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She sat down in a cool blue dress that was just hot enough for her supermodel good looks, but also tame enough for a Senator. Across from her Diane Sawyer got her final makeup touched up before starting. "Madam Sentor it's nice to see you again. We will start with a couple pretty general questions, this is more of a get to know you piece than a hard hitting report.....let's just have fun!" The lights came on and the boom mic floated over head. Mani made herself comfortable and was pretty willing to talk about anything and everything. "So Senator Mani Anderson, Lady Mani as some have called you, what's it like on the home front, what's it like when you aren't in Washington?"


"People always want to know what is it like making key decisions, walking with the President, passing bills and working on Capitol Hill. I'm glad you asked about my homelife. It is much more interesting than people think. I a very handsome husband of 10 years. Most people know him from the elite taskforce known as the ICE Dragons. They did a lot of good during his run with that group."


Diane inturpted, "Lady, if I may call you that, some have said that your husband is not the typical political husband. He is very heavilied tattooed and some even speculate that he is a Meta-human"


Mani continued. "Well let me clear the air on those issues very quickly. Yes he is very 'tattooed' as you said. He has been in the military for as long as I can remember, and that just comes with the territory. As far as him being a Meta-human..... I won't say yes or not to that, because they are a protected group. I will never say if someone, even if I am a meta. That would be allowing hate speak and I don't condon that in anyway."


Diane smiled at the answer, "Well said, now back to your home life." Mani continued smiling into the camera. "I have two darling little children. Olivia my daughter is two years old and the most beautiful girl in the world. Nathan is my 4 year old son, he has an eye condition were he has to wear a special contacts, but he is the brightest little boy you'd ever meet."


Smiling back into her camera Diane asked, "So is the day in the life of Lady Mani, senator from Texas, wife to a elite black ops agent, mother of two look like?'


Mani smiled back. "We live a life just like anyone else........"

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2:34 AM - Wolf Pack's North American HQ

The door to a dark room slowly creaked open until it swung completely open. A bright light poured in from the hall which allowed various shadows and outlines of the furniture across the room. A king-sized bed was on the far end of the room with what appeared to be a nightstand with a few objects that couldn't quiet be made out. Bright red numbers were floating above the night stand which gave away the location of the alarm clock. There was a flickering orange light which was on the other side of the room coming from the computer which was in sleep mode. It was giving off a slight humming noise which also gave away it's location in the dark room. Moon light shined in through the window revealing the closet door that was to the left of the entrance.

The light switch on the wall next to the entrance suddenly appeared to flip into the "On" position by itself, revealing the whole room clearly. The door slammed shut, followed by the sounded of something being dragged across the floor. The dragging was moving very slowly and was followed by a heavy pound on the ground. As the dragging neared the bed, a eerie moan filled the room that would send shivers down most spines. The dragging and thumping came to a stop at the foot of the bed. It was quiet for about half a second when the bed squeezed and shook up and down like a heavy object just fell on it.  The covers on bed wrinkled up as if be cuddled with, and their was an indention in the mattress like someone was laying across it.

"Fine! A day off to do all the things I never get to do tomorrow," Nobody sighed as he kicked  his boots off and pulled his shirt off over his head. As each article of clothing fell of his body, it appeared to slowly fade into view on the floor. He continued to strip down until he was in just his boxers before he adjust his position on his bed. He crawled up the his pillow and rapped his arms around it tightly as he rest his head against it's soft cushion. He sighed peacefully and closed his eyes slowly as he began to drift into sleep. "Tomorrow is going to be legen...wait for it....dare...e...." 

8:00 AM - Wolf Pack's North American HQ

BEEEEEEP, BEEEEEP, BEEEEEP, BEEEEEP! The sharp pitch of Nobody's arm filled the room. He turned over on his stomach and threw the covers over his head as he moaned. The alarm kept ringing over and over again. He pulled his pillow over his head and tried shoving it into his ears to cover up the noise, but it was still passing through. His arm swung about aimlessly trying to reach the alarm without having to open his eyes. Finally the tips of his fingers brushed it and he found the "Snooze" button with ease. Pressing it down, the alarm stopped and he sighed peacefully once more as he drifted back into his dreams.

This process repeated it self every half and hour over the next three hours. The alarm would go off, and Nobody would try his best to ignore it until he finally hit the snooze in a frantic arm flail attack. The sun was now bursting in through the window, but Nobody has his covers still up over his head blocking out the light. He didn't have the energy or motivation to get and close the blinds.Nobody's covers were spread widely across his bed from all his tossing and turning that night. One of his blankets was completely on the floor over laying over his clothes he tossed on the  floor last night.

11:00 AM - Wolf Pack's North American HQ

The alarm once again sounded off right on schedule and once again, Nobody's head dived under his pillow to hide form the world. His face was pressed down hard into his mattress like he was pretending to be an ostrich burying his face in the sand. His irritation with his alarm had now reached maximum capacity and he just couldn't stand it anymore. Nobody's fist slammed down hard on the alarm, causing it to bounce slightly across the nightstand, but it continued to beat. "SHUT UP", he screamed and in a fit of rage, Nobody formed a large mallet created from his invisible energy in his hand. He swung the mallet down hard on top of the alarm clock causing it to shatter into pieces.  The mallet continued down to the nightstand, causing it's legs to crack and crash down to the ground. There was a small lamp  on the night stand that fell and crashed  on the ground as well. A grin grew across his face as he had finally won his battle over the alarm clock.

Some Unknown Period of Time Later - Wolf Pack's North American HQ

Nobody's blankets were scatter across his room. Most were on the floor, one was cover his broken night stand, and another was curled up under his head like a pillow. His pillow as under one of his legs, elevating it slightly. He was now laying side ways on his bed with his limbs spread out in all directions. His hair was twisted and mangled in every direction as if he had just come out of a windstorm. The sun was now beaming down directly at his face which didn't seem to effect him. Slowly, Nobody began to stretch out and let out a large yawn. His back popped slightly as he stretched out and his eyes slowly opened. He scratched his stomach as he sat up and swung his legs off the edge of the bed. "Time to start that perfect day."
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Greystoke Manor

The Hunter's eyes shot open suddenly as he lay there in bed.  Looking over towards the window, he could see a slim streak of light shining in through the curtains.  His keen sense of hearing enabled him to pick up the singing of birds outside.  William looked down and noticed Alexandra laying beside him in bed.  Throughout the entire night, her head had rested upon his shoulder and her arm remained over William's chest.  He smiled as he felt her stir and snuggle into him.

For many people, it would strange to see the Hunter and the Psyentist this way.  Truth be told, neither of them had been the "emotional" type.  When he was out in the field, the Hunter displayed a commanding presence.  He remained calm and decisive, never hesitating to do what was necessary in order to get the job done.  Some wondered how he could remain so callous when it came to killing.  For him, it was an art.  When fighting an opponent, he could systematically break his opponent down - determining strengths, weaknesses, and more.  From there, he would proceed to literally break his opponent down - hence the acquired name, "The Cerebral Assassin."

As for the Psyentist, she was known for her work in psychology - earning her the name, "The Mistress of the Mind."  Even with all of the emotional complexities of her patients, she had still managed to remain emotionally detached from them all.  At first glance, people might think that she was a rather cold individual.  However, after getting a chance to really know her, they would definitely think that she was a cold and heartless bitch.

When it all came down to it, these were two of the most cold and ruthless individuals on the planet.  Yet, for some reason, they felt as if they were able to expose their inner thoughts to one another.  For the Hunter, being with the Psyentist was not only about being able to let his guard down.  There was something about her which seemed to bring about William's inner beast.  Things between them were simple, yet so complex.  The challenge of it all kept things fast-paced and interesting.

Sitting up carefully, William placed feet on the ground and stood up.  He then raised both arms and began to stretch.  As he tilted his head from side-to-side, his neck cracked loudly.  As he put on his robe, his phone began to vibrate.  Looking at the caller ID, he answered it.  "What is it?" he said quietly, being careful not to awaken his sleeping lover.  "Yes.....  I'm at  my home right now......  an Interview.......  No, I do not have the time for it.....  Very well, then.  I will see what I can do, but no promises.....  Bye."

Heading out of his room, William went downstairs and prepared two cups - one with coffee and another with tea.  After that, he went back up to the master bedroom and quietly opened the door.  He then placed the hot cup of tea down on the table next to Alexandra.  Walking over to the set of double doors which led out on to the balcony, William drew open the large curtains and let the morning light in.

Fresh air flowed into the room as he opened up the doors and walked out onto the balcony.  Taking in a deep breath, he smiled and drank his cup of coffee while resting his body against the stone railing.  Just then, he heard something stirring behind him.  As he turned around, he looked at Alexandra and smiled.  "Good morning, love." he said.  Motioning to the tea that he had set down beside her, William walked back in and took a seat.  "So......" he said.  "Anything special planned for today?"
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 " We live a life just like anyone else........" 

The words of the elegantly dressed woman sounded from the speakers and slowly settled on the audience infront of the big flat screen TV. If it had not been for one detail it could have been every American family sitting there. A woman named Sarah in her mid 50s, mildly attractive with wild brown locks tamed in a simple tony pail and her husband Hank, a set man in the end of his 50s with a bald head and conservative but comfortable home clothes. Like a mirror the gold-framed glasses on the man’s nose reflected the last dying images on the screen as he turned off the TV with his general purpose remote control. From outside the light of street lamps of the secure refuge of suburbia cast a serene light on empty bowls wherein at the start of the evening snacks had resided testifying of a normal Saturday TV evening. With proud love the elderly couple looked at their niece.

She, Ruby Theodora Glassmann normally known under the nom de guerre Risky, was the little detail that disturbed the impression of a Grant Wood picture. Sitting still seemed to be an impossible task for her, even now that she was with what little remained of her family she appeared itchy her deep blue eyes darting from side to side. Her fingers played piano on the couch rest and the position of her feet changed every few minutes. Hank and Sarah knew how hard it was for an adrenaline junky like her niece to sit still for so long but nevertheless it was hard for them to hide their amusement.

Moments like this were precious to them, they had no children of their own and being such a busy military government employee like Risky meant they did not see their only living relative who was like a child of their own very often. Having her at their house for a homely evening like this one was a rarity they enjoyed a lot. And when the program had promised to air an interview with lady Mani who Risky was indirectly working with they had used the opportunity to invite her to watch said interview.

Smilingly Sarah started to collect the dishes with the snack while Hank opened the veranda door to relish the taste of his wooden pipe at the end of another wonderful day. Instantly sensing an opportunity to move again Risky darted up from the couch to lend her aunt a helping hand. It did not need more than one turn and the pretzel sticks, chips and pretzels resided in the dumpster as the red dot of Hank’s pipe lighted up outside.

Although the Rothsteins had had a dishwasher for years if not decade a nice little ritual had snuck its way into Risky’s rare visit to their house that the two women would wash the dishes together and have a little talk. Sarah was the first to speak up.

“This Lady Mani is a beautiful woman. You work with her, Ruby, right?”

“Not so much with her as with her husband but yeah.”

“She seems so nice. And she’s always so well dressed. You should really try that style, too. It would suit you, I’m sure.”

A small laugh pearled over Risky’s ruby red lips. “Hahaha, you’ll never give up, will you? I don’t swing that way. Just remember what I did with the dress I was forced to wear at my first day at school. You were so traumatized you never bought me another one. Nah, don’t think me in a dress will ever happen. But I can tell you in real life she is even nicer than she appears on screen”

For a moment they just stood next to each other giggling and brushing dishes. The pure thought of Risky in something different than worn blue jeans or some combat gear was just too ridiculous. The cheerful mood lasted for a few more moments before Sarah decided to inquire her niece about a more critical topic.

“Say, what about that nice guy you brought here? Joe? Never heard of him again. Are you not seeing him anymore?”

And then there was silence. Even the scratching sound of the scrubs on porcelain had stopped. With hanging head Risky looked into the sink where bubbly white foam covered the soapy water. A critical topic, yes, but one she had been evading for some time now. Especially when it came to her family. She had brought Lst Paladin here in his human guise and Hank and Sarah had instantly loved him. A good looking doctor, sensitive and polite, how could they have not? But there was a simple problem. Breathing in deeply Risky prepared to break her aunt’s heart.

“N… no. No, we’re not seeing each other anymore. He does not call anymore and I’ve given up on calling him because I never reach him on the phone. This has been this way for almost three months now and frankly I’m sick of it. I’ve never felt that way and I could have continued my life contently if I never had.”

Risky was lost in her own thoughts as the disappointment and the frustration of the recent months rose in her again like an angry tide. She clenched her hands and the claws in her right arm were short of popping out as she pressed the sponge so hard that all fluid ran out of it. It was almost a strange, relieving feeling to feel Sarah’s hand on her own, thankfully the natural left one, and look into those loving blue eyes of her aunt.

“Ruby… it’s okay…”

“No, Sarah, it’s not. I should not feel that way. Before I would have lived on and simply continue like I always did. But now I am feeling guilty. You know, a month ago I… had something with a colleague from work. Nothing serious, a one night thing and it was done. But although Joe obviously has no interest in me anymore I feel like cheating on him because it’s not officially over. I cheated on men, many men, before and NEVER had any problems with that. I did it and blamed it on the men. Not this time. And now I am getting to know another guy, a guy who is even more perfect, who has been a friend to me from the start and would never ever let me down, who could not even if he tried. He’s nice, caring, just too good to believe on so many levels but I keep on pushing him away because I feel so bad. He has been hurt so bad in the past and I just keep on hurting him even more because I am not ready. Even worse. He… likes me so much he blames everything on himself. What is wrong with me, Sarah? What is so %&$%§ wrong with me?”

As she spoke slowly the tears, witnesses of months of suppressed emotions forced their way up to her eyes. Like in bullet time the first dropped to the ground where it exploded in a tiny water burst. All this had been too much for her lately. Where her life and love had been easy and uncomplicated in the past it was a mess now and as Lady Luck Risky was absolutely not used to that. With a sob the confused mercenary thrust herself in her last close relative’s arms. Compassionately Sarah stroked Risky’s raven hair that was so much like her sister’s. She did not say a thing because she sensed it was not what the usually strong woman needed now. She just needed a firm shoulder to weep, to recollect herself and build up that rough façade again that she showed to the outside and that she also needed for herself, to lie to herself and protect herself from harm.

Like that the two women, aunt and niece, stood for nearly fifteen minutes. Ruby Theodora Glassmann, at the moment not Risky, and Sarah Rothstein who stroked the elite soldier’s hair and looked out to the red dot where she knew her husband to stand. A husband like she could have never thought of a better one. A man like she hoped her little girl would finally meet ine day two. A man who would take her out of all that madness...
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Sylver's Apartment - NYC, NY

It just didn't sound right.  Not at all.  The blood pooling on the floor...the muscles tearing...even the  half-detached limb was a bit off-setting.  No...it didn't sound a bit right.
     Sylver, vampire vigilante and sorceress, slammed on the Backspace key, a concentrated scowl growing on her usually-calm face.  Five pages of a gory thriller book disappeared slowly, giving its disgruntled author time to think about all that had gone wrong.  The story had been exciting, suspenseful, witty, gory....and all wrong.  It had been so....boring.  Made-up.  Bland--
     "Stupid," Sylver huffed, erasing the final word.  In the six months she had been a published author, Sylver's books had skyrocketed to the top of the best-seller's list.  Her genre?
     Romances.  Average-people, girl-next-door, misunderstood-teenager-meets-super-understanding-hottie romances.  Things she knew nothing about, which was why they were selling so well; people liked applying perfect fictions to their flawed lives.  She had put out one semi-thriller novel (80% romance though).  The public loved it.  Sylver hated it. 
     Putting all the fighting and gut-spilling into a novel sounded great...to people who had never seen it in person.  There were no words to relay things that happened in battles, no matter how small they were.  Sylver could describe and write the exact sound and direction of the tearing of skin off a man's body when his arm was ripped off.  People would love it.  She could get a lot of awards for good writing and action...but if she were to video tape it, show the man scream like a hell-tortured soul, reveal the panic and horror in his eyes...then they see.  But never understand.
     And Sylver supposed that was why she wrote romances.  She knew nothing about the ideal romance, about true, unending love. 
Yes, she had Leo.  But as of lately, even with her attempts to develop a happy attitude towards living, the dark but true thought, that she would have to cut it off with Leo soon, had begun to arise.  He was sweet, attentive, funny...  He made her feel good, happy--but not whole.  She needed someone who could finish bringing to life the part of her that died so many centuries ago.  Her back-to-blond hair and revitalized happiness only did so much; she needed something to drive her to want more.
     Sylver sighed, getting up and then falling backwards onto her futon couch, her self-painted night-sky mural staring down from her ceiling.  The earth- and light pastel-toned theme of her apartment comforted Sylver, relaxing her...making her feel as if she'd stepped into a watercolor painting.  Four, ten-foot tall bookshelves surrounded her couch and coffee table: two behind her and one on her left and right.  They contained just about every classic imaginable (signed of course, considering she'd known most of the authors) and dozens upon dozens of journals. 
     Although she had a near-perfect memory, Sylver found it important to write down the events of her day, her thoughts, her feelings.  She could look back at a three-years-prior entry, remember how she viewed a certain event/topic, and perhaps learn or teach from it.  Also, it kept her sane (a most valuable trait in the social world, she learned).
     Sylver reached out her hand to the shelf behind her, "Here." 
     The book, red and gold leather-bound, zoomed straight into her hand.  She opened to an empty page, grabbed a fountain pen from her coffee table drawer, and began to write...
     Today wasn't the most exciting Friday the 13th I've ever had.  Last year I was doing those god-awful faerie-made, drug-busts.  Gosh, I hate those bloody devils.  Freakin' idgits had me collecting all the mortals that were brainwashed into thinking they had to commit suicide for the fey queen.  Idgits.
     I've decided I'm going to say
friggatriskaidekaphobiaand  paraskevidekatriaphobia(both meaning "fear of Friday 13th") a lot more often, especially when blogging.  Saying long words should be a reoccurring trend.  Like high-waisted jeans, old wine, and Aerosmith.  It's amusing. 
     Well, this morning, after I took a snack from pervert-newspaper boy (who I bled probably more than I should have because of an inappropriate comment he made about my butt yesterday), I went to that cafe nearby and tried black coffee again.  I'm beginning to get addicted to it, like chewing gum for humans: it does nothing for my nutrition, but the taste is divine.  (Note: find out if drowning Teddy Grams in coffee is a sadistic habit or a result of boredom).
     Editor-man (exhibit B of the idgit-category) gave me a call at noon.  He wanted a detailed sex-scene in my latest rough draft to "add appeal " to the characters, or some bullcrap like that.  #1. If I let him get away with all he'd like me to have in my books, it'd be a porn magazine and #2. The characters are 13 years old.  Ya.  I gagged...a lot.  And told him to shove it in a few places and suck on it (with a few more colorful words).
     Oh ya, Note 2 to self... either come up with a plan or write a note to Leo.  Leading him on feels wrong...he needs to know.  Soon.  Sylver, quit being a jerk.  If being a creature of the underworld won't damn you enough, this most certainly will.  Suck it up, no pun intended (haha haha haha...ya, not funny.).
     Goals for today:
    1. Contact Strange and ask the borrowed book of healing spells
     2. Use 
"Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" (longest English word)as signature for next book signing

     Sylver set her journal down, more weighted even though her entry had been mainly light-hearted.  She felt for Leo; he probably had hoped their relationship to last longer.  It wasn't his fault really...it wasn't even hers.  But she needed someone who's soul could understand the pain and trials of hers, who could console her restless, immortal spirit.  Someone who she could irrevocably be in love with.  That individual had yet to appear, but Sylver had this feeling...this odd premonitional twinge, that he wasn't far away.
     Sylver returned to her computer desk, opened one window to Twitter and another to a blank page.  She sent out a few tweets to some old friends and WP members and then stared at the blank worksheet, as ideas swirled in her mind.  She grabbed a few Teddy Grams from the bowl next to her and dropped them in her coffee; a trademark smirk appeared on her face.  Just another day as a vampire in New York City...
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Water poured down over his body, as the white suds from his axe body wash turned into a pink hue, before the water ran it down the drain. He stayed in the shower until the voices went away one at a time. The screams and the grunts washed down with the blood from his hands. Turning the water hotter his big back was massaged by the jet stream. It wasn't until he felt her hand on his chest did he realize that he was asleep standing there. "You have room for one more?"  Standing at the edge of the shower with her blond hair up off her shoulders was a woman that would take any man's breath away. Wrapped in a white towel she slowly stepped into the water, letting the towel fall and revealing her pale skin. He couldn't help smile he picked her up and she giggled in his ear. His dark hands on her butt as he held her told the story of their relationship. They stayed in the shower until the water ran cold, and then a little more.
Once again she wrapped herself in the crisp white towel and strutted as she walked back into the bed room, slowly bending over to pick up her clothes off the ground, knowing her husband was watching. "You need to get to sleep, you're waking up with the children in the morning." She said putting on her favorite night shirt. Blackwater Ops on the front was an intentional jab at her husband, who reguarded them as a "bunch of pussies". Slipping into bed Hawk looked at the clock knowing it would be an early morning for him, "2am .....god I've got to get a new job." She laughed at the thought. "You could always become a senator." This time he was the one laughing. "I'd have to buy another tie then"

"Daddy....I want breakfast." She tugged on his beard as she said the words over and over. "Daddy....I want breakfast" With a huff and the crack of his ankles Hawk was out of bed. Stumbling down the hallway and into the kitchen the Mani was waiting for him with a smile and a plate of bacon and eggs. "She tricked ya didn't she?"  Looking at the clock on the mantel that read noon Hawk shook his head. "I guess she did." He picked up his little actress and spun her around. About that time Nathan walked into the room wearing his spider-man t-shirt and was followed closely by Sam their lab. "Hey dad. Can we go to the zoo?" It was his favorite place to go, especially with his dad.

The Fort Worth Zoo
"Um excuse me sir but please don't lean over the rail like that." a little zookeeper spoke up as Hawk held Nathan very close to the tiger cage. Hawk looked at the young man with his eyes still white as he communicated with the tiger. "Yeah sir no problem. Oh by the way the cat's food has spoiled." The zookeeper rolled his eyes as he walked away. Hawk let Nathan down and he spoke to the tiger. Nathan loved to watch the tiger react to his father's commands. His eyes of fire danced as the cat stood up on his hind legs and purred. "Thanks dad"

There was a buzz on his hip and Nathan's eyes lit up. "Is that Hunter or Risky?! Answer it dad it could be important." Looking at his phone Hawk saw it was a green level call (personal) from Hunter, he hit ignore and took Nathan over to the elephants. 

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St. Adalbert’s Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Darkness. It permeated the ground of the cemetery, save for that which emanated from track lighting in key places, to the faint light that came from the city streetlights. And the light which surrounded him as he alighted in the cemetery grounds. He would know exactly where to go – as if he could ever forget where the last of his family were buried. That memory would forever remain burned into the back of Chris' mind. The day he’d laid his parents... his siblings....to rest.

And a cool – no, not cool, COLD – night it was, could with the rainfall that still came pouring down. It soaked the black trenchcoat that draped his form, through to the suit he wore beneath it. Dampened his hair into an unruly, matted dark brown mess. Standing there before the set of headstones that wait just underfoot, enscribed with the names….

Juliana….Morgan….Arianna….Nathaniel Angelys. In the long and short of it, all of them led such short lives. Lives that but for his own moment of weakness…. A moment where an unconscious usage of that long ago lost power of teleportation made him the lucky survivor. If not for that, he might have shared their fate. Chris would take a short while to tend to the headstones, the multiple light sources giving him just enought light to see to the task at hand. Only to utter the secret thought he held more than once in his life.

“And sometimes, I wish I had…..” The look on his face was… blank. He always felt this way when   visiting his family, even though it had been years since he’d come. Hell, years since he'd set foot in Chicago. Remorseful. Guilty. Angry to some degree. “Or better yet, I should have saved you all. Some son, some brother I was.” He’d hear Ruby’s words in his head right about then….fair to chastising him for the way that he was thinking right now.

"RAAAAH!!! Don't you understand? It's not always your fault. You're not to blame for all the mistakes others make or the miserable status of humanity or the world in general."

And to be honest, it truly was fine advice….fine indeed. The best advie that the one friend he trusted beyond all others. But no matter the advice given, it took believing it. Actually believing that somehow the things that happen to the people he loved most in this world…. Wasn’t a fault he should take up. Wasn't something he should spend the rest of his life having to atone for. For all the guilt he felt though, Chris had nearly forgotten why he’d come. From under the trenchcoat, he drew out the flowers……three for every headstone, the last of which he sat lovingly in front of his mother’s stone. Just before turning about to leave them at his back. In those last halting seconds, he’d cant his head back over shoulder,

Aint a day goes by I don’t miss the lot of you…..and worked to try and make up somehow for the wrong I feel   is mine. Just hope that wherever you are, you’re at my back. I’ll be back before too long. Till then... know I love you” He wouldn't cry. Lord knew that he'd long since put the want to cry behind him. Or simple forced hiself not to. It simply didn't seem becoming. Instead, he'd give this somewhat jaunty salute/wave.

His task here done….He’d take once more to the skies, steeling himself…….and to face one more night where he played the hero. As much a hero as he could be.    

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Viva island:

Raphael Mocherie was a scientist that collaborated in Band Lone's regeneration back when Lone was recreated. Knowing the scientist's brilliance the wildcard chose him to accommodate the abilities he long desired. However the old doctor betrayed Lone and sought to kill him by using Project Cruz's regenerative ability on his own undead experiments. But the old fool did not expected Lone to be wielding the swords of a Goddess which allowed him to kill even those experiments with regenerative skills. Acknowledging defeat Mocherie exchanged not one but two different viles containing dozes of the requested serum in hope to earn Lone's forgiveness. Mocherie explained: One vile had just the ability to heal as requested but the second vile if chosen would grant Lone even greater power that would allow Lone regeneration and bio-manipulative abilities. The assassin granted Mocherie forgiveness and allowed him to live even after the betrayal.Having very little people he could trust Lone went to visit an old friend. Purple Rain after analyzing the substance she notice only one serum could be taken, a little detail Mocherie did not made present. After a short span of thought Lone chose the vile with the most abilities in order to become a better warrior.

But Lone didn't exoected the side effects of the drug he was taking. For a full week Lone experienced nothing but pure torment as his body was mutating and adjusting itself to the serum. Rain's blood samples showed the serum was chaging the human foundation in Lone's structure. Soon Lone found out he could already do things no other normal person could. Lone's bone structure was completely manipulative in many ways. He could bend the bone, shape it and even mend it after rupture occurred. Rain also found out that the body was already able to heal at accelerated rate, soon it was obvious to her that it came with the ability to manipulate the body. It was a tough week but the fruits of the agonizing time spans were worth the risk in the eyes of the assassin. Lone alone was dangerous enough but now with new found abilities the assassin had become a stealth force to be recon.

Present time:

Suddenly at the east wing of the manor one of Lone's teleportation tower activated opening a portal from which Lone enter the location.
THe man was wearing civilian outfit, blue jeans, black jacket, white shirt underneath and his heavy biker boots with a clean shave mug that would make Tom Cruz look like Flavor flav in comparison. The man was holding several bags with him along with the pair of swords he never left behind. It had been a little while since the assassin had been in the manor, for what it appeared nothing had changed. Twisting the key to his room in the knob the door became unlock. Band enter his room and notice everything was out of place. "Crap.. Someone cleaned my room." Lone's room appeared spotless and smelled of lavender compare to the common oiled, gun powder and sweat jocks smell it normally stank to. "Well I guess I should thank Conchita or whoever cleans after me later." Said Lone after dropping his bag next to the door and laying his swords on the bedding. Yawning and stretching his arms after a long previous night the virus sat on the edge of the bed. He looked above and notice the ceiling mirror he requested was still on its place. Looking at his reflection on the ceiling Lone remembered about his new abilities. The mirror in the room was not far away from sight. Disposing of his jacket and shirt Lone then walks toward the mirror and perform his shape-shifting mutation. The bones beneath the surface of the skin could be spotted morphing beneath it a long with the skin tone of the assassin and the length of his hair. Soon Band Lone's image was gone. Lone had transform himself into his partner Risky. However the transformation skills needed a twitch here and there as Lone notice.: "Um, looking good but I need to work on the female anatomy a bit more." Soon the switchblade changed back to his normal self and then to the appearance of the leader of the pack. The image of Hunter was perfect. "Hum, I see that guys are easier.. There's not much to change." Suddenly Lone's stomach began growling. "Again? Is it me or has my metabolism accelerated along with my ability? I just ate 30 minutes ago." Lone walk toward his bed and grabbed the shirt he had relinquished before. "I guess I can't fight it, I hope there's something to eat in this joint 'cause I'm starving!" Lone put on his shirt and his swords before he ran out of the room.  "Get ready fridge cause here I come!" Soon Lone reached the kitchen and straight-up raided the fridge like it was his own, eating like there was no tomorrow.
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She was lying in the queen size bed, the cotton sheets strewn haphazardly over her body as the alarm clock started shrieking. Its piercing tone broke through her deep sleep and Olivia threw out her arm, swiping the clock off the bedside table as she rolled over onto her stomach and pulled the pillow over her head. Three minutes passed and she had just managed to slip back into that odd half dreaming, half lucid state when the alarm clock started blaring again. It had been knocked off the bedside table, but not turned off. “Oh my God; shut up! I’m trying to sleep in for once in my life and you won’t shut the hell up. Just stop!” All of the sudden a deafening silence came over the room. She had spoken unthinkingly and put too much emphasis on her own words. “Whoops.” Throwing the dark green sheets over the edge of the spacious bed she drew her legs up to her chest and curled into the fetal position, trying to get back to sleep.


Hours Later


The sun was setting outside of her window, its glorious rays staining the sky a myriad of colors. Purples, pinks, reds, oranges; they all blended together, creating a masterful effect on the sky that resembled stained glass. Olivia stood in front of her bed, looking down at the two outfits laid out on it. One was a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top with ruffles down the front, the other was a short and flowing purple sundress. “Why does it have to be so hard to choose? It’s stupid clothes; this shouldn’t be some huge ordeal.” Fashion had never been her thing; she had always dressed in a utilitarian fashion, always ready for a fight and always functional. Olivia had grown up in a war zone; she wasn’t accustomed to the luxury of pretty clothes. Bringing her hand up, she placed it over her eyes and with her other hand pointed at the two outfits laid out on the bed. “Eenie meenie, miney mo; catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go. Out goes Y-O-U.” Removing her hand from her eyes, Olivia looked down at the bed, somewhat irritated with the choice. “Dress it is, then.”


She stripped her clothes off and tossed them into the hamper in the corner of the room before grabbing the dress off of the bed and stepping into it. Olivia pulled it up her body, reaching an arm behind her and arching her back slightly as she pulled up the zipper. Running her hands down the front of the jersey material she brushed out the wrinkles of the form-fitting dress. It was sculpted to her body, outlining the lean muscle definition and showing off her small curves. Situating the straps over her shoulders, she tucked a reddish-blonde strand of hair behind her ear as she walked into the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom, her bare feet padding across the cold marble floor.


Standing in front of the sink, Olivia reached down and grabbed a bobby pin. Holding it in place between her lips, she reached up and took her long bangs in hand and began braiding them, weaving an intricate French braid to the side of her face. Looking up in the mirror, something caught her eye. As her head tilted up, her eyes met somebody else's in the mirror and her heart stopped mid-beat. “Na…Nathan?” It was her brother’s reflection in the mirror, his appearance that of what he looked like just prior to his world-ending attack. 
His dark hair fell forward into his face as his eyes met hers, a sinister smirk crossing his face. “Did you think that I would stay dead forever, Olivia? Did you think that your mind would really perform a feat that your heart was not entirely behind?”


“Stop it!” Her voice cracked with the torment that she was feeling. Was this real? Was he real? Or was it merely a figment of her imagination, some form of PTSD?


“You didn’t end us, Liv. You just moved us somewhere else.” His voice was goading with an undertone of the love that her brother had always exhibited towards her. They had always been as thick as thieves, despite the underlying tension between them.


Meeting his eyes in the mirror, Olivia let a small little whimper escape from between her lips. “I SAID STOP IT!” Pulling her right arm back, she snapped it forward, her fist connecting with the glass mirror. The shards fell down all around the countertop and down into the sink, little slivers of glass going everywhere. Spinning around on her heel, she fully expected to see Nathan standing there behind her, that malicious grin spread across his handsome face. To her complete and utter surprise he wasn’t there. “Oh, thank God. Thank God. Thank God.” Looking down at her fist, she saw the slices left from the glass and the blood trickling across the back of her hand. “Oh, shit.”


Thirty Minutes Later


Olivia Anderson tentatively walked down the main staircase, her hand resting upon the banister as she did so. Her steps were slow and careful so that she didn’t trip herself up due to the high heels that she was so unused to. She looked nothing like herself. She was wearing a tight purple dress and a pair of five-inch black heels, two forms of wear that were completely outside of her normal wardrobe choices. A thin French braid by the side of her face held back her strawberry blonde hair, the rest of it flowing over her shoulders and down her back, reaching the bottom of her shoulder blades.


Walking down the main hallway and towards the front door, she heard some kind of ruckus being made in the kitchen. There was some thumping and giggling and as she figured it out, a blush crept across her cheeks. “If you two are doing what I think you’re doing… can you maybe try and be a little more inconspicuous about it? If the kids find you, they’re going to end up scarred for life. Nobody wants to walk in on their parents doing it.” She called into the kitchen as she continued making her way to the front door, keen on going on her date.


She reached out, placing her hand on the handle of the front door, preparing to open it. She was pushing down on the lever right as his footsteps sounded on the ground, indicating his movement towards her. “Where are you going dressed up like that?” The timbre of his voice reverberated in the room, sending a small chill through her.


Turning around, she met the man who had so quickly become her father face to face. “I’m going on a date.” Olivia had met Light during Wolf Pack’s last mission and some sort of chemistry had been stuck up between the two of them. She wasn’t looking for anything serious and she knew that he wasn’t either, but she did intend to have some fun with him.


“Why do I smell blood?” Hawk’s eyes narrowed as he looked down at her suspiciously. Even in her heels, he still towered over her and looked every bit the impending father figure.


Olivia subconsciously clenched her right fist by her side. “It’s a girl thing.” She had no other way to explain the blood than to blatantly lie to him. The girl wasn’t a fool, she knew that he could tell that she was lying, but she hoped that he would let her get away with it. That hope was futile.

“You’re lying.” He arched an eyebrow inquisitively as he stared her down. Her cheeks were whiter than usual and her demeanor was quieter. She was by no means a talkative girl, but she was not usually so monosyllabic, either.


“You’re right. I am. Lies make the world go round and this isn’t something that you need to be privy to.” Turning on her heel, Olivia walked out the door, refusing to let the anxiety and nerves that were coursing throughout her show as she turned her back. “I’ll be back in a few hours or sometime early in the morning. All depends on how things play out.”

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Her husband looked at her with a stern stare. "That is your daughter." He said shaking his head. He turned to say something else to his wife but she was gone. Mani appeared in front of Olivia as she walked out of the Wolf Pack mansion. "Let me talk to you for a second before you go. We all know that you are of age. We all know that you need some space, but you will not disrespect me or your father in our house." Mani could feel Whisper tensing up. "I know you didn't grow up with me in your life, but I"m here now. So listen to your mother." Mani tucked Whisper's reddish blond hair back over her ear. "and I love you" 
Mani vanished before Whisper had the chance to reply. Mani knew she made her point. She also knew that Whisper never had the chance to rebel against her parents to talk back to her father and mother. Reappearing back in her Texas home Olivia was just getting ready to go to bed with her Piglet stuffed animal in hand. "Hello love." Mani spoke to her daughter who ran to give her hugs. Mani hugged her tight and spoke to her as she lay her down for bed. "Don't ever grow up little girl." Olivia hugged Piglet tight and whispered back to her mother. "Ok mommy" 

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He was in the training room going over and over his routine with a pair of eyes burning a whole into him. His moves were precise exact never missing a beat as he made his way through as tough transitions against the Wolf Pack computer training simulator. He could see his boy sitting there with his feet crossed tightening his fist, mentally going through the motions. After he finished Hawk walked over to his boy sitting on the ground. "You want to give it a try?" Hawk's low voice caught the eyes of his son and they lit up with excitement. Hawk could see the flame in his eyes spark as he got up and into position. 
Hawk began to explain the system to his son but he was soon cut off. "Dad, I've seen you do this hundreds of times. I know it.........begin!" The computer whirled to life and a course appeared in front of Nathan.  He began moving through the course quickly moving as his father did, only with much more grace than the power that his father had. The five year old moved like he was a life long warrior the way he moved his body. It wasn't until an unexpected obstacle came his way did Nathan fall out of rhythm. His father was the one to throw the the wooden blade. Out of sink Nathan started taking hit after hit, until he was knocked on his back. Hawk tried to get to his son in time but he was late as a large pillar fell onto the small boy. "Nooo....medic!" Hawk yelled and the program stopped. 
Moving to lift the Pillar off his son, smoke came up from his hands as that were instantly burned by the scolding hot pillar. With a banshee like scream the pillar exploded and Nathan stood with flames surrounding him. Flames started to explode all around the room and the temperature rose and rose. Hawk talked calmly to his son. "breath, breath and calm down. It's ok....it's ok." Nathan started to cry and his father caught him in his arms. Hawk knew the burns would go away shortly, for now he would hold his son no matter what the pain was. 
"How was training?" Mani asked as they walked into the kitchen. "You're son has something to tell you" Mani paused what she was doing and looked down at Nathan. "Mama ..... I was on fire!" Hawk laughed and nodded at Mani. "Yep" was all Hawk could say. 
Mani and Hawk talked for a while in the kitchen, until Hawk made a suggestion. "I think Whisper should train Nathan." Mani looked a little concerned "Do you think she is ready for that?" Hawk smiled and looked down at this still healing burn marks. "I don't know...but there is only one way to find out."

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Sylver's Apartment - NYC - New York
     This is insane.  You're insane.  Freakin' insane.  Just put it down...  Oh gods--don't put it on!
     Sylver clutched the sides of her full-length mirror, eyes burning into the reflection, grimace locked.  It was one of those days again.  She was mentally battling herself against doing something stupid.  Freakin' stupid.  Stupid enough that she'd already begun to feel pinpricks of pain from it, just knowing what peeling the band-aid off of her memories would do.  The choice terrified her...and excited that crazed part of her mind that craved danger.
     Against her better judgment, Sylver reached into the trunk next to the mirror and pulled out the emerald glove that went with the outfit she was putting on.
     Just take the stupid thing off and go to the library.  Just go to the library.  Get bored there, away from the trunk.  You never should've made the thing in the trunk, you stupid girl...
     "Can it..."  Sylver mumbled, aware of how bad it was when you began arguing with yourself aloud.  Everything was going so fast...she didn't know how she'd gone from relaxing this morning, to submitting herself to torture.  In a split second, she knew...she had to face this now, or she never would.  
     But her mental-self was right; the thing in the trunk...why had she fixed it?  After all those years of locking it away in that vault...why bring it out now and fix it?  It wasn't like she would wear it again...not after what happened.  It had been a relic of another life...a life denied of her that she craved...
     But here she was, lacing the boots tight, finishing locking herself into the outfit.  The memory.  Me...
     As if gravity had just tripled, Sylver had to force her head up, so that her eyes could meet the mirror's image.  But instead of looking, she closed her eyes like a frightened child.  Just do it, just look...You fixed it because you wanted to.  Because you're tired of running.  It's time to wear it again...because you're strong enough to.
     Slowly, painfully, Sylver peeled her eyes open.  A sudden pain twisted in her chest, causing her to grip the edge of the changing screen behind her.  The boots...the laces....the leather....the Elven crest--
      -- "Congratulations on joining the King's Unit," said the soldier next to her at the banquet.  Sylver turned.  Kadro, of the Elven realm across the river.  His golden eyes froze the memory in time.  Sylver could remember the way he smelled...even then...like pine and fresh rain.  She remembered smiling back, "Thank you." --
      --"Sylver!"  Her mother flung herself around her daughter's neck, clutching her tight, kissing her cheek.  It'd been almost thirty years since they'd taken her from her home to train for the army...her mother, aged by sadness, regained her youth as she stroked her grown daughter's face. "You came back."--
      --"Oh gods,"  Sylver gasped in horror.  The dogs had gone mad...they were eating the people inside!  Sylver kicked down the door, but the dogs had thrown themselves out the window.  Sylver turned back to the outside, only to see the sky set fire with black flames and demonic etchings in red.  Hell itself rained down from the heavens, and the screams that would last for two more days began.  The palace set ablaze and the Great Cathedral became a pillar that made Sylver's soul turn cold.  The forest began to shudder with the black beasts inside it.  Sylver grasped her bow tighter.  "Someone save us..."
     --"I love you,"  Kadro said, kissing her fiercely.  She kissed him back and smiled.  "I know.  I'll be back by dawn.  The village's attacker should be gone, which means they'll send us back and send out a long-term party.  It won't take long."  Kadro brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, cradling her face for a moment.  "Be careful."
     --"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"  She screamed...and screamed...but no one heard.  The bite marks on her neck were on fire; pain ate through her veins, as if acid was being painted on her insides.  She'd thrashed and hurled, but nothing could save her now.  Kadro would try to kill her the next day.... She wouldn't see her brother for another decade... The door to the Kingdom would close....  She would be trapped in the human world in the dark...dark....dark--
     Sylver gasped, clutching her arms around her waist, dropping to one knee.  She wanted to scream until her throat was raw....she wanted to cry a vampire's blood tears...she wanted to lash out and tear apart the pain in her mind....  No...  Looking up again, Sylver peered into the mirror, into her past.
     Emerald corset-jacket with gold trim.  Peasant shirt underneath.  Emerald tight gloves...good for her bow.  Tan, elf leather pants.  Dagger at her waist.  Bow, made by her father, on her back.  Blonde hair, like her mother.  Sky blue eyes, the color Kadro said was beautiful.  
     Sylver swallowed back her emotions and touched the mirror with one hand, as if to say "It's been a long time, Sylver.  I locked you away for so long, it hurts to see you...your joys and sorrows....now mine again.  No more fear now.  No more running.  Just one Sylver, Elven vampire." 
     One blood tear fell from her eye, showing in the mirror image how her two worlds clashed in one body.  She may have to be undead for eternity, but she could chose to live again.  Wiping the tear away, Sylver stood, feeling whole....more so than she had in years.  She walked to the window and let the sunlight catch her golden hair.  One day at a time, she would take back who she had been.
     Tonight, she would visit Kadro.

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You'd think an hour before a highly anticipated date that one would be freshening up. Preparing themselves for the evening that lies beyond the horizon. As Light hovered below the golden, rejuvenating glaze of the Earth's yellow sun no such thought crossed his mind. With his superhuman eyesight Light was able to take in the view of the entire planet without missing a detail. His gaze shifted from Los Angeles, the hometown of his latest squad We Are Legend, to one of the many bases of the Wolf Pack. Focusing in the hero spotted a gorgeous woman exit the luxurious abode the team was housed in and entered a small frame aircraft known to aviators as the microjet. Considering that it was a one man piloted vehicle she was either very skilled or very privileged. 

Little did it matter to the kryptonian as he schemed and plotted on how he would make his entrance. "Your first impression maybe your last so make sure its also your bet," Light would tell Ethan as a young boy. He followed said mantra closely, fancying making an entrance to even the smallest appearances. As jet rocketed off from the initial launch site Light tracked it, calculating its intended destination. "Seems she's going to the base in New York. Does she think I'm there?" During Wolf Pack's infiltration of the African "Dark Utopia", formerly headed by the illustrious Gambler, Light was attacked by Nate. Nate was an old time rival of Light's. Light brandished his lantern ring and the two engaged in battle across the planet. The effects of the catastrophic battle were felt throughout many continents and the two were giving there all. But when Nate unleashed a devastating blast of lightning that shattered his ring, it seemed all hope was lost for the kryptonian. Dangling in the vacuum of space, crushing gripped locked around his throat, Light could feel his power slowly returning to him. The lightning bolt had produced more effects than expected and under the sunlight, the kryptonian was able turn aside disaster and defeat Nate. After receiving his original powers Light disappeared for a short moment, exploring the new heights of his power. He returned a true hero, believing that Wolf Pack's notion of justice was a bit too loose and joining with We Are Legend. 

A thunderous clap echoed into the dead space as Light took off at supersonic speeds. He barreled through the atmospheric crust and in no time he was tailing the jet. He surged forward, decelerating  beside the windows of the jet. The ginger headed beauty known only to the kryptonian as Whisper, smiled as she peered through the glass and spotted him.In a burst of speed he was gone. After a brief moment Light reappeared inside the Jet beside her. "Well who knew you'd show?" Light said in jest. "Phasing. A little trick I picked up from a speedster I once knew." Light smiled as he reminisced about his days as an Ice Dragon. "I hope the pilot won't mind if I take his passenger away. By the way, how long can you hold your breathe? Because where we're going, there isn't much air." Light smirked casually whilst eying her "assets." His mind cooking up fantasies that would put a dirty movie to shame.    

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He showered in shower down the hall from the room he was staying in. The ice cold water poured over his body and his head as he sang a song of his people loud, not realizing that the song was echoing down the hall. “Bare your teeth, bite and tear, for today the blood will flow. Run with me, through mighty trees, today the blood will flow. The men of might, will feel my bite, today the blood will flow.”


Stepping out of the shower Richard wrapped a loose towel around his waist as he walked down the hall. Humming his song as he walked down the hall he passed by Whisper’s room. Her door was cracked open a bit and Richard couldn’t help but peek in as he passed. There laying on her bed headphones blaring was the most beautiful girl he had ever lay eyes on. She was obviously preoccupied as Richard paused for a moment lost in what he saw. She wore a little shirt that showed just a bit of her stomach and work out shorts that were far too small. Her body was in amazing shape and her…….. he had to snap out of it as a low rumble escaped his chest. He quickly started towards his room again, not wanting her to see him staring. She was getting ready to go on a date, as they had called it, and all Richard knew was that he envied her escort.


Richard put on a pair of jeans and a black shirt, he chose to forgo shoes and underwear as the clothes he wore still took some getting used to. He made his way to the jogging trail and began a light run noticing the guardians of the mansion falling in behind him. The large wolves made quick time with Richard as they moved over hill and mountain. Richard noticed a large Red female running closely to him for some time, it was then that he remembered her. With a leap his clothes tore and fell to the ground leaving a huge black and white wolf in his place. They ran together to miles as Sheva communicated about her master. There were no words exchanged but through flashes of images. The scenes ran through his mind like a river, her crying on her bed at night, pretending to read a book while just staring across the room at Mani or Nathan. Richard’s mind was filled with emotion of her longing for something familiar, of something like home. His thoughts raced back to his home.


The sand on the beach was white as snow leaving a trace of a foot print as he ran, that was quickly washed away by the sea. The howl of his father was heard for miles as all came running to the great hall. The prince was always greeted with respect as all bowed low as he entered, but today the future King would flee.

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Central Park - NYC - New York
     Sylver pressed her hand to the oak tree in front of her; its enchantments pulsed beneath her fingers.  Her body tensed.  She could feel it--the magic....the raw, eternal lifeblood--reaching for her...reaching for the part of her that still clung to the Elven heritage.  It made her feel uneasy, like it was trying to seep into her core being.  But she supposed, if she were a more maddened, soulless beast of the underworld, the tree's sacred magic would drive her away, as it was supposed to with all dark creatures.
     Sylver stepped back and let out a sigh, relief mixed with sadness and regret.  How long it's been...
     The boundless courage she'd felt earlier was hiding away again.  Doubts plagued her hopeful mind.  What if you can't get through? What if the passage's guards on the other side kill you?  What if Kadro tries to kill you?
     The last question put a pain in her stomach.  She had not spoken to him in over two millennium, but those long years could not erase what she remembered of their last meeting.
     "Oh gods...oh gods NO!"  Kadro screamed feverishly.  The pale skin...the lack of breath...she was undead.  Luar stepped in between him and his older sister.  "Kadro, please...calm down.  She's...she's scared.  She didn't mean for it to happen.  Her whole group was killed.  Just give her a chan--" 
     "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" He roared, fear and rage stripping his sanity.  He ran for her, sword pointed at her beat-less heart.  Sylver froze, horror and pain setting in.  He was going to kill her...the man she loved was going to kill her....  She couldn't move, couldn't run.  Luar turned to her.  "Run, Sylver!  I'll find you! Just run!"
     But she couldn't.  This wasn't real; it couldn't be happening.  Kadro was supposed to help her...  Her legs caved beneath her and she fell to her knees, disbelief covering all instinct to flee.  Kadro shoved Luar to the ground and raised his sword, ready to plunge it into her.  Sylver looked up, bloody tears pouring from her eyes.  So this is what hell is like, Sylver thought, suffering...torment...judgment.
     The sword came down.  A blatant anger ignited in Sylver.  This wasn't right; she would not die like this!  "NO!"  She screamed, thrusting her one leg up into his sword arm.  But her new vampire strength was greater than she knew; the bone snapped, he dropped his sword.  Sylver scrambled to the side and look down at what she'd done.  Kadro was on his knees, gripping his arm in pain, ragged breath coming in spurts.  He looked up at her with a deep hate she didn't know he possessed; his eyes, those gentle hazel eyes that she'd loved, burned with a desire to kill...her.  
     "Kadro...I-I...I'm sorry, I-," Sylver stuttered, looking down at her hands, trying to grasp how she'd come to hurt him...how he'd come to try to kill her.  It was happening to fast...it wasn't supposed to be this way...  She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to dispel the pain, and covered her face with her hands.  "Kadro...please help me."
     She looked at him, eyes begging, trying to make him remember the other day...the day she'd left.  He'd held her, kissed her...promised her he loved her.  Had it all been a dream?  Kadro reached for his sword with his good arm and used it as a crutch to stand, never taking his eyes off of her.  Then he said the words that broke her heart.  "You,"  He growled, pointing at her, "get out, monster."
     Luar moved toward him cautiously.  "Kadro...please," He pleaded, seeing his sister break before him, "please help her.".  Kadro picked up his sword, trudging towards her.  Sylver looked to her brother.  "I'm so sorry...I'll come back, I swear."  Then she turned and ran, the dark hunger of her vampyric nature tearing away her broken soul, blanketing her pain before it killed her.
     "Kadro..," She said quietly, the name that induced pain and joy in one breath.  She was masochistic, Sylver knew, for wanting to see him again.  But after her hate had cooled, after the confused anger submerged, she remembered something dear to her... she had loved him with all her heart and soul.  He had completed her and given her a peace that surpassed all pain, fear...heartache.  After all the years and centuries of trying to bury herself in her vampyric desire, it had still come back...that burning desire to see him smile, to be in his arms...  She knew that those specific things may not come to pass, but to know he didn't hate her would be enough.
     No more fear.  Sylver pressed her hand to the tree's massive trunk again.  No one was around, and the sun was nearly set; it would be safe to do it now.  "The Daughter of Earth and Light requests passage to her home." Sylver commanded, the Elvish language fluent, as if she'd never stopped speaking it.  All was silent for a moment...then, the tree's bark began to expand, creating a hole at its center.  A cold wind reached from the inside, brushing her face.  Without looking back, Sylver stepped through.
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And we are back in 3.....2.......1......."We are back with Senator Mani Anderson, or Lady Mani as she has been called in the tabloids. Mani you have been known to be a supporter of meta-human, homosexual, and animal rights, needless to say you've been a busy "Lady". Diane laughed. Mani answered back with a smooth laugh and then right into business. "Yes, Diane I do have my missions. I do believe that everyone, white, black, meta or none, has rights to live at peace with each other. Yes there are bad people in the world, but most metas especially just seek to live out normal lives raising their children to be the best people they can be. 
"Mani what about the speculation that your children have been in training since birth to become some would say warriors." Mani couldn't help but laugh. "Diane, let me break tradition really quickly. Nathan, Olivia, come here please." With the quickest words from their mother a little blond girl and her brother walked onto the set and Olivia sat in her mother's lap. Nathan's eyes hidden under contacts shore with a blue shimmer like his mothers. "These are my "warrior' children." Mani said with a sarcastic tone. "My daughter Olivia is about to turn 3 years old...." Olivia interrupted "Momma I'm two!" Mani smiled at her baby holding up two fingers. "Yes baby you are. And this is Nathan he is five. Now Nathan has become one great little baseball player right son." Nathan smiled at his mother bragging on him. "Yes ma'am." 
"Well they are lovely children Mani, and it is pretty obvious to everyone that they are not vicious warriors as some in the media have made them out to be." Mani whispered in daughter's ear and quickly she ran back to off stage with Nathan. "We really are the all American family, we are baseball and hotdogs, we are dress up and pigtails, I'm a soldier's wife and trying to do my part for our country....................
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After a little epic meal time Lone then walked out of the kitchen still holding a soda at hand. He walked towards the living room trying to see if anyone was home so long after his departure. Along the way through the large manor Lone picked up the phone and called a private number from his cell-phone. The receptor answers. “Kat, here. Code, please” Lone answered by replying in code: “Enter Crimson: Death and Sorrow. I want the Violet.” The last words were the codes to reach the members of the Red Brotherhood. The Red Brotherhood were a group created by Lone after he saved several mutants from the Sentinels when the mutants were been hunted. In gratitude some of them fallowed him and helped him achieve his goal to free himself from the control of Lone’s second creator. Waiting for the call to be transferred finally the transfer was made. “Hello?” Lone immediately recognized the familiar voice. “Hey Violet. Listen this appetite suppressant is not working. I just raided William’s kitchen. Have you ever been so out of control that you try to bite a frozen T-bone? Not cool.” He explained to Purple Rain, who was under her code name: Violet. “Look, Band: honestly there is not much we can do.” She said. “We have to wait until your body fully adapts to the serum and that can take a while. I know you are worried but look at it from the good side: you wont gain an ounce of fat no matter how much you eat. I wish I had that ability.” She concluded hoping to cheer him up. “Yeah, I guess I am just freaking out.. I think I have too much free time. I might be over thinking things.” He said. “Well, Rain, nice talking to you. See ya soon.” He concluded.

Reaching the living room Lone sat on the edge of the couch facing the large TV. He reached the remote as he thought. “Maybe I am just over thinking things. I need to relax.” He points the remote to the television and pushes the button which turned the TV on. He skips through the channels and finds an interesting film. “What the hell? Is that guy wearing a dress? And what is that gibberish they‘re speaking?” He complained. “Hum, must be Scottish.” He assumed. “I wonder if I can get Cinemax in Scotland?” He shifted through the channels. “Nope..” He said. “I would kill for at least Cartoon network.” The TV is then switched off and Lone just lays on the couch and closes his eyes hoping to take a nap. "Geez, and here I thought Jersey was bad." He said before yawning and going to sleep.

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Elven Kingdom - Parallel Dimentional to Central Park - Dawn the next day 
Sylver stood on the window seal, peering in, eyes searching for him.  A faint pink glow touched the ivy behind that was hiding her.  Sylver's eyes narrowed.  He should be here soon...he should.  Minutes passed, and she began to feel exposed.  What if they knew she was here and were secretly waiting to kill her?  That would explain his lateness.  She couldn't hide by the window forever..  Calm yourself, Sylver chided, you've gone too far to panic now...  It had been divine luck that the portal guards were suseptable to her sleeping and memory wipe charms.  Also that no one out last night had tried to stop her.  Though she looked like an Elf, it would be easy to sense her... "unholiness". 
     Pthump, pthump, pthump...  Sylver's ears perked up.  Feet...bare feet padding...closer...  Sylver pulled herself to the side of the window and waited.  The lightness of the footsteps suggested someone small...and sure enough, within seconds, a young Elven child appeared in the den.  She was still wearing her nightgown and her wavy brown hair was stragly from sleep.  Sylver couldn't help but smile; the girl was adorable...but who was she--? 
     Another set of footsteps approached...much heavier ones.  Sylver found herself gripping her knee.  Good Lord...what if it was him? 
     The footsteps' owner turned the corner.  Sylver clamped a hand over her mouth; memories and feelings, pains...flashes of a former life...assaulted her body.  Such glorious pain.  Sylver pulled a pained grimace to her face.  So it was true... 
     Sylver wrapped her arms around him tightly, feeling so relieved and happy.  She never wanted him to forget how much she loved him.  Who knew when she'd be able to see him again?  Luar pulled out of the hug, tears in his eyes, smile on his face.  "I still can't believe you're here." 
     Sylver smiled.  "Me either.  It feels so good to...feel all this again...  I feel right here.  It just took me long enough to realize that...because I was so angry."  She pulled him into a hug again.  "I'll try to come back after I visit Kadro." 
     "Sylver," Luar said in that "you know it's a bad idea" tone, "I--I just... I don't think you should do it.  You'll hurt yourself. You know that.  And with the position he has now?  No way will he see you." 
     She sighed.  It was true.  She was practically doomed to fail, and she was running headlong into it.  "I know...I just want to believe that I've been wrong.  That things like this can be fixed. I'm not asking for us to be best buddies again. I just want--"  She cut herself off.  She had almost said "I just want him back".  And it was true.  Now that all the darkness and ugly hate had been wiped away, she realized all that she'd lost, all she'd pushed away. Before it had just been a reason to hate them, now it was why she felt so alone.  "I just want to talk to him."  She finished.  Sylver knew he wasn't buying it, but she didn't care.  It was too late to change her mind. 
     "Alright."  Luar said in obvious defeat.  He knew when it was impossible to convince her.  "But please,"  he said, gripping her hands, "don't expect anything.  With all that happened, all the time that's passed...I don't know how he'll take it.  Plus, I'll be amazed if  you can get to him.  He is king afer all." 
     King.  King Kadro.  Sylver shook her head.  Being the king's nephew in a time of war when his only two sons were killed had its advantages.  Kadro was automatically anointed the King's heir, and after he had died, Kadro had taken the throne.  Sylver couldn't help but stare at him.  He had cut his hair, combed it back, and wore a shiny crown on it.  She'd only started at his head and already she felt like she didn't know the man.  His fine, silk blue tunic over the creesless pants made him look, indeed, like a noble.  The only things Sylver had ever seen him wear were patched up shirts, leather vests, thick hunting boots...plus all the grime of battle on top.  She was tempted to laugh. 
     The little girl had just left the room.  The poking thought that she could be his daughter edged at Sylver's mind.  But she couldn't be... Luar said he wasn't married yet.  Sylver watched as he walked over to the small divan, picking up a book from the tiny, wooden shelf next to it.  So he did still like to read...  Sylver bit her lip.  Walk in...do it now.  If you wait, someone else will come in.  Sylver felt fear seize her to the spot, with her new courage pulling at her.  Feeling as if she were literally being pulled in two, Sylver growled audibly and gripped her heart.  "No more...you've waited too long for this.  You'll never try again if you don't do it now."  And with that, she silently pushed the window open. 
     With a single, fluid, silent motion, Sylver jumped inside, turned and shut the window.  Then she looked back to the man she'd been searching for. 
     To her surprise, he was still on the divan, frozen, eyes wide as dinner plates, book fallen to the floor from his hands.  Silence closed in on the room.  Sylver hated awkward silences...and truthfully, there was no way to put in words what needed to be said.  What did one say when something like this happened?  Sylver, who's every action was now impromptu, sucked in a small breath and quietly said, "Screw this."  She walked directly up to him, still frozen, and grabbed his book from the floor.  She placed it on his lap, backed away a couple steps, then sat cross-legged on the floor.  She hoped he would speak soon; she hadn't waited 2,000 years to harmonize with silence.  Plus, his heartbeat was so fast she was getting a headache. 
     "Sooo...ummm...it was a nice day and I felt like visiting,"  Sylver sputtered out, each word making her feel more stupid.  Gosh Sylver...thank God you never tried to write movies.  You are a fail at epic introductions.  She paused, literally twiddling her thumbs, not quite making eye contact with him.  "I went to see Luar.  He's doing well.  Says you guys don't talk much.  Don't blame ya...that would be kinda awkward...like right now.  And then I just kinda walked around...I was bored.  Couple stores have changed.  I like the palace remodeled.  Very nice.  Ummm..."  Sylver pursed her lips.  What in the holy name of french toast was she saying?  She was rambling...rambling!  He hadn't said a word...or blinked, and she was rambling about her day.  This was certainly not going as expected.  She thought she would've been shouting by now, not gabbing like some nervous human junior higher. 
     "Ummm...ya, I don't know how I got through either.  Just did.  Ya and sorry about making the guards sleep...it was just such a nice day and I really didn't feel like getting arrows shot at me and all.  Ya, sooooo...sorry 'bout that.  And for sitting on your window seal for about three hours.  I know, it sounds stalker-ish."  Sylver glanced up at him.  He was still gawking at her with an open mouth.  Did she kill him?  Was she talking too much?  Maybe she shouldn't be talking.  She sounded stupid anyway.  But against her wishes, he mouth continued to spit out information.  "Ya, it was definitely stalker-ish, and that wasn't the way it was supposed to be...I just felt like it would be more wrong to go into your house in the middle of the night and find you.  So I just waited there...probably a good idea.  You don't seem to be taking this well."  Sylver tried to pull her lips into a smile, to relieve the tension, but her face felt numb...like she'd forgotten how to smile.  "And well...I really missed you and Luar.  I've been messed up for awhile, but things are getting better.  I started wearing my uniform again...I missed that too.  I know I'm a vampire and all, but it felt wrong to not be an Elf too....and I know that sounded stupid but--" 
     As a vampire, Sylver had some of the sharpest reflexes in the supernatural realm...but even she didn't see it coming.  Without hesitating, he pulled her into a hug.  Now it was her turn to freeze.   
     Slowly, as if gaging to see if it were a dream, Kadro pulled away, but kept his eyes locked onto hers.  "You're not dead...or mad."  Sylver blinked, trying to absorb what he just said. 
     "Well, some would argue that.  Especially the mad part.  The dead part's always been up for debate."  She replied, emotionless.  A small smile formed on his face.  She smiled back.  Gosh..is this really happening?  Is he actually talking to me?    She questioned herself, afraid to believe.  He pulled her up to sit next to him on the divan; she didn't fight.  Even if this was all pretend, she wanted to enjoy the game for as long as it lasted.  
     It was silent again, as he held her gloved hands, looking down at them, fearing to look into her eyes.  She noticed a small stream of tears trail down his cheeks.  He finally looked up into her face, and his own immorality couldn't hide the pain that had aged him. 
     "Sylver..."  He whispered, his voice cracking.  She reached up to wipe away a tear, but he turned away.  She pulled back, ready for him to strike at her, feeling her fears.  He stood, walking to the other side of the room, and steadied himself on the fireplace mantle, back still turned to her.  "I tried to kill you...and you missed me."  He finished, saying the word "missed" with an almost disgusted tone.  But not at her...at himself.  Sylver, drawn to his pain, like seeing a dream, walked towards him.  She gentle gripped his forearms and turned him towards her.  Say it, Sylver.  Say what you've been waiting to say.  Sylver exhaled, the past centuries putting their emotional weight on her in one moment.  She looked up at him and spoke... 
     "Kadro,"  She said firmly, and the king looked into his long-ago lover's face, his own streaked with tears.  "I have lived most of my life, alive and undead, regretting everything I do, and simply doing anything just to find purpose.  I spent too much of it in hate...at you and everything here, when I should've been trying to get you back.  Because of that hate...because of my selfishness, I've brought myself to death's door more times than I can count.  And every time--,"  She paused, the words she'd longed to say barely tipping out of her mouth.  With forceful grace, she pulled him back to the divan, sitting him down and collecting herself.  "--and every time, I desired to die.  Because, although I wouldn't admit it, I didn't want life, except that it were here...with you." 
     There.  The bomb had been dropped.  The words had come out.  Done.  Kadro's face was a mixture of guilt and shock, as he was trying to catch all she said.  But Sylver didn't stop.  She had to finish.  "And I know that things can't be exactly as they were...and I'm not sure, with all that I've been through, that I'd even want it the same...but I can't keep this place out of my life anymore.  Kadro...I don't know what I can do, but just let me do something here....anything."  Sylver sat back, relieved.  There...now it was his turn. 
      Then he spoke, with a heaviness that many years and struggles had added, "About 300 years ago, when I was working in the home guard, a home in the outskirts was attacked by vampires.  A family of six lived there...three children were killed, the father and one son survived, but the mother was turned.  She came back a week later, driven by bloodlust.  We were there, ready to protect the family...kill the vampires...  She was strong, and she overpowered us and got inside.  She cornered the boy in his room....I was the only one able to go in.  I thought he would be dead...but the woman was just standing there, blood tears on her face...she said to her son, "I love you, even now...but I know I can't leave because I want the blood too much.  Be a good boy...I love you, even now."  Then she ran outside and let the sun burn her." 
     Sylver put a hand on his shoulder; it pained him to speak of the event.  He turned to face her.  "Sylver...that was when I knew you hadn't been lying.  You were still the same.  And I...I broke every promise I ever made not to hurt you."  He began to cry earnestly then, but instead of go to comfort him, Sylver wasn't able to move.  A weary smile came to her lips and she covered her eyes with her hand.  So long...it had been so long...she dreamed of him finding his compasion, of forgiving her, of asking for forgiveness....  She'd given up on faith until now.  Sylver looked to him, a realization of a good future ahead of her, making the pain of years past seem small.  She pulled him into a hug and let him sob.  She'd done her crying a long time ago...now it was his turn to morn for their loss. 
     "Ya know...it's been awhile since we've seen each other."  She said quietly.  A sudden laugh escaped his sobs; she smiled.  "And I figure...we should probably catch up.  How about I start?"  And so Sylver told him of her life as a vampire, and let him cry, as she smiled.  They were healing...and that was all she could ask for. 
     Indeed Sylver...just another day in your life as a vampire...
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She sat smiling an answering questions for a live world wide broadcast for almost an hour already. The two hour special with Junior Senator Lady Mani was coming to an end and all of the hard questions had been put aside. The "is your husband a meta-human" or "why are gay and meta human rights so important to you" had now turned into talks about her fashion and how she was the youngest and most famous of all of everyone in the senate. Her tight fitting blue dress and sense of elegance made her rival even the new dutchess. 
".....well I'm glad you asked that. I've always been a fan of fashion, but mostly the classical styles of Elizabeth Tay....." But she couldn't finish her words before the masked men entered the studio. In just a blink of an eye the scene changed from a nice little piece on the Junior Senator from Texas, to a militant take over of the NBC studios. "Everyone get the f#c4 down. Keep the cameras rolling you piece of sh1t." the obvious leader of the 4 men with AR type weapons yelled out his orders. Making his way over to the set were Mani and Diane sat nervously, the leader leaned up against the chair and ran his finger across the leg covered in a blue dress. "We are here to tell America the truth about Meta-human freaks. They are what's wrong with our country. Bringing their mutations into our clean blood." With a smirk and a glint of her blue eyes as they  faded to white The Lady spoke interrupting the man with the gun. "You think they are what's wrong with America, you're the one holding two women at hostage with guns..." Blood spit from her mouth as the man's hand connected with her. Wiping it off her mouth with the back of her hand she shook her head as she got up the nerve to say. "You just signed your own death certificate" The man now raised his gun to hit her with the butt end of it. 
Wolf Pack HQ
They all had gathered around the tv to watch one of their own. She was not only "powered" but she was part of the family. Hawk sat among them here in his home, knowing all to well that he would just be in the way and a topic of conversation if he was there in studio. So he sat on the couch squeezed in between Whisper, his daughter and Risky, who Mani referred to as "the other woman' jokingly. As the show came on and Mani walked into camera view. He could hear the murmurs around him about how stunning she looked and how she was the pride of the Pack. They all sat quietly watching as she handled one question after another. Some even laughed at how well she blew off Hawk's role in the meta human world. It wasn't until late in the show when the sh!t hit the fan. 
As they watched from a thousand miles away, everyone stood in shock as a masked man appeared on screen. It wasn't until he lay his hands on Mani did the real sense of trouble sink in. With in seconds Hawk had his blade in hand and was holding hands with Risky and Whisper. "Risky lets goooooooo......." It was as fast as a blink, three of the fiercest warriors on the planet appeared in NBC's studios. It was all Hawk could do to keep Whisper from tearing down everything around them with just a breath. Instead they moved like an elite military force. Hawk's blade was the first to find pay dirt, splitting a man into as he walked towards Mani his eyes focused on his wife. 
Risky and Whisper torn through the others as Hawk approached the mother of his children and his wife. He put his arm around her when he felt the burning in his stomach. Looking into the bluest eyes he'd ever seen, he could see the pain burning through them. This was a look he was all too familiar with, her eyes were shutting as death approached. Hawk looked down as the once pale blue dress was now maroon with blood. "Risky! Evac NOW!!!!!" Hawk yelled over the gun fire but it was to late as blood poured out of his wife's mouth and she gasped her last breath. 
As his wife lay limp in his arms, her 115lb frame felt like the weight of the world. He tried desperately to hold her, the hold in the blood, to wipe away the tear that ran down her face, but it only smeared the blood. In front of the camera broadcasting live to millions world wide, Lady Mani loved by the world, member of the Wolf Pack, mother of Nathan and Olivia, wife to Hawk died. 
Hawk sat rocking his wife back in forth in his arms, as the tears rolled down his blood smeared face. Risky and Whisper stood surrounding them in shock as one by one the crew and host of the show came to witness the death of America's Princess. Slowly as people gathered around them Hawk began to realize where he was again and in a quiet voice he spoke. "Risky......get us the F*ck out of here." 
As she walked over to the camera all of the world saw as the dark haired lady luck grabbed the camera and adjusted it so that it framed only her face. "......And people think we are the bad guys"  and the lot of them vanished.

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Olivia Anderson, the woman known as Whisper, stood in the middle of the backyard grounds of the Wolf Pack manor. Risky had evacuated them through teleportation only seconds ago. Liv had stayed standing in place as her father ran into the manor, carrying the body of her mother, Risky right on his heels. Her bright blue eyes were cold and empty as she simply stood there, staring off into space. Lady Mani was dead...her mission was failed. She had rebooted an entire timeline after mistakenly triggering a world-ending attack at the hands of her brother. It was all the effects of her father going mad and power-crazed after the death of his wife, of her mother. Her one true purpose here had been to prevent that from happening again, first and foremost by preventing the death of Mani. Olivia had been sitting safe at home, surrounded by family and friends as she saw the events unfold. They had been too late... She held all this immense power on the tip of her tongue and had yet been unable to prevent this. She had failed miserably.  
Her legs went weak all of a sudden, unable to hold her own insubstantial weight. Crashing down to her knees, her entire body was shaking. Her remarkably blue eyes were filled with tears, her shoulders shaking with the weight of the sobs. Her world felt like it was ending. There on her knees in the dirt, the rain poured down, streaks of lightning sparking across the sky, clouds rolling, thunder booming. The sound of the thunder just made her cry harder. As a child, whenever it had thundered, her mother had always told her that it was the angels bowling. This resulted in her sobbing even more. The rain mixed with her tears, washing streaks down her face and cutting through the blood of her mother that had landed there during the evac. There was a pain in her chest where her heart was, it literally felt like it was breaking.  
She felt like she was a little girl again and the only thing in the world that could make it better was her mommy, but her mommy had died. Olivia had learned to live life without her, only to be reintroduced in this timeline. Mani had quickly seen who she was, Olivia had the suspicion that Mani had known her true nature (or at least suspected) from the very beginning. Out of respect, she had kept it to herself. Once it had been revealed, they had quickly bonded in a way that they'd never had a chance to do before. Olivia had now lost her mother twice, both times right before her very eyes.  
The sobbing started once again with a renewed gusto. It was not often that she showed great displays of emotion like this, not often that she let her rigid control slip out of her fingers. But on the extremely rare occasions that it did happen, it was a sight to behold. The sobs dissolved into a wordless scream. There were no words, there were no longer any wracking sobs, just a seemingly endless scream. It was raw and unadulterated pain. The birds took flight from the trees, seemingly sensing the pain in the air and off in the distance, the wolves that roamed the grounds let out a simultaneous howl, the keening notes matching that of her scream in an eerily precise manner. From the edge of the woods bordering the manor, out walked Shiva, Olivia's guardian and her friend. The silver wolf approached Olivia, her paws gently padding against the muddying ground, the rain slicking off of her fur, leaving her a little damp.  
Carefully approaching the heartbroken young woman, Shiva walked up to her and simply leaned her body against her, giving her comforting contact. Nuzzling her nose against the crook of Olivia's neck, the wolf's tongue darted out as she pulled her snout away, licking the tears off of Liv's face. The wailing scream quieted down to tears as Olivia wrapped her arms around the wolf's neck, pulling her closer. Her fingers gripped the fur, perhaps a little rougher than intended, but the wolf allowed it, knowing that her ward needed it at this moment. Burying her face in the fur of her wolf, Liv let the sobs continue, her chest heaving up and down. Her mother had died, she had failed her mission and nothing would ever be the same.