's amplifiers shifted to maximum capacity.  "What is this?"  The sound of his voice echoed as a gap in the ocean was formed, but only momentarily.  The intrigued man looked at the object in front of him.  It was a blue ring, it clearly resembled the eyes of Closure and seemed to be something out of a comic book or even a fairy tale.  The ring was indeed exquisite and foreign.  With curiosity the young man reached out to the ring.  The texture of the ring felt somehow normal for Closure, as warmth entered his heart once more...hope grew more like a tree sprouting due to the rain falling rapidly.  Using the ring finger, Closure slipped his finger into the ring's hole.  It was enticing as a brand new moment in his life had begun.  The dark times wandering in  the conscious, that Closure suffered as a child, were washed away like a sponge cleaning dirty dishes.  The clothing of Closure began to go through metamorphism, for the became anew and blue.  Words that had never been spoken from the mouth of the young man were released.

"In Fearful Day, in Raging Night
With Strong Hearts Full Our Souls ignite
When All Seems Lost in the War of Light
Look to the Stars...
For Hope Burns Bright!"

Present -
The information was given, and Closure was finally given a chance to become a hero spreading hope across the universe.  The capability of breathing in space was amazing, as Closure zoomed past many stars.  No stamina was lost as air kept pumping throughout is body, and Closure was completely able to fly without worries.  Hope radiated from his body, and time seemed to fly by.  Yet, the was not acceptation for what Closure saw next.  Although, Closure quickly and enthusiastically accepted being a Blue Lantern and listened to what he had to do, he never thought of how it would affect him when the confrontation with possible trouble was made.  "Mogo, release the troops. Nano, lead the way. I need a moment to gather my resolve". With those words and gigantic opening appeared in Mogo's surface. Flying out from the living planet were dozens upon dozens of newly created Green and Blue Lanterns.  Thought began to ponder as Closure wondered if the man he heard was Andferne.  Looking at his surrounding area, Closure wanted to know what happened.  His soul began to ignite with hope of the best things to occur.  "Andy if that is you can you please tell me what is going on, I honestly accepted being a Blue lantern for a better life, but something bigger is happening, and I can feel it...."  Words from an unknown source began to speak.  “He may help you due to the color of your ring, but look deep within yourself Jonathan and the answer to your current question will be resolved." 
"The Light Wars?"

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Warsman's eyes flooded with frustration. His face contorted and his body grew limp, his hold on a yellow-coat corpse's throat easing until it floated away. In the place of his potential victory, disaster struck once more. He touched his face where he felt tears, but found blood. He struggled for breath, but found his skin tingling with heat. The liquid on his fingers burst into red steam. The yellow-coats surrounding him backed away from the spectacle. Behind the Czar, a towering skull lit up the battlefield, incinerating with the power of its mere presence. Its eyes flared with fire and from its canines, spike emerged. It yelled as the Red Lantern opened his mouth into a primal scream that covered the war zone with his sound.


His neck twisting to the sensation of a stab wound, Warsman turned around to see a young warrior, of no more then cadet-age, slowly retreating in horror of what he had agitated. Pointing a finger at the boy, the Czar's hand was encased in a gigantic gauntlet of light that made it seem as if he commanded a Goliath puppet. He smirked and red gushed out of his mouth, spilling through the formation and causing dozens to break and flee. Warsman couldn't tell how many other attacks were staged upon him as the cowards plunged blades into his back, attempting to draw his attention away from their young cohort. He didn't care. He swept the immense hand, outstretched and razor-sharp, along the circlet of yellow-coats surrounding him. If Blue Lanterns purified, then Red Lanterns burned. Warsman, usually calm and collected above the other Red Lanterns, became enraged beyond what he could control.

"I'm getting too old for this. Find Mogo,"

A yellow-coat's skull imploded on impact from the Czar's fist.

"Unable...too much...interference..."

"How disappointing. Just like everything else that has happened today."

A second was sliced in half, the two pieces incinerated by the madman's gaze.

His thought patterns were interrupted by his name being vocalized. Several red streaks and Hyperion, Marcus, and more were gone from the immediate battlefield. Warsman's lips narrowed into a disappointed scowl. His mind darted back to the event with Hyperion's grubby fingers each lined with a ring. The scowl flipped into a smile. He was just like Mogo was now. Instead of two foreign energies, the individual components of each of those rings he stole will fight for dominance, tearing his body apart. And with all that accumulated power...

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"May I inquire if I might embark with you on this expedition of endeavoring to turn the tide of battle back in our favor?”
"You are to stay behind, you are to follow under Hyperions orders who follows under my orders, You are also to stay out of my way" Marcus snarled coldly, pointing to the area of space behind King Hyperion as to where she was suppose to go. The simple fact was that as the son of Warsman, Drifter trusted..no one other than a select few and Talon wasn't one of them.  "Ring...give me info on New Oa's power battery"

"Status : Human. Name : Leodonias Drake. Code Name : Renegade Lantern"

"F#ck me" Drifter swore aloud into his ring, before turning to Talon and Hyperion with a smirk plastered on his face. "We have a new plan. Ring analyze King Hyperions current condition"

"Impact in three hours"

"Just as I thought. Warsman betrayed you...you're going to explode in three hours, approximately how long it'll take to get to New Oa. Meaning we fight like hell, rush through battle and get you to the Guardians..." He smiled sinisterly.

The words befell his lips as an axe flew from his finger tips, which sliced off the head of a charging Yellow Lantern, ripping the spinal cord and using the pointed tip of it to jab out the eye of another incoming yellow coat.

"Look" He said hurling the spine like a spear into the back of a DC corp's member which were closing in from all sides, "I know it's alittle stressful with you gonna die and all" He continued as he sent a roundhouse kick to the glass like jaw of another Yellow Corps member, hurling the de-animated corps towards the paralyzed body of Kryb, "But lets make the best of this okay? AND GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND FIGHT DAMNIT FIGHT" He finished composing a large shield and sword and hacking away through legions of the Sinestro's.


Three hours later...they approached New Oa

"Click Click Boom" Drifter smiled.

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Slight waited by the sidelines. Watching the battle of light expecting there to be no winners, he wondered why they fought so fiercely. Was it Mogo that  they fought over, that they killed each over? The presence that he felt kept growing increasingly stronger, notifying him that it was closer. He hoped he wouldn’t be noticed until the time he wanted to be, but as always things never work out they way they are planned, at least for him. One of the Red ring bearers approached Slight. “Why do you watch instead of fight? Why do you glow with the radiance of the blue lantern and try to stop me not? It matters not for the power of the Red Lantern shall crush you into dust.” The stranger lifted his arm. His finger glowed with a crimson light, and he shot blast of concussive energy at Slight. Normally this would have hurt him, bad, but he was not normal. At this time, he was enveloped in the immense power of the Oracle. Slight lifted his hand and stopped the blast from hitting him. “Monologging is never a good idea.” To his surprise, Slight sent out multiple waves of telekinetic energy. They radiated with an ice blue hue, and they took the shape of a great dragon. The mouth of the dragon opened up and engulfed the lantern. Slight clenched his hand crushing the creature. He whipped his arm, and the dragon responded by flinging the corpse into the distance of space.

Of in the distance, another blue light radiated. It was the presence he felt before. And he recognized this presence. At blinding speed he sped past Slight and left him there. Into the center of Mogo, he sped off. Bringing with him a new addition to his arsenal. It looked like a hammer, but why would he need a hammer when he had his shield? Right now it didn’t matter. Slight went on to follow him. On the way beams of light shot past him, and constructs of light were made and used to kill one another. As he grew closer to Mogo, he saw a gapping whole in its through its crust. A beam of blue light, enormous in its power shot from the crater. It was directed against the other planet that was threatening Mogo. Not entirely sure who or what caused the beam, but he had a pretty good idea.  After the beam did whatever it was supposed to do, a throng of blue and green lanterns paraded from the hidden fortress. Somehow they been able to regroup, or form more of themselves. The odds were now much in the favor of the blue and green ring bearers. It was a mixture of colors, sprawled across the black canvas of space. An amazing sight, but a gruesome one.

Slight crept closer being cautious not to be killed in the furious crossfire of war. He entered through where the seemed leader of the Blue Lanterns was. Sure enough he was there. It was Andferne, and he looked exhausted, possibly from the blast Slight suspected him to have created. “Andy, is that you?” He looked up. It was him. “I need to talk to you.” He started from nowhere “Three months ago, the leader of the Yellow Lanters destroy a bridge. I’m sure you know of who I speak of. Well, on that bridge was my entire family. For a little while I was consumed by hatred for this entity, and I killed hundreds of people, but I was not myself. But now I realize that what I have a choice, wallow in that hatred, or try to piece together the broken pieces of my life. I offer this to you, the power of the Oracle, brother to the , is at your disposal. Your reputation as a hero precedes you and will for generations to come. With the power you have to cleanse the imperfections and guilt, I ask that after what you would have me do is done, that you cleanse me from my past; if that is within you abilities? Do you accept my offer?”

Slight was able to put two and two together. From the immense blast from before, he saw how it turned the obviously evil red and yellow lanterns from what they were to the proud and wonderful colors of blue. It was a cleansing purifying light, one that Slight needed.

“You have the ability to make another one of those ring do you not? It is my thoughts that lead me to believe you would do this for me. And a grand offer it is indeed, but due to the power within that ring, and the power that is already with this body, I can not accept it, if you were going to offer to do so. I have learned this from past experience.”

Giving Andferne time to gather himself once more he began to talk again. “Was that you that released that magnificent blast? If so, you have more power than I had ever known you would have, how does it feel to command such strength, such destructive power? Yet you use it to help, not hinder. Your heart reads pure. A rare occurrence in humans.”

The Oracle was loquacious, he liked to meander. But his words were true. One would be hard put to find a heart with such pure intentions.  

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Nightwolf had been busy when the ring came back to him. He was in the middle of an important negotiation. By important he meant life-threatening and by negotiation he meant hostage situation. He was in the Congo, wrapping up some business there, his team off on there own separate missions. The issue was, he was working with people who could barely fight, let alone be trusted in a pressure situation. They had screwed up, turned a simple infiltration mission into a full blown hostage situation. Nightwolf was looking for an escape route, a way he could slip out unseen, not have any connection with this situation whatsoever. Suddenly he saw a blinding yellow light. "It's backkkkk" he said sarcastically, allowing the ring to slip onto his finger.

Nightwolf immediately felt a power grip over him. Along with it came an urge, one to create fear. So he used his ring to project a gigantic sword, with it he slaughtered all of the onlookers outside, and the men he had been working with, leaving only the hostages alive, with there mouths agape. "Remember this, one day it may happen to you" Nightwolf said and smiled, the hostages ran wild eyed scared for there lives.

Nightwolf then made a portal of yellow light. He stepped through it, and saw in front of him his master for the timebeing, Darkchild, a dispicable person who was a power mongerer, Nightwolf had experiance with him before, but he never had trusted the man. He was however powerful, and power was the only currency that really mattered to Nightwolf. "Master, the rings have been powered up again, I'[m ready to serve you." Nightwolf soon found out that the Corps was headed to Mogo, the Green Lantern planet. It was there that there reign of terror and destruction would begin. Nightwolf's eyes flashed yellow as he growled "It's time, lets do this!"

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"You are to stay behind, you are to follow under Hyperion's orders who follows under my orders, You are also to stay out of my way" Marcus snarled coldly at the Talon look-alike before turning his attention to his Power Ring. "Ring...give me info on New Oa's Power Battery."

"Status: Human. Name: Leonidas Drake. Codname: Renegade Lantern"
The Ring chirped back.

"F#ck me." Marcus cursed before turning his attention directly towards Hyperion with a large, sinister looking grin plastered over his hideous facial features. "We have a new plan. Ring analyze King Hyperion's current condition" Hyperion's eyes narrowed in suspicion as Marcus' Ring scanned him head to toe.

"Impact in Three Hours."  Hyperion's eyes turned bright red and began crackling with energy, Warsman had betrayed him...though it was not a surprising revelation, Warsman usually betrayed everyone under his command after realizing his plans for conquest or some other bull$#^* that once upon a time might have appealed to Hyperion but not anymore. World Conquest, obtaining Ultimate Power...none of it really mattered to him anymore.

"Just as I thought. Warsman has betrayed you...you're going to explode in three hours, which is approximately how long it'll take to get to New Oa. Meaning we fight like Hell, rush through battle and get you to the Guardians..." Marcus said dispassionately, with that same stupid grin plastered on his face.

Hyperion averted his eyes and said not a single word to his arrogant, overconfident, idiotic fool of a "Commanding Officer", he didn't even bother to warn Marcus about the approaching duo of DC Corpsmen, but it seemed that Marcus was already aware of their presence and dealt with them in a quick and violent matter. "Look, I know it's a little stressful with you dying and all. But let's make the best of this, okay? AND GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND FIGHT, DAMN IT, FIGHT!"

Hyperion watched as Marcus began hacking his way through a large group of DC Corpsmen using energy constructs shaped like sword and a shield but did not follow him. Not immediately anyways. Hyperion looked down at his hands and saw that the areas where the extra nine rings had made their burn marks were now glowing red...it was as if he never had taken them off yet he did not feel any surge in power. He was not anymore powerful than he had been for the past few hours. Not that it mattered. Hyperion continued to stare at his hands, not even aware that a female Green Lantern was headed directly for him. "I have been waiting for this day for a long time Hyperion. You murdered the man I loved. You murdered the Father of my unborn child. It is only natural that I return the favor." 

Hyperion glanced over at the female Lantern, who was Human, and saw that she was six months into what he could only assume was her first pregnancy. His burning red eyes narrowed and dimmed as they locked onto hers. "You are going to risk the life of the little girl growing inside of you just so you can try and kill me? Are you being hormonal or just plain stupid? Because really...I want to know."

The female Lantern looked at Hyperion, shocked while she placed one hand on her stomach. Apparently she didn't even know she was carrying a Girl. "H-How..." 

"It doesn't matter how I know, I just do. You are six months pregnant with a little girl whose life you have just placed in total jeopardy. But seeing as you are so dead set on killing me then why don't we just get this over with?" Hyperion snarled as he raised his Power Ring at her and fired a bolt of energy at her, which she easily deflected by creating an energy shield.

The young Lantern rushed at Hyperion and began punching him several times with only her fists. Despite the fact that she was weighed down by her pregnancy, this particular Lantern was still quite strong. So strong that she actually succeded in making him bleed, Hyperion touched the small bloody gash on his cheek and then looking back up at the woman, fired a blast of his heat vision powers at her. The Lantern barely dodged the blast and retaliated by firing a beam of energy from her Power Ring, Hyperion attempted to dodge the beam but ended up being striked in the leg by it. "AAAAGGGHHH!!! You stupid little B!tch! That HURT!"

"Good." She replied.

Enraged, Hyperion rushed at her and decked her with a right cross. She swung her fist back and hit him with an uppercut, he retaliated by vomiting Liquid Fire in her face. The young female Lantern screamed in agony as she was set ablaze by the Plasma Bile he had spewed onto her. With the pregnant Lantern now incapacitated Hyperion raised his Power Ring directly at her and shot a bullet-shaped energy construct right through her forehead.

"Stupid girl...now not only have you lost your life...but you have abruptly ended the unlived life of your unborn child as well. It doesn't matter though...I'll be paying for all my sins in less than three hours. You can thank that traitorous bastard Warsman as being the one who avenged the deaths of both you, your husband and your unborn child." Hyperion said to the lifeless corpse of the pregnant woman he had murdered. Hyperion looked over towards New Oa, sighed and then flew directly into the heart of this conflict. As Hyperion tried making his way through he came under assault from Green, Yellow and Blue Lanterns from all sides.

He was able to kill at least one or two but with their being so many Lanterns fighting all around him it was nearly impossible to actually keep the same opponents. Every second that passed Hyperion by the Lanterns who attacked him were continously replaced by other people. Hyperion hadn't fought in a war like this one in ages and it was beginning to frustrate him. As Hyperion became entagled in a fight with a Blue Lantern, he was able to get a good look at the immense battlefield blocking his path to New Oa, he was able to catch a single glimpse of Marcus who was still hacking and slashing away at the enemy Lanterns with his sword.

Suddenly a blue flash of light blinded Hyperion and began to consume him. The Blue Lantern who was attacking him was trying to convert him into one of their own. But Hyperion was not about to stand for it whatsoever. Pushing back he engulfed The Blue Lantern in a red flash of light and attempted to convert him into a Red Lantern. Hyperion and The Blue Lantern went back and forth. Back and forth, both seeking to convert one another into a different type of Lantern.

“Why? Why do you willingly serve the Forces of Evil? I can see through the layers upon layers of hatred and corruption which have consumed your soul and I know that once…so many ages ago…you were not the monster you are today. You were a Scientist who made people's lives better…not worse. I can hear that part of you, the good part of you, begging to be set free. Please…let me help you. It is not too late to start down the road to redemption. If know that somewhere deep inside you wish you could go back to the person you were before The First Crisis and you know what? You can! All you have to do is Hope!"

Hyperion looked at The Blue Lantern in utter disbelief. "You cannot be serious. Do you know who I am? Do you know what I've done? I can never go back to the way I was!"

“Yes you can! All you have to do is just believe!" The Blue Lantern said.

After what seemed like an eternity of struggling, Hyperion finally gained the upperhand over The Blue Lantern and forced him into submission. "I only have three hours left to live. What difference would it make? Going back to the person I once was, that is?"

The badly injured Blue Lantern looked up at Hyperion and said. “It would make all the difference in the world."

"I...I...It is too late for me, Blue Lantern. Far too late..." With one final blow to the head using his Power Ring, Hyperion killed The Blue Lantern and then continued making his way towards New Oa.
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Paragon flew at DC with all the speed his ring could muster. He wouldn't kill him. If he did, there would have been no way to find where he was keeping Laura. The yellow glow of DC hurt his eyes as he closed the distance between the two of them. A fleet of yellow corpsmen flew at him, and Paragon prepared for the oncoming assault. Two of them were taken out by a massive green hammer, created by Paragon's ring, and the ones that survived, cackled menacingly as they only threw punches, and taunting words. "Our leader has a surprise for you, though I wish he'd just let me kill you. I would savour the taste of your blood." growled a witchy woman, as she flew past and headlong into the Green Lanterns behind Paragon. The words of the fearmongers did nothing but harden Paragon's resolve to rescue his wife from that freak.

As Paragon approached Darkchild, he could see another streak of yellow racing at the leader, and holding something. Paragon's heart leaped into his throat as he recognized the nearly lifeless body. "Laura." he whispered. He tapped into the speedforce as much as he could before teleporting directly there. He knew if he came too close, it could spook either one of the monsters and they would kill her without hesitation. Paragon had seen situations like this a few times when he had worked with the FBI on several cases. Unfortunately, it was a one on one hostage situation. There would be no SWAT team coming in from the roof, or a well aimed sniper shot to take out the kidnapper. All the Lanterns were tied up with the other corps, and both his partners were nowhere to be found. He was on his own, racing the clock. Too fast, and he would blow it. Too slow, and she would run out of time.

"STOP!" shouted Darkchild across the vacuum of space. A sinister smile crept across DC's lips as Paragon came to a halt. "Wouldn't want anything to happen to your lass now would you? All I want is you Paragon. I never liked you so I think its best we talk one on one before this all starts yes?" DC turned back to his entourage and whispered a few orders. Paragon locked eyes with Tempest, and silently mouth that everything will be alright. Her eyes were filled with fear as she choked from the lack of air before DC turned back to her, as the last of the yellow lanterns flew off, leaving just the three of them. "Oh yeah forgot you need air right? This will keep you alive long enough to be of use." he laughed menacingly, as he surrounded her in a thin coating of yellow energy. Laura coughed, as oxygen returned to her system. She looked pale and ill indicating to Paragon that she hadn't been in water for quite some time, and was growing weaker by the moment.

"Let her go, Darkchild!" said Paragon, suppressing his rage and fear for her life. "You said it yourself. It's me you want. Just let her go." The yellow energy around Tempest faded, and Laura began choking again. "No!" shouted Paragon, reaching out to save her with his ring. The yellow energy surrounded her again, blocking his own green energy. "That's it. There's no reasoning with this sicko." thought Paragon. "He's getting his kicks trying to scare me, and he's doing a damned good job. He doesn't want to negotiate. He just wants to make my life hell, so looks like I'm going to have to be my own SWAT team. Alright, let's do this."

With a flash, Paragon teleported right behind DC, and swung toward DC's ring hand with a newly formed emerald blade, hoping to separate the ring from it's host and simultaneously catch Laura as he dropped her. It was a risky maneuver, but he could only hope that it would pay off to save the love of his life.

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Time passed slowly as she waited for Simon. She could feel anxiety pulling on her every moment. She did not have time for this. Williams was her friend but what if he was in danger or already in the war. The time for waiting was over and she needed to leave. But she would leave him something if he was to come for her. So after scrambling around for a pen and paper she wrote. “My dearest Williams. I am sorry that I could not have waited for you and I hope that you will not be angry at me. There’s a war happening and I need to be there. There are some things that I as a person need to deal with and this is one of them. Please be safe Ice Dragon. I will be in space not sure where but I’m sure you’ll find me. With that she placed it on the floor and quickly looked around once more and whispered “Be safe wonder man.”

Before she could leave she soon saw Isaac blocking her path.”Isaac you are to watch Nichol” Talon said looking at him in curiosity. “You are to lead” he said plainly. If she had curiosity before she had much more now. “Lead what?” she asked. He remained silent and walked toward her placing his hand on her shoulders “The Violet Lanterns…..at least for now”. The moment she heard that she pulled away from her and diverted her eyes. “Your crazy!” she growled her whit teeth clenched as tightly as she was gripping her anger. Isaac knew this a hard thing for Talon. Giving what she had gone through in the past but it was necessary. “You are to lead them maybe not permanently but just for now.” She shook her head in denial “Isaac look at me! I’m no leader I can’t I’m not Andferne I mean Warsman would be a better leader for the Violet Lanterns than me and he’s Red.” Isaac smiled slightly and replaced his hand on her shoulder. “Yes you can believe in yourself”

Talon just glared at him “If your trying to convince me the believe in yourself thing has already been used thank you very much.”  She said as she placed air quotas. “Talon this is a battle a war you have fought in may in your world some much worse than the one you are facing now and you tell me that you are scared?” “I’m not scared!!!” She shouted. Isaac could see her triggered some long forgotten memories yet he did not know what “I’m not a leader back at Weapon X I was not a leader with the X Men I was not a leader and now….now I’m not a leader.” She quickly pulled back the emotion harboring with in her and calmed herself then spoke. “Isaac there are reason why I don’t lead why I don’t become part of teams and they will remain hidden.” She was about to fly off when he stopped her “Then why did you join the Wolf Pack”. With out looking back at him she answered “I won’t be part of that team for much longer.”

She found herself at a pier in Santa Monica. With her flight it did not take her long to get away for only a moment. The world of Isaac rang in her ears though she tired to bloc them out as hard as she could. She ran her hands through her black locks that blew viciously in the strong sea gale. Her Jade eyes gazed up into the vast frontier know as space. She thought about her role in this war. How could she change any thing how would she? And she kept finding the same answer: “No one knows you exist, why bother saving the word saving heroes if they don’t even know who you are. You’re a loner in this word you don’t belong you need to leave.”  But that raised another question: Why did she bother. If she knew she would not amount to much why did she even join the Wolf Pack why did she take part in all the other battles that she faced in her time in this world? She did not do it to be noticed to be praised she saved the word for one reason alone: To try to save herself. To know what it feels to be a hero to joy in saving some ones life. She had expertise that a few times in this world and she enjoyed that. Though she knew that the life of a hero was not for her she could still dream.

She watched the waves batter against the shore. Some for the water splashed on her face. She inhaled the salty smell that surrounded her. . “For hearts long lost” And many where “and full of fright” as of her own “For those alone in Blackest Night” and at this moment most of the word was “Accept our ring and join our fight” as she had so reluctantly in the beginning. “Love concurs all” that was still to be established “With Violet light”. Saying the oath gave her hope or was it Simon? She did not care she knew what she would do. After a deep sigh she whispered”For hearts long lost…………and full of fright……….. for those alone in Blackest Night…………….accept our ring and join our fight…………….. love conquers all ……………with Violet…………… Light!” That was the oath that she said that she committed herself to and she would take up the call.  As to how, that would still be know.

Space was truly an amazing place. Talon had always missed it. For her home once was in space. Each morning she would awaken to the vase astonishment that this place had to offer. It was not an ease task being a leader or even finding the troops. Talon did not fight for love she was a HYDRA agent and there for would lead with an iron fist. But since those days she was different…..she would be different. And now was the time for difference to take place. Though she knew that after this was she would truly be change but for the better or worse? She did not know and she did not care. In the distance she could see the streams of light from the lanterns, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.. She had second thoughts did not every one of the eve of battle? But she would not let fear overtake her she would stand strong. Looking beside her Isaac stood. He was a Phoenix Entity there for he would survive in space. “Do you think I can do this?” she asked. Isaac looked at her and nodded her head. “Yes I know you can.” Then turning around she looked to face the battalion of Violet Lanterns that were behind her. Isaac using his shadow magice was able to make them unseen. Swallowing deeply Talon spoke:

“I’m going to be up front with you. We’re walking into a battle that is pretty much going to kill some if not most of us here. Now I don’t know any of you but I know one thing..that you will fight with honor courage strength…..and love. But just because we stand for love does not mean we watch. Love takes action and it will today! Today we’re not going to watch as our fellow green and Blue Lanterns face the world for them self. We are love and love will fight for those it cared about. And right now they need us to help the fight. Now..” Isaac knew what was coming next and smiled “There may come a day where rage and fear will overcome us. Where the legends of hope will be unheard of and there may come a day where Sheer will power will not be enough..And there may come a day where the force of Love will fail…….but..” She sighed “To day aint that day and as long as I am alive I will do every thing in my power do make sure that day never comes.”

She looked toward Isaac nervously nodding her head. “Be strong and bear courage” he said with that he removed the shadow that was surrounding the violet Lanterns and now the hosts of Violet Lanterns were visible. Then in Unison they said “For hearts long lost and full of fright for those alone in Blackest Night accept our ring and join our fight love conquers all with Violet Light”. And with that the Violet Lanterns engaged in the war.

Though Talon was going to she watched a moment scanning searching for any singe of her other half. She knew X23 was here and she wanted to find her. In both of her hands she held two blades that glowed bright Violet. Her black hair draped over her face. “Sister” a voice said. Talon quickly turned around and saw X23 there standing before her though there was not much that could be seen. She looked nervous but at least was not killing her. She then spoke again. “Hyperion in on a coerce to New Oa he will detonate very shortly and kill all in the area!” Talon was still shocked “What why?” X23 shook her head “You need…to help him”. Talon was astonished “Why!?” she said much louder. X23 sighed and then said again. “You need to save him!!!”. Talon having no Idea where this came from answered. “Where is he” X23 pointed behind Talon to a bright red being burning. “Why don’t you stop him” Talon asked still not sure why X23 was not killing her. Oh what a sight it must have been. A Red Lantern full of rage and then a violet Lantern with love yes a sight it was.  “I can not” she answered and flew off into the darkness of space. Talon was about to go after her though she still could not understand why all this for Hyperion. If X23 was any thing like Talon she should have hated him not cared for him. But did Talon really hate Hyperion. “Ok X I’ll say good bye”.

With that Talon flew at full speed toward Hyperion dogging blast of energy from other Red and Yellow Lanterns. Eventually she caught up with him and shouted “King Hyperion!” she flew in front of him blocking his path. Her hand were raised. “Hello um…yah” this was stupid she felt like an idiot! She was talking to her enemy if he was to die why should she try and stop him. “Um Hyper..Hyperion you know I don’t like you and I know you hate me and I’m just here to say that I’m going to….uh” she knew that there was no way of stopping his death he was a Red Lantern and in his death he would kill many others in this battle but still she felt like an idiot. “Hyperion I know you don’t have much time but yah….um yah know X23 she’s sort of wanting to say…… well Hyperboy I’ll miss yah and thanks for the fights” Talon said and could not believe what she was saying. She sort of enjoyed the battles that she fought with this man it was fun and he pushed her father than any person and for that she was grateful. "But I still need to try and stop you..." she sighed looking away. Holding her fist tightly it glowed " But I guess you'll never acsept redemnption your to proud for that huh?"

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Nano looked at Andy with wonderment, The once leader of Ice Dragons now stood before him a god and one that had helped turn the fray of this fight, as well as heal Nano’s wounds. The surface of Mogo split open as an array of green and blue erupted from the surface of the giant lantern. The colors once again wept over him, but this time it engulfed the trees and wild life. The trees began to twist and turn before his very eyes, animals stood up like men and each of them bore a ring of power as Green and Blue came into one to create life. Now they had an army and Nano towed the line as he listened to Andy’s words. Lifting his ring he took of empowering the green lanterns now beside him, the zipped between each other in an aerial display of hope and will. As they left Mogo’s atmosphere they where met with an all out battle. Guy and a few other Green Lanterns now found themselves surrounded by a large number of yellow lanterns. Nano pointed to a few of the Mogo’s trees brought to life and they zoomed over using their Blue rings to turn the tide. It was then he noticed the differenece between the lanterns Mogo had created. All the plant life now controlled a blue ring, Trees warriors who stood ten feet tall to the little bush warriors and the life forms from deer to foxes had all been made with green rings. Prehaps this is how Mogo saw the world, nature was beautiful and always full of hope, standing tall as the snow fell or the wind blew and animals where will, forever fighting a battle to survive showing a will that maybe some of these other warriors had lost.

His train of thought was broken as a large yellow fist collided with him, throwing him across space only to be caught by a large green hand. “Watch yourself nano” a voice called out. Nano looked to his right to see Methos standing in the thick of the battle. Four red Lanterns now had him surrouneded and the Yellow lantern who just attacked Nano fast approaching “Need a hand old man” Nano said floating down beside his former mentor. “I like the blue it suits your eyes”  he said as a red lantern went on the attack, A massive shield blocked as Methos ring began to grow in power. “I thought you might need a pick me up” The two old warriors battled back and forth as they fought for their lives. The yellow lantern caught Methos on the top of the arm and a thick line of blood started to pour over his green uniform. Next came a thundering hit from a red lantern who caught Nano on the ribs with a large yellow club. But it was not to long before some of Mogo’s troops flew over along with Guy and the fight turned in their direction. The sheer number of blues and greens where soon turning the tide of the battle. The blue rings powering up the green lanterns and it seemed as if they had hope. But nano did not want to hold onto that not yet, the yellow lanterns seemed over confident as if they had something they where waiting on and Warsman was nowhere to be seen this battle was far from over, in fact it had only just began.

Barley with enough time to recoupertate from the last battle, Methos and Nano shot forth leading the troops behind them. Nano turned to one of the foxes from Mogo and told him to report back to Andy of what was happening in the skies. He also mentioned about the yellows over confidence and how that worried him and the fact that Warsman had slipped out of sight. The fox nodded and pointed out the fact about King Hyperion and how he had been turned into a time bomb headed for OA. Looking at Methos “Sorry old friend I have a bomb to stop” As he went to push forth he felt a great green light beside him “Yeah sure like im going to let you take all the glory” It was Guy pushing along next to him, methos smiled “we will clear a path you two knuckle heads just stop him and try to leave OA in one piece” Nodding back the two Lanterns knew what lay a head of them could mean death but that’s what this was all about once a lantern always a lantern until you die. The two of them punched through the gap that Methos and the other had created and where now headed straight for King Hyperion. Methos and the men where now over run in the middle of the battle but they had pushed forth a blue and green boat of hope, Now maybe OA could be saved once and for all.

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"You are to stay behind, you are to follow under Hyperion’s orders who follows under my orders, You are also to stay out of my way" she could not help but smile in amusement like she was going to listen to a man who could not hold his temper. She only asked fro the possibility that he would say yes but he said no and she would not listen to him. He then pointed behind Hyperion to a place of space no doubt where she was suppose to be. In that instant she made eye contact with the being know as King Hyperion. It was quick and she soon looked away. "We have a new plan. Ring analyze King Hyperions current condition"

"Impact in three hours"

"Just as I thought. Warsman betrayed you...you're going to explode in three hours, approximately how long it'll take to get to New Oa. Meaning we fight like hell, rush through battle and get you to the Guardians..." “There is no honor among thieves” X23 thought. She could have predicted this but why him. Why did she have to predict any thing. He was going to die three hours the clock was ticking. She then looked at him. She could not see fear in his eyes he accepted his fate it was strange he was going to die and he did not care. Even still she was enraged at how Warsman could do this but did not show it. “That bastared” she growled.

"I know it's a little stressful with you gonna die and all. But lets make the best of this okay? AND GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND FIGHT DAMNIT FIGHT" She wanted to kill him and she would have if there was not much more important things to do that to argue with fools. She could feel emotion and could not imagine what Hyperion was going through.  A little. That man how could he possibly understand what Hyperion was going through stressful it was much more than that. A man realized that he would die  and now what was he just to take his fate and completely a mission. X23 was about to talk to him but he soon flew off with great speed. Reluctantly she flew after him.

As she did she could see him engage in battle with a green Lantern. “Why council do you torture me” she whispered to herself. “You give me a man that is about to die to protect!” she shook her head and sighed. But then from behind she was shot by a blast of yellow power. Quickly regaining her strength from the attack she got her momentum and stared at the Yellow Lantern. This was not a good time for her she needed to stay close to Hyperion. The clock was ticing and he would be dead soon she needed to talk to him one last time. Her ring bruned brightly in her hand. The red glow surrounded her and she unleashed a powerful blast from her hand. The energy ripped right through the Lantern and killed him instantly along with any behind him. As she blood floated in space and stained her face. With her hand she wiped it and continued after him.

swiftly maneuvered  through the blast of energy and light doing every thing in her power to get there as fast as possible. Her clothes were torn and her hands singed from the blast that she barely missed. Sweat ran down her face and she took in gasps of breath. But soon she sensed some one. She came to a halt and did not mover. “Her” she said and soon looked yonder past the battled to a girl shining bright Violet. X23 smiled and soon changed target toward her. Exhausted X23 shouted “Sister”. X23 knew that what she was doing had little hope of success yet she needed to “Hyperion’s on a coerce to New Oa he will detonate very shortly and kill all in the area!”  She could see the shock on her sisters face “What why?” There was no time for this she needed to get the the point and though it pained her she answered “You need…to help him”. X23 looked away. Hyperion could still be seen “Why!?” Talon shouted. X23 sighed and then repeated herself. “You need to save him!!!”.  It was strange a person that she should have been bent on killing she was not asking for help from. “Where is he”  She then pointed behind her “Why don’t you stop him”  “I can not” that was all she said then flew off into the blackness of space.

After she was far enough she stopped and  looked toward the battle. She could not understand no one could what needed to take place. His death was imminent yet she did not want him to die. He was a good man long ago he was she knew that. He could of changed yet it was to late. “Can you predict the future?” X23 turned and saw Isaac in the mist of all the battle he had made his way to her. “Oh you.” She said turning her attention back to Hyperion. “Why do you put so much effort into this man.” He said with a smile. “You don’t understand why would they do this to me!?” He shrugged and looked at her “Maybe not for him but for you.” She then looked at him confused “What?” “Maybe not to help him but you”. X23 clenched her fist tightly and pointed it at him. “Get out of my head!” she demanded. X23 knew Isaac was filing her mind with lies and she wanted him out. “I want to help  you” “Get out!!” .

“No” he said. This was the only way he could talk to her. He was holding back her rage only for a moment to talk to her to make her see something that with her rage filled mind could not. “Why?!” “every thing is for a purpose some time you know the purpose other times you do not yet you still do it.” She looked away her black eyes changed to their emerald green for a moment. Isaac could see he was reaching her. X23 was not a monster just misunderstood yet she did have great evil bounded in her heart.  “I don’t know what to do” she said to him.  “Do what you think is right….I can say nothing else.” With that Isaac disappeared leaving X23 to think through what he said. She had temporary sanity and humanity and she was going to use it.

She could see far off that Talon had engaged with Hyperion gladly there was no battle but Talon could never say what X23 wanted her to. She looked at her red ring glowing brightly and swallowed. She was about to make a big choice one she did not want to make but either way she was going to speak to him. Raising both hands to her chest she quickly pulled them away causing her to fly off with great speed. Her hands were outstretched so that she could get to him as fast as possible. She could see others that were planning to stop him but how. He was going to explode whether he wanted to or not how could they stop him. She slowed her speed as she approached Hyperion and Talon and shouted. “hold on!”

She knew that Talon would not attack her not yet she was still to shocked at her reaction and so was X23 at her own. “King Hyperion aka Vincent” she said coming to a halt. “I’m sorry that you have to die I don’t want you to I never would have wanted you to. But I um am sorry, and if I knew a way to stop it I would! With all the power that I posses it’s stupid that I don’t know how to stop it and I’m dreadfully sorry.” She wiped away the tears from her eyes and stared at him and said again. “I’m sorry”.

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" Let her go!" Is ll the lantern could scream as I held his beloved in my arms. Once in a while letting her shield fall so she would suffocate, but then bringing it back for my sheer enjoyment of watching his expression. His body gestures screamed various things Hate, Rage, Sadness, Regret all of them such a bountiful treat for my own senses. Watching him twitch an writhe in anticipation of me letting her go. The exploits of my own soldiers took my gaze away from him as I watched Precise and the others cut a swathe of blood an guts through the open space of our battlefield.

Then turning my gaze back to Paragon he was gone, a sick smile came to my face as he shimmered behind me creating a large blade an slamming it down. Bringing his woman around I tossed her from one hand to the other grasping the creation from his ring in my own hand, gripping it tightly a small trickle of blood dripped down my arm as I leaned in close to him. "Best becareful Green Boy, might get bit be surprised how quick the serpant is." And from Darkchilds ring a large snake was created above him and it lunged forward mouth gaping with razor sharp teeth. As it lunged forward with its mouth the rest of its body shooting forward at Paragons mid section in attempts to keep him bound an immovable for what Darkchild had planned needed a few moments of freedom on his part.

Letting the snake do its part he simply floated off to a distance an began "Paragon old chum...wait I dont know if you were an old chum. Meh I do get a feeling of some kind of bond we used to have didnt we? Oh well, my old chum it seems that you think I am a boasting man. That I am bluffing, that even in times of war I have a consious and do not wish for this to happen or wish to destroy all that you believe in...But your wrong my old friend." As Darkchild spoke using his ring he brought Tempest deep into space behind him holding her out almost dangling her above Paragon "You were wrong, so very very wrong." And with those last words he let her shield fall completely. The energy returning to his ring an he watched as she gasped for air holding her throat, blood dripping from her mouth at first then it began to pour as she coughed for air. Blood splattering into space it floated to Paragon splashing his face with the blood of the love he couldnt save. AS Darkchild watched as she died slowly an horribly a loud bellowing laughter eminated from his throat, and as he laughed watching Paragons face cover with fear an rage he snapped his fingers and a single ring appeared in his hand. Holding between his fingers he began a small chant as he tossed it behind him into the blackness of space "Let Fear show his true face, from the darkness of our hearts let the fear run through all. Let the one who strikes fear into even gods hearts show himself let...the FINAL one show himself." The ring shook almost convulsing and it began to spray a shower of shadows an complete darkness that overlapped the cold blackness of space. And soon a form was made out of the shadows of someone that shook every person in the world to the very core. Finally, Darkchilds trump card the one who opted to be this the creature of the night.

As the form began to take shape Darkchild smiled at Paragon "I cant very well let my full attention be fully on you now can I. Their are plenty of others in this battlefield who need to be extinguished, and HE is the one to extinguish the flames of war. Welcome our brother." All of the Yellow Lanterns on the battlefield turned an roared with excitement as Final Arrow formed out of the shadows saying only two words "Boom Baby." Then without hesitation Darkchild charged Paragon "Dont worry friend, you wont be alive long enough to witness or have the displeasure of him clawing into you!" Forming a large set of turrents on his shoulders he fires at Pargon as he charges him.
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2 Days Earlier

“Wow,” White Star whispered as he watched the display of power being exhibited far below.  Hovering in the air, five thousand feet above the Jersey shore, he was far removed from the action transpiring below.  Cloud vapors drifted lazily past now and again, hampering his view, but never fully obscuring it.  A gull, traveling high upon the wind floated by, screaming in his ear as it did.  White Star formed a fly swatter out of light and shooed the creature away.

“So those are the ones you’ve been tracking?” he asked his internal symbiote.

[Negative.  Subjects below are not original targets.] ISIS responded in her flat tone.

“They’re having quite a fight,” Kavlin commented as the emerald and crimson energies of the combatants flared once more.

[Host-subject’s powers of observation are acute.]

“Oh, how wonderful.  You’re learning to be sarcastic.  Hooray for me,” he grumbled in an icy tone.  “Just do your scanning thing and tell me if their power signatures are anything like my own.”  Having only two months worth of memories and no idea where his powers came from, White Star was eager to follow up on opportunities like this to discover the truth behind who he was.  If one of those beings fighting down there could answer that question…

Before he could fully finish his thought, the two warriors took to the heavens, leaving behind them brilliant streaks of light.  White Star followed their progress as they continued up into the heavens.  Their sonic boom hit his ears like the crack of a whip and he slumped his shoulders.

“They went into space, didn’t they,” he asked.


“Did you get a scan at least?”


“Well, that’s that.  Do you think that Chaos Agent has files on these guys?  Maybe we could just ask him,” Kavlin suggested.

[Suggest alternate strategy.  Calibrating sensors to follow energy trails.]

“What good would that do? They went into space.”

[Host-subject has the ability to traverse space.]

“What?  I can?  Why am I just learning about this now?”  White Star jetted upwards towards the outer-atmosphere.  “Is there anything I need to do?”

[Construct a light field barrier with a recurring lattice.] ISIS intoned as she showed him the exact pattern in his eye.  White Star did as she instructed and broke through the atmosphere and into space.  Being up there wasn’t like anything he had expected.  A constant pressure pushed against his barrier, like a hand was squeezing him, but the barrier held.  He turned around and glanced back at the earth.  It looked so fragile from here.

[Mapping energy trail.]

“Roger, roger,” he replied and shot off in their direction.


[Wake up.]  Kavlin opened his eyes, having closed them during the long journey.  They slowed to a stop above a planet in turmoil.

“Where are we?” he asked looking down at the myriad colors displayed below.


“So, can you do your scan now?”

[Negative.  A proper scan must be initiated with contact.]

“What?” He shouted.  “You want me to go down into that?”  Kavlin scrunched up his face and then dove down into the fray.

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Blood, drop by drop the thick crimson liquid trickled from the ceiling like rain from a tempestuous atmosphere. Dismembered body parts filled every foot of the room. Mutilated corpses hung from the ceiling. Several carcasses lay dissected across the floor, with only one organ remaining. The heart. The only piece of the body that didn’t please the Titan. He feared the thought of swallowing the pathetic emotion of love. A sentiment he did not wish to experience. A sentiment that you could very well say he abhorred.

Kado was the only figure alive in the gory room. He was the cause of this horrific massacre. He was currently kneeled down onto the floor, pulling torn arms and legs towards him. Soon enough, his mighty jaws chomped onto the flesh and bone. The tremendous jaw pressure he was capable of made the sight much similar to a mortal eating freshly fried fish. He continued to devour the limbs of the corpses until his taste had been satisfied. Seventeen of the human had already been consumed by him.

The Monarch of Power stood, his head crashing carelessly into the ceiling creating a large crater above his head. He was bare naked, like an old ravaging homeless cannibal. But that wasn’t the case, this world was his home. And with the power of this vile ring this world would be his. He released the meal from his grasp, and proceeded toward the exit door. There was a strong force pulling him to wherever his body had been carrying. Soon enough he knew what was occurring, his legion of red lanterns had been beckoning him.

It was time. Time to release the force of the scarlet ring that had chosen him as a bearer. He extended out his hand with a closed fist as a wide ranged red light beam struck the glass, shattering it with little effort. He advanced himself to his crimson army. Like mindless zombies the crowd began to yell out several very dreadful words hatred, blood, vengeance. Words that run through their veins like life support. The mass of Red Lanterns gathered around him. As he reached his arm high into the air, a red orb pulsed around his body and began to spread in a wide range. Enclosing around he and his lanterns.

Once the fiery red sphere had re-consumed itself into Kado’s ring. The Celestial of Force was now clad in a red titanium alloyed helmet and red leather leggings and torso. He kneeled down onto his right knee, raising both fist into the air and slamming them onto the cement propelling him far out of earth’s atmosphere with a red streak following behind him. He sensed his lanterns following close by, and he knew what his move was now. He had to take out the only thing that all Red Lanterns feared.

He soared through space, like a jet through clouds almost as if he had done this before. Finally he had reached his destination, New Oa. A collision of blue, green, yellow, and red streaks had confirmed this. His red lanterns immediately went in for the attack, as his arm shot forward “First, first I must demolish the blue lanterns. You must never go near them, for they will bring you great sickness! Now stay until I have signaled you to attack.” He put both arms above his head, slowly a wind began to pick up and circle around him. All over space, stars began to shift position. Moving towards him. He was commanding them. He kept them at a large enough distance away not to harm he or his lanterns. However, he could not speak of the same for the red lantern’s already in combat with the others.

With the slap of his hands, a sonic boom was released and the stars shot straight towards New Oa. Many would be hurt, many would be scarred. The impact would be far from minimal damage. These colliding lanterns were now witnessing the shower of large balls of something a lot worse then fire. Only minutes later, had he signaled his Lantern’s to move in. “Show them how much you hate them.” The Monarch watched as his legion, dived for the battlefield. He only stood their arms cross with an immense star hovering over his head. He then found his target and instantly the star was soon soaring through space for its mark. Right before impact he spoke to this foe “Are you grateful? Do you see what you’ve created? Now Iv’e come to take my rightful place. As the imperial red ring bearer. Warsman!”