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The former Black Pawn of the HFC, Catalina Liafador, threatened to attack Venezuela with a powerful bio weapon. Her attack was deterred by the Supreme Chancellor; for unknown reasons he rewarded her with the Southern Half of Venezuela.

In only a few short hours, the renegade Liafador focused her bio attack on the cleansing of Southern Venezuela. The mutant populace was decreased significantly.Her purge was not without controversy, she lost her ally Kari to Mercy; and nearly lost her life in an encounter with Spectrion.

Now, aided in the reconstruction phase by Animus Corp, The "Malika" (Queen) has shifted her focus, and resources to the reconstruction of a mutant-free land, called Eden.

Malagos and Catalana

The Twin Cities of Malagos and Catalana, serve as the Capitol of Eden; both cities sit on the Orinoco river, across from neighboring Columbia. Due to lingering rebel forces, these two cities are completely walled off and are protected by the "Missionaries". The intricate design for both innovative cities is a detailed Six circle maze, with dozens of boroughs all culminating to the "Eye", Catalina's Imperial Palace.

Malagos and Catalana are solely dependent on one another; the Catalans farm inside the city walls and transport goods to the "True Capital", of Malagos. The Malagans produce the energy that both cities use and is home to the congressional buildings The river serves as a power source for all commerce within the two cities. Despite Columbia's dependence on the river, Cat has threatened to contaminate it if need be. The Sewer systems fill with water every hour, this is to deter any would be rebels from taking to the sewer system as a means for escape.

Malagos and Catalana are under strict surveillance constantly; being the host cities of Catalina, her face is plastered across these cites. Catalina's birthday is considered a national holiday, and is a time which Eden wil celebrate the birth of their Malika.

Malagos is dedicated to the Liafador family, which originates in Malaga, Spain. There is a national museum dedicated to the family; however it omits Ziccarra, and Catalina's sister Isis.


Dedicated to those who perished after the nuclear explosion, the City of Futura is a symbol of hope to the rest of the world. In her Inaugural address, Catalina promised to restore Eden's economy. The structure of Futura is oddly symbolic, The wealthy work high in the fancy buildings, while the lower class; work in the "belly". Futura experiences frequent rebel activity. Because the police force wear moral restricting gear; innocent people die everyday in Futura.

Futura produces the chemical and biological weapons, Cat's known to use in combat. Because of her willingness to produce them; she is able to sell these secrets abroad.

The Mass transit system features a high tech bullet train system, the train runs purely on magnetic energies to move north and south. East and West through rail travel; plans for a hydrogen based travel method have been introduced at the Animus Expo.

Universe City

University City is the “Mecca” for all collegiate students. Downtown there are a huge collection of colleges: rival colleges, Ivy League schools, as well as gender specific schools. In the middle of the downtown night life, University city comes a live with football games and night life clubbing. The Eden Knight's Soccer team also play professional futbol games here.

Located on the outside of the city, the “Place de la Révolution” is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati designs in existence: a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world. The symbolic meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim and elitist ideology and seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist’s claims: the world is lead by a secret cabal named the Illuminati.

College students migrate here as freshmen to learn their focus, Catalina randomizes their focus via a Radio Frequency Chip. Students who fail their assigned focus are deposited in the under belly of Futura or killed.

The Citizens

Thanks to Animus Corp, the people of Eden are sterile; this is due to the Nanites used to clean the Bio-chemicals from the air; Another product of Animus tech, is recycled dna. The recycled DNA program takes tissue from the dead, and recycles them into total obedient "sub-people". Sub-peoples' veins are made of plastics that evolve themselves to carry blood for sustenance and greater flow to work longer, muscles made of high tinsel fibers to make them stronger, faster. minds using Quantum components that can retain massive wealth of information This process has proved successful in slowly repopulating the Nation.

Another way is via "The Birthing Complex", The same way DNA is recycled in the Sub- people, However the children are grown from the dirt like vegetables. This allows a "Complex child" to grow with his or her own memories; but with a "Militant Mode". Militant mode turns every "Complex child" into a soldier with the press of a button.

Complex children are given to the sub-people; by Catalina. Having a child is considered a high honor; and is a tactic Cat uses to brainwash her people. Both are brought up believing that Eden is the only land worth living in.

The Rebels

Because of the dense nature of the Amazon Forest. Rebels (Those who weren't killed by the purge, but depowered by the bio-weapon) run operations in and out of the forest. There are smaller sects in Futura, and Universe City, but the bulk of the Venezuelan rebels live here. The rebels will use any means necessary to destroy the workings of Eden; but they tend to fall victim to the chemical weapons Cat employs.

The servants are very few people, living in Eden, that did not join the rebels, but survived the purge. They maintain free thought, and know of the outside world; unlike the Sup-people, and the complex children.

The Missionaries

The standing army of Eden, are the people of Eden (even though they don't know it), the Missionaries are an all female assault squad, that were programmed to hunt and kill on command. They are shipped in via Columbia, and typically have a foggy past. The missionaries can be likened to Quintus Knightfall's shadow Cardinals; as they all use the dark force.

The missionaries are also crafted with Animus Corp Orkanics, they develop battle strategies and strike patterns depending on their opponent. They are also a force that get tougher collectively.

The missionaries, will kill anyone

  • Walking on grass
  • Out past curfew hours
  • Identified to be a rebel
  • Video taping police actions
  • Under order of Catalina


  • Sell the missionaries, they're merely assassins with Darkness energy. (Think Noob Saibot). The more of them you manage to piss off, the harder it gets to defeat them.
  • Do not destroy my cities without asking.
  • Sell the "Sub-people and "Complex Children", they don't know anything about the world; teaching them anything that's against Catalina's will; will mark them for death.
  • You can aid the rebels in Futura and the Amazon; but just know all information flow in Eden is provided by Animus Corp. So we will find you.
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Beautifully written all round, highly enjoyable. Well done :)

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Kill anyone walking on grass. I chuckled. >.>

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I would like to worship at the altar of Sha

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What's the rule on rolling around in grass its not walking

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I want those Shadow Cardinals.

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It's on.

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@gambler: You used to own the Shadow Cardinals lol

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I want to do something with Mercy here.

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I wanna play in the grass.
Alright,who here has the guts to roll in the grass with me?

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@shanana: This is beautifully written but sick and extremely dark when you think about all of it. Have you ever read Brave New World? Because reading this I get that sense a "perfect" utopia sense filled with people who are sterile, a cast system for the working people, the only thing it's missing is the drug soma.

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Woa when did this pop up?

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@ragman1138: 23 hours 48 minutes ago. wanna go play on the Grass Victor does!

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@kidman560: Sure why not. Lets fight wail were at it

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@catalina_liafador Theres no like,going into Eden process right?
We can just like...walk in?
(I ask because Eden is a crazy whacked place.)

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@ragman1138: (sure ill bring in Victor) Victor came flying in. he had heard of this place and was very interested in how this "Eden" was being managed. when he saw the rules no walking on the grass he thought "an obstacle easily overcome by me" he started walking "Density control" and started hovering above the grass!

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@kidman560: Leon simply hovered above the grass using his vampire like abilities

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@ragman1138: "i see you also have the necessity to break or bend the rules! i am Victor"

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@kidman560: Leon stared unblinkingly at him with his ice blue eyes. "I'm leon and i never really did have much of a tendency to follow rules

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@ragman1138: "your aurora there is something wrong with it, it is demonic in nature, i dont think you are a friend" he said in his Robotic voice. he unleashed a Solar beam lighting the grass in a circle around Leon on fire!"

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@kidman560: Leon landed in the middle of the fire ring as his dark aura emitted from his body. "I don't take sides, i'm on my own side." The temperature dropped 20 degreese

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@ragman1138: "Density control" he increased his weight to 20 lbs, and then said "well then why are you here"

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@kidman560: Leon just hovered above the grass. "Because i can be...what about you?"

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@ragman1138: "i came to see how this perfect "Eden" was being run and so far i am not impressed he said he landed on the grass!

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@kidman560: Leon to landed on the grass except he didn't even make the smallest sound when he landed. "You don't seem like much impresses you to begin with so thats not surprising at all is it."

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@ragman1138: "i am in a quest to become more Human, this society breaks every form of natural human law!"

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@kidman560: You're telling me." Leon stats wail he just silently stares at victor. "This world changes more and more each day."

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@ragman1138: "so what brings you to Eden" it was leons voice but Victor said it!

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@kidman560: Leon didn't seem the least bit fazed. "I'm the master of the mind games..simple voice recreation won't be enough."

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@ragman1138: suddenly holograms appeared each with a different voice "who said anything about simple" his sun jewel was constantly absorbing sun rays to convert to energy!

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@kidman560: Leon looked at the jewel. "Solar rays huh?" Leon said wail It seemed to get darker and darker

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@ragman1138: good news is like plants any solar rays will charge me and as it just means reserve power may be necessary. "Density control" he became 0 lbs and started to float above the darkness to regain full charge, he then came back down 8 minutes later and said "full recharge complete,i should be able to last for 12 hours at maximum and constant use of my powers" he said "lets begin this battle" he shot a sun beam at Leon!

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@kidman560: Leon vanished into smoke as the beam hit. He then reappears behind and causes the sky to become cloudy and rainy wail at the same time, blasting black fire from his mouth at Victor

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@ragman1138: "density control" he made him self weightless and disappeared below the ground!

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@kidman560: Leon tracked The Android underground and just waited for him to get back to the surface

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@ragman1138: one of victor appeared than another and another "witch one of us is real"

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@kidman560: Leon scanned all the victors "We'll find out. i doubt any of you are real and the real one is still down below." Leon blasted more black fire in all directions and down below the ground

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@ragman1138: "ah clever but no i am the real one." he came behind and attempted to phase his arm inside Leon and make his arm solid!

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@kidman560: Leon's ear twitched as he heard and spiraled out of the way and threw a kick at Victors head. "So close but not quite enough."