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The assassin who calls himself Code: Red had join a deadly tournament called the last blade tournament. Code: Red seems to be doing a big mistake since the tournament not only would give away his location but it is also believe that the leader of Veritas Inc. was involved in it. Veritas are a team of government trash that might want to take him in. but enough of that.. The thing is that Code: Red was in search for someone and it was possible that this person could be on this tournament or maybe someone who recognize him.

On his first round Red was listed to fight against a man named Rider, he was chosen to pick the location of the combat. The black dragon knew that the people in the tournament wouldn’t play fair, how did he know that? Because he was not thinking of playing fair nether. To Red it was obvious that no one could be as skilled as him but they are other threats out there, heroes, assassins that can use powers at their advantage. He was probably the only none power human in the competition. Red did not see this as a disadvantage, but as a opportunity to show everyone how skilled and dangerous he really is.

The best part of the tournament was when they let him pick the location, Code: Red chose a alleyway. At the left side of that alleyway was a two stories restaurant and at the Right there was a building construction site. The alleyway was filthy filled whit trashcans and terrible smell.. Just like home.. Red was leaning against a wall in the alley peeling a apple awaiting for his adversary, confident since the whole place was set up to give Code: Red the advantage, depending on his adversary.        

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John Wallace was in his apartment getting ready.  Recently, he had learned of a tournament taking place based on the use of weapons.  The only catch was that no firearms were allowed.  Still, it did not matter.  John was still highly-skilled with several weapons of a slightly more primitive nature.  Sure enough, countless heroes had signed up for the tournament, several villains too.  However, Wallace wondered if there was still room for an anti-hero in the midst of it all.  Who knew what could happen?  Perhaps the man known simply as the Rider would go on to actually win the competition.  All he could do was develop a strategy and try to stay alive.  There were several known names that had already made themselves known.  However, little was known about the Rider or his true origins.  Perhaps this would be a way to make a name for himself.

At the time, he was renting an apartment in Vine City and had turned it into a safe house.  There he kept all of his firearms, ammunition, knives, and other such devices of combat.  As a means of protection, he strapped on a sturdy lightweight vest of body armor for his torso.  For his primary weapon, he chose a compound bow and took along several aluminum arrows.  Each arrow contained a special type of arrowhead.  When the arrow struck its target, razor blades would extend from the side, trapping the arrow inside the victim and causing additional tearing within.  In addition, he fastened an array of throwing knives to his right leg.  This took care of all ranged attacks which Wallace would execute.  As for the heated moments of melee attack, John hung two large hunting knives from his belt, then wrapped a chain with a large grappling hook across his upper body.

Now, he was ready.  John Wallace left his apartment, mounted up on his hog, then sped off down the road towards his destination.  He had received directions telling him exactly where to go.  The meeting place for the first conflict was an alleyway in a lower end of town.  A small restaurant and a construction site were on either end of it.  However, Wallace was no fool.  He drove to a location several blocks away, left his hog, and departed on foot.  Taking his compound bow with him in a case, John used his long trench coat to conceal his other weapons.  As he was walking down the sidewalk in that lower place of town, he took care not to draw too much unnecessary attention to himself.  Finally, he looked ahead and saw the alleyway in sight.

Ducking into a small abandoned building, the Rider quickly opened the case and took out his bow.  After glancing around at the alleyway, the restaurant, and the construction site, he carefully began to plan out his strategy.  Wallace immediately began to identify places and objects which he could use to his advantage.  Quickly and quietly, he made his way across the street towards the alleyway.  John then slipped an arrow into the shaft and peered around the corner.  At the other end was his opponent, a man who had made a reputation for himself known as Code: Red.  To his surprise, the man seemed to be nonchalant.  This would most likely prove Code: Red a calm, collected, and worthy opponent.

Carefully, the Rider took in a deep breath.  Then, he made what some would call a foolish decision.  John Wallace stepped into the alley at the other side of Code: Red in plain view.  He then called out, "Code: Red!"  After all, he had to finish the formalities of the encounter fairly quick.  As he did so, he released the draw on his bow and sent an arrow spiraling through the air towards the man.

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Leaning on the wall awaiting on his challenger the black dragon awaited the arrival of his opponent.  His arsenal of knives could be seen at plain sight along whit his two beauties, two titanium black dragon knives.. Specially design by his own two hands. Having a KB-LL-95 knife on his left hand he began to carve what appeared to be letters into the apple on his right hand waiting for his enemy.

Drawing a final letter into the apple the code’s attention is drawn to the steps of a man Red shift his eyes looking at a man holding a bow. The man called out the Code name then launch a single arrow at the black dragon’s body. The ultimate human leaps twirling in the air then place the apple on the arrow’s way and lands just two feet away crouching in eagle stile position, the arrow had nail the apple to a wooden door. “Been waiting for you” states Code: Red while he stands, he looks up and down at The Rider while he walks to the center of the alley. The apple that was nailed to the wooden door had the name “Rider” written on it.

“You are not what I expected from a city infected by heroes and villains.”  Red expected The Rider look like a freak but he looked like a common man. Code: Red then crack his neck and inhales loudly then exhales preparing for the upcoming fight but also working on his memory making sure to remembers each place in were he had placed his other weapons and traps. Looking at the man once more Red then began to walk toward him.  

“Let us begin!”

Code: Red after saying this he ran at his enemy and attacked, using his fighting knowledge he tried to land a quick left hand haymaker to the man‘s face, fallowing the momentum he would twirl (360) around and try to land a right arm back elbow attack to the jaw. then again fallow up and try a left hand haymaker to the throat of The Rider. Having brass knuckles on his hands this shots could be devastating to anyone. The code: Red was a momentum fighter he does not stop chasing his opponent until they are on the ground.

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After the arrow was shot towards his opponent, Wallace had to quickly drop the bow and prepare for a deadly melee assault.  Wearing gloves with spikes along the knuckles and backs of the hands, John's fists could easily be considered a deadly force.  By now, his opponent had charged and was sprinting down the alley towards him.  A gleaming reflection from Code: Red's knuckles let the Rider know that he was wearing brass knuckles.  This made the black dragon's fists more deadly that usual.  Therefore, John would have to maintain constant vigilance in dealing with the man's fists.

Before Wallace knew it, the Code: Red was upon him.  The Rider's enhanced reflexes came into play right from the start.  Just as the black dragon was about to deliver a devastating hay maker to his face, John quickly dodged out of the way with ease.  However, a 360-degree spin from Code: Red issued a fierce elbow strike which struck Wallace square in the jaw.  With the momentum of the blow sending his body down low, another hay maker was sent directly at the Rider's throat.  However, his quickened reflexes kicked in again and saved his life.  While his body was hunched over from the blow, John Wallace was able to spin around to the right.  With his left hand laden in sturdy yet sharp spikes, John blocked the black dragon's devastating attack.  As the two metallic forces collided, the brass knuckle of Code: Red and the steel spike of the Rider, a loud clanging noise was heard.

The Rider then tucked his head in and rolled forward.  When he came up, he drew one of his large hunting knives with his right hand, then held it with the tip of the blade pointing down.  For balance and defensive purposes, Wallace held his left hand in front.  Utilizing the combat form of Krav Maga and American Commando techniques, he made his move.  With the back of the large knife against his right forearm, John Wallace stepped forward with his back foot, aimed a swift slash towards Code: Red's hip in an attempt to perform a move that would begin to cripple his opponent.  As he stepped forward for the attack, he used the momentum to pivot on that same foot, spin 360 degrees, and perform a powerful spinning heel kick to his opponent's face.  While he did so, he was utilizing his enhanced strength and speed.

When he was finished with the attack, his left leg was behind and his right leg was in front.  To put some space between himself and Code: Red, John bent his left knee and tucked it behind his body.  Then, is a smooth and swift motion, he gracefully rolled backwards on the ground and up onto his feet.  In a balanced fighting position, John Wallace stood with his knife raised, ready for anything.

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Using his combat skills and weaponry the black dragon had attack the man known as The Rider. The Rider was a interesting opponent. In other circumstances the Code: Red’s adversaries died after the first barrage of attacks, but the Rider was different. One out of three hits landed on the opponent, the back elbow had done its job but the third hit was disrupted by Wallace’s weapon.

 A loud clanging noise was heard product of their metallic weapons colliding force, the dragon’s brass knuckles and the Rider’s spike. The Rider was skilled, Code: Red was strategizing and studying each and every move made by his adversary.

Wallace was in momentum, fallowing up his attack just like the ultimate human. He rolled on out of the way and drew a very large knife and held it in reverse grip. Getting up from his latest performance The Rider then stepping forward and attack. “Unusual” Thought Code: Red. The man was attacking to the ultimate human’s hip, a attack that only the black dragon thought he would actually perform, apparently he was wrong. Having little time to react Red made the cleverest decision he could embrace. Having a full arsenal Red was aware of his black dragon knives on his hips, he used this as a advantage to protect his joins. By changing his body position the black dragon ensure the Rider’s attack to collided against Code: Red’s knife, a second clanging sound was heard from the colliding metals. The speed, awareness and reflexes of the black dragon were seen in the latest performance.

A second attack was intended by Wallace fallowing his own momentum he spun on the foot he had advance earlier and by spinning 360 degrees he was in middle of performing a spinning heel kick, this was one of the things the ultimate opportunist awaited. The rider spun and was performing his kick, at the same moment the Code: Red crouch awaiting for the perfect moment to strike, since he was crouching the kick would just fly over him, missing him.. But this was not the reason he had done it.

In the mind of Code: Red he could see many images of others who had performed the same move against him. (Photographic memory) Masters, students and other assassins intended to land this fatal kick on the black dragon but they all got the same result. While crouching, With his right hand The Code swiftly drew his right hip black dragon knife holding it firmly in reverse grip with his right hand.  The Dragon then dash at the Rider from his crouching position and performed a bladed uppercut holding his black dragon knife against his forearm he was aiming to do fatal damage. The knife would go right to his enemy’s crotch, then would be driven right up through the rider's abdomen and culminate when it hit the rider’s chin. leaving nothing more than a open bloody wound around three feet long on the Rider’s body, if it happens to work.

The black Dragon would then perform a swift capoeira handstand kick. The impact would be powerful enough to lift the Rider five inches on the air and make him slam on the pavement. 

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At that moment, the black dragon suddenly rushed towards the Wallace.  Then, with a knife of his own, Code: Red slashed upwards with a shot aimed towards Wallace's groin.  With equally matched speed and precision, the enhanced soldier was able to swiftly thrust the blade of his knife downward.  The result was the loud clang of metallic forces. Having enhanced class 20 strength, John Wallace was able to deflect his opponent's deadly assault.  Code: Red's blade slid up Wallace's and sliced into the Rider's forearm.  Although he had suffered injury, John remained calm and collected.  These two neutral parties were now engaged in a brutal knife fight.

Just then, Code: Red came again with a second attack.  This time, it was the Brazillian martial art known as Capoeria.  It was an attack that utilized graceful acrobatic movements with powerful kicking techniques, utilizing the core of one's body.  The black dragon came up and performed a handstand, followed by a powerful kick.  However, just as the kick was sent his way, John performed a diving front roll and his body passed harmlessly underneath it.  When his body snapped up into a standing postion, the Rider ran just a few short steps.  Meanwhile, he grabbed the chain coiled around his torso and held it in his left hand.

While running just a few short steps, John Wallace quickly leaped up into the air and spun 180 degrees so that he was facing him opponent.  Just as his body was twisting through the air, he uncoiled the chain and wielded it like a powerful metallic whip.  On the tip of the chain was a large hook which could be used to either grab something, or embed itself in the flesh of its target.  Utilizing his enhanced speed and strength, John swung the chain and snapped it like a whip directly towards the face of Cod: Red - before his feet ever touched the ground.  When his feet hit the ground, he was already thinking of his next set of attacks.

Looking over to his left, John Wallace saw the construction site.  Apparently, it was some type of building.  There was an arsenal of tools and equipment which would make ideal weapons.  Therefore, he took little time in quickly making his way towards the site. Going behind some canvas and making his way through the wooden framework of the structure, Wallace took on the role of the hunter now.  With the chain in his left hand and a large hunting knife in his right, the hunter was ready to finish his prey and advance to the next round of the tournament.  There in the construction site, he waited for his opponent to follow through and make the next move.

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It was a battle of speed reaction and awareness that they were having. Rider and Code: Red were not so different in those subjects, it seems the advantage that the black dragon had was his photographic memory that allowed him to have some advantage.

The previous attack by the Code was blocked and railed away, but even so it brought out some benefits. The blade slice the Rider’s forearm, Code Red saw this very beneficial. The black dragon knife was very sharp it was a butcher’s dream. It could cut through flesh by hardly even trying. In the dragon’s eyes he was winning the battle, a sore jaw, a wounded tendon in the arm, blood flowing. Yet to Code: Red this was only the beginning.

The ultimate human made a second attack hoping to finish off the Rider, a handstand capoeira kick intended to hit the Rider’s chest with such authority it would sent the Rider away, sadly it was a miss. The Rider’s reflexes and reaction timing help him escape by performing a rolling evasion. Wallace was in momentum, the Rider had leap into the air swiftly while in a 180 twirl he lay hand on his chain that he had wrapped around his waist and launch it directly to the black dragon’s face, the chain had a deadly hook at its end. The Code had just landed from his kick when he looks at the Rider it was too late, the hook had crashed into the black dragon’s helmet, the hook impact was so strong it jerked the assassin’s neck backwards making him lose balance falling flat on his back dropping his knife. “Oh, good one” Code: Red was thrown out of balance, the hook had made a ugly scar on the bulletproof helmet.

 The Code then shake his head and with his left hand felt his helmet. There was something about this Rider, Just using a hook he scars MY bulletproof helmet? Maybe he is a freak after all, one of those who look normal, thought the black dragon referring to the Rider.

The ultimate human then performed a back roll and use the impulse to stand up on his feet, he then grab the black dragon knife from the floor on his right hand. The Code then notice the man looking to the construction site, no, no No!. thought Code: Red seen that the Rider might be thinking to get to the construction site too soon. The Rider then as predicted went on the run to the construction site, Red quickly ran right after him “Damn you”  he mumble under his helmet as he ran behind the Rider holding his dragon knife on his right hand,  Red then grabs his left side multi-tools on his left hand. As for the Rider he seem like he like to run away Red was exactly the same but when it was to his advantage not to his opponent.

 The Code then began to wraps both his black dragon knives on titanium wire and placed them back on their sheath, but loose so they can be easily pick when needed. after a couple of steps he spotted the Rider awaiting for him holding his weapons on hands, Red ran to him yelling "AARGH!" He then launch three knives at the rider, headed to his chest, leg and shoulder. when the dragon was at good distance Red leap into the air and grabbed his wired left hip black dragon knife and leap on going to Wallace. then sent a straight attack stretching his right arm intended to stab the black dragon knife on Rider's chest,  while in momentum, the Code landed on his feet crouching and then spins 360 degrees on his boots using his multu-tool knife he intended to stab the blade behind the Rider's knee, then he would twirl once more and try to sweep Rider using his left leg. The Code would attack the same leg on the sweep attack hard to harm the leg and make the Rider go down. 

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Just as John Wallace had bounded into the construction site, he had seized up his compound bow once again.  While he was waiting for Code: Red to follow, he carefully fit an arrow into the shaft and drew his bow.  Just then, he heard the black dragon approaching.  At that angle, he did not have a clear shot at his target.  Across from him was a place where he would have a better shot.  However, it was fifteen feet away and he wold have to go out into the open.  That meant that Code: Red would have a fifteen-foot gap to make his move.  Gathering his strength, John Wallace quickly lunged across the way.

With his body soaring through the air, Code: Red had seen him now.  As he did so, the black dragon ran towards Wallace and sent out three precisely-aimed throwing knives.  Each knife seemed as if it were heading on a direct intercept course with a different part of John's body.  Using his enhanced reflexes, the Rider was able to dodge most of the knives midair.  However, one knife made its way directly towards his chest in a way which avoiding it was impossible.  Therefore, Wallace had no choice but to shift his bow as a shield.  The knife struck the handle and was deflected elsewhere.

Although the ordeal lasted less than two seconds, it seemed as if it had lasted longer.  John's body hit the concrete floor and slid across.  He quickly rolled to his side and up onto his feet and crouched behind a stack of two-by-four's.  Looking down, he observed the damage done to his bow.  The thrown knife of the black dragon had severely damaged the grip, compromising the bow's structural integrity and rendering it useless.  Now, it was time to resort to some unorthodox tactics.  Every single object in the construction site presented the possibility of a lethal weapon.

Gripping onto his hunting knife tightly, the Rider charged directly into the oncoming Code: Red. Suddenly, the black dragon attacked towards Wallace's chest.  With all his might, John struck the knife away with his own.  Just then, he saw Code: Red come at him with some sort of multi-functioned device.  Although the attack was aimed at the back of his knee, Wallace's reflexes kicked in and picked that leg up to avoid the nearly crippling blow.  In doing so, he was using his other leg for balance.  At that moment, Code: Red came again with leg sweep.  The attack sent John Wallace toppling to the ground.

His back slammed hard onto the ground and the black dragon was stanging directly over him.  Thinking clearly once more, the Rider immediately glanced around for something...anything.  There was a dust pan full of sawdust.  Using his superhuman speed and accuracy, John seized the dust pan and flung the sawdust towards Code: Red's face in an attempt to blind his foe temporarily.  Once done, he then performed a quick kip-up and was back on his feet and ready to fight.

About six feet behind Code: Red was a stairwell that led into a dark basement level.  It was approximately five feet wide and had a wooden guardrail built around it to prevent anyone from falling in.  That presented two things Wallace would use to his advantage.  As soon as he had regained his footing, the Rider charged his opponent head-on with unbelievable speed.  In doing so, John Wallace attempted to tackle Code: Red, crash through the wooden barrier, then plunge down into the stairwell.  It was a brutal move, but he figured it would do a lot of damage and draw the fight to an end.

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The black dragon’s attack were  mostly failures this last time, the knives and the intent to wound the Rider’s leg had fail but still to save his leg the Rider had to sacrifice his safe footing and there is were the dragon attacked. Performing a leg sweep the dragon manage to make Wallace slam on the pavement, the ultimate human then grabbed his black dragon knife and stare at it for a brief second as he spoke, “These are your last moments.”


While Red looked at the knife in mater of seconds he saw episode of his past, the dragon was in a manor. He had broken in through a window and locked the room doors. Having a gun on hands the black dragon performs a pistol whip to the man of the house. For the looks of thing around the room, the owner was a very wealthy, the man’s wife screamed hysterically at the sight of her husband been handcuff to the heater pipe by the Code. The assassin looked at the Wealthy man’s eyes and spoke, “You will watch before you die.” The Code then looked at the man’s wife and grabbed a big knife and began to chase the woman across the room. Using a knife he began to cut her, but not to kill her only to see her blood. The wealthy man struggle and struggle trying to get the cuff of him, But there was nothing he could do only to watch the woman he loved been bleed to death by the assassin. The blood loving assassin then went to the wealthy man, whit the woman’s blood all over his knife and body the assassin ask the wealthy man, “Did you enjoy that?” the assassin had turn a fancy room into a butchery.

back to himself.

Code: Red then snaps out of the memories and gets back to himself, “Where were we?” The Code speaks while he looks at the fallen Rider, the code then grabbing his knife in reverse grip, the black dragon headed to the Rider whit terrible intentions. The Rider then seem to be desperate he grabbed a dustpan filled whit sawdust and threw its contain at the Red’s face. The helmet protect Code: Red eyes but not enough it seems, still having his dragon knife on hand the Code tries to regain his sight by rubbing his eyes and dusting off his helmet, at that same moment Rider then stands on his feet and runs toward the ultimate human charging at him like a football player. The partially blinded Red is tackle by Wallace at the same moment having the Rider crashing into him Red’s instincts kick in, Code: Red quickly send a stabbing to the Rider’s lower back intended to cause impairing damages.  

The Rider  having Code: Red on his grips he charge through a wooden barrier that prevent people from falling in to a basement, Code Red tried to hold himself to the edges but the momentum dragged him along dropping his multi-tools. The black dragon rolled downstairs and slammed hard on the bottom floor.

Code: Red was growling in pain cussing at the Rider, “Damn you, you Sonovabich.” Code: Red then looks around him he puts his attention at the basement corner and he drags himself to it anyway he can while cussing at the Rider. The black dragon then sit up leaning his back against the corner, he then cracks his neck growling in pain, then he jerk his back and a loud cracking was heard, luckily his helmet and vest seem to have done their part on the fall or else his head would have been crack right open.

 Red then uses the corner to slowly stand, by leaning against it, he manage to get on his feet. Because of the darkness of the room he was not sure of the Rider’s condition. Code: Red then began to pull the titanium line that he had strapped to the black dragon knife that he use to try a stab on the Rider before they fell. Code had on his mind that by pulling the titanium cord he would have his answer, on his mind he had to outcomes, ether he would drag his knife covered on blood or the dead Rider’s body attacked to it.    
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The Rider had tackled Code: Red and the two had brutally crashed through the wooden railing, plummeting down the stairwell.  Meanwhile, the black dragon had managed to plunge the blade of his knife into the Rider's back.  In pain, the Rider landed on the ground.  Code: Red was crawling on the floor, shouting curses towards Wallace.  Slowly but surely, John got back up to his feet.  Reaching around, he pulled the knife out of his lower back.  Narrowly, it had missed causing any serious internal injuries.  Wallace looked at the blood-stained blade for a moment, then tossed it down to the ground.

He saw it then get dragged across the ground by some sort of wire.  In the corner, he saw the black dragon slowly rising to his feet.  "Time to end this...." John said.  With that, he began moving towards Code: Red.  In an instant, his skin disappeared and his skull went up in flames as he took upon himself the spirit of Vengeance.  Now, he truly was the Rider.  Interlocking his fingers, he stretched his knuckles and cracked them.  The Rider then looked at Code: Red and let out a deep and ferocious laugh.  "You're a stubborn little m@f@, aren't you?"

Suddenly, a sickening grin appeared over the Rider's face.  "Time to burn." he said.  With that, he raised his hand towards the black dragon.  Locking onto the actual soul of the ultimate human, the spirit of Vengeance used his ability to create and manipulate Hellfire.  What followed next would only be able to be described as grotesque.  Using his abilities, the Rider then attempted to literally burn Code: Red from the inside out.  While he did so, he let out a loud and terrorizing howl.  It was time to end this.

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The black dragon heard his knife clanging on the floor, it seems like the Rider was still alive. Red  pulled the knife to him by the Titanium cord that had been wrapped on the knife, he grabbed it on hand and he swiped the blade between his thumb and pointing finger, there was blood on it. The Code had already adjust his vision to the dark and was able too see enough, at the bottom of the room he saw the Rider standing up, “How are you still standing?!" Code Red shouted in amazement then added, "You should be a cripple by now" He pause then he spoke one more  "unless.. you...” Code Red looked at the Rider and at that same moment the Rider’s head then lit on fire lighting the room with his ominous flames, Wallace had shown his true colors. Code: Red saw the Rider as if he had seen the devil himself  “You are.. A freak!  I knew deep down you were one of those Vine city, FREAKS OF NATURE!” The Rider then looked at the Code and let out a sinister laugh, then he said,

"You're a stubborn little m@f@, aren't you?"

The Rider then flashing out his crowns of teeth he states “Time to burn.” Red was sighing trying to catch his breath as the devilish Rider approach him. Code: Red then grabbed his emergency syringe from one of his pockets on his hand and shout out, “You are not burning nothing bone head!” The unbreakable Code then injected a adrenaline drug into his system his body reacted like if he would be giving a electric shock all the sudden. The growling of the Code could be heard as the drug made its course through his body.

The Rider then tried to grabbed the black dragon by his shoulders but the Code was now laughing under his bulletproof helmet like psychopath, his body felt in flames but then the Black dragon shout out “I cannot allow this to happen! HE is still out there and you cannot take away my VENGENCE Rider!”  the black dragon then shout out making final stand he leap into the air performing a butterfly kick intended to hit the flame own temple. Red was now three times faster than before after his adrenaline shot. The unbreakable Code screaming out loud he closed his brass knuckle fist tightly and ran to the Rider shooting out a barrage of boxing punches at the devilish fiend,  A final attack was then performed to try and finish off The Code then twirl twice in the air and perform a aerial spinning heel kick to the Rider’s skull.

The adrenaline shot had the dragon so pump that he felt like his heart was trying to carve it self out of the Code’s chest, having no more options and feeling like if his heart was about to explode Red hold his chest and drops to the ground thinking to himself Get out of there! He crawl quickly up the stairs as he could and made it out the basement.

Holding his chest Code Red was now losing conscience he looked around and spotted a sawing table, holding his chest he went over to it and put both his hands on it and pushed it to the entrance of the basement. Code: Red then ran to the end of the alley sulking and out of breath he pulled a cloth and under it was his motorcycle. There is nothing that Code: Red hate more than running away from a fight, but his mission was not over.

Mounting his motorcycle Code Red has a last looks at the construction site and switch his motorcycle on “ This isn’t over you freak.. Next time you will be the one running away.. From me.” Code Red then Rode away on his motorcycle and vanished into the distance.     

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Hell's bounty hunter maintained a lock on the soul of Code: Red.  Now, he was going to burn him alive.  Suddenly, the black dragon grabbed a syringe and stuck it into his own body.  The result was some form of performance enhancement.  At any rate, the ultimate human now possessed thrice the power of his normal abilities.  In a display, he charged towards the Rider with a ferocious assault.  Moving at incredible speeds, Code: Red was able to land a vast array of punches to the Rider.  The blows met his body with tremendous impact and even caused him to stumble back quite a bit.

The Rider then let out a low growl, then grabbed a hold of his chain.  Holding it in both hands, he tugged at the links and immediately engulfed the metal links in Hellfire.  Then, he took the chain and attempted to swing it out and deal a crippling blow to Code: Red.  However, before he could do that, the black dragon executed a perfectly-aimed 540-degree spin kick to his flaming skull.  The blow came so powerfully that it sent the Rider's body flying to the side and crashing through a set of framework.

Quickly, the Rider made it to his feet.  Although his concentration had been interrupted, he had still managed to maintain his lock on Code: Red's soul and was continuing his deadly assault of Hellfire.  Just then, the black dragon must have sensed the direness of the situation.  Like a bat out of hell, the Code took off out of the basement.  Following his instincts, the Rider followed him to the outside.  Then, he watched as Code: Red mounted a motorcycle and rode off into the distance.  Figuring that the two would perhaps meet again someday, the Rider decided to release his spell that was cast.

This seemingly mortal human had tested the abilities of John Wallace to a tremendous level.  His body went through harsh punishment and was tested to the extreme.  For some reason, John Wallace had to tap into the spirit of Vengeance in order to prevail.  Indeed, there was something special about that opponent.  When the time was right, those two lone wanderers would meet again someday and bring about a more permanent outcome.

Two adolescents had gathered in the alleyway.  At the time, they were engaged in spray painting the walls with some graffiti.  When they looked over and saw the Rider, their jaws dropped as they beheld the monstrous entity which stood before them.  However, he chose to ignore them.  The Rider had more important matters which required his attention.  Placing his hand to his mouth, the Rider whistled loudly.  With that, his already-transformed motorcycle roared up to his side.  The Rider then mounted up on his flaming ride, then rode off in an opposite direction from that of the black dragon.  Now, it was time to begin the second round of this tournament.