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The stench is of a sterile environment.

You awake on an operateing table.


No memory of how you got there.

There are strange scars on you body.

Your powers are weakened,

e.g if you have fire you only have enough to light a match.

There are clocks everywhere.

There is no one anywhere.

But the question is where?

These are the guide lines you have to play buy. The time is very important,

no one can go past twelve o'clock.

Take your time, dotn just find cloths in a wardrobe by the table, i want atmosphere good writing. This is somewhat a survival story depending on how you play you may get through, depending that is.

I will not tell you how this is going to go, sa it makes it more realistic.

I'd prefer if you didnt interact with any other Vine user for one or two posts, adds to the over al effect.

Action will come, but not immeadeately.

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Darkness...slowly turning to light. It was all blurry at first. But, as Cryo came to, it all became clear. The cold metal table beneath him radiated cold, which seemed to awaken him. Everything felt like an operating room, inculding the giant light blaring down on him. What happened? How did I get here? These questions raced through his head constanly as he sat up. He looked down at his hands, and could see scratches and marks on his brown fur.

He patted his cheat, and there were marks there too. How could all of this happen? What exactly was going on? He hopped off he table and his feet hit the cold tile. He wobbled a bit, most likely from being knocked out. He looked around, his senses acutely tuned to take in everything. There were clocks everywhere, kind of odd for an operating room. Medical utensils lay scatter on tables, and there was a sink nearby, stained with blood. Cryo almost gagged at the site. What was done to him?

He then finally realized by the draft against his fur that he was naked. His hands immediately shot over his privates, not knowing whether anyone was watching, whether this was indeed some sick game. First, something was done to him, and now, he was naked. The day kept getting better and better. Cryo rept for a pair of swinging doors and peered out into a long hallway, lights flickering every now and then.

"Either I'm dreaming, or this place came straight from a horror movie."

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Spectrums face lay flat on the ground. His limbs were stiff. The was a rasp of metal on metal as he slid his hands up and rolled himself onto his side. He was panting. Looking at his wrist he saw his energy bar. IT blincked red meaning he needed a snack. His cloaking device had somehow stopped working, probably the suit trying to matain energy levels.

He sat up against a hard rod like thing. turning he saw it was the leg of a table, metalic like the floor.

Hoisting himself up he stood. He swayed for a moment, rush of plasma to his head. He could see the entire room now. It was cold and to no suprise, metalic. The walls were bare, no cupboards or shelves. Turning around he noticed a door. It was made out of a different substance then the walls, not quite metal but very like it. He aproached the door now. For the first time letting go of the table. He wobbled but then regained his balence. On closer inspection there was no handle or nob, not even a key hole.

Spectrum turned around againn to face he indie of the room. There were clocks in eac h of the four corners. Each exactly the same time, to the very second. He stepped back to the table. There were four exactly round pellets lying on the table. He looked againn.

"They werent there when I..." He mumbled his voice was harsh and robotic, againn the suit trying to mantain life support.

He looked around the room againn. It was cold. Quiet too. Except the four simultamius, tick tick tick tick, tock tock tock tock.

Tick tick tick tick, tock tock tock tock.

Tick tick tick tick, tock tock tock tock.

Tick tick tick tick, tock tock tock tock.

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Copy woke up on a hard bed and looked around and saw knifes and clocks everywhere. He felt his chest and and there were scars all over him and he thought to himself

how are there scars on me my healing factor should have healed me

then he realized that he was naked and tried to access his green lantern power to give him clothes but it was to weak then he got up and looked around the room and he was all dizzey he could barely stand up and then he kept hearing the sound over and over

tick tock tick tock

then he realized what this room remind him of. It reminded him of tha t movie saw and he said under his voice

oh no oh no please please tell i'm just dreaming

he actual started crying of fear then he wiped his tears and started looking around

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The light over Daywalker was humming,it was the heat of the bright white light that awakened him though.His eyes opened slowly,when he realized his surroundings it terrified him,it brought back painful memeories.The operating table laid next to him,all sorts of odd scaples with dried up blood.The look on his face became more pale he was naked and the scars on his body looked as if he had been disected and restiched.

He threw himself of off the table and quickly stood back up,the clocks on the wall were ticking,a sound that drove him crazy.The hour he spent in the room was lookin for a way out,obviously it was made not to be found,but he found it.The door blended in with the rest of the room it was inbetween the clocks,as he opened it,it led to a hall with lights that flickered on and off.He made his way out choosing the direction to go.

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Spectrum ran his hand over the smooth walls. His feet clanked on the hard floor. The red fuel gauge on his wrist stopped blinking and instead began to let out a high pitched hum. He was low on energy dangerously low.

He leaned against the table panting. The suit was shutting down. He would die if he di not get an energy source quickly. The irony was that he didnt have enough strength to break the leg of the table of to use that. His wrist slipped from under him and he fell to the ground hitting his arm off the table. It rang out loud aroun d the small room. He lay there helpless.

There was a rolling noise. One of the small pellets on the table rolled off and landed on his chest. the force was astonishing. He had expected it to bounce off and roll off of him but it didn it stayed were it was. Spectrum could feel how heavy it was, how dense it was.

Using the last reminents of his strength he moved his hand onto the pellet. It sank into it. The gauge on hi wrist began to refill with coulr from red to yellow.

He stood to hi feet now, able to think clearly now. He spoke outloud,

"Who ever put me here didnt want me to starve." But they did want to contain me. Moving his hand over the wall againn. The put his hand up against it ready to break through it by asobing the matter. A black slim ozzed from the port in his palm.

Looking closer, it all made sense to him now.

"The pellets are lead which means i cant use my powers because they are gamma radiation based. To get rid of the lead i need to waste all myenergy. But if i do that ill starve myself and essentaily die."

He turned to the table in rage. picking up one ot the tiny pellets,

"Oh the irony."

He clenched it in his fist. The clocks still ticking.