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Over the early time periods in the Americas, the Natives of the land were prosperous. They lived simple lives, going to war with rival tribes on occasion. Then came the men of the East, who claimed the land as their own. Hundreds of atrocities occurred over these centuries. The Natives called for aid, but felt nothing. Centuries later, the spirit of these lands gave them the aid they sought. He gave them new bodies and rescued their spirits. He gave them a new land, and vowed to protect it from others who would seek to rule it. This land is owned by none and it's bounty is only that of those who make home here. Those who died for it. The spirit asks nothing in return, for it is his duty. They are his people.

New Land

This small land mass is located deep within the pacific ocean. Every species of life their are only those that would be found the the Americas before the explorers, and then the colonizers, came. The reborn who make this land their home are from many a tribe, but are united and no longer battle each other. They have seen and felt death, and wish it away. They are immortals, and they are more powerful than they once were. The spirit does not rule over this land, rather protects it. He hopes these men and women reborn will become what they were they could of been, what they were meant to be, and he will make sure that no one interferes with that dream.


This is an entirely new land, created cannonly around 1990. It is not well known as of yet, only a few nations or empires have general information on it. This thread is free to RPG in if you have proper reasoning for your character to know of this land or, in the least, accidentally discover it. This thread will eventually be updated thoroughly, and as time goes by. Any questions or concerns? Just post them.

P.S. due to the post limit, I will be using my main account (_Punk_) to RPG as my character here.
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The night sky hangs over the land, revealing the fires of the tribes as they sat around them. On the coast, a single fire burns, and next to it the spirit sits. He chants, hands over the flame, a word of luck.

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