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A man, known as Constantine, stood in the middle of an abandoned road, he had his right leg raised resting on top of a piece of crashed aircraft, a long sword, spiked around the hilt, in hand, ready for any sudden attacks. Around him lay the ruins of yet another New New York, the fifth New York to be brought to it's demise by a giant monster, the city was not so much a city anymore, more of a jungle, vines, moss and plants growing and around everywhere. This place had long been deserted, the ideal spot for a last blade battle, which Constantine was about to face, he did not fear what may come, he never had, but instead he just stood there awaiting his - a greatly known warrior going by the name of Kurrent, one that many an untrained man fears - stroking his kept beard, a light breeze flowing through his short hair, carrying his coat backwards to a gentle sway.....Con thought to himself, deducing what the battle lay ahead for him, and knew one thing for sure - this was gonna be fun.

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The Stage had been set and the battle was about to begin. Kurrent was tasked to fight against Constantine in Round 1. Although they had never exchanged blows before Kurrent had heard about the veteran from old stories about the illustrious group the Vine Villains.

"Surfing" though the power lines of the New New York streets Kurrent already had his Kali Sticks out. He kept a keen eye on his surroundings until he saw the silhouette of a man with a sword from a far. "That has to be him" he thought and quickly his mind went from search to destroy. He picked up speed as he approached until he was traveling at the speed a lighting bolt travels. Getting a tenacious grip on his adamantium sticks the Excellence of Electrocution jumped off the power line towards the sword wielding Villain using the speed he had built up as momentum to propel himself.

In the air he extended his arms out and engulfed his body in pure electricity while rotating himself in continous 360 degree circles. He spun vigorously until he was a few feet away from Constantine and his body was facing his. Kurrent brought the stick in his left hand towards his own chest then he extended it out towards the villains blade in case he was able to calculate the speed that he was coming in and attack. The metal stick in his right hand was already up over Kurrents head and was glowing due to the electric surge that was surrounding it. With a fire in his eyes and the intensity of a charging bull Kurrent slammed the stick towards Constantine's upper body before landing on the ground in a combat roll to the side. Then standing back up quickly he looked at his opponent to see the damage if any done and began to focus and plot his next aggressive assault.

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Scott stood staring absentmindedly around, he could hear a faint sound of electricity running through wires, being that this place hadn't had any power for years, Scott knew it was time, he took a better grip on his sword handle, closed his eyes and connected himself to the force, he had heard this guy was fast, being that this was their first meeting he wouldn't have known unless told, so Scott knew he had to be faster, that's exactly what he was planning to be. Con steadied himself, and hearing the faint crack of electricity jumping Con brought himself around to the fight, Kurrent wasn't much of anything, merely a blur and he gave Con little time to respond, but the little time was all Con needed.

He bought his sword up blocking the left handed movement, Con jumped forward through the air, he felt Kurrent's heat and a white searing pain retched at his chest when he caught it on Kurrent's Kali sticks, it singed a little hole in his shirt, all the same Con was unharmed, he spun in perfect 360 degree circles, flipping over Kurrent's roll, Con twisted bring himself firmly down on the ground, he saw Kurrent bring himself up, Con could could tell he was waiting for Con to be caught unready so he could attack and end this quickly.

But Con wasn't going to give that to him, deciding to attack quick, just mere milliseconds from landing, Constantine raised his hand in a sharp movement, two of his fingers outstretched, he didn't watch as the car, he had used the force on, flipped in the air flying towards Constantine's opponent. Con dropped to the floor pulling from his pocket one of his four shuriken and sent it quick paced soaring through the air toward Kurrent's feet, and whilst twisting his feet,
spinning himself around and bring himself up to his feet, a ball of force twirling and expanding in his fingers, powerful enough to blow building's apart, he sent that after Cons car and shuriken attacks, he looked to see what damage was done.

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Proving he was not one that would fall easily Constantine mimicked the same spinning movements that Kurrent had just preformed but not to attack, to evade. For a quick second the two men faced one another almost as if they were greeting each other with a warriors salutation. Immediately after Constantine came with an attack of his own showing why he was a veteran.

With a flick of his hand and his finger extended to manipulate a car Constantine used  his powers to  move it through the air towards Kurrent. From that position the villain dropped down and flung 4 shiruken towards Kurrent. They cut through the air perfect formation towards  the hero. The car coming from behind and the shiruken coming from up front Kurrent had to act fast. In a swift movement the hero jumped up in the air backwards while turning his body in a corkscrew motion. By doing this he was able to avoid the inevitable decimation of the car if it were to hit him. Still Constantine's aggressive tactics made it to where 3 of the shiruken sliced parts of Kurrent's body with the foutrh missing him. As he spun one sliced the side of his face, another grazed the top of his shoulder opening a wound and the third stuck in his low midsection just above his hip. It was not deep but was it was painful.

While he was taking the hits the car had hit the ground and began to roll. Kurrent had landed as the car stopped and had pulled out that shiruken that was implied in him using the adrenaline of the battle to not think of pain at the moment. Before he knew could even think of an attack he saw that Con was not finished with his series. A large ball of pure force was coming straight at Kurrent from his foe. Out of desperation Kurrent used his eletrokinisis to send a stream of electricity around the car from before. As the force ball came towards him Kurrent did a flick of his own wrist and sent the car towards the ball to cancel out the the effect. The force was more powerful then Kurrent had expected it would be and as the car made contact with it the force expanded and lifted hero off of the ground and tossed him a few feet which put him closer to his foe.

From the ground Kurrent knew what had to be done to win. He had to beat him with his fists because Cons power was supierior to his own. Preforming a no hands kip up while still gripping his sticks the hero stood then went into a sprint from the momentum of the movement. While sprinting, he again sparked up his body in electricity. now close to Con, Kurrent left the ground and shifted into a butterfly kick towards the villain so that both feet were in the position to make contact. When he landed he quickly channeled his electrical power into his feet and jumped in the air again this time preforming a dropsault with both feet aimed at Cons chest. After the move Kurrent had landed croucthed on his feet he looked up to asses the damage while checking his own wound at the same time.

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Con watched the damage with enthusiasm, clapping as the car made contact with the ball of Force and the power in which the two hit was acceptable. As the rubble cleared, Con's hair and clothes windswept from the collision, he saw a spark of electricity, a mist of blue in the middle of the chaos, the excellence of electrocution, and he saw Kurrent a meter above him going for an attack, Con was just fast enough, ducking he rolled backwards his foes feet grazing the tip of his nose, as Con rolled back onto his feet he caught a glimpse of the crimson dripping from Kurrent's wound and smiled, momentarily distracted, this seemed to be all Kurrent needed.

Feet connected with Constantine's chest and he lifted inches from the ground, the force of the attack sending him backward he felt a wall crumble underneath his back as he slammed through the block of flats that used to be behind him, now however they were around him. Constantine rolled backwards on the floor, using the momentum he flipped himself up somersaulting once more, one foot connected with the floor then a knee and a hand, he skidded back to the far wall, when he stopped he didn't look immediately up, he knew Kurrent was still close, he could see the blue of electricity reflected off of the floor, Con looked down at his grazed hand, he had a long cut from the tip of his index finger down to his wrist. Constantine looked up, he could see Kurrent's outline of blue through the rubble and debris, time for another series of triple attacks, Con thought, lets see how he handles this.

Watching the sharp pieces of metal from the now destroyed car, Con decided to pick his moment, the sharp, big and small, pieces of metal started shaking on the floor with the power of the force flowing though them, and they shot off of their current positions toward Kurrent at the speed of flying bullets. Constantine didn't wait, either the rattling noise of shifting metal or the actual first attack would distract Kurrent from Constantine's second, he flipped himself forward with much power, as he landed the floor crackled as two massive boulders of earth disconnected themselves from the floor and floated dreamily inches from the floor just in front of Constantine, following the first attack he punched the air once with each hand and the two boulders shot toward Kurrent as well.

And within seconds of the previous attacks, Constantine had vanished from downstairs, he saw the pieces of metal coming toward him before he vanished and would swear that he saw blood on a least one of them. Snapping back to reality he forgot about thinking what the first and second attacks could've done and prepared himself to attack for a third time, he steadied his footing into a comfortable strong position on top of the roof and with mixed power of the Force and earth control, he used his powers to crumble the foundations on which the building of flats stood, and Con brought the tumbling building down toward the area in which Kurrent and himself were battling, Constantine surfing wave of brick and interior of houses one after the other down upon their battling arena.

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With one knee on the ground Kurrent lifted his to look at what had become of his relentless and powerful foe. He could see the villains body soar across the field until it came to a halt by hitting a merciless wall. He hit it with such impact that is caused him to go through it. The hero looked with caution knowing that Constantine was far from finished. As he stood he returned his Kali sticks to his belt but kept his electric aura visible then began to walk towards the hole that the villain had just made. He thought perhaps this would be his chance to gain an advantage and end the battle to move on to the next round of the highly distinguished  tournament.

Soon he wold see that Con indeed could not be finished so easily. An abundance of metal objects came hurling towards the Excellence of Electrocution at rapid speeds. Reacting rather quickly Kurrent's aura grew into what looked like a ball of electric light. When it reached about four feet around his body the metal debris began to make contact and in a swift movement of his arms Kurrent extended them out to his sides,. That caused the ball to expand outward and the metal pieces to fly off in every which direction. After he thought he was safe from the on coming projectiles he realized that it was only a tactic to distract him from two large boulders heading his way. Where Kurrent was standing he only saw one boulder and thought it wise to run towards it so that he may have a sneak attack.

He used his speed and skill to run towards that oncoming boulder and when he reached it  he used a quick feet motion to scale the rock and stand over it. His goal was not to evade but to use it as an advantage, gaining somewhat of higher ground on Con who he assumed would be behind. That plan, although tactically sound was abolished when Kurrent was hit with the second boulder that sent his body off of the first onto the ground in an awkward yet painful position. Gathering himself ,a rumble began to rock the foundation of a building beside him. Avoiding his pain for the sake of his life,  he sent a visible stream of electricity to a power line. His body soon began to move as if it was tied to a train and was being pulled by using his electrokinis to magnetize the line. His body went through the ground fast, scraping his back and tearing his costume. He also was catching loose debris falling from the buliding as it came crashing down. Some were big pieces and some were small but the all took their toll on him.

When he finally came to a stop he began to fell the skin on his back burning from being dragged. On his side he saw one of the shiruken that Constantine had used earlier and grabbed it with his right hand tenaciously. The building was about grounded and Kurrent knew that his fight was not over. He used all the fibers in his being to stand. He was outmatched in power and Con was not letting him stay close to him so that Kurrent could use his martial arts so the hero thought. He looked around and noticed the main air conditioning unit that powered that building. "That has to run through out the building, if not I can use it as a generator and and probably catch the electrical system" Without think much more about it Kurrent used his left hand and sent a massive continuous stream to the AC system. Sure enough it began a chain reaction and the site of the falling building that was underneath Constantine was now a lake of electricity.

Keeping the stream flowing Kurrent noticed Con. Using a Lighting Jolt technique which accelerated his speed for a few seconds Kurrent leaped towards Con with the villains shiruken in hand. When he was near enough to attack Kurrent struck downwards towards his neck in hopes to catch a vein or at least to force him onto the electric lake that was formed underneath them.

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Constantine stood on a floating rock, mere inches above the falling building, in case anything funny happened, his coat flapped behind him as he scanned over the wreckage, looking for any signs of a fallen foe, but something told Con the battle was not yet over, and surely he saw a standing and living, all though slightly battered, Kurrent. Con was about to fly at his foe when a jolt of electricity shot close by, instinctively he thought it to be aimed at him and swerved, as he regained himself and with a second glance he noticed the electricity was not aimed at him, and below was a lake of electricity, vicious blue stripes entangling themselves all around the AC system, clever move - but flawed.

He flew inches above the electricity, looking down he didn't notice Kurrent's second move until it was to late, he heard the familiar sound of an attack and looking around he saw Kurrent with a slightly demented look on his face, and flash of silver and swipe of the arm told Con what was going to happen, he lowered the rock forcefully in a harsh miscalculated move and he saw Kurrent with one last attempt he threw one of his daggers at the foes chest, then with a sudden smash the rock hit the building surface and Con was violently shunted from his protection, he flipped in the air and landed on the slope of the crumbled building. Immediately he was consumed by electricity snaking it's way around him, spreading like a painful decease.

Constantine couldn't stop rolling down the hill of ruble, his clothes ripped  as they snagged on pieces of brick, glass and metal, he could feel cuts opening all over his body , the pain was increasing but he'd learned a long time ago to control that, the battle was not over he had only used three of his powers, none to their fullest, he still had more to give. Con concentrated hard thinking that building and in less than a crack he was no longer n the sea of electricity but on the roof of another building, he was still fidgeting on the floor, electricity seeking through his body, he thrashed at the floor in pain and pulled his jacket off, and as expected nothing happened. He stood up his body still shaking, he concentrated all his energy of freeing himself from this pain, he steadied himself and freed his mind, water started pouring from his body and soon their was a casing of water around him, the electricity took to it like a swarm of bees, in between the gap of electrified water and his body he made a shield of force and with a signal from his mind the force burst the water an electricity away.

Con finally freed himself and feeling was flowing back, Con didn't care much for the pain, he'd take care of that later or at least death will. Con pulled himself together, he couldn't see much of anything from here, the dagger could've killed Kurrent or he could've survived, Con didn't know. But to be on the safe side - Con looked down to his side, he saw the familiar coat he had worn on many an occasion and raising his hand a shadow of a man arose from the ground to fill the fallen coat, the figure had no features but was definitely the shadow of a human, Constantine liked to call them Con-Shadows because they possessed his powers but only to half his standard, they did come in useful.
Con nodded to the Con-Shadow and the two both held out their hands, Con's sword appeared into his hand and a shadow sword formed out of Con-Shadow's hand. With out any signaling the two jumped down from the building both going to attack Kurrent. Aiming to kill.

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The burning sun shined off the metal from Constantine's dagger which blinded Kurrent  who had the fury of a rabid pit bull as he came in with his attack. The blinding light left him vulnerable and  as he slashed down with the shiruken he had in his hand, his left shoulder was hit with that dagger that in a split second turned the momentum over the side of the villain. The pain from the dagger was so harsh that Kurrent did not even know if he had made contact with his attack. He did in fact notice that Constantine was caught up in the electricity lake underneath them and it was taking a drastic toll on him.

From the height he was at Kurrent fell hard and landed even harder atop the rubble of the destroyed building. Gasping for air since the drop knocked out his wind he looked to the hilt of the dagger sticking out of his frame. He looked around frantically and could not see Constantine anywhere at this point but noted that if he still was around, his electric powers did cause him damage and he had a chance at beating the far more powerful opponent. Putting his focus back on the dagger he realized that he could not move his left arm. He decided to keep the dagger in his body because although painful it was the only thing that was stopping him from bleeding out completely. He looked around with haste and noticed a large strand of coaxial cable tv wire and picked it up putting the tip of the cable in his mouth. Working diligently and using his mouth to compensate he tied a knot onto the cable that tied his left damaged arm onto his body. Making the field expedient splint was the only way he could salvage his arm and somehow hope the Veritas healers can fix him.

Two minutes had passed and still no sign of Constantine. "Could that have been enough" as he stood and began to slowly and carefully walk off of the rubble that he had once used a a weapon. The quiet in the air was almost spine tingling and before Kurrent knew it he could hear the wind cutting above him. He looked up in disbelief and saw not one but two Constanines. In deep pain and with no time to formulate a proper attack he reached to his side with his good hand and sent a magnitising electrical stream to a pipe that was cut in half. It came to him quickly and without wasting any time he threw it towards one of the Cons, the one on the right,  not knowing which was the real one. Out of instinct he raised his arm that was protected by vibranium lacing and took the hit from the sword with it. It was a power mover that knocked him back on his bottom but in times like this Kurrent was known to overcome pain. He used his adrenaline to pop his body back up and face his opponent or what could have been a clone, either way it posed a large threat.

Still shaken from the hit Kurrent reacted in what was most comfortable to him with raw power from his hand to hand skills. With no left hand to block  he knew this hand to be a foot game and started with a round house kick towards his foes shin. Quickly he followed it with his same leg kicking towards his gut then finishing with a final kick that was aimed at his face that packed knock out force. To add to the speed at which they came, they were focused with static electricity that increased at each point starting at its lowest intensity at the Shin kick and the highest at the face.

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The wind rushed passed his ears as Constantine and his companion jumped from the building, it whistled as they sped falling to the ground. Con's hair and loose clothing flapped wavily behind him, to his left his saw his other falling at the exact same time, their swords were out and both were ready to attack, and  out of the corner of his eye Constantine saw something metal pass through Shadow-Con's body, it brought his clothing backward as it riped through his chest, and he burst into small black bubbles, that held in the air for a short while, before the bubbles rejoined each other and Shadow-Con brought itself back together. In no time they were inches from crashing.

Shadow-Con hit the ground and rolled to his feet, just as they planned, whilst Constantine passed through the surface of the floor using magic, he brought himself to a hal and then shot forward a few paces, twisting on the spot he raised himself back upwards onto land, his head came through the surface just in time to see Kurrent land attacks to the unsuspecting victim, Shadow-Con twisted a he fell to the ground his body had a faint trace of electricity snake it's way around him.

Constantine nodded to the Shadow-Con and thought at the right time blast a fireball Shadow-Con faintly looked at the real one and Constantine knew he understood, so he ran raising his sword as he picked up speed he jumped flipping over Kurrent aiming a slice with his blade to the neck, and with a flash of orange and smoky red Shadow-Con through a fireball at Kurrent's chest, Constantine landed, stumbling a little but did not care he concentrated his energy on Kurrent, Constantine knew he wore metal in his suit and had a good idea that Kurrent might have kept the blade in his body.

Con could feel heat around them and grasped at it, with a chance to sabotage Kurrent's body, he heated up all metal around himself within a fifty yard radius up to melting point, including the dagger Con had thrown. whilst on a slab of rock he raised himself into the air encase of any stray hot metal, he knew that this could burn up his own partner but if it ended Kurrent the risk was worthwhile.

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Each kick landed with unparalleled precision but his attempt to knock out Constantine seemed like it was for nothing when he found out he had only attacked his clone. When Kurrent looked over to his side he could see the real Con already in pursuit of an attack. Getting his bearing Kurrent planted his feet and prepared himself but the velocity that Con was coming in was unavoidable. The Real Con slashed down at the hero with his blade. Kurrent moved in defense but the blade still caught his body right over the impaled object already there. It caused the hole to open a little wider which knocked that blade off. A large gush of blood spewed out first from he wound which was followed by a constant stream that flowed freely.

Before he could even think about bleeding out a large fire ball came at him scorching the dust in the air as it whizzed by. It came from another Con and no doubt made contact onto the heroes body. From the way he was standing and the speed of the ball as it made contact it instantly blazed all of the heroes body hair and caused him to flip backwards. The teeth gritting pain was becoming overwhelming but Kurrents will seemed to be fooling him to continue and never let up.

With each movement the burned skin in his exterior would pull and cause him great pain. Luckily the fireball intended to harm him painfully helped him by cauterizing the wound that was causing massive blood loss. The hero began to think as he stood "The answer has been in front of me all along, if these are clone they won't have any electrical impulses so all I got to do is hit the one that does"

Kurrent looked around to find Constantine, the real one when suddenly his body temperature began to rise and the battlefield began to heat up. Quickly he took off his belt and ripped off his wrist guards as he felt them getting hot. It was becoming harder to breath for the hero in the melting pot but while the metal around him burned he quickly saw an opportunity. "Metal is metal either was you cook it" he thought as he began to use his electrokenisis to stand the metal pieces as they burned. The heat was getting fierce and as the one armed hero planned what could be a killing blow he went to a knee. He could feel his skin started to blister and realized that Con had been pushing him to beyond his limit. Around him several pieces of metal that had once belonged to  the building that had fallen were standing and still metal. They were under the control of Kurrent's electrokenisis. Looking up the hero saw Con and knew it was him when he read the electric impulses in his body. Aggressively he motioned with his arm. Then all the pieces of melting metal around him were launched towards the villain perched on a rock up above.

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Con floated about, he could see the burning Kurrent through the heat waves, mist and debris, he wasn't looking too good, it reminded Con of something he'd seen before. The strong breeze was cooling to his open wounds, he had marks all over his body, the pain would either come later, or not at all. Con saw his Shadow's writhing in pain from the melting metal, he watched as they screamed out in pain, slowly sinking into the ground as their flesh peeled away from their bodies, the heat prevented blood from spurting everywhere and instead all wounds were sealed with dry blood.

In his moment distraction he alllowed Kurrent to devise a plan, with a sort of slowmotion feel he turned to see shards of white hot metal firing at him like bullets, drops fell from the pieces falling to the ground, without thinking he raised his right hand and up came a sheet of freezing water, he heard faint cracking of cooling metal and was ecstatic for less than a moment, the melting metal that had been leading the pack skimmed passed the shield by mere milimeters and Con screamed out in pain as the burning liquid hit his left hand, this was pain beyond pain, he could sooth  burning pain but couldn't remember how to control heat and liquid for the breif time it snatched onto his hand, he could feel flesh and muscles seize up and die. Con shook his hand with liquid metal firing off into different corners, then his body acted to it's own accord, the bone he could see and all of his dishevelled hand was covered in magic ice a blue glow flowing around underneath it.

The releif was only momentary, he had let down the water shield Constantines right leg was yanked to the side as a big piece of cool metal sliced through is skin piercing a tendent and hen he loo as though to fall the way his leg had been ripped his shoulder went the other direction, taking his body with it, as a piece of metal, small as a bullet, burried itself in his shoulder. Blood spurted from his mouth and he was forcefully pushed from his stool of protection, for a second he thought as though the pit of melting metal would be the last thing he'd see but as he span in mid air he extended a handand caught the ledge of safety, his injured arm gripped the floating rock, and beyond him was a familiar face, the one he was sent to destroy.

Con attacked from instincts, he placed both hands firmly upon the rocky surface and the rock glided toward Kurrent with increasing speed. Seconds before he sent the flying rock toward his foes face, he flipped his body, forcing himself over Kurrent and the rock, he went for a backward kick at Kurrents neck and proppelled himself forward into the air, now or never Con thought as the air soared around him, then with a burst of reality he was encased inside a ball of force, he had a fist raised, it caused a slight dent in the ball, ten from his fist a burst of muddy brown and the force ball was encased in earth, burst of red, fire twindled around the ball, burst of blue, water snaked the other way, air was twirling into a hurricane, burst of white and black magic twiddled itself around the ball, this wasthe final attack. Even though Con couldn't see outside he knew he was decending toward the ground, hurling at the speed of light, he hit the floor with the force of a meteorite, if he had no control over his powers this could've destroyed the world, with amazing impact, the elements and magicks surrounding the force ball flashed from the ball into the ground were Con's raised hand punched the floor and with immense power everything around him cracked, sending everything flying, burning metal and broken down vehicles soaring everyhere. The foundations of surrounding buildings cracked and like their fellow came crashing down, and in between all gaps the powers that had surrounded Scott came flying upwards into the sky, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Light/Dark magic, all the while Con was protected by the force ball, Scott fell to his knee's, cut, bruised and battered, with exhaustion.

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The hero came into the battle of the first round of The Last Blade tournament like he went into everything else with focus and intensity. After pushing himself the way that Constantine had made him he would be leaving with so much more. He could hear the screams of Constantine as the metal made contact. For a second he was relieved that it had worked. From the beginning he knew that the villain was way more powerful then he was. He had a bigger arsenal and abilities than Kurrent couldn't even begin to comprehend but that would never make Kurrent hold back and as the match went on he found a new respect for Con. He was giving him a match not only to move on to the next round but one for his life and for a fighter overcoming a challenge is the best reward.

The hero began to get dizzy from the pain his body had endured. In his state he didn't notice a rock plummeting towards him. When he finally did it was too late. Con had already flipped over his head with an acrobatic movement that lead to a kick. The well placed kick forced the heroes head right into the rock which upon impact made a are laceration across Kurrent's forehead. Instantly the Electric One dropped to the ground from the pain. The cut on his head was not deep but it left a large opening. He looked over at the airborne Con in awe while a ball surrounded him. What appeared to be dueling energies began to course around the ball and it was coming down to the ground fast. When the ball hit it caused a large tremor that shook the ground vigorously and the shock wave of impact caused Kurrents body to be lifted off the ground. He spun uncontrollably in the air in awkward rotations leaving trails of blood everywhere until he landed on the ground about 50 feet away from the ball that concealed his foe.

When he finally stopped he laid their for a moment trying to regain his composure. His body was beaten to a pulp and standing up to him longer then normal.The heroes body part were not functioning as they should and the only thing that made him stand was his will. It was the only thing that was driving him at this point. While standing he shock as if he were cold and looked towards a ball of force that was protecting Constantine. He smiled to hide his pain and began to focus electricity on his right hand. A ball began to form but was quickly stopped by the Hero ferociously vomiting on the ground. Once he finished he began to breath rapidly and started the sequence again this time putting his hand over his stomach to help for the ball since his other hand was useless. When the ball was formed to adequate size he unleashed his Special K maneuver towards the ball that was covering Con that was under it. Like his opponent he too fell to his knees from ultimate exhaustion and looked to Con with nothing left thinking in his mind "May the best man win"