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Wicked stood there, looking at her surroundings for battle. A black & white realm, topsy-turvy, stair cases that lead to nowhere, and everywhere at the same time. Up was down, right was left, in was out, and backwards was forwards. Doors that lead to more doors. Portals and tunnels that trap you in a vortex of memories, it was too easy to lose one's self in this realm. She sat on a small hovering disc, waiting for her opponent.

Time: Unknown

Weather: Anything and everything

Location: Alternate realm

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Gambler stood atop a winding staircase leading to nowhere. He was trapped inside a world he couldn't possibly understand and even as he stood there the world seemed upside down, yet in other areas it was rightside up. The normal laws of psychics had no place here nor did reason or logic. Looking around the Cajun jumped up and while in mid flight the realm seemingly shifted and he was falling down. He flipped himself over at the last minute landing in a crouched position. He had never fought in a world such as this where the mind was as lethal of a weapon as a blade or gun.

As he started to walk forward it looked as if he was instead, walking backwards. This would truly be a test of not only Gambler's wits and acrobatic prowess, but of his mental abilities as well.

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As she sat there waiting for her opponent, her mind started racing with energy, which automatically raised the disc she had placed herself on. Before she could get a chance to control her thoughts, she began to hear footsteps in the distance. The time was coming, and she was ready. She jumped off her hovering disc, and began to creep up a nearby staircase, she curled her knuckles and created a small blade of pure magic. As the footsteps got closer and closer, her mind started racing with possiblities for success.

Alright pull yourself together She thought

An adorable smile moved onto her face, as her twisted little mind conjured up a plan. She held her hand out, and summoned a small rock. With one small toss, the rock jumped out of her hand, and rolled down the rest of the stairs. The sound bounced off each step, and gave away her current location. She took in a deep breath, and teleported away from the stairs.

Even something as simple as teleportation became a chore in this realm, She traveled through a vortex of light and magic, windows of locations in the universe showing every so often. Finally, the window she'd been waiting for had arrived. She pushed closer toward it, then jumped out of the mystical tunnel. There he was right in front of her, with his back toward her, she had hoped the rock would distract him long enough for her to attack.

The small blade in her hand, increased tremendously in size, becoming a full fledged sword. She snuck closer and closer to him, until her blade was in reaching distance, and then she attacked. She hacked and slashed over and over again, aiming at his arms, his legs, his stomach, and his neck. Because of the swords magical composition, each strike carried a different effect. Some would burn, some would feel ice cold, others could infect his blood with a disease only known by the highest level of witches, each strike becoming more deadly than the next.

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Gambler was still in the midst of gathering his composure when he heard a faint shuffle off to the side. As he turned to look, the devilish temptresses Wicked attacked from behind. On Earth her powers where equal to any magic user, yet here, on this plane of existence, she was omnipotent. Using one of many teleportation tunnels she appeared behind the unsuspecting Cajun and launched into a series of hacks and slashes.

The subtle shift in the wind caused Gambler to whirl around just in time to see the first fiery slash coming. While still standing the King of Kings bent backwards defying gravity as his upperbody was now parallel to the ground. He could feel the heat from the magical sword as it passed by over the top of his matrix like pose. However Wicked was quite adapt at handling the blade and with a quick reversal slash she was able to slice into the Fraternity member’s arm causing it to freeze immediately.

Again the mentally challenging astro plane began to shift and the never ending series of staircases started to rotate once again. Over head a circular disk with multiple colors started to form. Gambler took the opportunity to jump into a handstand just as the staircase turned upside down, dropping him into the portal and then spitting him out upside down underneath the staircase that Wicked was now standing on. It took the Cajun a second or two to adjust his bearings  but he soon realized where he was and acted upon it. Taking out several cards and charging them with kinetic energy, he pushed off the stairs and actually shot downwards. While he fell he launched the deadly projectiles at the staircase before flipping himself over and landing in a crouched position.

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While she threws attacks with her blade, he dodged some but was it by the freezing slash. The blood in his arm would only get colder and colder, his nerves dying from the extreme coolness. Her eyes darkened, when the realm started to change yet again. She looked around as it continued to morph, but lost her target in the process.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" She teased

She heard a small noise somewhere near her, but she didn't exactly know where. She put her hand down on the staircase as waves of psychic energy traveled up and down the walls and staircases of the universe. Just as she sensed where the so called "King" was, the ground under her, exploded. The blast took her high into the air, until she reached a single floating board. Out of her own will she stuck to the board with her TK, she hung there by her legs as she looked down at the blast area.

"That is seriously unacceptable!" She yelled

In one quick movement she released herself from the conveniently located life-saver, and began her dive toward the staircase. On her way down, she began to charge an orb of mysticism. The pink globe grew bigger and bigger, as she got closer to the blast zone, she stretched her legs into the splits, to catch herself once she reached her location. Finally, she was there, she braced herself for the impact, and she finally landed. Her legs stretched across the two solid areas of the staircase, and her slim body slid through the destroyed area. She look one way and saw nothing, but when she looked the other way she saw her target. She pushed the orb of energ toward him, as it extended into a large blast.