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Back in the Summer of '93...


New York City gained a faithful protector in 1993, when a scrawny young student by the name of Guy Geller was caught in the blast of an exploding fusion reactor and transformed into the incredibly powerful (though unimaginatively named) hero: Giga-Guy. Yet even with his great power, Guy knew that the world was changing and that he couldn't do it all on his own. He formed a team, the Justice Brigade, out of the other heroes he had encountered, in order to present a unified front of heroes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This team is a part of my character's backstory, but whenever I've referred to them in the past I've kept things intentionally vague. I thought it'd be fun to invite other people into the team, so the invitation is open to you guys! What I'm hoping for is a series of RPGs set across ten years, from 1993 to 2003, telling the story of this team from its creation to eventual dissolution. So, you'd need to either create a hero who would be active during that time, or use one you already have that fits into that timeline. Obviously your character doesn't have to be a member during that entire period, but the first one will take place in July of 1993 (and going by my track record this may not make it past the first one anyway, haha) so that's the only important date for the moment.

Everything this team does is a part of CvNU history, this is not an alternate timeline or anything like that, and if you want to bring your Brigadier into the present CvNU continuity then that's totally cool. However, given that this takes place in the canon, we should probably refrain from doing anything too crazy.

We are literally making history here. Whether the Justice Brigade ends up being looked back on by other characters as the definitive hero team of its era or an absolute failure is up to you guys.


Black Paw

James Hermes

Amilcar Porthos
Anthony Stark
Jack / Minuteman
Mr Yashimora


The Skull
Pumpkin Joe


  • If you want to join the team just let me know. If I don't respond, I probably didn't see your post, so send me a PM either on this account or my @_eclipse_ account.
  • Oh, and if you want to play a role in this timeline that is not a part of the team (like a villain or anything like that) then I'm open to that too.
  • This is not so much a location thread as it is a thread for a specific time period. You can interact anywhere you like here, so long as the year is correct.
  • As this all takes place in the past of the CvNU, I recommend keeping destruction to a minimum. If you simply must destroy something, don't do anything too drastic, we don't want to break the continuity here.
  • The year may change eventually, but for now the time period will be 1993, so all interactions should take place in that year. I'll set up a team base eventually.
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This is an awesome idea.

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Very cool!

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Tis a cool idea.

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I would like to join with my Hellraiser character.

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Id like to put in Bloodstone as a hero(she used Wonderwoman as a look <.< feel free to go with the more retro one piece if more fitting lol) and Bloodcroft(Witchblade) as a villain though both will live through this

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Good Luck

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@fuzionguy So, I made that villain.

I am The Skull!

Heroes are meant to protect the weak and the innocent. I am meant to defy them and kill those who cannot defend themselves. It truly is that simple. I own a gang that hides throughout most of America. I own this country. No punk in spandex is going to take it from me. I'll use all of my resources and all of my men to crush this petty little superhero squad and get back to the business of world domination.


When Leon Labrette was five years old he started showing early signs of an interesting allergy. It appeared Leon was allergic to CO2. Desperate to save their son from certain death, Leon's parents handed him over for medical experiments. The doctors in charge the experiment didn't want to save lives, however. They wanted to make a weapon. Through the course of a week the doctors managed to stabilize Leon's allergy, so that carbon dioxide would no longer bother him. They immediately told Leon's parents that he was dead. Now free to experiment on the child, the doctors modified Leon's lungs so he would exhale a deadly nerve toxin instead of carbon dioxide. Five years into the experiments, the nerve toxin became too deadly and Leon managed to kill every single doctor that had experimented on him and fled the testing facility. He managed to last for two years on his own, before ending up on a barge carrying bags of salt. Alone and starving, Leon cursed the world and everything in it. As he laid down to die on the barge transporting bags of salt to a nearby plantation that needed it for the upcoming winter, one of the bags of salt fell near where Leon was laying and spilled all over the ground. As Leon began to exhale one last time, he saw something truly marvelous happen. The nerve toxin that he exhaled reacted with the salt and made something interesting. It g;lowed gold and smelled like the type of ground up plants drug dealers sold on the streets. After sticking his tongue in it a few times, Leon came to the correct conclusion that the reaction had created a new type of drug. An extremely addictive one that caused a nearly thirty-minute long boost in speed, strength, and intelligence. Leon immediately stole two of the salt bags, waded through the river, and exhaled on exposed salt. By morning he had buyers. By the end of the week he had a gang. After several days of killing his gang members with his breath, Leon had had enough and fashioned a black skull mask that would block his harmful toxins from reaching those in front of him. At least, until he took off the mask... From that day on he was The Skull. Thirteen years later, Leon is one of the most powerful kingpins in the world. His influence is legendary and his drug (which he calls SKULL) is even more so. He has an army of fanatical buyers with the worlds most advanced weaponry and extremely enhanced strength and speed (Leon has discovered ways to triple SKULLs potency). What could possibly go wrong?

Leon is going to be working against you guys from the shadows. If at all possible, he would like to avoid direct confrontation and let his army of goons take down the brigadiers. He hates to get his hands dirty if he doesn't have to.

Fun Fact: Leon has been known to eat goons that displease him immensely.

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Black Paw '93, Father of Vex

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Glad this concept wasn't a one shot phenom, it's got a lot of potential.

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I'm maditating on joining, either with a new character or with enoch himslef.

The idea is great though!

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This is a really cool idea. I think I'll join.

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Isn't he dead?

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@dark_vengeance_: Does this not take place in the past?

Damn! This takes place in 1993 lol

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@dark_vengeance_: WAIT! Stark would only be like 21, he could join himself in a prototype suit lol

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I thought it went back and forth.

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This beginning to look really cool, I might make a cameo as a 17 year old version of my character one of these days.

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I wanna do something as part of the team. An antique Nobody character. Rorschach às a look. Could I join? =P

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@dark_vengeance_: That sounds very cool... And yeah, I didn't have high hopes when I originally posted the idea, but now I'm quite excited to see where it goes!

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@_nobody_: Of course! Send me a PM with more information :)

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Ooh. I wanna raid.

But, like, present day team. I don't think any of my characters are old enough to be active during the past.

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@antonia: You could always create a new one? :P

I haven't really given too much thought to any present-day stuff, just gonna have to wait how that stuff develops.

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Ooh, nice...

Izaiah's parents were active superheroes in the past, but they were prolly retired by 1993. Good luck though!

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You know what...I'm gonna join this.

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@la_espada: Looking forward to it

@izaiah: Aw, that sucks... If you give me a little more info about them, I'll be sure to mention them as one of Guy's inspirations :)

@surkit: Awesome! This character or a different one?

To all involved, I'm gonna start a PM between us soon so we can discuss how to kick this off.

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@_eclipse_: Different one. I'll let you know after that pm goes out

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This makes me beyond happy. I was just saying the other day that I was really wishing that CV had an established older generation of heroes. Gonna PM you in a bit to discuss something.

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@_eclipse_: There's Savant, who's an alien and wears/wore a suit of hi-tech armor (alien technology from his home civilization, which the public doesn't know of, they just think he's a technical genius and invented it himself...he is a real technical genius though). His look is Ultimate Mahr Vehl.

And there's Iltani (or Lady of Light), who uses magic. I haven't really gone in-depth on her powers, I imagine she has a wide variety of spells she can access, but one specific ability she has is the creation of powerful illusions. Her look is Bastet.

That the two were/are a couple or were/are otherwise working together isn't really something the public learns of until the 'present', when in at a WAL press conference, Izaiah confirmed that he's their kid. (Their identities aren't publicly known beyond that though.)

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@_eclipse_: You know what's great about being a time traveler? Being able to join teams that existed in 1993. You mind if Minuteman joins?

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Can Pumpkin Joe please be one of their villains? I haven't had a chance to RP yet, and this would be the perfect in for me. :)

Here's his Bio

I figure he's a perfect villain for a team from the 90's, considering that's when the whole demons n' vampire craze started.

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Wooooooo! New Nobody ideas! =D

Thanks, Eclipse.

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This is going to be awesome!!!

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@proxy_: Me but not me. Like, other me. You'll see.

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@izaiah: Awesome, I'll try and work in a reference at some point :)

@jack_: Absolutely, do you have a look/image I can use for the roster?

@pumpkin_joe: Welcome to the Most Wanted list, lol

@everyone: How do you guys like the team logo? I'm quite happy with it, considering I made it using nothing but some free image editing software (pixlr ftw) and two free-to-use images of a) the US flag and b) an eagle... :P

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@james_hermes: Huzzah! Half an hour of procrastinating-instead-of-going-to-bed well spent! ^__^

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@fuzionguy: love the idea of this might draw out a lot of characters, might give me a chance to tell the past on mine, i threw u a pm

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Interesting Idea but not for me.

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I love the logo by the way haha, shame I'll have to tear it in two.

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Killed it , Great concept strong team. Good luck

Will you take PT members? i may have an alt i could use if your intrested. @oliver_athos . Tried some back canon with him before but kind of fell apart.

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@fuzionguy: My profile picture would work just fine.