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It was August. The stars hung low in the sky as if they too wished to be an audience to tonight's tragic events. Though the night was hush, the silence of the Swiss town seemed a bit more solemn than usual. It was as if the night itself was responding to the death that would take place within the walls of this town a few hours from now.

Swiss Manor

Though his body had rapidly deteriorated, his mind had remained somewhat sharp, though he was doomed to lose it along with everything else. The disease had wracked his body and left him confined to the bed he now rested on. Soon the plague would finish what it had started. Some of the finest medical experts money could buy had spent day and night toiling on his body trying to stem the cancer's advance through his body. Despite being guided by Donnie himself their work had been for naught and Donnie has shooed them away and accepted his fate.
As Donnie looked around the room he saw many faces, most familiar but some less than. He couldn't help but feel pathetic as he lay helpless, slipping into an inevitable death. What do they think of him as they watch him dying, a shell of what he once was. His current did no justice to the man he once was. His healthy countenance had faded, replaced by a portrait of death.
As he took in his audience his eyes fell onto Cass, the love of his life. Alas, he was drawn to her. She had stood by him even now, as he lay dying. A smiles formed on his lips at the sight of her. He loved with all his heart and only wished he could share one last embrace with her before he slipped into the other side. Using what little energy he had left, he raised his fingers and let them fall onto the back of her hand. This act, however, simple, left him short of breath and panting violently. Reaching out telepathically, he poured out the contents of his failing heart.
“Simply put, I love you. From the night I found you on my doorstep, I knew fate had something planned for us. With you I have spent the happiest and most joyful days of my life. I owe a debt to you for melting a heart that was once so cold. Though I may die today, I am not leaving you. I shall live on forever in your memory and in your heart. Do not remember me as I am now but as I was in my best days, the days we spent laughing and smiling together as we enjoyed each others company. Do not let my memory burden you, let it empower you and help you move forward. I want the best for you, whether or not I am here with you or not. No death can kill the love I have for you, Cass. I shall always love you, even from beyond the grave.”
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Swiss Manor

 She sat in a plush chair, pulled up to the bedside of her love, of Donnie. She had a terrible feeling of foreboding in the pit of her stomach. She had known that this, his death, was coming in one form or another, she just had no idea that it would be this soon. The worst part was knowing that it was going to happen, knowing that he was going to die and not knowing many of the details until so soon before he left her. She was coming to hate her lack of precognitive foresight. All she got was tiny little glimpses and bad feelings in her stomach and she was getting sick and tired of it. The worst part of this entire ordeal was how he was dying. It was a cruel twist of fate that it was by a human disease, one that his Elandorian physiology should have provided him resistance to. Of all the ways to die, of all the ways for her love to be taken from her it was this, it was Cancer.  
She turned her head and looked out the window, trying to contain her pain, doing her best not to broadcast everything that she was feeling. She felt the presence of people she had called friends, people she had called teammates and she didn't want to broadcast the complete and utter sorrow, the despair that she was feeling. Nobody deserved to feel what she was feeling right now. She couldn't afford to do what she usually did in situations like this, she couldn't afford to shut everything down. Bad things happened when she did, she got reckless without emotional ties to things, reckless and careless. She was dangerous enough without being completely amoral. When she shut down her empathic abilities, for some add reason, the part of her brain that functioned as her conscience shut down as well. She'd never truly been bloodlusted and couldn't even begin to imagine the damage that she could do in such a state. She shook her head, hoping that the physical action would clear her mind of such thoughts.  
Cassidy rested her chin in her palm as she looked at Donnie. She wanted to cry, but knew that it wouldn't help anybody. She looked forlornly at the once muscular and imposing body of her lover. He had withered away to almost nothing, he was truly skin and bones. It was his body that had gone first, and had gone quickly. He had deteriorated from muscular and imposing to frail and a bag of bones in less than two days. Next, went his mind. He was losing little bits and pieces of who and what he was progressively faster and it was that part that was torture for her to see. A single tear slipped down her cheek as she got out of the chair and laid down in the bed next to him, on top of the covers. It was a large bed and there was more than enough room for the two of their bodies. She had to restrain herself from touching him, knowing that it would hurt him, when all she wanted in the world was to lay her head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat, however faint and weak it was.  
Her eyes widened as she heard his telepathic thoughts in her mind.   “Simply put, I love you. From the night I found you on my doorstep, I knew fate had something planned for us. With you I have spent the happiest and most joyful days of my life. I owe a debt to you for melting a heart that was once so cold. Though I may die today, I am not leaving you. I shall live on forever in your memory and in your heart. Do not remember me as I am now but as I was in my best days, the days we spent laughing and smiling together as we enjoyed each others company. Do not let my memory burden you, let it empower you and help you move forward. I want the best for you, whether or not I am here with you or not. No death can kill the love I have for you, Cass. I shall always love you, even from beyond the grave.”   She closed her eyes tightly as another tear slipped down her cheek. "I knew, from the night that you saved me, that we would be more than lovers, we would be more than friends. We would be lifemates. I just.....I just never knew that life would be this painfully short. I fought for your love because of the knowledge deep in my heart, deep in my soul of what we would be. I don't regret a second of it. I don't regret the fights, I don't regret the silences and I sure as hell don't regret the love. I don't regret a damn second that I had with you and I won't forget a single one either. I will love you always and forever. You are my love, you are my everything and I will never forget you."
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Our Mother of Mercy Hospital 

Rehab was for lack of a better term, another form of hell. He was currently doing pull ups to increase the strength of his core, but due to the extra weight of having enough metal rods and ceramics to create an art students wet dream wasn't helping. It all felt... off. But being laid up in a hospital bed had caused muscle to atrophy, and he had to get it back. Which is why he was pushing himself past anything recommended. It wasn't smart, but he knew he could take the pain. He just gritted his teeth, and continued at it. Of course, the only reason he was still here was because of some unknown benefactor footing the bill for this. What happened next, he couldn't really explain. Flashes of pain. Sadness. What the hell was happening? He fell to the ground, taking it all in for a second. His therapist was busy rushing over, but Lance waved him off. "Shove of, twit." He rubbed his eyes, trying to figure out exactly what had just occurred. There were more flashes now. Tears. Cass.... "We have to go. Now."  
"Go where Lance? You're not exactly in a condition to be making trips. Recovery is sl-" 
"Will you shut up for a minute? I've heard the speeches. Recovery is slow, blah blah blah. But I need this. She... she needs me." 
"She?" Oh. The only person that had visited him in the months he'd been here. That girl. "And where exactly is she?" 
"I don't know. That's what I'm trying to figure out." 
He closed his eyes again. More flashes. He didn't understand it. How the hell was this even possible? This had obviously never happened before. He shook his head, opening his eyes. "I know where she is. We need to go. Just please... do this for me."  

Swiss Manor 

As it turned out, his physical therapist had to be one of the worst drivers in history. He'd been jerked around less on a roller coaster at Six Flags. Bandaged up and hastily dressed however, he appreciated the urgency with which the man was hauling @$$. He'd never admit it of course, but they'd become friends. Unfortunately, when someone took the amount of verbal abuse Lance dished out without leaving to find a replacement, it meant they were in it for the long haul. And after absconding on this extra curricular activity, it meant he was going to have to keep him around. They pulled up outside of what he assumed was a rather luxurious Swiss manor. He'd flown fourteen hours, driven for two, and generally been annoyed by the man in the drivers seat next to him. But it was all for this. "Are you sure this is the place Lance?" Lance looked out the passenger window. "Well, I guess we're going to find out, aren't we?" He was loaded in to a wheel chair, and rolled up the front steps. There didn't seem to be much in the way of a welcoming committee. But he could feel some unknown force guiding him to one of the rooms. He entered alone, waving his therapist off. It seemed he wasn't the only person here.
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 The distinctively gentle hum of a 32-valve quad overhead camshaft, 4735cc V8 engine, as it rested in the luxuriously engineered Aston Martin Vantage N420 all black special edition, swept over the endlessly winding stretch of Swiss road. Inside accompanied by two of his finest students to date, Jean Luc LeBeau, better known as Gambler, continued to fuss with his Italian imported tie as he anticipated the night's unfortunate event. Word had spread through the criminal underground faster then Jennifer Lopez's first three marriages. Tonight the World was losing one of its more notable villains. Donnieman v5.1 had finally encountered an opponent he couldn't outsmart nor bargain or finesse his way to victory against. With all his abilities not even the alien from a distance planet could escape the plague that had claimed the lives of countless victims. Lesser men then the one lying helplessly in his Swiss manor surrounded by sorrow and salt sprinkled tears.

"Pathetic" the Cajun blurted out catching even his entourage by surprise. "Sir?"questioned his driver. "He wants to die. Its dee only explanation." continued Gambler. "I've traveled to alternate realities wit dis man. He helped me build one of dee most exclusive organizations dee World has ever known. I've seen him create engineering feats so far advanced dat they defy human comprehension. Yet here he is, dying from a disease so far beneath him dat his alien physiology should have eradicated it dee minute it showed dee slightest hint of developing." Shaking his head before bringing his up to serve as a rest for his chin all the Aristocratic Assassin could do was stare out the widow and wonder.

Underneath the weight of the luxury vehicle the small refined pebbles spread across the lavishly manicured driveway began to pop. Visible agitated, Gambler's demeanor caused his driver to speak up in spite of the overwhelming lump of fear caught in his throat , "Sir, are you sure this is a good idea?" Without so much as a glance back the Cajun carried on, his silver polished cane continually one step ahead of his feet as he made his way towards the main door. With his usual flair for the theatrical the Living Legend pushed past what little security had been stationed out front before forcefully opening the massive double oak doors leading inside the moderately decorated mansion.

Dropping his overcoat on the stairs as his swiftly navigated his way up towards the master bedroom he quickly found himself just outside the death soaked stench of D-Man's quarters. Unannounced, he burst in to lay his ruby colored eyes on the dilapidated body of the alien that had been his right hand oh so many years ago. The sight catching even the LeBeau Legacy off guard causing him to briefly turn his head away. For just a moment Gambler gave his friend a sympathetic look of sorrow before realizing his momentary lapse in weakness. "Get up. GET UP!" he yelled. "Dis is not a death befitting dee lowest single celled organism, let alone a former member of the Inner Circle! So help me god D-Man, get up, or I'll finish you myself."

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The room was mostly empty, the window opposite the bedside closed against the outside world. Kaligar stepped into the shadows from the light of the hallway, the other grievers ignoring him and his bodyguard. Time had passed like hours, though it was only a few moments. His laspistol was at his side, though he had no intention to use it, and he crept up to the weak man. He took each agonizing step as slowly as he wanted to, not too fast as to startle Donnie in his final few breaths and not too slow as to waste those precious heartbeats on journeying the distance. A storm was brewing outside, as if the heavens themselves were weeping and welcoming Donnie with open arms. This was a fitting image. On Ferravius, the death of Lieutenant Ross was heralded with a heavy snowstorm. Kaligar could only vaguely understand the cosmic significance of the intertwining details of the deaths of his lover and his sister's lover. It seemed almost too convenient. The Navigator was trying to tell him something, and he blamed his blindness as a mortal for not seeing it straightaway. 

Upon closer inspection of the bed, Kaligar found a few mourners still lingering by Donnie's side. One of them was Gambler, who was screaming for him to rise. Kaligar looked upon the Cajun with silent wonder and bewilderment. He dared not speak or intrude upon the man's inner sanctum of mind and thought, for either action would bring about a dire consequence. Instead, he strode forth and made himself known to the Cajun. He kept his voice and thoughts mute. He was stone, cold as iron to the eye. One glance upon his decorated uniform and hardened exterior body would indicate a higher purpose. He was not here for conflict. He was here to entrust Donnie's soul to The Navigator's angels, so that he may find whatever paradise awaits him. But Gambler was interfering with the Symaarian's holy mission – perhaps even in the hopes of luring Donnie back into a frigid state of un-life. Such a practice would be heretical, to say the least, against the very laws of nature. Donnie was to die tonight by the choice of the hand of Fate, and his soul was to be shepherded onto the ferryboat of Death so that it may find eternal peace.  
Another griever was his sister, Cassidy. He sympathized with her and resisted the urge to reach out and touch her. She didn't need, and he doubted even want, anything further regarding his assistance.
A priest emerged from Kaligar's bodyguard, producing an iron ball wreathed in incense upon a chain. He swung it methodically, keeping it in rhythm with his hymns of silent mourning and rejoicing - grief for a death of a precious man and solace that he is free from the damned material world. The actual guards, armed with nothing more than fists balled behind them in a statuary stance of respect, followed along with the priest as he sang the chorus of the hymns. All of this was performed in the strange and beautiful language of the Symaarians, forever elusive to human tongues and forever entrancing to human ears. Kaligar bowed his head and, passing by the Cajun, received his calling upon the head of the mattress where Donnie rested despite Gambler's pleas. He, Kaligar, knelt. The priest and his retinue followed in suite, closing their songs with a graceful finale. On bended knee, Kaligar offered his prayers to The Navigator. His guard offered their prayers also, although these were vocalized in a muttered fashion. After a moment more of solemn song, they stood again. Kaligar broadcasted his thoughts to Donnie, making sure to keep his thoughts private and discrete.
"Find peace, young one, and bid the Symaarian named Rosarius good tidings from her husband. I have one favor to ask of you before your departure from the Earth, however. Even now, as king of Symaar, I am burdened by the thoughts of insubordination and unrighteous intent. Will you forgive me for disobeying your orders, so long ago? It is almost insignificant to you now, I’m sure, but I am a man of honor and should never have acted so boldly against you.”

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It has been a couple of months since Lady T sent Homicide on the secret mission to retrieve the brief case from the Russian Mafia. Gone for about a month she came back to find the team torn apart from different directions, some of the more recent members left before Alexandra could meet them, not that she mind. Then there was the fact that some of the original members were now gone… Dreadmaster was no were in sight, as well as… Donnie. Her mind wondered to what could have happened to cause the few people she would trust to suddenly leave.
But it wasn’t until now why she found out what truly happened to Donnie. He became seriously ill, not too long after she left to her mission. It hit her like a steel baseball bat, he was ill, and from what it sounded like… he wasn’t going to make it. Not taking another second she took off on her Turbine Superbike, and went straight to where she was told he was now at, living his last moments of life.  Driving as fast as she could all she could hope was to get there in time before he took his final breath, making sharp turns, she didn’t pull away on the gas, finally reaching her destination her tires squealed to a stop as she kicked the stand down. Getting off her bike she ripped her helmet off, dropping it before reaching the door of the building as she phased right through.

Her feet marched right up to Donnie’s room, her body going through the side wall of the room. Silently stepping into the area, her eyes fell upon Donnie, with Dark Huntress sitting right next to him, sharing the last moments with each other. Her eyes wondered around the room for a moment as she stayed silent, she knew about death, death was constantly around her, it was like she was Death itself to those who she had to kill, but this… Her mind was trying to wrap around the fact that her teammate and FRIEND was laying there, dying. Her throat began to tighten as she could feel an almost hurting sensation in her chest, it wasn’t something she had felt in a long time, it wasn’t a pain that was inflicted with bullets, blades or even fire, it was a deeper kind of pain that was emotionally tied to her.
There was so much she wanted to tell him, ‘thank you’ would be one of them, for being her friend, for actually caring about her well being. But even though she knew what she should say, she knew she wouldn’t be able to actually say them, showing affection in any way was just something she didn’t do, even if it would be for a friend who was slowly entering into the after life. However, she did know she had to say SOMETHING to him, to show respect.
Taking a sharp breath she was about to step forward, only to see the King of Kings suddenly burst into the room. At first it looked that he was there to pay his respects for Donnie, but then his face twisted with what seemed to be frustration and anger.  
"Get up. GET UP!" he yelled. "Dis is not a death befitting dee lowest single celled organism, let alone a former member of the Inner Circle! So help me god D-Man, get up, or I'll finish you myself."
Homicide eye’s widen, he couldn’t be serious, he wanted to FIGHT him? The man could barley keep his eyes open, and Gambler wanted to fight? Alexandra’s hands balled up into fists, her eyes glaring at him, she wanted to sprint forward and attack, but she didn’t prepare for a fight, she was here to simply say goodbye. She also knew it wasn’t her place to say or even do anything, this was between Gambler and Donnie, all she could do was stand from the distance and watch, for now anyways.

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Swiss Manor

The light of the late afternoon sun broke through the cracks of the drapes, Gracing the cover of the Playboy magazine that rested gently on Candy’s face. She was crashing at the pad of Don and Cass. Cass was Candy’s bestest best friend in the whole wide world and surrogate sister. Don was Cass’s boyfriend, now his and Candy’s relationship was a different story, they had a rocky start, but things were better now. “Uugh” she groaned, taking the magazine of a her face, slowly getting up.

Candy rubbed her eyes and groaned again, she’s still a little hung over from last night’s intake of Grey Goose -Pink vodka, being a party girl was as rough as being a Kunoichi. Sliding of the bed and making her way to the personal bathroom, showers weren’t much of a hangover cure for her, but it was a great way to rid herself of that oh so familiar dive bar smell. Gross.

Taking her time, to really enjoy the hot water crashing over her bare body, taking the time to belt out a few bars of her tone-death singing.

With that over and done with, it time for the real pick me up. Ninjutsu training ! Candy quickly and rushed to the closet. She slapped on a pair of tennis shoes, pink gym shorts and a purple tank top, not traditional ninja but..these were. Digging deeper into the massive she called a wardrobe and pull out her twin Sai. She touched them together then gave both a little spin. Candy giggled.

“Time for some serious fun.”

She stuffed the Sai between her thighs, so she could put her hair in her trademark pig tails.

Walking through the enormous manor, heading outside, humming to herself, which was far better then her singing, she stopped.

“Hiya Lance !”She shouted and waved at her good friend Lance, wondering for a second why he was here, she went to hug him, but she stopped again,

She her commotion coming from Don ans Cass’s room, The bad kind. She shot Lance a look, asking if her it too.

This wasn’t good...

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He breathed gently as his love moved from her postilion at his bedside to gently lay bedside him, as if they were preparing to drift off into the land of dreams together as they had to together so many nights. They spend the majority of their evenings this way, unless Donnie was away on business. She began to tear up at his words and he couldn't help but feel himself do the same as she spoke to him. Her words had not come from her mind, but from her heart and he could feel it in each syllable. He turned his head to the side, a few tears rolling down his face to melt into the pillow below.
He heard the door burst open, followed by a burst of language from a voice he could never forget. "Get up. GET UP! Dis is not a death befitting dee lowest single celled organism, let alone a former member of the Inner Circle! So help me god D-Man, get up, or I'll finish you myself." Even in his current condition he couldn't help but snap to attention at the sound of that all-to-familiar voice. His vision was blurry with tears but he blinked them away as his eyes focused on the voice's owner. He stared at the man briefly before gather his thoughts, and projecting them directly to Mr. LeBeau.
“It only makes sense that I would see you in my final hour. The still remember all those years ago, the way we ran together, after the same goal. I was your right-hand then, and I'd be lying if I said you didn't teach me many things while I stood by your side. Even as I went off on my own I didn't forget what I'd learned in those days. We've been partners, and we've been enemies, but I've always respected you. And now, I ask you to let me die in peace.” He takes a moment to look over at Cass. “I am in no condition to fight you, and surely you will not be content striking me down as I lay defenseless. I ask you, release your hostilities and let me pass”
As he finished, he couldn't help but notice two new addition to the audience. Warsman, who came accompanied by guards and a priest. Surely he came to offer peace and safe passage into the afterlife. They had had their troubles in the past but Donnie still respected the past. There was Lance, who stood looking somewhat dumbfounded near the entrance to the room. He turned his face to see Homicide, a face he had not seen in quite some time. She was his friend, and it was nice to see her. However, he didn't quite have the energy for further speech telepathic or not. He lay still, his eyes half-closed as if he prepared to sleep. 

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She rested her head on the pillow next to him, content for the moment, knowing that this might be the last time she laid with him and intent on savoring the moment. She pressed her nose into his chest and inhaled, memorizing the scent as she splayed her palm over his chest. When she looked up she saw the tears roll down his cheek and into the pillow and she raised her other hand up to his cheek and rubbed his tears away with her thumb. She swallowed around the lump in her throat and did her best not to burst into tears, one of them had to stay strong and hold their composure and Cass was so afraid that if she started crying, she would never stop, if she opened the floodgates she would never be able to close them. 
She frowned as she saw her brother come in with priests. She had no use for religion nor any of the trappings that came with it, but she would respect him his traditions, this once. Cass didn't want to make a scene, but she did wrinkle her nose in displeasure at the scent of the incense. She nodded her head in acknowledgment to him, her face full of sorrow. She and Kaligar had both lost people that they loved, their families, before. He had lost his love twice, he knew her pain. He understood what she was going through and she would need him in the coming days, she would need Kastiel, she would need Rebbecca, she would need everybody if she was going to make it through this. She had lost family before and she had already tried to kill herself. A shiver went through her body at the memory of that night. It was a dark spot on her history and something that she would carry the scars of for the rest of her life. They would remind her of him when he was gone. She would learn to love them. 
Cass' head snapped up when she heard the door burst open. Her first thought was to throw up her shield to protect Donnie and her second thought was to wonder who the f**k would dare intrude like this. As her eyes fell on the Cajun she knew that things were about to go to hell and go there quickly. She didn't know if she had lost her mind or what, but she nearly put her guard down when she saw the look of sorrow and sympathy on his face. It was in the next second that she was grateful for the strength of her shield.  "Get up. GET UP!"   he yelled.   "Dis is not a death befitting dee lowest single celled organism, let alone a former member of the Inner Circle! So help me god D-Man, get up, or I'll finish you myself." She maintained the shield around Donnie, taking absolutely no chances. Cass stood up quickly and fluidly, reaching for her kukris as she took quick steps toward the Cajun."Stand DOWN!" She screamed the words as she stood about fifteen feet away from him, her voice full of emotion, the foremost of which was anger. She stood in a fighting stance, ready to move at a second's notice, even though that she knew going up against this man was a nearly guaranteed death sentence. She stood and did nothing as she heard her love telepathically broadcast his words, she could feel her body shaking in anger as she looked down at the floor, the words breaking her heart. When she looked back up there was fury in her eyes. She was not pleased by any stretch of the word.  
"You're selfish." She muttered the words underneath her breath and took a step closer as she raised her voice. "Do you have to make everything about you? Can you not honor his wish and leave the man that you once called your friend, who was once your right-hand man to die in peace?" Her lip curled in disgust. "Do you have NO honor at all? Allow the man a little dignity for f**cking crying out loud! Can you not just leave him be?!?!?" She unconsciously tightened her grip on the kukris. She went with her instinct and hurled one right at him, grinning as it embedded itself in the wall a mere two inches from his head. She had purposely aimed for the wall, but she also knew that she wasn't fooling herself, if she had been serious and he had wanted to avoid it, then that was something that he was more than capable of. She looked at him, her heart in her eyes and her chin trembling. "Back. Off. Please"