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Flipping through her schedule in her BlackBerry, Prima saw how swamped she truly was.  Being a loyal member to both Mobb Deep and L.O.V.E proved to be a tedious task.  She had many tasks to do and projects to take on.  She loved every minute of it though. As she continued to walk down the street she smiled at the thought of getting a break today.  She wasn’t much for idleness but today was different.   She had all her weapons on and was in her full battle kunoichi outfit she liked to spar with her friends and today she had done lots of that.  It didn’t surprise her that no one looked at her strangely while she walked down the sidewalk.  She was in a rather rough part of china town.  Weirdly enough, Prima was quite fond of this area.  Not only was it a place where nothing was the same when you came back, but it always proved eventful.  “Beep” sounded her phone as she picked it out of his holder.   Reading the screen she couldn’t believe it.  Prima had totally forgotten about the battle she was to have with Agent Death or Death as she called her.  Death was one of her friends she had lost contact with.  After seeing her again the two caught up.  Hearing about all the training that Death had been undergoing Prima jumped at the chance to have a battle with her.  She was always looking for strong people and it was even better that it was someone she knew.  Today though wasn’t the best of days, Prima was looking forward to having time herself.   Realizing how late she was, Prima looked at the address of their battle place and began to run to it. 

            “That’s odd I don’t ever recall being here,” said Prima as she stopped in front of the building.  It was large and hadn’t been used in a while.  Opening the door Prima noticed it was a large warehouse of some sort.  Dust and dirt littered the ground as well as scattered chairs and sparse tables.  The warehouse had a main floor, which was spacious and supported by columns.   Other than the scattered chairs and tables and the occasional random item it was rather open.  Standing in the middle of the warehouse Prima got into a defensive stance.  “Lets go Death, Sorry I’m late,” she called out as her voice echoed through the building.  

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Walking down Clark street heading toward an abandoned ware house agent death was looking threw her text messages aggravated that Primav3ra or Prima as she calls her hadn’t texted her back. Prima is agent deaths old friend that she had lost contact with until recently they ran into each other and got to talking agent death had explained to prima all the training she had undergone  and Prima jumped at the chance of asking her to battle and so she excepted. And today was supposed to be the day but prima still hasn’t texted her back. Agent death was wearing her vibranium enlaced armor equipped with her two adamantium short swords her throwing stars and knives including her SMG and her two Beretta’s which had top notch laser pointers mounted on them.

Agent death had finally reached the old creaky ware house she stood at the door and looked up at the warehouse she stared at all the broken windows she then preceded to walk inside she reached out her hand grasping the rusty handle she opened the door and walked inside only to reveal that the inside was much worse than the outside for dirt covered the floor and mold grew up the walls there were also chairs and tables scattered everywhere agent death then pulled out her phone she then texted prima and gave her the address to the ware house she then decided to give her a surprise when she got here do to her lateness agent death hid behind one of the columned pillars when she heard prima walk in and yell out “Let’s go Death, Sorry I’m late,”

she began to scale the wall above prima she then launched herself off the wall and toward prima pulling out her two swords she slashed for prima’s neck and back and when she was to land she would flip in front of prima facing her.

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Standing in the middle of the warehouse , Prima listened for any signs of Death.  At the last second Prima saw Death’s shadow as she launched off a wall.  Prima grabbed her two swords she carried on her back just in time to hold them up in a defensive gesture.  The sound of the blades clashing could be heard through out the building.  Prima watched as Death retracted her blade landing in front of her. Running towards her Prima turned around her back facing Death she aimed a hard back kick at her stomach.  Jumping to the Back of her she took her sword and tried to slice Death’s leg.  It seemed that Death, liked using weapons,

Prima was unsure as to if she had powers or not.  Jumping behind a nearbye table, Prima placed her sword in her right hand and took out a gun in her left hand.  Pushing the table away with her leg, She jumped up firing 3 shots at Deaths legs hoping to limit her mobility.  “Hey Death, got any more toys for me” Prima yelled as she ran towards death.

Reaching her Prima threw her sword in the air flipping it and grabbing it by the blade.  Swinging her arm forward she attempted to push the handle of the sword into Death’s face while Projecting her left foot into her gut. 

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Prima had whipped out her two swords just intime to block her attack sending out a loud clang when the swords clashed. Agent death flipped Facing Prima, Prima sent a fast back kick Agent death ducked just in time dodgeing the attack but then Prima flipped to the back of her swinging her blades Prima managed to cut Agent death's (uh-key-lease) tendon leaving Agent death unable to walk on one leg but in just a short time she healed back up Prima leaped behind a nearby table with a sword in her right and a gun in her left.
Agent death  stayed on the ground pretending to be seriously hurt in an attempt to fool Prima. which worked, Prima leaped into the air firing three shots at A
gent death, she quickly leaped off the ground toward Prima with a berreta in her left hand and a vibranium throwing knife laced with parilyzing poison in her right she stratigically dodged the bullets but prima still wasnt done Prima flipped her sword grabbing it by the blade she pushed the handle toward Agent DEATH's face agent death attempted to block the attack by thrusting the knife into Prima's hand hopefully parilyzing her prima then sent a kick toward agent DEATH's gut but agent death right kicked swinging Prima's foot out of the way she then attempted to shoot 5 bullets into Prima's chest.

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Prima saw out the corner of her eye Death’s blade as she moved her hand just before it sliced her.   Prima felt herself fall to the ground as her feet were swept from under her.  Rolling to the side incase Death decided to attack her, she in defense through out her hands generating a fore field shield.  Her concentration messed up during the generating and a bullet grazed her leg.  While the bullet didn’t enter all the way it still caused pain and serious discomfort.  Closing down the shield, Prima grabbed at her belt pulling out a what looked to be a gun.  Shooting it up in the ceiling at a metal pipe that hung over them, A grappling hook shot out wrapping around the pipe.  Jumping up Prima went up with the line.  Landing both feet on the pipe. 

            On her left hand was a bracelet.  It was made of thin needles.  Grabbing six of the needles with her right hand she threw them at the back of Death’s neck.  They made no sound as they traveled through the air.  She threw six as to make sure she would not miss.  Jumping down off the pipe and landing in front of Death she aimed her right fist at Deaths Jaw and her left fist at her gut.   Flipping backwards she looked around her.   On the floor was a rusty chain grabbing it Prima threw them at Deaths Leg’s attempting to make her fall and wrap her up in the chains.  “AFTER SEEING YOU SHOOT FIVE SHOTS AT MY CHEST I SEE YOUR TRYING TO KILL ME” yelled Prima

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Agent DEATH had manage to send Prima flying Down but still she was unable to cut her so she shot 5 bullets, right before they could hit prima she generated a force field bouncing the bullets off but one bullet managed to break threw Primas force field Grazing her leg. Agent DEATH landed on the warehouse floor she begun walking toward Prima but suddenly prima whipped out her grappling gun and shot at a cieling pipe she then was lifted off the ground up to the pipe, before Agent DEATH could turn around Prima had thrown six Needles at her but due to Agent DEATH's adamantium Skeleton and Nearly unbreakable skin the needles simply bounced off.

Prima Preceded to flip off the pipe landing in front of Agent DEATH Prima then sent her Right Fist toward Agent DEATH's Jaw but just in time Agent death sent her left hand up blocking Prima's Attack But then Prima sent her left hand toward Agent DEATH's gut But Agent DEATH sent her knee flying up Smacking itself againt Prima's Fist Agent DEATH then Extended the rest of her leg attampting to kick Prima to the floor. Prima lokked around on the floor she found a rusty metal chain on the ground Prima swung them at Agent DEATHS legs Agent DEATH Jumped into the air the chain missed while in the air Agent DEATH Sent out a kick toward Prima's Jaw.

Prima yelled "