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He knew it would come to this, one day his way of being a "hero"  that had been critizied  by so many would come back to bite him in the ass. The last thing he remembered was fighting a battle with his teammates from WAL. Yeah that's right WAL, Kurrent was one of them and DAMN proud of it. Now he found himself in a predicament that has become somewhat of a joke around the heroes and villains alike. He was caught and tortured beaten and bruised. It did happen a lot to him, sometimes he let himself get caught, all part of his strategy and other times he was just out classed. 
Now it was different there was no cavalry coming, no quick thinking to get him out. The man that had a plan for every situation, an exit for every scenario had to come face to face with the inevitable. He was strung up on a post in the middle of Times Square with little memory of what happened. His hands above his head and his body was numb like he had been injected with some sort paralysis serum. He had been beaten up pretty bad, but something inside of him knew that he put up one hell of a fight. 
They say your life flashes before you when you are about to die...that is exactly what was happening to The Electric Ace at the moment. Everything that has happened to him since the day he decided to become a hero was playing clearly in his head. Getting struck by lightning and deciding that he had the power to fix the things that were broken and at that time his country above all things needed to be fixed. Forming a resistance to stop the "president" and put order back into the country was his first and defining feat. He met a lot of good heroes during that time and learned to respect them . But enough about all that this is not a history lesson. A couple of great teams, teammates, a broken back, some hard fought battles and a give em hell attitude and what you see is what you get.  
In front of him he could feel the heat from a vehicle that he could start to see as it began to shimmer out of its cloak. A single door opened from the high tech flying machine and out of it came a man dressed in all black. His entire body was cover except for his mouth. He was wielding a sword that had a black blade that had a little bit of a glow to it. He walked up to Kurrent and paused for a moment. He stood still for what seemed like minutes but was only about twenty second and began to lift the sword towards Kurrent's heart. 
A group of people began to form as the sun was rising early that morning. They were all screaming aloud at the site of the beaten hero that most.....well some of them still loved. Still they were too scared to do anything while the masked man was in sight. 
The man in the mask began to move a little faster now and grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands. By now Kurrent could feel the sword piercing his skin as well as blood dripping down from his chest. The masked man held it there for a bit as if he were waiting for Kurrent to lift his head to look into his eyes. Once he did the masked man revealed himself, not by removing his mask, but by smiling with a Cheshire Cat grin.  "Gamb...."  Kurrent began to say, but was stopped as the sword plunged through his heart. his eyes opened wide and blood spewed from his mouth as the sword was pulled from his penetrated body. He could faintly hear people screaming in terror and only see his killer disappearing into his vehicle away from the scene. 
His final thoughts were not of his killer, but with the heroes and villains still in the endless chess game that he loved being a part of . Will his death be avenged? Possibly. Will the villains take this win and come at the heroes in full force? Absolutely. Will he be regarded as an icon? Always! 
New crews began to flock the scene. It would not be long before the heroes, villains and the world knew that Kurrent was no longer with them. As his last breath left his body and he thought to himself "I had a great run" .

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Streaks of rain drops slid down the jet black Mercedes as it made its way to the local police station. Flocks of people were hurrying across the sidewalks attempting to get cover from the harsh storm that had over taken the city. The weather conditions outside probably mirrored the emotion running through dozens of the individuals in this city. Many of them only a couple of hours ago had been witnesses in the brutal murder of the electrical executioner. The roles had fallen into reverse and the predator had become the prey. The car sluggishly approached its destination, as all eyes appeared to be on it. Many suspicious characters had arrived on in the area and the public had the right to be skeptical, they had just witnessed one of the greatest heroes death right before their eyes and could evade it.

The doors of the police station both shot open as water and wind entered their humble abode. Police officers were scrambling around but suddenly at the sight of the woman stood still immobilized. Her midnight leather coat slung over the white marble floor leaving streaks of water behind it. Her face from her norse down was covered with tight black spandex leaving only her eyes visible. Eventually a short and stubby police officer finally confronted her but instantly stood aside as a very significant badge was flung in his face. With in sync foot steps to the analogue clock that was right above the door way she walked through without a care. The footsteps of her high leather boots echoed off the icy walls. Her midnight blue slid over her shoulders and draped across most of her face, concealing her identity. All they could use as identification was the badge pinned to her leather jacket.

Eventually after covering many corners, and spirals of steps she came she entered a well dressed room, across from her was a chair and seated in it was a young man, fidgety with a security standing next to him. Slowly the young woman approached and was seated opposite of him, lifting above the small table between then she rested her brief case that she had been carrying the whole wile. Unlocking it she removed several sleeves of paper and then laid them flat on the table before the man’s eyes. Along with these files was a manila folder with several pictures of the gruesome scene that some civilians had taken. No official footage was recorder, because the body mysteriously had gone missing.

“So, what did you see?” Her voice was smooth, yet held a sharp tone to it as her emerald eyes started deeply into the man opposite of her. He stuttered a bit his heart rate rising as he spoke “Well….I didn’t see much. One second I was minding my own business yah know? Going to the grocery store across the street and the next…I don’t know there he was strung up on that post like some kind of animal, and that masked man, who stabbed him….I could have sworn he was going to kill us all, with the look in his eyes.” “What did his eyes look like?” She question immediately staring pensively at him, her gaze unmoving. “I don’t know, they were cold….had no color really…beside that I couldn’t make anything else out. He left too soon for anyone to really get a glimpse of him, like a ghost to be honest.”

“What about the license plate?” “Excuse me” The man questioned. “Several other witnesses said they saw a car pick up the murderer, what was its identification code?” The man stared at her in disbelief as if she had just asked him to fly to the moon and back. “I didn’t catch it…the car was down an alley away from most sight, and it skidded away from the scene.” A cold silence lingered between the two until finally she made eye contact with the guard and stated to the witness. “Thank you for your time, that is all.” With that the man and guard left, leaving her alone to ponder the exact same information she had gotten from a dozen other witnesses within the hour that the death had transpired.

With the tips of her fingers pressed together, and her elbows resting on the table she stared intently at the images taken, and some of her own that were taken after the crime, obviously the lack of the body was slightly alarming, concerning so many people had witnessed it there and then it just disappeared. Kurrent was a great man. There were only a handful of individuals that could take him on, it wasn’t a long list that was for sure but if she was going to figure out where the body was, and who apparently killed him that would make this case closed.

Sifting through one picture then another she gazed fixedly upon all the details, one thing  was known through all of this. Kurrent was pierced not just with any sword, a hand crafted antique. You could see by the way the blood fell and how it dripped from the weapon even after it was pulled from the victim. Including the mark it made on the stake as it was stabbed through the heroes heart, the blade was delicate and only a master could use it, that didn’t help her though. Of course all of Kurrents enemies were masters, skilled killers it just lead her back to a stone cold brick wall. Time was of the essence and she knew that the longer she took to figure this out the longer the clues will begin to fade with time, she needed something…anything…

Getting up from her desk she walked over to her window that ironically overlooked the crime scene. How did he do it? In front of a hundreds of people, and cops ready to be deployed, how did this masked man do it? Pressing the her palms against the glass she couldn’t help but let a tear slid down her check as moments with Kurrent flashed before her. The battles, the interactions, the KOV, yes she had engaged that man in many a battle. If only she could have gotten here sooner, before the body disappeared then maybe….possibly…she could have stopped his death. Rain continued to pour and people continued to hurry across the street like ants always busy always working. Sadly the sighting of this rain had washed away any residual scent, or any possibly evidence that could link the murder to the killer. Could it had been coincidence or had this all been planned.

Glancing around the room she noticed that no one was watching and the streets had oddly cleared with the sounds of thunder and bright flashed of lightning that pierced the overnight skies. Slowly she slid open her window letting mother nature’s full force enter her room. Taking a deep breath and in one sync motion she leapt out her body twirling as she literally leapt five stories down toward the ground. With inhuman precision she landed one leg bend, and the other’s knee flat on the concrete. Her soaked hair draped over her face like snakes as she slowly arose and walked toward town square. Her body moved like a shadow yet she oddly enough wasn’t attempting to hide. She was done with running with hiding, she was going to do something with her life, instead of lurking in the shadows.

As she approached the post that the brave hero had been strung on she could still see the blood stains that were upon it, the lashes of flesh that had been attached to it, blood had been running down the drain and streaks of it remained visible. Images flashed before her eyes of Kurrent, his body mounted on this like a common animal, worthless and alone. This was beneath him, and the culprit in charge, he would pay she’d ensure it. Kurrent didn’t deserve this. As the rain continued to pour drenching the young woman from head to toe a devious smirk appeared on her face as she glanced around to see the streets deserted.  

With one swift action two twin talons were unleashed from her fisted hands on her side as the lightning strike only inches away from her, its bright rays glinting of her twin blades and filling her eyes with energy. She would find who killed Kurrent, one way or another and she’d ensure the murders blood would be on her hands. She was Laura, she was Talon and she would solve this crime.

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She had to get anyway again; she didn’t know why but she expected to return back and join her happy family just as she had left it. That wasn’t the case the only man she could say she ever loved had moved on and even though she would never admit it; it crushed her.   Many people across the world knew of Sha’s conqueror mentality, it was something she inherited from Mighty Magneto years before, however she knew what she was and that was indeed a woman. It was hard to be seen as a conqueror and this menacing figure when her eyes filled with non-aggressive tears at night. One thing is for sure though, much like she had done with Ronin before, she would get over it and her Ninjan heart would harden.

She sat up in bed uncomfortable at 4:35 in the morning, drinking coffee, watching the News and trying to figure out what her next major move should be. Most people, not even Gambler was able to see this Sha as she never lounged around the house; she always moved with a purpose.   Yawning a deep yawn the Ninjan Queen slowly fall to sleep; she could feel the dream creeping up on her as if it had a malicious intent, no sooner than her eyes closed she wasn’t sure if she had fallen into a dream world or was reliving a point and time she had already lived before. She gazed into the nights sky The night is so pretty on earth she suddenly sensed a Presence that was new to her, It wasn’t Taki she was in the East in Japan and, it wasn’t  Terry he Was in America, It couldn’t' be Dark Angelic Reaper because this presence wasn’t evil.

It was at that moment that she stopped, these thoughts, even the exact speech she had heard them before, as a matter of fact they came from her mouth. As she glanced around the familiar desert she saw a vehicle approaching fast, it parted the night’s sky with a bright cyan wave. The whirring from the vehicle pushed her ponytail back and forth, the wind from the landing vessel sent a cool wind chill up the exposed body of the Ninjan Queen. “Conscious or not…your coming with me” she heard before the man even became apparent. “Renegade Lantern?” Sha said standing on her tippy toes trying to confirm her suscpions.

A loud screech came from behind her, as she darted around she saw a young women with blonde hair and blue eyes garbed in a blue and red shirt and skirt combination firing at the Sentry with ill regard. “That’s me?” Sha said watching as her younger self sent a barrage of untamed light constructs at the Emerald Savior. She wanted to jump in and help him at least deflect these attacks but it was almost as if she was invisible. She watched as this battle went back and forth for hours once it reached its climax the Emerald Warrior slowly began to crawl back towards his ship in defeat. The battle played out just how it did all those years ago, except for a few minor details.

Sha didn’t fly off after the fight like she had done, here and RL didn’t die; Once the blonde haired Princess left, the Raven haired Queen walked up to RL’s corpse in awe. “What is it you’re trying to show me…” she said bending down beside his body. She credited to people with saving her life, Renegade Lantern and Mighty Magneto, it was from RL that she learned how to use her powers for good, It was Magneto who showed her how to focus her powers so that they would benefit her. The wind once again picked up blowing tiny sand particles into her thighs; it stung but not as much as what she was about to see. As she extended her hand to remove RL’s mask she saw his face. “KURRENT?!” she said before waking up violently.

When she had come to, her computer and coffee was on the floor; “I need some more sleep” she said wiping the coffee off her legs. From the corner of her eyes she could see something on the TV; something that was creating a huge fuss. “Unmute” she said which prompted the TV to acknowledge her voice command.   “IT has been confirmed that Kurrent is indeed dead”. There was no initial sadness, over the course of their live Sha and Kurrent had been friends and enemies but there was a place for him in her heart. She and Kurrent had once stood for the same thing.

“I’m not going to waste my time looking for a murderer” she said knowing that one day she’ll see Kurrent again.


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Edward was running, he was running as fast as he could towards COP's HQ. Seconds came and went and cars and people where dodged as he closed down on his destination. Sprinting through reception the prince of power  continues straight to the meeting room. Stopping at the head of the table he moves his communicator to his mouth " Champions, this is Windsor there has been an event that needs are immediate attention. Since i dont have the authority to make it an offical mission iam calling an open meeting at team HQ, you have an hour  to get here for a briefing Windsor out." Sitting down at the chair at the head of the table Edward thought to himself, his head bowed as he stared lowly across the currently empty room. Sitting alone in the quiet he considered how to deliver the news some of the people in the COP's knew this man personaly, where as to Edward he was someone he was told about and  looked up to as a shinning example of his profession.
Knowing that time was growing shorter and that soon His fellow champions would be turning up Eddy begain to set up the briefing. Looking again at the pictures that he had received in an his MI6 contacts he wondered how they knew in England before he did. Where they tracking Kurrent?  his killer?. Making a note in his head Edward promised himself to pay MI6 a visit and question how they got the information they leaked to him.  The hour arrived and a collection of Champions where now present in the meeting room , it wasnt the full roster but he didnt have time to complain, it was time to get to work.  
" Fellow Champions today its my sad duty to inform you of the murder of one of our own. A Champion who was not only murdered but murdered exhibition style. His name was Kurrent or Jayden Michael Salvador, as some of you may have known him.  His death occoured in a crowded location with little care of capture in a busy peroid of the day. The death of this great hero was staged by a villian or villians who do not fear capture or retaliation. We need to bring  this killer or Killer's to justice and teach the villians of the world to once again fear and respect us. A bright light of our proffesion was extinguished  today and we cant allow a high profile hit like this go with out a responce. I have made a portfolio for each of you with all the information we currently have available.  I myself will be going to England to question the source of this information you have before you, anybody who wishes to come along follow me after this meeting. May i suggest the rest of you read your documents, learn them inside out and get yourselfs out to the crime scene and  start the hunt."
Edward looked down at the table then looked around the room at each of the champions who sat in front of him " This needs our best work , and we cant afford to waste anymore time here talking so its time we get going. Any leads  at all call them in, if someone of Kurrents experince  was taken down  the killer or killers will be a threat to any of us. Get seaching and stay safe."  Picking up his folder and walking towards the teleporter room Edward hoped that MI6 would help shed some light on the events of the day. Steeping into the pod Edward thought he heard somebody following him. Appearing outside the a secret entrance to MI6 HQ Edward stood for a second to see if he was indeed joined by a fellow champion before he headed in to start his questioning.

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"Dad if our sources are correct we should be close to the base" 
A proud father listened to the words of his eldest son, the way he spoke and presented those simple words assured the aging ninja leader, that when the time came his son could take his reigns not only as the leader of their village, but as the man Ryu sometimes believed he had failed to become. He couldn't be more proud of his family, Fibra was becoming a fine young man, and Celeste was like a breath of fresh air upon the world, so pure of heart and with a strong mind. It was very rare to find an individual of such quality, she was allot like her mother. Ryu placed his hand up and signaled for his black ops team to halt, each one was dressed in typical anbu gear, the only difference being the gear was more insulated, because on this very mission the found themselves in the arctic circle. He looked at each of them, each man offered a different skill, motivation and reason to be here. 
"Your right son, I can sense them close, OK! Fibra use your wind and Ice manipulation to move around the ice so the entrance to the base is visible. Keiso I need you to get is into that base. Once down their we stick to the plan. 3 2 man teams. Remember their is innocent lives down their, subdue them if need be, but at all costs do not harm them. We came to take down that man, and to retrieve those documents," 
As Ryu spoke he couldn't help but think that at one point in his life, leading a team was incredibly scary, the anxiety that had taken over him so many times, the fear that those around him would not respect him as a leader, and in many ways he could not blame them, because deep down Ryu was always more of a loner, but family, his people and one man changed that. Kurrent was the first man to see something in Acer, something he himself had failed to see, and he offered him not only a team, but a home to better himself as a person and as a fighter. Because of that man he met a beautiful girl and fathered two wonderful children. if anyone had made Ryu the man he was today it was Kurrent. As Acer drifted into memories of the past he picked up on his former friends energy signature, which just as quickly it was felt it vanished into nothingness. Ryu halted just as the team was ready to move. Just a single tear rolled down his eyes, that was all because he knew Kurrent would not allow him to shed any more. The rest of the group noticed that lone tear, and looked worryingly at their leader. Acer looked back with a stern expression. 
"Come on, that man would not want us to halt while their is a job to do"
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Three days after the burial:

It was a strange day. Not really war, rather sticky, the electrical charge of a thunderstorm was still tangible as a prickling on the skin and the somewhat choking sensation of thick air throat and lungs. The sun had holed up itself the last several days and even now that the tight cloud carpet had finally been broken through sol still seemed to hide somehow. Three days of rain, three days since Kurrent’s departure from this cruel world and the consequences were still incalculable.

The burial had been nice if there was something like a nice burial. A lot of pomp, women crying, men holding impressive and important speeches in their subtle but stylish suits, lots of funeral wreaths, so much they seemed to let the coffin disappear, a real orchestra to masterfully play the funeral march, even the President had been there and had lain down a single lily on the wooden box. In retrospect it seemed that every single only slightly significant and prominent person had been at this one funeral.

But it was not one of the people who had attended the interment the reporter William Shockley, commonly called Bill or Billy Shock and another more specific name, was after today. As his sneakers carried him over the still wet grass of the Arlington National Cemetery and the wind blew through his chaotic black hair and crept under the suit vest he wore over his battered T-shirt he asked himself for the thousandth time why she had not been there. Originally he had expected to spot her somewhere in the last lines where she would display that beautiful sad countenance she was known although not famous for and lay down a red rose at the end of the ceremony while a crystal clear teardrop would run down her alabaster cheek. But nothing like this had happened. Instead she had chosen a radically different approach.

The moment he saw her it hit his mind like a thunderbolt again. Like a layer of fine silk she lay beside the grave, her marble white arm draped over the curvature of the tombstone and her petite body in her trademark black attire pressed against its body. Despite the obvious signs of neglect like greasy, unkempt hair, the makeup smeared from tears and weather and the occasional stain of grave earth on her the legendary beauty that she was said to possess was still breathtaking, perhaps even more so as she showed it in a natural state now rather than being artificially enhanced. She seemingly sensed his presence and looked at him with woe filled, reddened eyes.

Those eyes. They caught him. In almost paralysis he stood there and lost himself in them. Their deeply felt melancholy held wisdom beyond her 18 years and looked as if they contained all pain and sorrow in the world. He knew her story, the endless trials and quests heaped upon her, the losses and tragedies, the pain and torture. For a moment he lost himself, if it was her beauty or if it was her special gift he could not tell. His mouth ran dry, his voice failed him, his hands trembled, even his thoughts were plunged into a maelstrom of chaos. So long he had dreamed of meeting her, the Angela Atra, the Witch Of Light, world’s most powerful empathy… Despair. But what to say now? What does one say in the presence of someone he ever wanted to cross paths with? How about

“Umm… Hello? Miss… Despair?”

“I bid you greetings as well, common propagator of the word named William Shockley.”

And as she spoke it became clear to him that for the duration of her mortal stay on earth an angel had given up her voice so that this young woman could speak. He had heard that she was trained to sing classical operas that could make people cry but only now that her lovely soprano that nevertheless was soft like silk reverberated in his ears did he comprehend this statement. She was so fantastic. Her voice was like a charm, hypnotizing, mesmerizing. A full minute of silence went by in awe while he stared at her with open mouth before he realized the oddity of her greeting.

“Wait… You… you know my name?”

“How could I not deservedly know the name of the charming young man who dedicated his whole life to the chronicling of the exploits of the most electrifying man on earth who I came to call more than a mentor, a friend even? Is that not the honorary title you were awarded with for your achievements in this tumultuous area of profession? Kurrent’s Chronicler? Sometimes also intentionally falsely written as The Kronicler?”

“Oh yes… I mean… but that is what the people call you as well.”

“Chronicler of Kurrent, Master Of Levis Tractus? I do not assume to have received this appellation rightfully as I was only fortunate enough to keep a journal while being sufficiently privileged to adventure alongside the legendary man who decided to become the hero Kurrent after accidentally being struck by a lightning.”

“Are you kidding me? You keep the perhaps most detailed account of his life ever written. You were on Veritas with him, you accompanied him to Ninjeta before its destruction and rebuilding, you even literally went to hell with him, got trapped there and he temporarily gave up his powers to save you. You spend more time in the presence of the man than anyone else and he called you his closest confidant countless times. I could only dream of recording what you know. The only reason you are not the sole occupant of this name is that you never published anything.”

“May I dare to call you an appreciated colleague then although you are too kind to me? Through my habit of banning every step I ever made on paper I also recorded the herculean deeds of the Electrical Ace but those are my subjective memories coloured through the treacherous prism of personal experiencing these epics. Furthermore I doubt that I possess the literally skill of storytelling to make this an interesting tale worth of reading. Personally I prefer the graceful and at the same time rational style that you have displayed in the newspaper day after day again and the respect that you paid this great man in the interviews he was so generous to give you exclusively. But my gift and my curse, what people blessed with normalcy call empathy, tells me this is not what you have ultimately sought me out for.”

“Yes, you are right. I thought I could not hide that from you. In all those years that I have followed him and was The Kronicler I only recorded his actions, his successes and defeats. And now that he is dead the media are full of them. The last three days have seen exactly 84 retellings of his life on various channels. And I was named in at least three fourth of them. But when I saw this cold collection of data on his life I finally realized that I may have written down everything he ever did in public but that I failed to get to know the real Kurrent, Jayden Michael Salvador. You on the opposite did. And now I beg you: Please enlighten me! I want to know him! Why are you, who knew him best of all, here instead of hunting for his killer like so many others of the hero community are?”

She sighed and as her tender breast heaved in the process he was afraid this angelic porcelain doll like being might shatter into a thousand glowing fragments and he might never get his answer. Three days ago she had set up camp here, right after the last funeral guest had left, and had persevered almost motionlessly, fasting, enduring the horrible weather, suffering, not even sleeping and showing everybody that with the burial it had not been over. A stoic monument in a death watch for a great deceased hero. For him it needed two or three eternities till her lovely nearly perfect voice resounded from her crimson lips again. With a deep breath the words fled her mouth like a confession, a testimony.

“As you have followed my wake since it began it may be unnecessary to inform you that you are not the first person to come to make a pilgrimage to me with this question but as it is significant for the ongoing of my lecture I have to stress this fact. Indeed have many people paid me a visit and I dismissed every single one of them for they did not ask the correct question. Often I was called a sphinx because of this behaviour, gynosphinx would be the correct term though this be only a side note, thanks to my ostensible erratic acting but all those who feel offended in their honour unfortunately miss the point.

Truly did I miss the ceremony in which my old companion was entombed but given my incredible predicament it was sadly not avoidable. The combined power of grief from so many people in one place plus the honestly understandable fixation of the general public would have smitten me down like a pesky insect. So I chose to pay my respect some other way because someone was endebted to do this. A multitude of good people is on the hunt for Kurrent’s murderer, even if it should prove to be the legendary King Of Kings himself his days should be counted soon. As resourceful as he has repeatedly as well as surprisingly shown himself numerous times he stands no chance of evading his justified fate once more. I do not doubt that in the least.

As impressive as this may be it distracts from one very important point. Kurrent… Jayden my have openly lived the old testament in word and deed of eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth thus becoming one of world’s best known and most popular vigilantes even going as far as working for our government for an extended period of time. It often happens that a person’s actions become more famous than their ulterior motives eventually outgrowing and overshadowing them. Unfortunate as the original cause driving them gets lost. To him the same happened. Kurrent became a monument greater than Jayden could ever have hoped to become. This was also what happened when the members of the Church Of Kurrent came to me.”

“You mean those madcaps who believe that Kurrent was the returned messiah?”

“Exactly those. With his outspoken confirmation of a violent approach Jayden was certainly everything but messianic but as it is often with very devout people they would not listen to my humbly spoken explanations. Their confession and creed speak of their great saviour to be send to earth by god the almighty to protect them from evil. In their religious blinding they insisted on making me their high priestess when they came with frankincense and myrrh and gold to me. The pure amount of everything, the smell of their fragrances, the sound of their hymns, their pure numbers, was overwhelming to my sensitive senses, made my head swirl.

But what irritated me the most was how they misunderstood his intentions, turned his life of struggle into the perverse twist of fighting for protection. No, that was not Jayden Salvador’s intention, never had been from the beginning. I assume if he had meant to do that he would have ended his life through his own hand a long time ago.”

“If that was not his intention to do all this, what was it then?”

“Listen good for I know that I seldomely express my intricate thoughts in such a simple way: To make the world a better place.”

“But where is the difference? Doesn’t protection from evil make the world better and justify fighting.”

And then suddenly there was this deep, deep sadness in her eyes again that she had shown in the start of their conversation, the same sadness that not only spoke of the loss of a best friend but also of a tragic and almost palpable disappointment. From below those incredibly blue eyes stared at him as if he had made an irredeemable mistake. What had he done? She delivered another one of her lovable sighs before she continued.

“They posed the same question in their immeasurable ignorance and asked me to bring light into the darkness of their ignorance, enlighten them like the angel I was to them, be the high priestess they intended me to be and give them their ultimate revelation. I answered their prayers. I showed them. And when I was done the Church Of Kurrent disbanded forever ashamed of their own stupidity. Hundreds of people walked away shaking heads and terribly disillusioned as if having lost their hearts. To be honest it shattered a few of my illusions about you that you as The Kronicler had to ask such a question of mundane nature that conveys a lack of real understanding of a man you obviously dedicated your life to. My responsibility to your safety and the legacy of Kurrent demands that I ask you if you really want to know.”

The tension gripped him like an iron vice. This was his one and probably final chance at insight into the life of a man he admired more than anyone else. But obviously it was not without risk. What should he do? Dare or not? Be safe in his ignorance or take that one chance he had? The thin line between success and disaster was visible before him and he balanced on it while one single word could be the step that lead in either direction. Which one to choose? Make his dream come true? Really understand the man he had dedicated his job to? In the end there could only be one answer. Reverently he whispered his answer like a prayer or secret mantra.


He did not have time to react as she did the unthinkable. She opened. Let all the barriers down she maintained with so much effort and let her empathy flood his being. Did what she normally prevented with all might just to honor her old team leader and companion. Like a flood it washed over his mind and filled it with pictures and emotions acquired through a long time of friendship with a great man. Memories tied to this feelings vividly flashed before his eyes and he got to see a side of his idol he ad never thought possible before. Pictures of how the Electrocutioner took in a traumatized mutant runaway, how he was more than a mentor to her when he listened to her and watched out that she took her medication, how he comforted her at night and held her in his strong arms when all became too much, how he read every single one of her poems and loved them, how the had long conversations that had nothing to do with the hero business over good tea many an evening, how he was more than a fighter.

Suddenly it dawned to him. Like a dawn it illuminated his soul and the difference became finally clear to him. Kurrent WAS a fighter, he applied violence to confront the villains on their turf but fighting was not his sole purpose. Protection would mean to accept that there are dangers that push us around and simply being content with fighting against them but Jayden Salvador had seen farer. He did all this in the hope that his actions would one day make the world a better place, not to settle with the existence of evil but to strive for a liberation from evil, extinguish it from people’s minds and bring a better future for everybody. Not vengeance but hope had been the centre of   his life.

And when he realized that he broke into tears. Never had he realized how much of a hero the Most Electrifying Man had been. His legs failed him and he dropped to his knees. The only hold he could find was the tombstone of the American hero who he had came here for. And wept and wept and wept. Like a stream it gushed out of him, the combined power of Despair’s enhanced emotions pressed it out of him and showed him the kindness the dead man had shown the young girl before him.

It was a short touch that brought him back to reality for a few moments. The soft feeling of Despair’s fingers on his shoulders as she passed him on her way to the exit to leave him alone with the replay of her impressions so he could experience them as his own. The only thing he saw of her while his salty tears moistened the graveyard earth was how she walked among the tombstones regally like an exiled queen who had accomplished her assignment. And she really had.

The next day The Kronicler wrote his best and most emotional article about Kurrent that even got him a Pulitzer Price afterwards...

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"Forgive me father for I have sined" these were the words of the fallen angel who now sat in confession on the oposite end mind you of what one might expect. It had been almost a month sence her last one behind the pearl gates sence then she had found herself residing on earth banished and fighting to reclaim her grace, hounor would be a more apropriate term but the rebelious angel would call it whatever she pleased. Behind the window and its cross like designs the priest stared baffeled. "Destiny why would you of all people come here, a large portion of your days in Champion City go to comunity service and of course your actions are desiphered from a voice beyond. How does an angel repent to those who pray to them." Her head fell to rest on the neting her white strands of hair parting and revealing the small tatoo'd cross which served as her mark of shame.

"If anything father I am more acountable for the sins that transpire. Every vile act is my failure to turn the mind to a rightfull path. For each loved one that passes I have failed to be alert of the suroundings." The priest seemed to shake his head and knowing his next words Requiem chose to simply continue. "You would say I put to much pressure on myself but tell me what good is a guardian angel if she fails to protect, what use lies in a angelic savior if she fails to act? The goal is to bestow hope but how dose a regected b-tch like me continue to bestow faith when I remain in exile?" In his confusion he took awhile to come with an answer but eventually came up with the cut down on swear words speach and pray to the lord routine she had heard it sevral times.

Her comunicator began to beep and so she made plans to end her discussion. "A word is nothing more then a word aside from cursing him why should one limit there speach? I must depart however sence my arival a few have died by hands mostly while with Kimmy but none the less evil or not I have slain lives and would apreaciate your prayers for my sins." Spreading her large wings and leaving in her trail dozens of milk white feathers she flew off towards the head quarters. Yet again someone had lost a life and this time it was much worse. She knew nothing of Kurrent on a personal level it was imposible not to hear of his legacy though. As she arived to the briefing she recognized a few team members and was unsure of others still being new. What took her by suprise though was that Edward was doing the briefing instead of Warkiller or to be more exact Eclipse, A mission was just that though and so her mind was made up before she had bothered to read the given information.

She stood behind the man she had worked with previously as they reached a facility of an organization Destiny assumed Ed belonged to. Her sword was almost instantaneously unsheathed as she exited the jet. Unsure of what to expect she chose being prepared over being subtle. "If they have a lead I want it to be ours one way or the other. How far do you think we will have to go to get results from your friends over hear?" Her voice was more of a whisper and subtle, she just wanted a remote resemblance to a potential plan rather than go in blind. She finished with one final question "if its not to much to ask Ed can you fill me in on his past I wish to fight the most apropriate for the departed hero."

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Standing outside the HQ of MI6 Edward hears a voice from over his shoulder. "If they have a lead I want it to be ours one way or the other. How far do you think we will have to go to get results from your friends over here?" smilling at Requiem Edward responded almost laughing " My friends in MI6 will tell me what i want to know, i have the highest clearence possible here. After all my mother is the queen, so put the sword away it will be no use to you." Destinys stance calmed and she resheathed her sword. " We may have to deal with some royal pomp and circumstance to get the information , but we wont need to use any weapons. Technically they all work for mother  and by proxi myself also. You will have to check the sword in at the arms locker whilst inside, even royalty has to abide by the rules here." Gesturing back at Destiny Edward said "After you" holding the door open for his fellow champion.  
As the team mates walked through into the reception  area Edward once again begain to speak "In responce to you other question  Kurrent was a founding member of our team. His picture hangs in the hall of champions along with the likes Andy Summers , The Lockhearts and as soon as the new team pictures are up yourself and myself. Kurrent is a member of our family by extension, hes a bigger brother, a role model and example to all of us at the COP's.  I was adviced by Mrs Lockheart when i joined the COP's to look into the history of our team, in the hopes it would inspire me. Kurrent was in my case the  person who gave me that inspiration. Have you recieved your COP's coms device yet? that will grant you access to the COP's personel files once you have you safety features installed. I would highly recomend you read up on his history. To find his killer or killers you must first know something of the man that was killed."
"Excuse me, we need to see James Ford. Its a pressing matter and i dont have time to wait"  Edward tried to sound polite and less princy than he sounded but the matter was urgent and the lady at the desk needed to know this. " Through the detector please your majesty" the receptionist said with a slight tone of sarcasm as she looked up and noticed that she was actualy talking to royalty. Walking through the detector and setting it off instantly Edward looked at the receptionist who was now slightly pink. " Sorry as you can see iam wearing my armour, in the interest of decency i will have to keep it on. " turning to his company the prince of power says " now we turn over our weapons and coms devices." Finally looking back at the still quite flushed women behind the desk  " weapons and coms devices handed over, floor 8 right? "  she simply nodded and pointed towards the lifts at the bottom of the corridor "Thanks" the champion said as they walked into the lift and selected the button marked 8. 
The two champions walked upto the big corner office marked James Ford. Before entering Edward spoke over his shoulder to Destiny " I will try to make this as quick as possible, you should probably let me do most of the talking. They wont mess me around." the Two champions walked into the office and where instantly greeted by their host " Edward Windsor  a pleasure as always your majesty and Miss Destiny i believe the newest member of the COP's"  Edward was alittle taken aback by their welcome " How do you know of my companion ? , and you know why we have come correct? "  Before James could respond however Edwards mind clicked  " You have been monitoring myself and team mates havent you?. Whos order was it? "

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Destiny got a laugh out of the statment, more out of her own amusment at her actions. She had the spitfire attitude when if she bothered to pay attention she would have realized how futile the actions were. The further on Ed went the more she realized she really needed to put more time in knowing her own team. New or not royal member of a family was a bit difficult to skip over. Sheathing the blade she continued thanking her comrad for opening the door for her. Giving Forfather an angelic relic she considered her baby but given the circumstance arguing was a piss poor idea. When in the millitary base of Britania or whatever you did what the millitary in the millitary base of Britania or whatever said. Least that was her conclusion.  

Entering the reception room her second question was answered. "In responce to you other question  Kurrent was a founding member of our team. His picture hangs in the hall of champions along with the likes Andy Summers , The Lockhearts and as soon as the new team pictures are up yourself and myself." That explained why when she watched he looked more familiar, didn't have to be a genuise to spot an important hero particularly when living in a city with mueseums dedicated to such people. "Kurrent is a member of our family by extension, he's a bigger brother, a role model and example to all of us at the COP's.  I was adviced by Mrs Lockheart when i joined the COP's to look into the history of our team, in the hopes it would inspire me. Kurrent was in my case the  person who gave me that inspiration. Have you recieved your COP's coms device yet? that will grant you access to the COP's personel files once you have you safety features installed. I would highly recomend you read up on his history. To find his killer or killers you must first know something of the man that was killed."

She looked at the device it was on her at all times she still never touched the thing. "Sorry my crash course in the hardware and history lessons hasn't happemd yet." She smiled "I'll add it to the to do list." It was at that time the two reached the main desk. Adressing the woman seemed less then pleased with the remark her words laced in sarcasm. Requiem undid her sword and its sheath as the alarm went off thanks to the armour the prince wore. Stepping through with less cause of alarm then the other she set Forfather and her comunicator on the desk as Ed said the words. With that they moved passed the blushing woman and too the lift near by.

Moving to the office with Ford's name on it the more reknown Champion spoke. "I will try to make this as quick as possible, you should probably let me do most of the talking. They wont mess me around." She shrugged she couldn't argue Prince and soldier trumped the rookie with wings no matter history in another realm. Moving into the room the two were greated off the back. "Edward Windsor a pleasure as always your majesty and Miss Destiny i believe the newest member of the COP's." An eyebrow cocked by the statment. It hadn't been to long sence joining and even less time being active in matters. " How do you know of my companion ? , and you know why we have come correct?" Her jaw opened to say the same thing but closed as Edward stole her words. "You have been monitoring myself and team mates havent you? Whos order was it?" Destiny clenched her fists in the process she wanted to hit the man even if it wasn't the wisest choice. Knowing better though the angel took a seat near by. "My advice in the future? If you want to know something ask may not have a halo over my head but I am damn near close." She brushed aside strands of hair to make sure she masked the shamefull tatoo below her eye. That said Destiny concluded to stay out of the ongoing discussion for awhile. 

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Edward Smilled as his teammate spoke in a mood simular to his own. Her combination of mulled anger and logical restraint was perfect for the situation. If the two champions began to cause a scene it would only hinder their investigation and at this point the actions of the British goverment while illegal and invasive may help them , though this offered little comfort for Edward who now realised he had brought this invasion of privacy on his friends and teammates.  "Ford what have you got on the recent slaying of Kurrent?, i need access to all your most recent files on his movements and any details on allegend movements from any threats in the same areas." Crossing his arms in his seat  " I ask this out of courtesy , i  think the restraint iam currently showing along with my friend alongside me in regards to your current intellegance operations should be duely noted. Since next time i wont ask so politely. Way i see it you owe us this information at the very least. This agency and my mother have alot to answer for." Ford's face betrayed hes annoyance at Edward and Destinys request yet he knew that it was easier to give them what they wanted rather than have to deal with the potentail issues of the COP's coming down on them and removing any data they had by force. " Ok Edward give me a few minutes and i will give you your information"
Edward turned to Destiny as Ford left the room " I know we should by all rights wipe their files on us and the COP's , but as i picked up from you earlier this is not the time we will get to the bottom of Kurrents killing first. Then you will have my full support in getting all information they have on us destroyed. Once we get this information i think we should use my flat here as a base  it would be fruitful to perhpas use somewhere the eyes of big brother may not be watching." Ford walked back through the door handing Destiny a folder with a selection of covered discs on top. " This is all we have on the movements of Kurrents last couple of months , our report on his killing and any information we could gather from scene sources and our usual means of intellegence." Fords face  meeting only briefly with Edwards or Destinys when he spoke he looked almost everywhere but at the champions as he spoke. Edward  looked at ford and repleid simply "Thank you for your cooperation. "   The wto champions stood up and left the building and ehaded for Edwards flat. 

4 hours later

"How's it going looking at the discs?, this paper work seems to be tracking alot of movement acorss the united states not much european movement at all. Weird since why would they be monitoring someone whos not in the Europian territories often just seems like its not in their intrest same with the COP's , surely its wasted man power. Unless they know something they havent told us, or we havent found yet. You seen anything irregular ? i found refrence to some CCTV footage and a car liscence plate from the scene but i dont see any photos or refrences to file locations."
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Destiny had patience like a saint, she had kept her eyes pealed like a fox as she searched the videos and documents attatched. Now after hours of labor and making attempts on gathering intell she was close to hacking the computer in half. The procedure was maddening, she could find the maker of the screw to a car she had rented out and yet not a trace of a lead. It was right about the time Destiny was going to reach for her blade when Edward spoke. "Not a single damn thing of use so far. Of all the videos and related files I have about as much information as when we started this search but twice the migrain."

It was then her fellow champion made a following attempt to come across information. It wasn't till thirty minutes in that Destiny spotted something possibly of use. The corporation they were in was not just tracking champions but almost everything they came in contact with. What she found were two phone calls with two contacts Kurrent had a run in with during past works. One of the contacts had started a car business, was a blooming industy that managed to make money on the side by serving as a chop shop. Cops couldn't do anything though do to them learning to cover their tracks ever sence geting out of prison. The other individual was tied to the black market. He was recently dealing with bio degradeable weapons. Black market tools of assassination that would deconstruct after so many hours. He had been a thug at the time but sence geting free of prison the thug had stepped up his work. Both of them had received a call from an unknown phone about two days before Kurents demise. Was a rather big stretch but was all they had to go on.

Florida's cost a beautiful beach with only the sounds of birds and the ocean to enterupt the serene silence. Most days it was likely crowded with people enjoying life for a change. Even if lacking in population though Destiny could still enjoy the tranquility of it all. she was allready going about masking her faint annoyance at having to do work instead. Not to say the job wasn't important it was simply being grounded to earth had one benefit for her and the job interviend. The two Champions moved down the side walk at a pace not to obvious of there actions yet sertainly faster then Requiem favored at the given moment. Demo Auto was a rather flashy car shop with a poor look about it. Des couldn't name any of the cars but she could tell they were remarkably fast and impressively expensive. The shop however looked exactly like where she would expect a more sleezy version of Fast and the Furious would be made. "Tell you what let me talk to this one first you can have the weapon merchant, we more likely will have to use force there. Here however Ed think I can cover the basics." A sly smile creaped across Destiny's face as she headed toward the door.

The secretary a rather atractive blond who got away with the less then formal work atire of her bathing suit and a skirt escorted the two of them towards the garage near the back. "Mr. Erez has his office up in that corner over there." The secretary remarked with scorn in tone. It was aparent her and the boss were not on the best of terms with eachother. Erez's room was up a stair way to the right and then a left that went to the oposite wall in the room. Below the catwalk the two were on was a treo of cars that seamed to be to much eye candy for her to look away from. While not a gear head the design was to captivating for her to ignore, humans were quite fasinating when not at eachothers throats. Geting back to business she opened the door to let Edward enter before doing the same.

Erez instantly went for the pager to inform security, in a fluid motion Forefather slammed through the device and desk. Destiny let the blade go stuck vertically in the table and crackling with energy. "Now that is just uncalled for Mr. Erez" the fallen angel remarked bending over and resting her elbows on the desk so she could look the criminal in the eyes. Brown eyes of a man with a really ugly scar down his cheek looked down. Destiny instantly felt wrong and wanted to revise the man's scar. Silencing her less then glorious intentions she snapped her finger to get Erez's attention. "Look you can go about your relativly mundane business for all I care I simply have two questions. Will you please cooperate?" Measuring her up again he rested his feet on the table and leaned back. Requiem looked out the window and exhaled to keep composure rather than tossing the man out and seeing if he could develop flight. "See this" she remarked seting down a paper and a few images of when the phone call had been made. "What can you tell us of this transaction." Erez pulled a vanilla onvilope from his desk and handed it to the angel. "Thats the flash drive containing all the data from the car manufacturor to the bank that wired the transaction. I was supose to burn it you'r lucky you got here when you dead gourgous."

Destiny brushed aside the comment and handed the folder over to Edward before moving on. "So where did the delivery go?" All smug apearences were tossed aside as Erez sat up and looked out the window looking as if steam was about to come out his nose and ears. "I can't tell you that without winding up dead like that hero I assume your after." Destiny would never confess to her team mate that what she was about to do was mildly enjoyed, her actions suggesting blunt hounesty and masking the annoyance at the dealer. "Because loosing your eyes is such a better alternative?" Mr. Erez after weighing the options submitted to the Champions. "Look all I can tell you is all the links were to Africa. I cant tell you where because even that was classified the car was picked up in the middle of nowhere down town. Who the f--k knows where it ended up." Destiny said thanks before giving Edward a chance to question the man. Was still virtually a dead end at the moment. Hopefully the black market on the other side of town would have the suspect they needed. A actual lead would be nice rather than vague clues.

The opposite side of town was not pretty. In fact if it wasn't for the cause Requiem might of asked to be patient and wait till later. Things needed to be quick though so here she was. The devine and her friend in installing peace in a place that smelled like sh!t. Destiny truely hated these slums, ravaged and run down. Maintance wouldn't be to hard but humans in all their splender were also lazy. Below them in an ally were two men guarding a door. Heavy assault rifles in their hands as they looked out for any sign of intrusion. "I got these two idiots if you don't mind. After that I'm back up and your back to calling the shots" Destiny stated before leaping below. The guard to her left tryed to hit her with the but of his rifle, in an upward motion she struck his elbow with open palm. Enhanced force shattered bone and a few drops of blood fell to the ground indicating bone had broken skin. In a follow up motion her elbow struck the bouncer in the nose dropping him to the pavment unconcious. Leaning back Destiny avoided the oncoming punch by the other guard. The large man was pulling back his fist for another swing when Destiny's leg snapped upward kicking the guard below the jaw line. A spirt of blood ran down his lip and cheek as he colapsed to the floor. "All you Edward welcome to the humble adobe of low life b-stards."

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Standing behind Destiny Edward watched and listened intently as she questioned the man known as Erez. Erez had the look of a man who neither feared or especially respected authority and his scar highlighted he was clearly no stranger to trouble. Edward thought about entering his mind and just seeing what dark and potentialy nasty secrets dwelled within, the history of his scar and if hes domineer was brought about by time in the big house or through general arraogance. Destiny probed at Erez her questioing was straight foward and wasted no time, Edward smilled to himself he would of taken the same approach. The champions needed to speed the tracking of Kurrents killer up, the killer will be underground already by now and if they didnt get moving fast they will just get left at the top of the rabbit hole.

Once Destiny finished her questioing Edwrad holding the envelope Erez had given them , leaned alittle towards Erez smilled and said " Thank you Mr Erez you have been very helpfull. Oh and Since this is an now an offical investigation in cooperation with MI6 i would best hope the information you have provided is the truth ,otherwise you will be hindering an official investigation. Then you will be dealing with us and the full force of her majesties special agency. And we wont knock if we have to come back."

Black market

The two champions where now standing on a roof top above the opening to the black market. Destiny hoped down off the roof in a graceful yet brutal display of skill she subdued the first guard before she even landed the second saw the hit coming but the result remained the same.Edward dropped down and walked over to the door. Bending down to one knee Edward beckons Destiny to do the same. " Due to the Hardware on these two here iam guessing a simple breach and clear could get pretty messy in there. What you think about this?. You hold the door till the count of 5 i will blaze into the room full tilt on the count of 6 you shut the door. They wont see me but i will only be able to make one pass before they realise its not the wind."

Kneeling beside Edward she listened intently to the plan and took a moment to run it through her head. The idea was fair she just had a difficulty excepting it as fool proof, after a few more moments of pause she thought of her responce. "If you rush in and grab him you may in fact pull it off especially with the speed and mental abilities at your disposal. However I have to recomend against it. If the leader of the pack goes astray people are going to notice, thats why kidnaping and assassinations are done stealthfully." In the back of her head she was insulting herself for such a statment likely using harsh words in the process. Sure it sounded logical but a person used to the frontlines had no idea about stealth and the facts showed in her facial expression. "If it were my call even though it might be a strain I would say imprint an idea into the minds of these two. The thought being that the men inside are cops or rival gangs so they act irationally. Soon enough they will get up and carry through with the mental order and from here we have a cover. They'll be to busy trying to gather evidence and leave or fighting amongst eachother that we can get there boss in the turmoil with out being noticed." She smiled competitivly curious to see which idea they would go with. "It's totally your call however, though if sh!t hits the fan either way I'm so blameing you."

Edward smiled as his fellow champion spoke, his idea was rash and he knew it. His reliance on his speed often made it his go to power for getting things done without thinking of the alternatives." Destiny your probably correct about the shock if i just pulled the guy out of there. Perhaps alittle mental play would be the smarter way to go. I wont howvever allow the d-bags to shoot themselves up though even if they do desereve it i dont want them killing each other on my head.With bullets flying all over the place the target, ourselfs and some unlucky passers buy are put in danger from stray rounds. While that is nothing new to the two of us a stray bullet could have somebody elses name on it."

"Right lets do this, i will keep the gaurds busy and draw our target man to you. Once he gets to you incapacitate him fast as you can and get him out of the building. I will deal with him from then." Edward and Destiny walked through the door Edwards mind afire with electric thoughts, his brain sending out distress calls to the men of the black market. Within seconds the fire began with Edward steering them all towards a far corner of the building.Destiny started running towards the target who was the only man running towards them, Edward having convinced the target the building was on fire. Swift as a panther Detsiny closed down her prey and swatted him hard across the side of the face making him crumble to the ground. Picking the target up she dragegd him free of the building as Edward continued his great mental orchestra , the grand finale came as the Champion pushed the image of a collapasing roof into the heads on the remaning twenty gun runners and theifs and then turned and ran out after Destiny.

Question Time

"Hello Mr Cruz, we hear you may have some information we will find very helpful. Depending on how helpfull you are to us will alter how helpfull i am to you. As you can see we are quite high up and in order to stay here and not to see just how long a fall it would be you of going to tell us exactly what we want to know. No stalling , no lieing and no hostility otherwise you get to see the quality of the Cities paving system close up. Do you understand me?. Destiny You question him for now ". Edward gestures at his head with his free hand. Probbing into the mind of Mr Cruz Edward now waits to read the truth of the mans statements as hangs perilously from the end of his arm.

"Do to more pressing matters I plan to keep this quick and easy." Requiem grined as she kneeled down to look the man in the eyes. Holding people upside down was not usually a tactic she went for but it was starting to grow on her one team member held the person in a perfect threat while the other possed the questioning. "This is what three four stories?" She looked to Ed and then the victim in question awaiting an answer before continueing. "See thats a reasonable hight did you know you're likely to survive it? Granted some bones will be broken and maybe unrepairable the fall though you could live." The man shook his head and used a sequence of swears to mask his concern. If he knew Destiny he would have cought the bluff but blood rushing to the head as you hang over a paved ally way made poker faces hard to read. "I've picked up on a lead on Kurrents death the lead pointed to you." If eyes on one man could look like those of a fly the time was now. Acused of murder the man began to beg for mercy and state that it wasn;t him. "I no you didn't look at you way you react I have more faith in you being Joan Arc reincarnate than the killer where after. You did sell weapons to him though didn't you?"

In effort to run a legitimant business, what ever that is for a crime boss he refused being an acomplace. A sharp jab to his ribs however had him finally singing for the two champions. "Look the only call I got before that day of notice was by an unknown number." Playing as if that was a surprise Destiny asked him to go on. " We were told to send three shipments two were decoys nobody but me and the buyer knew. All the cash was going to be up front by his men I got no name or extra info. We were paid an extra fifty percent on every item just to keep it as low key as possible." Finally they were geting some where Requiem thought to herself before she asked her last question. "So where exactly was the drop put us as close to the man where after and maybe I wont toss you into the air just to see if I can make the drop fatal." A final threat insured the destination was spilt. "Utopia, or Genosha or something. F--k that place where things started to look up in that damn country..thats where the drop was I swear to you." Requiem got off her knees and looked to Edward indicating she was done.

Edward looking rather pleased with Detsinys extraction of information looked down at the man at the end of his arm, he concentrated then lossend the grip of his hand, leaving the man now floating weightlessly. Bending down himself to Cruz's level Edward said " Genosha you say ,youve been very helpfull good night mr Cruz" the word SLEEP hits Mr Cruzs brain like a sledgehammer and he falls into a deep sleep. Edward places him down on the roof top turns to Destiny and says " Looks like we get some more air miles"

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Destiny had the urge to just let the man drop to hi humans death. By the looks of it he really didn't deserve anything diffrent. It was however in their nature to give chancess after chances because though it seemed like it could take a hundred yerars humans could infact change. Like the others even this skum bag diserved a chance and so Requiem stayed her hand and let Edward send him off. After a few minutes Requiem found herself back to the head quarters of the miliraristic party Ed was or at least used to be apart of. Thanks to her fellow Champion's status geting the crew and jet needed wasn't all that dificult. In hindsight the teleportation system was faster but it lacked a few things. The trip over allowed the clues and information to all fall into place. With that also came the chance to let tension settle down, over the past few hours it was obvious that their dedication and fanatics about the job was great other than the risk it posed of violent outbirsts. One of them losing their cool she pictured as bad but both was ugly at best. Lastly it was just easier to her, flight was plesant to the angel. Disasembling and reasembling to apear miles away from the starting location however made her uneasy. Curently they were on the coast of Africa. Reports said that this small group of shacks and garages housed a small time militia. Following Affrica becoming a stable place pocket armies good or bad lost their importance. From here some joined the Nations military while the majority formed a singular body. This body scattered across the red sands and numbering in the thousands worked as a versatile list of things. From hired guns to drug trafic to open raids and everything that falls into these catagories. Ed and Destiny were not exactly taken aback by this release of information. They still couldn't piece together who was in charge though, was time to get to the next place and get some questions answered. Geting out of her seat The first of the Saints of Ion moved to the back. The opening had recently gone down sence in a few minutes they would be above the base of operations. The plan was to air drop outside the compound and then the champions and a few others would stage an assault. Requiem however saw way to end it quicker. Looking over the ledge the angel smiled as wind rushed across her face. "Do me a favor and remind us what where fighting for will you?" Requiem yelled over the wind to Edward, moral always had importance in these moments the best way to instill such was by motive as to why one fights. Once Edward had made his responce Destiny gave a salute before falling backwards. Keeping her arms and legs closed she plumeted to the ground. Her white hair whipped across her face as she looked down. Landing on a roof from a mile above the earth was far from simple. Landing however was simply fun and exilerating this was part of why she volunteered to leap out of a plane the way she had. Soon enough the roof of the compound was the only thing to fill her sight. The sun dancing across the faded colored metal made it clear this wasn't part of Geonosha. Though still in construction the city was consisting of the best of human enginering. Large sky scrapers the popular centers of commerce and the like. This building on the outskirts was still the shaby materials of Africa's bloody past. Steel roofing made of sevral pieces of medal pieced together. The walls were all made of the sturdy old wood that though they smelled rotten were still strong enough to hold the place together. Some scatterd remains of the metal used for the roof or plucked from raids were added on to make it more defendable. All in all it was jury riged infastructure at its best. Meaning it looked like crap smelled like crap but could take alot of crap. Least that was how Requiem saw it, Wasn't going to be much of a loss when it was assaulted far as the fallen angel was concerned. Fliping in the air at the last minute and a quick flap of her wings made her landing possible. Metal and wood bursted apart as she dropped in on the workers. Light reflecting of teathers as her blade was unsheathed and a fighting stance was made. The dark dingy rooms only real source of light being the gaping whole and scattered lamps. What was it with these people and piss poor lighting was the main thought in the angel's mind as she surveyed her suroundings. There were crates upon crates of weapons stolen goods and well that was about it. Was a warehouse for a dying breed in this country what more was to be expected. As guns raised towards her she began to put herself into motion, relying souly on the teachings she had picked up over the hundred plus years of this kind of thing. It was her task to distract the militia and drop as many as she could so that the team could enter with no issue. With any luck this leader would lead them to the murderer. It was a heroes job to die for the people but Kurent hadn't even been given that. He was killed before those he tried to help striped of any glory to be executed like a criminal. In the scripture's it said an eye for an eye Requiem a fallen angel who still held to the ideals of one demanded such penance paid in full.